William and Mary, 1690: An Act for Reviveing a former Act for Regulating the Measures and Prices of Coales. [Chapter VII. Rot. Parl. pt. 3. nu. 6.]

Pages 230-231

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 6, 1685-94. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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16 &17 Car. II. c. 2.; Revived for Seven Years.

Whereas an Act was made in the sixteenth and seventeenth yeares of the Raigne of the late King Charles the Second Entituled An Act for Regulating the Measures and Prices of Coals which Act was to continue for three yeares thence next following and thenceforth to the end of the next Session of Parlyament and noe longer and is expired And whereas the said Act was found to be very usefull and beneficiall to this Kingdome Bee it enacted by the King and Queens most excellent Majesties by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons in this present Parlyament assembled and by the authoritie of the same That the said Act and every Clause Article and Branch therein contained shall be and is and are hereby revived and continued in full force strength and vertue to all intents and purposes whatsoever and shall soe stand and continue from the first day of December one thousand six hundred and ninety for the space of seven yeares and from thence to the end of the first Session of Parlyament then next following and noe longer


12 Car. II. c. 18. § 6.; Coal Ships may be navigated by Foreign Seamen during the present War.

[And whereas by an Act made in the twelfth yeare of the Raigne of King Charles the Second Entituled An Act for [the (fn. 1) ] Encourageing and Increasing of Shipping and Navigation It is among other things provided That noe Goods or Merchandices shall be loaden [and (fn. 2) ] carryed from one part of England to another in any Shipp or Vessell whatsoever whereof three fourths of the Mariners at least shall not be English under the Penaltie of forfeiting all such Goods as shall be loaden or carryed in any such Shipp or Vessell together with the Shipp or Vessell and all her Guns Ammunition Tackle Furniture and Apparell Now forasmuch as the High price of Coales arises chiefly from the want of Seamen to supply that Navigation while soe many are imployed in their Majesties Service Bee it enacted by the authoritie aforesaid That soe much onely of this last mentioned Act as concerns the number and proportion of forreigne Seamen thereby limitted to saile in English Shipps shall be dispenced with and is hereby thus farr dispenced with soe as it shall and may be lawfull for the Owner or Owners of any Shipp or Vessell English built and belonging to the Subjects of England whereof the Master is an Englishman tradeing with Coals to and from Newcastle or the parts adjacent or any part of Wales to the Port of London or [to (fn. 3) ] any other part of England to navigate the said Shipp or Vessell with as many Forreigne Seamen as the said Master or Owners shall thinke fitt dureing the present Warr with France and noe longer any thing in the said Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding. (fn. 4) ]


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.
  • 2. or O.
  • 3. interlined on the Roll.
  • 4. annexed to the Original Act in a separate Schedule.