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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 3, Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sunbury, Teddington, Heston and Isleworth, Twickenham, Cowley, Cranford, West Drayton, Greenford, Hanwell, Harefield and Harlington. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1962.

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THE following abbreviations have been used: abp., archbishop; adv., advowson; anc., ancient; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; A.-S., Anglo-Saxon; b., born; Bart., Bartholomew; Ben., Benjamin; bp., bishop; bro., brother; cast., castle; Cath., Catherine; ch., church; chant., chantry; chap., chapel; char., charity; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; co., company; coll., college; ct., court; ctss., countess; d., daughter, died; Dan., Daniel; dchss., duchess; Edw. Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; f., father; fam., family; Fred., Frederick; Geo., George; Geof., Geoffrey; Gil., Gilbert; grds., grandson; Hen., Henry; hosp., hospital; hund., hundred; Humph., Humphrey; incl., inclosure; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; jr., junior; Kath., Katherine; Lawr., Lawrence; ld., lord; loc. gov., local government; m., married; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; Mat., Matthew; mchnss., marchioness; Mic., Michael; mkt., market; n, note; Nat., Nathaniel; P. Nonconf., Protestant Nonconformity; par., parish; Phil., Philip; pk., park; pop., population; prehist., prehistoric; R. Catholm., Roman Catholicism; Reg., Reginald; rem., remains; Revd., Reverend; Ric., Richard; riv., river; rly., railway; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom., Roman; s., son; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; sis., sister; sr., senior; Steph., Stephen; Thos., Thomas; vct., viscount; vctss., viscountess; w., wife; Walt., Walter; wid., widow; Wm., William.

Abchurch Lane, see London, City of

Abercorn, Duke of, see Hamilton, Jas.

Abingdon (Berks.),

Achi, king's servant (fl. c. 1060),

Acre (Israel), seige of, n

Acre, Long, see Westminster, City of

Acrow (Engineers) Ltd.,

Acton, Cecily, see Green; John,

Acton, par. and borough, agric., earthwks., East, Friar's Pl. Fm., golf club, Green, ind., mans., North, pop., Shepherd's Bush, soil,

Acuña, Diego Sarmiento de, Condé de Gondomar, Spanish ambassador,

Adam, Jas., Rob., architect, Wm., M.P., and his w., n

Adams, Wm.,

Addison, Joseph, essayist,

Adeane, Helena, m. Wm. Pleydell- Bouverie, Earl of Radnor,

Adelaide (of Saxe-Coburg-Meiningen), queen, m. Wm. IV, ii.

Adelaide Road, see Hampstead

Adelphi, see Westminster, City of

Adkins, J. S.,

Admiralty Engineering Lab., and see Ministries

Adolphus Fred., Duke of Cambridge (d. 1850),

Adrian III, Pope,

Adrian IV, Pope,

Ædilred, King (? Ethelred of Mercia),

Ælfheah, Earl,

Ælfwine (fl. 10th c.),


Aeronautical Inspection Directorate,

Africa, South, West,

Agnes of Harpsden,

Agriculture, and see Ministries; parish entries

Ahearne, T. J.,

Aiguillon (Fr., Lot et Garonne),

Ailric (fl. 11th c.),

Ailsa, Marquess of, see Kennedy

Air Ministry, see Ministries

Aireton, Edmund,

Aislabie, Ben.,

Albany, Dchss. of, see Helene

Albany Street, see St. Pancras

Albemarle, Duke of, see Monk

Albemarle, Earl of, see Keppel, Arnold Joost van

Albert (of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), Prince Consort, m. Victoria,

Albert Hall, Royal, see Kensington

Albert of Lorraine (fl. c. 1060),

Albini, Walt. de,

Albion Brewery,

Albon, Jacques d', Marquis de Fronsac, Seigneur de St. André, French ambassador,

Alcester, Lord, see Seymour, Fred.

Alcock, C. W.,

Aldenham (Herts.),

Alder, J. S., and see Fenner, Alder & Co.

Aldethelly, Jas. de,

Aldgate, formerly Aldgate St., see London, City of

Alexander IV, Pope,

Alexander V, Pope,

Alexandra (of Denmark), queen, m. Edw. VII,

Alexandra Palace and Park, see Hornsey

Alfit, Godwin (fl. c. 1060),

Alfred, King,

Alfred of Harlington,

Alfred, Rog. s. of,

Alfred (fl. 1086),

Alfred and Guthrum's Peace, see Treaty of Wedmore

Algar, Earl (fl. c. 1060),

Aline, d. of Geof. s. of Baldwin, m. Ric. de Clare, m. 2. Reinfred s. of Rog., m. 3 Hugh de Clahull,

Alington, Lord, see Sturt

Allan, John, & Son,

Allegri, Antonio ('Correggio'), painter,

Allen, Rev. Hen., D.D., Thos. (fl. 16th c.), n; Sir Thos. (fl. 1643), Thos. Newland, n; Wm., -, boxer,

Allen & Hanbury Ltd.,

Allen, F., & Sons,

Allen, Stafford, & Sons,

Alliance Film Studios,

Allied Ironfounders Ltd.,

Alliston, John,

Allport, A.,

All Souls College, see Oxford Univ.

Almonry, see Westminster, City of

Alnod (fl. 1086),

Alperton, see Harrow

Althorp (Northants.),

Aluric (fl. c. 1060),

Alva, Duke of, see Alvarez

Alvanley, Lord, see Arden

Alvarez de Toledo, Fred., Duke of Alva (d. 1582), n

Alverstone, Lord, see Webster

Alveve (fl. 1086),

Amateur Athletic Assoc.,

Amateur Athletic Club,

Amateur Boxing Assoc.,

Amati, Antonio, Girolamo,

Amelia, d. of Geo. I,

America, United States of,

American Watch Co.,

Amersham (Bucks.),

Amicable Coursing Soc.,

Amiens (France), n

Amiens, Peace of,

Ampthill, Lord, see Russell, Arthur

Amy, Isaac,

Ancaster, Duke of, see Bertie

Anchor Brewery,

Anderson, Sir Edmund, Lord Chief Justice, J. G., W. Ince,

Anderson, D., & Son,

Andrewes, Lancelot, bp. of Chichester, n

Andrews, Grantham, Sir Jonathan, Judith, see Grantham; Marion, T. R., W. R.,

Andries, Jasper,

Anesty, Rob. de, and his w. Eliz.,

Angell, Sarah,

Anglesey, Earl of, see Villiers, Chris.

Anglesey, Marquess of, see Paget, Hen. Wm.

Anglia, East, ware acres in, n

Angling (fishing), and see parish entries

Anglo-Swiss Screw Co.,

Anjou (France),

Anjou, Dukes of, see Henry (Valois); Philip

Ankerwyke Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Anne, Queen, n, n, n; as princess, chancellor to, chaplain to, and Hampton Ct., sports,

Anne (of Bohemia), queen, w. of Ric. II,

Anne (Boleyn; Boulan; Bouillayne), queen, m. Hen. VIII,

Anne (of Cleves), queen, m. Hen. VIII,

Anne (of Denmark), queen, m. Jas. I,

Anne (Hyde), Dchss. of York, later queen, m. Jas., Duke of York, later Jas. II, n

Anne, see Aune

Annebaut, Claude d', French ambassador,

Annesley, Bryan,

Annett, Jas.,

Ansculf, Wm. Fitz, see Fitz

Anselm, abp. of Canterbury,

Anthill, John,

Anthony, Wm.,

Antwerp (Belgium),

Apletree, see Appletree

Apperley, Chas. Jas. ('Nimrod'), Hunting Tours,

Appleby, F., athlete,

Appletree (Apletree), John,

Apulia (It.), n

Arabin, W. J., general, fam.,

Arbury (Warws.), man.,

Arbuthnot, Dr. John,


Archway, Highgate, see Hornsey

Arden, Wm., Lord Alvanley (d. 1849),

Argent, John, and his w. Marg., Ralph,

Argyll (Argyle), Dukes of, see Campbell, Arch.; John

Arkle, C. J.,

Arlington, Earl of, see Bennet, Hen.

Army Motor Lorry Co.,

Arnold, John, John R., Mat., poet, Thos., head master, Thos., s. of Mat., -, cricketer,

Arno's Grove, see Southgate, Arnos Grove

Arran, Earls of, see Butler, Chas.; Hamilton, Jas.

Arthur Wm. Pat. Albert, Duke of Connaught (d. 1942),

Artillery (Ground), Old, see London, City of

Artillery Co., Hon.,

Arundel, Ralph de, abbot of West- minster,

Arundel, Earls of, see Fitzalan; Montgomery

Arundell, Frances, Mary, m. Rob. Radcliffe, Earl of Sussex,

Arwood, John,

Asard, Johannes,

Asbrock, A. van,

Ascham, Rog.,

Asgar (Esegar), the Staller,

Ash River (or Littleton Brook), n

Ashburnham, John,

Ashburton, Hon. C.,

Ashby, Ann, Eliz., m. Jos. Partridge, Sir Francis, Bt. (d. 1623), Francis (d. 1743), Geo. (d. 1474), clerk of the signet, Geo. (d. c. 1514), clerk of the signet, Geo. (d. c. 1603), John (d. 1496), John (fl. 1898- 1933), Mary, Sir Rob. (d. 1617), Rob. (d. 1674), Rob. (d. 1769), Thos. (d. 1559), clerk of the spicery, Wm., fam., fam., arms of,

Ashby St. Ledgers (Northants.),

Ashdown (Suss.),

Ashe, St. Geo.,

Ashford, John,

Ashford, par., adv., berewick, bridge, chars., chs., Common, estate at, Ford Fm., fields, golf club, hosp., incl., Kingston Rd., loc. gov., man., Manor Fm., Marsh, mill, pop., P. Nonconf., roads to, sch., tithes, Woodthorpe Rd.,

Ashley, Mrs.,

Ashmole, Elias,

Ashridge (Herts.),

Ashton-under-Lyne (Staffs.),

Aspale, Geof.,

Asslet, Rob.,

Astor, J. J., as racquets player,

Astbury, John,

Aston, Sir Arth., Cordelia, w. of Sir Rog., m. 2 John Mohun, Sir Rog.,

Athelstan, King,

Athelstan, bro. of Edw.,

Athens (Greece), n

Athill, Florence Martha,


Atkinson, Rob.,

Attenelme (Attehelme), John,

Atterbury, Francis, bp. of Rochester, Lewis, Luffman, musician,

Attie, Sir Arth.,

Aubrey, John (d. 1557), John (d. 1697), antiquary, Ric., Rob., Thos., Wm. (fl. 1547), Wm. (fl. 1564-71),

Audley, Sir Thos., Lord Audley of Walden (d. 1544), lord chancellor,

Audley Street, South, see Westminster, City of

Aufray, A.,

Augsburg (W. Germany),

Augusta, d. of Fred., Prince of Wales, m. Chas., Duke of Brunswick- Wölfenbuttel,

Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, m. Fred. Prince of Wales,

Aumale, Duke of, see Orleans, Hen. Louis d'

Aune (Anne), Nich. de, king's clerk,

Austen, Arabella, see Forest; Sir John, Thos.,

Austin (Austyn), John,

Australia, New S. Wales, servicemen's cemetery,

Austria, ambassador, see Sauche

Austyn, see Austin

Avebury (Wilts.),

Aveland, Lord, see Heathcote, Gil. John

Aveline of Cranford, m. John de Mascy,

Avery, John,

Awnsham, Eleanor, Gideon (fl. 1579-94), n; Sir Gideon (d. 1631), Gideon (d. 1641), Jane, m. Hen. Mildmay, Marg., Ric. (fl. 1488), Ric. (d. 1539), Rob. (d. 1627), Rob. (d. after 1641), Wm. (d. by 1565), Wm. (fl. after 1570), -, w. of Ric. (d. 1539),

Aydston, Thos.,

Ayete, Alan,

Aylesbury (Bucks.),

Aylmer, John, bp. of London,

Aylsham (Norf.), man.,

Ayston, Emma de,

Ayswell, Steph. de, and his w. Aubrey,

Avon (Suss.), River, n

Azor (fl. c. 1060),

Baber Bridge, see Isleworth

Babington, Ant., Gervase, bp. of Worcester, Urias, Wm.,

Babington conspiracy,

Bach, Johann Christian, Johann Sebastian,

Backers, Americus,

Backhouse, Edw.,

Backstead, Col.,

Bacon, C. J., Edw., Francis, later Vct. St. Albans (d. 1626), John, R. A. (d. 1799), John, the younger (d. 1859), Sir Nich., n, S. V.,

Badlesmere, Giles de,

Badyk, Adam, fam.,

Baeshe, see Bashe

Bagg, see Bigoe

Bagnell, Col.,

Bagnigge Wells, see Clerkenwell

Bagoe, see Bigoe

Bagot, Eliz., m. Hen. Paget, Earl of Uxbridge,

Bailey, C. J. C., Jeff., John, N. C., W. A., Capt., -,

Bain, Alex.,

Bainbridge, Wm.,

Bainbridge & Wood,

Baird, Thos., View of Agric. of Mdx.,

Baker, Ellen M. A., Martha, see Storer; Pet. Wm., Rob., Wm. (fl. 1680), Wm. (fl. 1755), Wm. (fl. 1760), alderman, - (fl. 1778),

Baker Street, see St. Marylebone

Baker's Patent Manufactory,

Balaclava, battle of,

Baldock, E. H., J.,

Baldwin, Geof. s. of,

Balfour, Rt. Hon. A. J., later Earl of Balfour,

Balham (Surr.), man.,

Balmes, see Shoreditch

Baltic Golf Club,

Baltimore House, see Holborn

Bampton, John de,

Bancroft, Ric., abp. of Canterbury,

Bangor, bp. of, see Robinson, Nich.

Banister, Geo. (fl. 1653), Jos., fam.,

Banks, Sir Jos., P.R.S., Ric., - (fl. late 18th c.),

Bankes, Sir John, attorney-general,

Banstead (Essex),

Banstead (Surr.), man.,

Baptiste, John Gaspars,

Bar Society Golf Club,

Barbadoes (W. Indies),

Barbarelli, Giorgio (Giorgione), painter,

Barbier, John,

Barbon, Nich.,

Barcella, -, tennis-player,

Barcelona (Spain),

Barclay, Sir Geo., Capt. R.,

Barentyn, Gil. de (fl. 1316), Gil. de (d. by 1367), Joan, w. of Wm., Joan de, n; Reynold, fam.,

Baretti, Giuseppe,

Barham, Sir Geo.,

Barker, Sir Chris., Garter King of Arms, Rob., Capt. Wm., - (fl. early 19th c.),

Barker & Co. Ltd.,

Barking, Rob. of,

Barking (Essex), pop.,

Barking Abbey see Religious Houses, other counties

Barley, Wm.,

Barlow, Wm., bp. of Lincoln, n

Barnard, Revd. Sam.,

Barnard's Inn, see Inns of Court

Barnes, Rob. (fl. 1785-94), Rob. (d. 1866), Rob., mayor of Manchester,

Barnes, W. C., & Co. Ltd.,

Barnes (Surr.),

Barnet, Edw., Thos.,

Barnet (or High Barnet) (Herts.), Gladesmore Heath, kennels, man., volunteer corps,

Barnet, East (Herts.),

Barnet, Friern, par., feudal services, golf club, mkt., pop., soil, Urban Dist., and see Halliwick

Barnet, battle of,

Barnett, Canon A. T., Thos., fam.,

Barnewell, John,

Barnfield, Alf., Hen.,

Barnsbury, see Highbury

Barnstaple (Devon), ch.,

Baron, Benj., n

Barr, Isabel, m. Sir Thos. Bourchier, Sir John,

Barratt, -, cricketer,

Barre, J. Edmond,

Barrett, John, Martha, R. H. Roper,

Barron, Rob.,

Barron (or Barve) (Suff.),

Barrow (Lincs.),

Barrow field, see Teddington

Barry, Kathleen,

Bartholomew, Ric. s. of,

Bartlett, Ant., C. H., Jas., Thos. (d. c. 1632), bell- founder, Thos. (fl. 1645),

Barton, Eliz., maid of Kent, n; Revd. Jos., Wm.,

Bartram, John,

Barve, see Barron

Barwise, John,

Basevi, G.,

Bashe (Baeshe), Edw., Frances see Cary; Ralph,

Bassompierre, François, Baron de Bassompierre, Marquis d' Harouel (d. 1646), marshal of France,

Bastard, S. R.,

Bastwick, Edw.,

Batchworth (Bechesworth), Geof. of, Marg. of, w. of Ric., Ric. of (fl. 1293), Ric. of (fl. 1310-15), Rog. of, fam.,

Bates, Dr., physician,

Bateson, Gen.,

Bath (Som.), ch., rd. to,

Bath, Earl of, see Pulteney

Bath Road (Turnpike), in Cranford, in Harlington, in Heston, in Stanwell,

Bath and Wells, bp. of, see Peirs

Batho, G. R., n, n

Bathurst, Allen, Earl Bathurst (d. 1775), Hen., bp. of London,

Batkins, Ann,

Batt, Mat. (fl. 1759), Mat. (fl. 1824), Wm. (d. 1759), Wm. (fl. 1794), Wm. (fl. 1824), Wm. (fl. 1855), Wm. Hen. (d. c. 1879),

Battersea (Surr.), agric., bridge, ch., man.,

Battle Bridge, see St. Pancras

Baudin, Jos.,

Bauer, - (fl. 1667), and see Osborne, Bauer & Cheseman

Baumgarten, -, bookbinder,

Bavaria, Duke of, see John Casimir

Baxter, -, coach-builder,

Bayeux, Hen. of,

Bayley, -, n

Baylis, -,

Bayly, later Paget, Hen., Lord Paget (d. 1812), and see Paget

Bayne, see Heaton, Butler & Bayne

Bayonne, bp. of,

Bayswater, see Paddington

Bazell, C. T.,

Beale, Hen., Jerome,

Beanes, E., & Co.,

Beard, John,

Beauchamp (Bellow Campo), Alice, m. John IV Beauchamp, m. Sir Mat. Gurney, Cicely, m. Sir Roger Seymour, Eleanor, m.- Meriet, John de (fl. 1301), John I (d. c. 1284) John II, s. of John I, John III (fl. 1341), s. of John II, John IV (d. 1360- 1), and his w. Alice, John (fl. 1548), Ric. de, Earl of Warwick (d. 1439), Rob. (fl. 1208), Rob. de (fl. 1235), Rob. (fl. 1251), Thos., Earl of Warwick (d. 1401), Wm. (fl. 1373), fam.,

Beauchamp, Vct., see Seymour, Edw.

