Warrants for the Payment of Money
1732, October-December


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Warrants for the Payment of Money: 1732, October-December', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2: 1731-1734 (1898), pp. 343-352. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=91740 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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1732, October–December

Oct. 2Stephen Pointz, Governor to Duke of Cumberland.6,00000One year ending 1733, Midsummer, establishment for said Duke.Order Book XV. p. 81.
Duke of Newcastle and Lord Harrington.462100Michaelmas quarter's salary as Secretaries of State.Ibid, p. 217.
Oct. 3John Beresford, et al. clerks.77100Same, making up books of public revenue.Money Book XXXVI. p. 39.
Duke of St. Albans -34326Same quarter as Master of the Hawks.Ibid, p. 48.
Same - -25000Same quarter's pension -Ibid.
Clerks of the Council -25000Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 52.
Same - -10000Same quarter's attendance on the Board of Trade.Ibid.
Robert Smith -37100Same quarter as Master of mechanics.Ibid, p. 53.
Duke of Devonshire, Keeper of the Privy Seal.778150Same quarters's allowance and fee.Ibid, p. 380; Order Book XV. p. 220.
[? 681150]
Earl of Chesterfield -38500Same quarter's pensionMoney Book XXXVI. p. 339.
Alured Popple -566910Officers and incidents, Board of Trade, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Ibid, p. 331.
Rev. Griffith Hughes -2000Passage money as minister to Pennsylvania.Ibid, p. 119.
Rev. John Ornesby -2000Same as same to the Bermudas.Ibid.
Rev. John Beach -2000Same as same to Connecticut.Ibid.
Rev. John Boyd -2000Same as same to North Carolina.Ibid.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of WalesOrder Book XV. p. 12.
Earl of Essex, Keeper of Hyde Park.100001732, Michaelmas quarter, for self and underkeepers of said park.Money Book XXXVI. p. 294.
Same, Ranger of St. James's Park.226163Same for same of said parkIbid.
Same10000Same quarter's annuity for Lady Catherine Hyde and Lady Charlotte Hyde.Ibid, p. 295.
Lord Cornwallis - -416134Same quarter as Chief Justice in Eyre, Trent South.Ibid; Order Book XV. p. 220.
[? 37500]
Duke of Grafton -75000Same quarter's pension -Money Book XXXVI. p. 296.
Oct. 4Commissioners of Trade.2,00000Same quarter's salariesOrder Book XV. p. 221.
Heirs of Nicholas Yates2500Same quarter's perpetuityMoney Book XXXVI. p. 54.
Samuel Gray -1773Buying up and marking for evidence papers and pamphlets published in London, June 9 to September 21.Letter Book XIX. p. 120.
Earl of Warwick -200001732, Michaelmas quarter's pension.Money Book XXXVI.p. 43.
Oct. 4Hackney Coaches and Chairs Office.1671611Incidents bill, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 379.
Same270100Officers' salaries, 1732, same quarterIbid, p. 333.
Oct. 5Lord Paget and 11 others, detailed.25000Same quarter as Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 337.
James Campbell and seven others, detailed.12500Same as Grooms of the Bedchamber.Ibid.
Earl of Godolphin -1,00000Same as Groom of the Stole -Ibid, p. 338.
John Hervey, Esq. -15000Same as Vice-Chamberlain of the Household.Ibid.
Wm. Earl of Denbigh -15000Same quarter's pension -Ibid, p. 136.
Earl of Sutherland -30000Same quarter's allowance -Ibid, p. 285.
Oct. 11James and Arthur Moore.1,50000Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, same quarter.Ibid, p. 383.
Thos. Spence -8,00000To pay annuities on 1710 lottery unsubscribed into South Sea Stock.Ibid, p. 127.
Thos. Lowther -1,00000His Majesty's service - -Ibid, p. 13.
Oct. 12Civil List, Scotland -9,0886Michaelmas quarter's salary bill.North Britain Book X. pp. 304–7.
