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'Warrants for Minor Appointments: 1732', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2: 1731-1734 (1898), pp. 353-361. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=91741 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Letters Patents, Royal Sign Manuals and Warrants, Treasury Warrants, Commissions and Orders relating to Appointments.
Date.Nature of Order or Entry and Substance of Appointment.Reference.
Jan. 5Treasury warrant. Rees Jones, collector of Customs, Aberdovey.Customs Book XIII. p. 258.
Jan. 10Royal letters patent in Latin. Nicholas Hardinge, of the Middle Temple, to be sub-clerk of Parliament, loco Edward Stables, at a fee of 10l. per annum.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 434–5.
Jan. 11Order for letters patent. John Wolridge, comptroller of Customs, Plymouth.Customs Book XIII. p. 258.
Treasury warrant. Thos. Rogers, riding officer, East Guildford, Rye port.Ibid, p. 259.
Jan. 13J. Scrope to Customs Commissioners. Robert Penrice to be instructed in Customs affairs, London port.Ibid.
Warrant under the royal sign manual. Henry Popple, paymaster and agent to the independent company of foot in the Bahamas, loco John Mulcaster, decamped.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 346.
Jan. 20Same. Morgan Vane, Accomptant and Controller General of Stamp Duties, loco Wm. Ashurst, lately deceased.Ibid, pp. 339–40.
Jan. 24Treasury warrants. Francis Winn, tidesman, Yarmouth, loco Thos. Browne, resigned; Samuel Hodges, tidesman and boatman, Bristol, loco Robert Paul, superannuated; John Humphreys, boatman, Chester, loco Thos. Ridley, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 267.
Jan. 25Same. Ralph Kentish, keeper of the gaol of the liberty of the dissolved monastery of St. Albans, and porter of the Great Gate of the said dissolved monastery, loco Robert Kentish, deceased, with the ancient fee of 11l. 1s. 4d.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 442.
Jan. 27J. Scrope to Commissioners of Hackney Coaches. Randolph White to be their register and clerk, loco Charles Bolton, deceased.Letter Book XIX. p. 79.
Feb. 2Treasury warrants. James Reade, tidesman, inferior list, London port, loco Christopher Slade, deceased; Thos. Legg, boatman, Mersea Island, Colchester port, loco Samuel Hicks, deceased; Seth Dewhurst, waiter and searcher, Lytham, Poulton port, loco Wm. Pearson, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 267.
Feb. 11Treasury warrants. Charles Jordan, coastwaiter, London port, loco Charles Rock, deceased; Wm. Rogers, collector, Plymouth port, loco John Wolrige, preferred; John Plint, tidesman and boatman, Falmouth port, loco Rice Price, superseded; John Roskelly, boatman for salt and fishery, Falmouth, loco John Moore, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. pp. 267, 273.
Royal sign manual. James Wright, one of the four messengers of the Receipt of the Exchequer, loco Joseph Richards, deceased.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 361.
Feb. 16Treasury letters patent. Hugh Roberts, searcher, Chichester port, loco George Graves, superseded.Customs Book XIII. p. 274.
Feb. 25Treasury warrants. Collin Campbell, tidesman, superior list, London, loco James Murray, deceased; Charles Howell to succeed Campbell in inferior list.Ibid.
Feb. 29Same. Thos. Mackrell, watchman, London port, loco Francis Love, deceased; Robert Newton, waiter and searcher, Chester port, loco John Wilson, deceased; Rowland Winn, tidesman, inferior list, London port, loco Charles Jordan, deceased; Wm. Gyles, riding officer, Winchelsea, Rye port, loco Thos. Jenkins, deceased.Ibid, p. 275
Mar. 7Same. Francis Andrews, tidesman, inferior list, London, and Isaac Daniel, boatman, Studland, Poole port, to exchange places.Ibid.