Beauclerk, Aubrey, Lord Vere, Duke of St. Albans (d. 1802), Aubrey, Duke of St. Albans (d. 1815), Geo., Duke of St. Albans (d. 1786), Mary, see Chambers; Vere, Lord Vere (d. 1781),

Beaudoin, -,

Beaufort, Marg., m. Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, fam.,

Beaufort (Mon.), cast.,

Beaufort House, see Fulham; Kensington

Beaujolais, Comte de, see Orleans, Louis Chas. d'

Beaumont, M., gardener,

de Beauvoir Town, see Shoreditch

Bec, Abbey of, see Religious Houses, foreign

Bechesworth, see Batchworth

Beck, piano-makers,

Beckenham, John, Eliz., see West

Beckett or Denison, Edmund, Lord Grimthorpe (d. 1905),

Beckett, Hen., Mrs.,

Beckford, -,

Beddington (Surr.), man.,

Bedfont, Hen. de, Phil. of, Rob. of (fl. 1200), Torold of, Walt. de (fl. 1166),

Bedfont, East, par., n, adv., Ashford Rd., boundaries, bridges, char., ch., fair, Fawnes man., houses, Hounslow Heath, incl., inns, man., and see above, Fawnes man., and below, Pates man.; mills (gunpowder), New, Oakdene, Pates man., pop., P. Nonconf., rly., roads, roads to, St. Mary's, Temple Hatton, vicar, and see Hatton

Bedfont Public Hall Co. Ltd.,

Bedfont, West, in Stanwell, ch., man., and see Stanwell

Bedford, Francis, Thos.,

Bedford, Ctss. of, see Harington, Lucy

Bedford, Duke of, see Russell

Bedford, Earl of, see Russell


Bedford House, see Westminster, City of

Bedford Park, see Croydon

Bedford Square, see Holborn

Bedford Street, see Westminster, City of


Bedingfeld, Sir Hen.,

Bedyll, Wm., and his w. Cecily (fl. 1509-16), and see Green

Beer, Thos.,

Beggar's Bush, in Eastwood (Essex),

Belas, -,

Belasyse, John, Lord Belasyse (d. 1689), Thos., Vct., later Earl, Fauconberg (Falconbridge) (d. 1700),

Belcher, Jas., boxer, Thos.,

Beldam, G. W.,

Belet, Rog., pantler,

Belgium, Brabant, King of, see Leopold I

Bell, Hen., Mary, Sir Thos., Wm., and see Clayton & Bell

Bell & Black,

Bell Asbestos Co.,


Bell rubber works,

Bellamy, Jerome, Thos., fam.,

Bellay, Anne de Montmorency du, marshal of France, Martin du, French ambassador,

Belle Sauvage Court, see London, City of

Bellême, Rob. de, Earl of Shrewsbury (fl. 1098),

Bellenden, Mary, m. Col. John Campbell,

Bellingham, John,

Bello Campo, see Beauchamp

Belsize Boxing Club, and see Hampstead

Bemrose, W., Bow, Chelsea and Derby Porcelain,

Benedict, -, bookbinder,

Benefield, Sir Hen.,

Benjamin, H., n

Bennet, Chas., Lord Ossulston, Earl of Tankerville (d. 1722), Chas., Earl of Tankerville (d. 1753), E., Hen., Lord Arlington (d. 1685), Secretary of State, Sir John (d. 1627), chancellor, Sir John (fl. 1645), Sir John (d. 1658), Sir John, cr. Lord Ossulston (d. 1695), Mat., Thos., n; fam.,

Bennett, Edw. (d. 1657), Edw. (fl. 1715), Jas., Mrs. Mary, Ric., fam.,

Benson, A. F., Benj., n; Jos., Wm., -,

Bentinck, Hans Wm., Duke of Portland (d. 1709), n,

Bentley, Ric., architect, Wm., - (fl. 1769),

Bentley Priory, see Religious Houses, in Middlesex

Bere Regis (Dors.),

Beresford, Ld. Marcus, Maj., the Hon. Wm., -, fisherman,

Berger, Louis, & Son,

Berkeley, Augustus, Earl of Berkeley (d. 1755), Chas. Paget Fitzhardinge, Lord Fitzhardinge (d. 1916), Eliz., d. of Jas., Earl of Berkeley, Eliz., Ctss. of, see Drax; Massingberd; Noel; Eliz., Lady Berkeley, see Carey; Stanhope; Eva Mary, Francis Wm., Lord Fitzhardinge (d. 1896), Fred. Aug., Earl of Berkeley (d. 1810), Geo. (fl. 1635), Geo., Lord Berkeley (d. 1658), Geo., Lord, later Earl of, Berkeley (d. 1698), Geo. (d. 1747), n; Geo. Grantley (d. 1881), n, Hen., Lord Berkeley (d. 1613), Sir Jas. (fl. 1434- 9), Jas., Earl of Berkeley (d. 1736), Sir John, later Lord Berkeley (d. 1678), Mary, Ctss. of Berkeley, see Cole; Maurice (fl. 1265), Maurice Fred. Fitzhardinge, Lord Fitzhardinge (d. 1867), Randal Thos. Mowbray, Earl of Berkeley (d. 1942), Sir Thos. (d. 1611), Thos. Moreton Fitzhardinge, Earl of Berkeley (d. 1882), Wm. Fitzhardinge, Earl Fitzhardinge (d. 1857), dom. chaplain, fam., hunt, trustees, vault,

Berkeley Castle (Glos.),

Berkeley Court, see Clerkenwell

Berkeley House, see Westminster, City of

Berkeley Square, see Westminster, City of

Berkhamstead (Herts.),

Berking, Ric. de, abbot of West- minster,


Berlin (Germany), n

Berners, Hen., Wm.,

Berners, Lord, see Bourchier, Sir John

Berners Street, see St. Marylebone

Berney, Rob.,

Berollas, Jos. Ant.,

Berryman, John,

Bertie, Eliz., see Willoughby; Jas., Rob., Duke of Ancaster (d. 1723),

Berwick, Duke of, see FitzJames

Bessborough, Earl of, see Ponsonby

Best, Thos.,

Betew, Panton,

Betham, Edw.,

Bethlem Gabor,

Bethnal Green, borough, formerly in Stepney, agric., ind., pop., soil,

Bett, John,

Betts, John Edw., Ned,

Bettes, Jas.,

Beveridge, H. W.,

Beverley (Yorks.), minster,

Bevington, Hen. (fl. 19th c.), Hen., s. of Hen., Martin,

Bevington & Sons,

Bieberstein, A.,

Biedermann, E. A., n

Bifield, -,

Bigg, John,

Bigley (Brickley) Ditch,

Bigoe (Bagoe, Bagg), Abraham,

Billesdon, Sir Rob., lord mayor of London,

Billets, see Laleham

Billingsley, Rupert, and his w. Mary,

Billyard-Leake, Chas.,

Bilson, Thos., bp. of Winchester,

Bindon, Vct., see Howard, Thos.

Bingham, Sir Chas., Earl of Lucan (d. 1799), Geo., Earl of Lucan (d. 1914), Geo. Chas., Earl of Lucan (d. 1888), field-marshal, Ric., Earl of Lucan (d. 1839),

Binks, J.,

Birch, Chas. Lucas, n; John, Peregrine, Wm., n

Bird, W. S.,

Birmingham (Warws.),

Biscoe, Ann, see Nicholl; Elisha, John (d. c. 1672), M.P., John (b. 1672), John (d. 1687), -, papermaker,

Bisham Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Bishop, C. K. K., Jas. C.,

Bishop & Son,

Bishop & Starr,

Bishop, Son & Starr,

Bishop, Starr & Richardson,

Bishopsgate Street, see London, City of

Bisley (Surr.),

Bittleston, John,

Black Eagle Brewery,

Black, see Bell & Black

Blackburn, -,

Blackfrairs, see London, City of

Blackheath (Kent), Morden Coll.,

Blackmore, R. D., novelist,

Black Prince, see Edward, s. of Edw. III

Blackstaffe, H. T.,

Blackwall, see Stepney

Blackwell, Edmund, Edw., and see Crosse & Blackwell

Blackwood, Fred. Temple, Marquess of Dufferin and Ava (d. 1902), Helen Selina, see Sheridan

Blades, Wm.,

Blagrove, Thos.,

Blainville, Marquis de, French ambassador extraordinary,

Blair, J. Blair, n

Blair Adam (Kinross), n

Blake, J. P.,

Blanc, Chas. le,

Blanch Appleton (Blanchappelton) man., in St. Katherine Coleman in City of London,

Blanchard, Wm.,

Blanckart, Jasper,

Bletchingley (Blechingley) (Surr.), ch.,

Blomfield, Chas. Jas., bp. of London,

Blomfield, Sir Arthur, and Sons,

Bloomsbury, see Holborn

Blount, Gertrude, m. Hen. Courtney, Earl of Devon, Marquess of Exeter,

Blow, A. L.,

Blunt (Blund), Agnes, m. Sir Wm. Criketot, Gil., Sir Hen., Rob. (fl. 1086), Rose, m. Rob. de Valoigne, Wm., baron of Ixworth (fl. 1166), Wm. (d. 1265), fam., n

Blythswood, Lord, see Campbell, Sir Arch.

Bocher, Rob., groom of the chamber,

Boehm, Edmund (d. by 1781), Edmund (fl. 1803-20), Martha, see Hudson; Rog.,

Bogardus, Capt.,

Bogdane, Jas.,

Bohemia, see Czechoslovakia

Bohun, Edw. de, and his w. Philippa, Humph. (Humfry) de, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1298), Humph. de, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1322), Humph. de, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1361), Humph. de, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1372), Mary de, see Mary (Bohun); fam.,

Bokeland, Edw., Wm. de,

Boleyn, Anne, see Anne (Boleyn); Geo., Lord Rochford (d. 1536), Bolingbroke, Vct., see St. John

Bollers, Baldwin de, n; Beatrice de, Geof. de, n,

Bolles, Sir Rob.,

Bolo, Count, see French

Bolton (Lancs.),

Bombay (India),

Bond, Revd. John, Wm., Dr.,

Bond Street, see Westminster, City of

Bonieman, Geo.,

Bonn (W. Germany),

Bonner, Edmund, bp. of London,

Bonsor, Jos.,

Bookbinding industry,

Boor, Jane,

Booth, Barton, actor, n; Chas., author, Revd. Geo.,

Borough, Geo.,

Borough Road Training Coll., in Isleworth,

Bosanquet, B. J. T.,

Boston, John,

Boston House, see Brentford, New

Boston, Lord, see Irby

Boston man. see Brentford, New

Boswell, Jas., author, n

Bote, John,

Bothe, Laurence,

Bothmar, Count,

Botwell, see Hayes

Boucher, François, artist,

Bouillayne, see Anne (Boleyn)

Boulan, see Anne (Boleyn)

Boule, André Chas.,

Boulogne (Pas de Calais),

Boulton, Mat., and see Burt, Boulton & Haywood

Bourbon, Hen. de, Prince de Condé (d. 1588),

Bourchier, Eliz., m. Oliver Cromwell, Sir Humph., Lord Bourchier or Lord Cromwell (d. 1471), Humph., incorrectly called Lord Berners (fl. c. 1547), n; Isabel, see Barr; Sir John, Lord Berners (d. 1474), Marg., m. Sir Thos. Bryan, n; Sir Thos.,

Bourne, streams,

Bouvier, Jos.,

Bouwens, Theodore,

Bow, formerly Stratford at Bow, in Poplar, agric., bridge, ch., Common, fair, ind., river, Town's End, and see Stratford-le-Bow

Bow ch., Cheapside, see London, City of, St. Mary le Bow

Bow Street, see Westminster, City of

Bowater, -,

Bowcocke (Bowcock), John,

Bowen, Ric.,

Bowes, see Southgate

Bowet, Hen., later abp. of York,

Bowles, -,

Bownell, Mordecai, Nich., Thos.,


Boxmoor (Herts.),

Boyd, Prebendary F. Leith,

Boydell, Josiah,

Boyland, Wm.,

Boyle, Eliz., see Killigrew; Hen., Earl of Shannon (d. 1764),

Boyne, battle of the, n

Brabant, Dukes of, n; and see Belgium

Bracebridge, Wm.,

Brackenbury (Brakenburgh), Thos., kn. of the shire,

Brackenbury, in Harefield, estate, Ho., man.,

Brackley, Vct., see Egerton

Braddyll, Col., n

Bradfield, Revd. P. P.,

Bradford, Earl of, see Bridgeman, Orlando

Bradley, Abel, C. A.,

Bradshaw, Hen. (fl. 1531), John, regicide,

Bradsole (Kent),

Braglia, G. E.,

Braham, Frances Eliz., m. 2 Geo. Edw. Waldegrave, Earl Waldegrave, m. 3 Geo. Granville Harcourt, m. 4 Chichester Fortescue, later Lord Carlingford,

Braithwaite, Marian,

Brakenburgh, see Brackenbury

Bramah & Co.,

Bramham House, n

Brand, Thos.,

Brandon, Chas., Duke of Suffolk (d. 1545), Frances, m. Hen. Grey, Duke of Suffolk, brewers,

Branston, Col. W. F.,

Brasyer, fam.,

Braund, -,

Bray, E. H.,

Breadalbane, Marquess of, see Campbell, John

Breadalbane, Kinnel Ho. (W. Perth),

Breakspear, Wm.,

Breakspears, in Harefield, chap., estate, Ho.,

Brecy, Gauthier, Vicomte de,

Bredin, E. C.,

Brembre, Idonea, w. of Sir Nich., Sir Nich. (d. 1388), lord mayor of London,

Brend, Thos.,

Brent, River, bridges, canal, fishing, at Greenford, at Hanwell, at Isleworth, mills, reservoir, sewage wks., valley,

Brent Valley Golf Club, n,

Brentford, Earl of, see Schomberg

Brentford, agric., bridge, canal, cavalry corps. in Civil War, n; Cuckoo Hill, docks, earthwk., elections at, fishing, Hanwell Ridge, ind., loc. gov., mans., mkt. and fair, meeting-ho., mill, Poor Law Union, rivers, roads to, schs., settlement, turnpike trust, and see Great Western and Brentford Rly.

Brentford and Chiswick, borough of,

Brentford, battle of,

Brentford End, in Isleworth, All Angels chap., n, almsho., ch., see above, All Angels chap.; Hounslow Heath, ind., sch., workho.,

Brentford, New, adv., Boston Ho., Boston man., char., ch., mans., and see above, Boston man.; mill, pop., P. Nonconf., R. Catholm., tithes,

Brentford, Old, chap.,

Bretell, see Pain & Bretell

Brett, Sir John, Sir Rob., Wm. Baliol, later Vct. Esher (d. 1899), - (fl. 1554), n

Brewer (Breuer), John, Walt.,

Brewing and breweries, and see Anchor; Albion; Griffin; Horse Shoe; Red Lion; Stag; Swan; Whitbread's

Brewers' Company of London,

Brian, Eliz., m. Rob. Lovell, Sir Guy de (fl. 1346), Guy (fl. 1353), Philippa, m.1 John Devereux, 2 Sir Hen. de Scrope,

Brice of Stepney,

Brichter de Haverhalle,

Brick Lane, see London, City of; Stepney

Brickler, Miss (fl. 1767),

Brickley Ditch, see Bigley

Brickmaking, in West Drayton, and see parish entries

Bridewell hosp.,

Bridge, Ric., and see Byfield, Bridge & Jordan

Bridge, see Battersea, Blackfriars, Chertsey, Fulham, Hammersmith, Hampton Court, Hungerford, Kew, Kingston, Lambeth, London, Richmond, Southwark, Staines, Tower, Vauxhall, Walton, Wandsworth, Waterloo, Westminster

Bridge Street, see Westminster, City of

Bridgeman, Dorothy, w. of Sir Orlando, Sir Francis, Bt., Sir John, Sir Orlando (d. 1674), lord keeper, called Lord Bridgman, Orlando, Earl of Bradford (d. 1825),

Bridger, John,

Bridges, Eleanor,

Bridgman, Lord, see Bridgeman, Sir Orlando

Brighton (Suss.),

Brinsmead, Edgar Wm., John, Thos. Jas.,

Brinsmead, John & Sons,

Bristol, St. Mary Redcliffe,

Bristol, Earl of, see Digby

Bristol, Ctss. of, see Felton, Eliz.

Bristol, Marquess of, see Hervey

Britain, Little, see London, City of

Brithman (fl. 1060),

British Airways Staff Housing Soc.,

British Bath Co. Ltd.,

British Cast Plate Glass Mfers.,

British Legion,

British Lion Film Studios,

British Oxygen Co.,

British Thermostats Ltd.,

British Watch Co.,

Britten, F. J., T. W. J., n

Britteridge, Edw., Geo.,

Broad, Clement Burgess, John,

Broad & Co., brickmakers,

Broad Court, see Westminster, City of

Broad Street, see Westminster, City of

Broadwater (Suss.),

Broadwood, Barbara, see Shudi; Hen. Fowler, Hen. John Tschudi, Jas. Shudi, John, Thos., and see Shudi

Broadwood & Co.,

Broadwood, John, & Sons Ltd.,

Brockbank, John,

Brockley Hill (Herts.),

Brode, John,

Broderip, see Longman & Broderip

Broke, John, Wm. (fl. 1390), Wm. (fl. c. 1531),

Brome, Adam de, chancellor of Durham, Steph. de,

Bromland, Ralph de, and his w. Alice,

Bromley, -, carriage painter,

Bromley (by Bow), in Poplar, agric., ind., pop.

Bromley (Essex),

Brompton, see Kensington

Brompton Oratory, see Kensington

Brook, John atte, Wm. de, kn. of the shire, and see Greville, Lord Brooke

Brook Street, see Westminster, City of

Brooke, Wm., Lord Cobham (d. 1597),

Brooke, Simpson & Spiller,

Brooke Street, see Holborn

Brooke-Pechell, Adm., Sir Sam., Bt., n

Brookes, John,

Brooks, M. J.,

Broome, Ric.,

Brougham, Hen., Lord Brougham (d. 1868), lord chancellor,

Broughton, John, boxer,

Brown, Ant., D., oarsman, D. E., oarsman, John (fl. 1415), Lancelot 'Capability', n; Ric. (fl. 1428-56), Ric. (fl. 1567), Sarah, - (fl. 1749),

Browne, Sir Ant. (d. 1548), Sir Ant., Vct. Montagu (d. 1592), n; Lady Eliz., see Fitzgerald; Sir Hen., John, clerk of the parliaments, Capt. Rupert, Maj. Gen., and see Perigal & Browne

Brownlow, Wm., Lord Lurgan (d. 1937),

Brownlow Street, see Holborn

Brown's Gardens, see Holborn, St. Giles-in-the-Fields

Brown's Lane, see Stepney

Bruce man., see Tottenham

Brudenell, Jas. Thos., Earl of Cardigan (d. 1868),

Bruere, Reinfrid de la, s. of Rog.,

Bruges (Belg.),

Brugge, Thos. atte,

Brühl, John Maurice, Count of,

Brune, C. J.,

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom,

Brunswick, Dchss. of, see Augusta

Brussels (Belg.),

Bryan, Marg., see Bourchier

Bryceson, Hen.,

Bryceson Bros.,

Brydges, Anne, see Stanley; Geo., Lord Chandos (d. 1655), Grey, Lord Chandos (d. 1621), Hen., Marquess of Carnarvon, later Duke of Chandos (d. 1771), Jas., Marquess of Carnarvon, Duke of Chandos (d. 1744), n; Jane, w. of Geo. Brydges, Lord Chandos, m. 2 Sir Wm. Sedley, Bt., m. 3 Geo. Pitt,

Buccleuch, Duke of, see Montagu- Douglas-Scott

Buchan, Kath.,

Buck, E.,

Buckenburgh, Ctss. of,

Buckeridge, Dr., n

Buckhurst, Lord, see Sackville

Buckingham, Dukes of, see Villiers

Buckingham Gate, see Westminster, City of

Buckingham Palace, in Westminster,


Buckinghamshire, Earl of, see Hobart

Buckland, Revd. John, Ric.,

Buckler, C. A.,

Bucknall, Thos.,

Budd, Arthur, E. H.,

Bukerel (Bukerelle), And., Steph.,

Bulger, D. D., Mic. J., n

Buller, C. F.,

Bullin, -, engraver,

Bullock, Hen. (d. 1760), Hen. (d. 1762), Hen. (fl. 1781- 1800), John, fam.,

Bulls Bridge, see Hayes

Bulstrode, Edw. (fl. 1488-1517), Edw. (fl. 1598), G. C., G. G., n; Geo. (d. 1558), Hen. (d. 1632), Ric. (fl. 1461-8), Ric. (fl. 1724), Ric., s. of Ric., Thos., Whitelock, fam.,

Bulwer-Lytton, Edw. Geo. E. L., Lord Lytton (d. 1873),

Buntlebart, - (fl. 1784),

Buntlebart & Sievers,

Bunyan, Geo.,

Buonarotti, Michelangelo,

Burbage, Cecily, see Green; Ric., actor, Rob., Thos., Wm., -, m. Wm. Goring,

Burbery, Solomon,

Burbridge, see Burgoyne & Burbridge

Burbridge, Ric. (fl. 1726), Ric. (fl. 1908),

Burcester, monastery, see Religious Houses, other counties

Burdett, Sir Francis, Thos.,

Burford, Wm., bellfounder,

Burges, Revd. Jas., D. D., Wm.,

Burgess, John, and Son,

Burgh, Anne, n; Hubert de, justiciar, Joan de, see Vernon; Marg., n; Sir Thos. (fl. 1475-94), Thos. (d. 1496), master of the horse, and see De Burgh

Burghley, Lord see Cecil, Wm.