Officers of salt duty, ibid.48017Midsummer quarter's salary billIbid, pp. 308–10.
Same -62500Same, Michaelmas quarter -Ibid, pp. 311–3.
Customs officers, ibid -6,136120Same -Ibid, pp. 314–27.
Wm. Sharpe - -9274Charges in passing the Commission to inquire into the Fees of all the Law Officers in England.Money Book XXXVI. p. 383.
7170Charges in passing the Commission to inquire into the Fees of all the Law Officers in England.Money Book XXXVI. p. 383.
Hawkers and Pedlars Commissioners.432100Salary bill, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Ibid, p. 204.
Oct. 17Wm. Ellis -85000Royal bounty -Order Book XV. p. 223.
John Scrope -7,25500Secret service - -Ibid, p. 118.
Commissioners for Taxes.15000Michaelmas quarter's salariesMoney Book XXXVI. p. 64.
Auditor of Receipt -75,3941510¼To discharge principal undischarged in loans on land tax, 1730.Ibid, p. 385.
Auditor of Receipt -Out of loans on land tax, 1732, andTo discharge principal undischarged in loans on land tax, 1730.Ibid, p. 385.
Auditor of Receipt -4,6054To discharge principal undischarged in loans on land tax, 1730.Ibid, p. 385.
Commissioners of Taxes.951210¾Land tax incidents, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Ibid, p. 386.
Same - -9116House duties, same - -Ibid.
Lord Lynn - -17500Same quarter as Master of His Majesty's Jewels.Ibid, p. 163.
Oct. 18Samuel Robinson, Chamberlain of City of London.1,00000His Majesty's charity to the poor of London.Order Book XV. p. 223.
Oct. 19John Arbuthnot, doctor of physic.152106To answer a bill of exchange expended for His Majesty's special service.Ibid, p. 226.
John Earl Waldegrave1,30000Quarter's ordinary to September 17, as Ambassador, &c. to France,Money Book XXXVI. p. 357.
Oct. 20Earl of Essex, Ranger and Keeper of Hyde Park.20000Watering the road through the park to Kensington Palace and the Ring in the Park, 1732, summer season.Money Book XXXVI. p. 387.
20000Watering the road through the park to Kensington Palace and the Ring in the Park, 1732, summer season.Money Book XXXVI. p. 387.
Thos. Missing -7,5221Victualling Gibraltar three months, and one year's insurance of provisions.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 465–8.
46003Victualling Gibraltar three months, and one year's insurance of provisions.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 465–8.
John Lane, surveyor of the Horse Guards.1,00000Rebuilding Pay Office and Horse Guards stables.Ibid, pp. 469–70.
Oct. 24Arthur Onslow -50000100 days as Speaker of House of Commons.Order Book XV. p. 225.
Sir Theodore Janssen -293140Royal bounty to John Walton.Ibid, p. 226.
George Tilson and seven others, under secretaries, &c. of the office of Secretary of State.1,140150Attendance on His Majesty during his absence from the kingdom, 1732, June 3 to September 27.Ibid, p. 227.
Earl of Essex -97000To complete ordinary to 1732, September 29, as Ambassador to King of Sardinia at Turin.Money Book XXXVI. p. 388.
James Bruce, Master of the Mint, Scotland.1,20000Salaries to officers of Mint in Scotland and expenses for one year to 1732, September 29.Ibid, pp. 388–9.
James Dayrolle -291001732, Michaelmas quarter as Resident with States General.Ibid, p. 389.
Elizaeus Burgess -29100Same as same at VeniceIbid.
Sir Cyril Wich -29100Same as Envoy, &c. to the Hanse Towns.Ibid.
Walter Titley29100Same as Resident with King of Denmark.Ibid.
Francis Colman -29100Same as same at Florence -Ibid.
Claudius Rondeau29100Same as same with the Czarina of Muscovy.Ibid.
Edmund Allen -19400Same as Secretary at Turin -Ibid, p. 390.
