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Historical Collections of Private Passages of State: Volume 7, 1647-48. Originally published by D Browne, London, 1721.

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The Table to the Second Volumn.


Abettors of Sedition in the Army to be punished, 878

Acts of the Commons of England for erecting a High Court of Justice for the Trial of the King, 1379

Admiralty to be regulated, 733, 1043 1045.
-, Judges of Admiralty appointed, and to have 500 l. per Ann. a-piece and to take no Money of any Person, 1059, 1278

Agreement of the People presented to, and debated upon by the Council of the Army 1358, 1359.
-, Presented to the Parliament, 1362

Agitators Paper to the General about Prisoners, 808.
-, Their Paper, call'd The Case of the whole Army, and the General's Answer to it, 845, 846.
-, More Papers from them, 856, 857.
-, Their Proposals from 4 Regiments of Foot, 859, 860.
-, Are to resort to their several Commanders, 866

Aldermen of London, imprison'd for being accessary to the Force on the Parliament, discharged, 1138

Ambassador of France has Audience of the King at Hampton-Court, 844
-, Takes leave of the House of Peers, and is visited by Lords and Commons, 847

Ambassador of Spain desir'd not to make Bonfires, 1141

Anglesey full of Divisions, 1269.
-, Taken by Storm, 1282

Appleby taken by Lambert, 1219

Argyle and other Lords treat with Cromwel, 1282.
-, Agrees with Lannerick, ibid.

Archbishop of Armagh order'd 400 1. per Ann. 830

Army's Proposals to the Commissioners of Parliament, 731.
-, Declaration why they advance towards London, 744, 745, to 749.
-, Rendevouz on Hownflow Heath, 750.
-, Lords and Commons with them there, 750.
-, Drawn up in Battalia, and Head Quarters at Thistleworth, ibid.
-, The Elector Palatine fees them, ibid.
-, Forbid all Souldiers on pain of Death to go to London, 751.
-, The City approves of their march so near London, and recals their Declaration against them 751.
-, March into Southwark, 752.
-, Their Head Quarters at Hammersmith, 755.
-, Debates upon their Declaration of the Causes why they come to London, 761.
-, Head Quarters at Kingston, 773
-, Their Remonstrance for purging the House, 782.
-, Have the Lord's Thanks for't, 782.
-, New Motions about Proposals, 789.
-, Their Arrears collected by the City, 790.
-, They consult about relieving Ireland, 791.
-, Head Quarter at Putney, 792.
-, Complain of their want of Pay, 815.
-, Their Declaration about it to the Parliament, 815.
-, Their Proposals at large, with their Explication of them, 817, 818.
-, They meet about more Proposals at Putney, 819.
-, The Heads of their Representation, 820.
-, Order'd to have 200001. advanced to them, 825.
-, Their Declaration to the Commissioners of Parliament at Putney, 829
-, Results of their general protesting, 835
-, Give a hearing to a German Prophet, 836.
-, Their desires in relation to their Pay, 837.
-, Their Letter to the Speaker about Free Quarter and Pay, 839; 840.
-, Their Agents Paper, call'd, The Case of the whole Army, 845.
-, Their Arrears to be paid out of the sale of Bishops Lands, 849.
-, Debates upon The Case of the Army. 849.
-, A Committee of Officers appointed to consider of it, ibid. 850.
-, They have Money advanced to pay them, 851.
-, The Heads of their Declaration to be sent to the Parliament, 861.
-, Their Debate on the Propositions for Peace to be sent to the King, with their Amendments. 863

Army's Faith to be intirely kept to all the King's Party according to the Articles of surrender, 864.
-, Paiment for the future to be settled for them, 865.
-, Are ordered 200001. to be advanced them, 867.
-, Their Paper, call'd The Case of the Army, voted destructive to the Government of the Nation, 867.
-, Appoint a Committee to review all their publick Papers, 868.
-, Rendevouz near Ware, and Proceedings there, 878.
-, A General Council at Windsor, 891.
-, Send their Representation, 924, 925.
-, Their Arrears secured, 938.
-, Their Resolution to live and die with the Parliament, 951.
-, Declaration of adhering to the Parliament in their Proceedings against the King, 961, 962.
-, Are to be new model'd 992, 993.
-, Resolutions thereupon, 995, 996.
-, To be furnished with Money and Provisions before Colchester, during the Siege, 1172

Army in the North ordered 40000 l. 1200.
-, Their Desires presented to the General at St Albans, 1298
-, Their Demands agreed on to the Committee of Parliament, 1309

Army's large Remonstrance from St. Albans, 1330.
-, Head Quarters at Windsor, 1338.
-, Their Declaration upon their advance to London, 1341.
-, Proposals to the House of Commons accusing several Members, 1354.
-, Quartered in the City, and seize on several Halls were they take 20000l. 1356.
-, A new Agreement of the People presented them. 1358.
-, Their Debates thereupon, 1365.
-, Send the Agreement of the People, with their own Declaration, to the Parliament, desiring their Concurrence, 1392

Arms and Ammunition, &c. borrowed out of the Tower to be restored, 849

Arrears of Assessment to be brought in, 839, 841.
-, To be collected with all speed in London 884

Articles of surrender of Colchester, 1246
-, Explanation of the meaning of Quarter and Mercy, 1247, 1285.
-, Of Agreement betwixt the 2 Scotish Armys in Scotland, 1388

Arundel, Earl, admitted to Composition for 6000 1. 1337.

Ashhurst, one of the Commissioners of Parliament to the Parliament of Scotland, brings the Declaration of the Committee of Estates for their Army's march into England, 1196

Assembly's Catechism presented to the House, and, 400 Copies to be printed for the Service of the House, 888.
-, Ordered to answer some Queries, ibid.
-, The same with the Texts of Scripture presented, and 600 Copies to be printed for the use of the House, 1060

Assembly's Letter to the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, 1142

Assembly of the Church of Scotland's Desires about the ground of the War laid before the Parliament there, 1048.
-, The Parliament's Answer to their Desires, 1052, 1053.
-, The Assembly's Reply thereunto, 1058, 1054,
-, Disagree to the Parliament's Declaration of War against England, and their Reasons why 1114, 1115

Assessments to be paid to the Army, 1312

Association of several Counties in Wales, 1116

Axtel brings a Message from the General Council of the Officers to the House of Commons, 1353


Bard, Mr. ordered to go beyond Sea, 934

Baynes, Col. imprisoned for opposing the Army's entrance into Southwark, 803

Baynton, Mr. a Member of the House of Commons accused for signing a Warrant for raising of Horse in the City, and thereupon discharged the House, 800

Bellievre the French Ambassador. See Ambassador.

Berwick surprized by the Cavaliers, 1099.
-, Malignants flock thither, 1106.
-, The new Governour lays heavy Taxes on the English, 1119.
-, Is supply'd from Scotland, 1140.
-, Is surrendred to Cromwel. See Cromwel.

Biddle's Book against the Trinity condemn'd to be burnt by the Hangman, 801, 805

Billeting of Souldiers, how to be, 956

Birch, Col. made High Steward of Lempster, 1333

Bishops Lands, how to be purchas'd, 847.
-, Difficulties in the sale, 848.
-, More Obstructions, 856, 1310.
-, The King refuses to consent to the sale of them. See King.

Badling's, Col. Sequestration taken off 862

Bradshaw, Serjeant, made President of the High Court of Justice, 1380

Bristol Inhabitants Petition to the Parliament about settling the Peace of the Kingdom, 789.
-, The Speaker's Answer, to it, and thanks for't, 799.
-, An Alderman is seized there, and the Cosequence of it, 887

Ld Brooks's Posthumous Son has 50001 ordered him, 964

Brown Bushel, Capt. a Pirat, taken are proceeded against, 1070

Buckingham, Duke, his Sequestration taken off, 805, 831.
-, At Kinston with 500 Horse, 1178.
-, With the Earls of Holland and Peterborough write to the City to be invited to their assistance 1180.
-, They are declared Traitors and their Estates to be sequestrated 1180.
-, Routed by Maj. Gibbons, 1182
-, and by Col. Scroop at St. Needs, 1188.
-, Comes privately to London. 1192

Burley, Capt. raises Sedition in the Isle of Wight, 952.
-, Is taken and put into the Dungeon at Carisbrook, 955.
-, Is tried and condemn'd, 972

Buckinghamshire Petition against Tythes and Free Quarter, 811.
-, Complain of free Quarter, 888


Cambridge University order'd 2000l. towards their Library, 1030

Canterbury, Insurrection there about observing of Christmas 948, 949.
-, The same examin'd, 949, 976

Mr. Capel (Lord Capel's Son) offer'd to be exchanged for the Committee of Parliament in Essex, kept Prisoners in Colchester, 1173

Capel, Lord, taken Prisoner at Colchester, order'd to be attainted, 1272,
-, Is Prisoner at Windsor, ibid

Carisbrook-Castle to be furnished with Provision during the King's stay there, 955

Carlisle surprised for the King, 1105
-, Supply'd with Provisions and Arms from Scotland, 1140.
-, Is deliver'd to Cromwel. See Cromwel.

Mr. Tho. Chaloner and Col. Temple, Commissioners for the Affairs of Munster in Ireland 816

Prince Charles. See Wales.

Chepstow-Castle Surprized, 1109.
-, Besieg'd and in great distress, 1128, 1130
-, Taken by Col. Ewer, 1130

Chester careful to preserve the Peace, 1127.
-, Is infected with the Plague, 786.
-, Contributions made for their relief, 786

Cheesley, Sir John, Secretary to the Scots Commissioners, stopt at Newcastle, 778 781.
-, The Governour's Letter about it, 797.
-, Goes with Instructions to wait on the King, 1296

Chomely, Sir Hugh, commands at the Siege before Pontefract, and disputes with Col. Rainsborow ab ut it, 1300, 1306.
-, His Management of that Siege complain'd of, 1319.