Burgoyne, Thos. John,

Burgoyne & Burbridge,

Burke, Edmund, orator, -, boxer,

Burket's Brook,

Burnand, S.,

Burneby, Eustace,

Burne-Jones, Sir Edw.,

Burnell, John (fl. 1540), John (d. 1551), Marg., Thos., and his w. Marg., Wm. (fl. 1549), Wm. (fl. 1558), and his w. Constance,

Burnet, Gil., bp. of Salisbury,

Burns, T.,

Burnsall, - (fl. 1784),

Burrough, Edw.,

Burrows & Cole, brewers, n

Burslem (Staffs.),

Burt, -,

Burt, Boulton & Haywood,

Burton, Ric., chief cook, W., Hist. of Eng. Porcelain, Wm., -, cricketer,

Burton Lazars, see Religious Houses, other counties

Burton-on-Trent (Staffs.),

Bury, And.,

Bury Hall, see Edmonton

Bury Street, see Westminster, City of

Bush, W. J., & Co.,

Bushee, Wm.,

Bushy Heath,

Bushey Park, see Hampton

Butler, Chas., Earl of Arran (d. 1758), Eliz., Jas., Marquess and Duke of Ormond (d. 1688), n, Jane, see Yetswiert; John (fl. 1407), Pet., Sir Phil., Ralph, Wm., - (fl. 1662), and see Heaton, Butler & Bayne

Button, Ric.,

Buxton, Anna, see Hanbury; Ant., E. U., H. F., Gerald, J. H., Thos. Fowell (fl. 1785), Thos. Fowell, later Sir Thos. Bt. (d. 1845), and see Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. Ltd.

Byer, -, skater,

Byfield, John, sr. (fl. 1729-40), John, jr. (fl. 1750-71), Nich.,

Byfield, Bridge & Jordan,

Byfleet (Surr.),

Byng, Geo., Vct. Torrington (d. 1812), Geo. (d. 1847), Geo. Stevens, Earl of Strafford (d. 1886), John (d. 1757), admiral,

Byrd, Chris., Julian, Wm., composer,

Byron, Geo. Gordon, Lord Byron (d. 1824),


Cade, Jack,

Caesar, Julius, see Julius; Sir Julius, Thos., -, cricketer,

Caius, Coll. see Cambridge Univ., Gonville and Caius

Calamy, Edmund,

Call, Sir John,

Calvert, Geo.,

Camberwell (Surr.), ch.,

Cambridge, archdeacon G. O., n, Ric. Owen,


Cambridge Univ., sport, Gonville and Caius Coll., Jesus Coll., King's Coll., n; King's Coll. Chap., Trinity Coll., Trinity Hall,

Cambridge, Duke of, see Adolphus Frederick

Camden, Wm., historian,

Camden, Earl, see Pratt

Camden Road, see St. Pancras

Camden Town, see St. Pancras

Camlet Moat, see Enfield

Campbell, Arch., Earl of Ilay, Duke of Argyll (d. 1761), Sir Arch. Bt., later Lord Blythswood (d. 1908), Colin (fl. 1714), n; Colin (d. 1729), architect and author, G., footballer, Guy M., n; Hector, Jas., John, Earl of Loudoun (d. 1662), Col. John, Duke of Argyll (d. 1770), John, Marquess of Breadalbane (d. 1862), Mary, see Bellenden; R., The London Tradesman, Col. Walt., and see Wilkins, Campbell & Co. Ltd.

Campden House, see Kensington

Campden, Vct., see Noel


Canals, and see Grand Junction; Grand Union; Paddington; Regent's

Canary Islands,

Candler, Wm.,

Canning Town, in West Ham (Essex),

Cannons, see Stanmore, Canons

Canterbury (Kent),

Canterbury, abps. of, property, and see Anselm; Bancroft; Cranmer; Dunstan; Ethelgar; Langton; Parker; Sancroft; Sudbury; Warham; Whitgift

Canterbury Cath., dean and chap., property,

Canute (Cnut),

Capel, Hen., Wm., Earl of Essex (d. 1743), and see Capell; Carless, Capel & Leonard

Capell, Arth., Lord Capell (d. 1649), Arth., Earl of Essex (d. 1683),

Cardigan, Earl of, see Brudenell

Cardinal's River, see Longford

Cardington (Beds.),

Carewe, Sir Nich.,

Carey, Sir Edw., Eliz. (d. 1635), m. Sir Thos. Berkeley, Geo., Lord Hunsdon (d. 1603), Hen., Lord Hunsdon (d. 1596), and see Carewe; Cary

Carey House, see Fulham

Carisbrooke (I. O. W.), cast. n

Carless, Capel & Leonard,

Carleton, Sir Dudley,

Carlisle (Cumb.),

Carlisle, bp. of, see Robinson, Hen.

Carlisle, Ctss. of, see Hay

Carlton (co. Durham),

Carlton House, see Westminster, City of

Carnaby Market, see Westminster, City of

Carnac, see Rivett

Carnarvon, Marquess of, see Brydges

Carnegie, And., libraries,

Carney, J., boxer,

Caroline (of Anspach), queen, m. Geo. II,

Carpenter, J. C., athlete, Wm. Boyd, bp. of Ripon,

Carpenter & Co.,

Carpenter's Company of London,

Carr, Thos.,

Carrington, see Smith, O. H., & Carrington

Carse, - (fl. 1710), n

Carte, Ric., and see Rudall, Carte & Co.; Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co.

Carter, John, Jos., Wm.,

Carver, Dr.,

Carwell, John,

Cary, Catherine, Edw., Eliz. (d. 1763), Eliz., see Spencer; Eliz., see Tanfield; Frances, m. Ralph Bashe, John (fl. 1622-78), John (fl. 1642), John (d. c. 1685), John (fl. 1688), Lucius, Vct. Falkland (d. 1730), fam., and see Carewe; Carey

Casamajor, A. A., oarsman,

Case, T.,

Casimir, Count, s. of Fred. V, Elector Palatine,

Caslon, Eliz., Hen. Wm., Wm. (d. 1766), Wm. (d. 1778),

Caslon, H. W., & Co. Ltd.,

Cassivellauni (Catuvellauni),


Castle (Castell), Chas., Hen., John,

Castle Street, see Westminster, City of

Castlemaine, Ctss. of, see Palmer, Barbara

Cater, F. D.,

Catesby, Robt.,

Catherine or Katherine (of Aragon), queen, m. Hen. VIII, n,

Catherine or Katherine (of Braganza), queen, m. Chas. II,

Catherine or Katherine (Howard), queen, m. Hen. VIII,

Catherine or Katherine (Parr), queen, m. 3 Hen. VIII, m. 4 Sir Thos. Seymour, later Lord Seymour, n, at Hanworth,

Catlin, Rob.,

Catuvellauni, see Cassivellauni

Caumont, Comte de,

Caunt, Benj.,

Caus (Salop),

Cavalcaunti, Stiata,

Cave, Edw., Sir Wm. (fl. 1603), Wm. (d. 1713),

Cavendish, Lord Fred. (d. 1803), Geo., Wm., Duke of Devonshire (d. 1707), Wm., Duke of Devonshire (d. 1811),

Cavendish Square, see St. Marylebone

Cawarden, Sir Thos., n,

Cawood, Wharton & Co. Ltd.,

Caxton, Wm., printer,

Cazin, C.,

Cecil (Cecill), Lady Anne, n; Rob., Earl of Salisbury (d. 1612), Wm., Lord Burghley (d. 1598), n, n, Wm., Earl of Salisbury (d. 1668), - (fl. 1656), fam.,

Celot, John,

Cely, John,

Central London Rly., see London Transport

Chacombe Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Chaderton (Chaddeston), Laurence,

Chaillot (Paris), carpets,

Chamber, see Chambers

Chamberlain, Lord,

Chambers (Chamber), Mrs. Lambert, tennis-player, Mary, m. Lord Vere Beauclerk, Sir Thos. (d. 1692), Thos., s. of Sir Thos., Wm., Sir Wm., architect,

Chamberlayn, John, clerk,

Champion & Co.,

Chancellor, Lord, and see Audley; Jeffreys; Wriothesley

Chancery Lane, see London, City of

Chandos, Duke of, see Brydges

Chandos, Lord, see Brydges

Chandos Street, see Westminster, City of

Chandos-Leigh, Hon. E.,

Change Alley, see London, City of

Channel Islands, and see Guernsey; Jersey

Chantilly (Fr., Oise),

Chantrye, Rob.,

Chapel Royal, see Westminster, City of

Chapeler, John le, and his w.,

Chaplin, Chas., actor, Thos.,

Chapman, Thos., n; Wm., and see Eliot & Chapman

Chapman & Hartop,

Chapman & Messel,

Chapuys, Eustace, Spanish ambassador, n,

Chardin, Sir John, Bt.,

Charing Cross, see Westminster, City of

Charing Cross Road, see Westminster, City of

Charity Commissioners,

Charles I, as Prince of Wales, children, gentlemen-usher to, grant of forest office by, n; and Hampton Ct., and Hyde Park, page to, picture collection, sport, watchmaker to, other refs., n,

Charles II, n, gentleman-usher to, and Hampton Ct., lieutenant of Hampton Ct. to, and parks, n; secretary of state to, sport, statues, surveyor gen. of Bd. of Works to, at Teddington, tradesmen to, troop reviews, other refs., n,

Charles Edward, Prince,

Charles V, Emperor, n; as Archduke,

Charles II, King of Spain (d. 1700),

Charles, Duke of Lorraine (fl. 1606),

Charles, G., and see Paton & Charles

Charlotte (of Mecklenburg-Strelitz). queen, m. Geo. III,

Charlotte, princess,

Charlotte Street, see St. Pancras

Charlton, Denise of, Sir Thos., fam.,

Charmes, David de, Sim. de,

Charrington, Chas., Chas. E. N., Edw., Col. F., Fred., John (fl. 1766), John Douglas, Nich. (d. 1827), Nich. (d. 1859), Spencer,

Charrington & Co.,

Charrington & Moss,

Chart, Edwin, n,

Chartered Accountants' Golf Club,

Chartered Surveyors' Golf Club,

Charterhouse, in Finsbury, chap., pop.,

Charterhouse Priory, see Religious Houses in and near London

Charterhouse Sch.,

Chateaubriand, François,

Châtelherault, Duke of, see Hamilton, Jas.

Chatham, Earl of, see Pitt, Wm.

Chatillon, - de, cardinal,

Chatsworth (Derb.), n

Chatterton, Thos., poet,

Chaucer, Geo., poet,

Cheam, East (Surr.), man.,

Cheam, West (Surr.), man.,

Cheapside, see London, City of

Cheeseman (Cheseman), Edw. (d. 1510), Rob. (fl. 1531), Rob. (fl. 1557), - (fl. 1537),

Chelmsford (Essex),

Chelsea, par. and borough, agric., Chelsea Pl., Cheyne Row West, ch., Church St., fields, football club, French chapel, Gt. China Row, Hot Lane, ind., Justice Walk, King's Rd., Lawrence St., Mulberry Ground, pop., Sloane Sq., n; soil, training coll., workho.,

Cheltenham (Glos.), sch.,

Cheney, Thos., n

Chenies Street, see Holborn

Cherchwynn, John,

Cherringe, Ailward de, and his w. Hawise,

Chertsey (Surr.), bridge, coaches, fishing, roads to,

Chertsey Abbey (Surr.), abbot, property,

Cheseman, see Cheeseman; Osborne, Bauer & Cheseman

Chesenall, Alex.,

Chesham (Bucks.),

Chesham (Surr.),

Cheshunt (Bucks.),

Chester, E. G., F. B., J. W., John de,

Chester, dean of,

Chester, bps. of, see Ferne; Hall; Walton; Wilkins

Chesterfield (Derb.),

Chesterfield, Earls of, see Dormer; Stanhope, Geo; Stanhope, Phil.

Cheylesmore, Lord, see Eaton

Cheyne Row West, see Chelsea

Chichely, - (fl. 1667),

Chichester, Lord Spencer,

Chichester (Suss.), dean and chapter, dean, see Ryves

Chichester, bps. of, see Andrewes; Watson

Child, Chris., Sir Francis (d. 1713), Sir Francis (d. 1740), Francis (d. 1763), Martha, m. Ant. Collins, Revd. Maurice, Rob. (d. 1721), Rob. (d. 1782), Sam. (d. 1752), Sam. (fl. 1763), fam.,

Child-Villiers, Vic. Albert Geo., Earl of Jersey (d. 1915), and see Villiers

Childmell, John,

Chiltern Hills (Berks.),

Chilvers Coton (Warw.),

Chilworth Street, see Paddington


Chinnery, H. B.,

Chippendale, Thos.,

Chippenham (Wilts.),

Chipperfield, Wm., n

Chiswell Street, see Finsbury

Chiswick, par., agric., fair, incl., ind., pop., soil, sports clubs, n, Strand on the Green, Turnham Green, and see Brentford and Chiswick, borough of; Sutton

Chitter, Rob.,

Chitty, Sir Jos. Wm., judge,

Choate, A. H.,

Cholmondley (Cholmeley), Reg., n; - (fl. 1554),

Chorleywood (Herts.),

Christ Church, see London, parishes in City of; Oxford Univ.

Christ's Hospital, see Religious Houses, in and near London

Christian IV, King of Denmark,

Christian, E.,

Christie-Crawford, Capt.,

Christies Ltd., auctioneers,

Christmas, Pet.,

Church, A. H., English Earthenware,

Church Building Commissioners,

Church Building Society,

Church Commissioners, and see Ecclesiastical Commissioners

Church Patronage Soc.,

Church Street, see Chelsea; Westminster, City of

Churchill, Chas. (fl. early 18th cent.), Gen. Chas. (d. 1714), John, Earl and Duke of Marlborough (d. 1722), n, John Winston Spencer, Duke of Marlborough (d. 1883), Lord Randolph, Sarah, see Jennings; Lady Sarah, m. Maj. G. C. Wilson,

Chute, John, architect,

Cibber, Caius Gabriel, sculptor, Colley, n

Cicero, Marcus Tullius,

Cipriani, John Baptist,

Cirencester (Glos.),

City Liberal Golf Club,

City Road, see Finsbury

City Soap Works,

Civil Service, sports clubs,

Clahull, Aline de, see Aline; Hugh de,

Clapham (Surr.),

Clapton, see Hackney

Clare, Aline de, see Aline; Gil. de, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1295), Marg. de, m. Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, Ric. de, and his w. Aline, fam.,

Clare, Earl of, see Nugent

Clare (Suff.), castleguard, honor of, and see Stoke by Clare

Clarence, Duke of, see William IV

Clarencieux King of Arms, see Hawley

Clarendon, Earl of, see Hyde

Clark, see Johnson & Clark

Clarke (Clerke), C. C., Sir Edw., Frances, Hugh, Jas., n; John, Thos., Lady, -, bookbinder, -, cricketer,

Claxton, Hen.,

Clay, H., Wm., Sir Wm., M.P.,

Claypole, Eliz., see Cromwell

Clayton, Mrs. Charlotte, see Dyve; J. W.,

Clayton & Bell,

Cleeg, Joost van,

Clegg-Hill, Rowland Ric., Vct. Hill (d. 1923),

Clement, see Talbot, Clement, Ltd.

Clementi, Muzio,

Clements, see McIntosh & Clements

Cleremont, Hugh de, Pain de

Clergy, see Poor

Clerke, see Clarke

Clerkenwell, 'Duke of',

Clerkenwell, in Finsbury, Bagnigge Wells, Berkeley Court, ch., Clerkenwell Rd. or Liquorpond St., Coldbath Flds., Coldbath Sq., Coppice Rd., Coppice Row, fields, Griffin Brewery, Griffin Library Ho., ind., Liquorpond St., see above, Clerkenwell Rd.; Northampton Inst., poor relief, pop., riots, Rosoman St., St. John's Gate, St. John's Lane, St. John's Sq., St. John's St., sch., workho., and see St. John of Jerusalem

Clerkenwell Priory, see St. John of Jerusalem

Clermont de Lodeve, Comte de,

Cleveland, C. R.,

Cleveland, Dchsses of, see Lowther; Palmer

Cleveland, Duke of, see Fitzroy

Cleveland Street, see Stepney

Clibborn, W. G.,

Cliffe, John,

Clifford, Stan.,

Clifford, Lord de, see Russell, Jack Southwell

Clifford's Inn, see Inns of Court

Clifton, John,

Clinton, Edw. Fiennes, Lord Clinton and Saye, later Earl of Lincoln (d. 1585), n; and see Fiennes-Clinton

Clissold Park, see Newington, Stoke

Clitherow, Chris., Jas.,

Clive, Cath. (Kitty), actress, Charlotte, m. Hugh Percy, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1847),


Clockmakers' Company of London,

Clonmel (Eire),

Clowes, Wm., & Sons Ltd., n

Clyde, River,

Cnut, see Canute


Coates, C. H.,

Coats, T. C. Glen, yachtsman,

Cobb, C. E., cricketer,

Cobbett, R. S., loc. historian, n,

Cobden, Ric.,

Cobham, Lord, see Brooke

Cobham (Surr.),

Cobham, River,

Cochrane, B. O., yachtsman, Thos., Lord Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald (d. 1860), admiral,

Cockburn's Path (Berwick),

Cockpit Theatre, see Whitehall

Cockspur Street, see Westminster, City of

Coddington (Surr.),

Code, Wm.,

Coe, W. W.,

Coggan, Capt. John, Martha, see Freeman

Coke, Sir Edw., lord chief-justice, Frances, m. Sir John Villiers, Revd. Jas.,

Colchester (Essex),

Coldbath Fields, and Square, see Clerkenwell

Cold Harbour House,

Cole, G. B., Geo. (fl. 1620), Geo. (fl. 1676), Jas. (fl. 1537), Mary, m. Fred. Augustus Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley, Mich., Thos., n; Wm., fam., and see Burrows & Cole; Plume

Cole & Son,

Coleridge, Derwent,

Colham, Hugh of,

Colham, in Hillingdon, agric., Colham Green, Colham Mead, man., manor-ct., and see West Drayton

Coligny, Gaspard de, admiral of France,

Collard, F. W.,

Collard & Collard,

Collards, piano-makers,

Collberd, Mark,

Collier, C.,

Collin, Hen.,

Collingridge, Eliz.,

Collins, Ant. (fl. 1663), Ant. (d. 1729), Hen. (d. c. 1704), Martha, see Child; Wm. (fl. 1670), Wm. (fl. 1815), stained-glass maker,

Colnbrook (Colbrooke) (Bucks.), n, bridge, inn, loc. gov., mill, P. Nonconf., rly., roads, roads to, schs., settlement, stn., turnpike trusts,

