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A History of the County of Essex: Volume 4, Ongar Hundred. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1956.

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Jessopp, Sympson,

Jessup, Mr.,


Joan of Acre, dau. of Edward I, m.
-, Gil. de Clare, Earl of Gloucester,
-, n

John, King

John, Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds,

John, Abbot of Waltham,

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster,

John, Earl of Kent,

John s. of Adam,

John s. of Henry,

John s. of Waleran,

John the chaplain,

John the clerk of Ongar,

John the miller and his w. Agnes,

John (fl. c. 1258),

Johnson, Geo., John (d. 1814),
-, architect, Kath., see
-, Salyng; Ralph, Thos.,

Johnston, Hen.,

Jollye, John,

Jones, Anne m. Gen. J. W. Adeane,
-, Rev. C. G., Inigo,
-, John, John Algernon
-, and his w., J. W. B.,
-, n Marg. Mary w. of John
-, (? dau. of John Evans), and see
-, Weller; Rob., S. H., n
-, Miss, n; Mr. (fl. 1767),

Jonge, see Young

Jonson, Ben., dramatist,

Jordan, Ric.,

Joscelin, Anne, see Torrell; Hen.,
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 16th cent.),
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1604),

Katherine (of Aragon), queen of
-, Henry VIII,

Keble College, Oxford,

Kebyll, John, bellfounder,

Keep, Sarah m. Edw. Petre,
-, Wm.,

Kelly, D.

Kelvedon (Witham hundr.),
-, and see Felix Hall

Kelvedon Hatch
-, n, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census, char.,
-, Church Ho., chs.,
-, communications, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, Kelvedon Common,
-, Kelvedon Hall,
-, Langford Bridge,
-, mans., n
-, medieval taxes,
-, mill, par. govt. and
-, poor rel., pop., postal
-, svces., Prot. noncf., pub.
-, svces., rect., roads,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, top., see also Germains,
-, Myles's

Kemp (Kempe), John, Thos.
-, Bp. of London, n

Kemsley, A. M., Hugh,
-, Jos., n fam.,

Kendall, Wm.,

Kent, A., Thos. de,

Kent, earls of; see Burgh, Edmund,
-, John, Holland; earldom of,

Kent, migrants from,
-, sheriffs of,

Kerr, Jas. (fl. 1919), Jas. (fl.
-, 1953), T. C.,

Kersey, John, cartographer,

Keswick, W. J., Mrs. W. J.,
-, n

Kilpek, John,

Kimpton, Revd. Edw., Eliz.,
-, Harvey,

Kindleton, Geo.,

Kineton (Warws.),

King, Anne m. Rob. Hill, H.,
-, n n John (fl. 1368),
-, John (fl. 1502), John
-, (d. 1657) and his w. Eliz.,
-, John (fl. 1678), Jos. (d. 1679),
-, Jos. (fl. 1717),
-, Lionel, Maria, Martha,
-, Rob., Thos. (fl. 1659),
-, Thos. (fl. 1748), Wm.,
-, Mrs. (fl. c. 1693), Mrs.
-, (fl. 1795),

King's Bench, chief justice of, see
-, Fineux

King's Place (Langford's, Potells),
-, in Chigwell,

King's Sombourne (Hants), see
-, Compton Monceux

King's Walden (Herts.),

Kingsbury, Thos.,

Kinsman, Mrs.

Kipling, Rudyard,

Kirby, Ric., architect,

Kirkby, Wm.,

Kirkeby, Wm.,

Kirton-in-Holland (Lincs.),

Kirwan, Elnr., Clement,
-, Mrs.,

Klingender, F. C. L.,

Knapp, John,

Knevett, Kath. m. Ric. Rich,

Knight, Rob. (d. 1744), Rob.
-, Ld. Luxborough (d. 1772),
-, Mr.,

Knights, Edw.,

Knightsbridge (Mdx., later London),

Knolls Hill (Knowles Hill), in
-, Stapleford Abbots,

Kynaston, J.,

Kyne, Revd. Father,

Kyng, Ric. le,

Kyriell, Bart. de, Elnr. de, see
-, Crevequer


Lacy, Jas. de (fl. 1361), Jas. (fl.
-, 1691), n Mary w. of Nathan,
-, Nathan (d. 1700), n
-, Revd. Nat. (fl. 1707),

Lady Hall, in Moreton, see Upper
-, Hall

Lagden, Ric. Thos.,

Lagefare, Eus. de,

Lake, Canon M.N., n Thos.,
-, Miss,

Lambourne, Chris. of, Sir Jas.
-, of, Joan of, m. Wm. de Chene,
-, John of and his w. Eliz.,
-, Rob. of, Thos. of,
-, Wm. of (fl. 1261), Wm. of (d.
-, 1300), Wm. of (d. 1361),
-, fam.,

Lambourne, baron, see Lockwood

Lambourne, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census,
-, brewery, char., chs.,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, Lambourne Hall,
-, mans.,
-, medieval taxes, Myncynlads
-, , noncf.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, pop., postal svces.,
-, pub. svces., rect. roads,
-, schs., stage
-, coach svces., top.,
-, worthies, see also Abridge,
-, Arnolds, Bishops Hall, Dews Hall,
-, Patch Park, Pryors, St. Johns

Lambourne End, in Lambourne,

Lampet, Cecily m. Wm. Curzon,
-, Isabel (Eliz.) w. of Thos.,
-, John, Lucy, see Whetynton;
-, Thos. (fl. 1382), Thos.
-, (fl. 1407), Thos. (d. by
-, 1411), Wm.,

Lampetts, in Fyfield,
-, n

Lancaster, Rog. de and Philippa his
-, w.,

Lancaster, duke of, see John of
-, Gaunt; duchy of,

Lancaster, earl of, see Edmund

Land, Wm., bellfounder,

Landscape gardening, see Gardening


Langford, Rob.,

Langford's, see King's Place


Langton, Sir John de, Steph. de,
-, see Normanby (later Langton);
-, Wal. de, Bp. of Coventry,

Larder, Wm.,

Larkin, see Lorkin

Lascelles, Geoff. de, Maud de,
-, see Lucy

Lash, Jas.,


Latham, Audrey m. Ld. Edw.
-, Hay, Niall Chaplin, Maj.
-, .Gen Sir Stewart Menzies,
-, John,


Laud, Wm., bp. of London, later
-, Abp. of Canterbury,

Launders, in Rainham

Lavender, John, Mr.

Laver (Domesday village),

Laver, High, adv.,
-, n, agric., Bp. Compton's
-, census, char., ch.,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hos., High
-, Laver Hall, High Laver
-, Bridge, mans.,
-, n, medieval taxes,
-, noncf., par.
-, govt. and poor rel., n
-, pop., postal svces., pub.
-, svces., rector of, rect.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, Tilegate Green,
-, top., worthies,
-, see also Matching Green, Otes,
-, Thrushesbush

Laver, Little,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census,
-, char., ch. n
-, hearth taxes, n hos.,
-, Little
-, Laver Hall, alias Bourchiers Hall,
-, mans.,
-, medieval taxes,
-, mill, par. govt.
-, and poor rel., n pop.,
-, postal svces., pub. svces.,
-, rect., roads,
-, Rom. Cathm., sch.,
-, top., see also Envilles

Laver, Magdalen,
-, n adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's census,
-, Bushes, char., ch.,
-, hearth taxes,
-, n hos.,
-, Magdalen Laver Hall, man.

Laver, Magdalen (cont.):
-, n, n,
-, medieval taxes,
-, noncf., par. govt. and poor
-, rel., pop., pub. svces.,
-, rect., roads,
-, sch., top.,
-, Wynters Armourie (Winters),

Lawson, Sir Hen.,


Layston (Ikenton) (Herts.),

Layton, Revd. Nich.,

Leach, A. W.

Leake, Frances, Ctss. of Scarsdale,
-, see Rich; Nich., Earl of Scarsdale,

Lebbon, Herb.,

Lee, Jeffery,

Leech, John,

Lees, Aveline de, see Cruce; Rog. de,

Lefsi (fl. 1066),

Legat, Alice, see Mandeville; Helming
-, ,

Legh, Adam de and his w. Maud,
-, Alice w. of Thos. m. Thos.
-, Arblaster, n Giles de,
-, Hen. de and his w. Marg.,
-, John de (fl. 1299), John
-, de (fl. 1349), John
-, de (d. 1422); Thos. de (fl. 1374),
-, Thos. (d. 1439), n
-, Thos. (d. 1509), fam.,
-, see also Leigh

Leicester, earls of, see Montfort,
-, Sidney

Leicestershire, medieval tax assessments
-, ,

Leigh, Barnabas Eveleigh, Cath.,
-, see Clark; John, Thos.,
-, see also Legh

Leighs, Little, priory of,

Lenham, Iseult de, see Crevequer;
-, John de, Margery de,
-, Nich. de,

Lenthal, Marg., see Fitz Alan

Leofcild (fl. 1066),

Leonard, Marg. w. of Samson, see
-, Fiennes, Marg., Lady Dacre;
-, Samson,

Lepyngeden, John,

Lessington, Hen. de, Bp. of Lincoln,
-, John de,

Lester, Thos., bellfounder,

Lestock, Adml. Ric.,

Lethieullier, Smart,

Leueva (fl. 1066),

Leuild (fl. 1066),

Leuric (fl. 1066),

Levedai (fl. 1066),

Levenoth, Geoff., Rose w. of
-, Geoff. m. Mat. de St. Tronius,

Leventhorpe, John de (fl. 1419),
-, John (fl. 1454), Thos. de,

Leventhorpes, in Wennington,

Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight,

Leverpole, Wm.,

Lewer, H. W.,

Lewin (fl. 1066),

Lewin, Mary, Sam., and see
-, Lewyn

Lewis, Jonathan, Revd. L.
-, Elwyn, Revd. Morgan,
-, Mr.,

Lewthwaite, Mr.,

Lewyn, Wm., see also Lewin

Lexden, hund. of,

Leyton, see Leytonstone, Ruckholts

Leytonstone, in Leyton,

Libraries, see Essex County Libraries

Limesi, Alan de, Gerard de,
-, Ralph de, fam.,

Lincoln, bps. of, see Lessington,
-, Sutton, Winniffe

Lincoln, Hen., Joan
-, de, see Haye; Rob. de,

Lincolnshire, lands in,

Ling, And.,

Lingard, Anne, Eliz.,
-, Frances m. Rob. Chase,
-, John, Sar.,

Linton (Kent),

Lionel, Duke of Clarence, his
-, dau. Philippe, m. Edm. Mortimer,
-, Earl of March, his w. Eliz.,
-, see Burgh

Lipyeatt, Revd. J., Revd. J., the
-, younger,

Lisle, Baldwin de, Warin de,

Lisle, honor of,

Little End, in Stanford Rivers,

Little, John,

Littlebury (Rowenho), in Stanford
-, Rivers, n

Littlehales, Baker J.,

Littleton, Sir Adam Bt.,
-, Audrey Lady, see Poyntz

Livesaye, Wm., Wm. s. of Wm.,

Livingstone, Dr. C. H., David,
-, missionary and explorer,

Lloyd, And. F., Lt.Gen. Sir
-, Fran., Louisa, see Harvey;
-, Ric. T., Revd. Rossendale,
-, works

Locke, John, philosopher,

Lockwood, Amelius R. M., Ld.
-, Lambourne,
-, Revd. Edw. (d. 1802),
-, Edw. (d. 1804), see Percival
-, (formerly Lockwood); Capt. Geo.,
-, Col. J. C., n Ric. (d.
-, 1696), Ric. (fl. 1735),
-, Ric. (d. 1794), Wm. J.,
-, Wm. M., see
-, Wood (formerly Lockwood); fam.,

Loft Hall, in Navestock,

Lofte, Isabel atte,

Lolly, Dennis,

London, aldermen of,
-, citizens of,
-, city of,
-, coach svces. to,
-, common serjeant of,
-, Cutlers' Co., flight of Queen
-, (then Princess) Anne from,
-, Grocers' Co., Ironmongers'
-, Co., inhabitants with
-, occupations stated, n
-, n
-, inhabitants without
-, occupations stated,
-, n, n,
-, judge of
-, sheriff's ct., (Lord) Mayors
-, of, Mercers'
-, Co., Merchant Adventurers
-, of, migrants from,
-, passage of St. Edmund's body
-, from, Quaker meeting
-, ho., Gracechurch St., rlys.
-, to,
-, Recorder of,
-, Tower of, otherwise
-, mentioned,
-, see also Aldgate; All Hallows
-, the Great; Battersea; Bermondsey;
-, Bishopsgate; Boodle's Club;
-, Bow; Bromley; Christ Church,
-, Albany St.; Christ Church Hospital
-, ; Cornhill; County of London
-, Electric Supply Co.; East End
-, Mission; East London Water works
-, Co.; Grays Inn; Hackney
-, ; Hammersmith; Hanover
-, Square; Haymarket; Highgate;
-, Holy Trinity, Aldgate; Houndsditch
-, ; Hoxton Academy; Inner
-, Temple; Knightsbridge; Maida
-, Vale; Marylebone; Metropolitan
-, Police; Metropolitan Water Board;
-, Middle Temple; Mile End; North
-, London Collegiate School;
-, Notting Hill; Paddington; Poplar;
-, Portland Place; Portman Square;
-, Queenhithe; St. Andrew, Cornhill
-, ; St. Bartholomew, Smithfield;
-, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; St.
-, George's Chapel, Albemarle St.;
-, St. George's, Hanover Square;
-, St. Martin-le-Grand; St. Mary,
-, Clerkenwell; St. Michael's, Cornhill; St. Paul's Cathedral; St.
-, Thomas's Hospital; Shadwell;
-, Shoreditch; Somerset House;
-, Southwark; Spurgeon's College;
-, Stepney; Stepney Academy; Tottenham
-, ; Twickenham; Victoria
-, and Albert Museum; Walbrook;
-, Walworth; Wapping; West
-, minster; Westminster Abbey;
-, Whitechapel; Wimbledon

