The Burton cartulary: Folios 71-79

Pages 70-77

Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 5 Part 1. Originally published by Staffordshire Record Society, London, 1884.

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Folio 71.

Sciant etc. Rogerus de Huncedona dedi etc. pro sustentatione pontis Burtoniæ et pro salute animæ meæ etc. unam acram terræ arabilis, illam scilicet quæ fuit Nicholai le Lomp quæ se extendit versus molendinum de Mora in longitudine et jacet inter terram Walteri de Scobenhale et terram Ricardi le Lomp etc.

Omnibus etc. Thomas filius Gilberti salutem etc. Noverit me concessisse etc. Willelmo Clerico de Ylum etc. tres acras terræ meæ in territorio de Ylum etc. usque ad terminum viginti annorum termino incipiente ad festum Sancti Michaelis anno Gratiæ etc.

Omnibus etc. Robertus Gerard salutem. Noverit etc. me dedisse etc. totum jus et clamium quod habui vel habere potui in quadraginta acris terræ cum pertinentiis in villâ de Bromlega, scilicet in Benethleyehurst et quicquid inde mihi vel heredibus meis de jure poterit accidere, Laurentio Abbati etc.

Sciant etc. ego Adam filius Nicholai de Benethleyahurst dedi etc. Laurentio Abbati etc. totam terram quam Nicholaus pater meus mihi dedit in villâ de Bromlega scilicet in assartis de Benetleyahurst salvâ dote Aviciæ quondam uxoris patris mei de predicâ terrâ quoad vixerit etc.

Notum sit etc. ego Adam filius Nicholai de Benetleyehurst dedi etc. totum jus et clamium quod habui vel habere potui etc. Laurentio Abbati etc. in terris, et tenementes essartis et eschaetis cum omnibus aliis pertinentiis in villâ de Bromlega, scilicet de totâ terrâ cum capitali mesuagio in essartis de Benethleyehurst quam pater meus vel aliquis antecessorum meorum in prefatâ villâ tenuerunt etc.

Omnibus etc. Johannes filius Nicholai de Benethlega, salutem. Noverit etc. me remississe etc. Laurentio Abbati etc. totum jus et clamium etc. in toto tenemento et terrâ de Benethlega in villâ de Bromlega quæ fuit patris mei Nicholai de Benethlega etc.

Omnibus etc. Adam filius Nicholai Wycher de Bromlega salutem. Noverit etc. Dominum L. Abbatem etc. dedisse mihi pro homagio et servitio meo sex acras terræ cum pertinentiis in villâ de Bromlega Bagot quas habuerunt in puram et perpetuam elemosinam etc. reddendo inde eis 4s. annuatim etc.

Omnibus etc. Adam filius Nicholai Wyther de Bromlega salutem. Noverit etc. L. Abbatem etc. cartam suam michi fecisse in hæc verba: Omnibus etc. (as before).

Folios 72 to 74.

inclusive are occupied by a long and detailed account of the disputes between the monks and Sir Robert de Tok, their neighbour at Ansedelega (Anslow), respecting the right of cutting wood and the making of enclosures and common of pasture in Sobenhale (Shobnall). The dispute commenced by the foresters of the Abbot finding certain men of Ansedelega cutting wood in the wood of Sobenhale, and demanding from them sureties (to appear to answer for their trespass in the Abbot's Court). Some of the delinquents laughed at the Abbot's men, and others abused them violently (verberaverunt violenter). The Abbot was also informed that a long hedge had been made by Sir Robert de Tok and his men of Ansedeleg between the fields of Ansedeleg and the Abbot's wood beyond the ancient bounds between the two vills. On the Abbot demanding reparation, in his Court, an answer was made by Sir Geoffrey de Gresley, the Earl's Seneschall, and others, that no reparation could be made until the extent of the damage had been discussed and settled. It was then shown that great damage had been done by the depasturing of goats and the cutting down of timber, for which the Abbot could obtain no redress; for when the goats were impounded, they were replevied by Robert de Tok; and the Abbot at that time labouring under great infirmity, was averse to taking legal proceedings.

It happened also that a cart of the Abbot's from Finderne, laden with timber from the wood of Bromley, was stopped by William Bungi, one of Robert de Tok's men, in the middle of the vill of Ansedeleg, who demanded toll for it; and on the carter answering that his lord the Abbot was quit of toll throughout all England, he laid hands violently on him, tore his clothes, took the horse out of the cart, and sent it to Ralph Form, the Earl's forester; and although the horse was released again on the Abbot's demand, yet no reparation was ever made for the outrage.

