William and Mary, 1688: An Act for preventing Doubts and- Questions concerning the Collecting the Publique Revenue. [Chapter XIV. Rot. Parl. pt. 5. nu. 11.]

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 6, 1685-94. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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All the Revenue payable to the Two late Kings shall be paid to their present Majesties till December next.

All Acts concerning the Revenue in force.; Orders about Fees continued.; Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4.

For the preventing all Disputes and Questions concerning the collecting levying and answering of the Publique Revenue due and payable in the Raignes of the late Kings Charles the Second and James the Second whilst the better setling of the same is under the Consideration of this present Parylament Bee it enacted by the King and Queenes most excellent Majestyes by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons in Parliament assembled and by authoritie of the same That the Subsidie of Tonnage and Poundage and other Summes of Money payable upon Merchandize Exported and Imported and the severall Impositions Duties and Charges upon Liquors Manufactures and other things and all and singular the Revenue and Revenues whatsoever except the Duties ariseing by Fire-hearths and Stoves other then such as are or shall be incurred at or before the five and twentyeth day of March one thousand six hundred eighty nine given granted and payable to or lawfully enjoyed by the said late Kings or either of them which remained and had continuance on the fifth day of November last and all Arreares of the same shall be raised levyed collected answered and paid to their Majestyes untill the twenty fifth day of December which shall be in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty and nine in the same manner and forme according to such Rates and Orders and by such Rules Meanes and Wayes and under such Penalties and Forfeitures as are mentioned expressed and appointed in the Statutes made in the Raigns of the said late Kings or either of them concerning the same respectively and as by Law the same might or ought to have beene dureing the said Raigns And that all and singular Acts of Parliament made dureing the Reigns of either of the said late Kings for the granting setling raising levying collecting answering and paying the same or for preventing Frauds or Concealments or regulateing Abuses therein or for the better ordering or recovering the same and all Powers Provisions Penalties Articles Clauses and Things contained in the said Acts or any of them be and are hereby continued and confirmed and shall stand and be in force and be applyed practiced executed and putt in use for the raising levying collecting paying and answering the said Subsidie Summes of Money Impositions Duties and Revenues to their Majestyes according to the tenour and intent of this present Act And alsoe that an Order of the Commons in Parliament assembled made in pursuance of the Rules and Orders annexed to the Act of Parliament made in the twelfth yeare of the Raigne of the [said1] late King Charles the Second Entituled A Subsidie granted to the King of Tonnage and Poundage and other Summes of Money payable upon Merchandize Exported and Imported for setling of Officers Fees dated the seventeenth day of May one thousand six hundred sixty two and signed by Sir Edward Turner then Speaker shall be of full force and effect untill the said five and twentyeth day of December one thousand six hundred eighty nine as if the same were particularly and at large recited in this Act

II. Persons who have received Subsidy indemnified, but answerable to their Majesties.

And bee it further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid That all and every person and persons that have received or collected the said Subsidy Summs of Money Impositions Duties or, any other publique Revenue or any part or parcel thereof since the said fifth day of November shall and are hereby indempnifyed against all persons from whome he or they levyed received or collected the same to be answerable neverthelesse to their Majestyes for what he or they have soe received or collected

III. Seizures and Forfeitures betwixt December and February valid.

And bee it farther enacted by the authoritie aforesaid That all Seisures and Distresses made or to be made by any Officer or Officers of the Customs or Excise or any person or persons thereunto lawfully authorized and all Forfeitures and Penalties for any Offence against any Law concerning the Customs or Excise or relateing to the Transportation of Woole or Importation or Exportation of Prohibited Goods incurred since the eleventh day of December and before the thirteenth day of February one thousand six hundred eighty eight shall be prosecuted and sued and all Recoveries Judgments and Proceedings thereupon shall and may be had and prosecuted as well by any Informer sueing and prosecuteing for the Kings and Queens Majestyes and himselfe as by their Majestyes Attourney Generall for their Majestyes in the same manner and forme as if such Seizures Distresses and Offences had beene made and committed after the said thirteenth day of February.