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'Treasury Orders: 1744', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5: 1742-1745 (1903), pp. 593-599. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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TREASURY ORDERS made on orders of the Privy Council, together with petitions either to the Treasury or the Privy Council, relating to release of ships from quarantine, anno 1744.
Date of Treasury Warrant.Date of Order of Council.Ship's Name.Master.Remarks.Reference.
Jan. 10Jan. 3“Tuscany” - -Edward NicholasFrom Belvedere, in Naples, with raisins, now at Plymouth.Customs Book XV. p. 386.
“Prince Edward”Thomas Dawson -From Leghorn and Belvedere, with marble. &c., now in Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Jan. 17Jan. 12“Ipswich” - -- -Man of War from the Mediterranean, now at the Mother Bank.Ibid.
“Tryton”- - - -From Smyrna, now at Standgate Creek, with cotton, &c.Ibid.
Jan. 19Jan. 17“Neptune” -Thomas Mould -From Leghorn with raisins, now at Plymouth.Ibid.
“St. Quintin”John Barker -From Venice, Zante, and Cephalonia, with currants, &c.Ibid.
“Racer” -Ezeckel Mould -From Leghorn with raisins and oil, now at Plymouth.Ibid.
Jan. 23Jan. 17“London” - -- -From Algiers and LeghornIbid, p. 392.
Jan. 31Jan. 30“Diana” -Captain Anstice -From Leghorn with raisins, near Bristol.Ibid, p. 387.
“Fortune - -Daniel Curling -From Santa Cruz, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“St. Anniello” -Francisco RomanoFrom Belvedere, in Naples, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Prince of Wales”Joseph Keate -From Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Jan. 31Jan. 30“Rachell and Ann”James Mahony -From Zante, now at Standgate Creek.Customs Book XV. p. 387.
“European” -Benjamin HunterFrom Port Mahon, at HullIbid.
Feb. 7Feb. 1“Thames” -Willoughby MarchantFrom Smyrna, at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Levant” -Richard Pridie -Ditto -Ibid.
“Mary and Susannah.”John Purches -From SmyrnaIbid.
“King William”-Thos. CornishFrom Zante, at BristolIbid.
Feb. 6“Triton” -John SaundersSmyrna -Ibid, p. 392
Feb. 21Feb. 17“Italian Merchant”Joseph Carteret -From Messina and Leghorn.Ibid, p. 387.
“Phœnix” -George Leddra -From Leghorn with Belvedere fruits, now at Bristol.Ibid, p. 397.
“Eaton” FrigateMichael Page, -From Belvedere with raisins, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Nellet and Joanna.”James Fides -From Zante with linseed, now as above.Ibid.
“Diamond” GalleyDavid Goatley -From Gallipoli with oil, now as above.Ibid.
“Mary” Pink -Peter Brown -From Zante with currants, now at Bristol.Ibid.
“Exmouth” GalleyRobert Moalle -From Lipari with fruit, now at Plymouth.Ibid.
“Britannia” -— Vernam - -From Leghorn with oil, now at Bideford.Ibid.
“Frances” -— SammsSame -Ibid.
Feb. 23Feb. 21“Ann and Catherine.”Paul Dirk HeitmanFrom Zante and Cephalonia with linseed, now at Hull.Ibid.
March 1Feb. 27“Zante” Packet -John Kirby - -From Venice and Cephalonia with currants and glass beads.Ibid.
“William and Mary.”Le Visconte - -From Leghorn with raisinsIbid.
“Mediterranean”William ClutterbuckFrom Belvedere and Naples with raisins and oil.Ibid.
“Pyke” -John Franklyn -From Leghorn with fruit, marble, &c.Ibid.
March 1Feb. 27“Neptune” -- - -From Belviders with raisins, now at Plymouth.Customs Book XV. p. 397.
“Racer”- - - -From Leghorn with fruit and oil, now at Plymouth.Ibid.
“Berbadoes” Packet.Edward KempthornFrom Smyrna with walnut wood and fruit, now at Falmouth.Ibid.