City of London congratulates the General coming to Town, and invite him and his Officers to Dinner, 760.
-, The City Colonels who countenanced the force on the Parliament proceeded against, 788.
-, Refuses a Loan of a Months Pay to the Army, 789.
-, Citizens committed for the late force, 792.
-, Ordered to pull down their Forts and Lines of Communication, 806.
-, Solicited to advance 50000 1. and refuse it, ibid. Petition for further security for the advance of that Sum, 812.
-, Govern'd by the Aldermen and Common Council, the Lord Mayor being sent to the Tower, 821.
-, Undertakes to guard the Parliament in the absence of the Forces quartered at Whitehall and the Meuse, 1099.
-, Impowered to appoint a Committe for, the City Militia, 1107, 1119, 1120.
-, and to arise a new Regiment of Horse for the security of the Parliament and City, 1174.
-, Petition to settle the Militia, and to bring the King to London, 1176.
-, Alarm'd at the advance of the Army from Windsor to London, 1350.
-, Appoint a Committee to wait on the General with Proposals, and offer of Money or Security, 1357.
-, And the General's Answer thereunto, 1358

Mr. Clark sentenced to be shot to death for mutiny, and carrying away the Colours, 1009.
-, Is pardon'd, 1010

Cockermouth besieged by 500 Country People. 1283.
-, Relieved by Col Ashton, 1294

Colebrook, the Head Quarter, 740, 741
-, Commissioners of Parliament meet at Putney about disbanding the Army, and relief of Ireland, 807.
-, Return with the King's Answer to the Proportions of Peace, 807.
-, Nam'd to go with the 4 Bills to the King, 830.
-, And allowed 2001. to bear their Charges, 937.
-, Give an account of their Proceedings, 946.
-, They return to London unsatisfied, 950.
-, And make their Report to the Parliament, 953

Commissioners of Parliament appointed to go to Scotland, 975, 977.
-, Are to have their Charges desray'd, 978.
-, Come to Edinburgh, 998.
-, Their Transactions with the Committee of Estates of that Kingdom, 1003, 1004, 1013, 1019, 1040.
-, Obtain no Answer about Capt. Wogan, 1046, 1052.
-, A further account of their Proceedings and Affairs there, 1056.
-, Receive additional Instructions from the Parliament, 1067.
-, More new Instructions sent them, 1109.
-, Their Proceedings approved of by the Parliament, and have thanks, 1120

Commissioners of Parliament to be sent immediately to treat with the King at the Isle of Wight, 1212.
-, They return with the King's Answer, 1225.
-, Their Names, 1248.
-, Allowed 3000 l. for their Charges, 1255.
-, Receive their Instructions about the Treaty, 1261,
-, Come to the Isle of Wight, 1263.
-, Their Reception, 1265.
-, They kiss the King's Hand, 1266.
-, Their Proceedings in the Treaty, 1270, 1271, 1275.
-, A further account of their Proceedings, 1299.
-, Some of them return to London, 1320.
-, Give an account to the Parliament of what they had done, 1321, 1322.
-, Have the thanks of the House, ibid.
-, Have an additional Instruction sent them of proposing to the King a stricter Union betwixt the two Kingdoms, 1332.
-, Their Reply to the King's Answer about Ireland, 1333.
-, Their Reply to the King's ultimate Answer about Bishops and Church-Government, 1335, 1336.
-, They all return to London, 1343.
-, Have the thanks of the House, 1350

Commissioners of the Customs order'd to advance 30000 l. for present Service, 838

Commissioners of the Great Seal nam'd, 1016.
-, Agreed to by the Lords, 1029.
-, Sworn in the House of Lords, 1059

Commissioners for the trial of the King fit the first time, and make Proclamation thereof in Westminster and other places, 1387.
-, They sit again, and go on in the Trial, 1389, 1395

Committee of the new Militia, 805.
-, Of the Army continued, and order'd 300001. to be paid them, 819.
-, Appointed for the Affairs of Ireland, 858.
-, Of the Army make Proposals to the Parliament, 862.
-, Of the Army send Money to the Head-Quarter at Windsor, 879.
-, Of Grievances appointed, 954, 956.
-, Appointed to view and print Papers and Letters taken in the War to vindicate the Proceedings of Parliament, 959

Committee of Danger in Scotland. See Scotland.

Colchester besieg'd; the Manufacturers their petition for Liberty to follow their Trade with London, 1152.
-, The General's Answer to it, 1153.
-, Proceedings there, 1155.
-, Prisoners taken and further Proceedings during the Siege, 1157, 1159, 1160, 1161
-, Make a Salley, and are repulsed, 1162, 1163, 1169, 1170, 1171, 1172.
-, In distress for want of Provisions, 1176, 1178.
-, The Siege kept up with false Reports of relief, 1178.
-, Sally, 1179.
-, Proceedings there, 1181, 1183.
-, In great necessity, 1191, 1196.
-, Reduced to eating of Horse flesh, 1200.
-, Want Water, 1204, 1213.
-, Actions, 1216, 1217.
-, In great straits, 1221.
-, Collections in and about London, for the Poor of the Town who have left it, 1222.
-, Miseries increase, 1231.
-, Send out 500 Women, 1236.
-, Come to Articles of Surrender, 1239, 1241.
-, Surrenders, 1242.
-, Redeem'd from Plunder for 14000l. where of the General abates 9000l. 1256 1287, 1291

Common Council of London in their Petition own the Parliament the Supreme Authority, 918

Commons, House of. See House of Commons.

Compositions to be regulated, 734

Confession of Faith debated, 988.
-, Agreed to by both Houses as to the Doctrinal part, with some Alterations, 1035

Conference betwixt the Committe of Parliament, and the Committe of the Common Council of London, about the City's engaging for the freedom of the King's Person, and of the Parliament, 1185, 1186, 1187.
-, Betwixt both Houses about the Treaty with the King, 1202, 1203.
-, About the King's signing the Propositions, or treating first, 1206.
-, About the King's Answer to the Votes for the Treaty, 1229

Constable, Sir William, commanded to the Isle of Wight for the safety of the King's Person, 956

Covent-Garden made a Paroehial Church, 1035

Cook, Colonel, his Narrative of the manner of the King's being carry'd to Hurst Castle, 1344, &c.

Cook, Mr. made Solicitor to the High Court of Justice, 1396

Coot, Sir Charles, defeats a Party of the Irish Rebels, 1385.
-, Has the Thanks of the House, 1386

Copely, Col. his Case, 806.
-, Discharged the House, and sent Prisoner to the Tower, ibid.
-, Is impeach'd 812

Counties to be divided into Classical Presbyteries, 981

Covenant to be taken by all such as compound for their Estates, 164.
-, Debates about new Commissions to take it, 1154

Cromwel has the Thanks of the House for his Service at the Rendezvous at Kingston, 880.
-, Has 2500l. per annum of the Earl of Worcester's Estate given him, 1020.
-, Ordered to go into Southwales to reduce it, 1098.
-, Comes to Chepstow, 1118.
-, Goes to Carmarthen, 1120.
-, Besieges Pembrook, 1142.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about the Condition of the Besieged, 1158.
-, Takes the Town and Castle upon Articles, 1190.
-, DebatesMarches Northward to join Lambert to make Head against the Duke of Hamilton, 1191.
-, Has 3000 pair of Shoes ordered to be sent to his Foot, 1206.
-, Draws his Forces together in the North, 1218.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about the Defeat given to Duke Hamilton's Army, 1237, 1238.
-, Goes to Berwick, 1256.
-, His Proceedings in the North, 1259, 1260, 1264, 1273.
-, His Proclamation upon his entrance into Scotland, 1274.
-, Has Messenges from Argyle, 1276.
-, His Proceedings in Scotland approved of, 1277.
-, Treats with Argyle, and other Scotish Lords, 1282.
-, His Army well liked in Scotland, 1283.
-, Has Berwick and Carlisle delivered to him, 1286, 1288.
-, Comes to Edingburgh, where he is visited and civilly treated by many Lords, 1295.
-, Is Splendidly entertained by the City of Edingburgh, and in the Castle, ibid. 1296
-, Comes back to Newcastle, where he is nobly treated, 1310.
-, Settles the Northern Counties, 1311.
-, Inquires into the Murder of Col. Rainsborow, 1316.
-, Comes before Pontefract, and summons it, with the Commander's Answer, 1325.
-, Writes for Ammunition, 1327.
-, Leaves the Siege of Pontefract to Lambert, and comes to the Head-quarter to the General, 1339.
-, Comes to London, and takes his place in the House, 1355.
-, Has the Thanks of the House for his Services in the North, 1355


Day of Thanks giving for the return of the Members of Parliament, 757.
-, At Dublin for the Defeat given to Preston the Irish General, 780.
-, For the same at London, 795

Dean and Chapter Lands, Security for the Payment of the Souldiers, 936.
-, Voted against, ibid.

Debates in Parliament about a Treaty with the King, and about the Militia, 1129, 1140.
-, About the 3 Bills to be sent to the King, 1132, 1141.
-, About reducing the revolted Ships gone into Holland, 1151.
-, About the Settlement of the Kingdom, and the King's Person, 1162, 1164.
-, About a personal Treaty, 1176, 1179, 1192.
-, Betwixt both Houses about sending the Propositions, or treating first, 1206.
-, Upon the King's Concessions in the Isle of Wight, 1309, 1310.
-, Upon the Articles of Indempnity, and Persons to be excepted from pardon, 1317, 1319.
-, Upon his Majesty's four Propositions, 1324.
-, Upon the satisfactoriness of the King's Answer, and Concessions at the Treaty, 1349, 1350.
-, Upon the General's not coming to Town, 1350.
-, In the House about bringing Delinquents to Punishment, 1370

Declaration of the Committee of Parliament for the City Militia, 739.
-, Of Maj. Gen. Massey and Poyntz, why they leave London and the Kingdom, 765.
-, Of Parliament, that none that bore Arms against the Parliament have any Office, 807.
-, Why no further Addresses to be made to the King, 998, 999,
-, For recalling the revolted Ships, 1188,
-, Of the Prince of Wales sent to the City, 1210.
-, Debates upon't in Parliament, 1215.
-, Of Parliament against the solemn Protestation of the Secluded Members, 1363

Delinquents are allowed the fifth part of their Estates for their Wives and Children, 870.
-, And Papists to be put out of the Lines of Communication, 964.
-, To pay their Compositions, 1151. See Ordinance.

