Appendix 3: Wren's building accounts and churchwardens' accounts

Pages 123-138

Survey of London Monograph 15, St Bride's Church, Fleet Street. Originally published by Guild & School of Handicraft, London, 1944.

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Wren's building accounts and churchwardens' accounts charges in rebuilding the parochiall church of St Brides

f. 167
To Josuah Marshall Mason for worke done by him at the Church of St Brides.
For pulling downe the walls of the Church and Steeple the two first payments by contract at 100 0 0
For Carving twelve Capitalls and inriching their Cornice att per Colume ls. 30 0 0
For Carving 12 Cherubins heads with inriching part of a Cornice over them at per a peece xvjs. 9 12 0
For carving 2 Ionick Capitalls at the North dore at 2 0 0
For inriching Pilaster Capitalls and the Cornices over them at the sides of the East end at 6 0 0
For cutting the whole Scrowle worke of the Cornice without being about 300 foot at 15 0 0
For digging and carrying away 900 Cubick yards in all the foundacions of the walls Pillars and new Tower at per yard ijs. 90 0 0
252 12 0
f. 167v
To Josuah Marshall Mason for worke done by him at ye Church of St. Brides being his first measurement Janr 16th 1671[–2].
Measured all the inside worke to 11 fot high above the water table, on ye East, North, and South, and up to the watertable on the returnes to ye Steeple, on the West, in the inside the Splayes of windows 6 foot 9in above the Soyles with the Splayes and heads of Dores, Excepting ye great North dore with the Pillars Pillasters and Neech not measured.
For 2842 fot of Portland Ashler at per foot ijs. xd. 402 12 4
For 1318 fot 6in of Sup11 Portland worke at per fot xviijd. 98 17 9
For working and setting 702 fot of Old freestone Ashler for Splayes of windows at per foot vd. 14 12 6
For 27 fot 3in of Sup11 of new Portland for Splayes for ye heads of dores at per fot ijs. vjd. 3 9
For 15 fot of new Rigate Stone for Splayes at per fot ijs. 1 10 0
For workmanship of 46 fot 9in of Rustick Coines allowed more then plaine Ashler att vjd. 1 3
For Carving 2 Scrowles 0 15 0
For 752 fot of Block Stone att per fot ijs. vjd. 94 0 0
For 128 Rod. and ½ and 51 fot of Rubble worke in ye foundacion of ye steeple up to the first course of Ashler, in ye foundacion of ye walls and pillars, and in the upright walls at per Rod. xlviijs. 308 16 6
For working and setting 420 fot of Old Ashler at per fot iiijd. 7 0 0
932 16 10
To Josuah Marshall Mason for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides Septr 13. 1672 being the 2d measuremt of Stone and Rubble worke measured from 11 fot above ye watertable to ye upper part of ye Cornice on the East, North, South, and West to ye Steeple, and ye great East window to ye same hight both inside and outside, and ye Pillars and ¾ pillars to the top of the Cornice above them and ye Steeple to ye upr part of ye Impst. molding Except ye dore at ye west end.
For 3778 fot ½ of Portland Ashler at per fot ijs. xd. 535 5 9
For 479 fot of Kentish Ashler at per foot ijs. iiijd. 55 17 8
For 2921 fot ½ of freestone Ashler at per fot ijs. vjd. 365 3 9
For 6100 fot of portland stone workmanshp Sup11 at per fot xviijd. 457 10 0
For 256 fot 11in of freestone workemsp sup11 at per foot xiiijd. 14 19 8
For 3994 fot 11in of Block att per fot ijs. vjd. 499 7 3
For 50 Rod. ½ and 40 fot of Rubble at per Rod xlviijs. 121 10 8
For 625 fot ½ of freestone workmanship in the Splayes of windows and dores at per fot vjd. 15 12 9
For 18 Steps of Staires in the Steeple at per Step vjs. vjd. 5 17 0
2071 4 6
To John Cale Plummer for 20C. 2q. 11li. of lead for the masons use at per Cent xvs. 15 9 2
To Joshua Marshall Mason for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides. Measured from the under part of the Impost moulding in the Steeple to the Top of 49 Steps, being 31 Steps higher then the last measurement which is levell to the Top of the plinth of the base of the Parapett round ye outside of the Church, except the front on the west side of ye Steeple, wch is measured to ye top of the Cornice about ye church, likewise ye Arches over ye Pillars on the North and South Oyls to ye top of the plinth over ye Key Stones wth one course of freeston on ye outside above ye same.