Robert de Tok likewise without license hunted in the Abbot's lands, where the Abbot had the King's grant of free warren; and when the Abbot had caused to be built a mill at Finderne, Robert had denied the Abbot's right to do so, and had put him to a great expense by an action at law; for the Abbot knowing that even if he won, that Robert would evade the consequences, had caused the mill to be entirely taken down, so that he had been damaged to the extent of twelve marks for expences, and had lost in rent 16s. annually.

At another time Robert de Tok and his cousin Roger had stopped two men and a woman of the vill of Finderne, returning from the vill of Willington with a cartload of flour, and had violently accosted them, wounded one of them on the head, and had taken the loaded cart and the horse to Potlac (Portlock), where he detained them until they were released by the King's sergeant (servienti Regis).

Likewise the miller of the said Robert de Tok took toll of the Abbot's multure of Finderne for the mill of Potlac, in violation of the ancient usage. All which injuries the lord the Abbot is prepared to prove if necessary by the oath of his bailiffs and foresters and other men worthy of credit.

Folio 63.

Contains the complaint of Robert de Tok against the Abbot. It states that the Abbot and his Convent denied to him and his tenants the use of the Abbot's wood and common of the same as they used to have, and taking his cattle, forced him into expensive litigation.

That the Abbot had forced him into the said litigation for three days in one week in his Court at Burton, which had necessitated his coming to Ansedeleg with all his household (totâ familiâ suâ), and to make a stay there, relinquishing other business, by which he had been greatly injured.

That the Abbot had defamed him openly before his Court, calling him a traitor to his lord, working maliciously against him; and that one of the monks, viz., Henry de Alrewas, had specially defamed him in this way.

That in consequence of this litigation he had been forced to give up the pasturing of goats, and enclosures in the wood of Ansedelega, which he and all his predecessors had formerly enjoyed.

And that owing to the absurd (fatuam) method of cutting timber adopted by the Abbot in the said wood, a cow belonging to one of his men had been killed, and an ox had been killed in the same wood it is believed by the Abbot's men.

That a certain monk, Robert de Lega, with a servant of the Abbot's, had beaten one of his men of Ansedelega, named Meriet, and taken from him his "densaxe."

That the Abbot had erected a mill at Finderne, when he was precluded from doing so by the charters of his predecessors, and by which trespass he had been put to expensive litigation in the County of Nottingham.

That a certain servant of the Abbot, named Alan, had withdrawn from his suit of mill at Portlac all the men of Finderne, against the tenor of the charters of the Abbot's predecessors, and to his damage.

The Abbot replies seriatim to all these complaints, denying that Robert or his predecessors had ever had any right of depasturing goats in the wood of Ansedeleg, etc. And that as to the Abbot defaming him by calling him a traitor in his Court, it was true, inasmuch as Robert had sworn fealty to him, and done homage to him, and had afterwards insidiously worked injury to his lord; and that he had carried on the contest against the supplication of the whole county, "ipsum dominum suum ad legem in pleno comitatu ponendo et ipsam capiendo contra maximam supplicationem totius Comitatûs pro ipso attentius deputantis ut personæ suæ deferet et ab aliis eam caperet qui tantum eidem domino suo detulit quantum Roberto de Swinnerton cui juramentum condonavit." That as regards me killing of the cow and the ox, if he would bring his complaint before the Abbot's Court, justice should be done to him, and the same for the beating of his man Merieth.

That as regards the erection of the mill at Finderne, the Abbot had humbled himself by asking for permission to complete the mill, on condition that no multure should take place there to the injury of the said Robert, and that the question of compensation should be left to arbitration; and the Abbot considers that the expenses incurred by him in consequence of Robert's proceedings should be refunded to him by the arbitration of good men, etc.

(The above account appears from its form to have been drawn up for the decision of an arbitrator, but the result does not appear.)

In Ecclesiâ beati Petri Apostolici Alvetonæ die Lune prox. ante festum Sancti Johannis Baptistæ anno Domini octavo coram Magistro Alexandro de Eyton officiale Domini Archidiaconi Staffordiæ. In causâ quæ vertitur inter Dominum Abbatem Burthoniæ et ejus loci Conventum ex unâ parte per fratem Adam de la Redemore procuratorem suum, et Rogerum de Caldona filium Ranulfi ad Portam et Agnetam uxorem quondam dicti Ranulfi ex alterâ etc. (The suit referred to a horse which had belonged to Ralph; the Abbot claiming it because he was entitled to the best beast of all persons dying within the parish of Caldon in right of his Chapel in Caldon. The verdict was in favour of the Abbot.)