Ld Digby's Letters to Lord Taaf in Ireland, intercepted and read in the House, 917, 921

Disbanding the Supernumerary Soldiers agreed on, 935, 951.
-, Goes on in the North, 981.
-, and elsewhere, 1007.
-, At York, 1011.
-, In Hereford, 1042, 1043.
-, In several Counties, 1301, 1333

Dover-Castle besieged by the Rioters in Kent, and relief sent by the General, 1133.
-, Further relieved by Col. Rich, 1143

Bp of Durham is allowed 800l. per An. 831, 948


Edgart's Speech to General Fairfax at Ipswich, 1262

Elector Palatine allowed 8000l. per An from the Parliament, 857

Ely-house appointed for sick and wounded Souldiers, 1075

Engagement of the Lords and Commons that were with the Army, 754, 755

Essex Petition to both Houses about the state of the Nation, 1101.
-, For a personal Treaty with the King, and their Answer, 1102.
-, Many of them accept of the Indempnity, and submit, 1143.
-, The County to raise 4500l. for Horse and Dragoons, 1172

Col. Ewers takes the guard of the King's Person in the Isle of Wight from Col. Hammond, 1338.
-, His securing the King displeases the Parliament, 1340.
-, Wants Money to desray the Charges of keeping the King in Hurst-Castle, and has 200l sent him, 1362

Excise petition'd against, 789.
-, Settled again, 792.
-, Engagements of 100000l. upon't, 846.
-, Debated upon, 1059.
-, To continue two years longer, 1185

Exeter Articles debated, 862


Fairfax his Declaration about the Propsals agreed upon by the Council of the Army, 738.
-, His Declaration about the Army's advance nearer London, 744.
-, His Letter to the City, 756.
-, Goes to Westminster with the Members who left the House, 756, 757.
-, Made Constable of the Tower, 757.
-, Has the Thanks of the House; is complimented by the City, and invited to Dinner, 760, 761.
-, Excuses his not going, 763.
-, Orders none to be protected from being quartered upon, 773.
-, His Declaration against dispossessing Ministers put into sequestred Livings by Authority of Parliament, 774.
-, Is congratulated by the London Apprentices, 778.
-, His Answer to their Address, 779.
-, His Letter to the House of Peers, with the Remonstrance of the Army, 781.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about his having in readiness 16000 Foot, and 2000 Horse to go for Ireland, 721.
-, His Letter to the City about the Arrears of the Army, 804.
-, His Letter to the House of Commons in behalf of Persons imprison'd for words spoken in time of War, 811.
-, Orders about preventing Misdemeanors in the Souldiers, 816.
-, His Letter to both Houses about the Army's Proposals, 819.
-, His Letter for a present supply of Money for the Army, 825.
-, Appoints a general Rendevouz, 867.
-, His desires for the Army, ibid.
-, Acquaints the Parliament with the King's escape from Hampton-Court, 873.
-, Orders Hewson's Regiment to be quarter'd in the City, and Debates upon't, 883, 884.
-, But it is hindred, 884.
-, His Letter to the City about quartering of Souldiers, 889.
-, Acquaints the House with the Results of the Council of officers at Windsor, 942.
-, His Letter to Lambert about disbanding Supernumeraries, 946.
-, His Declaration for disbanding Supernumeraries, 953.
-, His Declaration to clear the Army of all Aspersions, 967, 968.
-, Is thank'd for't, ibid.
-, Comes to his House in Queen-street, 979.
-, Treated by the Lord Mayor, 986.
-, Orders for suppressing Robberies on the Highway, 996.
-, The Desires of his Life-Guard in behalf of Mr. Clark, 1009.
-, On the Death of his Father is made Keeper of Pontefract-Castle, Custos Rotulorum in Yorkshire, &c. 1030.
-, His orders and Instructions to Col. Horton to march into Wales to suppress Disorders there, 1036.
-, Orders Col. Scroop to suppress the Tumults in Dorsetshire, 1038.
-, Orders Cromwel to go into Wales to reduce Pembroke-Castle, 1099.
-, Desires Money, Arms and Ammunition to be in readiness for his march Northward, 1112.
-, The suppressing the Disorders in Kent refer'd to him, aud in order thereunto rendevouzes on Black-Heath, and marches towards Rochester, 1131.
-, His Letter to Sir Thomas Peyton, the chief of the Kentish Mutineers, and Skirmishes with them, 1133.
-, Has an Answer to his Letter, 1134.
-, His Proceedings against the Kentish Men, 1135.
-, His storming and taking of Midstone, 1137, 1138
-, Has the thanks of both Houses, 1139.
-, Agrees with the Kentish Men about settling the peace of the County, 1147.
-, Comes to Gravesend, and has thanks for reducing of Kent, 1149.
-, Passes the River with his Forces at Gravesend into Essex, 1150,
-, Besieges Colchester, 1152.
-, Proceedings there in his Letter to the Speaker, 1153.
-, Summons Colchester to surrender, and Letters interchanged between him and the Chief Commanders in the Town, 1155.
-, His Proclamation throughout the Army, 1163.
-, His Answer to the Mayor and Inhabitants of the Place about their Trade with London, 1166, 1167.
-, Summons the Town again, and receives disdainful Answers, 1193.
-, His Answer to the Commander's Letter, 1235.
-, Is empowered to try by a Council of War such as have served the Parliament, and afterward sell off to the Enemy, 1198, 1199.
-, Offers conditions to the Souldiers in Colchester to surrender themselves, 1204.
-, Acquaints the House with the Surrender of Colchester, 1245, 1246.
-, Goes to Yarmouth, which submits to him, 1256.
-, Is entertain'd at Ipswich, 1262.
-, His Proposals to the Eastern Counties, 1263, 1268.
-, Comes to St. Albans, and makes it the Head Quarter, 1271.
-, Proceedings there, 1279.
-, Complaints of free Quarter, 1284.
-, Receives thanks for his Service, ibid.
-, Desired to explain the meaning of Fair Quarter given the Lords at the Surrender of Colchester, 1285.
-, Has 4000 1. per annum ordered to be settled on him and his Heirs, 1296.
-, His Letter to the House about the Proceedings of the Army, 1297, 1298.
-, His Answer about the Ld Goring, and Lord Capel, 1303, 1304.
-, Complains of want of Pay, 1324.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about the Army's Remonstrance, 1330.
-, Orders Col. Hammond from the Isle of Wight, and sends Col Ewers to secure the King's Person, which displeases the Parliament, 1340.
-, His Declaration upon the advance of the Army to London, 1341.
-, His Letter to the City to acquaint them therewith, 1349.
-, Comes to London with several of the Forces, 1350.
-, Orders all concern'd in the Wars against the Parliament to depart 10 miles from London, 1352.
-, No hurt to be done to the City, 1553.
-, His Declaration to the City upon seizing the Cash at Weavers-Hall, 1356.
-, His Declaration to preserve the freedom of Trade, 1964.
-, His Answer to the Committee about the Secluded Members, 1369.
-, Writes to several Counties about their Assessments, 1383.
-, Makes a Proclamation against all Malignants coming within 10 miles of London, 1387

Fast-day, 772, 789, 856, 943.
-, For seasonable weather, 1217

Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, dies, 1030

Fleet for the Winter Guard, with the List of the Ships and Commanders, 822.
-, A great one ordered to be sett out, 1154 See Navy.

Free-Quarter complain'd of at Barnstable and Dartmouth, 1067.
-, Ordered on such only as have not paid their Assessments, 1147


Geyer, Sir John, late Lord Mayor, and some Aldermen impeach'd, 1024.
-, He refuses to kneel at the Bar of the Lords, for which he is fin'd 500l. and remanded to prison, 1064.
-, Discharg'd with the other imprison'd Aldermen, 1138

Gell, Lieut. Col, ordered 1200 l. for his good Services, 848

Glocestershire batching dangerous Designs, 974

Duke of Glocester allowed 2500l. per annum for his maintenance, 1147

Glyn the Recorder of London accused of endeavouring to raise a new War, 800 801.
-, Attends the House, and discharged from being a Member, 803.
-, Sent to the Tower, and ordered to be impeach'd, 812, 977, 978.
-, and Mr. Steel made Recorder in his place, 978.
-, Is discharged, and set at liberty, 1126

Goldsmith-Hall Committee ordered to print all their Receits for Compositions and Disbursments, for the satisfaction of the Kingdom, 1151

Lord Goring amongst the Revolters in Kent, comes to Black-Heath, 1138.
-, Passes into Essex, 1139.
-, Voted a Rebel, ibid.
-, Gathers strength in Essex, 1147.
-, Plunders the Earl of Warwick's House at Lees, and goes towards Colchester, 1150.
-, Is made Prisoner on the Surrender of Colchester, and sent with other Lords to Windsor, 1256.
-, Ordered to be impeached, 1272