London, Archdeacon of, see Molyns

London Baptist Association,

London, bps. of
-, n, see also Basset,
-, Chishull, Compton, Deorwulf,
-, Kemp, Laud, Vaughan, William
-, of Ste. Mère Église

London Congregational Union,

London (formerly Stratford) Co-,
-, operative Society,

London County Council,
-, housing estates, and see Debden,
-, Hainault

Long, Cath. m. Wm. Pole Tylney
-, Long Wellesley, Sir Jas.
-, Tylney, Bt., Rob.,

Longbarns, in Beauchamp Roding,

Looe, West (Cornw.),

Lordell, Jas.,

Lorkin (Larkin), John,

Loughteborough, Rob. de and his w.
-, Marg., Wm. de,

-, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's census,
-, char., chs.,
-, Goldings, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, inds., Loughton Bridge,
-, Loughton Camp,
-, Loughton Hall,
-, mans., n
-, medieval taxes, Monk
-, Wood, par. govt.
-, and poor rel., pop.,
-, postal svces., Preservation of
-, Epping Forest, Prot.
-, noncf., pub. svces.,
-, rly., rect.,
-, roads, Rom.
-, Cathm., top., worthies
-, , see also Alderton,
-, Debden

Loughton Urban District,
-, U.D. Council,

Loundres, Sir John de,

Lovell (Lovel), Elnr. m. Sir Edw.
-, Waldegrave, Bt., John,
-, Sir Thos.,

Loveney, Wm.,

Lovetot, John de,

Lowe, Sir Edw., John,
-, Sam.,

Lowrey, Sir Jos.,

Luck, T.,

Lucking, Jas.,

Lucklyn, Mildred Lady, see Capel;
-, Sir Wm.,

Lucy, Geoff. de, Godfrey de,
-, Bp. of Winchester, Herb. de,
-, Marg., see Multon; Maud
-, de, 'Lady of Ongar' m. Geoff.
-, de Lucy, Ric. de Rivers,
-, Maud de m. Walter
-, Fitz Robert, Maud de m. Wm.
-, de Beauchamp, Ric. de (d.
-, 1179),
-, Ric. de (d. by 1182), Rose de
-, m. Fulbert of Dover, Thos.,
-, Ld. Lucy, Wal. de, Abbot of
-, Battle,

Luke, Alice, see Stalbroke; Wm.,

Lungevill', Thos. de,

Lunnon, Ric.,

Luther, Amy, Ant. (fl. 1580),
-, Ant. (d. 1627),
-, Ant. (d. 1665), Charlotte
-, m. Hen. Fane, Charlotte,
-, see Chamberlain; Edw., Jane
-, (d. 1745),
-, John (d. by 1713), John
-, (d. 1786), Rebecca (d. by
-, 1768), m. Florian Goebell,
-, Rebecca (d. 1780), Ric.
-, (d. 1638), Ric. (fl.
-, 1677), Ric. (d. by 1691),
-, Ric. (d. 1767), Thos. (fl. c.
-, 1556), Thos. (fl. 1585),
-, Thos. (d. by 1694), n
-, Thos. (d. 1722),
-, Wm., fam.,

Luxborough, baron, see Knight

Luxborough, in Chigwell,

Lymsey, Edw., John,

Lynch, Sim.

Lynton (Devon),

Lyon, Geo., Hen., Hen. s. of
-, Ric., John (d. 1564) and Alice
-, his w., John (fl. 1616), Ric.,

Mabel, Abbess of St. Sulpice (Brittany
-, ),

Mabel, dau. of Rob. Fitz Hamon, m.
-, Rob. Earl of Gloucester,

Maida Vale (Lond.),

Maidenheth, Reynold de, Abbot of
-, Waltham, n

Maidstone (Kent),

Mainwaring, Rog. Bp. of St.
-, Davids,

Maitland, Ebenezer F.,
-, Miss I. R., n John (d. 1831),
-, Revd. John Whitaker (d.
-, 1909),
-, Cmdr. J. W., n;
-, Wm. Whitaker (d. 1861),
-, Wm. Whitaker (d. 1926),

Makyn, Agnes, see Colford; Jas.,
-, Ric.,


Malpas, Eliz., m. Sir Thos. Cook,
-, Phil.,


Malyns, Alice w. of Raynold de,
-, Edm. de (fl. 1357),
-, Edm. de (fl. 1384), Florence
-, w. of Sir Reynold de,
-, Hen. de, Sir Reynold de, (d.
-, 1384), Reynold (d.
-, 1431),

Man, Gil. le,

Manby, Frances m. John Petre,

Manchester, duke of, see Montagu

Manchester, earl of, see Montagu

Mandeville, Alice de m. Helming
-, Legat, Rog. Spice,
-, Anne de, see Drokensford,
-, Christine de, see Fitz Walter;
-, Ernald de (fl. 12th cent.),
-, Ernald de (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Galiena de, see Dammartin;
-, Geoff. de (fl. 1086),
-, Geoff. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1144),
-, Geoff. de, Earl of Essex
-, (d. 1166), Hugh de,
-, Joan de, m. John Barry,
-, John de, Olive de,
-, see Beauchamp; Sir Thos. (d. by
-, 1399), Thos. (d. 1400),
-, Wm. de, Earl of Essex, Wm.
-, Fitz Geoff. de,

Mann, John,

Mannock, Elnr., see Goldingham;
-, Geo., John (d. 1471), John
-, (d. 1476),

Maple, Thos.,

Maps, see Essex

March, earls of, see Mortimer

Marchal, see Marshall

Marconi Wireless Telegraphy Co.,

Marcy, Agnes de m. Nic. Spigurnel,
-, Agnes w. of Serlo de,
-, Alice de m. John de Merk,
-, Denise w. of Hamon de,
-, Hamon de (fl. 13th cent.),
-, Hamon de (d. before c. 1197),
-, Hamon de (fl. 1131),
-, Joan de, m. Gil. de BreautÉ,
-, Ralph de (fl. 1086),
-, Ralph de (d. by 1189),
-, Ralph de (d. by 1217-
-, 18 ?), Ralph de (fl. 1248),
-, Ric. de, Serlo de (fl. 1086),
-, Serlo de (d. by 1244),
-, n, Wm. de (d. by 1152?),
-, Wm. de (d. by 1205),
-, fam.,

Marden Ash (Marden End), in High
-, Ongar,

Mareschal, see Marshall

Margaret, St.,

Margaret, queen of Edward I,

Margaret, Ctss. of Salisbury,

Margaret, dau. of Wm. Fitz Ric., m.
-, Ric. de Tany,


Marham (Norf.)


Markham, Ric. de,

Marks Hall, in Margaret Roding,
-, see also Stondon
-, Massey

Marks Hall, in Romford,

Marks Hall, near Coggeshall,

Marling, Hen.,

Marlow (Bucks.)

Marmion, Hen.,

Marny, Wm. de and his w. Amice,

Marrable, Jas., builder,

Marschall, see Marshall

Marsh, Sar., Thos. Coxhead,
-, Wm. Coxhead, fam.,
-, see also Chisenhale-Marsh

Marshall (Marchal, Mareschal, Marshall
-, ), John le, Laur. le,
-, Marg. w. of Rog., Pet.
-, and his w. Amiane, Ralph le,
-, Rob. (fl. 1331),
-, Rob. le (fl. 1374), Rob.
-, (fl. 1387), Rog. le (fl. 1331),
-, Rog. (fl. 1391), Thos.,

Marshalls, in North Weald Bassett,
-, n,

Martel, Geoff.,

Martin, Alice, John, Mary,
-, see Calvert; Sarah Cath.,
-, Adml. Sir Thos. B.,

Marton, Edw., Oliver (d. 1744),
-, Revd. Oliver (fl. 1759),

Martyrs' Memorial Trust,

Mary I, Queen,

Mary Macarthur Holiday Home,

Marylebone (Lond.),

Maryon, Revd. John,

Masham, Abigail Lady, Charlotte
-, , see Dive; Damaris Lady,
-, n; Eliz., Sir Fran., Bt.,
-, F. C., Henrietta
-, , see Winnington; Sam. Ld.
-, Masham (d. 1758),
-, Sam. Ld. Masham (d.
-, 1776), Wm. (fl. 1614),
-, Sir Wm., Bt. (d. c. 1656),
-, Sir Wm., Bt. (d. c. 1662), fam.,

Mason, Revd. S. C.,

Massachusetts, U.S.A.,

Massey, Eliz. w. of Wm., m. Wal.
-, Fitz Walter, Ld. Fitzwalter, Sir
-, Thos. Cobham, Wm.,

Masshebury, Adam de,
-, Eus. de,

Master, Ric.,

Masters, Edw., Rob.

-, see also Housham

Matching Green, in High Laver,

Matthews, Mary m. Sam
-, croft, Ric. and his w. Martha,
-, Mr. (fl. 1877),

Maud, Empress,

Maud, queen of Stephen,

Mauduit, Geoff., Gil.,

Maule, Christine w. of Pet. de,
-, Hen. de, Pet. de,
-, Wm. de,

Mavor, Revd. W. S.,

May, Adam,

May & Baker Ltd., Manufacturing
-, Chemists,

Maynarde, John,

Mayor, Geo.,

McCorquodale, H. M., Ken-
-, neth, n, n

McIntosh, D.,

McKinlay, Mrs.,

Mead, Isaac, John, Wm.
-, (fl. 1639), Wm. (fl. 1711),
-, Mr. (fl. 1839), Mr. (fl.
-, 1954), Mrs., n; fam.,

Meadows, common,

Mears, Thos., bellfounder,
-, Wm., bellfounder,

Medley, Geo.,

Meekings, C. A. F.

Meggott, Anne, see Elwes; Geo.,
-, Rob.,

Meggott (late Elwes), John,

Meggs, Jas., Hen., Marg.
-, w. of Jas., Thos.,

Melbourne, Wm.,

Melcesborn, Wm., de,

Menzies, Audrey Lady, see Latham

Mere (Wilts.),

Meredith, Rob.,

Merk, Alice de, see Marcy; Anas-
-, tasia le, see Burgate; John de (fl.
-, 1244), John le (d. by
-, 1285), John le (fl. 1285),
-, Galiena le m. Gil. de Theydon
-, , Ralph de,
-, Wm. de,

Merrick, Eliz.,

Merrington, Jas.,

Merry, Ant., Ric., Sar., see
-, Foster

Merton (Surr.),

Merton College, Oxford, n,

Metcalfe, W. C.,

Metropolitan Police, n,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Mewes, Eliz., see Welde; Lewis,
-, Thos.,

Mews, Peter, Bp. of Winchester,

Meyer, Ann, Anna Maria,
-, Christian P.,
-, Herman P.D., H.J.,
-, Jas. (d. c. 1828), Jas. (fl. 1930),
-, Marianne w. of Phil. H., m.
-, Col. F. J. Baker, Phil. H.,

Michael Fitz Oger, his w. Sar.,
-, see Selflege

Michael, Oger Fitz,

Michelgrove, in Clapham (Suss.),
-, n

Michell, Fran., Jane, see
-, Hampden

Middle Temple (Lond.),

Middlesex, archdeacon of, see Foliot

Middlesex, lands in, migrants
-, from,

Middlesex and Essex Highway
-, Trust,

Mildmay, Ambrose, Anne,
-, Carew Hervey (d. 1676),
-, Carew Hervey (d. 1784),
-, Jane m. Sir Hen. Paulet St. John
-, (later Mildmay), Bt.,
-, Judith m. Ben. Wallinger,
-, Thos., Wal.,

Mildmay (formerly St. John), Sir
-, Hen. Paulet, Bt.,

Mile End (Mdx., later Lond.),

Millbank, H. W.,

Miller, John the, and his w. Agnes,

Miller, Revd. Fran. R., John
-, (fl. 1638), John (fl. 1704),
-, Ric., Rob., fam.,


Mills, Chris. Jas., Jas.,
-, Jemima, see Hatch; Thos.,
-, Wm.,

Milton (Northants.),

Mineral spring, see Spring

Ministry of Works,

Minors, Ellen, see Nicholson

Minshull, Mary, Sir Ric. (d.
-, 1667), Ric. (fl. 1700),

Missenden (Bucks.), abbey of,

Mitchell, F. G., Septame,

Mitten, Fran.,


Mollett, E. and C.,

Molyns, John, Canon of St. Paul's
-, and Archdeacon of London,

Monceux, Enguerrand de, Joan
-, de, see Saunford; John de,
-, Maud de m. John de Fiennes,
-, Waleran de (d. by 1212),
-, Waleran de (? fl. c. 1258),
-, Wm. de, n

Monkhams, see Buckhurst

Monkis, see Bilsdens

Montagu, Alice m. Ric. Neville,
-, Earl of Salisbury, Anne,
-, Ctss. of Manchester, see Rich;
-, Chas. Earl of Manchester,
-, Edw. Earl of Manchester,
-, Elnr. Ctss. of Salisbury, see
-, Holland; Ric. Bp. of Chichester,
-, later Norwich, Rob. Duke of
-, Manchester, Rob. Earl of
-, Manchester, Thos. Earl of
-, Kent,

Montfichet, Aveline de m. Wm. de
-, Forz Count of Aumale, Gil.
-, de, Joyce de, see Greinville;
-, Marg. de m. Hugh de Bolbec,
-, Philippe de m. Sir Hugh de
-, Plaiz, Ric. de (d. 1202),
-, Ric. de (d. 1267),
-, Wm. de,

Montfort, Rob. de, Sim. de,
-, Earl of Leicester,

Montgomerie, W.,

Montgomery, Sir Thos.,

Moore, Edw., John,

Mordaunt, Anne m. Hen. Torrell,
-, Wm.,

More, Fran.,

Morell, Joan w. of Luke,
-, Luke,

-, n; adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census, char.,
-, ch., n,
-, fair, Guild of All
-, Saints, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, mans., medieval
-, taxes, mill,
-, Moreton Bridge,
-, Moreton End, noncf.,
-, par. govt.
-, and poor rel., pop.,
-, postal svces., pub.
-, svces., rect., roads,
-, schs., top.,
-, see also Bundish, Nether Hall,
-, Upper Hall

