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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Tangier See Plantation Trade.

Tea See Excise.

The Temple, Fire at See Records of Fines.

Tillage See Cattle.

Timber See Dean, Forest of.

Tinners of Devon and Cornwall See Courts of Stannaries. Militia, England.

Tithe Corn See Weights and Measures.

Titles of honour See Court of (Wards and Liberies.


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For prohibiting the planting, setting, or sowing Tobacco in England and Ireland. 12 Car. II. c . 34. 297
No Person after the 1st January 1660 shall set or plant any TobaccoPenalty 40s. for every Rod or Pole. 10. per Rod or Pole additional , 15 Car. II. c . 7. 18. 1. Ib.
Sheriffs and other Officers may destroy Tobacco planted contrary to this Act. 2. Ib .
Resisting Execution of ActPenalty 5 DistressIf no Distress, Imprisonment. 3. Ib .
Proviso for Physic Gardens. This Act confirmed , 13 Car. II. Stat . 1. c . 14. Resisting the Execution thereof, Punishment , 15 Car. II. c . 7. 16. Repealed as to Ireland , 19 G. III. c . 35. 1. Extended to Scotland , 22 G. III. c . 73. 1. 4. Ib .
Sowing TobaccoFurther Penalty, how to be disposed of. 15 Car. II. c . 7. 15. 452
Resisting Execution of Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 34. Imprisonment, over and above the former Penalties. 16. Ib .
Proviso for the Physic Gardens of the Universities, &c. 17. Ib .
To prevent the planting of Tobacco in England, and for regulating the Plantation Trade. 22 & 23 Car. II. c . 26. 747
Justices of Peace to issue their Warrants to Constables, &c. to make a Return to them of what Tobacco is planted, and by whom and upon what Land, and to make a Presentment in Writing upon Oath to the next Quarter SessionsSuch Presentment being filed by the Clerk of the Peace, to be a sufficient Conviction, except, upon Notice, it shall be traversed. 1. Ib .
Power to Officers, &c. to pull up, &c. and destroy all the Plants, &c.Officers not doing their Duty in destroying of itPenalty. 2. Ib .
Refusing, &c. to assist Officers, Penalty 5Distress or ImprisonmentResisting Officers, Penalty 5DistressIf no Distress, Imprisonment. 3. Ib .
In Action brought for executing this and the former Acts, General Issue may be pleadedCosts. 4. 748
Proviso for Tobacco planted in Physic Gardens. This Act continued, 5 G. I. c. 11. 19. so long as 12 Car. II. c. 4. shall continue . 22 & 23 Car. II. c . 26. 5. 748

Tobacco-pipe Clay See Wool.