Melchior Guy Dickens19400Same as same at Berlin -Ibid.
Thos. Pelham - -19400Same as same to Extraordinary Embassy to France.Ibid.
John Crookshanks -19400Same as same to the Commissaries to treat with those of Spain.Ibid.
Thos. Robinson -48500Same as Envoy, &c. to Emperor of Germany.Ibid, p. 391.
Benjamin Keene -29100Same as Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain and extras, detailed.Ibid, pp. 391–2; Order Book XV. p. 230.
47000Same as Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain and extras, detailed.Ibid, pp. 391–2; Order Book XV. p. 230.
Same - -12500Same ordinary as Consul at Madrid.Money Book XXXVI. p. 391.
Charles Holzendorff10000Same for services to His Majesty in foreign parts.Ibid, p. 392.
Charles Black - -15000Same as Consul General at Algiers.Ibid, p. 393.
Wm. Reede -9500Same as same at Tripoli -Ibid.
John Russell -62100Same as same at Tetuan -Ibid.
Oct. 24Wm. Cayley -50001732, Michaelmas quarter's ordinary as Consul General at Cadiz.Money Book XXXVI. p. 393.
John Deane5000Same as same in Flanders -Ibid.
Lord Tyrawley -48500Same as Envoy, &c. to King of Poland.Ibid, p. 394.
Edward Finch - -48500Same and extras an Envoy, &c. to King of Sweden.Ibid.
10000Same and extras an Envoy, &c. to King of Sweden.Ibid.
Arthur Stert and John Goddard.48500Same ordinary as Commissaries to treat with those of Spain.Ibid.
George Woodward48500Same as Envoy, &c. to King of Poland.Ibid.
Sheriffs of England and Wales.4,00000Allowances, detailed, for year 1732, for suing patents and passing accounts.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 396–8.
Bishop of Sarum -28526Half a year due 1732, Michaelmas, as Chancellor of the Garter.Ibid, p. 398.
Duke of St. Albans4000Holding Swainmote courts for Windsor Forest, one year to 1732, June 11.Ibid.
Day Holbech7500Watering highway from Denham Buildings to King Street, Westminster, 1732, summer months.Ibid, p. 387.
John Prokter - -12000Disbursements as Sheriff of Somerset.Order Book XV. p. 235.
Hawkers and Pedlars Office.15647Incidents for 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 385.
Wine License Office -282141Same -Ibid, p. 348.
Same577100Same quarter's salary bill -Ibid, p. 12.
Oct. 26John Mason1200Marking and nesting royal swans, loco Isaac Crocker, deceased.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 474–5.
per annum.
Horse and foot hunts - men, detailed.19600Michaelmas quarter's salaries in the vacancy of Master of the Buckhounds.Ibid, p. 475.
Oct. 27Wm. Richards -2,10000His Majesty's special serviceOrder Book XV. p. 227.
John Scrope -10,00000Secret service -Ibid, p. 228.
Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's service - -Money Book XXXVI. p. 13.
Oct. 28Same -1,00000Same -Ibid.
Oct. 30Earl of Crawford and 12 others, ut supra, p. 170.750001732, Michaelmas quarter's pension.Ibid, p. 2.
Sir Patrick and Martha Johnston.37100Same quarter's annuity -Ibid, p. 5.
12100Same quarter's annuity -Ibid, p. 5.
Lord Byron - -25000Same - -Ibid, p. 233.
Earl of Buchan and six others.1,20000Same quarter as Commissioners of Police.Ibid, p. 347.
Lord Mordington -5000Same quarter's allowance -Ibid, p. 348.
Capt. George Munro -10000Same quarter's annuity -Ibid.
Lord Tyrawley -15000Extras, detailed, as Envoy, &c. to King of Portugal.Ibid, pp. 399–401.
Francis Colman -399150Same as Resident at FlorenceIbid, pp. 399, 401–2.
Oct. 30George Woodward20000Extras, detailed, as Envoy, &c. to King of Poland.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 399, 402.