Morgan, Ric.,

Morice, see Morris

Morley, John,

Mornington, earls of, see Pole-
-, Tylney-Long-Wellesley

Moro, 'Duke de',

Morrell Roding, see Roding Morrell

Morris (Morice, Morrice), Anne w.
-, of Wm., Edw., Eliz. w.
-, of Jas., Jacob, Jas.,
-, John (fl. 1591), John
-, (fl. 1647), Rob., Steph.,
-, Wm.,

Morris (later Poyntz), Sir John,

Morsted, Thos.,

Mortain, honor of, Anne m.
-, Ric. Earl of Cambridge,

Mortimer, Anne w. of Edm. Earl
-, of March, Edm. Earl of
-, March (d. 1381), Edm. Earl
-, of March (d. 1425),
-, Marg. de, see Fiennes; Philippe,
-, see Lionel, Duke of Clarence;
-, Rog. Earl of March,

Moss, Mary,

Mot, Rob., bellfounder,

Moulton (Lincs.),

Mounteneye, see Munteny

Mountnessing, see Thoby Priory

Mowbray, Anne de, Eliz. de,
-, Eliz., see Fitz Alan; John,
-, Ld. Mowbray (d. 1368),
-, John de, Earl of Nottingham (d.
-, 1383), John de, Duke of
-, Norfolk (d. 1432), John de,
-, Duke of Norfolk (d. 1476),
-, Thos. de, Duke of Norfolk (d.
-, 1399), n, Thos. de, Earl
-, of Nottingham (d. 1405),

Mulcaster, Kath. w. of Ric.,
-, Ric.,

Mullocks, John,

Multon, Agnes w. of Hen. de (prob.
-, dau. of John Deu), Eliz. de m.
-, Wal. de Birmingham, Hen.
-, de, Joan de m. Rob.
-, Fitz Walter, John de, Ld.
-, Multon, Juliane de m. Ric. de
-, Welby, Lambert de,
-, Marg. de m. Thos. Lucy, Ld.
-, Lucy, Thos. de (d. 1240),
-, Thos. de, Ld. Multon (d. 1322),
-, fam.,

Munchensy, Denise (d. 1304) w. of
-, Warin de, Denise de
-, (d. 1313), Warin de,

Munkenhill, see Buckhurst

Munteny (Mounteneye), Arnald,
-, Sir Arnulph de, Edm.
-, de, Joan, see Biddik; John de
-, (fl. 1288), John de (fl. 1355),
-, Marg. w. of John de,
-, Mic. de, Miles de and his w.
-, Agnes, Ric. de, Rob.,
-, Thos. de, fam., n

Murimuth, Adam de,

Muscott, Charity m. Geo. Duncombe
-, , Frances,

Musgrave, Ann, see Archer; Chris.,

Mylborne, Wm.

Myles's, in Kelvedon Hatch,

Napoleonic wars, sale of timber
-, during,

Napper, Anne w. of Wm., Rob.,
-, Wm.,

Nash, Lance, Wm. Wedd,

Nash Hall (Ongar, Little Ongar,
-, Ashhall),

National Freehold Land Society,

National Telephone Co.

Navestock, n,
-, adv., agric., Bp.
-, Compton's census, bridges,
-, char., ch.,
-, commons, communications
-, , cricket,
-, earthworks, hearth taxes,
-, Horseman Side,
-, hos.,
-, inc., mans.,
-, n,
-, medieval taxes, mills,
-, Navestock Hall,
-, Navestock Heath,
-, Nave-
-, stock Side,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, pop., postal svces.,
-, Protestant noncf., pub.
-, svces., rect., roads,
-, Rom. Cathm., schs.,
-, Shonks Mill Bridge,
-, top., vicarage,
-, woods,
-, worthies, see also Bois Hall,
-, Loft Hall, Slades

Navestock, 'the other Navestock'
-, (Domesday village),


Neale, Marg., John,

Neller, Revd. F.,

Nelson, A. & C., coach owners,

Nesfield, Eden

Nether Hall (Bourchiers Hall), in
-, Moreton, n,


Nettleton, Revd. John,

Neuton, John de, Treasurer of St.
-, Peter's, York,

Neville, Alice, Ctss. of Salisbury, see
-, Montagu; Cecily (mother of Edw.
-, IV and Ric. III) m. Ric., Duke of
-, York, Edw. Ld. Bergavenny,
-, Geo. Ld. Bergavenny,
-, Isabel m. Geo. Duke of Clarence,
-, Ric. Earl of Salisbury (d.
-, 1460), Ric. Earl of Salisbury
-, and Warwick (d. 1471), 'the
-, Kingmaker', Miss,

New Hall, in High Roding

Newall, John L.,
-, J.W., fam.,

Newarks Norton, in High Ongar,

Newburgh, Ela de, Ctss. of War
-, wick, see Ela

Newbury Park, in Ilford,

Newman, Joan, John Thos.,
-, architect,


Newport, Rob.,


Newstead (Notts.),

Newton, Sir John, Bt., Susanna
-, m. Wm. Archer (formerly Eyre),
-, Susanna Houblon, see Archer,
-, Houblon; Thos., Bp. of Bristol,
-, n, see also Neuton

Nichol, Thos., see also Nichols

Nicholas, Ant. (fl. 1685), Ant.
-, (d. 1727), Denton, Geo.,
-, John, Martha m. Josiah
-, Woodward, Mary w. of
-, Prosper, Prosper,
-, Ric., Wm.,

Nichols (Nicholls, Nycolls), Humph.,
-, John, printer and author, n;
-, Thos. (fl. 1724), Thos. (fl.
-, 1826), see also Nichol

Nicholson, Ellen, m. Minors,
-, John Branch, John,
-, Wm.,


Nile, Battle of the,

Nix, Ric., Bp. of Norwich,

Noaks, fam. (paupers),

Nobbs, John,

Noble, Ric., the Misses,

Noble&Son, builders, n,

Nodes, Eliz., see Wollsey; Wm.,

Nollekens, Jos. (d. 1823), sculptor,

Nooke, Rob.,

Norden, John, cartographer,

Norfolk, dukes of, see Howard,
-, Mowbray

Norfolk, earl of, see Bigod

Norfolk, medieval tax assessments,
-, migrants from,

Norman, Rob.,

Normanby, Alan de,

Normanby (later Langton), Steph.
-, de and his w. Alice,

North, Dudley, Ld. North, Sir
-, John,

North London Collegiate School,


Northampton, earl of, see Bohun,
-, Compton

Northampton, Joan w. of Ric. de,
-, John de, Kath. w. of
-, Ric. de, Ric. de,

Northamptonshire, lands in,

Northcote, Adela, see Bowyer
-, Smijth

Norton, Gordon, Mrs.

Norton, see Forest Hall

Norton Foliot, see Forest Hall

Norton Mandeville,
-, n, adv., Bp.
-, Compton's census, char.,
-, ch., n, n, n,
-, n; curate of,
-, fields, n; hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, man.,
-, medieval taxes, noncf.,
-, Norton Hall,
-, Norton Heath,
-, n, Norton Manor
-, House, poor rel., pop.,
-, pub. svces., rect.,
-, schs., top.,
-, vicarage,


Norwich, bps. of, see also De-
-, spenser, Montagu, Nix, Suffield,
-, Wauton

Notting Hill (Lond.),


Nottingham, earl of, see Finch,
-, Mowbray

Nottinghamshire, medieval tax
-, assessments,

Nowers, - (fl. 1519),

Nowes, Chas. and his w. Ann,

Nuthampstead, in Barkway (Herts.),
-, n

Nutt, Geo. (d. by 1656), Geo.
-, (fl. 1656), Wm. (fl. 1669),
-, Wm. (d. 1721), Wm. (fl. 1725),
-, Wm. (fl. 1816), Wm. (fl.
-, 1848),

Nycolls, see Nichols

Nynge, Amphyllis m. John Shereff,
-, Isabel, Marg., see
-, Wynslowe; Thos., Wm.,

Oakley, Sir John,

Ockendon, North,

Ockendon, South,

Oda, Abp. of Canterbury,

Oddin, Hen.

Odo, Bp. of Bayeux,

Offinton, Laur. de,

Offley, Jos., Thos.,

Oger, Emma Fitz m. - Saunford,

Oger Fitz Michael,

Oger Fitz Oger, Amy w. of, see
-, Selflege

Oger, Mic. Fitz and his w. Sar.,

Oger, Mirabel Fitz m. - de Cruce,

Oger, Peter Fitz,

Ognall, And., Bridget,

Old Farm, see Appeltons

Old Frith, see Frith Hall

Old Thrifts, see Frith Hall

Oldfield, Rob., bellfounder,

Oldham, Hugh, Bp. of Exeter,
-, Revd. John,

O'Leary, J. G.

Oliver, Abraham, Ben.,
-, John, R. and H., Revd.
-, W. M.,

Olmestede, John de,

Ongar, John the clerk of,

Ongar (Domesday village),

Ongar, see Nash Hall

Ongar, Chipping,
-, Ackingford Bridge,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Assembly Rms., Bp.
-, Compton's census, bridges,
-, Budworth Hall,
-, castle,
-, Castle House, char.,
-, ch., fair,
-, fire-brigade, hearth
-, taxes, hospitals,
-, hos., 'King's
-, Head', market,
-, man., n,
-, Mechanics' Inst.,
-, medieval taxes,
-, occupations, Ongar Bridge,
-, par. govt. and
-, poor rel., par. united with
-, Greenstead, pop.,
-, postal svces., Protestant
-, noncf., pub.
-, svces. and social life,
-, rly.,
-, rect., roads to,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, stage coach svces.,
-, top., town enclosure,
-, town hall, n;
-, White House,
-, worthies, otherwise
-, mentioned,

Ongar Gas Company,

Ongar, High, n,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census,
-, Bobbingworth hamlet (Westwood
-, hamlet),
-, brewery, char.,
-, chs., n, fair,
-, Fane Nursing
-, Home, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, incl.,
-, inds., mans.,
-, medieval taxes,
-, mill, noncf., High
-, Ongar Bridge, par.
-, govt. and poor rel., pop.,
-, postal svces., pub.
-, svces., roads, rector
-, of, rect., schs.,
-, top., see also
-, Ashlyns; Chivers Hall; Forest
-, Hall; Frith Hall; Marden Ash;
-, Nash Hall; Newarks Norton;
-, Ongar Park; Paslow Hall; Paslow
-, Wood Common; Passfield;
-, Withers Pawne

Ongar, honor of,

Ongar, hund. of,
-, n, n,
-, medieval tax
-, assessments, hearth tax
-, assessments, Bp. Compton's
-, census, see also Ward
-, staff

Ongar, Little, see Nash Hall

Ongar Park (Batells), in High
-, Ongar, n,
-, see also Stanford
-, Park

Ongar Poor Law Union,
-, workho.,

Ongar Rural District, R.D.
-, Council,

Onslow, Foot, Susanna, see
-, Colwall

Oram, Mrs.,

Orcop (Herefs.),

Ord, Craven (d. 1832),
-, Revd. Craven (d. 1836), Capt.
-, Harry and Mrs., Mary, see
-, Redman

Ormond, Jas., Earl of Wiltshire,
-, John, Thos.,

Orr, T. W.,


Osier growing,

Ospring (Kent),

Oswestry (Salop), see Aston Hall

Otes, John,

Otes, in High Laver, n,
-, n

Otto IV, Emperor,

Otway, Edw.,

Oudeby, Elnr. m. Thos. Battail,
-, Thos.,

Overman, Thos., Wm.,

Owen, Thos. A.,


Oxford, bp. of, see Stubbs

Oxford, earls of,
-, see also Vere

Oxford, Steph. of,

Oxford University, Ford Lecture
-, ship, see also Brasenose
-, College, Keble College, Merton
-, College, Trinity College, University

Padfield, Mr., n; Mrs. S.,

Page, Ambrose, Wm.,
-, Mr. and Mrs.,

Paget, Mr.,

Paine, Hen. E.,

Pall Mall (Lond.), Schomberg House
-, in,

Pallavicine, Horatio, Jane, see
-, Cromwell; Tobias,

Palmer, Ada, Edw. (fl. 1624),
-, Edw. s. of Edw. (d. c. 1680),
-, E. J., brewer, Hen.,
-, Hen. Billingsley,
-, Horace, Revd. H., Jas.,
-, John (fl. 1659), John (fl.
-, 1781-92), John (fl. 1842),
-, J.&J., brewers, Ric.
-, (fl. 1776), Ric. (fl. 1801),
-, Revd. Ric. (fl. 1872),
-, Rob., S. Caroline,
-, Thos., Mrs., fam.,
-, see also Golding
-, Palmer

Panfield, priory of,

Paris, Alice w. of Wm. de, Alice
-, de, see Spigarnel; Beatrice w. of
-, Roger de, Nich. de,
-, Rog. de, Wm. de,
-, fam., see also Parris

Paris Hall, in North Weald Bassett,

Parish, Sam.,

Parishes, detached parts of,

Parker, Chas. G., Hen.,
-, Jonathan, Rog.,

Parkes, Revd. Parson,

Parliament, forged Acts of,
-, members of, see Sir Dan. Dun,
-, Adml. Sir Eliab Harvey, Amelius
-, R. M. Lockwood, John Luther
-, (d. 1786), Cmdr. J.W. Maitland,
-, Sir Nat. Rich, Sir Hen. Selwin
-, Ibbetson, Bt., John Strachey,
-, Thos. Walker, J. W. Perry
-, Watlington, Sir Rob. Wroth (d.
-, 1606)

Parndon, Little,

Parr, Anne, Baroness Bourchier and
-, Ctss. of Essex, see Bourchier;
-, Thos. Ld. Parr, later Earl of
-, Essex,