For 422 fot of Portland Ashler at per foot ijs. xd. 59 15 8
For 2561 fot of freestone Ashler at per foot ijs. vjd. 320 2 6
For 3915 fot ½ of Portland stone workmsp sup11 measure at per fot xviijd. 293 13 3
For 1061 fot of freestone workmsp sup11 measr at per foot xiiijd. 61 17 10
For 3786 fot of Block at per fot ijs. vjd. 473 5 0
For 46 Rod. ½ of Rubble worke at per Rod xlviijs. 111 12 0
For 31 Steps for Staires at 10 1 6
For 116 fot of purbeck paving laid in the belfrey at per fot xd. 4 16 8
1335 4 5
To George Drew, Smith, for 46C. of Cramps att per hundred xxxvs. 80 10 0
For Stone hookes wtt 2. 3. 15. at per pound iiijd. 5 7 8
For window barrs wtt 28. 1. 12. at iijd. 39 14 0
125 11 8
To John Cale Plummer for lead delivered to ye Masons from June 15. 1673, to December 23. 1673 wtt 6c 14li at per Cent xvs. 4 11 11
f. 168v
To Joshuah Marshall Mason for 54 fot of lace in the corbell at per fot xd. 2 5 0
For 40 fot great leaves cutt in the same corbell, at per fot iijs. vjd. 7 0 0
For 100 sqr in the Suffita of ye Arches carved wth lace and roses at each xviijs. 90 0 0
For 36 Smaller Sqrs in ye Suffita of the Arches under the Steeple carved as above and enriched at per each xs. 18 0 0
For 40 fot of lace in the upper member of the cornice in the round of the Steeple within at per foot viijd. 1 6 8
For 42 fot of dentills and beads att per fot xvjd. 2 16 0
For 28 fot of leaves and dentills in the cornish of the Steeple within the Church at per fot ijs. vjd. 3 10 0
For 40 plaine modilions at per each ijs. 4 0 0
For 2 Ionick capitalls at per each xlvs. 4 10 0
For 10 Cherubins heads at per each xxiiijs. 12 0 0
For 12 Sheilds at per each xxxs. 18 0 0
163 7 8
To George Drew, Smith, for worke done by him at The Church of St. Brides from Dec. 22. 1673 to Augt 6th. 1674.
For Cramps for the Masons wtt 12. 0. 23 at per C. iijd. ob. qua. 21 7 2
For Stone hookes wtt 30 li. at per pound iiijd. 0 10 0
For window barrs wtt 3. 3. 11 at per iijd. 5 7 9
27 4 11
To Joshua Marshall Mason for expences by him laid out to Jeremiah Read plummer for watertables on the North side from April 3d. to June 19th 1674.
For new lead wtt 23c 1q 15li at per xvijs. 19 17 9
For Soddar wtt 6li at per pound ixd. 0 4 6
20 2 3
f. 169
More to him for watertables and part of a gutter on the South Side by him laid out to Burhill Goodwin from March 16. 167¾.
For lead wtt 8. 2. 7 at per Cent xvijs. 7 5 8
For lead wtt 1. 1. 1 at per 1 1 5
For lead wtt 1. 0. 0 att 0 17 0
For lead wtt 3. 3. 22 att 3 7 5
For Soddar 0. 0. 7 att 0 5 3
12 16 9
More by him laid out to Burhill Goodwin for flashes on the South side Oyle of the Church from March 16th. 167¾.
For lead weight 9c 0q 10li at per Cent xvjs. vjd. 7 8 8
To John Longland Carpentr for 10 Centrs made to the middle Oyle at 14 0 0
For a double dore made to the Steeple 1 10 0
For covering the mouldings with boardes to save them from breaking 2 6 9
17 16 9
f. 169v
To Joshua Marshall Mason for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides. Being the accomplishment of the whole mason's worke both inside and outside, of walls, pillars, arches, windows, dores, and parapett of the tower walls from ye bottom of the foundations to the top of the parapett North and South, at the East end to the top of the higher pedament of the inward walls to the upper part of the Bastard Cornice, of ye Steeple and Staircase, to the levell of the point of ye frontispeice of the first window over the west dore Septr 22. 1674.
For 2975 fot 6in of Portland Ashler at per fot ijs. xd. 421 10 7
For 586 fot of purpen Ashler at per foot iijs. viijd. 107 8 8
For 2442 fot of freestone Ashler at per fot ijs. vjd. 305 5 0
For 3400 fot workmansp of Portland stone11 measure at per fot xviijd. 255 0 0
For 126 fot workmansp of freestone workmansp at per fot xiiijd. 7 7 0