Tonnage and Poundage

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For a Subsidy granted to the King of Tonnage and Poundage, and other Sums of Money payable upon Merchandize exported and imported. 12 Car. II. c . 4. 181
A Subsidy of Tonnage granted upon French Wine imported, &c. into London, 4. 10s. per TonBy Aliens, 6. Into all other Ports, 3By Aliens, 4. 10. Sweet Wines imported into London, 2. 5s. per ButtBy Aliens, 3. Into any other Port, 38s.Aliens, 2. 5s. Every Awrne of Rhenish Wine imported, 20s. Aliens, 25s. 1. Ib .
A Subsidy of Poundage on Goods exported and imported according to the Book of Rates. Ib . Ib .
Native Commodities exported by AliensProviso for old Draperies, certain Wines, Fish, English taken, &c. Ib . Ib .
A Subsidy of Woollen Cloth exported, Broad Cloth, 3s. 4d.Every other Short Cloth of old Drapery in Book of Rates, 3s. 4d.; exported by Aliens, 6s. 8d. The said Subsidies granted to the King during his Life. These Duties made to cease, as to Exportation of Native Commodities (except Coals) and Manufactures by Aliens , 25 Car. II. c . 6. 1. and see 2.; and as to the remaining Duties, continued for Five Years , 6 & 7 W . & M. c . 1. 1. and thence until 1st Aug . 1706, 8 & 9 W. III. c . 20. 1. Made to cease as to Woollen Manufactures , 11 & 12 W. III. c . 20. 1.; as to Corn , & c . 4. of that Act. The remaining Duties continued until 1 st Aug . 1710, 1 Ann. st. I. c . 13. 1. until 1 st Aug . 1712, 5 & 6 Ann. c . 27. 2. except Clauses intended to be made perpetual , 3. Half the Duties continued from 31 July 1712, for 96 Years , 6 Ann. c . 11. 1. made perpetual 1 G. I. Stat. 2. c. 12. 2. made to cease 27 G. III. c. 13. 1. See 43 G. III. c . 68. 1.49 G. III. c . 98. 1. 2. 182
Shipping, &c. for Exportation, and not paying the SubsidyPenaltyMerchant Aliens shall be well intreated. 3. Ib .
Proviso for Goods taken by Enemies or Pirates, or perished on the SeaProof before the Treasurer of England or Chief Baron of Exchequer. 4.
The Customs of Goods shipped in Carricks or Gallies by Denizens. 12 Car. II. c . 4. 4. 182
Proviso for Exportation of Herrings, &c. without paying Duties. 5. Ib .
No Rates to be imposed on Merchandize without Authority of Parliament. 6. Ib .
A Book of Rates agreed by the Commons House of Parliament, subscribed by the Speaker. See 13 G. III. c . 27. 1. 31. Ib . Ib .
In what case the Fees of the Custom House Officers to be as in 4 Jac. I. 7. 183
Proviso for such as paid before the 24th July 1660. 8. Ib .
Proviso for Persons having shipped Goods before the said 24th July. 9. Ib .
Goods described which may be exported immediately after passing this Act. 10. Ib .
Goods which may be exported being at certain Prices. Ib . Ib .
The King, by Proclamation, may prohibit transporting Gunpowder, &c. 11. Ib .
An additional Subsidy upon Wines, French, &c. imported, 3 per Ton; other Wines, 4Security by Importer. 12.
The said additional Subsidy to be repaid upon Exportation. Ib . Ib .
Allowance on Payment of Duties in ready Money. Ib . Ib .
All Wines imported discharged of Excise. 13. Ib
Prizage Wines not to pay any Tonnage or Subsidy. 14 Ib .


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For the Encouragement of Trade. 15 Car. II. c . 7. 449
For settling Freedom and Intercourse of Trade between England and Scotland. 19 & 20 Car. II. c . 5. 630
Twelve English Commissioners to meet certain Commissioners from Scotland, to treat concerning Liberty and Freedom of Trade, who may suspend Duties and PenaltiesThe Agreement between them drawn into Writing and being ratified to be of force. Ib. Ib.

-, See plantation Trade.

Trained Bands See Militia.


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For attainting Thomas Dolman, Joseph Bampfield, and Thomas Scott, of High Treason. 17 Car. II. c . 5. 578
The said Persons not returning into the Realm and rendering themselves by a Day, to stand attainted of High Treason. 1. Ib .
All Persons beyond Sea not rendering themselves upon Proclamation made, attainted of High Treason. 2. Ib .
Time allowed to render. 3. Ib .
Persons serving the United Provinces in certain Places, attainted of High Treason. 4. Ib .

Treasonable and seditious practices and Attempts

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For Safety and Preservation of His Majesty's Person and Government against treasonable and seditious Practices and Attempts. 13 Car. II. c . 1. 304
What shall be adjudged Treason during Life of the King To be proved by Two Witnesses, or otherwise convicted or attainted by due Course of Law. 1. Ib .
Certain Offences, during His Majesty's Life, to disable Persons to bear any OfficeException of Peerage. 2. 305
Parliament begun 3d November 1640, declared to be dissolved. 3. Ib .
No legislative Power in either or both Houses of Parliament without the King. Ib . Ib .
Affirming that the said Parliament is not dissolved, or that there lies any Obligation upon any Person to endeavour a Change of Government, or that the Parliament has a legislative Power without the King, Premunire Stat. 16 R. II. c. 5. Ib . Ib .
The Solemn League and Covenant unlawful. Ib . Ib .
Orders and Ordinances of both or either Houses of Parliament to which the Royal Assent not had, void. 13 Car. II. c . 1. 3. 305
Proviso for Indemnity by Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 11. Ib. Ib.
No Person to be prosecuted for any Offences in this Act, (other than Treason) unless by special Order from His MajestyLimitation of Prosecution. 4. Ib.
Treasons and Offences with in this Act, to be proved by Two Witnesses viva voce. 5. Ib.
Proviso for Privilege of Debate in Parliament, and for Repeal or Alteration of Laws, or redressing public Grievances. 6. 306
Proviso for Trial and Pardon of Peers, &c. This Act appears to be expired. 7. Ib .

Trusts See Frauds and Perjuries.

Tumults See Petitioning the King.