Parris, John, n; Rob., V.
-, and L., Mr., see also
-, Paris

Parrish, Miss, Mr.,

Parsons, John,

Partridge, And., Hen.,

Partrych, Bart.,

Pasfield, see Paslow Hall

Paslow Hall (Pasfield), in High
-, Ongar,

Paslow Wood Common, in High
-, Ongar,

Passfield, in High Ongar,

Passfield Chivers, see Chivers Hall

Passmore, Revd. W.,

Patch Park (Hunts.), in Lambourne,

Patche, John,

Paul, Wm.&Son,

Paveley, Jas.,

Pavell, John

Pavitt, G.,

Pawne, Anne m. Rog. Basing,
-, Wm. (fl. 1498), Wm. (d.
-, 1570), Wm. (d. 1578),
-, fam.,

Peacock, Chas., Edw. (fl. 1626),
-, Edw. (fl. 1641), Ric.,
-, Rob., Wm.,

Peach, Sam.,

Peake, Mr.,

Pearse, Nich., Sar., Mrs.,

Pearson, Geo., Revd. John,

Pebmersh, Cecily w. of Ralph de,
-, Ralph de, Wm. de,

Pecok, see Peacock

Pekkebrigge (Peghbrigg), John,

Pelby, Mrs. John,

Pembroke, earls of, see Hastings,
-, Herbert, Valence

Pendred, Wm.,

Penington, John, Mary, m.
-, Rog. Forster, Mich. Ernle,
-, Sir Thos. Perient,

Penn, Wm., Quaker,

Penruddock, John,

Percival, Edw. Lockwood (d. 1842),
-, Louisa Eliz. Lock
-, wood,

Percival (formerly Lockwood), Edw.
-, Lockwood (d. 1804),

Peregrine, Revd. D. W. and Mrs.,

Perient, Mary Lady, see Penington;
-, Sir Thos.,

Perry, Isaac, n; Louisa, m.
-, Robert Peel Ethelston, Maria
-, Jane, see Watlington; Revd. N.F.,
-, R., Thos., Wm.,

Peter Fitz Oger,

Peter, Ralph s. of,

Petre, Cath., Edw.,
-, Frances, see Manby; Geo. (fl.
-, 1819), Geo. Wm. (d. 1797),
-, John,
-, Lucy dau. of Wm., Lucy w.
-, of Wm., Lady Mary, see
-, Radcliffe; Ric., Jesuit, Rob.
-, (fl. 1678), Jesuit, Rob. Ld.
-, Petre (d. 1742), Rob. (d.
-, 1766), Jesuit, Rob. Edw. Ld.
-, Petre (d. 1801),
-, Sar., see Keep; Susan, Wm.
-, Ld. Petre (d. 1637), Wm. (d.
-, 1677), Wm. (d. 1688),
-, Wm. (d. 1728),
-, Wm. (d. 1745),
-, Wm. Bernard, Ld. Petre (d. 1884),
-, fam.,

Petty, Martha, see Hicks

Peverel, Rob.,

Phelps, Ric., bellfounder, Rob.,
-, bellfounder,

Philippa, queen of Edw., III

Phillips, E., Miss E. A., n,
-, n; Tim., Revd. Wm.,

Pig, Wal.,

Piggott Bros.&Co., tent makers,

Piggsland, in Stanford Rivers, see
-, Bridges and Piggsland

Pinchon, David,

Pirgo, see Pyrgo

Pitfield, Winifred m. Solomon
-, Ashley,

Plaiz, barons, see Howard; barony,

Plaiz, Sir Hugh de, John, Ld.
-, Plaiz, Marg. m. Sir John
-, Howard, Philippe de, see
-, Montfichet; Ric. Ld. Plaiz,

Playle, Mat.,


Ploket, Nich.,

Plomer, Wm. le,

Plumer, Wm.,

Plummer, Jane w. of Wm. m. Rob.
-, Plummer Ward, Wm.,

Plumtuna (Domesday village),

Plymouth, earl of, see Hickman

Plympton (Devon),

Pochin (Putchin), Geo. (fl. 1700),
-, Geo. (fl. 1704), Geo. (fl.
-, 1770), John (? fl. 1704),
-, n; John (fl. 1720), Capt.,
-, fam.,

Poldu (Cornw.),

Pole-Tylney-Long-Wellesley, Cath.,
-, see Long; Wm. Earl of Mornington
-, (d. 1863),

Pole-Tylney-Long-Wellesley (for-
-, merly Wellesley-Pole), Wm. Earl
-, of Mornington (d. 1857),

Poley, John,

-, see also
-, Metropolitan Police

Polstead (Suff.),

Pomfret, Revd. Sam.,

Pond, Sam.,

Pontigny (France),

Poole (Pool), John (d. 1602),
-, John (d. 1633) and his w. Anne,
-, John (d. c. 1676), John (d.
-, by 1701), John (fl. 1708),
-, John (d. c. 1839),
-, Lora w. of John, Mary, see
-, Powell; Ric., Wm. (fl. 1740),
-, fam.,

Pooley, Alice, see Shaa; John,
-, Wm. (d. 1587), Wm. (fl.
-, 1594),

Poor Law Union (1829), see 'Gilbert'
-, Poor Law Union

Pope, Edw., Sir
-, Thos.,

Poplar (Mdx., later Lond.),

Port Sunlight, see Lever Art Gallery

Porter, Miss O., n; Revd. R.I.,

Portland, earl of, see Weston

Portland Place (Lond.),

Portman Square (Lond.),

Potel, Ric.

Potells, see King's Place

Potter, Edw., John (d. c. 1546),
-, John (fl. 1834), Thos. and
-, his w. Marg.,

Powell (Powel), Ann, Mary, m.
-, John Poole, Jas.,
-, Mrs., fam.,

Powerscourt, vct., see Wingfield

Powling, Wm.,

Poynder, Thos.,

Poynings, Rob.,

Poyntz, Anne m. Sir Fulke Greville,
-, Audrey m. Sir Adam Littleton
-, , Eliz. m. Wm. Duncombe
-, , Sir Gabriel, Sir
-, Jas., Kath. m. (Sir) John
-, Morris (later Poyntz), Poyntz,
-, Ric., Thos.,

Poyntz (formerly Morris), Sir John,

Praed, Louisa, see Ewing; Winthrop
-, Mackworth,

Prance, Revd. L. N., Reg.
-, Heber,

Pratt, Revd. Benj., C., Sam.
-, and his w. Anne, Mr.,
-, fam.,

Prentice, Thos.,

Prest, Alice w. of John (second
-, husb.) m. Ric. Blackwall,
-, Frances m. Wm. Bradborne,
-, John, Thos. (d. 1852),
-, Thos. (d. 1877), Wm.,

Preston, Geo.,

Prestwood, John,

Price, Howel J. J.

priest, Ingelric the,

Prince, Eliz. (d. c. 1796), Eliz.
-, m. Wm. Sparowe, Francis
-, Hampden, Eliz.,
-, see Gernon; Gil., Joan w. of
-, John, John (d. by 1471),
-, John (d. 1499),
-, Lucy w. of John, Rob.,

Prior (Priour), And., Edm.,
-, Elnr., see Ramsey; John,
-, Ric., fam., see also Pryor

Prison Commissioners,

Prittlewell, priory of,

Pryor, Mrs. L. F., n

Pryors, in Lambourne,

Pugh, R. B.

Puller, Sir Chris., n Lady
-, Louisa Giles,

Purca, Eliz.,

Purcas, Wm.

Purle, Alice dau. of Wm., Wm.,

Putchin, see Pochin

Puxon, E. W., his w.,

Pykenham, Eliz., ? m. John Heron,
-, Geo., John (d. 1436),
-, John (fl. 1445), Kath., see
-, Barrington, Margery dau. of
-, Thos., Margery w. of John,
-, Thos.,

Pykeryng, Hugh, Sir John,

Pynchon, Wal. and his w. Joan,

Pyrgo (Pirgo), in Havering-atte-
-, Bower,

Pyrle, John s. of Rog. le,

Quakers, see Society of Friends

Queenhithe (Lond.),

Rabett, Ann m. Ric. Stane,

Radbourne, Mr.

Radcliffe, Edw. Earl of Derwent
-, water, Hen. Earl of Sussex,
-, Lady Mary m. Wm. Petre,
-, Rob. Earl of Sussex,


Rainald (fl. 1086),

Rainald, Aubrey dau. of, m. Eus. de
-, Selflege,

Rainham, see Launders

Rainsford, Ric.,

Ralf (Ralph) (fl. 1086),

Ralph, Gregory s. of,

Ralph, Ric. s. of, his w. Cecily,

Ralph s. of Peter,

Rampston, Rob.,

Ramsden, Sir John and his w.
-, Anne,

Ramsey, Elnr. m. Ralph Wrytell,
-, Ric. Prior, Joan w. of Rob.,
-, John (fl. 1412), John (fl.
-, 17th cent.), Mary m. Sir
-, Wm. Boughton, Rob. (fl.
-, 1406), Rob. (fl. 1431),
-, Wm.,

Randal, Sam.,

Ranulf, brother of Ilger,

Rattee, Revd. J.,

Ray, John, Revd. P. W.,
-, Rob.,


Rayleigh, honor of,

Rayment, Geo.,

Rayner, Edw., Mary,

Read, Geo. (fl. 1721), Geo. (fl.
-, 1954), John Tysoe,

Rebotier, Chas., David,
-, Esther,

Red Cross convalescent home,

Redington, Thos.,

Redman, John, Mary m. Craven
-, Ord,

Rees, Revd. E. B., n

Reeve, Edw. (fl. 1849),
-, Revd. E. H. L. (d. 1936),
-, Revd. E. J. (d.
-, 1893),
-, Jos.,

Refham, John de, Richer
-, de,

Reformation Church Trust,

Reynold, Abbot of Waltham,

Reynolds, John,

Reyntot, Edw., Geoff.,

Rhode Island, U.S.A.,

Ribadeneira, Pedro de

Rice, John ap,

Rich, Anne m. Edw. Earl of Manchester
-, , Anne m. Sir John
-, Barrington, Bt., Chas. Earl
-, of Warwick, n,
-, Essex m. Dan. Finch, Earl of
-, Nottingham, Frances m.
-, Nich. Leake, Earl of Scarsdale,
-, Hen. Earl of Holland,
-, Kath., see Knevett; Mary, Ctss. of
-, Warwick, see Boyle; Mary m. Sir
-, Hen. St. John, Bt., Sir Nat.
-, (d. 1636), Col. Nat.
-, (d. 1701), Nat.
-, (fl. 1706), Ric. Ld. Rich (d.
-, 1567),
-, n
-, Ric. (d. 1580),
-, Rob. Ld. Rich (d. 1581),
-, Rob. Ld. Rich, later Earl of War
-, wick (d. 1619),
-, Rob. Earl of
-, Warwick (d. 1658), n,
-, Rob. Earl of Warwick
-, (d. 1659), Wm., fam.,

Richard (fl. 1086),

Richard I,

Richard II,

Richard III, as Duke of
-, Gloucester,

Richard, Duke of York (d. 1460),
-, his w. Cecily, see Neville

Richard, Duke of York (d. 1483),

Richard Fitz William (fl. 1232-3),

Richard Fitz William (fl. 1268),

Richard s. of Ralph, his w.
-, Cecily,

Richard, Wm. Fitz,

Richards, Thos.,

Richardson, David (fl. 1803),
-, David (fl. 1827), John,
-, Thos. and his w. Anne,

Richmond, honor of,

Rigges, Wm.,

Risley, Sir John,

Rivers, Baldwin de (d. 1216),
-, Baldwin de (fl. c 1243),
-, Baldwin de, Earl of Devon (d.
-, 1262), Isabel de m. Wm. de
-, Forz, John de (d. 1294),
-, John de
-, (d. 1314), n John Ld. Rivers
-, (d. c. 1322), John
-, de (fl. 1334), John (fl.
-, 1649), Margery de, see Fitz
-, Gerold; Maud de, see Lucy; Olive,
-, see Carleton; Ric. de (d. 1221 or
-, 1222), Ric. de (d. by
-, 1243), fam.,

Roach, Rebecca,

Roast, Steph.,

Robert (fl. 1086),

Robert, Abbot of Tilty,

Robert, Abbot of Waltham

Robert, Earl of Gloucester,
-, his w. (Mabel),

Robert, Rector of Theydon Mount,

Robert Fitz Hamon,

Robert Fitz Wimarc,

Robert, Walter Fitz,

Roberts, Mr.,

Robessart, Sir Lewis,

Robinson, Edw., Revd. Jas.,
-, John, Rev. Thos. Jas.,

Roche, Thos.,

Rochester, Alice de m. Rob. de
-, Scales, Edw., Eus. de,
-, Gresilda, see Wrytell; John f. of
-, Wm., John s. of Wm.,
-, Ralph de, Ric. de,
-, Rob., Wm.,

Rochester, bps. of,

Rochester (Kent), Castle of,


Rochford, earl of, see Zuylestein

Rockells, in Willingale Doe,

Roddington, Thos.

Rodgers, John

Roding, riv.,
-, n

Roding, Abbess, n,
-, Abbess Hall, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's
-, census, ch., Cockerells
-, , hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, inds.,
-, mans., medieval
-, taxes, noncf.,
-, par., par. govt. and poor
-, rel., n pop., postal
-, svces., pub. svces.,
-, rect., roads, sch.
-, stage coach svces., top.,
-, woods, worthies,
-, see also Berwick Berners,
-, Rookwood Hall

Roding, Aythorpe,

Roding, Beauchamp,
-, adv., agric., Bp.
-, Compton's census, ch.,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hos., mans.,
-, medieval
-, taxes, par.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel., pop.,
-, postal svces., pub.
-, svces., rect., roads,
-, sch., Shallow
-, Bridge, top., see also
-, Bird's Green, Frayes, Horners,
-, Longbarns

Roding, Berners,

Roding, High, see New Hall

Roding, Leaden,

Roding, Margaret,
-, see also Marks Hall

Roding Morrell, in White Roding,

Roding, White,
-, see also Colville Hall, Roding
-, Morrell

Rodinges (Domesday village),

Rodings, the,

Rodney, Hon. Sim.