For 2111 fot of Block at per fot ijs. vjd. 263 17 6
For 43 Rod. ½ of Rubble worke at per Rod. xlviijs. 104 8 0
For stone and workmansp of the 4 Scrowles and leaves of the wings on the North and South sides of the Steeple 5 0 0
For workmansp of 2 Scrowles on the great east window 2 10 0
For 8 Portland Steps 2 fot gocing at 1 12 0
For 23 Steps in the Stairecase at per vjs. vjd. 7 9 6
For 186 fot 6in of Portland Stone workmansp at per fot xviijd. 13 19 9
For 46 fot of block at 2s. vjd. 5 15 0
1501 3 0
To William Cleere Joyner for 348 fot 9 inch of wainscot measur'd single in 7 paire of dores at per foot att ijs. vjd. 43 10 0
f. 170a
To John Longland Carpentr for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides.
For 31 sqr 18 fot of Roofing boarded over the side Isles at per Sq. iiijli. xs. 140 5 0
For 43 sqr 30 fot of roofing boarded over the high roofe at per Square vijli. 303 2 8
For 30 Sqr of Cieling floore boarded at per Sqr xls. 60 0 0
For 448 Sqr feet of Guttering at per foot xijd. 22 8 0
For 2 dores and cheekes to the Luthorns in ye Roofe at 1 10 0
527 5 8
To John Longland Carpentr for worke done by him at the Church of St Brides.
For 36 Squr 13 fot in the compass Cieling of the middle Isle at iijli. 108 7 9
For 3 Sqr 25 fot in ye sides of the ribbs there at per Sqr xlvs. 7 6 3
For bragetting 7 large floors in the Cieling att 1 0 0
For 261 fot ½ ballex. molding 17in girt at vjd. 6 10 9
For ye Chancell Cieling 3 Sqr. ½ 13 fot at per Sqr ls. 9 1 6
For 26 Sqr 17 fot in the Cieling of the side Isles at per Sq. ground lvs. 71 19 2
For 5 Sq ¾ in the ribbs there at per Sqr xls. 11 10 0
For 4 Sq. ¼ in the Cieling of the Staircase at per Sqr xxs. 4 5 0
For Scaffolding to ye Cieling for ye bragetting thereof 10 0 0
230 0 5
To George Drew for worke done by him at the Church of Saint Brides from Augt 6th 1674 to Augt the 4th 1675.
For Cramps, botts, Straps, Collers, and Staples used about the Roofe and in the Masons worke wtt 21. 3. 10 at per pd iijd. ob. qua. 38 4 4
For a paire of hinges for the Steeple dore wtt 20li at iiijd. 0 6 8
For 300 of dice-headed Nailes to ye Steeple dore at each jd. 1 5 0
For 2 paire of hookes and hinges wth 30 forge nailes, and 2 botts for the gutter dores wtt 25li at iiijd. 0 8 4
40 4 4
f. 170av
To Charles Atherton Plummr for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides from Augt 6. 1674 to Augt 14th 1675.
For Sheet lead wtt 966. 3. 21 at per Cent xvijs. vjd. 846 1 6
For Sodder wtt 4. 2. 21 at per Cent ixd. 19 13 9
For 8 Cesterns each at xxxs. 12 0 0
For 12 pipes each att xxs. 12 0 0
For 20 li. of Grates at per li. iijd. 0 5 0
For Spikes used in fixing the pipes and Cisternes att 1 5 0
For 20 li. of Sodder for Elboes at ixd. 0 15 0
For labour in making the said Elboes att 0 5 0
For Sheet lead wtt 4. 3. 25 at per Cent xvijs. vjd. 4 7 2
896 12 5
Deduct for cuttings wtt 10. 2. 18 at per Cent xiiijs. 7 9 3
889 3 2
To George Drew, Smith, for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides from Augt 16. 1675 to March 23. 1676.
For a parc of Stone hookes for ye South dore wtt 16 li. at iiijd. 0 5 6
For 2 small Stone hookes for a dore in the Steeple wtt 8li 0 2 8
For Iron worke for 10 ovall windows Screw'd and Joynted wtt 10c 2q 6li att per pound iijd. ob. qua. 35 0
For Iron worke for 7 round windowes Screw'd and Joynted wtt 9c 1q 23li at per iijd. ob. q. concluded in the Summe of 35li 0s 3d ½q. 0 0 0
For Iron worke for ye Arches on ye top of ye Monins of ye great windows weight 1. 0. 6½ at per 1 17 0
For 86 Screws for ye Ironworke of ye windows at each vjd. 2 3 0
For 8 pare of hinges for ye Church dores wtt 3. 2. 26 at per li. vd. 8 14 2
For 64 large Revitts fil'd at each ijd. 0 10 8
For 20 doz. of large forge nailes at per doz. iiijd. 0 6 8
For 6 paire of double casmt in frames wtt 2c 1q 16li at vijd. 7 16 4
For a very good plate lock for ye Church dore going through the Steeple with appurtenances att 1 15 0
For a good plate lock for the Church dore agt ye Uestry 1 5 0
For a good plate lock for the Steeple dore at 1 0 0