Guernsey and other Islands under Regulation of Parliament, 830, 862


Hall Bp. of Norwich, his Estate discharg'd from Sequestration, 1000

Hairthill, a Laird in Scotland, beheaded at Edingburgh, 859

Duke Hamilton ordered to have his Pictures and Goods delivered him, 958.
-, Is made General of the Army in Scotland, 1157.
-, Writes a Complimental Letter to Lambert upon his march into England, 1184.
-, Lambert's Answer to it, 1198.
-, The Forces under him declared Enemies, 1180.
-, An account of the march of his Army into England, 1193.
-, Comes to Carlisle, and the manner of his march, ibid.
-, His Letter to Lambert, 1194.
-, All in England that abet or assist him declared Traitors, 1198.
-, Marches towards Appleby, where some Skirmishes happen, 1201.
-, His Army routed by Cromwel, 1237, 1238.
-, Is taken at Utoxeter, 1242.
-, A Committee is sent to examine him, 1242.
-, Refuses to discover any, 1265

Col. Hammond made Governour of the Isle of Wight, 802.
-, Added to the Committee, 859.
-, His Letter to both Houses about the King's coming to the Isle of Wight, 874.
-, Has thanks, 876.
-, Instructions sent him, ibid.
-, Gives an account of Affairs relating to the King, 877.
-, His Letter about sending Sir John Berkley, and Mr. Ashburnham to the King, 885, 886.
-, Ordered to keep a strict Guard on his Majesty's Person, 950.
-, His Contest with the King about removing his Servant, 959, 960.
-, Desires Money to repair Catisbrook-Castle, 975.
-, Appoints Gentlemen to wait on his Majesty, 992.
-, His Power enlarged, 1002.
-, Writes to the Speaker about Major Rolph's coming to a speedy Trial, 1184, 1185.
-, His dutiful and civil behaviour towards the King all along, 1191.
-, Has Instructions from the Parliament about the Personal Treaty with the King at Newport, 1236.
-, Is allowed 40l. a week for his extraordinary Charges during the Treaty, 1267.
-, Is ordered by the General to attend him at Windsor, and Col. Ewers is substituted in his place to guard the King, 1338.
-, The House pass a Vote for his continuing in the Government of that Isle, ibid.
-, And writ to the General about it, and to recal that order, 1340.
-, His Deputy-Officers Letter to the House, giving an account of the King's being carry'd to Hurst-Castle, 1351

Mr. Hampden's Executors order'd 5000l. 934

Mr. Harrington allow'd by both Houses to attend the King's Person, 1358

Capt. Ed. Harley appointed Vice-Admiral of the North Seas of Cornwal, 935

Hartfordshire indempnisied for their officers of Assisting the Army, 772.
-, Complain of free Quarter, 923.
-, Revolts and rises under the Lord Capel, 1146

Sir Arthur Hazelrig Governour of Newcastle, 949.
-, Defeats Langdale's forces in the North, 1177

Earl of Holland taken Prisoner in Hartfordshire, 1188.
-, And sent to Warwick-Castle 1189

Mr. Hollis disabled from sitting as a Member in the House, 977.
-, Sits again, 1226

Col. Horton and others ordered to march into Wales against Col. Poyer, 1036.
-, His Letter to the General, 1066.
-, His Declaration to the People in Wales, 1103, 1104.
-, Proceedings against the Welsh, 1110.
-, Defeats them, 1110 1111.
-, Thanks giving for the Victory, and has a gratification, ibid.
-, A further account of the Victory 1117

Hospitals for wounded and main'd Souldiers, 870, 957.
-, Are allow'd 120l. per mensem, 1278

House of Commons Amendments upon the Propositions of Peace to be sent the King, 790.
-, Have a Conference with the Lords thereupon, ibid. 857, 858.
-, Conference with the Lords about the Treaty with the King, 890.
-, Agree with the Lords about a personal Treaty, 915.
-, Send a Letter to the Ministers of London and Westminster about a Fast, 1064.
-, Declare they will adhere to the solemn League and Covenant betwixt both Kingdoms, 1102, 1105.
-, Assert themselves to be the Original of all just Power, 1383

Mr. Hudson committed on suspicion of plotting, 924

Hull's Remonstrance to the General, 1020, 1021.
-, The Town to be repair'd, 1070

Major Huntington gives Reasons why he left the Army, and reads them to the House of Lords, 1214.
-, Attends the Lords, and swears to his Information, 1221


Judge Jenkins try'd at the Chancery Bar, and his Behaviour there, 997, 998.
-, Ordered to be attainted of High Treason, 1001, 1002.
-, His Behaviour at the Bar of the House of Commons, and fin'd 1000l. 1003

Jersey under great oppresion from the malignant Party, 1144.
-, An account thereof at large, ibid.

Impeachments against several Lords and Commoners, 857.
-, They are to give in their Answer, 1056.
-, The House put in mind of prosecuting their Impeachment, 1062.
-, They are all set at Liberty, 1138. See Lords.

Impropriations sold to augment small Livings, 1248

Lord Inchequen's Letter about his success against the Rebels in Ireland, 787.
-, Begins to be suspected, 800.
-, Declares against the Proceedings in England, 802.
-, His Letters about taking twelve Castels from the Rebels, 916.
-, His Souldiers in want, and desires Supplies for them, 823, 860.
-, Gains a great Victory over the Rebels, 916.
-, Has a Gratuity of 1000 1. ordered him, 917.
-, His Messenger who brought the news, has 50l. ordered him, ibid.
-, His Proceedings in Munster, 947.
-, A further account of his Proceedings against the Irish Rebels, 970, 988, 1006, 1029.
-, The officers under him remonstrate to the House of Commons, 1041, 1042.
-, Information given the House of his Inclination to fall off, 1044.
-, A Committee ordered to go to him, ibid.
-, A Narrative of his falling off from the Parliament, 1060.
-, Joins with the Rebels behind declared Traitor by Parliament, 1060, 1063

India, East, Company's Petition, 848, 964.
-, Have leave to export 13000 1. in Bullion, 1373

Insurrections in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, &c, supprest, 1145.
-, In Devonshire supprest, 1156

Jones, Col. gives a great defeat to the Irish Rebels, 775, 776.
-, His Relation of the defeat given them near Trim, 779, 780.
-, Has thanks, and a Gratuity ordered him, 780, 781.
-, Takes the Field with 20 pieces of Ordinance, 823.
-, His Proceedings with his Army against the Rebels, 835.
-, His Letter about present Supplies, 839.
-, Joins with Colonel Monk, ibid.
-, His Actions, 847.
-, Gives account of his Proceedings against the Irish Rebels, 855, 856.
-, His Success 866.
-, Beats them from before Dublin, 884.
-, Marches to Wicklow, 926.
-, His further Proceedings against the Rebels, 1015, 1014.
-, Shews the great Necessities of his Souldiers, 1046.
-, Money ordered to be sent him, ibid.
-, Is much weakned by the Ld Inchequen's falling off to the Rebels, 1063.
-, Receives Money and Provisions from England, 1175.
-, His Proceedings, 1269.
-, Acquaints the House with his Apprehension of the Ld Ormond's landing in Ireland, 1309.
-, Acquaints the House of the sad condition of Dublin, by reason of Ormond's joining with the Irish, 1320

Ireland has 25000 l. ordered to be sent for their relief, 761.
-, Has 20000 l. more ordered, 783.
-, Account of Affairs there, 787, 788.
-, 6000 Foot and 2000 Horse ordered thither, 795.
-, Debates thereupon, 796.
-, The sad condition thereof consider'd, 816, 928.
-, 20000 l. per mensem to be raised for Ireland, 932.
-, More Money to be raised for that Kingdom, 963.
-, The United Provinces of Holland make a Collection of 31218 l. for their relief, 963.
-, Complaints from thence for want of Pay, 993

Ireland has 50000 1. ordered for the Service there, 1065.
-, Affairs there, 1209.
-, The Parliament publishes a Manifesto in behalf of the Protestants of that Kingdom, 1231.
-, Affairs there, 1361


Kent, a great Riot there related, 976.
-, The Grand Jury refuses to find the Bill against the Rioters, 1113.
-, More Riots there, 1128, 1129.
-, Many of them beg pardon, 1130.
-, Mutineers increase, 1131.
-, Their Chief Men, 1135, 1136.
-, They are defeated at Maidstone, 1137, 1138.
-, The Country all reduced, 1149, 1150

Sir Charles Kemish ordered to be set at Liberty, paying 1200 l. Composition Money, 1328