March 7March 5“Elizabeth”John Price - -From Calabria with copper ore, now at Bristol.Ibid, p. 398.
“Charming Molly”Henry KellyFrom Leghorn with oil and fruit.Ibid.
“Earl of Gainsborough.”Samuel CareySame -Ibid.
“Nancy”Pethnel WhitingSame - -Ibid.
March 13March 8“Exmouth” GalleyRobert Moale -From Lipari with fruit -Ibid.
“London” GalleyJohn Mitchell -From Leghorn with oil -Ibid.
“Tryton” -Messrs. March, owners.From Smyrna with cottons, &c.Ibid.
“Zant” -Edw. Whitewood -From Belvedere and Naples with fruit and oil.Ibid.
March 20March 15“Neptune” -Thomas Brown -From Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Mermaid” of Liverpool.- -From Gibraltar with figs, &c.Ibid.
“Dolphin” -— Warrington -From Mahon and Gibraltar, lately driven on shore, near Sandown Castle.Ibid.
April 3
March 21“Mermaid” -John James -From Belvedere with fruit, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid, p. 399.
“Italian Merchant”Elias Perryman -From Cephalonia with currants, now in the Thames.Ibid.
April 26April 18“Tuscany” GalleyStephen SpracklingFrom Leghorn with oil -Ibid.
“Nancy” Brig -— Tracy - -Retaken by the “Tuscany” from a Spanish privateer in the Channel.Ibid.
“St. Stephen” -— HainsFrom Malaga to Dunkirk, lately taken as a prize by Captain Norris in H.M.S. “Jersey.”Ibid.
May 24May 23“Prince Frederick”Thomas LandifieldFrom Leghorn with silk, &c., now at Plymouth.Customs Book XV. p. 399.
“Dartmouth” Privateer.-To be immediately discharged.Ibid.
“Peace” - -James Mulo -From Marseilles to St. Malo with soap, oil, &c., now at Dartmouth.Ibid.
“Loguste St. Peter.”Claude Estiene -From Marseillesto Dieppe with same, and now at same.Ibid.
May 31May 30“Salisbury” Man of War.Capt. Osborn -From the Mediterranean, now at the Mother Bank, near Portsmouth.Ibid, p. 437.
“Stubbington” Galley.Peter MaugerFrom Gallipoli with oil, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Pearl” SloopRobert Reynolds -From Gibraltar with wine, now at Bristol.Ibid.
June 7June 6“Greenwich” -Benedict GillyFrom Gallipoli with oils, now at Bristol.Ibid.
“Robert” -James Stephens -From Leghorn with argol. &c., now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Tuscany” -Nathaniel TannerFrom Smyrna - -Ibid.
“Francis” -Thomas AshingtonFrom same with fruit -Ibid.
“Boston” GalleyWilliam MoverleySame - -Ibid.
“Matilda” -William Wilde -Same -Ibid.
“Duke of Loraine”George Newton -From Gallipoli with oil, &c.Ibid.
May 30“Warren” GalleyJohn Huddy -From Venice, Trieste and Gibraltar with drugs, &c.Ibid.
June 7
May 27]
May 23“Rose in June” -- - -With tobacco for Morlaix, in France, stopped at Falmouth.Ibid, p. 438.
June 6“Peace” and “L'ogoste St. Peter.”-2 prizes taken by the “Dartmouth” Privateer and carried into Dartmouth.Ibid.
June 14June 12“Catherine” -- -From Zante, &c., with fruit.Ibid.
“Boston” GalleyWilliam MoverleyFrom Smyrna with cotton, goats, wool, &c.Ibid
June 14June 12“Lady Johanna”- -A prize taken by the “Eltham” Man of War, and sent into Standgate Creek.Customs Book XV. p. 438.
June 21June 19“Dursley” GalleyEdward CampionFrom Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid, p. 442.
“The Imperial Ann”Richard HarmonSame - - -Ibid.
“Constantine” -John ReadFrom Trieste with copper.Ibid.
“The Nereide” -Anthony BarreilleA prize from Martinique.Ibid.