For 4 pare of large Spring plate bolts for the church dore 2 1 7
For 11 window barrs wtt 2q 16li at per li. iijd. 0 18 0
For 33 window barrs wtt 1. 2. 10 at iijd. 2 4 6
For 44 barrs for ye 2 windowes next the Steeple wtt 3c 2qli at per pound iijd. 4 19
71 0 0
f. 170b
To John Grove Plaisterr for worke done at St. Brides Chur.
For 723 yards 1 fot 9in of cieling not enrich't groines included at per xvd. 45 3 10
For 531 yds 4 fot of rendering upon the walls and stone worke at vijd. 15 9 9
For 1138 yds 6 fot of stoneworke whited at per yard ijd. 9 9 8
For 1254 yds of whiting upon the Cieling and rendering att per ijd. 10 9 0
For 148 yds of whiting in ye ribbs and moulding inricht at ijd. 1 4 8
For 37 fot 2in of mouldings on the ribb next the Chancell 3 fot 9in girt at per fot running iiijs. 7 8 8
For 148 fot 8in of mouldings on 4 great ribbs 4f 9in girt at per fot vs. 37 3 4
For 37 fot 2in of mouldings on ye ribbs next the Steeple 3 fot 2in girt at per iijs. 5 11 6
For 107 flowers in those ribbs each at ijs. 10 14 0
For 2 large flowers in the middle of the pannells for ye branches at viijs. each 0 16 0
For 261 fot of Ballex. moulding inricht 17in girt at per fot xviijd. 19 11 6
In the Chancell.
For 7 large flowers in the pannells at per each viijs. 2 16 0
For 12 flowers on the beames each at ijs. 1 4 0
For the frett Cielling there containing 27 yds 6 fot 8in flatt measure at per yard xijs. 16 12 0
Allowed for Scaffolding 10 0 0
193 13 11
To Hannah Brace Glaizr now the wife of Ralph Neile for worke done at St. Brides Church to July 26th 1675.
For glazing 30 lights Ovall, Round and Sqr being in all 2177.7.951 at per fot viijd. 72 11 10
For 6 Casements att 0 6 0
72 17 10
To John Grove Plaisterr for Stoping of Glass in this Church.
For 4 lightes in ye East window 0 8 0
For 32 lightes in 8 windows in the North and South Isles 3 4 0
For 4 lights in 4 windows at the West end 0 8 0
For 16 round windows at 2. 6 each 2 0 0
6 0 0
f. 170bv
To Robert Streeter Painter for worke done at St. Brides.
For 2076 yds of window barrs done in Oyle 3in and ½ girt at jd. ob. qua. 15 2 9
For 70 yds of barrs in the transomes 2in girt at per yd jd. 0 5 10
For 6 Casements wth frames 4 fot high and 2½ wide at ixd each. 0 4 6
For 59 yds done in 4 dores of the Church at per yd xijd. 2 19 0
18 12 1
To George Drew, Smith, for worke done by him at the Church of St. Bride's to Septr 16th 1676.
For 12 barrs goeing round the Steeple in 12 collers wtt 7c 3q 17li ½ att per pound iijd. ob. qua. 13 16 6
To Joshua Marshall Mason for worke done at the Church of St. Brides. Measured from the point of the frontispiece of the first window over ye west dore, to the underside of the Steeple cornice being inside and outside to the top of 101 Steps, Octor 3. 1676.
For 201 fot rub'd purbeck paving laid arras att xiijd. 10 17 8
For 2580 fot rub'd purbeck paving in courses att per xijd. 129 0 0
For 26 fot 8in rub'd purbeck Step at per ijs. iiijd. 3 1 6
For 26 fot 8in black marble Step att per vijs. vjd. 10 0 0
For 201 fot 3in black and white marble paving at per ijs. iiijd. 23 9 7
For 18 fot 6in of portland Step moulded at per ijs. vjd. 2 6 3
For 34 fot 6in rough purbeck Step at per fot ijs. 3 9 0
For 2389 fot 6in portland ashler in the Steeple at ijs. vd. 288 14
For 419 fot 6in freestone ashler at per xxiijd. 40 4
For 29 Stepes of Staires in ye Staircase and 2 in ye Belloft at vijs. 10 3 0
For 353 fot 6in Sup11 portland at xviijd. 26 10 3
For 390 fot 4in of Block at xxd. 25 15 0
For 37 Rod. 68fot of Rubble att vli. xs. 204 17 6
778 8 5
f. 171
To Joshua Marshall Mason for worke done at Saint Brides Steeple, measured from the underside of the Cornice to the top of the capitall of the pedestall under the subase of the pillars and pillasters and to the height of 121 steps in the Steeple etc.
For 923 fot 2in of Block att per fot xxd. 76 18 7
For 1223 fot 6in super11 portland at per fot xxjd. 107 1 0
For 181 fot 1in of freestone at per fot ijs. jd. 18 17 3
For 1109 fot 10in of portland ashler at per fot ijs. vd. 134 2 1