Thos. Pelham -23000Same as Secretary in FranceIbid.
Melchior Guy Dickens10000Same as same at BerlinIbid, p. 400.
Benjamin Keene -45000Same as Minister, &c. in Spain.Ibid, pp. 400, 403.
Elizaeus Burgess -10000Same as Resident at Venice -Ibid.
Christopher Wyvill -30000Dormant warrant for salary as Inspector General of duties on coffee, tea, &c.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 496.
per annum.
John Earl of Kintore -50001732, Michaelmas quarter's annuity.Money Book XXXVI. p. 234.
Earl of Ilay and George Campbell, goldsmith.5000Same for late Lord Forbes's children.Ibid.
George Middleton, of London, goldsmith.15000Same quarter's incidents for the Commissioners of Police.Ibid, p. 235.
Mungo Haldane -10000Same quarter's allowance -Ibid.
Oct. 31Lord Hobart -60,00000Imprest for His Majesty's Chamber.Ibid, p. 134; King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 477.
Augustus Schutz -1,2557Expense in Office of Robes, Michaelmas quarter.Order Book XV. p. 191.
Wm. Earl of Home -5000Michaelmas quarter's allowance.Ibid, p. 175.
Thos. Lascelles -50000Advance to enable him to proceed on inspection of demolition of Dunkirk.Ibid, p. 235.
John Pitt - -8500Michaelmas quarter as Commander-in-Chief of the Bermudas.Ibid, p. 236.
Joseph Lawson and seven others, named.213801732, Michaelmas quarter's salary or fee as sergeants- at-arms.Money Book XXXVI. p. 243.
Duke of St. Albans, Governor and Captain of Windsor Castle.48100Same quarter's fee or allowances of 10s. per day as such.Ibid.
Sir Charles Dalton -5000Same quarter's allowance as Gentleman Usher Black Rod.Ibid, p. 244.
James Earl of Berkeley52100Same quarter for underkeepers of Dean Forest.Ibid.
Hugh Howard -4000Same as Keeper of the Paper Office.Ibid
Richard Earl of Tylney67100Same for rangers, &c. of Waltham Forest.Ibid, p. 245.
John Rollos12100Same as chief engraver of royal stamps, &c.Ibid, p. 246.
Frances Wyndham5000Same quarter's pension -Ibid.
John Duke of Montagu12500Same quarter for officers of the Bath.Ibid, p. 247.
John Parker, Sheriff of Lancaster.12000Rewards paid for arrest of felons.Ibid, p. 259.
Samuel Feake, Sheriff of Essex.8000Same - - -Ibid.
John Anstis, junr. Genealogist of the Order of the Bath.40 marks.One year to 1732, Michaelmas, as Blanch Coursier.Ibid, p. 501.
Oct. 31— Chatfield, Under Sheriff of Surrey.12000Rewards paid for arrest of felons.Money Book XXXVI. p. 259.
Duke of Kent500001732, Michaelmas quarter's pension.Ibid, p. 90.
Wm. Cowper, Knight Harbinger.51168Same quarter's annuity and allowanceIbid, p. 403.
L'Estrange Symes, Comptroller of His Majesty's Revels.151421¼ years' salary to 1732, Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 395.
Nov. 1Daniel Graham281501732, Michaelmas quarter, as apothecary in ordinary to His Majesty.Ibid, p. 100.
John Cooke -2434Some as Clerk of Foreign Estreats.Ibid.
Provost and Fellows of Eton College.10100Same quarter's perpetuityIbid.
Corporation of Dartmouth.1000SameIbid, p. 101.
Richard Bentley - -5000Same quarter as Keeper of His Majesty's libraries.Ibid.
Corporation of Berwick2500Same quarter's allowance for Tweed Bridge.Ibid, p. 102.
Corporation of Lyme Regis.2500Same for keeping “Cobb” Pier.Ibid, p. 104.
