Administrative and legal history

Sources relating to national and local government (excluding Parliament), and the development of British law.

Calendar of Cecil Papers

 24 volumes.

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic (William and Mary)

Eleven volumes, for the reigns of William and Mary and William singly from 1696. 11 volumes.

Calendar of State Papers, Scotland

Nine volumes, for the period 1547-88. 9 volumes.

Office Holders in Modern Britain

Listings of holders of offices in central government (17th-19th centuries). 11 volumes.

State Papers of John Thurloe

Collections of Thurloe, Secretary of State 1652-8, ed. Thomas Birch (7 volumes). 7 volumes.

Rymer's Foedera With Syllabus

The text of Rymer's Foedera (1704-1735), combined with an English summary. 5 volumes.

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic (James I)

Calendars of documents held by The National Archives. 4 volumes.

Statutes of the Realm

The full text of Statutes passed into law by the two Houses of Parliament. 3 volumes.

Quarter Sessions records

Records of the periodic courts of quarter sessions. 9 volumes.

Calendar of Border Papers

Papers concerning the Anglo-Scottish border (1560-1603). 2 volumes.

City of London, Calendar of letter books

Records of the government of medieval London (1275-1509). 11 volumes.

City of London, Calendar of plea and memoranda rolls

Three volumes, covering period from 1323 to 1412. 3 volumes.

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660

The full text of legislation passed into law during the Interregnum. Contains over 900 pieces of legislation. ranging from that concerning the trial and execution of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury to the regulation of trade in currants, and from the propagation of the Gospel in the New World to the draining of the Great Fen. Originally published in three volumes, it is here given together, along with a table of acts passed and a substantial introduction.

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Transcriptions from the manuscript rolls of all parliaments which survive for the period 1275 to 1504. The transcriptions - in Latin, Anglo-Norman or Middle English - are presented in parallel with a modern English translation. There is also a description of each parliament of the period, including for those of which no roll survives.

A History of the County of Northampton: Volume 4

Covers the parishes in the hundreds of Hamfordshoe, Higham Ferrers, Orlingbury, Spelhoe and Wymersley, in the central part of the county. It includes an account of the parish of Wellingborough.

Assize records

Assize records for London, 14th-16th centuries. 2 volumes.

Eyres, records of

Records of courts of itinerant justices (13th century). 2 volumes.

Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1638-1842

An edition of the legislation of the Church of Scotland, prepared by a committee of the Church Law Society, convened by Thomas Pitcairn.

London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes

London Record Society, volume 32; here published with the kind support of the Society. Abstracted details of nearly 1,800 cases, relating to defamation, marriage, tithe and other disputes.

Justice in eighteenth-century HackneyThe justicing notebook of Henry Norris and the Hackney petty sessions book

These two sources cover between them the period 1730 to 1753. Edited from MSS in the Greater London Record Office, by permission of the London Record Society.

Calendar of Documents Preserved in France918-1206

Covers the whole period 918 to 1206.

Calendar of early mayor's court rolls: 1298-1307

Nine rolls, covering a formative period in the history of the City of London, and illustrative of ancient municipal law and legal custom.

Committees for Repeal of the Test and Corporation ActsMinutes 1786-90 and 1827-8

The minutes of two committees of London Dissenters (ministers and laymen) for the repeal of these two Acts, the second of which was eventually successful. From MSS in the Guildhall Library, reproduced by permission of the London Record Society.