Quarantine Orders
1743, July-December


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Quarantine Orders: 1743, July-December', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5: 1742-1745 (1903), pp. 384-387. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=92038 Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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1743, July–December

Viz. … for the performance of quarantine or releasing from same, or for the opening and airing of goods on deck, or on board of hoys, &c., or for the unlading of part of the cargo, or for reference of petitions from ships desiring to be admitted to pratique after performance of quarantine.
Date of Treasury Order.Date of Order Council.Ship's Name.Whence came.Master's Name.Lading.Reference.
July 13July 12“Sta. la Roza” -A prize taken by the “Pembroke” man-of-war off Faro, 17 Feb. last.- --Customs Book XV. p. 321.
July 20July 19“Constantine” -Cephalonia -- -- -Ibid.
“Garland” -Man-of-war from Gibraltar.Capt. Thomas Grenville.-Ibid.
“Pembroke” -Same - -Capt. Lee --Ibid.
“London Galley”Messina -John Michell- -Ibid.
July 22July 21“Tito” -Leghorn -- - -Oils. &c. -Ibid, pp. 332–3.
“Success” -Leghorn -- -Oils and winesIbid.
“Mermaid” -Gallipoli - -- -Wine, &c. -Ibid.
Aug. 10July 28“MediterraneanGenoa -William HillWhetstones. lemons, jaspido stones. &c.Ibid, p. 321.
“Triton” -Port Mahon and Oporto.David HarrisonWine -Ibid, p 322.
“Thomas and Diana.”- -Hugh CouchFruit, coffee, &c.Ibid.
“Richard and Thomas.”Late a tender on the fleet in the Mediterranean.Thomas Meiland.Provisions -Ibid.
“Neapolitan” -Zante - -— Hurst -Currants, &c. -Ibid.
Aug. 10July 28“Happy Jannet”Leghorn -Robert MclishSilk, cotton, &c.Customs Book XV. p. 322.
“Rialto” - -Zante - -— Drake -Currants -Ibid.
“Bacchus” - -Leghorn, now lying near London Bridge.- -- -Ibid.
“Tito” - -Leghorn -- -- -Ibid.
“Success” - -Leghorn -- - -- -Ibid.
“Mermaid” -Leghorn -- -- -Ibid.
“Pretty Betsey” -Gallipoli (Naples)William Hawkin.Oils - -Ibid.
“Pembroke” man-of-war.- - -- -Pictures and statues belonging to Horace Walpole, Esq.Ibid.
Aug. 12Aug. 11“Happy Jennet”Leghorn -Rob. Mclish --Ibid, p. 338.
“Betty” -Zante - -— Buchanan --Ibid.
Aug. 17Aug. 17“Success” -Leghorn -William Kegwein.Hemp -Ibid.
Aug. 23Aug. 24“Bacchus” -Leghorn -- -Oil, &c. - -Ibid.
“Duke of Lorain”Melazzo -Geo. Newton -Silk, &c. -Ibid.
Aug. 24Aug. 23“Fortune” - -Leghorn -- -Straw hats, sponges, &c.Ibid, p. 323.
“Tito” -Leghorn -- -Straw hats -Ibid.
“Mediterranean”Genoa -William HillWine, &c. -Ibid.
“Success” - -Leghorn -William Kigwein.Hemp, &c -Ibid.
Sept. 2Sept. 1“Neapolitan” -Venice and ZanteThomas HurstCurrants, &c. -Ibid.
“Stubbington Galley.”Leghorn - -Peter MaugerSundry - -Ibid.
“Happy Jennett”Leghorn - -Robert Macklish.- -Ibid.
“Westmorland”Leghorn - -Jos. Shanks -Marble, wine, &c.Ibid, p. 324.
“Bacchus” - -Leghorn -- -- - -Ibid.
Sept. 14Sept. 8“Constantine” -Cephalonia -James Whitchurch.- -Ibid.
Sept. 14Sept. 8“Mermaid”- -- -Silks, &c. -Customs Book XV. p. 338.