Kildare-Castle in Ireland attack'd by the Rebels, who are beat off, 1100

King at Stoke-Abbey, 742.
-, His Declaration of his Intentions not to levy War against his Parliament, and his Letter to the General, 753.
-, His Servants ordered to be provided for, 776.
-, At Oatlands, 777.
-, Comes to Hampton-Court, 789
-, Refuses to agree to the Propositions of Parliament, and inclines to those of the Army, 807.
-, Is willing to treat apart with the Scots Commissioners, 808.
-, Sees his Children at Hampton Court, ibid.
-, His Answer to the Propositions of both Houses, 810.
-, Debates upon his Answer, 813, 817.
-, The King's Answer voted a flat denial, 817.
-, Further debated, 818, 819, 827.
-, Sends for the Duke of Richmond and other Lords to Hampton-Court, 836.
-, His Letter to General Fairfax about seeing his Children, 841.
-, His Negative Voice debated upon, 864.
-, Escapes from Hampton-Court, Novemb. 11. 871.
-, His Letters thereupon, 871, 872.
-, The manner of his Escape related, 873.
-, Has 5000 1. ordered for his present Occasions in the Isle of Wight, 876.
-, His Letter about a personal Treaty, 880, 881, &c.
-, His Letter to the General by Sir John Berkley, 918.
-, His Message to both Houses about a personal Treaty, 926, 927.
-, Is carry'd to Carisbrook-Castle, 952.
-, No more to be addressed to upon his refusing to pass the 4 Bills, 953.
-, The settling of his Majesty's Houshold debated, 984.
-, Not allowed above 30 to attend him, ibid, 986.
-, His Letters intercepted, 1001.
-, His Servants who adhered to the Parliament petition for their Arrears, 1044.
-, Accepts of the Treaty proposed, with Honour, Freedom, and Safety, 1222, 1223.
-, His Letter to both Houses about the Treaty, 1225, 1226.
-, Accepts the Treaty in Newport, 1243.
-, The List of the Servants he desires, and the Parliament's Approbation thereof, 1244.
-, The City advances 10000 l. to desray the King's Charges during the Treaty, 1253.
-, Lies at Sir Will. Hodges's House in Newport, 1263.
-, In danger in riding down a Hill, foretold by Lilly, 1289.
-, Apoints a Fast for a Blessing on the Treaty, 1266.
-, His Majesty's Prayer for that purpose, ibid.
-, Desires a Pass for 4 Commissioners from Scotland, 1268.
-, His Letter to Maj. Gen. Brown about the Reprieve of some Prisoners in Newgate, 1272.
-, His Letter to both Houses by Capt. Titus about his Concessions, 1281.
-, Voted by the Commons unsatisfactory, 1282.
-, His Scruples about Church Government, 1286.
-, His Conference with the Commissioners Chaplains about his Scruples, and abolishing of Episcopacy, 1287.
-, Agrees to the Settlement of the Militia for 20 years in the Parliament's Hands, but scruples abolishing of Episcopacy, 1291.
-, Agrees to the Proposition about Ireland, 1293, 1294.
-, His Concessions about the Article of Delinquents, 1299.
-, Sends a Message about Episcopacy, 1301.
-, His further Concession, 1302.
-, Consents to the abolishment of the Hierarchy, ibib. 1303.
-, His Concessions about Episcopacy voted unsatisfactory, 1312.
-, His Concessions about Ireland voted unsatisfactory, 1315.
-, Sends for Archbishop Usher, and other Divines to come to satisfy his Conscience, 1315, 1316.
-, His final Answer about Church governmental, 1321.
-, Voted unsatisfactory, 1323
-, His Concessions upon the whole to be drawn up, 1323.
-, Sends a Message with farther Condescensions, approving of the shorter Catechism, 1326.
-, Refuses to pass any thing against Ormond till after the Treaty, 1332, 1333.
-, His ultimate Answer concerning Bishops and. their Lands, 1334.
-, The Commissioners reply to it, 1335.
-, Will agree to no more than is already granted, 1338.
-, Is seized by Col. Ewers, which displeases the Parliament, who write to the General about it, 1339, 1340.
-, He is carry'd by the Power of the Army to Hurst-Castle, the Narrative whereof is at large writ by Col. Cook, 1344 to 1349.
-, His Concessions to the Propositions voted a sufficient ground of settling the Peace of the Kingdom, 1352.
-, Continues in Hurst-Castle, and desires his Chaplains, 1363.
-, List of the Persons allowed by Parliament to attend his Person, 1366.
-, Is brought to Windsor, 1371.
-, A Committee appointed how to proceed against him, 1371.
-, Is complimented by the Mayor of Winchester, 1375.
-, The Charge against him, 1376, 1378.
-, Is brought to St. James's, 1395.
-, Is brought the first time to Westminster Hall before the High Court of Justice, 1396.
-, The Charge against him read, 1396, 1397.
-, Is brought the second time, 1399, 1400.
-, and what past betwixt the King and the President of the Court, 1401, 1402.
-, His Reasons against the Jurisdiction of the Court 1403.
-, Is brought the third time, 1404.
-, Several Depositions read against him, 1406 to 1415.
-, The Sentence is read against him, 1418.
-, The Warrant for the Execution 1426.
-, What past at the place of execution, 1428, 1429, 1430.


Lambert commands in the North, 771.
-, His Proceedings there, 777.
-, Made Commander in chief of the Forces there, ibid.
-, Gives account of Affairs there, 808.
-, Agrees with the Inhabitants of Richmond about Quarters, 832.
-, Settles the Quarters amongst the Dales Men, 833.
-, Goes to Craven, 859.
-, Comes to Bernard-Castle, 1132.
-, His proceeding in the North forces Langdale to retreat, 1148.
-, Is to be join'd by the Lancashire Forces, 1148.
-, Comes to Penrith, 1157.
-, Retakes Appleby, and provokes Langdale to fight, 1165.
-, Takes in several Castles, and comes near Carlisle, 1184.
-, Prepares to fight Duke Hamilton's Army: his Answer to the Duke's Letter, 1188, 1189, 1194, 1195.
-, His Actions at Appleby, 1201.
-, Desires supply of forces, 1208.
-, Comes to Baynard-Castle, 1211.
-, Marches against the Scots Army, 1218, 1219.
-, His further Progress in the North, 1264.
-, His Letter about the Affairs in Scotland, 1309.
-, Continues in Scotland, 1319.
-, Is dismiss'd by the Committee of Estates there, and returns into England, 1325

Lancashire expect an Invasion, and put themselves in a Posture of defence, 1123

Lands of Deans and Chapters engaged for the Payment of the Army, 870.

Langdale surprizes Berwick, 1105.
-, His Letter to Capt. Batten Governour of Holy Island, 1106.
-, Treats with the Lancashire Gentry, 1127.
-, Leaves 500 men in Berwick, and is reported to be 8000 men strong, 1141.
-, Retreats before Lambert, 1148.
-, Comes to Carlisle, 1157

Langhorn's Regiment's Petition to the General, 1008.
-, Some of them join Col. Poyer in Pembroke, 1038, 1121.
-, Joins him himself, 1110.
-, Is routed by Col Horton, 1111, 1117.
-, Some of his officers come off and submit to the Parliament, 1121, 1132.
-, His Estate sequestrated, 1141.
-, Surrenders to the mercy of the Parliament, 1190

Latham the Cursitor his Petition and Case, 828

Earl of Lauderdale his Goods to be sold, 1272, 1278

Dr. Lay field acquitted of counterfeiting the General's Hand and Seal, 1012

Sir Ellis Leighton taken into Custody, 779, 792

Letter from Colebrook concerning the King, and Proceedings of the Army, 740.
-, About the Skirmish at Deptford betwixt Sir Robert Pye's Troop and the Kentish Men, 741.
-, From the City of London to the General at Colebrook, 743.
-, Another from the City to the General at Thistleworth, 751.
-, From the City to the General, 760.
-, From the Parliament to the Queen of Suedeland, 828.
-, From Col. Hammond. See Hammond. From the Speaker to the County-Committees to secure the Peace, 1108.
-, Giving an account of Proceedings against the Kentish Rioters, 1137.
-, From Colchester about the Siege, 1153.
-, From the North of the Proceedings of the Scots Army under Duke Hamilton, 1196, 1197.
-, From the Committee of Sussex concerning the Riot there, 1198.
-, From both Houses to the Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, 1212.
-, Of the Committee of Estates there to the Parliament, desiring a Correspondence betwixt the two Nations, 1308.
-, Of the Committee of Estates to the Parliament, declaring their satisfaction of Cromwel's and Lambert's Proceedings amongst them in Scotland, 1329

Libels scandalous publish'd in Essex, and Rewards promised the Discoverers, 1118.
-, Against Major Gen. Skippon, 1183

Liburn, Lieut. Col, John, his words against the King complain'd of by the Scots in their Engagement, 769.
-, Many Citizens petition in his behalf, 790, 800.
-, His Case debated, 811, 844.
-, Ordered to be at liberty to attend the Committee, 868.
-, Taken into Custody again and made close Prisoner in the Tower, 969.
-, Brought to the Bar of the House of Commons to be try'd, 970.
-, To be set at liberty, 1212.
-, Has 3000 l. ordered him for his Losses and Sufferings, 1236, 1252

Liburn, Col. Robert, Governour of Newcastle, his Letter to the Committee of Estates in Scotland, clearing himself of Sir John Cheesley's being stopt at Newcastle, 797.
-, His Regiment's Representation to the General, 913.
-, Several of his Men try'd for their Mutiny, 922.
-, Defeats Sir Richand Tempest's Forces in the North, 1175

Earl of Lincoln, and other 6 Lords impeach'd by the Commons, 920.
-, They petition for liberty, 970.
-, Their Impeachment carry'd up to the Lords, 979.
-, Debates upon't, 983.
-, Set at liberty on Bail, 989.
-, Acquitted, 1138

London, Tumults there on Sunday, 1051, 1052.
-, Supprest by the Souldiers quartered in the Meuse and Whitehall, 1060.
-, Consents to the Delivery of their Forts and Lines about the City to the General, 752. See City.

Lords their Jurisdiction regulated, 732.
-, Many of them with the Army on Hounslow-Heath, 750.
-, Their Letter of thanks to the General for the Army's Remonstrance, 782.
-, Seven Lords impeached by the Commons, and ordered to give in their Answer, 806, 813, 814, 856, 920.
-, Absent Lords without leave of the House, to pay 100 l. 868.
-, Ordered that no Peer be under restraint upon a general Charge above 10 days, 970

Lords nam'd to go Commissioners into Scotland, 978, 979

Lords Concurrence desired for the Trial of the King, and that 'tis Treason to make War against the Parliament, 1382.
-, They reject it, and adjourn for a week, ibid.
-, Meet again, and come to no Resolutions about the Commission for trying the King, 1387

Duke of Lorrain writes to the House of Lords, 1061

Loudon Lord Chancellor of Scotland's Letter to Cromwel, 1290.
-, Makes publick Acknowledgment of his fault in consenting to the late Engagement, 1381

Sir Charles Lucas, and Sir George Lisles shot to death at Colchester, 1242

Lyn-Regis ordered 2000 Oaks for the repair of the Town, 1217


Macquire, Capt condemn'd to die for the Murder and Riot at Guild-Hall, but reprieved, 800

Maidstone in Kent storm'd and taken by the General, 1137

Malignant Ministers in Oxford pray for the Bishops, 841.
-, All Malignants to be put out of the Lines of Communication, 942.
-, In Surrey, Essex, Kent, &c. to be made incapable of being of a of Jury, 1252

Manchester, Earl of, retires from the Parliament, and goes to the Army, 741

Maleverer, Sir Thomas, ordered 10000 l. for having raised two Regiments, &c. 838.
-, Made Governour of Hull, 961

Merchant Adventurers of London advance 10000 l. towards the pay of the Army, 888

Massan, Sir William, Prisoner in Colchester exchanged for Mr. Ashburnham, 1218

Gen. Massey's Declaration of the Causes why he leaves the Kingdom, 765.
-, Returns and escapes out of Prison, 1394

Maynard, Sir John, accused of endeavouring to raise a new War, 800
-, Discharg'd from being a Member, 803.
-, Is sent to the Tower, 804, 856.
-, Appeals from the Judgment of the Lords against him, 986.
-, Is fin'd in 500 l and kept Prisoner in the Tower, 987

Mayor, Lord, ordered to the Tower with the Sheriffs, and several Aldermen, 821.
-, Impeached, 821, 822, 920. See Sir John Geyer.

