Queen Juana
June 1521


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G. A. Bergenroth (editor)

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'Queen Juana: June 1521', Calendar of State Papers, Spain: Supplement to Volumes 1 and 2: Queen Katherine; Intended Marriage of King Henry VII to Queen Juana (1868), pp. 391-392. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=93770 Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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June 1521

15th June. 90. Fray Juan De Avila to the Emperor Charles.
[Archivo General de Simancas. Estado. Castilla. Legajo 8. f. 124. Holograph.]
A Su Magt. del confesor de la Reyna. a xv. de Junio.
Sacra Cesarea e muy Catolica Majestad,
muchas vezes a V[uest]ra Mt. he escripto lo que aca ay que saber de Su Altesa y al presente no ay mas de lo que V[uest]ra Mt. alla avra sabido e sydo ynformado. esta buena y como nunca ha tomado servicio de muger todo cae sobre mi. fasta agora yo he servido a Su Alteza lo que V[uest]ra Mat. sabe antes y despues que viniese en estos sus rreynos V[uest]ra Majestad a rreynar. lo qual ha seydo con toda la fidelidad y trabajo que yo he podido como todos lo saben. y con mi trabajo y servicio quando me lo dexa haser V[uest]ra Magt. esto syn enojo. y el Marques huelga e descansa. y como yo no obligo a V[uest]ra Mat. por mis cartas a mas galardon tenporal de lo que V[uest]ra Mat. servido fuere e quisiere comigo descargar ofreciendo yo a dios mi trabajo, no seria mucho, ya que por la conciencia no quiere el marques dexar de haserme fatiga, lo dexase e hiciese porque a V[uest]ra Magt. no me quexase. el servicio que a Su Altesa yo hago en la visitar e consolar que lo ha bien menester y a la Señora infante querria que lo dexasse, o que no hisiese syno lo que el dixese, y por no desirme esto por palabras para que yo lo entienda tiene todas las formas que puede para fatigarme e molestarme como el Reverend.mo Cardenal aqui a visto. yo por servir a V[uest]ra Mt. e cunplir su obediencia como siervo suyo en lo que me tiene mandado sufro e padezco lo mejor que yo puedo. a Vuestra Magt. suplico por servicio de dios le ynbie a mandar, y a la marquesa tanbien, que me tracten bien e no me molesten segund ge lo mando quando de aqui partio, y que no me estorven haser el servicio que devo a V[uest]ra Mt. y a su madre y hermana segund dios e mi conciencia me obliga por la confiança que V[uest]ra Magt. de mi tiene hecha, que en mi verdad no me queda de honbre ni de religioso cosa con que lo pueda pasar e çufrir. baste que estamos muertos de hanbre, un año sin pagar lo necessario para nuestro sostenimiento. por un solo dios suplico a Vt. Magt. lo mande proveer pues yo no tengo otro Señor despues de Dios ni lo tengo de pedir a otro por acatamiento de V[uest]ra Mt. cuya vida e ynperial estado dios todo poderoso por largos tienpos ensalce y prospere en su servicio.
desta su villa de Tordesillas a xv. dias de Junio.
Muy Catholica Majestad besa los pies e las manos de V[uest]ra Magt. el su pobre frayre e capellan.
frey Juan de Avila confessor. [Rubrica.]
90. To his Majesty. From the confessor of the Queen. 15th of June.
Sacred, imperial, and catholic Majesty,
I have many times written to your Majesty the news worth knowing about her Highness. At present there is nothing more to be said than what your Majesty has learnt and knows already. She is well. As she has not accepted the service of any woman, I have now to do all. I have served her Highness, as your Majesty knows, before and since you came to rule these your kingdoms, and have fulfilled my duties with all possible fidelity and diligence, as is known to all. If your Majesty permits me to discharge my labours and services, I shall be satisfied, and the marquis may enjoy ease and repose. As I have never begged of your Majesty in my letters any other worldly reward except what your Majesty should be pleased and inclined to bestow on me, performing my labours for God's sake, it would not be too much if the marquis, although for conscience sake he does not abstain from creating difficulties for me, would do so in order not to force me to complain to your Majesty. He wishes me to discontinue the service, which by visiting and consoling her, of which she is in so great need, I render to her Highness, and also to the señora Infanta, or at least that I should do it in such a manner as he desires. As he does not dare to tell me this in words, he endeavours to let me understand it by the manner in which he impedes and molests me, as the most reverend cardinal has seen. Wishing to be of use to your Majesty, and with the obedience of a servant to do what you have commanded me, I suffer and bear all as best I can. I beseech your Majesty for God's sake to order the marquis and the marchioness to treat me well and not to molest me, as you commanded them when you departed from here, and not to prevent me from doing my duty towards your Majesty, your mother, and your sister, as I am bound in conscience and by the command of God, because of the trust your Majesty has placed in me. On my word there remains nothing that I do not suffer as man and as priest. It is sufficient to state that we are starving, as for the last year nothing has been paid for our maintenance. By the only God I beseech your Majesty to give orders to supply us. Next to God I have no other lord, nor does my attachment to your Majesty permit me to wish to have any other.
God Almighty guard your life and imperial state for a great many years, and exalt and prosper you for his service.
From the town of Tordesillas, 15th of June.
Very Catholic Majesty, your poor friar and chaplain kisses the feet and hands of your Majesty.
Fray Juan de Avila, confessor. [Sign manual.]