Mar. 9Same. Peter Manners, tidesman and boatman, Cowes port, loco John Sproston, superannuated; Wm. Birkill, waiter and searcher, Boston port, loco Edmund Blaydwin, superannuated; Thos. Weaver, boatman at Gloucester, loco Thos. Watkins, deceased.Ibid.
Mar. 14Same. John Mills, waiter and searcher, Holy Island, Berwick port, loco Ralph Ord, dismissed; Charles Carr, same, Budle, Berwick port, loco Wm. Robinson, dismissed.Letter Book XIX. p. 88.
Same. Oliver Newby, junr., collector, waiter, and searcher at Woodbridge, and deputy customer and searcher at Yarmouth, loco Oliver Newby, superseded; Abraham Bayly, watchman, Yarmouth port, loco John Bayles, resigned; John Bayfield, riding officer, Cromer, Yarmouth port, loco Roger Hainsworth, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 275.
Same. Adam Smith, comptroller of Customs, Kirkcaldy, loco David Law, dismissed, at 40l. per annum; George Mearnes, tidesman, ibid, loco Wm. Ouchterlony, deceased.North Britain Book X. p. 212.
Mar. 21Same. Wm. Pardue, tidesman and boatman, Falmouth, loco Wm. Landeck, resigned; Wm. Man, tidesman, inferior list, London, loco Esdras Foreman, deceased; James Lilly, waterman, London port, loco John Abdy, deceased; Thos. Miles, same, ibid, loco Thos. Gurnett, superannuated.Customs Book XIII. p. 277.
Treasury letters patent. Samuel Hughes, gentleman, approved deputy to Sir Edmond Elwill, comptroller of the revenues of Excise, new imports, &c. &c.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 448–9.
Mar. 23Warrant under the royal sign manual. Robert Dunsford, junior, and Nathan Sprigg, receivers of the extended goods, &c. of Samuel Burridge, of Tiverton, Devon.Affairs of Taxes III. pp. 402–13.
Treasury warrants. Alexander Keith, tidesman, Aberdeen, loco Dougall Darrock, dismissed; David Mitchell, same, Orkney, loco said Keith.North Britain Book X. p. 212.
Mar. 24Treasury order for royal letters patent. Edward and Wm. Jasper, comptroller of Customs, Southampton port.Customs Book XIII. p. 277.
April 5
Treasury warrants. William Weller, tidesman, inferior list, London port, loco Thos. Willigo, dismissed; John Amborne, same, ibid, loco Wm. Pearce, dismissed; Edward Nix, weighing porter, ibid, loco Nathaniel Drake, deceased; Joseph Curtis, tidesman and boatman, Plymouth, loco James Gallway, super-annuated; Delavell Shaftoe, riding surveyor, Morpeth, Berwick port, loco Maurice Houstoun, superannuated; Thos. Johnson, boatman, Ramsgate, Sandwich port, to be boatman at Deal, loco Richard Hill, lately killed; Wm. Fox to succeed Johnson at Ramsgate; Charles Carr, waiter and searcher and boatman, Budle, Berwick port, loco Wm. Robinson, dismissed; George Simpson, same, Holy Island, Berwick port, loco Ralph Ord, dismissed; Valentine Nickleson, boatman, Studland, Poole port, loco George Franklyn, deceased; Robert Crabb, collector, Aldeburgh, loco John Burwood, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. pp. 280, 281.
Royal sign manual. Andrew Charlton, housekeeper of New market House, loco Thos. Walker, deceased.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 376.
April 6Same. Francis Whitworth, Surveyor General of royal woods, parks, forests, &c. loco Charles Wither, deceased.Ibid, pp. 376–7.
April 13Treasury warrant. John Pearson, landwaiter, Yarmouth port, loco Henry Salthouse, resigned.Customs Book XIII. p. 280.