For 135 fot of Kentish ashler att xviijd. 10 2 6
For 23 fot 6in of purbeck paving at xijd. 1 3 6
For 20 Steps at per Step vijs. 7 0 0
For 21 Rod. 46 fot Rubble at per Rod. vli. xs. 116 8 4
471 13 3
To George Drew, Smith, for 4 Stay Barrs wtt 2. 1. 23 at per li. being used at the Steeple of Saint Brid's Church at iijd. ob. qua. 4 5 11
To Stephen Leaver, Smith, for worke done by him at the Church of St. Brides to Janr 31. 1677/8.
For 12 barrs 11 rings 4 Strap cramps with Staples to fasten to the timber of the Steeple wtt 8. 2. 25 at iijd. ob. qua. 15 5
For 2 Stone hookes wttli at iiijd. 0 1 10
For alltering a Ring at 0 0 6
For 4½li of Spikes at per li. iiijd. 0 1 6
15 9 1[¾]
f. 171v
To John Longland Carpentr for worke done in covering in the Steeple of St. Brides to Febr 7th 1677/8.
For 80 fot rung ½ of Oake beame in ye belloft 18 and 16 at vjs. iijd. 25 0 0
For 76 fot rung of plate Scantling 10 and 6 at xvjd. 5 1 4
For 53 fot of beame at the top of the belloft 14 and 13 at iijs. ixd. 9 18 9
For 69 fot of beame over the same Scantling 12 and 6 at xviijd. 5 3 6
For 120 fot of 4 in. planck in the bell loft at xijd. 6 0 0
For 316 fot of 3in planck in the bell loft and pining them down xd. 13 3 4
For Roofing boarding and battening ye Steeple being 9 Square in deale for present covering at 18 0 0
82 6 11
To Joshua Marshall Mason for worke done by him at the Tower of St. Brides. Measured from the bottom of the base of the Pillars and Pilasters on the outside of the Steeple to the top of the 4 Pedaments, and from the top of 121 Steps of Staires to the top of the 3d course of circular returne in the inside of the Steeple, the Rubble measured to the top of the outside of the Steeple round about Febr 8. 1677/8.
For 5795 fot 6in of Cubick portland at per fot xxd. 482 19 2
For 5112 fot 6in of Sup11 portland att per fot xxjd. 447 6 10
For 252 fot of Portland ashler att ijs. vd. 30 9 0
For 428 fot of Kentish block and workmansp at iijs. 64 4 0
For 744 fot of freestone and Portland coines at ijs. iijd. 83 14 0
For 428 fot of circular freestone ashler at ijs. ijd. 46 7 4
For 162 fot of Kentish ashler for bond measured rung att xviijd. 12 3 0
For 44 Stepps of Staires each att vijs. 15 8 0
For 22 Rod. 29 fot of Rubble at per Rod. vli. xs. 121 11 9
1304 3 1
f. 172
To Hen. Phillips and Jo. Oliver Executr to Joshua Marshall lately deceased, for Carving worke done over the west dore and about the Tower of St. Bride's Church March 12th 1678/9.
For a keystone over the west dore with a Cherubin's head and a Sheild att per 3 0 0
For carving 4 great Corinthian Capitalls 30 0 0
For carving 8 halfe Corinthian Capitalls 30 0 0
63 0 0
To Katharine Marshall Widdow Executr of Joshua Marshall deceased the summe of Fifty pounds being the last payment of one hundred and fifty pounds agreed for by contract by the Rt Honoble ye Commisr and Joshua Marshall deceased, for pulling downe, cleering and carrying away ye Rubbish and sorting the Matcrialls, made by taking downe ye Old and raising the new walls of ye Church and Tower of St Bride's etc. 50 0 0
To John Longland Carpentr for worke done by him at the Tower of St. Brides December 14th 1682.
For 622 foot Superfitiall of weather boarding the half rounds Measured as Square Measure at per foot xxd. 51 16 8
f. 172v
To Samuel Fulkes Mason for worke done by him at the Steeple of St. Brides abt weather boarding ye same Febr 28th 1684.
For 33 fot ½ of Kentish ashler in regard of hight at per fot ijs. vjd. 4 3 9
For 1/10 of a rodd of new Rubble att 0 12 0
For letting in the weather boards into the Portland window Jambe 8 dayes each man 4 in number 4 0 0
8 15 9
To Edward Bird Painter for worke done at St. Brides Church July 12th 1684.
For 3 times painting 144 yds ½ of Stone colour in Oyle in the weather boards of the Steeple in regard of hight at per yard xjd. 6 12 5
[Extracted from Register of all the charges and bills for 49 parochial churches in London rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren between 1670 and 1694. Bodleian Library. MS. Rawlinson B. 387.]

