Quarantine Warrants


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'Quarantine Warrants: 1745', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5: 1742-1745 (1903), pp. 789-792. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=92082 Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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For release or discharge from quarantine or referring to the Customs Commissioners petitions relating to quarantine.
Date of Treasury Warrant.Date of Privy Council Order.Ship's Name.Master.Remarks.Reference.
Jan. 1
Dec. 21
“Delawar” - -John Jolley -From Turkey with raw silk, now at Standgate Creek.Customs Book XV. p. 479.
“Exeter” -Thomas Drew -From Leghorn with oil, now ibid.Ibid.
“St. George Billender”John Chessel -From Port Mahon with oil, now ibid.Ibid.
“Fortune” - -John Hooper -From Syria with cottons, now cast on shore at Whitstable, Kent.Ibid.
“Tilly”Isaac Dove -A tender to Admiral Rowley's fleet, and lately arrived at Port Mahon: now at the Mother Bank.Ibid.
Jan. 291744–5.
Jan. 3
“Bellica” -- -A tender lately returned from the fleet in the Mediterranean.Ibid, p. 484.
“Delawar” -John Jolly -From Turkey with silksIbid.
Jan. 31Jan. 30“Duke of Loraine”- -Taken from France by the “Warren” privateer, John Huddy commander.Ibid.
Feb. 7Feb. 5“Desmond” GalleyDaniel Goatley -From Leghorn with oil, &c., now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Nuestra Sra. del Rosario et Sto. Joseppe.”Francisco ConstantineFrom Venice, Zante, &c., with currants, now ibid.Ibid.
Feb. 21Feb. 9“Stubbington” GalleyPeter Mauger -From Leghorn - -Ibid.
“Ruby” -Robert Saunders -Same - - -Ibid.
Feb. 26Feb. 9“Grand Duke” -- -Retaken from a French privateer by the “Warren” galley, and now near Falmouth.Customs Book XV. p. 485.
March 14March 11“Constantino” GalleyJohn Read -From Venice with currants.Ibid.
“Tartar” Pink -Robert Brown -From Naples with raisinsIbid.
April 2
March 29St. Anniello” -Joseph Romane -From Belvedere with raisins, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“Immaculata Concezzione e l'anime del Purgatorio.”Guiseppe di NicholaFrom Naples with raisins, now ibid.Ibid.
April 91745
April 6
“Mary” -Andrew White -From Leghorn, now ibidIbid.
“Tuscany” GalleyStephen SpracklingSame -Ibid.
April 10April 6“Prince Rupert”--Ibid, p. 493.
April 23April 19“Winchilsea” -John CurlingIn ballast from Port Mahon, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid, p. 495.
“Charming Molly”Andrew Kelly. -From Leghorn, now ibidIbid.
“Robinhood”David Littlejohn -Same -Ibid.
May 2April 30“Italian Merchant”George Ribbie -From Genoa, &c., but last from Dublin, where she was stranded.Ibid.
“Mamhead” GalleyJohn Chappell -From Naples, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
May 7May 1“Our Lady of the Carmalites St. Antonio of Padua and the souls of Purgatory.”Paul Tiozzo -With currants from Zante, now at King Road, Bristol.Ibid.
May 9May 8“Emerentia”Thomas JohnstoneWith argol, &c., from Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
“La Madona de Rosario”George Pedretti -With currants from Zante, &c., now ibid.Ibid.
May 15May 10“Demetris” -Peter Bozzato -From Venice, &c., now ibidIbid.
“San Speridion”Francisco GiasickSame -Ibid.
May 22May 16“Our Lady of Providence”Nicholas della CasaFrom Genoa with oil, now at the Mother Bank.Ibid.
May 29May 23“Prince Rupert” Snow- -From Santa Cruz, under quarantine since June 28 last.Ibid, p. 498.
June 12May 28“Thames”Willoughby MarchantFrom Turkey - -Customs Book XV. p. 498.
June 26June 24“Mary and Susanna”— Purches -From Leghorn, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
July 10July 2“Gibraltar” -John Mickell -From Leghorn with wine, &c. (Mickell, who lost his leg in an engagement with a French man-of-war or privateer, to go on shore).Ibid. XVI. p. 7.
Aug. 28Aug. 27“George” -John Mitchell -From Zante with currantsIbid.
“Young Lambert”- - -Now at Standgate Creek -Ibid.
Sept. 19Sept. 18“Diamond” -Daniel Goatley -From Leghorn with raisins, straw hats, &c., now ibid.Ibid.
Sept. 26Sept. 19“Eaton” FrigateMichael Page -From Leghorn, now ibid.Ibid, p. 8.
“Westmorland”Joseph Shanks -From Leghorn with wine, &c.Ibid.
Oct. 15Oct. 4“Phœnix” -Thomas Ellis -Same - -Ibid.
“Real” Galley -Owen Phillips -From Gallipoli with oilIbid.
“Jenny” - -Samuel Staples -From Leghorn with marble, &c.Ibid.
Oct. 22Oct. 4“William and Robert”Phillip Ross -From Gibraltar with Spanish prize wine.Ibid.
Nov. 7Oct. 29“Margaret” -Francis Moore -From Gibraltar with returned victualling stores.Ibid.
“Preparation” -John Adams -From Port Mahon and Gibraltar with prize goods.Ibid
“Richard and Alithea”Francis BulsonFrom Gibraltar with victualling stores and prize wines.Ibid.
“Royal Betty” -Henry Garrett -From Port Mahon and Gibraltar.Ibid.
“Prince of Orange”William DeverisonFrom Genoa with oil, &c.Ibid.
“Unicorn”Thomas ArmstrongFrom Gibraltar with oil, now in the Thames.Ibid.
“Elizabeth”Alexander GillonLate a tender to the fleet in the Mediterranean.Ibid, p. 30.
Nov. 7Oct. 29“Ann” - -Ralph DodsworthLate a tender to the fleet in the Mediterranean.Customs Book XVI. p. 30.
“Winchelsea” -Allanson ChapmanFrom Mahon in ballast, now in the Thames.Ibid.
Nov. 12Nov. 7“Kitty and Betty”Joseph Willis -Late a tender on the fleet in the Mediterranean, now in the Thames.Ibid.
Nov. 19Nov. 12“Moggy Lauder”John Scott - -From Port Mahon and Gibraltar, now at Standgate Creek.Ibid.
Dec. 3Nov. 28“Stubbington” GalleyPeter MaugerFrom Leghorn, now ibid.Ibid.
Dec. 12Oct. 29“Eaton” Frigate-To discharge two bales of silk of her cargo.Ibid.
Dec. 24Dec. 19“Levant” -Joseph CarteretFrom Turkey with silks, &c.Ibid.