Fabric Accounts: 1390-1

Pages 17-20

Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells: Volume 2. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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Accounts of John Bonyngton, Keeper of the Fabric, from Michaelmas, 1390, to Michaelmas, 1391.

Balance 21l. 13s. 4d.
Rents: The Master of St. Mark's, Bristol, for Easter and Michaelmas 2l. 0s. 0d.
the prior of Bruton, for Easter and Michaelmas 2l. 0s. 0d.
Th. Lychelade's houses for Michaelmas, by subdean Byngham 6s. 8d.
W. Borne's houses in Chamberlain St., for Michaelmas 4s. 0d.
the vicar of Stoke sub Hamdon, by the reeve there, for Easter 13s. 4d.
the abbat of Keynsham, for Midsummer, to be paid yearly for Littelton Church 5s. 0d.
the rector of Tweverton, for Midsummer pension 10s. 0d.
the prior of Berlych, on St. Andrew's day 6s. 8d.
Gyldenhurst 11s. 2d.
a messuage in Elme, inhabited by Richard Bythewode 1s. 0d.
H. Caunt's houses in Tucker St., to be paid by the prior of St. John of Wells 1s. 4d.
House rent of Canon John Wareyn, to maintain 2 lamps before the images of B. Mary at the choir door and of St. Saviour before the library 1l. 0s. 0d.
Oblations: The pix of Bp. Ralph, as is seen by indenture between John Tyntenhull and John Bonyngdon 4l. 16s. 7d.
the pix of B.M.V. at the choir door, as is seen by indenture between John Wareyn and John Bonyngdon 3l. 3s. 9d.
the pix of St. Saviour in the chapel of B.M.V. in the cloister 16s. 5d.
the pix of St. Saviour before the library 3s. d.
the pix of the Coronation of B.M. 2s. d.
the pix of St. Thomas the Martyr 2s. 1d.
the pix of St. Andrew at the west door 1s. 4d.
Total 9l. 8s. 0d.
Sales: Welsh boards 1s. 4d.
2 old silver rings, by the view of John Stone 1s. 2d.
a small gilt collar, given by William Wynsecomb to the image of B.M. at the choir door, to J. Stone 6d.
300 stones of Ilfercomb, to John Mason 1s. 6d.
timber 6d.; free stone 2l. 7s. 4d. 2l. 7s. 10d.
Total 2l. 12s. 4d.
Legacies: Robert Dagon of la Lye 6d.
Master Lambert More 6s. 8d.
Alice Formour 1l. 0s. 0d.
Cristina Hobkyns of Corscomb 3s. 4d.
Walter Golde of Putteney 1s. 0d.
John Bochard of Weston 6d.
John Ryder, by the hands of the chaplain of Milborne port 1s. 8d.
the rector of Odcombe 13s. 4d.
William Smyth of Yevele 1s. 0d.
two men of Weston 1s. 0d.
Robert at Wyke 3s. 4d.
William Paddock of Wotton, penance enjoined on a stranger 3s. 6d.
a stranger, through Mr. Ralph Berners 1s. 0d.
Ralph Stradil, through chaplain of Milborne port 6d.
a servant of the dean for a penance 1s. 3d.
executors of William Wynscomb 1l. 0s. 0d.
a woman of Thorne 3d.
3 wills, through Walter Cras 1s. 10d.
John Mere of Milborne 6d.
William Jerard for briefs of St. Andrew 6d.
one who died at Eston Gordano 2d.
Elena Borton of Bristol 1s. 0d.
John Bedel of Shepton Malet 1s. 0d.
Robert Gregory of Bruton 1s. 0d.
Margaret Jay of Chyriton 1s. 0d.
Isabel Baker of Jevele 1s. 0d.
John Schuphurd of Welewe 1s. 0d.
Richard Dyllyng of Corscomb, by will of Isabel de Bishopsden, recovered from R.D. in the bishop's consistory 5s. 6d.
John Pyket of Modeford 1s. 0d.
Joan Pope of Glaston, as penance 1s. 0d.
Wareyn of Childcompton 6d.
John Farncomb of Lutton 6d.
the monk John, a tailor, for half a sheep left by Margery Skynnere of New St. 6d.
Thomas Hobkyns 2s. 6d.
Thomas Selk of Schepton, through his mother 6s. 8d.
the rector of Stawell, for last year 3s. 4d.
Roger Tybrygton, for last year, for briefs of St. Andrew 3s. 1d.
John Copethorn, vicar of Berwes, through the bishop's registrar 1s. 8d.
Geoffrey, rector of Obleye 1s. 8d.
the fraternity of St. Andrew, by briefs, John Blyssot for roll of the fraternity of St. Andrew 7l. 13s. 4d.
[In the margin.] Next year J. B. will pay 12 marks.
the archdeaconry of Taunton 14l. 0s. d.
the deaneries of Cary, Merston and Ivelchester, and jurisdiction of Glaston 11l. 8s. d.
the deaneries of Rede[clive] and Bath 6l. 14s. d.
the deaneries of Frome, Axebrugg and Powlet, and jurisdiction of the dean of Wells 7l. 10s. d.
the executors of Dame Margery Meryet 5s. 0d.
Total 53l. 8s. d.
Total receipts with balance 95l. 1s. d.
[The roll is here torn off, the stitches remaining.]
16 April.—To workmen, 8s. 4d.; do. at Doulting, 4s. 8d.; tools, 2d.; 3 carriages from Doulting, 3s.; to Tiler for mending masons' `logg' in the corner, 10d.; 12 bushels of lime, 1s.; 6 bushels of sand, 3d. 18s. d.
23 April.—Workmen, 8s.d. and 4s. 8d.; tools, 3d.; carriage from Doulting, 4s. 17s. d.
30 April.—Workmen, 8s.d. and 4s. 8d.; carriage, 4s. 17s. d.
7 May.—Workmen, 5s.d. and 1s. 1d.; tools, 2d.; carriage, 5s.; 4 bushels of lime for mending windows in the plumbatory, 4d. 11s. d.
14 May.—Workmen, 8s.d. and 4s. 11d.; tools, 1d.; carriage, 5s.; carpenter for one week mending the great door of the plumbatory and other necessaries, 2s. 6d.; 6½lbs. spikes and labour, 11d.; mending 2 iron twists for said door, 8d.; board nails and hachnails, lock and key, oak plank, 2s. 2d.; for door and roof, 24 Welsh boards taken from store 1l. 4s. d.
21 May.—Workmen, 7s.d. and 2s.d.; carriage, 3s. 12s. d.
28 May.—Workmen, 9s. 10¾d. and 4s. 8d.; tools, 2d.; carriage, 6s. 1l. 0s. d.
4 June.—Workmen, 8s.d. and 3s. 2d.; tools, 2d.; carriage, 4s.; 2½ pieces of new lead for mending the church 1l. 9s. 10¾d.
11 June.—Workmen, 8s.d. and 3s. 2d.; tools, 1d.; carriage, 3s.; 16 bushels of lime for walls round the great cemetery, 1s. 4d.; 2½ pieces of old lead, 11s. 3d.; 11lbs. of old lead, 5d.; 1lb. of wax, 5½d.; 2lbs. of rosin for masons' cement 1l. 8s. d.