H. List of Letters relating to James Stuart


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'Appendix: H. List of Letters relating to James Stuart', Report to the Master of the Rolls on Documents in the Archives of Venice (1866), pp. 86. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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H. List of Letters relating to James Stuart

1. Lettre de la Reine Mère (Henrietta) au Card: Orsini. De Londres, 30th Oct. 1662.

2. Lettre de la Reine Catherine au même. De Londres, Oct. 25, 1662.

3. Voto in favore della promozione al Cardinalato del Signor d'Aubigny.

4. Favori e benefizi fatti ai cattolici d'Inghilterra dal Re presente (in sixteen articles).

5. Bellings to Father Thos. Courtenay, Oct. 22, 1662.

6. Lettera dal Card. Orsini al Card. Sforza Pallavicino, 24 gennaio 1663.

7. Oblatio ex parte Caroli II. Magnæ Britanniæ Regis pro optatissima trium suorum regnorum Angliæ, Scotiæ et Hiberniæ cum Sede Apostolica Romana reunione.

8. Certificate of Charles II. in favour of Sieur James Stuart, his natural son.

9. Another Certificate of the King to the same.

10. Certificate of Christine, Queen of Sweden, concerning the same, on his conversion at Hamburg.

11. Letter of Charles II. to the General of the Jesuits, Oliva, at Rome. Whitehall, Aug. 3, 1668.

12. Letter of Charles II. to his son, James Stuart, at Rome. Whitehall, Aug. 4, 1668.

13. Letter of Charles II. to Oliva, General of the Jesuits, at Rome. Whitehall, Aug. 29, 1668.

14. Letter of the same to the same, without date.

15. Reply of Oliva to the King's three letters. Livorno, Oct. 14, 1668.

16. Certificate of Charles, that he will pay the expenses of his son's voyage. Nov. 18, 1668.

17. Letter of Charles to Oliva. Whitehall, 18 Nov. 1668.

18 and 19. Two memoirs, written by Charles II. on the Catholic religion.