Ld Mayor acquaints the House with the Petition call'd The Agreement of the People, and has thanks, 918. See City.

Members of Parliament meet Fairfax at Kensington, and subscribe to the Army's Declaration, 756.
-, Six of the XI Members are stopt near Calais, 785.
-, But permitted to continue their Voyage, 785

Members charg'd with being concern'd in the late Tumults, are summon'd to appear before the House, 800.
-, Absent Members ordered to attend the Service of the House, 817.
-, All who absent themselves to pay 20 l. 836, 1252.
-, Debates about their holding of places of Benefit, 869.
-, Sent into the Country to gather the Assessments, 942.
-, Are to appear to a Suit in Chancery, 992.
-, All to take the Covenant, 1072.
-, Subscribe for Horses for the Security of the Parliament, 1178, 1179.
-, Which are to be commanded by Col Boteler, ibid.

Eleven Members Case debated upon, 977, 978.
-, They are fully discharg'd, 1188

Members secluded. See Secluded.

Message to the King from both Houses for his coming to London, 737

Earl of Middlesex goes to the King with the Votes about a Personal Treaty, 1216

Militia of London ordered to find and suppress Wharton's Seditious Book, and to suppress Tumults, 822.
-, To suppress all scandalous and unlicensed Pamphlets, 825.
-, And to prevent Tumults in the City, 971

Militia regulated, 732, &c.

Militia of London settled, 1158.
-, Of Hereford settled, ibid.
-, Of London to guard the Parliament, 1132.
-, In Lincolnshire settled, 1158.
-, In London to be settled, 1176

Ministers to be settled, the business of the House, 1154

Mitton, Maj. Gen. made Vice-Admiral of North-wales, 976

Money ordered for Ireland, 776, 869, 917.
-, For the Army in England, 925.
-, Due to the Scots Army, and ready to be paid, ordered for other uses upon Duke Hamilton's march into England, 1249

Col. Monk impowered to execute Martial Law in Ireland, 858.
-, His Anions in Ulster, 1109.
-, Defeats Maj. General Munroe, 1271.
-, Made Governour of Belfast, 1278.
-, Takes Munroe and several Prisoners, 1282.
-, Is ordered 500 l. 1284

Montgomery, County of, engage to adhere to the Parliament, 1126

Moss-Troopers in the North to be supprest by force, 847.
-, Some are taken, and others fled to Scotland, 870

Munroe taken Prisoner by Monk, and sent to the Tower, 1282

Mutineers condemn'd, and one executed, 876.
-, More condemn'd, 937.
-, Those in the Isle of Wight to be proceeded against, 952, 959.
-, Those in London likewise, 1060

Mutiny in Plymouth for want of Pay, 1001


Napier, Sir R. his Sequestration taken off, 811

Navy, the state thereof, 963.
-, The Customs are appropiate solely thereunto, ibid.
-, 70000 1. ordered for the Summer Fleet, 972.
-, List of them for the Summer Service, 984.
-, Money ordered for that Service, 1061.
-, Commanded by the Earl of Warwick, 1131.
-, Some of the Revolted Ships submit to him, 1145, 1185.
-, Men ordered for the Winter Guard, 1285.
-, The state of the Navy under further Consideration, 1337, 1399

Newcastle represented to have disaffected Ministers, 787.
-, Complain of Free Quarters, 948.
-, The Fortifications ordered to be repaired, 1098

Mr. Nicholas one of the XI Members is stopt by the Army, and makes his escape, 788

Earl of Northumberland entrusted with the Care of the King's Children by order of Parliament, 1005.
-, Is cleared of being concern'd in the Duke of York's escape, 1074.
-, Is impowered to remove the Duke Gloucester and Princess Elizabeth to Sion-House, or to Hampton Court, 1074

Northumberland County quarters 220 Horse to suppress the Moss-Troopers, 824

Northern Forces in distress for want of Pay, 836.
-, Proceedings in the North, 853, 870, 982, 1023.
-, Northern Counties to be put in a posture of defence, 1103.
-, Commotions there, and Insurrections, 1105.
-, Care is taken to secure the Northern Counties, 1108.
-, 10000l. order'd for the Northern Forces, 1200.
-, Affairs and Regulations in the North, 1259, 1306

Norwich troubled with Mutinies and Tumults, 1071, 1072.
-, The Magazine blown up, 1072


Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy taken away, 1376

Oblivion Act to pass, 735

Officers suppernumerary in the Excise and Customs to be taken away, 982.
-, Reduced Officers to be paid, and 100000 l. to be advanced towards the same, 1286

Ordinances for the relief of maim'd Souldiers and Seamen, their Widows and Orphans, 762.
-, For paying of Tythes and other Duties, 764, 992.
-, For examining the force put upon the Parliament, and to make void all Acts past during that force, 775, 784.
-, Concerning Ministers disturbed in the Possession of Delinquents Livings, 785.
-, For Excise on all Commodities, except Salt and Flesh, 792.
-, For settling the Militia of London in the old hands, 797.
-, Against clipt Money, 801.
-, About the Militia of Westminster, and out-parts, 805, 806,
-, About Tytbes, 812.
-, Concerning Delinquents Compositions, 813.
-, For suppressing all unlicens'd Pamphlets, 816, 824, 914.
-, To take off Sequestrations, 817.
-, For making void the Election of Delinquent Mayors, 823, 828.
-, For Payment of Tonnage and Poundage, 826, 861.
-, Against Delinquents bearing Office, or having Votes in any Coporation, 831.
-, About settling of Presbytery with ease to tender Consciences, 834.
-, For all that bore Arms against the Parliament to depart 20 miles from London, 933.
-, For choosing Common Council-men, 934.
-, Against Stage plays, 991.
-, For repair of Churches, 992.
-, For the Militia of London, 1118.
-, Against tumultuary Assemblies to petition, 1122.
-, For putting Malignants and Papists out of the Lines of Communication, 1124.
-, For the Militia of England, 1362.
-, For repealing former Ordinances, especially about the Militia of Lancaster and Westminster, 1364.
-, That no Malignant shall be Lord Mayor, Aldermen, &c. of London, 1365.
-, For impeaching the King, 1376.
-, Of Attainder of the King, 1380.
-, For Trying the King, 1384

Marquess of Ormond comes into Gloucestershire, 775.
-, Visits the General at Putney, 797.
-, Goes beyond Sea, 796.
-, Returns into Ireland, and lands at Wexford, 1297.
-, Brings Forces and Arms with him, ibid.
-, His Letter to the Rebels in Kilkenny, 1312.
-, The King refuses to disown his Authority to treat with the Irish Rebels, 1333.
-, Joins them at Kilkenny, 1340

Sir John Owen and all his Men routed in Wales, and himself taken Prisoner, 1146.
-, Capt. Tyler who took him and brought the News of it ordered 200 l. 1147.
-, Ordered to be try'd, 1150.
-, Sent Prisoner to Windsor, and to be try'd for High Treason, 1204

Oxford University is visited by order of Parliament, and Ejectments made there, 1064, 1065.
-, Their Tenants ordered to pay their Rents to the Parliament Visitors, 1066


Pamphlets reflecting on the King and Parliament censured and supprest, 799, 816.
-, All unlicens'd ones to be supprest, 957.
-, Two scandalous ones ordered to be burnt, 1006

Parliaments to be Biennial, 731.
-, Gives a Months pay gratis to the Soldiers, 757.
-, To be second against clamorous People by the Guards, and how, 790.
-, Ordered a standing Guard, 795.
-, Send a Letter to the Estates of Scotland to recal their Forces out of Ulster, 803.
-, Debate upon the Establishment of Forces in England and Ireland, 873, 890, 920.
-, Debate upon the King's Answer to the Propositions, and vote it a flat denial, 817, 827.
-, Order once more application to be made to the King, 851.
-, Debate upon the Agreement of the People, 920.
-, Upon the Declaration of no more Addresses to be wade, 987, 994, 995
-, Debates upon the Scots, Declaration in answer to the Scots Papers, 1010, 1025.
-, The Parliament guarded by Col. Rich and Col. Pride's Regiments, 1353

Parliament declares the Answer of the Scots Parliament to the English Commissioners not satisfactory, 1066.
-, Declares the Government to be by King, Lords and Commons, 1074.
-, Orders the three Bills to he presented to the King should he sent to the Parliament of Scotland for their concurrence, 1136.
-, Is to send Commissioners into Scotland to keep a fair correspondence between the two Kingdoms, 1393

Earl of Pembroke made Chancellor of Oxon, 972.
-, His reception and entertainment there, 1064.
-, His Actions, there, 1065.
-, Made Constable of Windsor, and Keeper of the great Park, 1205, 1368

Pembroke-Castle holds out against the Parliament by Col. Poyer, 1131.
-, Tumults thereabouts, 1045.
-, The Town and Castle besieg'd by Cromwel, 1142.
-, The Forces in them, 1156.
-, Brought to great want, 1175.
-, Surrenders upon Articles, 1190. See Poyer.