Heirs of Col. Fairfax -2500Same quarter's perpetuity -Ibid.
Dr. Francis Dickens -1000Same quarter as professor and reader of laws, Cambridge.Ibid.
Dr. James Bouchier -1000Same as same, Oxford -Ibid, p. 105.
Dr. Wm. Woodford -1000Same as same of physic, Oxford.Ibid.
Dr. Green1000Same as same, Cambridge -Ibid.
Ministers of the Isle of Man.2500Same quarter's annuity -Ibid, p. 106.
George Turbill -5000Same quarter as Keeper of the Records relating to Forfeited Estates, England.Ibid.
Jane Kien -7500Same as housekeeper and wardrobe keeper, Kensington Palace.Ibid, p. 107.
John Inglis -2500Same as Marshal of the Ceremonies and Assistant Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid.
3268Same as Marshal of the Ceremonies and Assistant Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid.
Sir Clement Cotterell2500Same as Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid, p. 108.
5000Same as Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid, p. 108.
Mayor of Macclesfield -2500Half year due 1732, Michaelmas, for a town preacher.Ibid, p. 162.
Nov. 2John Hedges -2,00000Prince of Wales -Order Book XV. p. 12.
Nov. 3John King30000Half year to 1732, Michaelmas, as outranger of Windsor Forest.Money Book XXXVI. p. 313.
Nov. 20Wm. Mathew -10000Half year to October 26, as Lieutenant Governor of St. Christopher.Order Book XV. p. 239.
Nov. 25Executors of Charles Wither.79416Repairs in Windsor Great Park, &c.Ibid, p. 238.
Nov. 29Bank of England -13,496161Circulating Exchequer bills for three months ended 1732, October 24.
Appending:—Statement of same outstanding at latter date.
Money Book XXXVI. p. 365.
Henry Proctor - -40000Dormant warrant for salary as a justice of Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor.Ibid, p. 405.
per annum.
Same -100001732, Trinity Term as suchIbid.
Lord and Lady Petre -Arrears of 500l. per annum for maintenance and interest on 20,000l. marriage portion, till principal repaid.
Appending:—Report of Attorney and Solicitor General.
Ibid, pp. 405–10.
Wm. Finch - -77600Michaelmas quarter's ordinaries as Envoy, &c. to States General.Order Book XV. p. 239.
Brinley Skinner - -348106Extraordinaries as Consul at Leghorn.Ibid; King's Warrant Hook XXX. pp. 478–9.
John Lethieullier, Remembrancer of London.100160City impost on wines for the Lord Mayor, sheriffs, and officers.Money Book XXXVI. p. 418.
Paymasters of Exchequer bills.750,00000To discharge like principal in Exchequer bills on malt, 1732.Ibid, p. 419.
Same -400,00000To discharge like principal in same on land tax, 1732.Ibid.
Earl Waldegrave -40000Extraordinaries, detailed, as Ambassador, &c. to France.Ibid, pp. 420–1.
George Woodward -10000Same as Envoy, &c. to King of Portugal.Ibid.
Thos. Robinson -564179Same as Minister to the Emperor of Germany.Ibid.
Edward Finch10000Same as Envoy, &c. to Sweden.Ibid, pp. 420, 422.
James Dayrolle15500Same as Resident with the States General.Ibid.
Walter Titley10000Same as Resident in DenmarkIbid.
Sir Cyril Wich7500Same as Envoy Extraordinary in the Circle of Lower Saxony.Ibid.
Officers of General and Penny Post Offices, detailed.2,1511581732, Michaelmas quarter's salaries.Ibid, pp. 428–30.
529141732, Michaelmas quarter's salaries.Ibid, pp. 428–30.
Post Office -1,47882Incidents, 1732, Lady Day quarter.Ibid, pp. 431–2.
Same - -1,719118Same, Midsummer quarterIbid, pp. 436–7.
Andrew Charlton, housekeeper of Newmarket Palace.8515Salary, 1732, April 20 to Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 412.