April 19Same. George Seton, tidesman, Aberdeen, loco John Steven, dismissed; Wm. Binny, same, Inverness, loco John Elder, deceased; Andrew Ross, landwaiter and searcher, Shetland, loco John Seton, dismissed; Wm. Clarenbourne, tidesman, Anstruther, loco Wm. Shepherd, resigned; Wm. Clough, same, Dumfries, loco Alexander Campbell, deceased; Robert Hay, collector, Kirkcaldy, loco Wm. Jeffrey, dismissed; Wm. Towry, landwaiter, Leith, loco John Norman, deceased; Robert Paterson, boatman, ibid, loco Wm. Jervey, dismissed.North Britain Book X. p. p. 236.
April 20Royal letters patent. Andrew Charlton, housekeeper, of New market House.
Same in Latin. Francis Whitworth, Surveyor General of Woods.
King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 382–5.
April 28Treasury warrants. John Cornwell, tidesman and boatman, Wisbech port, loco Wm. May, superannuated; Thos. Hurst, riding officer, Bourne, Rye port, loco Edward Hurst, superseded.Customs Book XIII. p. 288.
May 10Warrant under the royal sign manual. John Cookson, one of the Commissioners of Hackney Coaches, together with John Way, Francis Capper, Thos. Sutton, John Philpot, loco John Idle.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 390.
Treasury letters patent. John Temple, auditor of the duties on hides, &c. as by 9 & 10 Queen Anne, and of the inland duties on coffee, tea, cocoa, &c. as by 10 Geo. I., loco Wm. Burroughs, Esq. at a salary of 300l. per annum.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 451–2.
May 11Treasury warrant. Daniel Goodwyn, land surveyor, Lynn port, loco Edmond Hill, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 288.
May 15Same. Alexander Leslie, deputy to John Temple, auditor of the duties on hides and of the inland duties on coffee, tea, and chocolate.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 452.
May 16Same. Samuel Fuller, deputy comptroller, Kirkcudbright, loco James Gregory, removed; James Fullerton, tide surveyor, Glasgow, loco his father, John Fullerton, resigned.North Britain Book X. p. 259.
Treasury order for royal letters patent. James Roussy and John Carter, customer, Sandwich port.Customs Book XIII. p. 289.
May 18J. Scrope to Customs Commissioners. Edward Hurst, late riding officer at Bourne, Rye port, to be superannuated.Ibid, p. 296.
May 22Royal letters patent in Latin. Henry Proctor of the Middle Temple, one of the justices of Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 480.
May 25Treasury warrant. John Carswell, tidesman, Lyme port, loco Robert Cossens, superannuated; John Humphreys, same, Chester port, loco Richard Richards, resigned.Customs Book XIII. pp. 298, 302.
May 30Same. George Fowkes, tidesman, superior list, London port, loco Robert Forster, preferred; Wm. Muns to succeed Fowkes on inferior list: Munning Squire, tidesman and boatman, Lynn Regis, loco Francis Bateman.Ibid, p. 298.
Same. Wm. Cowan, tidesman, Inverness, loco Robert Philp, dismissed; James Thompson, same, Prestonpans, loco Hugh Ballantine, deceased; John Norris, comptroller of Customs, Dunbar, loco Robert Halliday, preferred; Colin Bethune, tidesman, Inverness, loco Alexr. Arbuthnott, dismissed.North Britain Book X. p. 260.
June 1Royal sign manual. Reversionary grant to Thomas Tower of the office of one of the two Auditors of the Prest or Imprest Accounts, Foreign Accounts, first fruits, tenths, Customs, and of the mint and coinage and other accounts after the death or surrender, &c. of Edward Harley or Thos. Foley.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 406.
June 2Same. Reversionary grant to Christopher Tower of the like office after death or surrender of Harley or Foley.Ibid, p. 407.
June 6Treasury warrants. Wm. Cottle, waiter and searcher, Marazion, Penzance port, loco Thos. Cook, resigned; David Davies, same at Fishguard, Cardigan port, loco John Tully, resigned; Joseph Hill, weigher, Hull port, loco John Hall, deceased.Customs Book XIII pp. 298, 303.