Petition and Remonstrance of the County of Devon to Fairfax, 742, 743.
-, Of several Counties about purging the House of Commons, 812.
-, Of the Cumberland men to Lambert, 833.
-, Of the gifted (not Clergy men) to preach, 834.
-, Of the Northern Counties for erecting an University in York, 854.
-, A Petition stiling the House of Commons The Supream Authority of the Nation, which is voted Seditious, 887.
-, Another of the nature of The Agreement of the People, 915.
-, Against Free Quarter, 923.
-, Of the Common Council, calling the Parliament the Supream Power, 618, 919

Petition of Surry Farmers against the Burden of the Soldiers, 936.
-, Of Col. Needham, to have his accounts audited and discharged, 937.
-, Of the City to both Houses for liberty to set up their Chains, and to have Skippon for the Commander of their Militia, 1072, 1073.
-, Of the City to the Parliament to nominate a Committee for the City-Militia, 1107.
-, Of the City to have their Aldermen and Recorder, Prisoners in the Tower, to be set at liberty, 1125.
-, From the City, with their Demands, 1134.
-, The sense of the House thereupon, 1136, 1137.
-, Of the City to the Parliament for a personal Treaty with the King, 1167
-, The Answer thereunto, 1168

Petitions for a personal Treaty with the King, 1169.
-, Of the Inhabitants of Westminster and Southwark to the same purpose, 1192.
-, Of the Common Council against Tax upon Coals, 1196.
-, Of the Watermen for a personal Treaty, ibid.
-, Of the City against Maj. General Skippon's lifting of Soldiers, 1208.
-, Of the Common Council for a Treaty with the King, 1223.
-, Of several well-affected Citizens in and about London, 1257.
-, Of Masters of Ships, 1258.
-, Of the County of Oxon approving of the City petition, 1279.
-, Of Newcastle and York for Justice on Incendiaries and Promoters of the War, 1290.
-, Of Ingoldsby's Regiment to the General, 1311, 1312.
-, Of the Northern Counties about the Garisons of Berwick and Carlisle, 1317.
-, Of several Regiments against the Treaty at the Isle of Wight, 1339.
-, Of the County of Norfolk, that the King be brought to Justice, 1372.
-, Of the Garison of Kingston upon Hull, 1373.
-, Of Col. Mackworthy, and the Officers and Soldiers in Salop and Ludlow, 1374.
-, Of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth to the General to bring all Criminals to Trial, 1388.
-, Of some of the Common Council for Justice on all Criminals, which Petition was refused to be sign'd by the Lord Mayor or Aldermen, 1391

Mr. Petty has a Patent for double Writing, 1118

Sir Thomas Peyton a Promoter of the Kentish Insurrection, taken Prisoner, 1147.
-, Not to be admitted to composition, 1287

Maj. Pitcher shot to death, 1377

Plot in the City to raise a new War, 929

Plymouth has 8000 l. ordered for the Garison, 783.
-, 10000 1. more, 878.
-, In great danger for want of Many, 1338

Pontefract surprized by the Enemies in the North, 1141.
-, Is block'd up, 1148.
-, The Garison Plunders the Country all round about, 1174.
-, Their Forces routed by Col. Rossiter. 1182.
-, The Siege continues, 1265.
-, They annoy the Country much, 1314

Col. Poyer is ordered to surrender Pembroke-Castle, 1017.
-, His Character, 1033.
-, Refuses to obey the Order of Parliament and answer thereunto, 1034.
-, Is declared Traitor, and Forces ordered to march against him, 1036.
-, Routs Col. Fleming's Men, 1040, 1049, 1050, 1051, 1075.
-, Holds out still, 1131.
-, Surrenders the Town and Castle upon Articles. 1190

Col. Poyntz wounds several Petitioners in Guild-Hall-Court, 741.
-, Many are incensed against him on that account, 750.
-, His Declaration why he leaves the Kingdom, 767

Poyson'd Bullets said to be shot from Col. chester during the Siege, 1179, 1181

Presbytery ordered to be set up, 834.
-, and how far, 840, 841, 842.
-, Erected in every County, 981, 1015, 1160

Prince Philip has leave to come over to see his Brother the Prince Elector Palatine, 1069.
-, Has leave to raise 1000 Men for the Venetian Service, 1119.
-, Has a pass to return, 1143

Prince of Wales. See Wales.

Printer of the Scots Declaration about the Parliament's sending the 4 Bills to the King, censured, 940

Prisoners in the Tower to be removed to Warwick-Castle, 1064.
-, Taken in Kent and Essex, how to be proceeded against, 1145.
-, Make their escape out of Tinmouth-Castle and Newcastle, 1219.
-, Taken in Colchester, how disposed of 1250.
-, Scots Prisoners to be transported, 1272

Prisoners in the Tower to be sent to the Prisons in the City, 828.
-, Prisoners taken at the surrender of Pembroke, 1190.
-, At the surrender of Colchester, 1247.
-, By the defeat of Duke Hamilton's Army ordered to the Plantations, 1250

Proposals of the Army, 731

Propositions of Peace the same that were sent the King at Newcastle, 790.
-, Deliver'd to the King at Hampton-Court, 705.
-, Propositions about Religion and Church-Government, 842.
-, Heads of the Propositions to be sent the King, 843.
-, Debates upon them, 848.
-, To be sent the King in 10 days, 853.
-, Debated by the Officers of the Army, 863
-, to be sent immediately to his Majesty, 890.
-, Debates upon the four Propositions, 927

Protection of Members taken off, 954

Mr. Pryn taken into Custody for denying the Parliament's Supremacy, 1389, 1390


Quarrel betwixt the Treasurer of Scotland and the Marquess of Argyle, but their fighting prevented, 1032

The Queen writes a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons, which upon debate was laid aside without being read, 1383

Queries about the meaning of Surrender by fair Quarter, and to Mercy, 1247. 1285


Rainsborough, Col. appointed Vice-Admiral, 822.
-, Is ordered 1000 l. in part of his Arrears, 823.
-, Ordered to Sea, 942.
-, Both Houses have a Conference about him, 944.
-, Ordered to fail to the Isle of Wight, 952.
-, His Ships revolt against him, and set him on Shore, 1131.
-, Set upon by three Cavaleers, 1279.
-, Is murdered at Doncaster by a Party of the Garrison of Pontefract-Castle, 1315

Reformado Officers ordered to depart the City, 788

Remonstrance of the Army from St. Albans, 1331, 1332.
-, Of the Army in the North under Lambert, 1367

Representation of the Army sent from Windsor to both Houses, 924, 925.
-, Of Col. Thornheigh's Regiment to the General, 930.
-, Of Col. Okey's Regiment, 931

Resolutions of Lords and Commons to make no more Addresses to the King, 1362.
-, Of the House of Commons upon the Lords rejecting the Ordinance for trying of the King, 1383.
-, Whereupon they assert themselves to be the Original of all just Power, &c. ibid.

Col. Rich gives an account of his Proceedings in reducing of Kent, 1189.
-, His account of the deseat given to the Prince's Forces upon their landing in Kent, 1228.
-, Takes Deal Castle, and is made Governour of it, 1240

Richmond suffers Quarters of Souldiers, 824

The Duke of Richmond and other Lords have leave to wait on the King at Hampton-Court, 836

A Riot in the Town of Rochester, 1127

Major Rolph ordered 150 l. for his false Imprisonment, 1270

Col. Rossiter routs the Pontefract-Forces, 1182, 1183.
-, A List of the Prisoners, 1184.
-, Has the thanks of the House for his good Service, 1327.
-, Is ordered 2000 l. 1332


Salisbury, Earl of, one of the Conservators of the Peace between the two Kingdoms, 790

Saltmarsh the Preacher visits the Army at Windsor, and pretends a Revelation from Heaven to them, 944.
-, An Account of his Death, 945

Scandalous Libels to be surprest, 957, 958.
-, Two such burnt, 1006.
-, And 100 l. ordered for the discovery of the Author and Printer, ibid.
-, The like reward for discovery of the suppositious Engagements of Kent, Surry and Essex, 1127.
-, The suppressing of such recommended to the Marshal General of the Army, 1388

Scarborow Town taken, 1265.
-, Falls off again, and is besieged, 1352.
-, In great straits, 1368.
-, Surrenders upon Articles, 1370, 1371

Scotland. Commissioners of Scotland's Papers sent to the Lords, 737.
-, Ready to send their Propositions to the King, 796.
-, Desire reparation about the affront given the Earl of Lauderdale, and stopping Sir John Cheesley, 796.
-, Obstruct the Propositions to the King, 801.
-, Concur to the Propositions to be sent the King for peace, 802.
-, Wait on the King at Hampton-Court, 850.
-, Write to the Speaker about a personal Treaty with the King, 864, 865.
-, Their Answer to the Parliament about the 4 Bills to be sent the King, 832.
-, Their Declaration against sending the 4 Bills, 958, 939.
-, Give a Declaration to the King in the Isle of Wight, about the 4 Bills, 946, 950.
-, Their Papers debated, 966.
-, Demand the Arrears of pay due to their Army, 968.
-, Have 100000 l. ordered them, 971

Affairs in Scotland, 767, 768.
-, Kingdom of Scotland's Remonstrance of their present Engagement, 768.
-, The Oath taken by their Parliament, 769.
-, Inveigh against the Sectaries in England, ibid.
-, Proceedings there, 868, 869

Parliament of Scotland meet, and the Proceedings there, 1026, 1031, 1032, 1047.
-, Affairs, there, 1048, 1049, 1052.
-, Their propositions, 1054.
-, Proceedings in Parliament there, 1062.
-, Their Answer to the English Commissioners, 1064.
-, Prepare for War, 1067, 1068