“Duke of Loraine”-- -Silk, &c. -Ibid.
Sept. 21Sept. 15“Gibraltar” Packet.Villanova (Portugal).Joseph WrightCorks, brooms, &c.Ibid.
Sept. 23Sept. 22“Genoa” Galley -Smyrna -John Gray -Fruit, &c. -Ibid.
Oct. 5Sept. 29“Bosphorus” -Smyrna -Tho. RichardsCarpets, &c. -Ibid, p. 339.
“Vernon” -Smyrna - -— Dun - -Fruit, &c.Ibid.
“Gibraltar” Packet- -Joseph Wright- -Ibid. p. 324.
“Genoa” Galley -Smyrna -John Gray --Ibid.
“Imperial Anne”Leghorn - -Richard Harman.- - -Ibid.
“Thomas Boyce and William Chipperton.”Having carried provisions to a Dutch ship “de Resolute” supposed infected.-- - -Ibid.
“Rose” -To permit the landing of Elizabeth Purhagen, now on board.- - -- -Ibid.
Oct. 14Oct. 13“Charming Kitty”Livoina -Edmund Tennell.Wine, &c.Ibid, p. 339.
“Tryton” -Smyrna - -- -Fruit, &c. -Ibid.
“Vernon” -Smyrna - -- -- -Ibid, p. 366.
Oct. 19Oct. 13“Bosphorus” -Smyrna - -Thomas Richards- - -Ibid.
Oct. 21Oct. 20“Italian Merchant”LeghornJoseph Carteret- -Ibid, p. 370.
Oct. 26Oct. 25“Italian Merchant”- -- -- -Ibid, p. 366.
“Endeavour” -Venice and Ancona.John McCarthy- -Ibid.
“Phœnix” - -Leghorn -Thomas Ellis- -Ibid.
“Duke of Richmond”Leghorn -George Joad -- -Ibid.
“Marianne” -Monaco in SavoySimon Andre- - -Ibid, p. 367.
“Charming Kitty”Livorno -Edmond Fennel.- - -Ibid.
“Vernon” -Smyrna -- -- - -Ibid.
Nov. 9Nov. 3“Mamhead” Galley- - -John Chappell- - -Ibid.
Nov. 9Nov. 3“Richard and Alithea.”Port Mahon and Gibraltar.Francis Bulson.- -Customs Book XV. p. 367.
“Montagu” -Port MahonRobert Richards-Ibid.
“Phœnix” - -Leghorn -Thomas Ellis- -Ibid, p. 368.
Ships of war in general.- - -- -For their beds and bedding.Ibid.
Fishermen of Selsea, near Chichester, who went on board a Dutch ship the “Lady Lidia,” of Rotterdam.- --- - -Ibid.
Nov. 17Nov. 10“Betty” - -Gibraltar - -Thomas Barry- - -Ibid.
“Draper” tenderFrom the fleet in the Mediterranean.Francis More- - -Ibid.
Sloop which took the silks and velvets out to sea to be destroyed.- -John Mears -- -Ibid.
Nov. 24Nov. 19“Young John and William.”AltenaMathew QuaintLemons -Ibid.
Dec. 20Dec. 13Schooner “Elizabeth.”Gibraltar - -Dennis ClarkeOilibid, p. 369.
“Theophila” -Venice and ZanteNorris Goddard.- -Ibid.
“Grand Duke” -Naples and LeghornJoshua Mauger- - -Ibid.
“St. George” -Gibraltar - -Thomas Dormer.- - -ibid.
Dec. 29Dec. 23“Augustus Caesar”Leghorn -Elias HamptonSilk, oil, hatsIbid.
“Nonsuch” -Leghorn- -Wine, oil, &c.Ibid.
“Loyal Betty” -Genoa --Bariglia, oils, &c., lemons, and argol.Ibid.
“Joseph” brigantine.LeghornPeter EmmettLemons, oil, &c.Ibid.