October 1511


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'Venice: October 1511', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2: 1509-1519 (1867), pp. 50-51. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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October 1511

Oct. 8. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 66, tergo.122. The Doge and Senate to the Captain of Treviso and to the Proveditor General.
Will have heard by their letters of this morning the conclusion of the League between the Pope, the Kings of Spain and England, and the Signory.
[Italian, 31 lines.]
Oct. 8. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 66, tergo.123. The Doge and Senate to the Ambassador at the [Papal] Court.
Have received his letters of the 28th and 30th September, narrating the negotiations for the conclusion of the League between the Pope, Spain, and the Signory, with the intervention of the King of England. Have announced the fact to the Spanish ambassador who was lately accredited to the Emperor, and who has arrived at Venice.
Ayes, 152. Noes, 8. Neutrals, 0.
[Italian, 40 lines.]
Oct. 13. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 68.124. The Same to the Same.
Expecting to hear that the Cardinal of York has received the “power” (mandato) from his King. Doubt not but that both the Pope and the King of Spain will urge the King of England to perform his undertaking.
[Italian, 59 lines.]
Oct. 21. Sanuto Diaries, v. xiii. p. 113.125. Contents of Letters in cipher from Andrea Badoer, Ambassador in England, dated 27th September, by way of Lyons.
The King well disposed towards the Signory—would attack France in the spring. Had sent to request the Emperor to make terms with Venice, and had received for answer that the latter was willing so to do, provided the Signory observed the conditions demanded by him heretofore. Also that the Lady Margaret had gained a victory over the Duke of Guelders, who had fled into France.
Oct. 25. Deliberazioni Senato Secreta, v. xliv. p. 70, tergo.126. The Doge and Senate to the Secretary at the [Papal] Court.
Announce the mission to England of the knight Francesco Capello, elected some months previously.
Is to communicate this to the Pope, to the Cardinal of York, and to the Spanish ambassador.
Conciliatory policy to be adopted with the King of England, to induce him, not merely to join the League, but to show himself openly hostile to the French. The Secretary to remind the Pope of this, and to speak earnestly with the Cardinal of York and the Spanish ambassador.
[Italian, 76 lines.]