June 7Same. Edward Bee, riding officer between Spurnhead and Bridlington, loco Wm. Stow, deceased; Thos. Langdale, weigher, Hull port, loco John Hall, deceased; Wm. Creswell, to be husband for receiving and taking up all goods consigned from His Majesty's Plantations on account of the 4½ per cent, duty, loco Thos. Scott, deceased.Ibid, p. 300.
Same. Robert Graham, searcher and surveyor of cards and dice, loco John Green, deceased.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 464.
June 8J. Scrope to Salt Commissioners. Edward Davie (Davies), Secretary of the revived duties on salt; Wm. Johnson, solicitor of same.Letter Book XIX. p. 102. p. 263.
June 14Treasury warrants. Daniel Mackduff, tidesman, Leith, loco John Norris, preferred; Robert Hunter, boatman, Alloa, loco Wm. Allen, restored to his office of watchman of the salt duty; Alexander Robertson, tidesman at Anstruther, loco Wm. Clarenbourne, deceased; Gilbert Downie, land carriage waiter, Glasgow, loco Wm. Stevens, deceased; John Oswald, comptroller of Customs, Caithness, loco Adam Smith, preferred; Walter Hepburne, tidesman, Borrowstounness; loco James Lindsay, appointed an officer of the salt duty; James Smith, tidesman, Aberdeen, loco David Shand, dismissed; Peter Robertson, same, ibid, loco James Semple, appointed an officer of the salt duty; Wm. Walker, same, Dumfries, loco James Smith, removed to Aberdeen; James Rose and David Callum, same, Inverness, loco Robert Rutherford and James Lindsay, dismissed; George Featherstone, same, Leith, loco Hugh Hamilton, appointed a salt officer; John Molyneux, salt officer, Alloa, loco Patrick Crokat, declined; James Ferguson, same, Borrowstounness; Hector Thompson, watchman of the salt duty, loco Archd. Murdoch, declined; Samuel Porteus, same, Prestonpans, loco James Arnot, declined.North Britain Book X. p. 263
June 15J. Scrope to Salt Commissioners. John Windham, cashier of the revived duties on salt; Miles Greenwood, correspondent and examiner of the delivery and score books, and clerk to the Accomptant General for making up the cash and general account of the salt revenue; James Cresset, Accomptant General of said revenue.Letter Book XIX. p. 104.
June 16Royal letters patent in Latin. Thos. Robe and Charles Peter, Clerk of the Markets of the King's household, loco Thos. Robe and John Matthews.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 481–4.
June 16Treasury warrant. Henry Hicks, tidesman, inferior list, Bristol port, loco Abraham Bush, resigned.Customs Book XIII. p. 302.
June 19Same. William Richards, surveyor and deputy comptroller of Customs, Cardiff port, loco George Watkins, resigned; Henry Munt, tidesman and boatman, Harwich, loco Wm. Abbott, superannuated; Thos. Cuthbert, same, Plymouth, loco Edmond Triggs, deceased; John Savary to be a deputed searcher, London port, loco John Robinson, deceased.Ibid, p. 303.
June 20Royal warrant by the Queen, as Guardian of the Kingdom, &c. Christopher Rhodes to be comptroller of the revenues and duties of Excise and new imposts, Scotland, loco Barnaby Barrow, lately deceased.North Britain Book X. pp. 267–8.
Treasury letters patent. Wm. Folkes, entering clerk in the Alienation Office, loco Thos. Webb, deceased.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 464.
Juno 20
and later.
Treasury warrant to Richard Reddall, Receiver General of land tax. 1732, Bedford, and other Receivers General for land tax and house duties, detailed, for the separate counties, &c.Affairs of Taxes III. pp. 326, 433–7, 439, 441–4.