Extracts from vestry minutes and churchwardens' accounts

1666. Nov. 10–Dec. 20. Payments to labourers for cleansing the Church, in all £17. 6s. 3d

1668. Various items for collecting lead and bell metal. Purchase of a bell and strengthening the porch on which it was hung.

1670. June 24 to July 13. Period covered by a bill of William Davies for melting lead that was pursuant to the Church beginning fund. Item for a day that Woolley waited on Dr Wren is. 0d.

1671. Paid in the Chamber of London towards building the Church to make it up to 500li with what was formerly in the office and Paid in to my account £100. 0s. 0d. Spent in an Entertainment Dinner of Doctor Wren, Mr Hook and others, who have the surveying & ordering & building of the Church £002. 17s. 0d

1671–2. January22. Spent at Mr Hodersall's giveing the Doctor a treate 6s. 6d.

1673–4. January2. Approved two first Warrants of Mr Marshall (Mason). To be assigned to him.

1675. May18. Thomas Kennard, William Gray and John Symes, the joiners, agreed with for the making of the Pews. 150li as first payment.

1675. June5. Agreed that Mr Grove the plaisterer doe finish all the plaistering the 24th of August next. Then he shall have 20li., otherwise none of it. It is agreed to send to the judgemt of Sr Christopher Wren for the prices of the joyner's worke, to be sett for doeing ye Pulpitt and Portalls and wainscot and other workes at the east end of the Church. The Vestrie agreed to give Benjamin Leach, bricklayer for the worke he hath already done in making ye Vault in ye Church 5li. a Rodd.

——June 29. Mr Gray, the joyner is voted to do the worke at the East end of the Church as the Pulpitt, Portalls etc. The making of the Galleryes is voted to go on with the rest of the worke.

——July15. That the Comtee for the Church affaires or some of them, doe repaire to Sr Christopher Wren to desire his advice concerning the Modell for the Galleryes... in order to the agreeing with workmen for doeing the said worke. Mr Wilson's patterne for ye iron worke for ye pewes was best liked and hee was agreed with to serve the Ware in the locks & keys, 2 plates, catches with Rivettes and Nayles at 4s. and the pew hinges at 4d. A key [for] every lock to bee made goe different that ye keys of one lock may not unlock another as neare as can be contrived and to make soe many keys to each pewes as the pewe will hould people.

——August13. It is thought fitt to suspend the making of the Galleryes....The proposals of Mr Marshall, mason, approved of and condescended unto and the Vestre doth agree to deposite 500li in the Chamber of London's hands to bee expended on the Fabrick of St Bride's and order for Mr Marshall when the Steeple [i.e. the tower] is raysed 15 foote higher. The Vestry hath ordered that 3 books to bee written of the names of the Inhabitants in every of ye Precincts and hath ordered the Comtee to goe from house to house likewise to take subscriptions of what persons wil be pleased to give or lend gratis. The way to the Vault that is now made to be speedily done in all things that is needful to the steppes, doore & pediment over.

1675. September 18. The North Gallery to be made first by Mr Lindsey, Mr Longland & Mr Avis.

——October21. The draughts for the North Gallery brought in by Mr Avis & Mr Longland drawne by direction of Sr Christopher Wren were produced. Mr Marshall the Mason did meete the Vestrie as he desired to treat about the paving of the passages, and hee proposed to do the worke by the common pavement att 7d a foote but to have it extraordinary well done for the most durable way it would be 12d. a foote. The carpenters to bring a model and rates for Churchyard Doors leading to the Church on the North Side.

——November11. Report on general draughts and prices given in for making North Gallery. Those that stood for it, John Longland and Joseph Avis, by most hands John Longland was chosen for the said work to do it according to the method and scantlings he delivered in and price etc. Approved Marshall's Estimate for Paving Passages to Church.