Colnbrook End, see Stanwell

Colnbrook Paper Mills Ltd.,

Colne Brook,

Colne, Earls (Essex),

Colne, River (or Shire Ditch), as boundary, branches of, fishing, mills on, valley of, other refs., and see Colney Stream; Drayton Stream; Fray's River

Colney (Herts.),

Colney Hatch (Herts.), n,

Colney Stream,

Cologne (W. Germany),

Colquhoun, Sir Pat.,

Colt, Max., sculptor,

Columbia Boxing Club,

Colville, Chas. John, Lord Colville (d. 1903),

Combe, Chas., Harvey, Harvey Christian, lord mayor of London, R. H.,

Combe, Delafield & Co.,

Come, Walt.,

Commercial Road East, see Stepney

Commerell, J. W.,

Commons, House of, n; and see Parliament

Compton, Hen., bp. of London, Sir Wm.,

Compton, G. & E., Ltd.,

Compton Street, see Westminster, City of

Conant, John, Rector of Exeter Coll., Oxford,

Concrete Ltd.,

Condé, Prince de, see Bourbon

Conduit Street, see Westminster, City of

Connaught, Duke of, see Arthur

Conolly, John, physician,

Conosmaker, - (fl. 1836),

Constable, Rob., Vct. Dunbar (d. 1714), n, - (fl. 1757),

Constitution Hill, see Westminster, City of

Conway, Edw., later Vct. Conway (d. 1631), secretary of state, John,

Cook, Clem., Rog., - (fl. 1908), and see Rowley, Mansell, & Cook

Cook & Holdway,

Cooke, E. T., athlete, Geo., prothonotary of Ct. of Common Pleas, Sir Geo. (fl. 1835), Capt. Hen., Humph., Capt., Col., -, Topographical and Statistical Description of Mdx., fam.,

Cookworthy, Wm.,

Cooper, B. B., cricketer, Cropley Ashley, Earl of Shaftesbury (d. 1851), Dan., Francis, Rob., archdeacon of Dorset, Sir Wm., Lady,

Cooper's Company of London,

Cope, Isabel, m. Hen. Rich, Earl of Holland, Sir Walt.,

Copeland, H.,

Copinger, Ambrose, Letitia, Lady Pointz,

Copland, M.,

Copped Hall (Essex),

Coppice Road and Row, see Clerkenwell

Coppinger, Fysh, see De Burgh

Coppyn, Sir Geo.,

Corantt, Harry, n

Corben, carriage wks.,

Corben & Sons,

Corbet, Rob. (fl. 1212), Rob. (fl. 1300), Thos. (fl. 1253), Wm. (fl. 1166), fam.,

Corbett (Poynter), Ric., bp. of Norwich, Vincent (d. 1619),

Corinthian Amateur F. C.,

Cork (Eire),

Corkery, Dr.,

Cornhill, Hen. de, Reynold of,

Cornhill, see London, City of

Cornwall, ind.,

Cornwall, duchy of,

Cornwall, Earls of, see Edmund; Richard

Cornwallis, Sir Chas., Eng. ambassador to Spain, K., athlete,

Correggio, see Allegri

Corrie, piano-makers,

Corticene Floor Covering Co.,

Cosmo III, Duke of Tuscany,

Coston, Bridget, Frances, John,

Cots (Cowts), - (fl. mid-16th c.),

Cottier & Co.,

Cottington, Anne, see Meredith; Chas., Francis, Lord Cottington (d. 1652), Maurice,

Cotton, Chas.,

Cottrell, Alex., Clement,

Coubertin, Pierre de, Baron Coubertin, n,

Coulsdon (Surr.), man.,

Council, see Privy; Rockingham


Court of Chancery,

Court of Wards,

Courtenay, Gertrude, see Blount; Hen., Earl of Devon, Marquess of Exeter (d. 1539), John,

Coussmaker, fam.,

Covent Garden, in Westminster, ch., theatre, n

Covent Park, see Ealing

Coventry, Aubrey, Thos., Lord Coventry (d. 1640), lord keeper,

Coventry, bp. of, see Smith, Wm.; and see Coventry and Lichfield

Coventry Street, see Westminster, City of

Coventry and Lichfield, bp. of, see Northburgh

Cowan, Sir John, Bt., lord mayor of London,

Cowdery, Geo.,

Cowe, Jas.,

Cowele, see Cowley

Cowley, Hugh of, Nich. of, Ric. of,

Cowley (Cowele), par., adv., agric., almsho., architecture, boundaries, brickmaking, canal, chars., ch., church-ho., Cowley Grove, Cowley Peachey, Cowley Peachey Fm., see below Manor Fm.; Cowley St., demesne, Ely's fishery, glebe, Hall, Ho., incl., ind., inns, loc. gov., man. (Cowley Peachey), manor ct., Manor, formerly Cowley Peachey, Fm., n, manor-hos., mkt.- gdns, Maygoods Fm., May Trees, Meads, Nomansland, nursery-gdns., Old Cott., Old Vine Cott., open fields, pop., rly., rectory ho., roads to, and Chiltern View Rd., n; Church Rd., Greenway, High St., Iver Lane, Long Lane, Maygoods Lane, Packet Boat Lane, Peachey Lane, Pield Heath Rd., Station Rd., Worcester Rd., schs., settlements, suburban development, 'Three Households', 'Three Hos.', tithes, Uxbridge Moor, vestry, worthies,

Cowley Stream, see Drayton

Cowts, see Cots

Cox, Jas., Phil., Ric., apple-grower, W.,

Coxeter & Son,

Cox's Museum,

Crace, -, paperhanger,

Crace, furniture firm,

Cracherode, Revd. Clayton Mordaunt,

Craczer, see Cratzer

Craft, Thos.,

Craig, Francis, general, Phil., and Sarah (fl. 1737), - (fl. 1775),

Cramer, - (fl. 1746),

Cramer & Son,

Cranbourne (Wilts.), chase,

Cranbourne Street, see Westminster, City of

Crane (Cran), River, as boundary, bridges, mills on, other refs.,

Cranford, Aveline of, m. John de, Mascy, Gil. of, John of, Phil. of, Rog. of, Wm. of,

Cranford, par., adv., agric., almsho., architecture, boundaries, bridge, Cedars, chars., chs., clubs, demesne, The Firs, glebe, hunts, Hounslow Heath, Ho., incls., ind., inns, kennels, Le Mote man., loc. gov., Lodge, Lower Pk. Fm., man., and see above, Le Mote man., and below, St. John man.; manor cts., manor-ho., map of, mkt. gdns., mills, Moat Ho., Old Rectory, open fields, Park, Park Fm., pop., P. Nonconf., rectory, rectory ho., roads, road to, and Avenue, Avenue Close, Avenue Cres., Bath Rd., Berkeley Ave., Berkeley Par., Church Rd., Cranford Lane, Firs Drive, Hayes Rd., High St., Parkway, Roseville Rd., Southall Lane, Southall Rd., Tently Lane, Watersplash Lane, St. John man., schs., settlements, Sheepcote Ho., Springfields, suburban development, Temple Ho., tithes, vestry, woods, worthies, other refs.,

Crang, John,

Crang & Hancock,

Cranmer, Thos., abp. of Canterbury, n

Cratzer (Craczer), Nich.,

Craven, Wm., Earl of Craven (d. 1697), Wm., Earl of Craven (d. 1825),

Crawley, G. B., H. F.,

Creighton, Mrs. Mandell,

Cremona (It.),

Cresswall, Rev. Oswald Jos.,

Creuker, Rob. (fl. 1121-50), Rob. (fl. 1265-79),

Crewe, Sir Thos.,

Cribb, Thos., boxer,

Cricket, Australian teams in Mdx., county, Gentlemen v. Players, Harrow Sch., Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford v. Cambridge,

Cricketers' Golfing Soc.,

Criketot, Agnes, see Blunt; Sir Wm.,

Crimean war,

Cripplegate, see London, City of

Crisp (Crispe), Sir F., Sir Nich., - (fl. late 18th c.),

Cristofori, Bart.,

Croft, Geo. C.,

Crofts, Jas.,

Croix, Pet. de,

Crokedayk, John de,

Crokeshull, Sim. de,

Crole, David,

Cromer, Wm., -, sheriff of Kent,

Crompton, Sir John, Thos. (fl. 1587-94), Thos. (fl. 1602), s. of Thos.,

Cromwell, Eliz., m. - Claypole, Eliz., see Bourchier; 'Joan', see Bourchier, Eliz.; Mary, m. Thos. Belasyse, Vct. Fauconberg, Oliver, Lord Protector, and Hampton Ct., at West Drayton, other ref., Ric., Thos., later Earl of Essex (d. 1540), n;

Cromwell, Lord, see Bourchier, Sir Humph.

Crook, Thorold Murray,

Cropredy Bridge, battle of,

Crosby, Sir John (d. 1475), alderman of London, Sir John (d. 1501) and his w. Anne, fam.,

Crosier, John, Wm., -, m. Edw. Hilliard,

Cross, Wm. atte,

Crosse, Lt. Col. C. R., n; Nath.,

Crosse & Blackwell,

Crossland, G.,

Crossman, see Mann, Crossman & Paulin

Crouch, Ric. atte,

Crowther, John, Rob.,

Crowther & Weatherby,

Croxall, Sam., s. of Revd. Sam., Revd. Sam.,

Croydon (Surr.), airport, Bedford Pk., ch.,

Crusoe, Robinson,

Crutched Friars, see London, City of

Cruttenden, - (fl. 1723),

Crystal Palace (Surr.),

Cuckney (Notts.), mill,

Cuckoo Hill, see Brentford

Cuddesdon Coll.,

Culloden (Nairn), battle of,

Cullyn, Abraham,

Culverden, Wm., bellfounder,

Cumberland, Lady Albinia, Ric.,

Cumberland, Dukes of, see Ernest Aug.; Fred.; Henry Fred.; William Aug.


Cure, Wm.,

Curtain Road and Street, see Shoreditch

Curtis, F. B.,

Curtis & Harvey,

Customs, feudal, see also Services, commutation of; and see parish entries

Cuthbert, Fred. John, Jas. Ramsey,

Czechoslovakia (Bohemia),

Dacre, Lord, see Fiennes

Dadynton, Thos. de,

Dagnall, Bern., Thos. (fl. 1780), Thos. (d. 1865),

Dale, J. W.,

Dallam, Thos., organ-builder,

Danbury (Essex),

Danckers (Dankerts), Hen., n

Daniel (Daniell), A. W. T., cricketer, Audrian, Sam., Wm. Barker, Rural Sports,

Daniels, C. M.,

Danvers, Sam.,

Darcy, Sir Francis, n; Rob., Earl of Holdernesse (d. 1778), Thos., Lord Darcy (d. 1537),

Darien (Panama, Canal Zone),

Darling, Edw., Thos.,

Darlington and Leinster, Ctss. of, see Kilmansegg

Dartery, Lord, see Dawson

Dartford (Kent),

Dartrey, Lord, see Dawson

Dash, see Tolson

Daubeny, Sir Giles, Lord Daubeny (d. 1508),

Daunton, Laur.,

Dauphin, see Louis

Davenport, Cyril, n

Davies, David, H. D., Jane, Rog., Mrs. Russell, n

Davis, Thos., and see Parke Davis & Co. Ltd.

Davison, C. H., Edw., sr. (fl. 1816), Edw., jr. (fl. 1855), Fred., and see Gray & Davison

Dawley, in Harlington, n, agric., brickmaking, canal, ch., Court, Dawley Manor Fm., n, demesne, Ho., incl., man., manor ct., open fields, park, pop., road to, schs., settlement, and see Harlington

Dawson, Thos., Lord Dartery (Dartrey) (d. 1813),

Day, Geo. (fl. 1630), Geo. (d. 1680), and his w. Anne, Grace, m. Ric. Perkins, Jane, wid. of Rog., John, Rog., Wm. provost of Eton, later bp. of Winchester, capt., fam.,

Day & Martin Ltd.,

Daye, Geo., Wm.,

Dayrell (Deyrell), Alice, w. of Hen. (fl. 1316), Hen. (fl. 1212), Hen. (d. 1303), Hen. (fl. 1307-8), John, Ralph, Rob., Sir Rog., fam.,

Dean Street, see Westminster, City of

Deane, see Hawtrey-Deane

Deason, J.,

Debaufre, Jacob, Jas., Pet., fam.,

De Burgh, Easter, m. Fysh Coppinger, later De Burgh, Eva Eliz., Francis (d. 1874), Fysh, formerly Coppinger, Hubert (d. 1872), Jas. Godfrey, Minna Edith Eliz., m. R. O. Leycester, fam., hunt, and see Burgh

Defoe, Dan., author, Tour Through Great Britain,

Dei, see Domus

Deiville (D'Eyville), Sir John, Lord Deiville (d. before 1291),

Delafield, - (fl. 1832), and see Combe, Delafield & Co.

Delany, Mrs.,

De la Rue, Warren, F.R.S.,

Delpierre, Lady,

Dely, Margaret,

Dendy, Arthur, Sam.,

Denham (Bucks.), Court, Denham Durdent man., fishery, road to,

Denington, Wm.,

Denise of Greenford, w. of Hugh,

Denison, Aaron L., and see Beckett

Denmark, ambassador from, see Rosencrantz; King of, see Christian IV; and see George, Prince of

Denmark Street, see Holborn

Denne, Alud, John,

Dennehy, Maj. Gen., n

Dent, Edw. John,

Denton & Jutsum,

Denys, Hugh, Hugh, verger of Windsor castle, n

Deptford (Essex),

Derby, C.,


Derby, Ctsses. of, see Spencer, Alice; Vere

Derby, Earls of, n; and see Henry IV; Stanley, Edw.

Derby House, see Westminster, City of

Dereham, Francis, n

Derham, John,

de Salis, Sir Cecil Fane (d. 1948), Henrietta Fane, Ctss. de Salis, Jerome Fane, Ct. de Salis, (d. 1836), Pet., Ct. de Salis (d. 1807), Pet. John, Ct. de Salis (fl.1841), fam., n,

Desborough Cut,

Desborough, Lord, see Grenfell

Desmond, Earl of, see Fielding

Despence, Nich. de la,

Despenser, Hugh le,

Devereux, Dorothy, m. Sir Thos. Perrott, m. Hen. Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Frances, m. Wm. Seymour, Earl, later Marquess, of Hertford, later Duke of Somerset, John, Penelope, m. Rob. Rich, later Earl of Warwick, m. Chas. Blount Earl of Devonshire, n; Philippa, see Brian; Rob., Earl of Essex (d. 1601), Rob., Earl of Essex (d. 1646), n

Devetta, F., Ltd.,

Devon, Earl of, see Rivers


Devonshire, Duke of, see Cavendish

Dewar, Sir Thos., sheriff of London,

Dewell, Thos.,

Dewhurst, J. H.,

Dewhurst & Partner,

Deyrell, see Dayrell

D'Eyville, Lord, see Deiville

Dhuleep Singh, princesses,

Dibdin, Chas., Thos. Frognall,

Dickens, Chas., novelist,

Dickson, John,

Digby, John, Lord Digby, later Earl of Bristol (d. 1653),

Discount Market Soc. Golf Club,

Disine, Walt. le,

Ditton, Thames (Surr.),

Dobbleday, Edmund,

Dobson, -,

Docks (India; London; St. Katherine's), n,

Docwra, Sir Thos., prior of the Hospitallers,

Dod, W., archer,

Dodd, Ric., Dr. Wm., - (fl. 1544),

Doddridge, John,

Dodieu, -, secretary of French embassy,

Dodington, Geo. Bubb, diarist,

Dodsley, Rob.,

Doggett, Thos., actor, badge,

Dogs, Isle of (Kent),

Doherty, R. F.,

Dolben, Sir Gil., Bt., John, dean of Westminster, later abp. of York, Wm., Sir Wm., Bt.,

Dole, G. S.,

Dollis Hill, see Willesden

Dominican Republic (formerly St. Domingo),

Domus Dei, Hospital of, see Religious Houses, other counties

Doncaster (Yorks.),

Done, piano-makers,

Donet, John,

Donne, John, poet,

Doran Webb, F., see Webb

Doree, -, La,

Dorman, Mary, and see Pigeon

Dormer, Phil., Earl of Chesterfield (d. 1773),

D'Orsay, Count,

Dorset, n; archdeacon of, see Cooper, Rob.

Dorset, Earl of, see Sackville

Dorset, Marquess of, see Grey, Hen.

Dorset Square, see St. Marylebone

Doublet, Mary, m. Rob. Darcy, Earl of Holdernesse,

Doughty, Edw.,

Douglas, J., cricketer, J. H., n; Sir John Sholto, Marquess of Queensberry (d. 1900), R. N., cricketer, W. H. T., boxer,

Douglas-Scott-Montagu, John Walt. Edw., Lord Montagu of Beaulieu (d. 1929), n

Doute, Pet.,

Dove, Thos., bp. of Peterborough,

Dovecotes, see Finchley

Dover (Kent),

Dover Street, see Westminster, City of

Dowbeler, John,

Dowdeswell, Wm., politician,

Down Bros. Ltd.,

Down Barns, see Northolt

Down Hills, see Tottenham

Downer, A. R., athlete,

Downham Market (Norf.),

Downton, Thos.,

Dowsett, John,

Drake, Sir Wm. (fl. 1669-79), Wm. (d. 1801), antiquary, Wm. Wickham,

Drake Smith, J. A., oarsman,

Draney, John,

Draper, Barbara, w. of John, m. Edw. Pigeon, Cecilia, John, Margaret,

Drax, Eliz., m. Augustus, Earl of Berkeley,

Drayton, Mich., Polyolbion,

Drayton, Nich. of,

Drayton, West, par., adv., agric., architecture, Avenue Ho., bailiff, Bell Fm., boundaries, brickmaking, bridges, Britannia Wks., Burroughs, canal, ch., church ho., clubs and socs., Colham Gdn. man., common rights, communications, Copts Corner Fm., The Copse, demesne, Dr. Corkery's ho., Drayton Point, Elmsdale Ho., fair, feud. services, fisheries, Fitzhughs, The Frays, Fraysbrook Ho., glebe, golf club, Green, Hall, Ho., hunt, incls., ind., inns, lesser estates, loc. gov., man., and see above, Colham Gdn. man.; manor cts., manorhos., mkt. gdns., mill, moors, nursery gdns., Old Fm., n; Old Ho., Old Meadows, Old Mill Ho., Old Orchard, Old Shop, open fields, Palmers, n, pop., P. Nonconf., Quaven, races, rlys., records of, rectory, rivers,

Drayton, West, roads, road to, The Avenue, Bagley Cl., Bagley Gdn., Bellclose, Brandville Rd., Cherry Lane, Church Rd., Churchway, Drayton Gdns., Ferrers Ave., Furzeham Fd., Harmondsworth Rd., High St., Iver Rd., see below, Mill Rd.; Kingston Lane, Laurel Lane, Mill Lane, see below, Money Lane; Mill, formerly Iver, Rd., Money, formerly Mill, Lane, Napier Rd., see below Thornton Ave.; Old Fm. Rd., n, Otterfield Rd., Parade, Porters' Lane, St. Martin's Cl., St. Martin's Rd., Sipson Rd., Station Rd., Swan Rd., Thornton Ave., formerly Napier Rd., Town St., Warwick Rd., W. Drayton Pk. Ave., Wise Lane,

Drayton, West, R. Catholm, Rowtheys, 'Royal Lane', schs., settlements, Southlands, stn., Stockley brickwks., suburban development, tithes, trade unions, vestry, Vicarage, vicarage ho., Weir Cott., White Cott., Woodpecker Fm., woods, workho., worthies, and see Staines & West Drayton Rly.; Yiewsley and West Drayton

Drayton, in Ealing, landholders,

Drayton Regulator and Instrument Co. Ltd.,

Drayton (Cowley) Stream,

Drebbel, - (fl. 16th c.), chemist,

Dresden (E. Germany),

Dreux, Annora de, see St. Valery; Rob. de, Ct. of Dreux (d. 1227),

Driscoll, Prof.,

Drogheda (Louth), sack of, n

Drumlanrig, Earl of, see Montagu-Douglas-Scott

Drury Lane Theatre, see Westminster, City of

Drysdale, Geo.,

Dublin, Christ Ch. Cath., St. Patrick's Cath., Trinity Coll.,

Ducie, Lady, see Jodrell

Ducke, Wm.,

Ducket, - (fl. c. 1797),

Ducketts, see Finchley

Dudley, Ambrose, Earl of Warwick (d. 1590), n, Anne, see Russell; Arth., Edmund, John, Vct. Lisle, Earl of Warwick, Duke of Northumber- land (d. 1553), John, Earl of Warwick (d. 1554), Lord Guildford, Mary, m. Sir Hen. Sidney, Rob., Earl of Leicester (d. 1588), n, barony of, fam., and see Sutton

Dudley, Lord, see Sutton, Edw.