Folio 75.

Venerabili in Chrispo et Domino R. Dei gratiâ Conventrensi et Lichfeldensi Episcopo. Devotus Clericus suus S. officialis Archidiaconi Staffordiæ salutem. Noverit etc. (Refers to the taxation of the Churches of Ilam and Bromley, by which it appears that the Vicar of Ilam received all the profits of the Church of Ilam except the tythes, and he paid a mark to the Monastery of Burton annually and the ordinary synodals of the place; and he received nothing from the chapels of the said Church, viz., those of Scene, Acoure, and Caldon. Dated from Toteburi, A.D. 1255.

Omnibus etc. Johannes de Ponte de Roucestre salutem. Noveritis me dedisse etc. Domino Thomæ Abbati de Burtoniâ etc. totum jus et clamium quod habui vel habere potui in homagio et servitio Roberti filii Ricardi de Makwurtha et Sibillæ de Marketona heredum Roberti Capellani de Marketona etc. pro unâ bovatâ terræ quam de me tenuit in Magna Ovra etc.

The rest of this folio is taken up with a duplicate account of the suit of the Abbot versus Roger de Caldon and Agnes his mother.

Folio 76.

Omnibus Chrispi fidelibus etc. R. de gratiâ Abbas Burthoniæ etc. salutem. Noverit etc. quod Dominus H. Rex Angliæ filius Regis Johannis concessit nobis facere unum burgum in villâ de Bromlega et unam feriam per tres dies duraturam et omnes libertates et liberas consuetudines ad Burgum pertinentes etc. et ideo volumus ut omnes qui propter hanc regiam concessionem nobis factam de nobis burgagia in eadem villâ acceperint ea habeant etc. libere et quiete reddendo nobis annuatim pro quolibet burgagio duodecim denarios etc. Preterea concedimus eis ut habeant liberam communam apud Bromlega in bosco et in plano de herbagio extra haias nostras ita tamen quod non fuit impedimento quin possimus conditionem nostram meliorare pro voluntate nostro, in stagnis, vivariis, assartis, parcis, haiis et. Concedimus etiam ut habeant omnes libertates etc. quas habent liberi burgenses de villâ Lichfeldiæ, salvo tamen quod si aliquis burgensis porcos suos . . . in villâ de Bromle habuerit et eos tempore pannagii in bosco nostro habuerit, dabit de illo pannagio secundum consuetudinem dictæ villæ de Bromle, si vero de novo emptos porcos aliquos vel aliunde perquisites habuerit dabit semper de decem porcis unum porcum si minus vel magis x. habuerit dabit pro quolibet porco unius anni unum denarium et pro quolibet porco dimidii anni unum obolum. Et qui bladum aliunde perquisitum ad villam de Bromle adducere voluerit liceat ei dictum ubicunque voluerit molere antequam villam Bromleiæ cum eodem ingressus fuerit. Item concedimus eis ut a festo Sanctæ Andreæ Apostolici etc. anno regni Regis Henrici filii Regis Johannis septimo, habeant rationabilem estoverium suum per visum forestarii in bosco nostro de Bromlega extra haias nostras de mortuo bosco jacente ad husbote, haibote furbote, burgagiorum suorum usque ad vii. annos completos etc. Hiis testibus Henrico de Audidele tunc Vicecomite Stafford Roberto Albo Seneschallo Burthoniæ, Willelmo Pantulf, Willelmo Bagot et aliis.

Omnibus etc. Nicholaus Pollard de Brontiston salutem. Noverit etc. Abbatem et Conventum de Burthoniæ dedisse etc. mihi pro homagio meo et servitio illam bovatam terræ in Brontestona excepto mesuagio quam Robertus Cassi aliquando tenuit etc. Habendum etc. in feodo et hereditate etc. Reddendo annuatim eis decem solidos etc. Hiis testibus Radulfo de la bache tunc Senescallo Burtoniæ, Willelmo Knit de Tatenull, Johanne Clerico de Brantistona, Willelmo filio Hari Pollard de eâdem, Willelmo filio Ade de eâdem, Willelmo Knit de eâdem, Willelmo de Stapinill Clerico, Johanne Vincent de eâdem.