Roebuck, Revd. E. B.,

Rogate (Suss.),

Roger Fitz Ailmar,

Roger (fl. 1086),

Rogers, Geo., John (fl.
-, 1548), John (fl. 1649) and his
-, w. Eliz., Ric., Mr.,
-, Revd.,

Rohrweger, Julius,

Roinges, Geoff. de, Wm. de,

Rokewood, Thos.,

Roland, Nic.,

Rolfe, C., architect, Eliz., see
-, Salyng; Wm. (fl. 1553), Wm.
-, (fl. 1629),

Rolls Park, see Barringtons

Rolte, Wm.,

-, see also Harold Hill, Marks
-, Hall

Romford Gas Co.,

Rookery, the, see Withers Pawne

Rookwood, baron, see Selwin Ibbet son

Rookwood Hall, in Abbess Roding,

Root, Mr.

Roper, Gertrude Trevor, Baroness
-, Dacre, m. Thos. Brand,

Rose w. of Eudo dapifer,

Ross, Revd. Geo., Revd.
-, Lauchlan,

Round, J. H.,

Rous, Agnes w. of John le,
-, John le (d. by 1311), John
-, elder s. of John le (d. by 1311),
-, John younger s. of John le
-, (d. by 1332), John le (fl.
-, 1366), Louisa, see
-, Hatch; Maud w. of John le,
-, Nich. le, Ric. (fl. 1490),
-, Rob. le, Thos. (fl. 1473),
-, Wm. John, Wm. Rufus,
-, see also Caune (alias Rous)

Rouse, Clive,

Rowe, Geo. Rob., John,
-, Miss, n, n

Rowenho, in Stanford Rivers, see
-, Littlebury

Rowley, John,

Roxwell, see also Skreens

Royal Air Force,

Royal College of Physicians,

Royal Exchange Insurance Co.,

Roydon Hall, in Roydon (near Diss,
-, Norf.),

Ruckholts, in Leyton,

Rudd, R.,

Rumilly, priory of (France),
-, prior of, see Arnulph

Russe, Dan., John, Wm.,

Russell, Eliz. Dchss. of Bedford, see
-, Howland; Ld. Fran., John,
-, Earl of Bedford (d. 1555), n;
-, John, Duke of Bedford (d. 1771),
-, Wriothesley, Duke of Bedford
-, ,

Rutherforth (later Abdy), Revd.
-, Thos. Abdy,

Rychyng, John de,

Ryland, Revd. John,

Rypton, Cicely,

Sabine, Wm. fitz,

Sadler, Sir Ralph,

Saffron Walden, see Walden, Saffron

St. Albans, bps. of,

St. Andrew, Cornhill (Lond.)

St. Aubyn, Alice de, see Sergeaux

St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, priory
-, of,

St. Bartholomew's Hospital (Lond.),

St. Benet's Hulme Abbey (Norf.),

St. Botolph's, Aldgate, see Aldgate

St. Botolph's Priory, Colchester,

St. Davids, bp. of, see Mainwaring

St. Edmund, see Edmund

St. Edmunds, Fulk of, Jas. of,
-, John of,

St. George's Chapel, Albemarle St.
-, (Lond.),

St. George's, Hanover Square
-, (Lond.),

St. Hilary, Pet. de,

St. Ives (Hunts.),

St. John, Mary Lady, see Rich; Sir
-, Hen., Bt., Oliver,

St. John (later Mildmay), Sir Hen.
-, Paulet, Bt.,

St. John's Abbey, Colchester,
-, abbot of, see Ardeley

St. John's College, Cambridge,

St. John's, in Lambourne,

St. Margaret, see Margaret

St. Martin-le-Grand (Lond.), college
-, of, n; dean of, see
-, Stillington

St. Mary, Clerkenwell, priory of,

St. Michael's, Cornhill (Lond.),

St. Neots (Hunts.),

St. Paul's Cathedral,
-, dean of, see William

St. Paul's Walden (Herts.), see Hoo

St. Peter's, York, treasurer of, see
-, Neuton

St. Quintin, Wm. (d. 1859),
-, see also Darby (later St. Quintin)

St. Stephen, Caen (France), abbey
-, of,

St. Sulpice, abbey of (France),
-, abbesses of, see Amice, Mabel

St. Thomas's Hospital (Lond.),
-, n,

St. Tronius, Mat. de, Rose de,
-, see Levenoth

Salisbury, bps. of, see Hamilton

Salisbury, ctss. of, see Margaret,
-, Montagu

Salisbury, earls of, see Montagu,
-, Neville

Salisbury, Revd. Wm.,

Salmon, Revd. Rob.

Salyng, Alice, Alice w. of
-, Augustine, m. Wm. Atwood,
-, Alice w. of Ric., Augustine,
-, Eliz. m. Wm. Rolfe,
-, John f. of Ric. (fl. c. 1398),
-, John s. of Ric. (fl. c.1405),
-, John (fl. 1469-70), of Merton
-, (Surr.), John (fl. 1469-70),
-, of Stanford Rivers, Kath. m.
-, Geo. Johnson, Lore w. of
-, Ric., m. John Bromhale,
-, Ric. s. of John (fl. 1398),
-, Ric. (d. by 1405),
-, Ric. (fl. 1405), Ric. (d.
-, 1528), Rog., fam., n

Samford, Ric.,

Sammes, Edw.,
-, Mr., innkeeper,

Sampforth, Ric., see also Sandford

Samson, Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds
-, ,

Sandale, John de,

Sanders, J.

Sandford, Edw., n, John,
-, fam., see also Sampforth
-, , Sanford

Sandwich, Agnes de, see Crevequer;
-, John de (fl. c. 1235), John de
-, (fl. 1349), Juliane de m. John
-, de Segrave, Nich.
-, de, Nich. s. of Nich de,

Sanford, Alice de, m. Rob. de Vere,
-, Earl of Oxford, Cecily de,
-, Gil. de, John de, see also
-, Sandford

Sarto, Andrea del,

Saumford, Rog. de and his w. Joan,

Saunders, Fran., John,

Saunford, Emma, see Oger; Joan
-, de m. Waleran de Monceux,

Savile, Eliz. m. John Finch,
-, Mary, see Banks; Sir John,

Savill, John, Lawr. L., Phil.
-, (d. c. 1922), Phil. (fl. 1926),
-, Thos.,

Saward, Jacob,

Sawbridgeworth (Herts.),

Scales, Alice de, see Rochester; Rob.
-, de (d. by 1250), Rob. de, Ld.
-, Scales (d. 1325), Rob. de, Ld.
-, Scales (d. 1369),

Scarsdale, earl of, see Leake

Scawen, Lewis, Mary, see Foster;
-, Rob., Thos.,

Schaefer, Revd. Father,

School boards,

Schooling, John, Wm.,

Schwier, Ernest, fam.,

Sclater, Revd. Chris., Revd.
-, Wm.,

Scohies (Escoiis, Scociis), Wm. de,

Scott, Anne m. Revd. Wm. Derham.
-, Eliz. m. Sir Edw. Aleyn, Bt.,
-, Eliz., m. Wm. Bodle, n; Eliz.,
-, see Cheyne; Geo. (d. 1534),
-, Geo. (d. 1588), Geo. (d. Feb.
-, 1589), Geo. (d. Dec.
-, 1589), Geo. (fl. 1625), Geo.
-, (d. 1648), Geo. (d. 1683),
-, Geo. (d. 1727), Geo. (d. 1780),
-, Hugh, Jane, see Gibson;
-, John, Margery w. of Wm.,
-, Mary, Rog.,
-, Thos. (d. 1512), Thos. (d.
-, 1733), Wal., Wm.
-, (d. 1491), Wm.
-, (d. 1597), Wm. (d. 1725),
-, fam.,

Scrope, Alice le, Baroness Scrope
-, m. Sir. Hen. le Scrope, Eliz.
-, dau. of Alice, Baroness Scrope,
-, Eliz. sis. of Geoff. le, Ld. Scrope,
-, Eliz. w. of Thos. le, Ld.
-, Scrope, Geoff. le (fl. c 1337),
-, Geoff. le, Ld. Scrope (d. 1517),
-, Hen. le, Ld. Scrope (d. 1392),
-, Hen. le, Ld. Scrope (d. 1415),
-, Ivetta, m. John
-, Hotham, John le, Ld. Scrope
-, and his w. Eliz., Margery w. of
-, Steph. le, Ld. Scrope, Ralph
-, le, Ld. Scrope and his w. Elnr.,
-, Sir Ric., Sir Steph. (fl.
-, 1387), Steph. le, Ld. Scrope
-, (d. 1406) Thos. le, Ld. Scrope
-, (d. 1475), and his w. Eliz.,
-, Thos. le, Ld. Scrope (d. 1493),

Scruby, Jas., Maria, Wm.,

Scurlocke, Rowland,

Sealy, Mrs. Geo.,

Searle, And. (d. by 1706),
-, Capt. And. (fl. c. 1706), And.
-, s. of Capt. And. (fl. c 1706),
-, Edw., John (d. 1591),
-, John (d. 1616),
-, John (d. 1665), John
-, (fl. 1698), John (? fl. 1703),
-, John (fl. 1706), Revd.
-, John (fl. 1706), n John
-, (fl. 1706), n John
-, (fl. 1772), Mary w. of Thos.,
-, Mary Anne m. Jas. Flint,
-, Pet., Sam. (fl. 1624),
-, Sam. (fl. 1636), Sam. (fl.
-, 1680), Thos., Dr.,

Sedley, John (d. by 1514), John
-, (d. 1581), Wm. (fl. 1547),
-, Sir Wm., Bt. (d. 1618),
-, Sir Wm., Bt. (d. 1656),

Segrave, John de (d. 1343),
-, John de, Ld. Segrave (d. 1325),
-, John de, (d. 1349), n
-, John de, Ld. Segrave (d. 1353),
-, Juliane de, see Sandwich;
-, Mary de,

Selflege (Sellea), Amy de m. Oger
-, Fitz Oger, Aubrey de, see
-, Aubrey dau. of Rainald; Emma
-, de, Eus. de (d. by 1134),
-, Eus. de (fl. 1134), Sar. de m.
-, Mich. Fitz Oger, Wm. de,

Sellar, David,

Sellea, see Selflege

Selwin, Chas.,

Selwin-Ibbetson, Sir Hen., Bt.,
-, later Ld. Rookwood,

Senewe, Eliz. m. John Hill,
-, John,

Sergeaux, Alice de m. Guy de St.
-, Aubyn, Ric. de Vere, Earl of
-, Oxford, Sir Nich. Thorley,

Serjaunt, Rog. le,


Serjeants, see Stocktons

Serlo (fl. 1086),

Settlement, patterns of,
-, see also Villages, nucleated

Sewardstone, in Waltham Holy
-, Cross,

Sewell, Edw., Sam., Sar.,

Sexi (fl. 1066),


Seymour, Edw. Duke of Somerset,
-, Protector, Jane, queen of
-, Henry VIII, see Jane

Shaa, Alice m. Wm. Pooley,
-, Audrey m. John Wrytell, ?
-, Wm. Ayloffe, Sir Edm. (fl.
-, 1486), Edm. (fl. c 1515),
-, Sir John, Lore,
-, see Wentworth

Shadwell (Mdx., later Lond.),

Shamelesford, Ric. de,

Shanke, Rob.,

Shardelowe, Sir John, John s. of
-, Sir John,


Sheldon, Gil., Abp. of Canterbury,

Shelley, Alice Lady, see Belknap;
-, Jane w. of Wm., John (d.
-, 1550), John (fl. 1610),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1548), Wm.
-, (d. 1597),

-, agric., adv.,
-, Bp. Compton's census,
-, char., ch.,
-, common, cycle speed way
-, , hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, man., medieval
-, taxes, poor rel.,
-, n; pop., rect., roads,
-, schs., Shelley
-, Bridge, Shelley Hall,
-, top.,

Shellow Bowells,

Shelton, Humph., Joan, see
-, Ferne; Wm. (d. by 1553),
-, Wm. (d. 1621 or 1622),


Shenley (Herts.),

Shepheard, Walwyn,

Shereff, Amphyllis, see Nynge; John,

Sherfield upon Loddon (Hants),

Shipton, a pauper,

Shirley, John, Margery, see
-, Hampden

Shoreditch (Lond.),

Shuttleworth, Hen., John,

Siday, John (d. 1689), John (d.
-, 1704), Revd. John (fl. 1720),
-, Mary, Wm., n

Sidney (Sydney), Anne m. Sir Wm.
-, Fitzwilliam,
-, Mary m. Sir Rob.
-, Wroth, Sir Phil.,
-, Rob. Ld. Sidney, later Earl of
-, Leicester, Sir Wm.,

Siggiswyk, Sir Pet.,

Simon, Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds,

Simon, Abbot of Waltham,

Singleton, Revd. G. E.,

Siric (fl. 1086),

Skingle, John,

Skinner, Emma m. Wm. Harvey,
-, E. W., Mary m. Sir Jas.
-, Colebrooke, Bt., Mary w. of
-, Steph., Mat., Rob.,
-, Steph., Thos., cartographer
-, ,

Skipwith, Sir Wm. de,

Skreens, in Roxwell,

Skrene, Alice w. of Wm., Eliz.
-, w. of John, m. Ric. Harper,
-, John (fl. 1419), John (d.
-, 1452), John (d. 1474),
-, Wm. (fl. 1408), Wm. (d.
-, 1431),

Slack, Mr.,

Slades, in Navestock,

Sleybrond, Geoff. and his w. Rose,

Slocock, E., Revd. Sam.,

Slocombe, Chas., printer,

Smart, Benj. (d. by 1684), Benj.
-, (fl. 1753), John (d. by
-, 1679), John (fl. 1679),
-, Jos.,