Dudley, Vct., see Ward

Duesbury, Wm.,

Duff, Sir Mountstuart Grant,

Dufferin, Ctss. of, see Sheridan, Helen Selina

Dufferin and Ava, Marquess of, see Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood

Dugdale, see Geast

Duggan, Neel & McColm Ltd.,

Duke, Ric.,

Duke's Court, see Westminster, City of

Duke of Northumberland's River (or Duke's River), as boundary, bridges, construction of, mills on, other refs.,

Dulwich (Surr.), Coll.,

Dunbar, Vct., see Constable

Duncan, D. S., n

Duncombe, Sir Chas. (d. 1711), Thos., Col.,

Dundas, President, n

Dune (Dunne), Hen., Rob. de la,

Dungannon, Vct., see Hill, Arth.

Dunk, Geo Montagu, Earl of Halifax (d. 1771),

Dunket, Ric.,

Dunmore, Earl of, see Murray, John

Dunn, Arth., Cup (Assoc. Ftball.),

Dunsford (Surr.), man.,

Dunstan, abp. of Canterbury,

Dunton (Essex),

Duppa, Brian, bp. of Winchester,

Durant, fam.,

Durant's Arbour, see Enfield

Duras (Durfort), Louis de, Earl of Feversham (d. 1709),

Durasteel Ltd.,

Durdant, And. (fl. 1538), s. of Nich., And. (fl. 1587), And. (fl. 1610), Chas., Nich. (d. 1538), Rob., fam.,

Durdin, John,

D'Urfey, Thos., n

Durham, Sabine de, see Vyel; Wm. de, n

Durham, chancellor of, see Brome

Durham, bp. of, see Matthew

Durham, County,

Durham Yard,

Durfort, see Duras

Durrants, see Enfield

Duterran, see Perigal & Duterran

Dwight, Edmund, Geo., John (d. 1703), John (b. 1662), s. of John, Lydia (d. 1709), w. of John, Lydia (d. 1762), Lydia, d. of Sam., m. Thos. Warland, m. 2 Wm. White, n; Marg., Phil., Dr. Sam. (d. 1737), n; Wm., Dr., vicar of Fulham,

Dyche, Ric.,

Dyck, Sir Ant. Van,

Dyve, Charlotte, m. Wm. Clayton, later Lord Sundon,

Eabury, see Westminster, City of, Ebury

Ealing, par. and borough, Borough Co., cavalry corps, Coldhall, n; Covent Pk., drainage, golf clubs, The Grove, Hangar Hill, Haven Green, housing, inn, Kent Gdns., man., n; poor relief, pop., races, shops, soil, stn., Technical Coll., West, and see Drayton

Earnshaw, Thos.,


East, Edw., Jeremy, Wm.,

East India Co.,

East London Waterworks,

Eastlake, C. L.,

Easton, Little (Essex),

Eaton, Sir Herb. Francis, Lord Cheylesmore (d. 1925), n

Eaton Square, see Westminster, City of

Ebury, see Westminster, City of

Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and see Church Commissioners

Eckersall, Cath., see Kinton; Geo., Jas., clerk of the kitchen, fam., and see West

Edelmeton, see Edmonton

Edgar, King,

Edge, S. F.,

Edgehill, battle of,

Edgware (Eggeware), par., ch., fair, feud. services, man., mkt., pop., soil, turnpike rd., wages,

Edgware Road, see Paddington

Edinburgh, bp. of, see Sandford

Edmonton (Edelmeton), par. and borough, agric., Angel Rd., Bury Hall, cavalry corps, ch., earthwk., fair, incl., ind., man. Marsh Side, Millfield Training Sch., Moat Ho. Fm., pop., soil, Weir Hall, Winchmore Hill, and see Southgate

Edmonton, hundred of,

Edmund, King of Wessex,

Edmund Ironside, King,

Edmund, Earl of Cornwall (d. 1300), and see Clare, Marg. de

Edred, King of Wessex,

Edward the Confessor, King, grants, other refs.,

Edward I, King, as prince, grants, other refs.,

Edward II, King, and Knights Templar, other refs.,

Edward III, King, n, grants, at Isleworth, other refs.,

Edward IV, of York, King,

Edward V, King,

Edward VI, King, n, n, as Prince of Wales, and Hampton Ct., visits, other refs.,

Edward VII, King, as Prince of Wales,

Edward, Black Prince, s. of Edw. III,

Edward, bro. of Athelstan,

Edwardes, Geo., Soc. Golf Club,

Edwardes-Moss, T. C.,

Edwards, Capt. Bennett, Mrs. Margaret, m. 1 Thos. Grice, -, horse trainer,

Edy, Wm.,

Edye, J. G. de, oarsman,

Effingham, Earl of, see Howard, Thos.

Egerton, Sir Alf. Mordaunt, Alice, see Spencer; Sir Thos., later Vct. Brackley (d. 1617), lord keeper,

Eggeware, see Edgware

Egham (Surr.), Causeway,

Eglesfeld, John de, Rob. de, chaplain to Queen Philippa,

Eia, see Westminster, City of, Ebury

Elba, I. of (Italy),

Eldridge, Brian, bellfounder, Wm. (fl. mid 17th cent.), bellfounder, Wm. (fl. 1738-65),

Electrical and Musical Industries Ltd. (E.M.I.),

Elgin (Moray),

Elias, vicar of Fulham,

Eliot (Elyot), Geo., Thos., The Gouvenor, and see Elliot

Eliot & Chapman,

Elizabeth I, Queen, as princess, clerk of the robes to, clerk of the spicery to, clockmaker to, grant, groom of the privy chamber to, and Hampton Court, marriage, and parks, portraits, sports, visits Mdx., other refs.,

Elizabeth (Woodville), queen, m. Edw. IV,

Elizabeth (of York), queen, m. Hen. VII,

Elizabeth of Austria, m. Sigismund, King ooland, f P

Elizabeth, princess, d. of Jas. I, m. Fred. V, Elector Palatine,

Elizabeth, princess, d. of Chas. I,

Elizabeth, princess, de. of Hen. II of France,

Ell, Capt. Ric.,

Elalry, Wm.,

Elliot, John, J. Lettsom, Thos., and see Eliot

Ellis, Brabazon, Hen. Have- lock, n, Ric.,

Elsing Hall, see Enfield

Elsynge, Hen.,

Eltham Palace (Kent),

Elthorne, hundred of, agric., hund. ct., map of, and see Royal Elthorne Militia

Elton, Edw.,

Elwick, piano-makers,

Ely, bps. of, and see Long- champ

Ely Brothers Ltd.,

Ely Cath.,

Ely, Isle of (Cambs.),

Ely Place, see Holborn

Emerton, Revd. J. A.,

Emery, Jos.,

Emonson, Jas.,

Emperor, see Charles V; Ferdinand I; Leopold I

Empire Theatre, see Westminster, City of

Endeavour, steamer,

Enefeud, see Enfield

Enefield, see Enfield

Enfield, Hen. de, fam.,

Enfield (Enfield; Enefeud), par., n, agric., Archers, Camlet moat, n; ch., Court, Durrants (Durants, Durant's Arbour), earthwks., Elsing Hall, feud. services, fishing, Forty Hall, golf clubs, Green St., hounds, Ho., incl., ind., inhabitants, man., mkt. and fair, Old Park Fm., palace, parks, Plantation Fm., Ponders End, poor relief, pop., races, road to, royal visits, schs. soil, timber, Trent Park, n, White Webbs (Webbes), and see Enfield Chase

Enfield Chase, in Enfield, agric., hunting, incl., park, Walks, woods,

Enfield Chase Staghounds,

Engall, see Horne, Engall & Freeman

England, G. P., Geo.,

England, ambassador from, kings of,

Englefield, Sir Francis,

Englefield (Berks.), lords of,

Epping Forest (Essex),

Epsom (Surr.), man.,

Erard, Pierre, Sebastian,

Erasmus, Desiderius,

Ernest, Prince of Saxe-Coburg,

Ernest, Duke of Saxe-Weimar,

Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, King of Hanover (d. 1851),

Erskine, Thos., Lord Erskine (d. 1823),

Esegar, see Asgar

Esher, Vct., see Brett

Esher (Surr.), man.,

Essex, Jas., architect, John,

Essex, forests, king of, see Swaefred; people of, sheriff,

Essex, Earls of, see Bohun; Capell; Cromwell, Thos.; Devereux, Rob.; Mandeville

Essex, Lord, unidentified,

Est, Nich.,

Estrild, nun,

Ethelgar, abp. of Canterbury, n

Ethelred, King of Mercia (? Ædilred),

Ethrington, Geo.,

Eton (Bucks.),

Eton College (Bucks.), fellow of, property, provost of, see Day; sports, n,

Eton Mission Boxing Club,

Etruria (Staffs.),


Eustace, bp. of London, see Fauconberg

Evans, Abraham, boxer,

Evelyn, John, diarist, quoted,

Everett, H.,

Evesham (Worcs.),

Evesham, battle of,

Ewell (Surr.),

Ewelme, honor of, n

Ewing, W. H.,

Ewry, R. C., athlete,

Exchange, Royal, see London, City of

Exeter, Hall,

Exeter, bp. of, see Keppel, Fred.

Exeter Change, see Westminster, City of

Exeter, Duke of, see Holland; Marquess of, see Courtenay; and see Blount

Exmouth, Vct., see Pellew

Eybury, see Westminster, City of, Ebury

Eyebury, see Westminster, City of, Ebury

Eyre, W. H.,

Eyston, Emma de, Thos., Wm. de (d. by 1352), n; Wm. de (fl. 1362-75),

d'Eyville, Lord, see Deiville

Faber, John, the younger, n

Facio, Nich.,

Fairchild, Godfrey, and his w. Emma,

Fairey Aviation Co.,

Fairfax, Thos. Lord Fairfax of Cameron (d. 1671),

Fairlie, - (fl. 1895),

Falcon, Nich.,

Falconbridge, Vct., see Belasyse

Falkland, Lady, see Tanfield

Falkland, Vct., see Cary

Falstaff, Sir John,

Fane, Grace Caroline, see Lowther; Sarah Sophia, m. Geo. Villiers, Earl of Jersey,

Fanelli, Francesco,

Fanshawe, Alice, m. Sir Chris Hatton, later Lord Hatton, n; Thos.,

Faraday, Mich., physicist,

Farey, C. A., Mich., architect,

Farington, Dan.,

Farmer, Thos.,

Farnell, John, W. T., Wm., fam.,

Farnell & Watson,

Farnham, Nich. of,

Farnham (Surr.),

Farrar, -, oarsman,

Farringdon, see London, City of

Farrington, Gen., n; -, m. Col. John Selwyn,

Fauconberg, Eustace de, bp. of London,

Fauconer, Edmund, and his w., n

Faulkner, Sir Edw., Sir R.,

Fawcons Wharf, see Wyrardisbury River

Fawkes, Guy,

Fawne (Foun), Alan, Ric., Rob.,

Fayrher, Rog.,

Fécamp, Abbey, see Religious Houses, foreign

Feckenham, John, dean of St. Paul's, abbot of Westminster,

Feilding, Bridget, see Stanhope; Geo., Earl of Desmond (d. 1666),

Feisal, King of Iraq,

Feltham, Ambrose de,

Feltham, par., adv., almsho., char., ch., Common, convent, fields, Haubergers, High St., Hill, Hounslow Heath, incl., ind., inn, land in, mans., and see below, Rectory and Rye mans.; Manor Ho., the Park, pop., P. Nonconf., rly., Rectory man., rivers, roads, road to, Ross Cott., Rye man., sch., Southville, Urban District, vicar,

Felton, Eliz., m. John Hervey, Earl of Bristol, Wm.,

Fenchurch Street, see London, City of

Fendts, fam.,

Fénelon, La Motte, French ambassador,

Fenn, Sir Rob., and his s.,

Fenner, Sir Edw. (d. 1612), justice of King's Bench, Edw. (fl. c. 1615), Sir John,

Fenner, Alder & Co.,

Fenwick, Sir John, conspirator, n

Ferdinand I, Emperor,

Ferg, Paul,

Fermor, Geo., Earl of Pomfret (d. 1785), Miss, n

Fern (Feron), Rob.,

Ferne, Hen., bp. of Chester,

Feron, see Fern

Ferrara (It.),

Ferrers, Earl, see Shirley

Ferro-Concrete (Shepperton) Ltd.,

Fetter Lane, see London, City of

Feversham, Earl of, see Duras

Fiamingo, -, sculptor,

Field (Fyeld), John of the, Hen., Polle, and his w. Marie, Dr., -, w. of Hen., m. 2 Edw. Forset,

Fielding, Hen.,

Fiennes, Gregory, Lord Dacre (d. 1594), Jas., Lord Saye and Sele (d. 1450), Wm., Lord Saye and Sele (d. 1471), Wm., Vct. Saye and Sele (d. 1662),

Fiennes-Clinton, later Pelham-Clinton, Hen., Duke of Newcastle (d. 1794),

Figg, Jas.,

Finch, Charlotte, m. Chas. Seymour, Duke of Somerset, Dan., Earl of Nottingham, later Earl of Winchilsea (d. 1730), Heneage, Lord Finch, later Earl of Nottingham (d. 1682), solicitorgen., John, fam.,

Finch, Rickman & Co.,

Finch-Hatton, Geo. Wm., Earl of Winchilsea, Earl of Nottingham (d. 1858),

Finch's Allowance, see Wyrardisbury River

Finchley, par. and borough, agric., Christ's Coll. Sch., ch., Common, commons, Ducketts (Dovecotes), earthwks., incl., Manor Fm. ho., mkt., poor relief, pop., rector, soil, sports clubs, Urban District, woods,

Finett, Sir John,


Finsbury, par. and borough, archery, Chiswell St., City Rd., Fields, Goswell Rd., ind., Park, see Hornsey; Pavement see London, City of; Pentonville, n; and see Charterhouse; Clerkenwell; Glasshouse Yard

Finsbury Division, in Ossulstone hund., pop.,

Finsbury, par. of St. Luke, Old St., ind., pop.,

Finsbury, par. of St. Sepulchre without Newgate,

Firestone Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd.,

Fish, John, - (d. before 1816),

Fishbourne, Stream, n

Fisher, W. Hayes, n; Wm.,

Fisher's Allowance, see Wyrardisbury River

Fishing, see Angling

Fishmongers' Company of London,

Fitzalan, Hen., Earl of Arundel (d. 1580), Ric., Earl of Arundel and Surrey (d. 1397),

Fitz Ansculf, Wm.,

FitzClarence, Geo. Augustus Fred., Earl of Munster (d. 1842),

Fitzgarret, Edw., Garret,

Fitzgerald, Lady Eliz., m. Sir Ant. Browne, n

Fitz Gerald (Villiers), John, Vct., later Earl, Grandison (d. 1766),

Fitzgilbert, Ric.,

Fitzhardinge fam., Earl and Lord, see Berkeley

Fitzherbert, W., athlete,

Fitz James, Jas., Duke of Berwick (d. 1734),

Fitz Maurice, John Hamilton, Vct. Kirkwall (d. 1820),

Fitz Other, Rob., Walt., Wm., and see Windsor

FitzRoy, Augustus Hen., Duke of Grafton (d. 1811), Chas. (fl. 1729-30), Chas., formerly Palmer, Duke of Cleveland (d. 1730), Chas., Duke of Grafton (d. 1757), and see Newdegate

Fitzroy Square, see St. Pancras

Fitz Stephen, Wm.,

Fitz Walter, Pet.,

Fitzwilliam, Wm., Earl of Southampton (d. 1542), Sir Wm., treasurer,

Fladgate, Hen.,

Flanagan, J. J., athlete,


Fleet Hithe, see London, City of

Fleet prison, custodians,

Fleet River,

Fleet Street, see London, City of

Fleetwood, Miles, Sir Wm., receiver general of Ct. of Wards,

Flemming, J. F.,

Fletcher, Edw., J. P., Jas., Joshua, N. C.,

Flight, Ben. (fl. 1794), Ben., jr. (d. 1847), J.,

Flight & Kelly,

Flight & Robson,

Flight & Son,

Flitcroft, Hen.,

Florence (It.),

Flower, Ric.,

Fluidrive Engineering Co. Ltd.,

Foliot, Gil., bp. of London,

Follingham (Follington), Wm.,

Fontevrault Abbey, see Religious Houses, foreign

Fonthill (Beds.),

Foot, Pet., View of Agric. of Mdx.,

Football, Association, Rugby,

Football Association,

Football Association, Amateur,

Force, Dow. Dchss. de la,

Ford, A. J. F., cricketer, F. G. J., cricketer, John, T. P.,

Ford, Old, in Poplar, ind.,

Fordham, -, cartographer,

Forester, see Richard


Forrest, Ric.,

Forset, Arabella, m. Thos. Austen, Edw. (fl. 1611), Edw. (fl. after 1630), -, w. of Edw., see Field

Forster, Wm. (d. 1808), Wm., jr. (fl. c. 1820),

Fort, Thos.,

Fortescue, Sir John, Lionel, and his w. Eliz., n

Forty Five Churches Fund for the Gter London Area,

Foster, R. H., oarsman,

Foun, see Fawne

Founders' Company of London,

Foundling Hospital, see London, City of

Fountain, coach-builders,

Fourdrinier, Hen., Sealy,

Fournier, Geo.,

Fowler, Chas., Sir Thos.,

Fownes, John,

Fox, C. V., oarsman, Chas. Jas., Geo., John, bp. of Winchester, Ric., bp. of Winchester,

Foxall, Zacharias,

Foy, china shop,

France, ambassadors, and see d'Albon; d'Annebaut; Bellay; Blainville; Fénélon; Marillac; Tallard; Gascony, kings of, and see Francis I; Henry (Valois); Louis VIII; Louis XIV; Louis XV; Louis Philippe; navy, nobility, Normandy, wars,

Francis I, Emperor, Duke of Lorraine (d. 1765), n

Francis I, King of France, n

Francis, C. K., cricketer,

Francis Street, see Holborn

Frankfort (W. Germany),

Franklin, Sir John (d. 1647), Ric. (d. by 1647), Ric. (fl. 1636-55), Sir Ric., Bt. (d. 1685), Walt the,

Franks, Moses,

Fraser, G., - (fl. 1848),

Fraxino, Rog. de,

Fray's River (branch of R. Colne),

Frederica, Princess of Hanover, m. - von Pawel Rammingen,

Frederici, -, organ-builder,

Frederick V, Elector Palatine,

Frederick II, King of Prussia,

Frederick, Prince of Wales (d. 1751), and see Augusta of Saxe-Gotha

Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, misnamed, see William Augustus

Frederick Augustus, Duke of York (d. 1827),

Frederick, Capt., cricketer,

Free, Edw.,

Freeman, H. Scott, Martha, m. Capt. John Coggan, R. B., oarsman, Sam., and see Horne, Engall & Freeman; Kimpton & Freeman

Freemasons, Soc. of,

Freke, Rob., sr., Rob., jr.,

French (Frensch), Geo., 'Count Bolo', Walt.,

Frere, L., oarsman,

Frodsham, Chas., H. M., John, Wm., Wm. Jas.,

Frodsham, Chas., & Co. Ltd.,

Froissart, Chronicles,

Frome, River (Dors.), n

Froude, Chas., historian,

Fruiterer, Rog. the,

Fry, Chas. Burgess, cricketer,

Frye, Thos.,

Fuchs, Dr., fencer,

Fulham, par. and borough, adv., agric., Beaufort Ho., bridge, Carey Ho., earthwk., feud. services, ind., Lillie Bridge Athletic Ground, man., pop., Sandford Ho., soil, Stamford Bridge, tenants, vicars, see Dwight, Dr.; Elias; Walham (Wandon, Wansdon, Wendon) Green, Wandon Ho.,

Fulham Palace, grounds, Tait chapel,

Fulham Pottery & Cheavin Filter Co. Ltd.,

Fuller, H. G., John (fl. 1353), s. of Sim., John, master of Jesus Coll., Camb., Thos., D. D., Wm., later bp. of Lincoln,

Fulnetby, Marmaduke,

Fulton, Rob.,

Fulwell, in Twickenham, ch., golf clubs, Lodge, mill, Park,

Furber, John,

Furnivall's Inn, see Inns of Court

Furse, C. W.,

Fyeld, see Field

Fyllyns (Reynolds), Joan,

Gabriel, R. B.,

Gainsborough, Thos., artist,

Gainsborough (Lincs.),

Gainsford Boxing Club,

Galilei, Vincenzio,

Gambier, Jas., Lord Gambier (d. 1833), admiral,

Gamme, Sir John,

Gander, Wm.,

Ganer, piano-makers,

Gapper, Rob.,

Gardiner, Mich., and his w. Marg., Rob., Steph., bp. of Winchester, Capt. Thos.,

Gardner, Lilian,

Garibaldi, Giuseppe,

Garnet, Hen., S. J.,

Garrick, David, actor, Eva Maria,

Garrick Street, see Westminster, City of

Garter King of Arms, see Barker, Sir Chris.