Omnibus etc. Johannes filius Johannis filii Hawisiæ de Bromlega Abbatis salutem. Noverit etc. me die Sancti Swithinni anno Domini septuagesimo duo remississe etc. J. Abbati Burthoniæ etc. omne jus et clamium etc. quam habui vel habere potui erga eos et omnes tenentes suos infra manerium suum de Bromlega Abbatis ratione dictæ pasturæ minoratæ per haias, fossatas etc. de bosco seu wasto dicti manerii ante diem predictam pro quatuor acris terræ quas mihi et heredibus meis dicti Abbas etc. concesserunt de wasto suo etc.

In the margin:—

Noverint etc. quod cum controversiæ motæ essent inter Dominum Thomam Abbatem etc. ex unâ parte et Johannem filium Johannis filii Avisiæ de Bromlega Abbatis ex alterâ super eo quod predictus Johannes petiit et exigebat versus predictos Abbatem etc. communam pasturæ et housbote et haybote in appruyamentis per predictos Abbatem etc. factis in Bromlega Abbatis etc. idem Abbas et Conventus etc. concedimus amicorum consilio die Martis prox. post festum Translations Sancti Thomæ Martyris anno Domini octagesimo tertio etc. predicto Johanni et heredibus suis singulis annis tres carectatas clausturæ in bosco suo forinseco de Bromlega ad sepes suas in predictâ villâ de Bromlega claudendas, scilicet de alneo, spinis, salicis et huxis per visum et liberationem forestarii Abbatis etc.

Folio 77.

Edwardus Dei gratiâ Vicecomiti Derbisciræ salutem. Precipimus quod si Petrus de Huncingdon unum mesuagium et decem et octo acras terræ cum pertinentiis in Huncingdon et Henricus Dykun unum mesuagium cum pertinentiis in eâdem villâ et Adam filius Fulcheri quinque acras terræ etc. in eâdem villâ si sint de feodo dilecti nobis in Chrispo Abbatis de Burtona super Trentam eidem Abbati reddere et quietum clamare voluerint. Et si Rogerus filius Roberti de Thorp de quo dictus Abbas predictam villam tenet per servitium duodecim denariorum per annum eosdem xii. d. et homagium quod idem Rogerus exigebat a Rogero de Huncigdon feoffatore predicti Abbatis de villâ predictâ remittere et quietum clamare voluerit, tunc ipsum Abbatem occasione statuti nostri de terris ad mortuam manum non ponendis non impedias vel impediri permittas quantum in te est etc. Teste me ipso apud Acton Burnel xiiii. die Decembris anno regni nostri duodecimo.

Excellentissimo Principi et gloriosissimo Domino suo si placet et patrono Domino E. Dei gratiâ illustri Regi Angliæ etc. humiles sui filii et devoti fratres Thomas permissione Divinâ Abbas Burtoniæ super Trentam etc. salutem. Intelligentes etc. pro animâ consortis vestræ carissimæ Dominæ Alienoræ Dominæque nostræ quondam Reginæ Angliæ precium suffragia ac missarum sollempnina studiosus fieri etc. nos, sacerdotes vestri familiares et devoti non minimo cum nostri cordis dolore dolori vestro compatiendi etc. duo milia missarum specialium infra duos annos a die confectionis presentum celebranda concedimus corde bono etc. Datum pupplice in capitulo nostro Burtonensi xii. Kal. Aprilis anno Domini nonagesimo.

Anno R.R. Edwardi tertiodecimo die Lunæ prox. post festum Sancti Barnabæ Apostolici ita convenitur inter Magistrum Henricum Lovel Rectorem Ecclesiarum de Appilby et Blithefeld ex unâ parte et dominum Thomam Abbatem Burtoniæ super Trentam etc. ex alterâ videlicet quod predictus H. vendidit etc. dictis Abbati etc. totum bladum suum in orreis suis de Appilby et Blithefeld die confectionis presentis scripti existens salvo dicto Magistro H. medietatem totius foragii, pro octogenta marcis sterlingorum bonæ et legalis monetæ etc. (N.B. This deed is scored out, and the word "vacat" written in the margin.)

Omnibus etc. Frater Thomas etc. Abbas Burtoniæ etc. salutem. Noverit etc. concessisse quod omnia burgagia a domo quæ fuit Johannis le Norreis per medium Sywardsmore usque ad regalem viam quæ vocatur Ikenildstrete ex utraque parte viæ sita adeo sint libera in omnibus et per omnia sicut ceteri Burgagia villæ antedictæ etc. Datum anno Domini anno R.R.E. quartodecimo.