Smijth, see Smyth, Bowyer Smijth

Smirke, Sir Rob., architect,
-, Sydney, architect,

Smith (Smyth, Smythe), Augusta,
-, Chas. (d. 1777), n Chas.
-, (d. 1814), Chas.
-, (fl. 1841), Sir Chas. Cunliffe,
-, Bt. (d. 1905), Sir Chas. J.,
-, Bt. (d. 1831), Revd. D.,
-, Eliz., see Cely; Eliz. w. of Thos.,
-, Fred. and his w., Harriet,
-, Judith, Revd. J. S.
-, Boys, Mary, see Crook; Phil.
-, Ralph, Ric., Rodney
-, ('Gipsy'), evangelist, Sydney,
-, quotation from, Thos. (fl.
-, 1557), Thos. (fl. 1633),
-, Thos. (fl. 1652), Revd.
-, Thos. (d. 1732), Revd. Thos.
-, (d. 1791), Wm.,
-, W. J., see also Smyth (later
-, Smijth), Bowyer-Smijth

Smyth (later Smijth), Anne Lady,
-, see Hedges; Bridget w. of Sir Wm.,
-, Edw. (d. 1652), Sir
-, Edw., Bt., (d. 1713), Sir Edw.,
-, Bt. (d. 1744), n;
-, Geo., Jane Lady, John
-, (fl. 16th cent.), Sir John, Bt.
-, (d. 1838),
-, Philippa, Lady, see Wylford;
-, Revd. Ric. (d. 1811), Revd.
-, Ric. (fl. 1831-2), Sir Thos.
-, (d. 1577), Sir Thos., Bt.
-, (d. 1668), Sir Wm. (d. 1626),
-, Sir Wm. (d. 1632),
-, Revd. Sir Wm., Bt. (d. 1777),
-, Sir Wm., Bt. (d. 1823),
-, fam., see
-, also Bowyer-Smijth

Smythe, see Smith

Snaring, Geoff. de, Phil. de,

Snelling, Chas.,

Soames, Revd. Hen.,
-, Nat.,

Soap making,

Society for the Protection of Ancient
-, Buildings,

Society of Friends,

Soda, John,

Solihull (Warws.), see Wolverley

Sombourne, King's (Hants), see
-, Compton Monceux

Somerset, Rob.,

Somerset, dukes of, see Beaufort,
-, Seymour

Somerset, medieval tax assessments,

Somerset House (Lond.),

Soper, Rob.,

Sorrell, Anne w. of Rob., John,
-, Rob., Thos.,

South Sea Co.,

Southcote, in Stone (Bucks.),

Southwark (Lond.),

Spakman, Rob.,

Sparowe, Eliz., see Prince; Wm.,

Speed, Eliz., John, Thos.
-, (fl. 1789), n Thos. (fl. 1841),
-, fam.,

Spencer, Ric., Thos. (fl.
-, 1597), Thos. (fl. 1641),

Spenser, John le,

Spice (Spyce), Alice, see Mandeville;
-, Clement, Ric. and his w.
-, Isabel, Rog.,

Spigurnel, Agnes, see Marcy; Alice
-, m. Wm. de Paris,
-, Clarice w. of Sir Edm., Sir
-, Edm. (d. 1296), Edm. (d.
-, 1316), Hen., Joan m.
-, Wm. Gobyon, John,
-, Nic., Sir Ralph,
-, Thos.,

Spiller, Hen.,

Spilsby (Lincs.)

Spooner, Hen.,

Spring, mineral,

Springer, fam.,

Springfield, Springfield Place
-, in, see also Barnes

Springham, Fran., Jos.

Spurgeon's College (Lond.),

Spyce, see Spice

Spynay, Alice, Jas., Rob.,
-, Wm.,

Stacey, Revd. H., J., N.,

Stafford, Anne, Ctss. of Stafford, see
-, Anne; Anne, w. of Humph., Duke
-, of Buckingham, n;
-, Constance w. of John, Earl of
-, Wiltshire, Edm. Earl of
-, Stafford, Edw. Earl of
-, Wiltshire (d. 1499), Edw.,
-, Duke of Buckingham (d. 1521),
-, Hen. Duke
-, of Buckingham (d. 1483),
-, Hugh, Earl of Stafford,
-, Sir Hugh (d. 1420),
-, Humph. Earl of Stafford, later
-, Duke of Buckingham (d. 1460),
-, John,
-, Abp. of Canterbury (d. 1452),
-, John, Earl of Wiltshire (d. 1473),
-, Kath. w. of Hen. Duke
-, of Buckingham, m. Jasper
-, Tudor, Duke of Bedford,
-, Marg. Ctss. of Stafford, see
-, Audley; Ralph, Earl of Stafford,
-, Thos.
-, Earl of Stafford, fam.,

Stafford, earls of,

Stains, J.,

Stalbroke, Alice w. of Sir Thos., m.
-, Wm. Luke, Sir Thos.,
-, fam.,

Stallibrass, John (fl. 1823-4),
-, John (d. 1872), Thos.,

Standon (Herts.), see Youngsbury

Stane, Alice w. of Wm., Ann,
-, see Rabett; John (fl. 1614),
-, John Bramston (fl. 1862),
-, Mary Alice m. John West-
-, brook, Ric. (d. 1601),
-, Ric. (d. 1614), Ric. (d. 1714),
-, Ric.
-, (fl. 1725), Wm. (fl. 1582),
-, Wm. (fl. 1675),
-, Wm. (fl. 1725),
-, Wm. s. of Wm. (fl. 1725),
-, Wm. (fl. 1742), fam.

Stane (formerly Bramston), Revd.
-, John,

Stanfield, Revd. Jos.,

Stanford, Little, in Stanford Rivers,

Stanford Park, in Stanford Rivers,
-, see also Ongar Park

Stanford Rivers,
-, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's
-, census, bridges,
-, chantry, char.,
-, ch., hearth
-, taxes, hos.,
-, inds.,
-, mans., n n,
-, medieval
-, taxes, mills, par.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, pop.,
-, postal svces., Prot.
-, noncf., pub. svces.,
-, rly., rector of, rect.,
-, Rom. Cathm.,
-, schs.,
-, Stanford Hall,
-, top., Wash Bridge,
-, woods,
-, worthies, see also
-, Barwicks; Bellhouse; Bridges and
-, Piggsland; Little End; Littlebury
-, ; Stanford, Little; Stanford
-, Park; Toot Hill; Traceys

Stanlake, Ant.,

Stanley, Fran.,

Stansted Mountfichet,

Stanton, Hervey de,

Staphurst, Eliz., see Broomfield;
-, Nich. (fl. c. 1687), Nich. (fl.
-, 1713),

Stapleford (Cambs.)

Stapleford (Domesday village),

Stapleford Abbots,
-, adv., agric., Bp.
-, Compton's census, Bourne
-, Bridge, char.,
-, ch., common, hearth
-, taxes, hos.,
-, inc., man.,
-, medieval taxes, mills,
-, par. govt. and poor rel., n,
-, pop., postal svces.,
-, Prot. noncf., pub.
-, svces., rect., road,
-, Rom. Cathm., schs.,
-, Stapleford Hall,
-, top., Tysea Hill
-, chapel, see also Albyns,
-, Battles Hall, Knolls Hill

Stapleford Tawney, n,
-, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's
-, census, char., ch.,
-, Cutler's Forge, Great Tawney
-, Hall, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, mans.,
-, medieval taxes, mill,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, n Passingford Bridge,
-, pop.,
-, postal svces., pub. svces.,
-, rect., sch.,
-, Stapleford Tawney Hall,
-, Tawney Common,
-, top., see also
-, Suttons

Starkey, Hen., Eliz. w. of Sir
-, Humph., Emma m. Hen.
-, Torrell, Sir Humph.,

Starkins, Geo.,

Steeple Aston (Oxon.),

Stephen, King,

Stepney (Mdx., later Lond.),

Stepney Academy (Mdx., later
-, Lond.),

Stevens, C., Fran. Worral,
-, Ric.,

Steward, Mr.,

Stewart, Wm., see also Stuart

Stillington, Rob., Dean of St.
-, Martin-le-Grand (Lond.),
-, Wm.,

Stocktons (Serjeants), in Chigwell,

Stoke by Nayland (Suff.),

Stoke Doyle (Northants.),

Stoke, South (Lincs.),

Stokes, John (fl. 1368), John
-, (fl. 1803), Ric., R.,
-, Thos., Wm.,
-, Mrs.,

Stokesby, John, Julia,

Stokton, John, Wm.,

Stonard, see Stoner

Stonarde, see Stoner

Stondon Massey,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Bp. Compton's census, char.,
-, ch., Hallsford
-, Bridge, n,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hos., inds.,
-, man., medieval taxes,
-, par. govt. and poor
-, rel., n pop.,
-, postal svces., Prot. noncf.,
-, pub. svces., rect.,
-, roads, Rom.
-, Cathm., schs.,
-, Stondon Hall,
-, Stondon House,
-, Stondon Place,
-, top., worthies,
-, see also Marks Hall, in Margaret

Stone Hall, in Little Canfield,

Stone, Jollye,

Stoner (Stonard, Stonarde, Stonhard
-, ), Amy m. Geo. Waldron,
-, Anne w. of John, Clement
-, , Fran. (d. 1604),
-, n Fran. (fl. 1612),
-, Geo.
-, Hen., Joan w. of John,
-, John (d. 1540),
-, John (fl. 1543), John (fl.
-, 1555), John (d. 1579),
-, Kath. w. of John, Lucy,
-, see Heigham; Rob., Susan m.
-, Sir Rob. Wroth, fam.,

Stonestreet, Revd. G. G.,

Stonhurst, Ric. de,

Stonnard, see Stoner

Storey, 'Goodman',

Storkey, Mrs., n,

Stortford, Bishop's (Herts.),
-, see also Bishop's
-, Stortford Gas Co.

Strachey, Rt. Hon. John, M.P.,

Stradbroke, earl of,

Straker, Mr.,

Stratford Bow, in Bromley (Mdx.,
-, later Lond.), Priory of,

Stratford, in West Ham,

Stratford Co-operative Society, see
-, London Co-operative Society

Stratford Langthorne, in West Ham,
-, abbey of, abbots of,
-, see also Etherwey

Stratten, Revd. Jas.,

Streatham (Surr.),

Strelley, Nich. and his w. Eliz.,

Strickland, Marrock,

Stringer, Ant.,

Strype, Revd. John,

Stuart, C. C., Humph., see
-, also Stewart

Stubbs, Cath., see Dellar; John,
-, Wm., Bp. of Chester, later Oxford,

Stucle, Wm. de,

Stukeley, Wm., antiquary,

Suasso, fam.

Sudbury, Wm. and his w. Cecily,

Suen (fl. 1066),

Suffield, Wal. de, Bp. of Norwich,

Suffolk, duke of, see Brandon

Suffolk, lands in, medieval tax
-, assessments, migrants from,

Sulyard (Suliard), Ann m. John
-, Wright, Anne w. of Edw.,
-, Edw. (d. 1516), Edw. (fl.
-, 1574), Eliz., see Barrington,
-, Eus., John (fl.
-, c 1412), Sir John (d. 1488),
-, John (fl. 1547), Mirabel w.
-, of Edw., Sir Wm.,
-, n fam., n

Sunbury (Mdx.),

Surrey, earls of, see Warenne

Surrey, mans. in, n; migrants
-, from,

Surridge, Dan., n; J.,


Sussex, earls of, see Radcliffe

Sutcliffe, Revd. Rob.,

Sutton, John de and his w. Maud
-, (fl. 1291), John s. of John de
-, (fl. 1291), John de (fl. 1318),
-, John de (fl. 1324),
-, Sir John de (fl. 1348), Sir
-, John de (fl. 1376), John de
-, (d. 1393), Marg. w. of John
-, de, Margery de, see Battail;
-, Oliver de, Bp. of Lincoln,
-, Ric. de (fl. 1308), Sir
-, Ric. de (d. 1396), Rob.
-, de, Roland de, Thos. de,
-, Wm. de (fl. 1258), Wm.
-, de (fl. c. 1287), Wm. de (d.
-, by 1318), fam.,


Sutton (Surr.),

Suttons, in Stapleford Tawney,

Swan, John, murderer

Swein of Essex,

Swinburne, Algernon C.,
-, Emilia Eliz. Lady, see Bennet;
-, Adml. Chas., Lady Jane,
-, Sir John, Bt.,


Sydney, see Sidney

Symonds, Joan w. of John,
-, John,

Sympson, Joan, Nich.,
-, n

Tabor, Jas., Wm.,

Tabrum, Litchfield, Rob.,

Tailleur, Adam le and his w. Joan,


Talbot, Wm., n Mr.,
-, n

Taleworthe, Anne de, see Battail; Pet.
-, de,

Tanner, Lilla, Miss L. W.,

Tany, Emma w. of Gil. de, Gil.
-, de, Graeland de,
-, Hasculf de (fl. 1094),
-, Hasculf de (d. 1192-3),
-, John de, Laur. de,
-, Marg. de m. John de Drokensford,
-, Marg. de, see Margaret, dau.
-, of Wm. Fitz Ric.; Maud w. of
-, Hasculf de, Pet. de,
-, Ric. de (d. 1270),
-, Ric, de (d. 1296), Rog.
-, de,

Tarling, - (a builder),

Tasburgh, Wm.,

Tasker, Helen, Ctss. Tasker,
-, n

Tattam, Revd. Hen.,

Taunton (Som.),

Tavarez, Revd. Dr.,

Taverner, Eliz. w. of Rob., Rob.
-, (d. 1556), Rob. (fl.
-, 1625), Thos., fam.,

Taylor, Ann (fl. 1816), Ann m.
-, Jos. Gilbert, n Revd.
-, Isaac (d. 1829), n
-, Isaac (d. 1865),
-, Jane (d. 1793),
-, Jane (d. 1824), Josiah,
-, Phil., Dr. Rob.,
-, Wm. (d. 1752), fam.,

