Venetian Diplomatic Agents in England


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'Venetian Diplomatic Agents in England', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 1: 1202-1509 (1864), pp. CXXII-CXXIX. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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TABLE No. 2.

Venetian Diplomatic Agents in England in the 14th, 15th, and 16th Centuries.

Agent's Name or Title. Date of the Employment. Documentary Evidence proving the Appointment, &c.
Gabriel Dandolo1316–1317By the miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senato) it is seen that this ambassador was captain of the Flanders gallies. (See Index, vol.4, p. 182.)
Zuanne Da Lezze1319–1321Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senato), Index, vols. v, p. 124, and vi, p. 79; and Journal of the Grand Council, “Fronesis,” pp. 54, 57, 94.
Pietro Zeno and Perono Glustiniano.1321Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senato), Index, vol. 7, pp. 48, 60.
Luca Valaresso1369–1370Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senato), vol. 33, p. 82, tergo, and “Commemoriali,” vol. 7, p. 125, tergo; registered copy of a missive from Edw. III. to Doge Andrea Contarini, date Westminster, 24 April; also MS. lists of Venetian ambassadors in England, in St. Mark's Library and the Correr Museum, at Venice.
Carlo Zeno 1395No documentary evidence exists in proof of this embassy, which is, however, attributed to Carlo Zeno, both by his biographer Giacopo Zeno, Bishop of Belluno, and also by the lists of ambassadors in St. Mark's Library and at the Correr Museum.
Vice-captain of the Flanders Galleys. 1400Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senate), vol. 45, p. 8, recto.
Rev. Father Girolamo1408Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senate), 28 and 29 November 1408.
Antonio Bembo1409Miscellaneous Journals of the Senate (Misti Senate), last day of April 1409. Romanin, vol. 3, p. 391.
Giacomo, Venier Captain of the Flanders Galleys1491 AprilSecret Journals of the Senate (Secreta Senato) vol. 33, p. 85–88.
Pietro Contarini and Luca Valaresso.Feb. 10 1496–7.Commission from Doge Agostino Barbarigo. “Commemoriali,” vol. 18, p. 53.
Andrea Trevisan29 Nov. 1496 to 12 Jan. 1497–98.Secret Journals of the Senate (Secreta Senato). Election 1496, 29 November, vol.36, p. 84. Commission, vol.36, p. 136. Vote of recall, vol.36, p. 180. Also Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Francesco Capello27 Nov. 1501 to July 1502.Secret Journals of the Senate (Secreta Senato), vol. 38, p. 176, tergo, vol. 39, p. 10, tergo; also Sanuto's Diaries, passim, and original letter from Henry VII. in the Correr Museum.
Vincenzo QueriniJan. to April 1506.Original Letter book of Vincenzo Querini in St. Mark's Library.
Andrea Badoer, alone9 Feb. 1508–9. 12 to 18 April 1515.Original commission in the miscellaneous Journals of the Council of Ten, Giustinian's Despatches, and Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Andrea Badoer. Pietro Pasqualigo. Sebastian Giustinian.18 April to 3 May 1515.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 1 February 1514–15, and Giustinian's Original Letter-hook in St. Mark's Library.
Andrea Badoer and Sebastian Giustinian.3 May to 19 Nov. 1515.Giustinian's Original Despatches, passim.
Sebastian Giustinian, alone.19 Nov. to 20 June 1519.Giustinian's Original Despatches, passim.
Sebastian Giustinian and Antonio Surian.20 June to 27 July 1519.Giustinian's Original Despatches.
Antonio Surian, alone27 July to 1519 26 May 1520.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, 25 January 1518–1519, and Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Francesco Corner and Antonio Surian.26 to 30 May 1520.Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Antonio Surian, alone30 May 1520 to 27 May 1522.Sanuto's Diaries, passim, and Gaspar Contarini's Original Letter-book in St. Mark's Library.
Antonio Surian and Gasparo Contarini.27 May to 5 July 1522.Gaspar Contarini's Original Letter-book in St. Mark's Library.
Antonio Surian, alone5 July 1522 to 9 Sept. 1523.Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Lorenzo Orio5 April 1525 to 12 May 1526.Original Commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 5 April 1525, and Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Gasparo Spinelli12 May to 13 Nov. 1526.Sanuto's Diaries, passim, and original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 8 June 1526.
Marc' Antonio Venier, alone.13 Nov. 1526 to 17 Dec. 1528.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 1 August 1526, and Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Marc' Antonio Venier and Lodovico Falier.17 Dec. 1528 to Jan. 1528–29.Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Lodovico FalierJan. 1528–29 to Aug. 1531.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 3 October, 1528, and Sanum's Diaries, passim.
Lodovico Falier and Carlo Capello.Aug. 11 to — Sept. 1531.Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Carlo Capello, alone—Sept. 1531 to April 1535.Original commission and vote of recall in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 12 June 1531 and 14 January 1534–5; also Sanuto's Diaries, passim.
Girolamo ZuccatoApril 1535 to Aug. 1544.Secret Journals of the Senate, 14 January 1534–5 and 29 August 1544.
Giacomo Zambon—Aug. 1544 to June 1548.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, 29 August 1544.
Domenico Bollani4.June 1547 to Oct. 1549.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 4 June 1547, and letters of recall, date 25 April 1549; also Barbara's Report, p. 227, and Turnbull's Calendar, Edward VI., p. 17. The letter from Edmond Harvel shows that Bollani was still at Venice on the 20th March 1548.
Daniele Barbaro25 April 1540 to March 1551.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, 25 April 1549; Printed Report, Series I. vol. 2, p. 228 (Alberi's edition); and Turnbull's Calendar, Edw.VI. p. 98.
Alvise AgostiniMarch to July 1551.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 27 December 1550; letter recalling Daniele Barbaro.
Giacomo SoranzoMarch 28 to May 1554.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 28 March 1551; letter of recall; private motions of the Council of Ten, files, date 29 December 1553, and 6 and 28 March 1554.
Gio. Michiel27 March 1554 to Feb. 1557.Original commission in the Secret Journals of the Senate, date 27 March 1554; private motions of the Council of Ten, files, March 1554; letter of recall, date 5 December 1556.
Michlel Surian5 Dec. 1556 to 2 July 1557.Letter of recall addressed to Giovanni Michiel; Secret Journals of the Senate, date 5 December 1556; and Despatch from Michel Surian to Doge Lorenzo Priuli, date London, 2 July 1557.