——November23. Whereas it was moved that Mr Dove the minister intended to come in to preach in the Church on Christmas Day next and desired Vestments might be provided & a Great Bible and Two Service books and a Font, it is left to the Churchwardens with the advice of the Minister and the rest of the Comtee for the Church or any 4 of them to provide accordingly and to Repaire to Sr Jeremiah Whichcott about the Pulpitt Cushion & Cloth and what hee will be pleased to bestowe as Ornament according to his promise and to agree upon the colour of the Velvett whether crimson or Purple.

——December 7. The Churchwardens, Mr Hothersall & Capt. Baggs desired to go to Sir Thomas Player & return thanks to him for his kindness to the Parish in remitting his interest on the 260li advanced by him. And the Churchwardens and Common Councillmen hath been with the Lord Mayor & Court of Aldermen to desire them to be pleased to come and hear a Sermon att the first opening of the Church for preaching now since it was rebuilt, and they have promised to be there on Sunday next come sennight being the 19th of December in the afternoone.

The Carpenters Mr Lindsey and Mr Longland, having done a great deal of the work in St Bride's Church and had received no money, the Vestry put it to the vote what to advance to either of them, 30li apiece in part payment. Mr Gray, joiner having had nothing as yet advanced to him for making the Pulpit, the Altarpiece and other works besides the Pews which works he estimates will come to about 300li desired the Vestry will order him some money. Voted 100li on account.

—— December28. A Skreene is ordered to be made before the Steeple and North doors to the Church passages and the casing of the Pillars and making Forms necessary for the Church and pinns for hats placed in the men's pews to be left to the Committee.

1675–6. January27. Vestry approved design of Gallery Pews. Mr Gray the joiner to have the work. The fronts of the galleries to be made of wainscot the pewe partitions and benches of deale. Ordered Mr Longland, carpenter do go on with the gallery.

1675–6. February4. A table of benefactors ordered to be set up in the Church. Mr Doogood, plasterer makes his suit to the Vestry to be plasterer.

——February11. Joshua [Marshal], mason ordered to be paid and the Ten Commandments to be painted in black on a gold ground upon the Tables set up at the East End of the Church. Mr Symes joiner has finished his part of the work.

——March22. The Committee to order the manner of making the front to the Gallery. Mr Symes' bill of joiner's work considered.

1677. September 7. Mr Gray, joiner, measurements for Vestry Screen, Screen under Steeple, East Portals and Doors, West Portals and Doors, casing upper part of 8 Pillars, casing 4 end Pillars, Screen and Door above in the Steeple, wainscott Panel in the middle of the Altarpiece, 4 Panels for Inscriptions, the Altarpiece, Pedestal and Panel under the Altarpiece. Measured Sept. 7. 1677 by Leo Sowersby.

1678. Mr William Emmett in full for Carving work for the Parish, 12li.

1681. August26. Mr Emmett for carved work in the Church, 15s. Other payments during this year include: Peter Smith, the smith his old and new bill, 10li.; Mr Longland his bill for Gallery and Cage, only he has to floor the Cage into the bargain, 80li.; Mr Fitch, Mason, stonework for coping the Church yard walls, 37li. 17s.

1681–2. January18. Voted and agreed that Mr William Rounthwaite shall do all the inside work within the South gallery, for the Pews, Seats of Wainscott according to the model and draught he now produced and the Vestry and Mr Rounthwaite will, if the Parishioners approve not of his bill, abide by the judgment of Sir Christopher Wren what he shall think fit he may desire for the work he shall do therein. Mr Robert Hiscock (Churchwarden) who deals in Ironwork is voted to serve in the locks, keys and hinges of the gallery Pews.

——March7. Churchwardens to employ a Plasterer for the plasterwork of the New Gallery and to let the Widow Rowe who is an inhabitant of the Parish with her assistants and servants to have the doing of the same.

1682. Last day of March. The Churchwarden did move the Vestry that the coping of the Churchyard Wall with stone was done and the Gallery was done and the workmen expected their money and desired that he might draw off 100li at present to pay the Workmen, the Bills to be referred to the Committee.

——May11. Paid the glaziers for 234 squares of glasse in the Church at seven farthings the square large and small, 001. 12. 08.

——June22. That a Vestry Roome be built on the South side of the Church and the way to it through the South door of the Chancell, 34 foot by 22 foot.

——July23. Celaring & digging the foundations of the Vestry, 001. 05. 08.

——August5. Richard Waite in New Street is chosen to be smith for the Smith's work belonging to the Vestry Room. John Cawson, painter chosen for the Painter's work.

—— September27. Spent when I & my Partner went to Sr Christopher Wrens with his clerke about getting an order for the Steeple, 000. 04. 6.

——October10. Spent in Coach Hire the Doctor and myself goeing to the Lord Mayors for his hand to an order for building the Steeple, 000. 02. 06. The work this year done upon the churchyard wall and gallery cost 430li. 17s. 8d.

