October 1510


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'Venice: October 1510', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2: 1509-1519 (1867), pp. 39. URL: Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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October 1510

Oct. 22. Mantuan Archives.85. James IV., King of Scotland, to the Marquis of Mantua.
Heard with regret of the grievous misfortune which had lately befallen him, and that according to report the Venetians had refused to release him. It is now said that the Pope has obtained for him his liberty. Congratulates himself on the safe return of his kinsman. Has sent to Italy Andrew [Forman], Bishop of Murray, perpetual commendatary of the monasteries of Dryburgh, Pettinweyme, and Cottynghame, in England, to negotiate an alliance and friendship between the sovereigns of Christendom, and to reconcile the King of the French and the Venetians, so that a combined attack may be made on the enemies of the Christian faith. Requests the Marquis to let him know what hope he has of the Christian expedition, and also to promote the interests of his envoy, as by reason of the ties of blood, he (the King) will consider any benefit obtained by his envoy through the Marquis in the light of a personal favour; as the Marquis will understand from the ambassador, to whom he has given credentials.
Edinburgh, 22nd October 1510. Signed: Jacobus. Counter-signed: A secretis, Paniter.
[Original, Latin.]