N.B.—The words original commission, &c. are used throughout to designate the original records or enrolments of the respective documents.

Abridged Catalogue of the Series of Despatches written from England by the Diplomatic Agents of Venice, and which yet exist in the Archives there.

Name of the Diplomatic Agent.Date of the first Despatch.Date of the last Despatch.Number of the Despatches.Remarks.
Gio. MichielLondon, 1554, June 12.London, 1557, January 26.89One sixth part of the letters written by Geo. Michiel, is in cypher without any key.
Michiel SurianWestminster, 1557, March 31.London, 1557, July 2.25
Gio. ScaramelliLondon, 1603, February 4.Kingston, 1603, October 22.72
Pietro DuodoSouthampton, 1603, November 20.Salisbury, 1603. December 12.21
Nicolò MolinoDover, 1603, November 4.London, 1606, January 25.120
Zorzi GlustinianLondon, 1606, January 6.London, 1608, November 20.233
Marc' Antnio CorrerLondon, 1608, October 16.London, 1611. June 9.168
Francesco ContariniLondon, 1610, February 4.London, 1610, March 4.8
Antonio FoscariniLondon, 1611, May 12.London, 1615, October 16.455
Giorgio BarbarigoLondon, 1615. October 16.London, 1616, June 3.54
Gio. Batta LionelloLondon, 1616, June 6.London, 1617, October 13.99
Pletro ContariniLondon, 1617, October 25.London, 1618, November 23.78
Antonio DonatoLondon, 1618, November 16.London, 1619, May 16.36
Pier' Antnio MarioniLondon, 1619, May 24.London, 1619, December 13.33
Girolamo LandoLondon, 1619, December 18.London, 1622, June 24.225
Alvise VallaressoLondon, 1622, June 24.London, 1624, October 4.140
Zuane PesaroLondon, 1624, September 27.London, 1626, May 29129
Andrea RossoLondon, 1625, February 7.London, 1625, March 7.6
Andrea RossoLondon, 1626, August 21.London, 1629, July 13.7
Alvise ContariniLondon, 1626, June 11.London, 162 9, August 14.244
Marc' Antnio Correr and Angelo ContariniLondon, 162 6, July 3.London, 1626, July 24.20
Gio. SoranzoLondon, 1629 July 13.London, 1632, March 12.109Some of the letters written by Gio. Soranzo, from July 1629 to February 1630, have suffered from damp.
Vincenzo GussoniLondon, 1632, February 6.London, 1634, May 5.128
Franclsco ZoncaLondon, 1634, May 12.London, 1634, October 13.27
Anzolo CorrerLondon, 1634, October 20.London, 1637, November 26.209
Francesco ZoncaLondon, 1637, November 27.London, 1638, August 27.40
Gio. GiustinianLondon, 1638, August 6.London, 1642. December 13.261
Girolamo AgostiniLondon, 1642, December 19.London, 1645, January 27.129The letters of Giro lamo Agostino, from March 1644 to January 1645, are illegible from mildew.
News Letters from London.1645, June 21.1652, May 2.239Advices transmitted to Venice by the Ambrs. in France Battista Nani and Michiel Morosini.
Lorenzo PaoluzziLondon, 1652, May 2.London, 1655, September 17.171
Gio. SagredoLondon, 1655, September 24.London, 1656, February 11.41
Francesco GiavarinaLondon, 1656, February 18.London, 1663. January 19.373
Angelo Correr and Michlel MorosiniGravesend, 1661, July 22.London, 1661, August 21.11These despatches no longer exist in the Archives; but may be read in the MS. No. 1245, now preserved in the Correr museum at Venice.
Piero MocenicoLondon, 1668, August 10.London, 1670, November 28.167Some of the Mocenigo letters, from June 1668 to February 1669, are in a bad state, as also those of Girolamo Alberti, from January to October 1673; of Sarotti, from June 1676 to July 1677; and of Girolamo Vignola,fromMarch 1683 to September 1685.
Girolamo AlbertiLondon, 1670, December 5.London, 1675, June 21.353
Paolo SarottiLondon, 1675, April 26.London, 1681, February 14.372