June 22Treasury warrants. Edward Mann, collector of Customs, St. Christopher, to be superseded by Henry Slingsby, viewer and examiner of tobacco inwards and outwards, London port; Edward Mann to take Slingsby's place; Bryan Knowles, waiter and searcher, Manningtree, Harwich port, loco Richard Bully, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. p. 307.
June 26Royal sign manual by the Queen. John Thornhill, sergeant painter of all His Majesty's works as well belonging to the royal palaces as to the Great Wardrobe or otherwise, loco his father, Sir James Thornhill, at a fee of 10l. per annum.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 430.
Same by same. William Mellish, Edward Mellish, and Joseph Mellish, Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, loco Leonard Thompson, Richard Thompson, and Luke Thompson, upon surrender by them, or such of them now living as have interest therein.Ibid, pp. 443–4.
June 29Treasury letters patent. Lewis Elstob and John Watson, receivers of the rents and profits of James Earl of Derwentwater, deceased.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 467–9.
Treasury warrants. John Peagrum to be Surveyor General of the northern part of the Continent of America, loco Devereux Bacon, deceased; Edward Cranfield, established at 50l. per annum as tide surveyor at Sea Mills, Bristol port; George Winn, junr., boatman, Yarmouth port, loco Meddow Nall, deceased; Charles Simmonds, land carriage man, London port, loco Alexander Catcott; John Richards, junr., boatman, Newlyn, Penzance port, loco John Richards, superannuated; Thos. Radcliffe, waiter and searcher at Meols, Liverpool, and Paul Amias, riding officer at Pilling, Lancaster port, to change places.Customs Book XIII. p. 309.
Treasury order for royal letters patent. Grosvenor Bedford, collector of Customs, Philadelphia, America.Ibid, p. 310.
July 18Treasury warrant. Joseph Fox, deputy to Horace Walpole, as Auditor and Surveyor General of his Majesty's revenues in America.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 472.
Same. Francis Gregg, tidesman, inferior list, London port, loco Wm. White, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. p. 303.
July 19Same. Arthur Bell, tidesman, superior list, loco Richard Nowell, dismissed; Walter Bryson to succeed Bell in inferior list; Jenkin Lewis, coastwaiter, London port, loco Peter Mabyn, superannuated; John Schilperoort, waiter and searcher, Sunderland, loco John Johnson, deceased; John Jackson, tidesman and boatman, Berwick, loco Robert Gardyner, deceased.Ibid.
July 25Treasury warrants. John Forse, land waiter at Poole, to be same at Exeter, loco Edward Wootton, deceased; John Blagdon to succeed Forse at Poole; Ashburnham Frowde, comptroller of foreign post office, and Alan Lovelade, sub-comptroller of same, to be deputed to receive the duties on diamonds imported in pacquet boats; John Hall, surveyor, waiter, searcher, and riding officer at Hastings, Rye port, loco Edward Hall, super-annuated; Wm. Coppard, deputy customer, ibid; Thos. Carswell, deputy comptroller and deputy searcher, ibid.Customs Book XIII. pp, 309, 313–5.
Same. John Halkerston, officer of the salt duty, Kirkcaldy, loco Daniel Reid; David Stevens, same, Alloa, loco John Oswald.North Britain Book X. p. 277.
Same. Wm. Tyrer, tidesman, Liverpool, loco John Metcalfe, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 303.
Aug. 1Treasury letters patent. Christopher Bond, conservator of the Forest of Dean, loco Roynon Jones, deceased.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 477–8.
Aug. 3Treasury warrants. Captain Wm. Spooner, commander of the “Yarmouth” smack, loco Peter Harold, deceased; Robert Bedford, junior, tidesman and boatman, Southampton, loco Jacob Ward, preferred; John Andrews, tidesman, Truro, loco Thos. Kensay, dismissed; Wm. Phillips, waiter and searcher, ibid, loco Henry Luke, deceased; John Pugh to be established waiter and searcher at Aberystwith, at 30l. per annum.Customs Book XIII. p. 320.
