Rymer's Foedera with Syllabus: Epistle Dedicatory

Rymer's Foedera Volume 11. Originally published by Apud Joannem Neulme, London, 1739-1745.

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Epistle Dedicatory


May it please Your Most Excellent Majesty,

In this Eleventh Volume You Give the Transactions from 1440 to 1474.

Besides what in Common you Give to other Nations, Your Allies in the North receive a great Light, and, in a more especial manner, Your ancient Kingdom, by this Your Royal Bounty, is pull'd out of the Dark, and brought to a new Life and Lustre; You give them their Share in the publick Treaties, even their Language You Authenticate and give it a Currency.

Whether Peace, War, Marriages or Commerce is to be Negotiated, Who make a more goodly Appearance, Who shew a more numerous Train and Equipage, than the Ambassadours of Scotland?

Within this Compass of time, Negotiations were always upon the Carpet: England and France were much what about the same Distance as they are at this Day; no Wind cou'd Blow, no Ship Pass without some Plenipotentiary.

The Burthen of the Song was PEACE, a FINAL PEACE, a PERPETUAL PEACE.

In those Days also rose up great Plenty of Philosophers; no Lord Chancellour or Keeper of the Great Seal, but did Pass some Patent out of the King's special Grace, granting a Licence to exercise their Skill, to make Elixir of Life, or to Transubstantiate Metals, to turn Copper and Iron into Gold and Silver, any Act, Law or Statute to the contrary notwithstanding.

But, (Most Invincible Sovereign,) there was shewn no Miracles in those Days; Splendid Embassies, Negotiations, Communications and Appunctuations without end; but no solid Peace, nor yet any memorable Atchievement of War.

No Blenheim, no Ramelies, no Audenard, no Blaregnies Battles and Victories; by the Divine Providence appropriated to Crown with Glory the Beginning of your so Happy and Auspicious Reign.

This Book ends with the Fourteenth Year of Your Most Noble Progenitor King Edward the Fourth, when,

He, Tyred with tedious and Fruitless Treaties, carried a Royal Army into France against Lewis, Lewis the XI. who being a very wise Prince and PHILOSOPHER above the common sort, immediately Capitulates, and without much of PRELIMIN ARIES'tis Agreed that King Lewis pay Costs and defray the Charges of the Expedition, King Edward is to abstain from War, and to carry back into England his Army and his Navy:

And, as for his Hereditary Right to the Crown of France, King Lewis offers an EQUIVALENT in Gold, and gives Security to pay the Sum agreed upon in London, yearly during the Lives of the two Kings and the longest Liver of them, and to his Successors Kings of England for an Hundred Years after.

Whatever God hath ordain'd, Most Gracious Sovereign, whatever is in Reserve, Your People, sensible of the Blessing they enjoy, and in Zeal for their Country, will continually pray for Your length of Days, and count it an Happiness that, when they Die, You Live, and such is the Prayer of

Your Sacred Majesty's

Most Devoted Servant,