Taylor (later Taylor-How), Wm. (d.
-, 1777),

Tee, Jas. Herb.,

Telegraph and Telephone services,

Tempest, John,

Temple, Revd. Wm., Mr.,
-, n n


Terays, Beatrice de, Hen. de,

Terling, Cecil de,

Tey (Teye), Mary, see Curzon; Ric.
-, de, Sir Thos.,

Thames, riv., valley of,

Theydon, Beatrice de m. Rob. de
-, Briwes, Galiena de, see
-, Merk; Gil. de (fl. 1297), Gil.
-, de (d. by 1299), Gil. de (fl.
-, 1323), Gregory de, Hen.
-, de, Paulinus de,
-, Rob. de, Rose de, Wm.
-, de,

Theydon (Domesday village),

Theydon Bois, Lawr. de, see Boys

Theydon Bois,
-, adv., agric.,
-, Birch Hall, Bp.
-, Compton's census, char.,
-, ch., forest,
-, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, inc., mans.,
-, medieval taxes,
-, poor rel., pop.,
-, postal svces., Prot. noncf.,
-, pub. svces., rly.,
-, rect., roads,
-, Rom.
-, Cathm., Rural Preservation
-, Society, schs.,
-, Theydon Green,
-, Theydon Hall,
-, top., Village Association
-, , worthies, see
-, also Gregories

Theydon Garnon,
-, adv.,
-, agric., Bp. Compton's census,
-, char., ch.,
-, fair, Fiddlers Hamlet,
-, forest, Garnish
-, Hall, hearth taxes,
-, hos.,
-, inc., mans.,
-, market,
-, medieval taxes, mills,
-, par. govt. and poor
-, rel., pop., postal
-, svces., Priests' House,
-, pub. svces., rector of, n;
-, rect., roads, sch.,
-, Theydon Bridge (Mason's
-, Bridge), top., worthies
-, , see also Coopersale,
-, Coopersale House, Gaynes Park,
-, Hemnalls

Theydon Mount, n,
-, adv., Bp.
-, Compton's census, brick
-, making, chantry, char.,
-, chs., fair,
-, hearth taxes, hos.,
-, mans.,
-, market, medieval
-, taxes, Mount
-, End, Mount Hall,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, pop., pub. svces.,
-, rector of, see Robert; rect.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, top., see also Hill
-, Hall

Theydons, the,

Thistlewood, G.,

Thoby Priory, in Mountnessing,

Thomas of Woodstock, Earl of Essex
-, and Duke of Gloucester, his
-, dau. Anne, his w. Elnr., see
-, Bohun

Thomas, Sir Godfrey J. V.,
-, John,


Thomlinson, seeTomlinson

Thompson, Arabella, see Aleyn;
-, Dorothy, see Cooper; Fran.,
-, Ric., Wm., and his w. Agnes,

Thorley, Alice, see Sergeaux; Kath.
-, m. - Estoft, Sir Nich.,

Thorn Electrical Industries,

Thorneton, Rob.,

Thornhill, Isabel, see Battail; Rob.,

Thornthwaite, Mr.,

Thornwood, in North Weald Bassett,

Thorogood (Thorowgood, Thor-
-, rowgood), Abraham,
-, Catlyn, Sir John,
-, Pate, Sim., fam.,

Thorold, Rebecca, see Green, Thos.,

Thorowgood, see Thorogood

Thorp, Thos.,


Thorrowgood, see Thorogood

Thoumaian, Revd. G.,

Threshers Bush, see Thrushesbush

Thrifts, Old, see Frith Hall

Throckmorton, Eliz. w. of Geo.,
-, Geo. (fl. 1676),
-, Geo. (fl. 1703), John,
-, Thos., Wm.,

Throgmorton plot,

Thrushesbush (Threshers Bush), in
-, High Laver,

Thurgot (fl. c. 1043-5),

Thurkettle, Rob. and his w.,

Thurloe, John, Thos.,

Thurstan s. of Wine,

Thynne, Sir John,



Tilty Abbey, abbot of, see
-, Robert

Timms (later Hervey-Elwes), John,

Tindal, Rob.,

Tipper, Wm., Lady,

Tipping, Ann, Lady, see Cheeke,
-, Kath. m. Thos. Archer, Ld.
-, Archer, Sir Thos., Bt.,

Tirell, Sir Hen., Rob. and his
-, w. Joyce, Revd. Wm., n,
-, n, n; see also Tyrell

Titanic, sinking of the,

Titchmarsh (Northants.),

Todd, John,

Toesni, Ralf de,

Toheham, Maurice de,

Toke, Nich.,

Tolleshunt d'Arcy,

Tomlinson (Thomlinson), Alice,
-, Jas.,
-, Josiah, J. H., Ric.,
-, fam.,

Tooke, Revd. John, Rob.,
-, Revd. Thos., Miss,
-, see Calvert; fam.,

Toot Hill, in Stanford Rivers,
-, n,

Topping, Revd. W. D., n, n,
-, n,

Torkeseye, Mat. de,

Torrance, Mat.,

Torrell (Torell), Anne m. Hen.
-, Joscelin, Anne, see Mor-
-, daunt; Emma, see Starkey; Hen.
-, (d. 1481), Hen. (d. 1526),
-, Humph. (fl. 1503),
-, Humph. (d. 1517), Humph.
-, (d. 1544), Thos.,

Torrells Hall, in Willingale Doe,

Tottenham (Mdx.),

Toulouse (France),

Towton, Battle of,

Tozer, Revd. Isaac,

Traceys, in Stanford Rivers,

Tracy, Agnes de, Hugh de (fl.
-, 1315), Hugh de (fl. 1353),
-, Jas. de, John de and
-, Margery his w., Mabel w. of
-, Thos. de, Margery de,
-, Thos. de (d. by 1335),
-, Thos. de (d. 1353), Wm. de,

Trafalgar, Battle of,

Traherne (Trayherne), Phil. (fl.
-, 1677), Phil. (fl. 1694),
-, Rowland,

Travers, Adam, Archdeacon of
-, Exeter,

Trayherne, see Traherne

Trebeck, Revd. And.,
-, Revd. Jas.,
-, Mary, see Green

Trebizond, abp. of, see Errington

Tregoz, Eve, see Valeynes; Nich.,

Tretheck, Joan, see Brent; John,
-, Wm.,

Trigg&Moore, builders,

Trinity College, Oxford,

Trotter, Raymond E.,

Tuck, Zach,

Tudor, Jasper, Duke of Bedford (d.
-, 1495), Kath., see Stafford

Tugendhat, Mrs.

Tuke, Sir Brian,

Tunbridge, Josias, Thos.,

Turner, Eliz., see Golsborough;
-, Ric., Wm. (fl. 1657),
-, Wm. (fl. 1682), Wm. Fred.
-, (d. c. 1905), Mr., archi-
-, tect, -&Son, architects,

Turnpikes, see
-, also Epping and Ongar Highway
-, Trust, Middlesex and Essex High-
-, way Trust

Turpin, Dick, highwayman,

Turstin the Red,

Turvin, John, n,

Tuson, Thos.,

Tusser, Wm.,

Twickenham (Mdx.),

Twyneham, W. H., W. H., jr.,
-, n, n, n,

Tyffin, Mary, see Jenour; Wm.,

Tylby, -, a clerk in holy orders,

Tyle, Alice de, see Enfield; John de,
-, Ralph de,

Tylney, earl, see Child

Tyng, Wm.,

Tyrell, Edw., Sir Thos. (fl.
-, 1464), Sir Thos. (fl. 1482-3),
-, Sir Thos. (fl. 1500),
-, Thos. (fl. 1529), see also
-, Tirell

Tyro, Mr.,

Tyser, Wal. P.,

Tyson, Revd. Mic.

Ulmar (fl. 1066),

Ulsi (fl. 1066),

Ulster, ctss. of, see Burgh

Ulvric (fl. 1066),

Ulwin (fl. 1066),

University College, Oxford


Upper Hall (Lady Hall), in Moreton,

Urania by Mary, Lady Wroth,

Uvedale, John de,

Vale, Mr.,

Valence, Agnes de, Aymer
-, de, Earl of Pembroke, Mary
-, w. of Aymer de, Earl of Pem-
-, broke,

Valentia, vct., see Annesley

Valentyne, Marg.,

Valeynes, Eve de m. Nich. Tregoz,

Valognes, Geoff. de, Gunnore
-, de m. Rob. Fitz Walter, Pet.
-, de,
-, fam.,

Valognes, honor of,

Vane, Revd. Fred.,

Vannell, Raphael,

Vaughan, Ric., Bp. successively of
-, Bangor, Chester, and London,

Velley, Jane, see Cleeve; Revd. Thos.
-, (? d. 1750), Thos. (d.
-, 1806), fam.,

Vere, Alice de, Ctss. of Oxford, see
-, Sergeaux; Alice de, see Sanford;
-, Aubrey de (fl. 1086),
-, Aubrey de (fl. early 12th cent.),
-, Aubrey de (fl. 1166),
-, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford (d.
-, 1194), n; Aubrey de, Earl of
-, Oxford (d. 1214), n; Aubrey
-, de (d. 1579-80), Edw. de,
-, Earl of Oxford, Eliz. de,
-, w. of John de Vere, Earl of Oxford
-, (d. 1513), Eliz. de, Ctss. of
-, Oxford, see Howard; Hugh de,
-, Earl of Oxford, Joan de, m.
-, Wm. de Warenne, John de,
-, Earl of Oxford (d. 1360),
-, John de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1462),
-, John de, Earl of Oxford
-, (d. 1513), John de,
-, Earl of Oxford (d. 1540),
-, John de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1562),
-, Rob. de, Earl of Oxford (d.
-, 1296), Rob. de, Earl of Oxford
-, (d. 1392),

Veryard, Mr.,

Victoria and Albert Museum
-, (Lond.), n,

Victoria, Queen,

Villages, nucleated,

Vincent, Wm. (fl. 1924), Revd.
-, Wm. St. And. (fl. 1823),

Viney, H.,

Vivian, Revd. C. H.,

Vyne, Sir John atte,

Waddell, Rosetta,

Wade, Sir John,

Wakering, Little,

Walbrook (Lond.),

Walcott, Rose m. Rob. Bourne,

Walde, E. H. S.

Waldegrave, 'Anne, Ctss. Waldegrave,
-, Chas., Edw. (fl. c. 1509),
-, Sir Edw. (d. 1561),
-, Sir Edw., Bt. (fl.
-, 1643), Edw. (d. 1809),
-, Elnr., see Lovell; Frances Lady
-, (d. 1599), Frances, Ctss.
-, Waldegrave, see Braham; Francis
-, (Frances) m. John Wright,
-, Geo. Edw. Earl Waldegrave,
-, Gresilda, seeWrytell;
-, Henrietta Lady Waldegrave,
-, Hen. Ld. (d. 1689), Jas.
-, Earl Waldegrave (d. 1741),
-, Jas. Earl Waldegrave (d.
-, 1763), John, Earl Waldegrave
-, (d. 1784), John
-, Jas. Earl Waldegrave (d. 1835),
-, John Jas. (d. 1840),
-, Kath., see Brown; Nich.,
-, Wm. Fred. styled Vct. Chewton,
-, fam.,

Walden, Alice de m. - Battail,
-, And. de, Humph. de
-, (d. 1331), Humph.
-, de (fl. 1336), Joan w. of And.
-, de, John, Marg. w. of
-, Thos. de, ?m. Thos. Dryffeld,
-, Rog. de, Thos. de
-, (fl. 1336), Thos. de (d. 1420),
-, fam.,

Walden, King's (Herts.),

Walden, Saffron,

Walden, St. Paul's (Herts.), see Hoo

Waldesef, Alan, Aveline, see
-, Cruce

Waldron, Amy, see Stoner; Geo.,

Waleran, John s. of,


Wales, prince of, see Edward VIII,
-, George II, George III, Henry

Walgrave, John, bellfounder,

Walker, Revd. Ant., n,
-, Chas., Frances
-, Eliz., see Ewing; Revd. Jos.
-, Gordon, Leonard, stained
-, glass artist, n; Thos.,
-, Wm. (d. 1708), n, Wm.
-, Jas. Tyrwhitt (fl. 1865),
-, Revd. W.H., fam.,

Wall, Howard

Wallenger, see Wallinger

Waller, Humph., Jane M.,
-, Thos., W. Chapman,

Wallinger (Wallenger), Ant.,
-, Ben., Jas., Judith,
-, Judith, see Mildmay; Wal.,

Wallis, Geo. Starkins

Walpole, Sir Edw., Horace,

Walsingham, Sir Edm. (d. 1550),
-, Edm. (d. 1589), Sir Fran., n;
-, Elnr., see Wrytell; Jas.,
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1584),
-, Sir Thos. (d. 1630),
-, Sir Thos. (fl. c.
-, 1655),

Walter (fl. 1086),

Walter, Dorothy m. John Atwood,
-, Wm.,

Walter Fitz Robert,

Waltham Abbey (par.), see Waltham
-, Holy Cross

Waltham, abbey of,
-, abbots of, see also
-, Fuller, Harewes, John, Maiden-
-, heth, Reynold, Robert, Simon;
-, prior of, see Geoffrey

Waltham Cross (Herts.),

Waltham Forest, see also
-, Epping Forest, Hainault Forest

Waltham, Great,

Waltham, half-hund. of, n,

Waltham Holy Cross (Waltham
-, Abbey), n,
-, see also Sewardstone

Waltham, Little

Waltham, Rog. de,


Walton, Isabel w. of Sir Ric.,
-, Joan m. John Howard, Ld. Plaiz,
-, John (fl. 13th cent.),
-, John s. of John (fl. 13th cent.),
-, John de (fl. 1319),
-, Margery, Sir Ric.,

