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'Spain: 1485', Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 1: 1485-1509 (1862), pp. 1. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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1485. 25 Sept.
P. R. O. Fr. R. 1 Hen. VII. m. 13. (3.)
1. Henry VII. to Diego De Castro And Others.
Licence to Diego de Castro, Fernando di Caryon, and Pedro de Miranda, merchants of Spain, to freight the following vessels, viz., the Sancta Maria, of Bilbao, of 80 tons ; the Sanctus Jacobus, of Bilbao, of 140 tons ; the Sancta Maria, of Summaya, of 150 tons ; the Sancta Maria, of San Sebastian, of 80 tons ; the Sancta Maria, of Fuentarabia, of 200 tons ; and to send them from Bordeaux to London. The relations between England and Spain are of a friendly nature.—Westminster, 25th September.
Latin. p. ½.
5 Nov.
B. R. 3565, fol. 34.
2. Ferdinand and Isabella to [] (fn. 1) King Of England.
Columbus, vice-admiral and commander of the fleet of the King of France, has captured, off the coast of Portugal, four Venetian vessels, laden with a great quantity of merchandise belonging to Spanish subjects. As the capture is contrary to the treaties with France, Columbus has preferred to go to an English port in order to divide the booty there. The King is requested to arrest the said Columbus, and to restore the goods to their owners.—Alcala de Henares (Compluti). 5th November, 1485.
Latin. pp. 1½.
14 Nov.
P. R. O. Fr. R. 1 Hen. VII. m. 14. (2.)
3. Henry VII. to Diego De Cadagua.
Licence to Diego de Cadagua, merchant of Spain, to load a ship, called the Sancta Maria, of 150 tons, with wines, &c., at Bordeaux, and to bring the same into England.—Westminster, 14th of November.
Latin. p. ¼.


1 The name of the King of England is left blank in the original.

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