January 1530


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'Venice: January 1530', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4: 1527-1533 (1871), pp. 238. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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January 1530

1530. Jan. 8. Sanuto Diaries, v. lii. p. 365. 560. Zuan Batista Malaspina, Mantuan Ambassador, to the Marquis of Mantua.
The King of England insists on the dispensation from his marriage, and gives out that if the divorce is not granted by the Apostolic See, he will take the licence for himself, on the ground that many [legal authorities] are of opinion he may do so, and that he will do worse to remain in sin, rather than ascertain whether his marriage with the Queen is legitimate.
Bologna, 8th January, 1530. Registered by Sanuto, 12th January.
Jan. 13. Sanuto Diaries, v. lii. p. 418. 561. Lodovico Falier to the Signory.
Parliament prorogued until the middle of April. The Pope sent to the King asking him for money to spend against the Turks; his Majesty answered that he will send money, but first requires the sentence of divorce to be passed.
London, 13th January. Registered by Sanuto, 3rd February.
Jan. 17. Sanuto Diaries, v. lii. p. 365. 562. English Ambassador in the College.
The Prothonotary Casal arrived yesterday from Bologna. Today he came into the College, and congratulated the Signory on the peace made.
Jan. 29. Sanuto Diaries, v. lii. p. 443. 563. Lodovico Falier to the Signory.
Acquainted the King with the peace and league made. His Majesty said he disapproved of the League [between Venice, Ferrara, and Milan?], most especially because it was against Christians, whereas the Signory leagued habitually against Infidels. The French ambassador, Giovanni Gioachino [Passano], has arrived, so there is close friendship with France. The King wishes above all things for the divorce, about which something will be heard at the next session of Parliament.
Cardinal Wolsey has been seriously ill [at Esher], and the King sent his own physician to attend him.
It is reported in London that the King of Portugal is fitting out a fleet against the King of Tunis, in Africa.
London, 29th January. Registered by Sanuto 18th February.