June 14“Farmer” Snow- - -Having brought a prize ship (bound from Barcelona to France) into Bristol.Ibid.
June 28June 25“Alicant” GalleyJames Scutt - -From Leghorn with Belvedere fruit, now at Bristol.Ibid.
July 5June 28“Bacchus” -Robert Taverner -From Leghorn with oil, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid, p. 443.
July 12July 10“Boston” -Miles Hammet -From Cesenatico with sulphur, &c., now at Bristol.Ibid.
July 26July 19“Huffnung”Timothy Parkins -From Malaga with wine, lately taken by the “Vulture” Sloop, and now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Aug. 31Aug. 21“Golden EagleWilliam Hinton -With hemp from Ancona, now at Bristol.Ibid.
“Princess Amelia alias Duchessa Teresa.”John Jandine -From Gallipoli with oil, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Tybor” -— Ambler - -From Leghorn with wine, now ibid.Ibid.
“Mermaid” -— Phillips -From same, now ibid. -Ibid.
“Westmoreland”— Sharks -From same, now ibid. -Ibid.
“Prosperous” -Patrick Houston -From Gallipoli with oil, now ibid.Ibid.
“Neapolitan” -Thomas Hurst -From Naples with linseed, now ibid.Ibid.
“Neptune” -Thomas Brooke -From same, now ibid. -Ibid.
Aug. 21“Mary” -John Broder -From Gallipoli with oil, now ibid.Ibid.
Aug. 29“Cephalonia” -— Drake - -From Venice with manna, now at Bristol.Ibid, p. 444.
Aug. 31Aug. 29“Dispatch” -- - -A Tender employed by, the “Edinburgh” Man of War to Procure men in the Downs.Customs Book XV. p. 444.
Sept. 20Sept. 6“Betty” -John Ker -From Venice with currants.Ibid.
“Rialto” - -— Drake -Same -Ibid.
“Diligence” -Philip NoelFrom Cork with transferred Belvedere raisins.Ibid.
Sept. 27Sept. 20“Fortune” -Abraham and Jacob Franco, owners.From Santa Cruz with raisins, now in Standgate Creek.Ibid, p. 464.
Oct. 11Oct. 9“Expedition”Capt. Reidigat -From Malaga with wine, taken by the “Surprize” Privateer, and now at Falmouth.Ibid, p. 444.
“Surprize”Joseph Redmond -Privateer, now ibid. -Ibid.
Oct. 4“Princess Augusta” Privateer.Elias de GrossNow at Falmouth -Ibid, p. 445.
“Fortune”Captain CurlingFrom Santa Cruz with copper, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Oct 25Oct. 24“Young Lambert”- - -A prize taken by the “Salamander” Privateer: from Smyrna, now ibid.Ibid.
Nov. 27Nov. 21“Susannah”Alexander Wood -From Leghorn with oil, now at Bristol.Ibid.
“Mary”John AkenerSame, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid
“Ann” -— QuashSame, now at Bristol -Ibid.
“Nancy” -- -A Tender on the fleet in the Mediterranean, now at Portsmouth with recruits from Mahon.Ibid.
Dec. 6Nov. 26“St. John Baptist”John HarveyFrom Leghorn, &c., with oil, now ibid.Ibid.
Dec. 11Dec. 4“Sarah” -Thomas ErasmusFrom Turkey, now in Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Bashaw” - -John Gunston -Same - - -Ibid.
“Ruxley”— Bashley - -Same - - - -Ibid.
Dec. 11Dec. 4“Duke of Richmond.”George JoadFrom Leghorn, now in Standgate Creek.Customs Book XV. p. 445.
“Phœnix” - -John Bray -With oil, now ibid. -Ibid.
Dec. 13Dec. 11“Prince Edward”Thomas Dawson -From Leghorn with oil -Ibid, p. 479.
“Thomas and Diana.”Robert Hayes -From Smyrna with fruit, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Dec. 18“Phillis” - -John Long - -From Mahon with oil, now ibid.Ibid.