March 1572


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'Rome: March 1572', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2: 1572-1578 (1926), pp. 7-8. URL: Date accessed: 17 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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March 1572

Ibid. f. 49.21. News Letter.
… “It is said that Cardinal Alessandrino, having failed to prevent the marriage of the Prince of Navarre with the Most Christian King's sister, has by this time quitted that Court for these parts; they say he will go to Venice, and he is expected here some time this month.”
5 March, 1572. Rome. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Arm. lxii.
vol. 33. f. 129.
22. Sir Francis Englefield to John Cardinal Moroni, Protector of England.
Acknowledging receipt of the Cardinal's letter of 18 December, 1571, and a bill of exchange for 487 crowns, being less by 13 crowns than the amount stated in the letter. 400 crowns have been disbursed according to Moroni's instructions: the balance is accounted for by an enclosure [wanting]. He regrets that he could not “make the portions better” by reason of the multitude of necessitous persons, twice as many as those that have been relieved having received nothing. Nevertheless, in the name of all the beneficiaries he most humbly thanks the Pope for his charity displayed on this and many other occasions.
13 March, 1572. Louvain. Latin.

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