1682–3. January 18. Paid Mr Emmett for carving the patterne of a cherubim's head to be made & cast in Brasses for the Branches, 000. 10. 00.

—— March 1. Spent waitinge on Sr Christopher Wrens Clerke, 000. 01. 0.

1683. April 4. George Harris, Bricklayer to be paid his Bill of 007. 02. 11.

—— May 11. Churchwardens to pay John Longland, Carpenter, 70li. in full of his Bill for his work in Roofing and Flooring the Vestry Room. Pay Edward Paybody, Bricklayer, 35li. in full of his Bill for Brickwork in building the Vestry Room. Mr Fowkes, the mason to be paid what the Churchwardens think fitting of his Bill for work done in the Church and Vestry.

——June 19. Spent goeing to Sir Christopher Wrens, 000. 03. 00.

1633–4. March 1. Spent goeing to Sr Christopher Wrens about the Steeple, 000. 03. 04. Paid to Mr Weaver for 3 brasse Branches, 011. 19. 00.

1691. October 21. Ordered that there should be a gallery built at the West End of the Church, the other galleries to be lowered if the Committee think fit and convenient.

——November 19. Ordered & voted that the Crosse gallery should first be built according to the Draught, & the other galleryes to be lowered afterwards according to the Modell of the said Crosse gallery. Mr Avis to do the carpenter's work and Mr Gray the joiner's work of the said gallery. Paid for fitting of 20 keys to lock for pews & for 30 new keys & for a lock for Dr Dove's pew, 001. 07. 00.

1691–2. January 14. For 2 Iron Pillers to support the gallery, 005. 03. 09. It is voted that the Churchwardens and others yt they shall think fitt to take along with them to go abt the parish for subscriptions for an organ.

1692. April 12. Paid about a view of the Steeple, 000. 03. 06.

——July 14. Workmen nominated to view Mr Gray's and Mr Avis' work, also Mr Emmet's for the gallery and the Portal. Avis to be agreed with about his Bill for work done in the gallery in order to pay it. Gray to bring a workman with him to meet a workman against him to adjust the value of his work. Also Mr Emmett to bring a Carver on his side on the like account.

——August 2. Mr Emmet to have 12li. 10s. in full discharge of his Bill for Carver's work.

——October 6. Pay Mr Gray his money between this and Xmas next.

1692–3. January 24. Concerning the proposal of 19 November 1691 for Lowering the Gallery according to the model of the Cross Gallery, the following workmen to bring an Estimate of the charge of altering the two Side Galleries, Wm Gray, Mr Matthew Williams, Mr Ezekiel Cooke and Mr Henry Palmer.

——January 30. Ordered to reduce the Fronts of the North and South Galleries to the same height as the Front of the New Gallery and to make three ranges of Pews in the South Gallery into two ranges only. Agreement with Matthew Williams, joiner of St Bride's Parish to finish the work of the Galleries for 27li in two months. Signed Matthew Williams.

1693. April 10. Mr Williams to have 35li. in full for his Bill.

1693–4. Feb. 10. To 60 foot of new paving at 8d a foot, 002. 00. 00. For taking up the old paving in the several Isles in ye Church & laying it levell being 486 foot at 2½d. p. foot, 005. 01. 03.

1694.—For carving 6 foliage pannells in both sides of the [? screen] in the Church, 006. 00. 00.

1694–5. January 8. Vestry have agreed with Mr Harris about the 'Eccho and Humane Voice Stopps in ye Organ' and for an annual charge of keeping the whole in good repair. Mr Harris to have 100li. for the Echo Stop; he presents to the Parish as a free gift the Human Voice Stop. Details of agreement with Harris.

1696. June 18. Spent with several gentlemen of the Parish and the Doctor in the Coffee house & Taverns twice, and waterage twyce going to wait on Sr Christopher Wren about the Steeple, 00. 19. 03.

1697. October 7. Paid to the workmen for covering the Steeple, 000. 01. 00.

1699–1700. March 22. Pd Mr Pettiver for whitening ye lower part of the Steeple and the Vestry, 025. 00. 00.

1701. September 19. There shall be a Committee chosen to settle with Mr Folks ye head workman that is about to build the Spire in order to prevent the Church being dampnified.

1702–3. March 1. The masons clearing the Belfry against the Ld Mayor come, 00. 05. 00.

1703. Sept. 1. At this Vestry the Churchwarden Mr Teesdale reported the near completion of the spire and suggested a gratuity to the workmen. It was decided that 50 guineas should be divided among them.

The subsequent entries regarding the peal of bells by Abraham Rudhall, founder, are omitted owing to their length.