Garter, Knights of the,

Gascony see France

Gate, Geo.,

Gate House Nurseries,

Gates, Geo., John, gentleman of the privy chamber,

Gaudin, P. J.,

Gauntlett, -, compass-maker,

Gautlet Creek (Kent),

Gavell, Mary,

Gaver (Gavere), J., fam.,

Gawne, E.,

Gay, John, author, n,

Gayfere, Thos.,

Gaynesford, John, and his w.,

Geast, Ric., later Dugdale,

Gedding (Geddyng), John, or John de,

Gee, Sir Orlando (d. 1705),

Geffrey, see Geoffrey

Gelder, P. M. van,

Gele, John,

Geoffrey (Geffrey), priest of West- minster,

Geoffrey, s. of Baldwin,

Geoffrey of Batchworth,

George I, King, brewer to, and Hampton Court, mistress of, other ref.,

George II, King, n; as Prince of Wales, arms, bandmaster to, clockmaker to, gardener to, and Hampton Court, n, hunting, medallion, portrait, other refs., n,

George III, King, n, architects to, chaplains to, clockmaker to, and Hampton Court, military displays, organ-builder to, visits Mdx., other ref.,

George IV, King, as Prince of Wales, sports, other ref.,

George V, King,

George, Prince of Denmark, m. Queen Anne,

George, W. G., athlete,

George Street, see St. Marylebone

Gerard (Gerrard), Chas., Lord Gerard (d. 1667), Sir Gil., John, S. J., Mark, Phil., fam.,

Gerard Street, see Westminster, City of

German Gymnasium,


Gerneford, see Greenford

Gerrard, see Gerard

Gerrards Cross (Bucks.),

Gerspach, - (fl. 1760),

Ghent (Belgium),

Gibbes, see Gibbs

Gibbon, Eliz., m. - Joddrell, Phillipps, Rob.,

Gibbons, Sir Alex., Grinling, wood-carver, n, Harold, Sir John, Bt. (d. 1776), Sir John (d. 1893), Sir Wm. (d. 1814), fam.,

Gibbs (Gibbes), David, Jas., architect, Sir Phil., novelist, Walt. (d. c. 1612), and his w. Eliz., Walt. (fl. 1626),

Gibbs, D. & W., Ltd.,

Gibson, J. W., later Sir John,

Gifford (Gyfford), Rob. Francis, Lord Gifford (d. 1872), and his w., - (fl. late 18th c.),

Gilbert of Cranford,

Gilbert of Harpsden, and his w. Maud,

Gilbert of Whitton,

Gilbert, A. C., athlete, Ric., W. B.,

Gilbert & Rivington & Co. Ltd.,

Gilbey, A. N.,

Gilford, And.,

Gilkes, Sam.,

Gill, Brook Hamilton, Eric, Pet., n; Wm., lord mayor of London,

Gill's, coach-builders,

Gillett, Wm.,

Gillette Industries Ltd.,

Gilliver, Lawton,

Gillow, -, furniture-maker,

Giorgione, see Barbarelli

Girdlestone, G. R.,

Giustinian, Sebastian,


Glasse, G. H., n; Dr. Sam.,

Glasshouse Street, see Westminster, City of

Glasshouse Yard, in Finsbury, pop.,


Glass-Sellers of London, Company of,

Glaxo Laboratories Ltd.,

Glazebrook, Dr. R. T.,

Glazier, Hugh,

Gleichen, Ctss.,

Glossop, Mrs.,

Gloucester (Gloster), John of,

Gloucester, archdeacon of, see Northolt; cath., dean,

Gloucester, bp. of, see Pritchett

Gloucester, Dukes of, see Henry; Richard III; Thomas of Woodstock; William Hen.

Gloucester, Earls of, see Clare, Gil. de; Clare, Ric. de; Robert

Gloucester Place, see St. Marylebone

Gloucestershire, n;

Glover, Moses, cartographer, Map of Isleworth Hund. quoted, n, -, boxer,

Glynn, John, serjeant-at-law,

Goda, Ctss. (fl. c. 1060),

Goddard, C. E., Fred., John,

Gode, Ric.,

Godfrey, s. of Ralph,

Godfrey, Capt.,

Godlak, Thos.,

Godlee, Burwood,

Godolphin, Guy, Sidney, Earl of Godolphin (d. 1712), and see Hammersmith

Godstow Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Gogh, John, Vincent Van, see Van Gogh

Goldie, J. H. D., oarsman, J. H. G.,

Goldsmith's Hall, see London, City of

Golf, Eastern links, Ladies' clubs, Northern links, Southern links, Western links,

Gondomar, see Acuña

Gonzaga, Ferd. de, Viceroy of Sicily,

Gonzago, Ludovico, Duke of Mantua,

Good, Jas., Rob. (d. 1558),

Good Intent Flour Mill,

Goodchild, - (fl. 1746),

Goodenough, Edmund, headmaster,

Goodgroom, Ric.,

Goodhart-Rendel, H. S.,

Goodlad, Nath.,

Goodman, Hen., W.,

Goodman, Price, Ltd.,

Goodman's Fields, see London, City of

Goodwin, Thos.,

Goodwood (Suss.),

Goodyer, Rob.,

Gordon, Lord Hen., Miss,

Gordon riots,

Gordon-Lennox, Helen, m. Alan Ian Percy, Duke of Northumberland, n

Gore, A. W., tennis-player,

Gore, hundred of,

Goring, Geo. (fl. 1582), Geo., Earl of Norwich (d. 1663), Wm., and his w., -, m. - Fenner, and see Burbage

Goschen, -,

Goss, -, boxer,

Gostling, Augustus, Chas. (d. c. 1766),

Goswell Road, see Finsbury

Gouge, Thos., Wm.,

Gough Square, see London, City of

Gould, A. J., Jay,

Goulds Green, see Hillingdon

Gouyn, Chas.,

Govett, R., Thos., J. P.,

Gowans, J. T.,

Gower, John, poet,

Gower Street, see St. Pancras

Grace, F., boxer, Dr. W. G., cricketer,

Gracechurch Street, see London, City of

Grafton, Thos., and his w. Agnes,

Grafton, Duke of, see FitzRoy

Grafton Regis (Northants.), n

Grafton Street, see Westminster, City of

Graham (Grahme), Geo., watch- maker, Col. Jas., n; Rob., Col., and see Jeffrey, Jackson & Graham

Gramophone Co.,

Grammont, Gabriel de, bp. of Tarbe,

Grand Junction Canal, ind. by other refs.,

Grand Junction Waterworks,

Grand Union Canal,

Grand Union Canal Carrying Co.,

Grandison, Vct., see FitzGerald

Granges, Pet. des,

Grant, T. S., Wm.,

Grantham, Judith, m. Sir Jonathan Andrews, Sir Thos.,

Grantham (Lincs.),

Gras, Rog. le,

Gravell, Wm., & Son,

Gravell & Tolkein,

Graves, Wm.,

Gravesend, Ric. bp. of London, Steph. de, bp. of London,

Gravesend (Kent),

Graviner (Colnbrook),

Gray, Ben., Harry, boxer, Capt. John (fl. 1720), builder, John (d. 1849), Rob., Thos. poet, Wm. or Grey, bp. of London, Lord, of Wark, see Grey, Wm.; Wm. (d. 1820), and see Grey

Gray, John, & Son,

Gray & Davison,

Gray's Inn, see Inns of Court

Gray's Inn Lane, see Holborn

Great Central Rly.,

Great Eastern Rly.,

Great George Street, see Westminster, City of

Great Marlborough Street, see West- minster, City of

Great North Rd.,

Great Northern Rly.,

Great Pulteney Street, see West- minster, City of

Great Russell Street, see Holborn

Great South West Road,

Great West Road,

Great Western and Brentford Rly.,

Great Western and Gt. Central Joint Rly.,

Great Western Railway, Uxbridge Branch,


Greek Street, see Westminster, City of

Green (Grene), C. E., cricketer, Cecily (d. 1480), wid. of Rob., m. 2 John Acton, Cecily (fl. 1493), m. Wm. Burbage, and see Bedyll; Edw., Eliz., see Warner; Maj. F. Egerton, n; John (fl. 1519), John (fl. 1691), Rob., Sam., Walt., Wm., - (fl. 1690's), and see Sadler & Green

Green Room Golf Club,

Greenford, Denise of, w. of Hugh, Hen. of, and his wid. Lettice, Hugh of, Lewis of, Luke of, Mabel of,

Greenford, Great, par., adv., agric., n; almsho., architecture, boundaries, Brabsden Green, Braddish (Perivale) Wood, bridges, canal, chars., ch., Community Centre, The Cottage, Court Fm., demesne, East, feud. services, glebe, Green, Horsenden (Horsa-dun) Hill, Horsenden Wood, hosp., incl., ind., inns, lesser estates, loc. gov., man., and see below, Stickleton man.; manor cts., manor fm., manor-ho., mkt. gdns., North, Oldfield Fm., open fields, n; pop., P. Nonconf., rly., Ravenor Pk., Rectory, rectory-ho.,

Greenford, Great, roads, Broadway, Coston's Lane, Cowgate Rd., formerly Cow Lane, Elton Ave., Greenford Rd., Harrow Rd., Horsenden Lane North, Love Lane, Malden Ave., Medway Drive, Oldfield Lane, Perivale Pk., Ruislip Rd., Western Ave., Whitton Ave., Windmill Lane,

Greenford, Great, R. Catholm., schs., settlement, Stanhope Pk. Ho., Stickleton, Stickleton Ho., Stickleton man., suburban development, tithes, Urban District, vestry, woods, and see above, Braddish; Horsenden

Greenford Parva, see Perivale

Green Park, see Westminster, City of,

Green Street, see Enfield

Greenwich (Kent), ch., hosp., Royal Observatory,

Greenwich Palace (Kent),

Greenwood Bros.,

Gregory, John, vault,

Grendon, Ralph de, and see Leveland

Grene, see Green

Grenfell, Sir Wm. Hen., later Lord Desborough (d. 1945), n,

Gresham, Sir Thos. (d. 1579), wid. of,

Gresse Street, see St. Marylebone

Grestain Abbey, see Religious Houses, foreign

Greville, Chas., Geo., Rob., Lord Brooke (d. 1643), regiment of,

Grey, Chas., Earl Grey of Howick (d. 1845), prime minister, Sir Edw., Frances, see Brandon; Lady Georgiana, Hen., Marquess of Dorset, Duke of Suffolk (d. 1554), Hen., Earl of Kent (d. 1651), Lady Jane, Joan de, see Valognes; Sir Rob. de, Thos. de, Lord Walsingham (d. 1870), Wm., Lord Grey of Warke (d. 1674), and see Gray

Grey, Lord de, see Robinson

Gribble, J. B.,

Grice, John, Margaret, see Edwards; Thos.,

Gridley, R. G., n

Griffin Brewery,

Griffin Library House, see Clerkenwell

Griffiths, C. H., & Co.,

Grignion, Dan., Thos. (fl. 1730-48), Thos. (d. 1784), Thos. (fl. 1800-25),

Grignion & Son,

Grimes Dyke, properly Ditch, earthwk.,

Grimston, Hon. Rob.,

Grimthorpe, Lord, see Beckett, Edmund

Grindal, Edmund, bp. of London,

Grisot, M., archer,

Grocer's Company of London,

Grocyn, Wm.,

Grohe, Jas.,

Groslet, P. J.,

Grosvenor, Hugh Lupus, Duke of Westminster (d. 1899),

Grosvenor Road, and Square, see Westminster, City of

Grove, Sir Geo., Dict. of Music, Mat. atte, - (fl. 1869),

Groves, Maj.,

Grundy, -, cricketer,

Gryffyn, Edmund, n; Rog.,

Guarnieri, Jos.,

Guelders (Holland),

Guernsey (C.I.),

Guildford, Jane, m. John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland,

Guildford, Ctss. of, see Speke

Guildford, Lord, see North

Gully, John, boxer,

Gulston, F. S.,

Gumley, John,

Gunmakers Company of London,

Gunn, John, cricketer, R. K., boxer,

Gunnersbury, in Ealing, agric., Park,

Gunning, Misses,

Gurdon, Chas., E. T.,

Gurney, Alice, see Beauchamp; Sir Mat., Philippa, w. of Sir Mat. Gurney, m. 2 Sir John Tiptoft,

Gwyn, Nell,

Gyé, - de,

Gyfford, see Gifford

Gyll, Wm.,

Habershon, W. G., and Pite,

Hacche (Soms.), baron of, see Beauchamp, John de

Hacket, Revd. John, chaplain,

Hackett, Rob., fam.,

Hackney, par. and borough, agric., ch., Clapton, Dalston, Homerton, incl., ind., Kingsland, Kingsland Rd., Marsh, n; pop., Springfield Pk., soil, Stamford Hill, Wick,

Haddock, E. I.,

Haden, Nath.,

Hadley (Herts.), commons, Green, hermitage, turnpike rd.,

Hadley, Monken (Herts.), n; pop.,

Hadley and South Mimms, Volunteers,

Hadow, Sir Rob., W. H., cricketer,

Hagbourne, West (Berks.), man.,

Hagham, Pet. of, prior of the Hospitallers,

Hague, The (Holland),

Haimund (fl. c. 12th c.),

Hainault Forest (Essex),

Hakepetit, Joan, w. of Ric., Ric.,

Halde, - du, author,

Hale, John, John in le,

Hales, Chris., Sir Rob., Steph., physiologist, W. H.,

Halewyke, see Halliwick

Haley, Chas.,

Haley & Milner,

Haliburton, T. C., author,

Halifax, Earls of, see Dunk; Montagu

Haliford, see Halliford

Halkin Place, see Westminster, City of

Hall, Abraham, Gen. Bullock, Jos., bp. of Chester, Rob., Thos. (fl. 1583), Thos. (fl. 1592-8), Thos. (fl. 1608), Wm., - (fl. 1660),

Hallen, A. W. C.,

Halley, Edmund, F.R.S., astronomer,

Halliday, Sir And.,

Halliford, Nich. of,

Halliford, in Shepperton, Lower, Lower Halliford Green, man., mill, Upper, and see Shepperton

Halliford, in Sunbury, Home Fm. Cott., man., Manor, Upper, and see Sunbury

Halliwell Bisset,

Halliwell Street, see Stepney

Halliwick (Halewyke), in Friern Barnet, man.,

Halswelle, W.,

Ham, East (Essex),

Ham, West (Essex),

Hambleden (Bucks.),

Hamborough, D. A.,

Hambrough, John, fam.,

Hamilton, Lady Archibald, Cosmo, novelist, Lord Geo., Jas., Earl of Arran, Duke of Châtelherault (d. 1575), n; Jas., Earl of Arran (d. 1609), Jas., Marquess of Hamilton (d. 1625), Jas. (fl. 1664), Jas., Duke of Abercorn (d. 1913), Col. John, Wm., Earl of Lanark, Duke of Hamilton (d. 1651), and see Henderson- Hamilton; Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.

Hamilton Place, see Westminster, City of

Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Terence John, Marquess of Dufferin and Ava (d. 1930),

Hammersmith, par. and borough, agric., bridge, Brook Green, ch., fair, Godolphin Sch., Grove Hall, ind., pop., Ravenscourt Park, regatta, Shepherd's Bush, sports clubs, Upper Mall, Wormwood (Wormholt) Scrubs,

Hammond, B., J. L., John, Philip, Rob. (fl. 1367), Col. Rob. (d. 1654), governor of I. of Wight, n

Hampden, Eliz., John, Sibell, m. David Penn, Wm.,


Hampstead, par. and borough, Adelaide Rd., agric., Belsize, ch., Heath, Jack Straw's Castle, King's Hill, Lodge, man., pop., Primrose Hill, soil, Spaniards Fm., sports clubs, volunteer militia, West Heath, woods,

Hampton (Hamtonet, Hemton), par., adv., area, bridge, Bushy Ho., chars., Charles II's Lodge, ch., Common, ferry, fishing, Heath, Hounslow Heath, houses, incl., inns, n; Kingston Rd., loc. gov., man., mill, n, New, see Teddington

Hampton, parks, Bushy Pk., Home Pk., incls., Middle Park, officers of, royal stud in,

Hampton, pop., P. Nonconf., roads, roads to, schs., Smythes Lane, stn., Stud House, turnpike, see Hampton and Staines; Upper Lodge, Urban District, vicar, vicarage, waterworks, workho., and see Hampton Court; Hampton Hill; Hampton Wick

Hampton and Staines Turnpike Trust,

Hampton Court, in Hampton, bridge, chase, communications, ferry, honor, man. parks, see Hampton; road to, sports, stns., stud., see Hampton, parks; Warren,

Hampton Court Conference,

Hampton Court Palace, additions and alterations, architecture, Chapel Royal, clerks of works, construction, entertainments, gardens, housekeeper of, lakes, maze, pictures, valuation, tennis court, vine, and see Henry VIII; Wolsey

Hampton Court Palace, kings at, Anne and, Charles I and, Charles II and, in Commonwealth, Edward VI and, Elizabeth I and, George I and, George II and, George III and, Henry VIII and, James I and, James II and, Mary I and, William III and Mary II and,

Hampton Court, Truce of,

Hampton Court, Treaty of,

Hampton Hill, in Hampton, ch.,

Hampton, New, see Teddington

Hampton Wick, in Hampton, area, ch., the Hovel, land in, loc. gov., pop., stn., Urban District,

Hamtonet, see Hampton

Hanbery, Ric.,

Hanbury, Anna, m. Thos. Fowell Buxton, Chas. Addington, John, Osgood, sr., Osgood, jr., Rob., Sampson, and see Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. Ltd.