Omnibus etc. Frater Thomas etc. Abbas Burtoniæ etc. Noveritia etc. nos dedisse Beatæ Edithæ et Dominæ Albredæ Dei gratiâ Abbatissæ de Pollesworth et ejusdem loci conventui Henricum filium Willelmi dicti le Hyre de Adulvestra nativum nostrum cum tota sequelâ suâ et catallis suis etc. Hiis testibus Thoma filio Philippi de Adulvestra, Ricardo Symon de eâdem, Waltero Thurkil de eâdem, Johanne le Ku de eâdem, Willelmo Lesne de Waverton, Johanne le Horleye et multis aliis.

Omnibus etc. Thomas Abbas etc. salutem. Noverit etc. nos dedisse etc. Roberto de Swiniscow manenti in Burtona pro homagio et servitio suo unam placiam terræ juxta le Risenebrugge ex illâ parte versus Brontistona etc. in feudo et hereditate etc. reddendo inde iii. s. etc. Hiis testibus Radulfo de Burgo Senescallo nostro, Galfrido Proutfot de Burtona, Waltero tinctore, Galfrido de Lychfeld, Thoma janitore et aliis.

Omnibus etc. Thomas Abbas etc. Noverit etc. nos concessisse Willelmo filius Matildæ filiæ Nicholai de Schobinhale, medietatem illius burgagii quod fuit Walteri de Schobinhale pertinens (sic) serjantiæ et custodiæ portæ Abbathiæ nostræ de Burtona, illam scilicet medietatam quæ jacet inter burgagium quod fuit Galfridi de Lychfeld ex unâ parte et dimidium burgagium Galfridi fratris dicti Willelmi ex alterâ. Habendum etc. predicto Willelmo et heredibus suis etc. Reddendo inde annuatim etc. unam denarium argenti etc. Hiis testibus Galfrido Proudfot et Johanne Proudfot de Burtonâ, Johanne Hemming de eâdem, Waltero tinctore, Ricardo Piscatore, Roberto de Certeleye, Roberto de Swinisco, Ricardo de Walton, Ricardo le Frere et aliis.

Folio 79.

Omnibus etc. Matildis filia quondam Nicholai de Schobinhale salutem. Noverit etc. me reddidisse pro me et heredibus meis dominis meis Domino Abbati et Conventui de Burtonâ super Trentam illam serjantiam et custodiam portæ suæ Abbachiæ de Burtonâ simul cum toto corrodio et annuo redditu eisdem pertinente, et omnia tenementa tarn infra villam de Burtona quam extra quæ michi pervenerunt ex hereditate et successione Walteri de Schobinhale quondam janitoris sui sine aliquo retenemento etc. Pro hac autem redditione etc. dederunt et concesserunt michi predicti Abbas et Conventus singulis diebus quamdiu vixero duas michas monachales, duos galones cervisiæ Conventualis sive citeræ, si Conventus citeram bibat, et unum denarium pro companagio. Et pro quâlibet septimanâ septem panes servientium et septem galones cervisiæ garcionum. Et singulis annis unum sextarum duri bladi et unum sextarum avenæ percipiendos de granario suo de Burtonâ ad tres anni terminos, videlicet in festo Sancti Martini unum quarterum frumenti et unum qnarterum avenæ. Et in festoPurificationis Beatæ Mariæ dimidium quarterum frumenti et dimidium quarterum bladi liberationum (sic) et unum quarterum avenæ. Et in festo Paschæ unum quarterum bladi liberationum (sic) et unum quarterum avenæ. Et singulis annis unam marcam argenti scilicet etc. Et singulis annis sex carectatas bosci, unam carectatam feni et unam carectatam foragii ad domum meam per carectas suas cariandas. Concesserunt etiam Radulfo filio meo honorabilem victum et vestitum de domo suâ Burtoniæ, ita tamen quod pro decem annos a die confectionis presentum continue subsequentes sustentabitur decenter juxta status sui exigentiam in omnibus vitæ suæ necessariis. Et post lapsum decem annorum vel infra si eis placuerit serviet in competenti servitio quamdiu sanus et potens fuerit ad laborandum, et tunc percipiet mensam et robam cum vernaculis suis. Et si forte aliquo morbo vel egritudine detentus fuerit quominus possit laborare tunc durante morbo vel egritudine predictis habebit singulis diebus unum panem Abbatis et alium servientium et unum galonem citeræ (sic) vel citeræ si Conventus citeram bibat et unum ferculum de coquinâ suâ et unam robam cum vernaculis suis per annum sicut supradictum est etc. Hiis testibus Dominis Roberto de Somervile, Roberto de Pipe et Roberto de Knitteleye militibus, Johanne de Miners, Henrico de Alrewas et Ricardo Clerico de Barton, Henrico Le Fleccher de eâdem, Johanne ad finem villæ de Horninglowe, Rogero Bullok de Stretton et aliis. Datum apud Burtonam die Sabbati prox. post Assumptionem Beatæ Mariæ Virginis anno Domini nonogesimo quinto.