Post Office -1,321114Incidents bill, 1732, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVII. pp. 7–9.
Nov. 30Stephen Pointz, Receiver General of Excise Revenue.6021311Carrying 2,634,089l. 13s. 7d. to the Exchequer on account of said duties, 1731, June 28, to 1732, June 19.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 498–9.
Nov. 30George Naldrett, Sheriff of Sussex.4000Rewards paid for arrests of felons.Money Book XXXVI.p.259.
Thos. Wootton, same Herts4000Same -Ibid.
Penry Williams, same of Brecon.8000SameIbid, p. 411.
Richard Hassell4000Same as Sheriff of Southampton.Ibid.
John Watts -4000Same as same of BerksIbid.
Wm. James -4000Same as Sheriff of Kent -Ibid.
Edward Stanley -4000Same as same of CumberlandIbid.
Rev. John Douglas -2000Passage money as minister to Antigua.Ibid, p. 119.
Rev. James Nedin (? Judin).2000Same as same to Virginia -Ibid.
Dec. 1Sir Wm. Chapple and five others.10000Michaelmas Term as justices in Wales.Order Book XV. p. 242.
John Birch2500Same as Fifth Baron of the Exchequer.Ibid.
Dec. 5Percival Lewis57163Overpayment as Sheriff of Surrey.Ibid, p. 54.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of Wales -Ibid, p. 12.
John Selwyn -6,671100Establishment for the Princesses Royal, Amelia and Caroline.Ibid, p. 240.
Dec. 6Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's serviceMoney Book XXXVI. p. 13.
Dec. 7George Blondell, Sheriff of Bedford.4000Reward paid for arrest of felon.Ibid, p. 412.
Richard Earl of Scarborough.10,00000Imprest for the extraordinary expense of the Stables.Order Book XV. p. 241.
Sir Clement Cotterell -609176Presents to El Hadge Moham'd Assayd and Hadge Ali, Envoys from Algiers, being upon their return home.Ibid.
Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's service -Ibid, p. 197.
Excise officers, Scotland.1,736116Salary bill, Michaelmas quarter.North Britain Book X. pp. 340–1.
Same38223Same quarter's incidents bill.Ibid, pp. 342–3.
Attorney and Solicitor General.Usual fees, detailed, on joint and separate reports at 3 guineas each, and 10s. to their clerks.Letter Book XIX. p. 137.
Jeffrey Elwes -14,00000Queen Anne's bounty - -Order Book XV. p. 245.
Thos. Minors -70288Plate delivered to Jewel Office, six months ended Michaelmas last.Ibid; King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 486.
Joseph Bell, Comptroller of the Post Officer.26100Buying up all newspapers published in England, beyond the extent of the bills of the mortality, and in North Britain and Ireland for one year ending Michaelmas last.Letter Book XIX. p. 135.
Jonathan Forward -70500Transporting 141 felons, detailed, to Virginia.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 423–4.
Dec. 12Nathaniel Blackerby, Treasurer to Commissioner's for building New Churches.2,27816Towards building and finishing the churches.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 434–5.
Same -62517For same purposes out of loans on coal duties appropriated to Greenwich Hospital, &c.Ibid, p. 435.
Dec. 13Edward Hughes, Judge Advocate General of the land forces in Great Britain.157115Repairing his lodgings and office.King's Warrant Book XXXI. p. 10.
Dec. 14Nicholas Paxton -463160Charges of supporting Charitable Corporation Bill before the House.Letter Book XIX. p. 132.
Dec. 18John Walker, Chief Usher of the Exchequer Court.3111910Necessaries delivered 1732, Michaelmas Term.Order Book XV. p. 248.
Dec. 20Reduced men in Brigadier Clayton's regiment.20507121 days' offreckonings -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 491.
Thos. Missing - -5,030911¾Victualling Gibraltar, 1732, May 29 to July 23.Ibid, pp. 491–3.
Dec. 22John Scrope - -7,60000Secret service - -Order Book XV. p. 246.