Hancock, Jas., John, -, piano-maker, and see Crang & Hancock

Hancock, Shepherd & Rixon,

Hand Court, see Holborn

Handel, Geo. Fred.,

Hanger Hill, see Ealing

Hanover (W. Germany), king of, see Ernest Augustus; and see Frederica

Hans Casimir, s. of Fred., Elector Palatine,

Hanson, J. S.,

Hanway, Jonas, philanthropist,

Hanway Street, see St. Pancras

Hanwell, par., n, adv., agric., almshos., architecture, Boston Ho., boundaries, Brent Lodge, bridges, Broadway, Cambridge Yard, Central Lond. District Sch., chars., and see below, Hobbayne's char.; Cherington Ho., chs., cinemas, Clifden Lodge, College, common, Community Centre, Cuckoo Fm., Cuckoo Hill, demesne, detached areas, Elthorne Heights, Elthorne Pk., n, Factory Yard, feud. services, glebe, Golden Manor, the Grove, Heath, Heath Lodge, Hermitage, Hume's Wharf, Hobbayne's char., hosp., incls., ind., inns, Lawn Ho., lesser estates, loc. gov., man., manor cts., mills, newspapers, open fields, Park, Park Fm., poor-ho., pop., P. Nonconf., rly., n, rectors, Rectory, Rectory Cott., rectory ho.,

Hanwell, roads, Bordars Rd., Boston Rd., Cambridge Rd., Cherington Rd., Church Rd., Church Row, Cuckoo Ave., Cuckoo Lane, Drayton Bridge Rd., Elthorne Ave., Elthorne Pk. Rd., Framfield Rd., Gifford Gdns., Green Lane, Greenford Ave., Halfacre Rd., High Lane, Lower Boston Rd., Manor Ct. Rd., Montague Rd., Oaklands Rd., Rosebank Rd., Ruislip Rd., St. George's Rd., St. Margaret's Rd., St. Mark's Rd., Seward Rd., Springfield Rd., Station Rd., Studland Rd., Studle Grange Rd., Townholme Cres., Trumper's Way, Uxbridge Rd., West- minster Rd., Wilmot Pl., York Ave.,

Hanwell, schs., and see above, Cent. Lond. Dist. Sch.; settlements, South, the Spring, Spring Cott., suburban development, Tickill, tithes, Urban District, vestry, West Mdx. Golf Club, Wharncliffe Viaduct, workho., n; and see above, Cent. Lond. Dist. Sch.; worthies,

Hanwell Gazette,

Hanwell Post,

Hanwell Ridge, see Brentford

Hanworth (Hunsworth), par., bridge, castle, chars., ch., earthwk., field names, Hounslow Heath, hunting, incl., land in, man., n, mill, Park, pop., P. Nonconf., river, road to,

Harcourt, - (fl. 1469),

Harding, A. F.,

Hardington, see Harlington

Hardwick, Thos.,

Hardwicke, Earl of, see Yorke

Hardy, Sir Thos., Wm.,

Hare, John, Sir Nich.,

Harefield, par., adv., agric., almshos., architecture, Battleswell, Battleswell Fm., Bayhurst Wood, Belhacketts Ho., n; Belhammonds, boundaries, Bournes Fm., Breakspears Inst., brickmaking, canal, chars., ch., clubs., Conies Fm., Cripps Fm., Cripps Fm. Cott., n; Crow's Nest Fm., curacy, demesne, Dewes Fm., Downtons Ho., Drapers Fm., earthwks., fairs, fishing, Gapes Ho., gravel works, Hammonds Ho., Grove, Highway Fm., Hill End, hosps., Ho., incl., ind., inns, Jack's Lock, Jack's Lock Cott., Knightcotes Fm., n; Knighcotes man., lesser estates, loc. gov., Lodge, see below, Harefield Place; the Lodge, man., and see above, Knightcotes; manor cts., Manor Ct., manor-hos., and see Brackenbury; Breakspears; Moorhall; Manor Ho., map of, mkt. gdns., Memorial Hall, mills, moors, Mt. Pleasant, New Years Green, P. Nonconf., open fields, park, Park, peculiar, Place, formerly Harefield Lodge, pop., racecourse, rly., Ravenings, rectory,

Harefield, roads, Breakspear Rd., Breakspear Rd. North, Church Hill, Harefield Lane, Harefield St., n, Harvill Rd., High St., Hill End Rd., Moorhall Rd., New Years Green Lane, Northwood Rd., Park Lane, Rickmansworth Rd., Scaterell St., n; Springwell Lane, schs., settlements, Shepherds Hill Ho., Springwell Fm., suburban development., Swakeleys, Swakeleys Fm., tithes, vestry, vicarage, vicarage ho., Whiteheath Fm., workho., worthies, and see Brackenbury; Breakspears; Moorhall

Harington (Harrington), Sir John, n, Lucy, m. Edw. Russell, Earl of Bedford, n;

Harlech, Lady, see Seymour, Emily Charlotte

Harlequins Sports Club,

Harlesden, in borough of Willesden, n

Harley, Rob., Earl of Oxford (d. 1724), n,

Harlington, Alf. of,

Harlington (Herdington), par., adv., n, agric., Albert Hall, almsho., architecture, Bedwell, Berry Green, boundaries, Bourne Fm., brickmaking, canal, Cedars, chars., chs., n, Church Fm., Common, Corner, demesne, Dower Ho., Elder Fm., fair, glebe, Harlington with Shepiston man., n, hosp., Hounslow Heath, incl., ind., inns, lesser estates, Lilacs, formerly Overberg Ho., loc. gov., Lodge, man., and see above, Harlington with Shepiston man.; manor cts., Manor Fm., manor-ho., mkt. gdns., open fields, Overberg Ho., see above, Lilacs; Pinkwell, poor ho., pop., Pork Halfacre, P. Nonconf., rly., rectory, rectory ho.,

Harlington, roads, roads to, Albert Rd., Bath Rd., Bourne Ave., Brickfields Lane, Canarvon Drive, Cherry Lane, n; Corwell Lane, Dawley Rd., Hatton Rd., High St., Keith Rd., Manor Parade, New Rd., North Hyde Rd., Pinkwell Lane, Rigby Lane, Sipson Rd., Station Rd., Victoria Lane, Waltham Ave., West End Lane, R. Catholm., schs., settlements, Sipson Field, suburban development, tithes, Townsend ho., n; Urban District, vestry, vicar, West End, Windmill Hill, and see Dawley; Hayes and Harlington

Harman, E. J.,

Harmondsworth, par., agric., ch., disputes, earthwks., feud. services, fishery, glebe, Heathrow, and see London Airport; hosp., Hounslow Heath, incl., loc. gov., Mad Bridge, and see Stanwell; mans., and see below, Perry Place man.; manor ct., moor, P. Nonconf., Perry Place man., pop., reeve, and see Hubbard; rivers, road to, schs., Sipson, and see Harlington; vicar, wages, workho., and see Longford

Harmondsworth Priory, see Religious Houses, in Middlesex; and see Religious Houses, foreign, Rouen

Harold, Earl and King,

Harpdon, John, Wm.,

Harper, Ric. the,

Harpsden, Agnes of, wid. of Rob., Eliz., m. John Lovell, Gil. of, and his w. Maud, Ralph of (fl. 1196), Rob. of (fl. 1201-11), Rog. of (fl. 1235), Wm. of (fl. 1279), Wm. of (fl. 1302), Wm. of (fl. 1340), -, m. - Lovell,

Harpsden (Oxon.), man.,

Harrington, see Harington

Harris (Harrys), Baker, Chas., Geo. (fl. 1884), Geo. Rob. Canning, Lord Harris (d. 1932), Hen., John, Mary, Renatus, Ric., Thos., bellfounder,

Harrison, John, -, engraver,

Harrow (Harrow-on-the-Hill), par. agric., Alperton, commons, earthwk., Flambards man., The Grange, Headstone (Hedgestone) see Pinner; Hill, incl., man., and see above, Flambards man.; mkt., mill, Northolt Rd., Oakington (Okington), pop., races, rector, see Littleton, Thos. de; roads to, sports, Sudbury, Uxendon, Wealdstone, woods,

Harrow School, sports,

Harrow Weald, in Harrow, commons, earthwk.,

Harrys, see Harris

Hart, Soloman Abraham,

Hartop, see Chapman & Hartop

Hartridge, - (fl. 1899),

Hartshorne, -, Old English Glasses,

Hartwell, - (fl. 1836),

Harvard University (U.S.A., Mass.),

Harvest, G.,

Harvey, see Curtis & Harvey

Harwood, Ralph, Revd. Thos., D. D.,

Hastie, J.,

Hastings, Lady Dorothy, n; Francis, Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1561), Hen., Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1595), n; Sir Wm., Lord Hastings (d. 1483),

Hastings (Suss.)

Hatch (Hatche), Wm. atte,

Hatchett, John,

Hatchman, Ric.,

Hatfield (Herts.) man.,

Hatton, Capt. A., n; Sir Chris., lord chancellor, Sir Wm., and see Finch-Hatton

Hatton, Lady, see Fanshawe

Hatton, in East Bedfont, fair, Grange, Hounslow Heath, incl., inn, man., P. Nonconf., rect., roads, roads to,

Hauberger, Edw. le, John le, and his w. Marg.,

Havana (Cuba),

Haverhill, Jas. of, Thos. of, Wm. of,

Havering (Essex),

Havers, John,

Havelock, Sir Hen.,

Haverhalle, Brichter de,

Haward, see Hayward

Hawes, F. B. O., n

Hawke, Edw., Lord Hawke (d. 1781), admiral, Martin Bladen, Lord Hawke (d. 1938),

Hawker Aircraft Ltd.,

Hawkes, Sidney Milnes,

Hawkins, Sir John, Letitia, Anecdotes & c., and see Houlditch & Hawkins

Hawley, Thos., Clarencieux King of of Arms,

Hawtrey, Lieut. H. C.,

Hawtrey-Deane, F.,

Hay, Geo., Earl of Kinnoull (d. 1758), Marg., Ctss. of Carlisle,

Hay Hill, see Westminster, City of

Hayes, J. J., athlete, -, cricketer,

Hayes, par., n; agric., Botwell, Bull's Bridge, earthwk., feud. services, incl., ind., loc. gov., man. Park, pop., road to, Spiritualist Soc., stn., Urban District Co.,

Hayes and Harlington, Urban District Council,

Hayley & Son,

Haymarket, see Westminster, City of

Haynes, Francis, Wm., n

Hayward (Haward), Chas., Eliz., m. 1 Ric. Warren, m. 2 Thos. Knyvett, Lord Knyvett, Ric., -, cricketer,

Haywood, Christine, and see Burt, Boulton & Haywood

Heacham Stream, see Poyle Mill River

Head, Geo., and his w., - (fl. 1833), and see Stewart & Head

Heads of the Proposals,

Headstone (Herts.), and see Pinner

Heales, A., n

Heames, Thos.,

Heaps, S. A.,

Heard, W. W.,

Hearne, Geo., J. T., cricketer, Thos.,

Heath, A. H., cricketer, Jas., John, Rob., Dr. (fl. 1771),

Heath, see Hampstead; Hounslow

Heathrow, see Harmondsworth; London Airport

Heathcote, Frank, Sir Gil., Bt., lord mayor of London, Gil. John, Lord Aveland (d. 1867), n; J. M.,

Heather, Dr. Wm.,

Heaton, Butler & Bayne,

Heber, Ric.,

Hedgeley, possibly Hedgerley (Bucks.),

Hedges, H., Killingworth, fam.,

Heenan, -, boxer,

Heere, Lucas van de, painter,

Heinsius, Antonie,

Heinz, H. J., & Co. Ltd.,

Helene Friederike Augusta, of Waldeck and Pyrmont, m. Leopold Geo., Duke of Albany,

Helyar, Weston, n

Hemton, see Hampton

Henderson, H. C., R., cricketer, Col. and Mrs., and see Tough & Henderson Ltd.

Henderson-Hamilton, C. C., athlete,

Hendon, par. and borough, agric., common, Copthall (Copt Hall), golf club, incl., pop., river, soil, Urban District, woods,

Heneage, - (fl. 1541),

Henery, P. J. T., cricketer,

Henley on Thames (Berks.), bridge, regattas,

Henrietta Maria, queen, m. Chas. I,

Henry I, King, charters of,

Henry II, King, charter,

Henry III, King, grants by, harpist to, at Kempton, other refs.,

Henry IV, King, as Earl of Derby,

Henry V, King, as Prince of Wales,

Henry VI, King, clerk of signet to,

Henry VII, King, clerk of signet to, other ref.,

Henry VIII, King, arms of, buildings, children, clerk of the signet to, clockmaker to, death, entertainments, grants by, grants to, and Hampton Ct., and see above, buildings; entertainments; marriages, officer of the cellar to, parks, picture coll., printer to, queens, and see Anne (Boleyn); Anne (of Cleves); Catherine (of Aragon); Catherine; (Howard); Catherine (Parr); Jane (Seymour); and religious houses, sports, and Cardinal Wolsey, yeoman of the Jewel Ho. to, other refs.,

Henry (Valois), Duke of Anjou, later Henry III of France,

Henry, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1660), s. of Chas. I,

Henry, Prince of Wales (d. 1612), s. of Jas. I, n,

Henry Fred., Duke of Cumberland (d. 1790),

Henry (fl. 1300), the woodward,

Henry of Bayeux,

Henry of Greenford, and his wid. Lettice,

Henry of Hinton,

Hentzner, Paul, Journey into Engl.,

Hepplewhite (Heppelwhite), Alice,

Hepplewhite & Co.,

Herbert (Herbard, Herberd), Edw., Lord Herbert of Chirbury (d. 1648), Lord Edw. (d. 1734), n; Capt. F., H. R., Jas., Jane, see Spiller; Nich., Phil., Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d. 1650), Phil., Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d. 1669), Thos., Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d. 1733), Sir Thos., Bt., n; Sir Wm., Earl of Pembroke (d. 1570),

Herdington, see Harlington

Hereford, Earl of, see Bohun


Herne Hill (Surr.),

Heron, John, -, footballer,

Herriard, Maud of, Ric. of,

Herring, Chas.,

Hertford, Ctsses. of, see Devereux; Howard, Frances

Hertford, Earls of, see Seymour, Edw.; Seymour, Wm.

Hertford, Marquess of, see Seymour- Conway

Hertford, foxhounds, mill,

Hertfordshire, agric., cricket, plough, sheriff, woods, woolassessment,

Hervey, Lord Augustus, and his w., Carr, Lord Hervey (d. 1723), Eliz., Ctss. of Bristol, see Felton; Francis, Fred. Wm. Fane, Marquess of Bristol (d. 1951), John, Lord Hervey of Ickworth (d. 1743), Mary, Lady, see Lepell

Hervynton, Adam de,

Herzen, Alex.,

Hesse, see Maurice; Otto

Hester, Wm.,

Heston, par., adv., agric., airfield, Allcotts, n; architecture, boundaries, brickmaking, Burdett Lodge, Campion, formerly Thornbury, Ho., chars., chs., n, Church Ho., End, glebe, Green, The Grove, Groveplace, Hallplace, heronry, Heston Fm., Hounslow Heath, housing estates, incls., ind., Lampton, land in, n, land in, loc. gov., man., Manor Ho., map of, mkt. gdns., mills, New, North Hyde, North Hyde Fm., North Hyde Hall, pop., P. Nonconf., rectory, recusancy,

Heston, road to, Barrack Rd., Bath Rd., Beavers Lane, Broad Walk, Church Rd., Cranford Lane, Dockwell Lane, Great South West Rd., Green Lane, Heath Rd., Heston Rd., Hospital Rd., Jersey Rd., Kingsley Rd., Lampton Rd., Martindale Rd., Montague Rd., n; New Heston Rd., North Hyde Lane, Osterley Lane, Osterley Rd., Scrattage Lane, Sutton Lane, Thornbury Rd., Vicarage Fm. Rd., Windmill Lane, Witham Rd.,

Heston, R. Catholm., St. Laurence Cotts., Sawyers Hold man., n, schs., Scrattage, Scrattage Fm., soil, Spring Grove, Spring Grove Ho., Springwell, suburban development, Sutton, Sutton Manor Ho., Thornbury Ho., see above, Campion Ho; tithes, vestry, vicars, vicarage, vicarage ho., village, Westbrook Ho., Westbrook Mem. Inst., White Ho., Woodhall, n, workho., and see Heston and Isleworth; Osterley Pk.

Heston Aircraft and Associated Engineers Ltd.,

Heston and Isleworth, borough of, agric., architecture, Borough Co., brick-making, chs., ferries, golf club, graveldigging, Great West Rd., hospitals, Hounslow Heath, inds., inns, mans., map of, mkts. and fairs, mkt.-gardening, mills, newspapers, open fields, parks, P. Nonconf., rlys., roads and bridges, R. Catholm., schs., settlements, Staines Rd., suburban development, warren, waterways, 'Whitmarsh riots', and see Brentford End; Heston; Hounslow; Isleworth; Osterley; Syon; Whitton; Worton; Wyke

Hewitt, Jas., Vct. Lifford (d. 1789), Dr. John, D.D.,

Hewlett, Edw., Jas., Wm.,

Heygate, - (fl. late 19th c.),

Heylin (Heylyn), Edw., John,

Heyward, Ebenezer, Ltd.,

Heyward, John, Ltd.,

Heywood, Pet.,

Heywood (Surr.),

Hickes, see Hicks

Hickman, Wm.,

Hicks (Hickes), Sir Baptist, Sir Wm., n

Hide, Thos., prior of Hounslow,

Higgins, Hen. Whitmore, W.,

Highbury, in Islington, Barnsbury man., Barnsbury Sq., Bowman's Lodge, earthwks., Hercules Rd., Holloway Rd., Jack Straw's Castle, Lt. St. John's Wood, manor-ho., Mountfort Ho., St. Thos. Hall, White Conduit Ho.,

Highgate, in borough of Hornsey, cemetery, Hill, Muswell Hill Rd., road to, school, soil, sports clubs, volunteer corps, Waterlow Park, woods,

Highland Socs. Golfing Assoc.,

High Street, see Kensington; Shoreditch; Whitechapel

Hildebrand, Johann Gottfried,

Hilgerud, A., marksman,

Hill, Aaron, n; Alfred Ebsworth, Anne, m. Garrett Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, Arth., Vct. Dungannon (d. 1771), Arthur Fred. (fl. 1908), Arthur Geo. (fl. 1908), Edmund (d. 1809), Edw. (fl. 1694-1736), Eliz. (fl. 1630), Hen. (fl. late 18th c.), Hen. Lockey (d. 1835), John, auditor of the Exchequer, Jos., Ric., Sir Rowland, lord mayor of London, G. Rowland (fl. 1908), n; Thos., W. (fl. 1908), Walt. Edgar, Wm. (fl. 1525), Wm. (d. c 1642), Wm. (d. by 1671), and his w. Alice, Wm. (d. 1870), Wm. Ebsworth (fl. 1908), Wm. Hen. (fl. 1908), - (fl. 1548-53), printer, fam., and see Clegg-Hill

Hill, Frederick, & Co.,

Hill, W. E., & Sons,

Hill, Wm., & Son,

Hill & Sons,

Hill, Vct., see Clegg-Hill

Hilliard, Edw., G. B., G. T., Major- General, J. E., John, Miss, Nich., painter, W. E., -, see Crosier; fam.,

Hillingdon, par., agric., Barnes, boundary with Cowley, brickmaking, chs., Colham Gdn. man, see West Drayton; Cowley Grove, Cowley Hall, East, Goulds Green, heath, golf club, House, see Uxbridge; incl., Kingston Lane, man., mills, Pield (Peil; Piel) heath, pop., road to, schs., Starveall, stns., Stockley, and see West Drayton; vicarage, West, and see Colham; Uxbridge and Hillingdon; Yiewsley

Hills, Peter,

Hillyard, G. W., sportsman,

Hilton, H. H., Walt.,

Hinckens, - (fl. late 16th c.),

Hinson, see Powell

Hinton, Hen. of, J. W., Organ Construction, Maud of, Ric. of,

Hipkins, A. J.,

Hippesley, Sir John,

Hirsch, Baron,

Hirst, -, cricketer,

Hitchcock, John, Wm.,

Hiton, Rob., Wm.,

Hoare, - (fl. 1656), fam.,

Hoare & Co. Ltd.,

Hobart, Lady Albinia, m. Ric. Cumberland, Geo., Earl of Buckinghamshire (d. 1804), Henrietta, m. 1 Chas. Howard, Earl of Suffolk, m. 2 Geo. Berkeley,

Hobbayne, Wm., and see Hanwell, Hobbayne's Char.

