June 1509


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'Spain: June 1509', Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 2: 1509-1525 (1866), pp. 19-20. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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June 1509

3 June.
S. E. Pat. Re. T. c. I. L. 4. f. 107.
17. King Henry VIII. and Katharine, Princess Of Wales.
The formal words pronounced at their wedding.
Most illustrious Prince, is it your will to fulfil the treaty of marriage concluded by your father, the late King of England, and the parents of the Princess of Wales, the King and Queen of Spain ; and, as the Pope has dispensed with this marriage, to take the Princess who is here present for your lawful wife?
The King answered : I will.
Most illustrious Princess, &c. (mutatis mutandis).
The Princess answered : I will.
Latin. Written on parchment. p. 1.
16 June.
S. E. Pat. Re. T. c. I. L. 4. f. 106.
18. King Henry VIII. to All Persons.
Acknowledges to have received from Gutier Gomez de Fuensalida, Knight Commander of Membrilla and ambassador and agent of King Ferdinand, the sum of 50,000 crowns, each crown being worth 4s. 2d., as last instalment of the 100,000 crowns which were to be paid to him on account of the dower of Queen Katharine. Declares that King Ferdinand has paid him the whole dower of Queen Katharine.—Westminster, the 16th of June, 1st Henry VIII.
Porter, at the command of the King and by authority of the Parliament.
Latin. Written on parchment. 8 lines.

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