Aug. 15Treasury letters patent. James Hatley, surveyor of houses, for surveying and inspecting house duties and inspecting the assessments thereof, and counting the windows in each house, at 40l. per annum, loco Robert Hatley, superseded.Affairs of Taxes IV. p. 9.
Treasury warrant. Samuel Foster, waterman, London port, loco John Wooder, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. p. 323.
Same. John Murray, comptroller of Customs, Stornoway, Lewis, loco John Wyllie, deceased; Wm. Freeman, boatman, Borrowstounness, loco Wm. Crawford, deceased; David Erskine, tidesman, Kirkwall, Orkney, loco David Mitchell, appointed watchman of salt duty, Borrowstounness; Alexander Forbes, land carriage waiter, Edinburgh, loco John Stewart, deceased; John Hunter, watchman of salt duty at Borrowstounness, loco Hugh Campbell; Hugh Cowdan, same, Kirkcaldy, loco Wm. Cleghorn.North Britain Book X. p. 300.
Aug. 16Same. Robert Halliday, tide surveyor of Customs, Alloa, loco Patrick Comrie, dismissed; Cuthbert Kilburn, landwaiter and searcher, Alloa, loco Lewis Polson, dismissed; Andrew Dick, tidesman, Irvine, loco Andrew Murdoch, dismissed; Colin Bethune, tidesman, Campbeltown, loco Robert Stewart, appointed an officer of the salt duty; John Adam, same, ibid, loco Archd. McViccar, dismissed; Thomas Warrock, same, Aberdeen, loco John Miller, deceased.Ibid.
Aug. 17Same. Michael Hind, waiter and searcher, Manningtree, Harwich port, loco Brian Knowles.Customs Book XIII. p. 323.
Sept. 19Same. Joseph Turnock, tidesman and boatman, Exeter, loco George Payton, deceased.Ibid, p. 324.
Sept. 20Same. Wm. Hewitt, land carriage man, London port, loco Samuel Tattersill; Richard Lashly. boatman, Orford Haven, loco Charles Rowland, dismissed; Robert Arbuthnott, collector at Antigua, loco James Arbuthnott.Ibid.
Sept. 26Same. Robert Estin, boatman, Mersea Island, Colchester port, loco Wm. Rawlins, dismissed; Thos. Paramor, waiter, searcher, and riding officer, Broadstairs, Sandwich port, loco James Glover, deceased; Lytcot Gill, riding officer at Herne and Reculver, Faversham port, loco Paramor (order countermanded, see Oct. 26); Adrian Cooke, tidesman, London port loco Edward Tolley, dismissed.Ibid, pp. 324–5.
Sept. 28Treasury warrants. Daniel Greene, comptroller of the pepper warehouse, London port, loco John Purdy, superannuated; John Bacon to succeed Greene as preventive officer, London port.Customs Book XIII. p. 332.
Oct. 3Same. George Lobban, tidesman at Borrowstounness, loco John Boucher, deceased; Andrew Lithgow, landwaiter and searcher at Alloa, loco Francis Moodie, dismissed; Gideon Shaw, supervisor of salt duty at Alloa, loco Robert Haliday, appointed surveyor of Customs, ibid; John Wm. Cosens, tidesman, Kirkcaldy, loco James Primrose, deceased; Wm. Hardie, tidesman, Alloa, loco James Cuming, dismissed; Francis Park, tidesman at Perth, loco Duncan McLean, deceased; John Strathie, watchman of the salt duty, Borrowstounness, loco Hugh Coldan, dismissed.North Britain Book X. p. 301.
Oct. 5Same. Walter Bendall, tidesman, superior list, London, loco Constantine Wynn; Robert Greenhalgh to succeed Bendall in inferior list; Abraham de Kwer, tidesman, inferior list, ibid, loco John Shenton, deceased; Joseph Virgo, riding officer, Gloucester port, loco Giles Estcourt, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 332.