Girolamo VignolaLondon, 1681. January 3.London, 1686, July 5.309
Girolamo Zen and ascanio giustinian.London, 1685. December 21.London, 1686, January 25.17
Paolo SarottiLondon, 1686, June 21.Greenwich, London, 1689, April 29.192
Lorenzo Soranzo, and Girolamo “Venier.London, 1696, April 27.London, 1696, June 1.20
Alvise MocenigoLondon, 1701, December 11.London, 1705, October 9.312
Francesco CornaroLondon, 1705, October 9.Rotterdam, 1709. July 12.202
Nicolò Erizzo, Alvise Pisani, and Francesco Cornaro.Kensington, 1707, March 11.Greenwich, 1707, June 8.23
Vendramino BianchiLondon, 1709, August 3.Windsor, 1710, October 24.72
Pletro GrimaniLondon. 1710. October 31.London, 1714, June 15.201
Nicolò TronLondon, 1714, July 27.London, 1717, June 4.171
Giacinto FiorelliLondon, 1717, June 11.London, 1728. July 9.566
Girolamo VlgnolaLondon, 1728, July 16.London, 1731, — Sept.164
Gio. Domenico ImBerti.London, 1732, November,10, 21London, 1736, July 23, August 3.201
Giacomo BusenelloLondon, 1736, August 10.London, 1737, July 4.50
Pietro Andrea CaPello.Dover, 1744, March 27.London, 1748, August 2, July 22.346The letters of Pietro Andrea Capello, from March to December 1746, have suffered so much from damp, that they are mere fragments.
Pietro BusenelloLondon, 1748, August 9.London, 1751, July 28, 18197The Businello letters from March to September 1750, are nt in a very good state.
Pietro VignolaKensington, 1751, July 25, August 4.London, 1754, October 18.177
Gio. Francesco ZonKensington, 1754, October 17.London, 1758, February 24.180
Gio. ColomboLondon, 1758, March 3.London, 1761, June 30.218
Gio. Girolamo Zuccato.London, 1761, July 7.London, 1764, July 27.119
Francesco Querini and Francesco Morosini.London, 1762, June 8.London, 1703, May 3.50
Cesare VignolaLondon, 1764, August 3.London, 1768, September 25.215
Giuseppe ImbertiLondon, 1768, September 20.London, 1772, January 10.166
Gio. BerlendisLondon, 1771, November 8.London, 1774, December 16.163
Gio. Battista Pizzoni.London, 1774, December 16.London, 1779, March 5.260
Simon CavalliLondon, 1778, November 13.London, 1782, April 30.208
Giorgio TornielloLondon, 1782, April 10.London, 1786, February 17.217
Gasparo SoderinlLondon, 1786, February 17.London, 1787, June 29.82

The receipt given by the French Commissary Bassal, on the 11th December 1797, mentions 139 volumes of despatches written by the agents of the Republic in England. Of these only 134 are now to be found at the “Frari.” Of the missing five volumes I can discover no account; but it is not impossible they may be still at Paris.

Reports of England by Venetian Ambassadors now existing at the “Frari.”

Number.Name.Date of the Report.Remarks.
1Lodovico Falier1531Pages 38½. Published in the Alberi collection.
2Daniele Barbaro1551, MayPages 32¾. ” ” ”
3Giovanni Michiel1556Pages 12. ” ” ”
4Antonio Foscarini1618, DecemberPages 62¾. Hitherto unpublished, August 1863.
5Girolamo Lando1622, September, 20, 21.Pages 58. ” ” ”
6Vincenzo Gussoni1635, April 13Pages 52. ” ” ”
7Angelo Correr1637, October 24Pages 23. ” ” ”
8Angelo Corker and Michiel Morosini.1662, February 8Pages 17¾. ” ” ”
9Pietro Mocenigo1671, June 9Pages 31. ” ” ”
10Girolamo Zen and AsCanio Glustinian.1686, May 30Pages 31. ” ” ”
11Lorenzo Soranzo and Girolamo Venier.1696, September 19Pages 70½. ” ” ”
12Alvise Mocenigo1706, August 21Pages 94¾. ” ” ”
13Tommaso Querini and Francesco Morosini.1763, December 15Pages 52. ” ” ”

As already stated, the report by Daniele Barbaro is on parchment, and all the others on paper. The first three alone have been published.