Appendix I
Miscellaneous 1603


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Horatio F. Brown (editor)

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'Appendix I: Miscellaneous 1603', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 10: 1603-1607 (1900), pp. 524. URL: Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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Miscellaneous 1603

Aug. 30. Collegio Ceremoniale. Venetian Archives.Sir Anthony Standen, gentleman of James, King of Scotland, has arrived in this city, to announce the King's accession to the throne of England. A notary of the Ducal Chancery was sent to visit him, and shortly after, in consequence of a remark made to the noble Zuanne Basadonna, a secretary of the Senate was sent to inform him that two members of the College, Morosini and Grimani, would wait on him to accompany him to audience. When the said gentlemen entered the Cabinet and approached the Doge, his Serenity rose and embraced him in sign of affection, and then caused him to be seated on his right hand, above the senior member of the Cabinet. Compliments were exchanged, and Standen left the King's letter. He was accompanied to his house by the same two nobles, and refreshments to the value of twenty-five ducats were sent to him on various occasions.
On the consignment of the reply, the same two nobles went to escort him. He was entertained at breakfast, and received a chain worth five hundred ducats.