Same. Alexander Kincaid, salt officer, Borrowstounness, loco David Macculloch, declined.North Britain Book X. p. 301.
Oct. 13Warrant under the royal sign manual. Humphrey Thayer, one of the Commissioners of Excise, loco George Ducket, lately deceased.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 460–1.
Oct. 17Treasury warrants. Thos. Akenside, surveyor of Customs, Shields, Newcastle port, loco John Banks, resigned; John Barber, tide surveyor, Margate, loco John Gould, deceased; Wm. Eades, riding officer at Herne, loco John Barber; Thos. Lowe, boatman, Ramsgate, loco Thos. Fox, dismissed; Rowland Vaughan, same, Penarth, loco Edward Williams, deceased.Customs Book XIII. pp. 332–43.
Same. Ralph Bell, landwaiter and searcher, Port Glasgow, loco Wm. Kennedy, deceased.North Britain Book X. p. 301.
Oct. 19Same. Richard Thomas, tidesman and boatman, Exeter port, loco John Blagdon, preferred.Customs Book XIII. p. 333.
Treasury order for royal letters patent. Daniel Leckie, comptroller of Customs, Boston port, loco Mathew Oliver, deceased.Ibid, p. 332.
Royal sign manual. Thos. Walker, Surveyor General of royal lands, revenues, &c. loco Dr. Exton Sayer.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 464–5.
Oct. 24Treasury commission. Wm. Oliver, surveyor of houses, Suffolk, loco Henry Morris, dismissed.Affairs of Taxes IV. p. 10.
Treasury warrants. John Wright, riding surveyor, Hull port, for the guard of the river between Hull and Howden, loco John Huntington, deceased; Thos. Langdale, weigher, Hull, loco Nicholas Blunt, deceased; John Simpson, deputy searcher, Alnmouth, Berwick port, loco Wm. Wake, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 333.
Same. Robertson, landwaiter and searcher, Prestonpans, loco John Simpson, appointed deputy searcher, Alnmouth.North Britain Book X. p. 338.
Oct. 26Royal letters patent in Latin. Thos. Walker, Surveyor General of Crown lands, &c. at a salary of 300l. per annum, loco Dr. Exton Sayer, deceased.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 470–2.
Treasury warrant. James Hills, riding officer at Herne and Reculver, Faversham port, loco Thos. Paramor.Customs Book XIII p. 324.
Oct. 27Same. John Smith, boatman, London port, loco Matthew Cotton, resigned; Sackville Reynolds, waterman, Barking, London port, loco Edward Brown, deceased.Ibid, p. 333.
Oct. 31Treasury warrants. John Bassley, tidesman and boatman, Dover, loco Richard Barber; Richard Hobbs, same, ibid, loco Thos. Bean, superannuated; Hall Baugh, tidesman, superior list, Bristol port, loco Wm. Culverwell; Wm. Read to succeed Baugh in inferior list; Ambrose Brown, tidesman and boatman, Dover, loco Robt. Rigden, superannuated, John Oakley, same, ibid, loco James Boyd, superannuated; Charles Kenny instead of Thos. Lowe, boatman, Ramsgate, Sandwich port, loco Thos. Fox, dismissed.Customs Book XIII. pp. 336, 338.
Nov. 28Same. David Davis, waiter and searcher at Aberystwith, Aberdovey port.Ibid, p. 338.
Nov. 29Same. Robert Parker, an examiner of outport books, loco George Richardson, deceased; Bendall Martin, examiner of the sufficiency of officers' securities and to solicit payments of debts standing out in the Plantation receipt, loco Benjamin Coode, deceased; Thos. Sutchen, tidesman, superior list, London port, loco Collin Campbell, superseded; Wm. Lane, collector, Newhaven port, and Edward Clarke, riding officer at Brighthelmstone, to exchange places.Ibid, p. 338, 344.
