Queen Juana
May 1518


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'Queen Juana: May 1518', Calendar of State Papers, Spain: Supplement to Volumes 1 and 2: Queen Katherine; Intended Marriage of King Henry VII to Queen Juana (1868), pp. 161-163. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=93746 Date accessed: 18 September 2014.


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May 1518

1518 (?). 27th May. 32. The Marquis Of Denia to Charles, King Of Spain.
[Archivo General de Simancas. Estado. Legajo 5. f. 302. Autograph.]
A su Alteza del Marques de Denia. de xxvij de Mayo. Respondida.
Muy alto y muy catto y muy poderoso Señor,
Nuestro Señor de a V. Al. muchas y muy buenas pasquas con tanta salud y acrecentamiento como sus Reynos e vasallos avemos menester. beso los pies y las manos a V. Al. por la merced que me hizo en mandarme escrevir su buena llegada a esos sus reynos e de la salud de su Real persona e de la señora ynfante doña leonor. y de lo que mas ha sucedido lo qual yo creo que sera segun la lealtad desos Reynos conforme a lo que buenos y leales vasallos deven hazer. a V. Al. suplico porque ese Reyno es diferente de las partes donde V. Al. se a criado que mire mucho por la salud de su real persona que esto es lo que todos avemos de suplicar y principalmente desear.
lo que ay que hazer (fn. 2) a V. Al. de la Reyna N[uest]ra Señora es que S. Al. esta en su camara y a (fn. 3) ... tase y levantase de dos a dos dias e por esta orden va el comer. ha tenido mucha gana de salir fuera y para este proposito ha estado bestida y puesto su chapiron en la cabeça y como no se a hecho porque me parece que no conviene hasele quitado y asy esta Su Al. sin el aunque no sin su proposito. en todo se tiene y terna la orden que V. Al. manda y lo que mas me pareciere que conviene a servicio de V. Al. la señora Ynfante esta muy buena y en verdad es tal en todo. dios la guarde que merece bien el amor que V. Al. le tiene. Su Al. escrive a V. Al.
V. Al. deve mandar al Señor Cardenal y a los que V. Al. mando que entendiesen en la reformacion de la casa de la Reyna N[uest]ra Señora que lo acaben y me la enbien, y asimismo suplico a V. Al. mande proveer de dineros asi para el gasto ordinario y paga de los oficiales y criados de la casa. tanbien que se an dado syenpre dccc. ducados cada año para gastos extraordinarios. V. Al. deve mandar que asy se provea porque no se puede pasar syn ello.
a V. Al. escrevi el otro dia suplicandole mandase despachar lo que toca a Alonso cabeças criado del Rey Cattolico. muy gran merced recibire de toda la que V. Al. le hiziere porque en verdad es persona en quien cabe y de quien V. Al. se puede servir en cosas de confiança. muy poderoso Señor nuestro Señor la muy Real persona de V. Al. guarde muchos y bienaventurados años con acrecentamiento de su Real corona. de tordesillas a xxvij de Mayo. muy poderoso Señor syervo y vasallo de V. Al. que sus Reales manos veso.
el marques. [Rubrica.]
[Sobre :] ... muy Cattco y muy ... el Rey ñro Señor.
32. To his Highness. From the Marquis of Denia. 27th of May. Answered.
Very high, very catholic, and very mighty Lord,
May our Lord grant you the return of many very happy Whitsuntides, and as much health and increase of power as your kingdom and we, your vassals, wish and stand in need of. I kiss the feet and hands of your Highness, thanking you for the favour of having ordered that I should be informed of your happy arrival in those your kingdoms (fn. 1) , and of the health of your royal person, as well as of the Señora Infanta, Doña Leonor, and of all other things that have happened, which I hope are such as may be expected from dutiful, good, and loyal vassals. As that kingdom is very different from the country in which your Highness has grown up, I beseech your Highness to take great care of the health of your royal person ; we all are bound to supplicate this, and especially to wish it.
I have to inform your Highness that the Queen our lady lives in her room, goes to bed and gets up, and dines every second day. She desires much to go out. For that purpose she dressed and put her hood over her head. As that was not done, (fn. 4) because I thought it was not convenient, she has taken it off, and is now without it, but has not given up her intention. In everything I shall observe the orders your Highness has given me, and, moreover, do what I think the service of your Highness requires. The Señora Infanta is very well, and, in fact, she is perfect in every respect, God protect her, and well deserves the love your Highness bears her. Her Highness writes to your Highness.
Your Highness should order that the Señor Cardinal and the other persons whom your Highness has commanded to reform the household of the Queen our lady, conclude this affair and send me [my instructions]. I likewise beseech your Highness to provide the money for the ordinary expenses, and the pay of the officers and servants of the household. Eight hundred ducats for extraordinary expenses have hitherto always been allowed. Your Highness should order that they be paid, for we cannot do without them.
I wrote to your Highness the other day, and besought you that the business of Alonso Cabezas, a servant of the Catholic King, might be soon despatched. I should receive it as a great favour if your Highness would do this ; for, indeed, he is a person who deserves it, and of whom your Highness can make use in affairs of special trust. Very mighty Lord, our Lord protect the very royal person of your Highness, and give you many happy years, and augment your states.
From Tordesillas, 27th of May.
Very mighty Lord, your Highness' servant and vassal kisses your royal hands.
The Marquis.
[Sign manual of the Marquis of Denia.]
[Addressed :] ... (fn. 5) very Catholic and very ... the King our lord.


1 Aragon.
2 Sic.
3 Roto.
4 As she did not go out.
5 Paper gone.