Wm. Townsbend, Chief Usher of the Receipt.57176Necessaries delivered to the new offices, half year ended Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 248.
Same -1,010146Same for the ancient offices.Ibid.
Dec. 27Wm. Ireland -2500Same for services in Auditor of Receipt's office.Money Book XXXVI. p. 33.
George Holmes - -2500Same as clerk for digesting, &c. records, &c. in Cæsar's Chapel, &c. in the Tower.Ibid, p. 34.
Charles Valence Jones5000Same as one of the Solicitors for the affairs of the Treasury.Ibid.
David Polhill - -37100Same as supervisor for digesting, &c. records, &c. in Cæsar's Chapel, &c. in the Tower.Ibid, p. 35.
Sir Philip Ryley and Thos. Spence.47170Same as sergeants-at-arms -Ibid.
Thos. Mann, et al. -127100Same as officers of the Treasury, detailed.Ibid, p. 38.
John Beresford, et al. clerks.77100Same quarter, making up books of public revenues.Ibid.
Nicholas Paxton - -10000Perusing, &c. pamphlets and newspapers, six months due December 22.Ibid, p. 48.
Treasury clerks, detailed.1871001732, Christmas quarter's salaries.Ibid, p. 404.
Richard Andrews, junr.37100Same -Ibid, p. 25.
Dec. 27Lords of Treasury -2,000001732, Christmas quarter's salary.Money Book XXXVI. p. 28.
Henry Fane -5000Same -Ibid.
John Couraud - -5000Same as Latin secretary -Ibid, p. 29.
Thos. Thurkettle -14100Same as Messenger of the Chamber.Ibid, p. 30.
14100Same as Messenger of the Chamber.Ibid, p. 30.
Nicholas Paxton25000Half year due 1732, December 22, as Solicitor for the affairs of the Treasury.Ibid, p. 438.
Lord Henry Beauclerk, Ranger of New Lodge Walk, Windsor Forest.52100Hay for deer in said walk for one year from 1732, Midsummer.Ibid, p. 441.
Thos. Lowther1,00000His Majesty's service -Ibid, p. 13.
Dec 28Nathaniel Cowdery12100Christmas quarter -Order Book XV. p. 32.
Sir Clement Cotterel76796Presents to Count Watzdorff, Envoy from the King of Poland, and Count Rantzau, same from King of Denmark, on their audience of leave.Ibid, p. 247.
Wm. Loveday, Sheriff of Northampton.8000Reward paid for arrest of felons.Money Book XXXVI. p. 412.
Sir Rowland Winn -16000Same as Sheriff of York -Ibid.
Edward Jones - -40000Royal bounty -Order Book XV. p. 246.
Lord Harrington and Duke of Newcastle.462100Christmas quarter's salary as Secretaries of State.Ibid.
Customs officers, London port.7,9491010¾Salary bill, same quarter -Customs Book XIII. p. 311.
Same of outports11,99934Same - -Ibid.
Same of Plantations -1,84619Same half year ended Christmas.Ibid.
Lieut.-General George Wade.528132To complete 3,528l. 13s. 2d. cost of roads and bridges, Scotland, 1732.King's Warrant Book XXXI. pp. 4–6.
Duke of Devonshire -7281501732, Christmas quarter as Keeper of the Privy Seal.Order Book XV. p. 246; Money Book XXXVI. p. 438.
[? 641150]
Scroop, Viscount Howe50000Half a year, due 1732, December 6, as Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Barbados.Money Book XXXVI. p. 442.
Thos. Walker - -50000Dormant warrant as Surveyor General of royal lands and revenues.Ibid, pp. 443–4.
per annum
Dec. 29Charles Bettridge -500Christmas quarter, attending at the Exchequer gate.Order Book XV. p. 154.
East India Company -128,00000One year's reduced annuity to 1733, Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 250.
David Polhill - -12500Michaelmas quarter as keeper of records in the Tower.Ibid, p. 43.