Universis etc. Frater Thomas Abbas Burtoniæ etc. quia Willelmus dictus Osbern de Appelby attornavit se coram nobis de servitio annuo duodecim denariorum quod facere consuevit Willelmo filio Willelmi de Meysam pro tenemento quod de eo tenuit in villâ majoris Appelby et quod idem Willelmus nobis reddidit, etc. concedimus quod predictus Willelmus Osbern et heredes sui totum tenementum predictum de nobis etc. teneant etc. Datum apud Burtonam A.D. 1297.

Omnibus etc. Ricardus de Neulond juxta Blytham, salutem. Noverit etc. me remississe etc. illos octo denaratos (sic) annui redditûs quos mihi solvere consueverunt pro firmatione molendini sui juxta Blytham etc. volo insuper et concedo etc. quod quotiens et quando nos aliquod bladum etc. ad dictum molendinum suum molere contigerit tolnetum nostrum sicut ceteri de populo dictis Abbati etc. integre et plene persolvemus etc. Hiis testibus Ricardo de Blithfeld, Radulfo de Hampton, Roberto de Hampton, Stephano de Brokholes in Bromele, Radulfo Clerico de eâdem, Nicholao de le Hull de eâdem, Henrico Clerico de eâdem, et multis aliis.

Sciant etc. Ricardus filius et heres Rogeri filii G . . . de novâ terrâ (Newland) juxta Blitham dedi etc. Domino Johanni Abbati de Burtonâ etc. quod habeant imperpetuum etc. liberam facultatem firmandi molendinum suum super Blitham quod Ricardus molendinarius de eis aliquando tenuit etc. salvâ michi et heredibus meis liberâ multurâ proprii bladi mei ad mensam meam de le Neulond pertinentis etc. Hiis testibus Henrico filio Hugonis de Colton, Rogero de Bysshopeston, Willelmo a le Ass de Colton, Ricardo filio Reginaldi de Cone (qy. Coyney), Johanne de Asshurst, Nicholas de le Newelond, Henrico Fraunceis de Blithebiri, et aliis.

On a blank leaf, in a hand of the fourteenth century:—

De feodis militum in Comitatu Warwic de quibus debetur scutagium domino Comiti Tuttesburi.

Ista sunt feoda militum de quibus Edmundus filius Henrici quondam Regis Angliæ cepit scutagium tempore suo in Comitatu Warwic.

Warwic. Willelmus de Balliolo de hereditate quondam Radulphi de Picheford feodum in Herberburi in Comitatu Warwic.

Leyc. Dominus Almaricus de Sancto Amando tenet i. feodem in Catton in Comitatu Derbi et in Twycross in Comitatu Leyc.

Warw. Dominus de Adelvestre tenet dimidium feodum in Aldelvestre in Comitatu Warwic.

A touz ycieux etc. Hugh Comite de Stafford salutez en Dieu. Sachez que come un debate et plee estoient nadgairs muez perentre l'Abbe et Covent de Burton sur Trent d'une part et leur tenanz et reseantz denz le . . . de la dite ville d'autre part par cause de multure due as ditz Abbe et Covent et sustret par les tenauntz susditz et les parties avant ditz eux ount submyz a nostre ordinance etc. (The Earl as arbitrator in the dispute ordains that the multure belongs to the Abbot and Convent.) Dated 15th November, 19 Ric. II.

On a blank sheet, unnumbered:—

Edwardus Dei gratiâ Rex Angliæ etc. Sciatis quod de gratiâ nostra speciali perdonavimus Abbati de Burton super Trentam trescentas libras in quibus nobis tenebatur pro catallis nobis forisfactis per ipsum injuste occupatis unde coram dilectis et fidelibus nostris Johanne de Stonore et sociis suis Justiciariis nostris de inquirendo de hujusmodi catallis nobis in Comitatu Staffordiæ assignatis est convictus etc. Teste me ipso apud Westm. vicessimo octavo die Februarii anno R. nostro xviii. per ipsum Regem.