House of Commons Journal Volume 1
09 April 1606


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 April 1606', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 295. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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Mercurii, 9o Aprilis, 1606


B. TOUCHING the Charges of conveying Malefactors to the Gaol, brought in by Mr. Serjeant Shirley, with Amendments; and to be ingrossed.


The Bill for the suppressing of Simony, &c. reported . but, upon some Defects moved by Sir Roland Litton and others, re-committed; - Saturday.

Jesuits, &c.

The Matter touching the Jesuits and Seminaries living amongst us, left to Mr. Speaker; and by him to be offered to the King, at the End of the Parliament.


The Grievances read.

Commonwealth: -

1. The Article touching Ordnance.

Q. upon this : - Agreed.

2. Imposition upon Currants. -

Q. upon this.

The Farmers to be heard. -

Counsel on both Parts : - Friday. -

Not against the Law, yet Grievance.

3. Patent, touching Licences for Wines : - Not against the Law, yet Grievance.

Q. - Agreed.

4. Pre-emption of Tin. -

Whether it be the King's Prerogative: - Much disputed.

Mr. Solicitor: - D. Earl of Cornwall, always given or enjoyed by those of the Blood Royal. -

King John, H. III. E. III. took it; Edw. VI. Eliz. took it: Some Kings did not. - It is not fit to dispute the Right.

Mr. Moore, Mr. Gore, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Martin, Sir Wm. Stroud.

Q. - Agreed.

5. Logwood, alias Blockvvood. -

A Law, and as a Grievance .- - Both to be offered. -

Q. - Agreed.

6. Alnage : - Patent of the Duke of Lenneux for searching and sealing. - Counsel to be heard : - Friday.

7. Lord Danvers' Patents, touching Issues.

8. Imposition of Serges, at Southampton; and of Iron, Soap, and other Commodities, in Other Places.

9. Patents of green Wax in the Duchy. -

Much disputed, whether it be a Grievance.

Sir Nath. Bacon, for Suffolk : - That it is a Grievance.

Sir Rob. Hitcham; - That Bronkard's Patent might likewise be made a Grievance.

1. Q. Whether the Thing a Grievance.

2. Q. Whether the Patent a Grievance.

Sir Edwyn Sandys. -

Q. general. Whether the Leasing and Granting of Issues and Amerciaments be a Grievance.

Sir H. Bronkard's Patent referred to the Committee.

The whole Article to be better set down.

Mercurii, 9o Aprilis, 1606. Post meridiem.

Call of the House.

THE House was called; and every Man present stood up, upon the Calling of his Name; and there were found in the House 299, and in the House and

'Town 367.


Motions were made for Collection for the Poor.


Many Excuses made; some for Sickness, some for the King's Service, and some for other Occasions.