Hobby, Sir Phil.,

Hobson, Sam., Thos.,

Hoddesdon, possibly Hoddesdon (Herts.),

Hodges, Hen.,

Hodgkin, J. E.,

Hodgson, Mary,

Hoffland, Thos. Chris., The Brit. Anglers Manual,

Hog Lane, see Westminster, City of

Hogarth, Wm., artist,

Hoggesden, see Hoxton

Hohenlohe Langenburg, Princess Victor of,

Holand, see Holland

Holbein, Hans, n,

Holborn, borough of, agric., Baltimore Ho., Bloomsbury, Ely Place, ind., inns, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Northumberland Ct., Old Southampton Buildings, pop., streets: Bedford Sq., Brooke St., Bloomsbury Sq., Brownlow St., Brown's Gdns., Chenies St., Denmark St., Francis St., Gray's Inn Lane, Gray's Inn Rd., Gt. Queen St., Gt. Russell St., Gt. Turnstile, Hand Ct., Hatton Gdn., High Holborn, Hill, Kingsgate St., Leather Lane, Lt. Queen St., Montague St., Museum St., Orange St., Queen's Sq., Red Lion Sq., Red Lion St., Russell Sq., Saffron Hill, Southampton Row, Southampton St., Theobald's Rd., n; Tottenham Ct. Rd., Two Brewers Yard,

Holborn, par. of St. Andrew, ch., pop.,

Holborn, par. of St. George, Bloomsbury, ch., pop.,

Holborn, par. of St. George the Martyr, Queen's Sq., ch., pop.,

Holborn, par. of St. Giles-in-the- Fields, ch., Fields, pop.,

Holburne, Admiral,

Holdegate (Holgate), Rob., abp. of York,

Holden, Chas.,

Holdenby (Northants.),

Holder, Walt.,

Holdernesse, Earl of, see Darcy

Holdernesse, Ctss. of, see Doublet

Holdway, see Cook & Holdway

Holford (Essex),

Holgate, see Holdegate

Holland (Holand), Hen., Duke of Exeter (d. 1475), Joan m. Edward, Prince of Wales, Black Prince,

Holland, Ctsses. of, see Cope, Isabel; Middleton, Charlotte

Holland, Earl of, see Rich

Holland, coachbuilder,

Holland House, see Kensington

Holland, rulers of, n, and see Netherlands

Holles (Hollis), Denzil, later Lord Holles (d. 1680), John, Duke of Newcastle (d. 1711), Thos.,

Holloway, see Islington

Holman, F., swimmer,

Holme Lacy (Heref.), n

Holmes, Geo., Louisa, m. Garnet Jos. Wolseley, later Vct. Wolseley, Rob. (fl. 1575), Rob. (fl. 1657),

Holt, - (fl. 1575),

Holy Well, see Shoreditch

Home Guard,

Homerton, see Hackney

Homfray, J. G. R.,

Honthorst, Gerard, n

Hooke, John (fl. 1649), keeper of the tennis court, John (fl. 1650),

Hooper, Geo. N., n; Sam.,

Hopkins, Dr.,

Hopkinson, John, Luke, - (fl. 1873),

Hopley, John,

Hopton, Sir Owen,

Horan, F. S., athlete,

Hore, John,

Hornby, A. N.,

Horne, Sir Wm., lord mayor of London,

Horne, Engall, & Freeman,

Hornsey, borough of, Alexandra Pal., Alexandra Pk. racecourse, Archway, Highgate, ch., Finsbury Park, incl., Hornsey Lane, Hornsey Rd., Muswell Hill, and see Highgate; park, pop., soil, Stroud Green, Tollington Pk., woods, and see Highgate

Horsadun Hill, see Great Greenford

Horse Shoe Brewery,

Horsenden, fam.,

Horton (Bucks.), man., mills,

Horton Brook,

Hospitals, see Religious Houses, passim; St. John of Jerusalem; Savoy

Hospitals (medical), St. Bartholemew's, n; St. George's, St. Mary's, St. Thomas's,

Hospitallers, see St. John of Jerusalem

Hostun, Camile d', Comte de Tallard, French ambassador extraordinary, n,

Houghton, Sir Gil.,

Houlder, W., Son & Co.,

Houlditch & Hawkins,

Houndsditch, see London, City of

Hounslow, in borough of Heston and Isleworth, agric., almsho., Butchers' Charitable Inst., chars., chs., cinemas, College, commons, communications, conference at, demesne, earthwk., gunpowder mills, hosp., ind., inns, lecturer, loc. gov., man., n, manor-ho., map of, mkt. and fair, newspapers, Polytechnic, pop., P. Nonconf., n, Ratepayers Assoc., recusancy, regiments at, and see Hounslow Heath; roads, roads to, Bell Rd., Bridge Rd., Cambridge Rd., Fair St., Hanworth Rd., High St., Parkside Rd., St. Stephen's Rd., School Rd., Treaty Rd., robberies, schs., settlement, shops, stns., suburban development, Town Hall, turnpike rd., warren (Staines), West, other refs.,

Hounslow Friary, incorrectly Priory, chap., now Holy Trinity, Hounslow, minister, prior, and see Hide; property

Hounslow Heath, agric., airfield, assarts, barracks, Beavers, boundaries, earthwk., fields, game, highwaymen, hunting, incls., land usage, military camps, mills, and see Hounslow, gunpowder mills; rivers, sheep,

Hounslow Heath, in Cranford, in Feltham, in Hampton, in Harlington, in Heston and Isleworth, in Stanwell, in Teddington, in Twickenham,

Hounslow (Hoveslaw), hundred, and see Isleworth hundred

Hounslow and Metropolitan Rly.,

Hounslow Priory, see Hounslow Friary

Houston & Co.,

Houtchon, Nich.,

Hovenden & Sons,

Hoveslaw hundred, see Hounslow

Howard, Cath., see Catherine; Cath., Ctss. of Suffolk, see Knyvett; Chas., Lord Howard of Effingham, later Earl of Nottingham (d. 1624), admiral, Lord Edmund (d. 1538), Sir Edw., Lord Howard of Escrick (d. 1675), Lady Eliz., n; Frances m. 1 Hen. Pranell, m. 2 Sir Edw. Seymour, Earl of Hertford, n; Henrietta, Ctss. of Suffolk, see Hobart; Hen., Earl of Surrey (d. 1546), Hen. (fl. c. 1577), Jas., Earl of Suffolk (d. 1688), Thos., Duke of Norfolk (d. 1558), Thos., Duke of Norfolk (d. 1572), Thos., Vct. Bindon (d. 1582), Thos., Earl of Suffolk (d. 1626), admiral, Thos., Earl of Effingham (d. 1791), Wm., Lord Howard of Effingham (d. 1573), and see Stafford- Howard

Howe, Sophia,

Howel, B. H., oarsman,

Howitt, -, cricketer,

Hoxton, 'Duke of',

Hoxton (Hoggesden), in Shoreditch, agric., incl., ind., workho.,

Hubbard (Hubard), Revd. John, John, Rog., reeve of Harmondsworth, Thos.,

Hubbuck & Co.,

Hübler, -, skater,

Huckell, John,

Hucks, Rob., Wm., Mrs.,

Hucks & Meggott,

Hudson, Martha, m. Edmund Boehm, O., artist, Rog., later Sir Rog., Vansittart,

Hugh (fl. 1086),

Hugh of Colham,

Hugh of Cowley,

Hugh of Greenford (fl. 13th c.), of Greenford (fl. 1214), of Greenford (fl. 1390),

Hughes, Arthur, Lewis, Reg., Wm. (fl. 1610), Wm. (d. 1694),

Hughes-Onslow, H.,

Huish, Jas., John, Thos.,

Humber, Ernest,

Hume, Abraham, Martin, Thos., physician,

Humières, - d',

Humphrey, Wm., 'gentleman', boxer,

Hundreds, see Edmonton; Elthorne; Gore; Hounslow; Isleworth; Ossulstone; Spelthorne


Hungerford, Sir Edw.,

Hungerford, in City of Westminster, bridge, mkt.,

Hunsdon (Hunnesdon), Lady Ann, see Morgan; John,

Hunsdon, Lord, see Carey

Hunsdon (Herts.),

Hunsworth, see Hanworth

Hunt, T.,

Huntercombe, Sir Thos. de,

Hunting, foxhounds, harriers, staghounds,

Huntingdon, Earls of, see Hastings, Francis, Hen.


Huntingfield, Lord, see Vanneck

Hurley Priory (Berks.), property,

Hurlingham (Berks.),

Hurlingham (Surr.), Club,

Hurstpierpoint (Suss.), man.,

Huse, Sir John,

Hussey, Lady Mary,

Hut, Pet.,

Hutchinson, W. C.,

Huth, H., footballer, - (fl. late 18th c.),

Huygens, -, clock-maker,

Huys (Belgium),

Hyde, Anne, see Anne (Hyde); Lady Anne (d. c. 1687), Edw., Earl of Clarendon (d. 1674), Hen., Earl of Clarendon (d. 1709), n; John, Lawrence, later Earl of Rochester (d. 1711),

Hyde, La, see Laleham

Hyde, North, see Heston

Hyde Park, in City of Westminster, Buckdean Hill, Corner, Deer Paddock, Gate, incl. races, Serpentine, turnpike rd., and see Kensington Gdns.

Hyne, Thos.,

Ibbotson, Ric.,

Ibbotson & Sons,

Ickenham (Ikenham), par., agric., earthwks., incl., man., Manor Fm., pop., road to, Swakeleys Lake, Swakeleys man., and see Harefield

Idris, see Perrier, Idris & Co.

Ieper (Ipar) (Belg.),

Ignatius, Fr., see Lyne

Ikenham, see Ickenham

Ilay, Earl of, see Campbell, Arch.

Ilford (Essex),

Imber Court, see Imworth

Imbury, see Isleworth

Imworth (Imber Court) (Surr.), man.,

Inclosure, and see parish entries

India, 'kings of', governor general of, see Wellesley, Ric. Colley; mutiny, Office, polo,

India Docks, see Docks

Indies, West, and see Barbadoes; Jamaica; Trinidad

Industries, and see parish entries; and Bell-founding; Book- binding; Brewing; Cabinet-making; Clockmaking; Coach-building; Glass making; Musical Instrument making; Paper making; Pottery and Porcelain; Printing; Silk-weaving; Tapestry working; Tobacco manufacture; Watch making; Woodcarving

Ingold, P. F.,

Ingram, Revd. A., n; Sir Thos.,

Inkerman, battle of,

Inner Circle, see St. Marylebone

Inns of Court, Barnard's Inn, in Holborn, Clement's Inn, in City of Westminster, Clifford's Inn, Furnivall's Inn, Gray's Inn, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn, Middle Temple, New Inn, n, Serjeant's Inn, Chancery Lane, n, Serjeants' Inn, Fleet St., Staple Inn, Thavies Inn,

Inns of Court Golf Club,

International College, see London International Coll.

Ionides, Hon. Mrs.,

Ipar, see Ieper

Ipswich (Suff.),

Iraq, King of, see Feisal

Irby, Sir Wm., later Lord Boston (d. 1775),

Ireland, -, oarsman,

Ireland, n,

Ireton, Hen., regicide,

Ironmakers' Company of London,

Irons, F. C., athlete,

Ironside, Edmund, King, see Edmund; Edw.,

Irving, John,

Isabel (of France), queen, m. Edw. II,

Isis, River, see Thames

Isleworth (Thistleworth), par., adv., agric., Ait, almshos., architecture, Aydestones man., Baber Bridge, Babworth, Babworth Pond, Borough Rd. T. C., see below, Lond. International Coll.; boundaries, bridges, Busch Corner, chars., chs., College, Dairyhouse (demesne), earthwks., feud. services, Field, fishing, glebe, Green, Hounslow Heath, Imbury, n; incls., ind., inns, Lion Fm., see below Syon Fm.; loc. gov., London International Coll., later Borough Rd. T. C.,

Isleworth, man. of Isleworth Syon, bounds, courts, customs, demesne, see above, Dairyhouse; fisheries, n, grants of, manor-ho., mills, park, officers, riots, wages, other mans., see above Aydestones man. and below Rectory man.

Isleworth, map of, Maria Grey Training Coll., mkt. and fair, mkt.-gardening, Mill Platt, mills, Mogden Sewage Wks., newspapers, parks, and see above sub manor; paupers, Polytechnic, pop., prior of, priv. schs., P. Nonconf., Railshead, n, rectory, Rect. demesne, Rectory Fm., rectory ho., Rectory (Warden's Hold; Warden Hold) man., Rect. man. cts., R. Catholm., St. Margaret's, schs., Smallberry Green, soil, Syon formerly Lion Fm., Syon Hill, Syon Hill Pk. West Fm., Syon Pk. East Fm., Thames, and see below, waterways; tithes, vestry, vicar, vicarage ho., village, Warren estate, waterways, and see above, Thames; wharfs, Whitton Dean, Woodlands, workho., Worple estate, and see Brentford End; Syon; Whitton; Worton; Wyke

Isleworth, houses: Albemarle Ho., Burlington Lodge, Busch Ho., Church Ho., Court Ho., Gordon Ho., The Grove, Gumley Ho., Gunnersbury Ho., Holme Ct., Ho., Kilmorey Ho., Little Syon, Moat Ho., or Place, Nazareth Ho., Porch, or Stone, Ho., Ric. Reynolds Ho., Shrewsbury Ho., Shrewsbury Place, Silver Hall, Somerset Ho., Stone Ho., see above, Porch Ho.; Syon Hill Ho., Syon Lodge, Syon Park Ho., Town Ho., Twickenham Pk., n, and see Twickenham; Van Gogh Ho.,

Isleworth, roads, roads to; Amhurst Gdns., formerly Pound Lane, Back Lane, Beech Ave., Brazil Mill Lane, Byfield Rd., Church Row, Church St., Conduit Lane, Douglas Rd., Field Lane, Grove Rd., Hanworth Rd., Harlequin Ave., Hartland Rd., Heath Rd., Inwood Rd., Link Lane, London Rd., Lower Sq., Mogden Lane, North St., Northcote Rd., Osterley Lane, n; Park Rd., Percy Gdns., Perry Gdn., n; Pound Lane, see above, Amhurst Gdns.; Richmond Rd., Ridgeway Rd., St. John's Rd., South St., Square, Swan St., Syon Lane, n, Twickenham Rd., Wellington Rd., North, n, Whitton Rd., Wood Lane, Worple Rd., Worton Lane, Worton Rd.,

Isleworth Brewery Co. Ltd.,

Isleworth, hund. of,

Isleworth Mill River,

Islington, 'Duke' of,

Islington, par. and borough, agric., cavalry corps., ch., Dairy Show, Holloway, incl., ind., inns, mkt., poor relief, pop., soil, Tollington, York Rd., and see Highbury


Iver, Rob.,

Iver (Bucks.), mill,

Ives, Thos.,

Ixworth (Suff.), barons of, and see Blunt

Jack, -, gardener, n

Jackson, John 'Gentleman', boxer, John, bp. of London, Pet., and see Jeffrey, Jackson & Graham

Jacob, John,

Jacobi, Hen.,

Jacquard, - (fl. early 19th c.),

Jak, Joly, n

Jamaica (W. Indies),

James I, King, n, bookbinder to, daughter, grants by, groom porter to, groom of privy chamber to, and Hampton Court, and Hyde Park, King's Chap. establishmt., sports, other refs.,

James II, King, n, as Duke of York, army, and Hampton Ct., sports,

James Edward, s. of James II,

James, Hen., writer, John (fl. 1582-3), John (fl. 1662- 90), John (d. 1746), architect, and landscape gardener, John (fl. 1778),

James Street, see Westminster, City of

Jandus Arc Lamp & Electrical Co.,

Jane (Seymour), queen, m. Hen. VIII,

Janeway, Thos.,

Janson, Jacob,

Janssen van Ceulen, Cornelius,

Janyn, Rog.,

Jardine, M. R.,

Jay, Hen.,

Jebb, Sir Ric.,

Jeffreson, Mary,

Jeffrey, G. L.,

Jeffrey & Co.,

Jeffrey, Jackson & Graham,

Jeffreys, Geo., Lord Jeffreys (d. 1689), Thos., fam.,

Jeffs, Jas.,

Jemmat, Wm.,

Jemmet, Catherine Sarah, m. - Wythes, Chas. E.,

Jennings, Sarah, m. John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, n

Jepson, Dr. Hen.,

Jermyn, Hen., Lord Jermyn, later Earl of St. Albans (d. 1684),

Jermyn Street, see Westminster, City of

Jersey, Earls of, and see Child-Villiers; Villiers

Jersey (C.I.),

Jerusalem (Jordan),

Jervis, W. H. E. R.,

Jesse, Edw., Heneage, n

Jessop, G. L., cricketer,

Jewitt, Llewellyn,

Jocelin, Ralph (fl. c. 1250), Ralph (fl. 1271), Ric., s. of, Ric.,

Jockey Club,

Jodrell (Joddrell) Sarah, m. 1 Rob. Child, m. 2 Francis Reynolds- Moreton, Lord Ducie, Eliz., see Gibbon

Johannsen, H., swimmer,

John, King,

John, abbot of Westminster,

John le Chapeler, and his w.,

John of Cranford,

John of the Field,

John in le Hale,

John of Kingston,

John atte Knolle,

John of Whitton,

John, s. of Wm.,

John Casimir, Duke of Bavaria,

John, John de,

Johns, Sir Lewis,

Johnson, A. S., Edw., Hector, John, Martin, Mat., Dr. Sam., lexicographer, n; V. L., cyclist, fam., and see Locke, Lancaster & Johnson

Johnson & Clark,

Johnson's Court, see London, City of

Johnston, Jas., W. M., prebendary,

Johnstone, C. B., J. C.,

Joiners' Company of London,

Joinville, Prince de, see Orleans, François Ferd. d'

Jones, B., cyclist, Capt. F. W., Inigo, architect, n John, apothecary, Owen, - (fl. 1768),

Jonson, Ben.,

Jordan (Jurdan), H. M., Ralph, -, organ-builder, and see Byfield, Bridge & Jordan,

Julius Caesar,

Jupp, C. H., athlete,

Jurdan, see Jordan

Justice Walk, see Chelsea

Jutsum, see Denton & Jutsum