North Weald Bassett: Charities

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A History of the County of Essex: Volume 4, Ongar Hundred. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1956.

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Richard Rainsford of Epping (d. 1604) left £5 to found a charity. (fn. 1) By a deed of 1610, of which a copy was extant in 1834, the income was to be applied for the relief of the poor. There is no later record of the charity. (fn. 2)

A Dr. Searle, (fn. 3) at an unknown date, left 36 bushels of barley a year to the poor of the parish. In 1834 the cash equivalent was paid by the rector in respect of land adjoining the glebe. The charge was redeemed in 1936 for £302 stock. In 1949 £9 was given to 36 persons in 5s. shares. (fn. 4)

Mrs. Anna M. Burrell, by will proved 1809, left £400 stock in trust for equal annual payments to four poor widows of the parish. In 1834 and 1949 the income was given in cash to widows. (fn. 5)

George Rayment's Charity was apparently founded by an indenture of 1862, but since payments from it were later made for the repair of a tomb, it may have originated in a will. The endowment is £150 stock, held in trust for payments every February to four poor persons with dependent families. In 1949 the income seems to have been absorbed in that of other charities: £28 was given away in small amounts of money apart from gifts to widows.

The Revd. Frederick Vane, by will proved 1865, left £50 in trust for the poor of the parish, to be distributed on St. Thomas's day. About 1871 the income may have been applied to the parish school. In 1949 the income was distributed along with that of the other charities.

Harriet Smith, by will proved 1887, left £300 in trust to maintain the tomb of her parents for 60 years. The surplus, and after that period the whole income, was to be used to distribute bread each year to the poor. The bequest for the tomb was void. In 1949 £10s. 11d. was spent on bread and the rest of the income was spent with the other charities.

The North Weald Comforts Fund was formed in 1949 from the balance of between £500 and £600 left when the District Nursing Association was terminated. The fund is to be used to help the sick. In 1950 £17 were spent. (fn. 6)


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