Dec. 6Same. Robert Partridge, tidesman, superior list, Bristol port; Francis Cozens to succeed Partridge in inferior list; John Mackneil, deputy to Sir Edward Hill, King's waiter, London port, loco Bendall Martin preferred.Ibid, p. 338.
Dec. 7Treasury commission. Thos. Hutches, surveyor of houses, Surrey, loco Joseph Burt, deceased.Affairs of Taxes IV. p. 10.
Dec. 11Treasury warrants. Wm. Verran, tidesman and boatman, Penryn port, loco Wm. Verran, his father, deceased; James Taubin, same, ibid, loco John Boswarthwack, deceased; Robert Lanyon, same, Falmouth port, loco George Rogers, deceased; Abraham Lovel, riding officer from Chapel Angather to St. Ives, Padstow port, loco James Dingley, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 344.
Dec. 12Same. Alexander Hay, tidesman, Port Glasgow, loco Collin Campbell, resigned; Wm. Fercus, land carriage waiter at the Gates of Edinburgh, loco Patrick Crokat, resigned; John Smith, tidesman, Wigtown, loco Robert Grant, deceased; Thos. Forbes, watchman of salt duty, Kirkcaldy collection, loco Wm. Owens, declined; Rowland Jacques, officer of same, ibid.North Britain Book X. p. 343.
Same. Charles Reede, sitter in the Customs boat at Orford Haven, loco Robert Burwood, dismissed; Nicholas Ford, watchman, London port, loco Gilbert Bradley, deceased; John Man, copying clerk of the entries inwards, ibid, loco Henry Mory, deceased (cancelled by chance, see 1732–3, March 21).Customs Book XIII. p. 344.
Dec. 14Same. John Eastland, boatman, Deal port, to be established chief boatman at Ramsgate, at 30l. per annum, loco John Addison, dismissed, who was paid by incidents. John Malpus to succeed Eastland at Deal.Ibid.
Dec. 20Warrant under the royal sign manual renewing the commissions of the Customs with Edward Trelawney to act loco Thos. Walker.King's Warrant Book XXXI. pp. 6–9.
Dec. 28Same. Henry Fox and Richard Bateman, Receiver General of the royal revenues, &c. South Wales, loco Shrieve Paynton and James Pavey on surrender.Ibid, pp. 3–4.
Treasury warrant. James Sheriffe, one of the layers and takers of paper on the rowling press, loco James Williamson deceased.Warrants not relating to money XXIV p. 510.
Dec. 28Treasury warrants. Henry Tremencre, collector, Gweek port, loco John Williams, deceased; John Sturmy, land waiter, inferior list, London port, loco Toby Sturmy, superannuated; Daniel Gundry, waiter and searcher, Bridport and Chidcock, Lyme Regis port, loco Samuel Davie, deceased; Peter Sampson, tidesman, Padstow, loco Reuben Croker, superseded; Thos. Robbins, tidesman, Ilfracombe port, loco Bernard Taylor, deceased; Henry Hall, noontender, London port, loco Charles Grey, superseded; Henry Wood, tidesman and boatman, Whitehaven, loco Joseph Simpson, deceased (deputation returned); Joseph Clerk, same, ibid, loco Joshua Gibson (deputation returned); Wm. King, tidesman, inferior list, Bristol port, loco Francis Cozens, deceased; Edward Adkin, same, inferior list, London port, loco Peter Cambell, resigned; Wm. Wheath, tidesman, Newcastle port, loco James Jolly, resigned; Thos. Carus, waiter and searcher, Lancaster port, loco James Smethurst, deceased.Customs Book XIII. p. 351.
Letters patent by the Treasury. George Medcalfe, agent and solicitor for the revenues of Customs in the northern ports of England and Wales, loco Richard Wyatt.Ibid, p. 352.
Same. Richard Wyatt made agent and solicitor for the revenue of Customs within the district or division containing London and the western port.Ibid, p. 353.