Walworth (Lond.),

Wankford, Mrs.,


Wapping (Mdx., later Lond.),

War damage,

Warblington, Wm. de,

Ward, Dudley, Jane, see
-, Plummer; Revd. J. H., n,
-, n; Nat., Rob.
-, Plummer,

Wardstaff, of Ongar hund.,
-, of Harlow half-hund.,

Warenne, Alice de m. Edm. Fitz
-, Alan, Earl of Arundel, Joan
-, de, see Vere; John de, Earl of
-, Surrey (d. 1304), John de,
-, Earl of Surrey (d. 1347), Wm.
-, de,

Warham, Wm. Abp. of Canterbury,

Warley, Great

Warley, Little,

Warner, F., n; John&Sons,
-, bellfounders,

Warwick, ctss. of, see also Ela

Warwick, earls of, see Edward,
-, Neville, Rich

Warren, Revd. W. H.,

Water supply, n; see
-, also East London Waterworks
-, Co., Herts.&Essex Waterworks
-, Co., Metropolitan Water Board

Waterhouse, Paul, designer,

Waterloo, battle of,

Waterton, Joan m. Lionel, Ld. de
-, Welles

Watkinson, Mr.,

Watlington, Geo., John Wat-
-, lington Perry, Louisa, see
-, Bodle; Maria Jane m. Thos.
-, Perry,

Watson, Chris., n Eliz. (d.
-, 1782), Eliza (d. by 1871),
-, Fothergill, John and his
-, w. Eliz., T. H., architect,

Watts, Jas.,

Wauton, Sim. de, Bp. of Norwich,

Waylett (Waylet), John (d. 1566),
-, John (fl. 1566), John
-, (d. 1612), John (fl. 1620),
-, John (fl. 1728), bellfounder,
-, Jos., Ric., Wm. (fl.
-, 1569), Wm. (fl. 1785),

Weald Bassett, North,
-, adv., agric.,
-, army post, Bp. Compton's
-, census, char., ch.,
-, commons,
-, Cracks Bridge, fair,
-, G.P.O. Radio Stn., hearth
-, taxes, hos.,
-, inc.,
-, man. chapel, mans.,
-, medieval taxes,
-, mills, noncf.,
-, par. govt. and poor rel.,
-, pop., postal svces.,
-, pub. svces., rly., R.A.F.
-, Stn., rect.,
-, roads, schs.,
-, top., Tylers Green,
-, vicarage,
-, Weald Bridge, Weald Gullet,
-, Weald Hall,
-, woods,
-, see also Canes, Hastingwood,
-, Marshalls, Paris Hall, Thorn-
-, wood

Weald, South,
-, see also Bentley, Wealdside

Wealdside, in South Weald,

Weaver, Revd. Sam.,

Webb, Geo., Mr.,

Webster, Julia, Sir Thos., Bt.,
-, Mr.,

Weir, Revd. A. W. I.

Welby, Ada de, Eliz. de,
-, Joan de m. John de Haugh,
-, Juliane de, see Multon; Marg.
-, de, Ric. de,

Welde, Eliz. de m. Lewis Mewes,
-, John de, Ric. de,
-, Wm. atte,

Wele, John,

Welle, see Welles

Weller, Jane m. Sir Thos. Spencer
-, Wilson, Bt., John Badger,
-, n; Marg. Mary w. of John
-, Badger (? dau. of John Evans), see
-, Jones

Welles (Welle), Adam de, Ld. de
-, Welles (d. 1311), Adam de,
-, Ld. de Welles (d. 1345),
-, Cecily de, Vctss. Welles, see Cecily,
-, dau. of Edw. IV; Eudo de,
-, Joan de, Lady de Welles, see
-, Engaine; Joan de, Lady de Welles,
-, see Waterton; John de, Ld. de
-, Welles (d. 1361), John de,
-, Ld. de Welles (d. 1421), John
-, de (fl. 1457), John de, Vct.
-, Welles (d. 1499), Lionel, Ld.
-, de Welles, Marg. de,
-, Dchss. of Somerset, see Beaufort;
-, Maud, Lady de Welles, Ric.
-, de, Ld. Willoughby and Ld. de
-, Welles, Sir Rob. de,

Wellesley, Art. Duke of Wellington,
-, Gerald, Duke of Wellington,
-, Hen. Earl Cowley (d. 1884),
-, Wm. Earl Cowley,

Wellesley-Pole, Wm., see Pole-
-, Tylney-Long-Wellesley

Welling (Kent),

Wellingborough (Northants.),

Wellington, dukes of, see Wellesley

Wells, Revd. J., W. C.,

Welsh cattle dealer,

Wennington, see Leventhorpes

Wentworth, Lore m. Edmund Shaa,
-, n; Ric., Sir Rog.,
-, Thos. Ld. Wentworth,

West Hatch, see Hatch, West

West, Hen. Ld. De La Warre,
-, Isabella, Lady De La Warre, see
-, Edmunds; John, Sir Rey-
-, nold, Mrs. S.,

West Indies, see Barbados

Westbrook, John, Mary Alice,
-, see Stane


Westminster Abbey,

Westminster, abp. of, see Wiseman

Westmorland, earl of, see Fane

Weston, Sir Jerome,
-, Sir Ric. (d. 1572), Ric.
-, Earl of Portland (d. 1635),

Westwood 'hamlet', see High Ongar

Westwood, Mrs. Ann,

Wetherspane, see Withers Pawne

Wetmere, Osbert de, Ralph de,

Wheeler, Hen.,

Wheler, John,

Whetynton, Lucy de m. Thos.
-, Gernon, Thos. Lampet,
-, Maud de,

Whiston, Edw.,

Whitaker, Anne, Wm.
-, and his w. Anne,

Whitbread&Co., brewers,

White, G. and D. W., John,
-, J. (of Fyfield), J. (of Moreton),
-, Ric., Revd. Thos. (fl.
-, 1707), Thos. (fl. 1839),
-, Tyndale, Mr.,

Whitechapel (Mdx., later Lond.),

Whitehouse, Canon I.

Whiteman, Miss E. A. O.

Whitley, Revd. W. T.,

Whitmore, Sir Thos., Bt., Sir
-, Wm., Bt.,

Whitney, G.,

Whytehorne, John,

Wicksted, Revd. Wm.,

Wight, Isle of,

Wilcox, Revd. Dan.,

Wild, Eliz. w. of Sam.,
-, Sam., fam.,

Willets, Emily,

Willey, -ss, carrier,

William I,
-, n,

William III,

William IV, as Prince Wm.,

William of Ste. Mère Église, Bp. of
-, London,

William the Dean of St. Paul's,

William, Earl of Gloucester,

William Fitz Audelin, his w.
-, Juliane, see Doisnel

William Fitz Edric,

William Fitz Geoffrey,

William Fitz Richard, his dau.
-, Marg.,

William Fitz Sabine,

William, Ric. Fitz (fl. 1232-3),

William, Ric. Fitz (fl. 1268),

William, Robert, of Havering,

William s. of Constantine,

William s. of Geoffrey, see Roinges,
-, Wm. de

Williams, Alex., A. E. B., n,
-, n; Helen Maria, Joan m.
-, Sir Rob. Billesdon, John
-, (fl. 15th cent.), Sir John
-, (fl. 1543), John (fl. 1851),
-, Rog., founder of Rhode
-, Island, U.S.A., n; Mrs.,

Willingale, Alf., Sam.,
-, Thos.,

Willingale (modern par.),

Willingale Doe,
-, see also Bird's Green, Rock-
-, ells, Torrells Hall

Willingale Spain,

Willoughby, Joan m. Ric. de Welles,
-, Ld. Willoughby and Ld. de
-, Welles, Rob., Ld. Willough-
-, by, Wm. Ld. Willoughby,

Wills, Trenwith,

Wilmer, Thos.,

Wilson, Jane Lady, see Weller; Sir
-, John Maryon, Bt.,
-, Jos., Leonard, Sir
-, Spencer Maryon, Bt., (d. 1897),
-, Thos. (fl. 1842), Sir
-, Thos. Maryon, Bt. (d. 1821),
-, Sir Thos. Spencer, Bt. (d. 1798),
-, Revd. Wm. (d. 1822),
-, Revd. W. L. (fl. 1890),
-, Mr.,

Wilton, John,

Wiltshire, earls of, see Ormond,
-, Stafford

Wiltshire, Wm.,

Wimarc, Robert Fitz,

Wimbledon (Surr.),

Wimund (fl. 1086),

Winchilsea, earl of, see Finch

Winchester, bps. of, see Lucy, Mews

Winchester, earl of, see Despenser

Windsor, Bridget m. Edw. Ferrers,
-, And. Ognall, Wm. Ld.
-, Windsor,

Wine, Thurstan s. of,

Wingfield, Christiana Lady, see
-, Fitzwilliam; Sir Ric., later Vct.
-, Powerscourt,

Wingham, Rev. P. H., n

Wingrue, Jonathan,

Winkworth, D. E.

Winniffe (Wynnyff), John, Thos.
-, Bp. of Lincoln,

Winnington, Henrietta m. Sam.
-, Ld. Masham,

Winsford (Som.)

Winstanley, Thos.,

Winter, Alice,

Wiseman, Anne m. Wm. Fitch,
-, Geo., John and his w. Agnes
-, (fl. 1539), John (d. 1615),
-, Mary, see Jenour; Nich., Cardinal
-, and Abp. of Westminster, n,
-, Ric. (d. 1616), Sir Ric.
-, (d. 1654), Ric. (fl. 1654),
-, Sir Rob., Steph., Thos.
-, (d. 1563), Thos. (fl. 1565),
-, Thos. (fl. 1617), Wm.,


Withers Pawne (Wetherspane,
-, Chivers Pawne, Chivers Hall, the
-, Rookery), in High Ongar,


Wodeward, see Woodward

Wollsey, Eliz. m. Wm. Nodes,

Wolsey, Thos., Cardinal,

Wolverley, in Solihull (Warws.),

Wood (Woode), Alan and Joan his
-, w., Hen., Sir John,
-, Magdalen m. Sir Thos.
-, Edmunds, Rob., Wm.
-, (fl. 1719), Wm. (fl. 1828),
-, Mr.,

Wood (formerly Lockwood), Lt.-
-, Gen. Wm. M.,


Woodham, Walter,

Woods, Geo. A. H., Ric., land-
-, scape gardener,

Woodstock, Thos. of, Duke of
-, Gloucester, see Thomas

Woodthorp, Thos.,

Woodward (Wodeward), John,
-, Josiah (fl. c. 1700),
-, Revd. Josiah (fl. 1710),
-, Martha, see Nicholas; Wm. and
-, his w. Agnes,

Woolston, in Chigwell,

Wootton, Wm.,

Wormlayton, Anne, Fulk,
-, Jane, Jane w. of John,
-, John (d. by 1680), John (d. by
-, 1725), John (fl. 1727),

Wormsley (Oxon.),

Wragg, Revd. C., Revd. Jacob,
-, Mary, see Collins; Revd.
-, Thos.,

Wright, Ann, see Sulyard; Anne,
-, Ben., n; Revd. D. V., n;
-, Edw. Carrington, Eugenia
-, (d. 1710), Eugenia w. of John,
-, Frances, see Waldegrave;
-, Geo., John (d. 1551),
-, John (d. 1608),
-, John (d. 1654), John (d.
-, 1656), John (d. 1661),
-, John (d. 1731), John (d. 1751),
-, John (d. 1792),
-, John (d. 1826), John Fran.
-, (d. 1868), Wm.,
-, Mrs. (fl. 1870), fam.,


Wroth, Anne, see Gallard; Eliz. m.
-, John Wroth, Hen. (d.
-, c. 1656), Sir Hen. (fl.
-, 1669), Jas. (d. 1616),
-, Jane m. Wm. Hen.
-, Zuylestein, Earl of Rochford (d.
-, 1709), John (d. 1642),
-, John (d. 1662),
-, John (fl. 1703), John (d.
-, 1708), John (d. 1718),
-, Mary Lady, see Sidney; Sir
-, Rob. (d. 1606),
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1614),
-, Susan Lady,
-, see Stoner; Sir Thos. (d. 1573),
-, fam.,

Wrottesley, Elnr. m. Wm. Eyre
-, (later Archer), Elnr.
-, Lady, see Archer; Sir Wal.,

Wrytell, Audrey, see Shaa; Elnr. m.
-, James Walsingham,
-, Elnr., see Ramsey; Gresilda m.
-, John Rochester, Edw. Walde-
-, grave, Joan, see
-, Hende; John (d. 1485), n,
-, John (d. 1507),
-, Juliane, Kath.
-, w. of Wal., m. Sir Ric. Haute,
-, n, Ralph, Wal.
-, (d. 1475), n, n,
-, fam., n,
-, n,

Wyberd, John,

Wyher, Thos.,

Wylde, Sim. le and his w. Joan,

Wylford, John, Philippa m.
-, Sir John Hampden, Sir Thos.
-, Smyth, Wm.,

Wylkinson, John,

Wymundham, Pet.,

Wynnyff, see Winniffe

Wynslowe, Marg. m. Wm. Nynge,
-, Thos.,

Wynter, Ric.,

Wythiale, John, Sim.,
-, Thos.,

Wyvill, Marmaduke and his w.
-, Agnes,

Yeallett, Geo.,

Yeates, Revd. J. T.,

Yonge, see Young

York, abp. of, see Harsnett

York, dchss. of, see Neville

York, duke of, see Richard

Yorkshire, lands in, medieval
-, tax assessments,

Young (Jonge, Yonge, Younge);
-, Anne, see Day; Geo., n; Art.,
-, agriculturist, Edw., Greg.,
-, Jane, Kath., Louisa
-, Eliz., Ric., Rob.,
-, R., Mrs. S., n; Thos.,
-, Wm., n

Youngsbury, in Standon (Herts.),

Zuylestein, Jane, Ctss. of Rochford,
-, see Wroth; Wm. Hen., Earl of
-, Rochford (d. 1781),