Army of Scotland in motion, 807, 810.
-, Quartered upon the Borders of England, 814.
-, Are to disband, 824.
-, To be kept up longer, 852.
-, Design to come into England, 1122

Affairs in Scotland, 844, 852, 868, 869.
-, Their Clergy inveigh against the Parliament and Army in England, 869.
-, Various Reports from thence, 982.
-, Affairs there, 1011, 1019

Committee of Danger appointed in Sctoland, and their Resolves protested against by 18 Lords, and 40 others, about raising an Army, 1047

Committee of Estates in Scotland Answer to the Commissioners of the General Assembly, 1068.
-, The Kingdom to be put into a posture of defence, as An. 1643. p. 1069.
-, Invite Prince Charles to come into Scotland, 1230

Parliament of Scotland, the prevailing Party there are for War, and the Pretence of it, 1071.
-, Argyle and the Ministers against it, ibid.
-, Their Demands sent to the Parliament of England, and Debates thereupon, 1100.
-, Declare for War against England, and the Kirk oppose it, 1114, 1115.
-, They make Preparations for War, 1122, 1123.
-, Differences amongst them about Levies, 1132, 1139, 1140.
-, Disturbances and Divisions amongst them, 1157, 1165, 1166.
-, Are to send Commissioners to treat with the King at the Isle of Wight 1232.
-, Their Army under Duke Hamilton defeated. See Hamilton. All Parties in Scotland agreed, 1284, 1304

State of Affairs in Scotland during Lambert's Command there, 1313.
-, They damn the Engagement, and commend Cromwel's Proceedings with them, 1314.
-, Their Parliament dissent intirely from the Parliament of England about the Trial of the King, 1393,
-, and, their Commissioners declare their dislike of the Proceedings against the King, 1398

Col. Scroop's Party of Horse defeat the Duke of Buckingham and the Lords at St. Needs in Hartfordshire, and take many Prisoners, 1187, 1188.
-, March to Yarmouth, 1216

Secluded Members kept out of the House by the Soldiers, 1353.
-, Upon complaint to the General by a Committee of the House, he refers them to the Council of the Army, ibid.
-, A Lift of them, 1355.
-, They are carry'd from Westminster to two Inns in the Strand, and under a Guard, 1356.
-, They protest, and their Protestation declared against by the Lords and Commons, 1363.
-, Sixteen of the secluded Members are set at liberty, no Charge appearing against them, 1369.

Great Seal continued in the hands of the 2 Speakers of both Houses, 880.
-, To be broken, and a new one ordered to be made with the Inscription of In the first year of Freedom by God's Blessing restor'd, An. 1748. p. 1387. Vid. Commissioners.

Serjeants at Law to be made, and Judges at Westminster-Hall, 1292, 1310

Ships lost at the Bar of Tinmouth, 1047.
-, At Portsmouth submit to the Earl of Warwick, 1147.
-, Revolted ones go for Holland, and have an Indempnity offered if they return, 1151

Skinner Capt. of the Crescent-Frigot, a Pirate on the West Seas, taken, and to be try'd by the Admiralty, 1340

Maj. Gen. Skippon made general of the City-Militia, with a Salary of 600 l. per An. 1099, 1101, 1118

Soldiers quartered in Whitehall and the Meuse, 960

Southampton County's Declaration to the House of Commons, 973

Southwark desires not to levy Arms with the City, 741.
-, Indemnify'd for assisting the Army, 772

Speeches made by the Speakers of both Houses to General Fairfax, 758

Stapleton (Sir Philip) dies of the Plague at Calais, 789

Stage-plays discharg'd, 847, 848, 972, 980, 991.
-, The Players carry'd away off the Stage in their Dresses, 1381

Mr. Steel made Recorder of London in Mr. Glyn's place, 978, 980

Sir John Strangways, upon his Petition is admitted to Composition, 1025.
-, His Sequestration taken off, 1161

Suffolk, Earl of, impeached of Treason for designing a new War, 804

Suffolk, County, a Mutiny happens there about a Maypole, 1112, 1113, 1119.
-, Their Forces assist the Siege of Colchester, 1164, 1169

Surry's Petition to the Parliament occasions a Tumult in Westminster-Hall, 1116.
-, The Speech to the General on that occasion, 1123


Tempest, Col. ordered 500 l. out of Ld Lovelace's Composition-Mony, 1340

Earl of Thanet ordered to go into Kent to suppress the Riots there, 1127

Col. Thornage ordered repayment for raison a Regiment of Horse at his own Charge, 832

Col. Tichburn made Lieutenant of the Tower by Fairfax, 761

Tower of London to be well garison'd and arm'd, 1061

Treaty with his Majesty debated, 1127, 1129.
-, The Lords Reasons why the Propositions should not be offered before the Treaty, 1183.
-, Proceedings at the Treaty, 1296, 1297.
-, To be prolonged a Fortnight more, 1316.
-, To be continued by fix of the Commissioners, 1316. See Commissioners

Tumults in London as reported by the Committee of the Militia, 1055, 1056
-, The Narrative of it presented to the House, 1059.
-, Supprest by the Soldiers in the Meuse and White-hall, 1060

Turkey-Company's petition, 964

Dr. Twiss his Wife and Children ordered 1000 l. for their Subsistance, 1215

Tythes to maintain Preaching Ministers, 851


Votes of the House of Commons sent by their Speaker to the Lords, 737.
-, of the Lords sent to the King, ibid.
-, of Parliament in favour of Gen. Fairfax, when he conducted the Members to the Parliament, 758, 759.
-, About disannulling what was done driving their absence, 760.
-, Of the House of Commons about the Affairs of the Kingdom 796.
-, About demolishing the Forts and Lines about London, 799.
-, About the Tumults in the City, and force upon the Parliament, 828.
-, About the Establishment of the Army for Ireland, 830.
-, Upon the News of the King's escape from Hampton-Court, 872.
-, Communicated to the Officers at Windsor, 929.
-, About no more Addresses to the King, and why, 953.
-, The Lords concurrence therein, and ordered to be printed, 965, 967.
-, About such as take up Arms against the Parliament, or assist in such a War 1158,
-, About the Treaty in the Isle of Wight, 1214.
-, Of no more Addresses revoked, 1230.
-, About the personal Treaty with the King, 1229.
-, About his Majesty's four Proportions of Peace, 1327.
-, That carrying the King to Hurst-Castle was without their advice and consent, 1351.
-, For repealing former Votes, 1361, 1362

Union betwixt the Parliament and City, 1120

University to be erected in York is petition'd for by the Northern Counties, 854

Usher (Archbishop) is Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, 937, 938.
-, Petitions to continue Preacher there, and it is granted him. 958


Wake, a malignant Minister in Dorfetshire, occasions Riots, 1037

Prince of Wales goes into France, 1005.
-, Endeavours to land at Yarmouth, 1206.
-, The Heads of his Declaration, 1207.
-, His Letter to the Town of Yarmouth, 1220.
-, Comes into the Downs, 1208.
-, His Commission to Captains of Ships, 1210.
-, His Letters intercepted, 1209.
-, Is in the Downs, 1214.
-, His Letter to the House of Lords, 1320.
-, Writes to the General in favour of Laughorn, Poyer, and Powel, and the General's Answer, 1233.
-, Returns into Holland, 1268.
-, Fits out eight Ships to be commanded by Prince Rupert, 1366.
-, Makes sale of the Brass Ordnance of the Revolted Ships, 1370

Wales, Disturbances there, 1036, 1038, 1039, 1045.
-, Account of the Actions there, 1124.
-, Reducing Wales difficult, 1141

Sir Hardress Waller's Regiment's Address and Representation to the General, 878.
-, Comes with a Representation front the Army, 923, 924.
-, His representation to Devonshire and Cornwal, 1027, 1028.
-, Disperses Mutineers in Cornwal, 1130.
-, Marches out of the West, 1218.
-, Holds a Council of War to try Prisoners at Pendennis, 1306

Warner, Alderman, chosen Lord Mayor in the place of Sir John Geyer sent to the Tower, 826, 857

Earl of Warwick takes the Command of the Navy, 1131.
-, His Letter about his proceedings with the revolted Ships, 1251.
-, Comes with the Fleet to the Downs, 1254, 1255.
-, Is with the Fleet at the Goree, to reduce the Revolted Ships, 1294.
-, His Declaration in vindication of himself, 1326.
-, Acquaints the Parliament of the coming in of several of the revolted Ships, 1329.
-, Some of them join him, 1337.
-, Leaves the Goree, and comes to London, 1361

Col. Welden ordered 6000 l. for Plymouth, 1132.
-, Made Governour of Plymouth, 1158

Sir Anthony Welden ordered 500 l. for his Losses, 1305

Col. Weston made Lieutenant of the Tower, 1116

Col. Whaley's Letter from Hampton-Court, 795.
-, Is affronted by a Teoman Waitor at Hampton-Court, 843.

Sir Miles Warton, and Mr. Cutchbert's Case, 852

Major Wildman taken into Custody, 969.
-, Ordered to be try'd, 970.
-, His Petition laid aside, 1034.
-, He is set at liberty, 1213

Ld. Willoughby impeached for designing a new War, 804.
-, Withdraws, 989

Sir Fr. Willoughby is ordered 700l. 876

Windsor, the Head Quarter, 884.
-, Ordered to be repaired and victual'd, 1130

Earl of Worcester's Estate to be sold for the Service of Ireland, 964


Yaarmouth declares their adherence to the Parliament, 1246

York, Disorders amongst the Soldiers there, 931.
-, Disbanding of Soldiers there, 987.
-, Supernumeraries disbanded, 997, 1011.
-, Affairs there, 1012, 1047

Duke of York makes his escape from St. James's, 1067.
-, His allowance taken off, 1074