Communar's Accounts: 1400-01

Pages 34-37

Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells: Volume 2. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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1400–1401.: Accounts of John Bonyngdon, the Communar, from Michaelmas, 1400, to Michaelmas, 1401.

Arrears 414l. 7s. 0d.
To 17 canons resident the past year 413l. 0s. 7d.
Received of farmers and from pensions as in 1392–3 238l. 12s. 8d.
houses of cawete, Jacob, W. Compton, and shop 9l. 16s. 0d.
other pensions of churches as in 1392–3, omitting Norton Veel 3l. 6s. 9d.
pension of Lullington church, 6s. 8d.; Keynsham vicarage, 3s. 4d. 10s. 0d.
of Gilbert Denys, knt., for farm of Pokelchurch 40l. 0s. 0d.
Agnes Mogg's houses, 10s.; shops adjoining, 10s. 1l. 0s. 0d.
of William atte Ythe, reeve of Hacch 130l. 0s. 0d.
John Pode, reeve of Hacch 37l. 10s. 0d.
Walter atte Yerde, reeve of Bykenalre 14l. 0s. 0d.
Robert Berde, reeve of Wynescombe 63l. 10s. 0d.
Thomas Peny, reeve of Burnham 30l. 12s. d.
William Hyckes, reeve of Knappe 13l. 0s. 0d.
Sealing for land for house to be built in Lydeard 13s. 4d.
of John Hody, official of the archdeacon of Taunton, for vacancy of Wotton church, near Dunster 8d.
ditto, Widecomb 6s. 8d.
perquisition of chapters of Winsham and Cumbe 11s. 6d.
Thomas Terry's journey to the abbat of Mochelney 1s. 8d.
manumission of Nicholas Stonard of Cory 6l. 13s. 4d.
Total receipts 613l. 18s. d.


Defaults of rent.—W. Compton's houses 2l. 0s. 0d.
Commons of the bishop, dean and canons 180l. 8s. 0d.
Process on of canons 5l. 14s. 4d.
Commons of the vicars 56l. 13s. 2d.
of the chaplains of B.M., guardians of the church and the breviators 4l. 18s. 11d.
Wine for altars at 8d., afterwards 6d. a gallon 2l. 7s. 7d.
Wine for cena domini and pasch at 6d. 9s. 9d.
To canon of Cory 1l. 0s. 0d.
Chrism oil, fetched from Bridgwater 2s. 0d.
Chantries and obits as in 1392–3, and other payments nearly the same, except for King Edward II &c. 6l. 4s. 10d.

Foreign expenses.

To Papal nuncio, his 12th year 7s. 0d.
Modeford augmentation, 2l.; boys, 3l.; Winscombe pension, 13s. 4d. 5l. 13s. 4d.
Fees to Bevyn, 2l.; Stourton, 1l.; William Paulet, 1l.; Russel, 1l. 5l. 0s. 0d.
Nicholas Barwe, clerk of Cory, by the steward 2l. 0s. 0d.
Mr. Thomas Barton, chapter official 1l. 0s. 0d.
Nicholas Mottelbury, chapter attorney 13s. 4d.
The same for proceedings against Cory 2l. 15s. 8d.
John Russel, for the suit against Sir Peter Cortenay about Cory, at the assizes and London 1l. 1s. 0d.
Installation of J. Gamalle, Mr. Rich. Puttys, Mr. H. Merston and Mr. John de Bathon 2s. 8d.
William atte Water of chantry of S. Hull, for disallowance last year 9s. 5d.
Expenses at Exeter and London, to the sheriff and deputy, about Cory 10l. 10s. 6d.
Walter atte More, under-sheriff, and finding him 1l. 0s. 0d.
Expenses of Mr. Walter Craas at Sherbourne and Ilchester 1l. 10s. 11d.
Gifts to William Poulet and William More of Taunton 13s. 4d.
Expenses about Mogg's houses, ad quod dampnum and mortmain 2l. 19s. 4d.
Expenses at Brigwater and Ilchester about the agreement as to North Cory 17l. 13s. 7d.
The vicar of Pucklechurch 6l. 13s. 4d.
Expenses at Worcester and Wells before the prior of St. John's, about Pucklechurch 2l. 19s. 10d.
Matthew Coker and John Grene, after Easter 1l. 6s. 8d.
John Hone on the morrow of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist 3l. 6s. 8d.
Exequies of Bishop Ralph Ergum, and chaplain 5l. 14s. 0d.
Servant of Sir Gilbert Denys, for venison from Pucklechurch for the canons 2s. 0d.
The prior of Taunton, the first half of the King's tenth 17l. 19s. d.
The farmer of Whitchurch, for the like 14s. 8d.
The prior of Dunster, for the like, for Karampton church 5s. 0d.
Geoffrey the runner, for journeys to Burnham, Bristol, Exeter &c. 12s. d.
The same for a journey to London pro decanatus Well' exploracione si renunciatur ess' apellac' 3s. 4d.
For disallowance at last audit of W. Wynkalton's expenses, paid at dividend 5l. 0s. 0d.
For disallowance of Mr. Ralph Canon for 18 days spent in London about Mogg's houses and mortmain 12s. 0d.
Walter atte More, under-sheriff, for returning writs about North Cory 6s. 8d.
Total expenses 425l. 7s. d.
Owing by communar 188l. 10s. 7d.
Repairing the rector's house at South Barwe 13s. 4d.
The precentor, R. Ergum, overcharged last year 10s. 0d.
Paid at the audit to the communar, canons and auditors 2l. 14s. 0d.
The communar owes 185l. 7s. 3d.
The reeve of Cory owes 132l. 3s. 11¾d.
The reeve of Knapp owes 10l. 18s. d.
The reeve of Westhacche owes 3l. 18s. d.
The reeve of Bykenalre owes 2l. 15s. d.
The reeve of Burnham owes 17l. 13s. 4d.
The reeve of Winscombe owes 33l. 7s. d.
Grand total 386l. 3s. 11½d.
16 canons receive each 24l. 2s. 9d.
Names of the canons: Thomas Bengham, Gregory Bottele, Richard Drayton, Richard Brutton, Thomas Maddyngle, Thomas Terry, Ralph Ergoum, Roger Harwell, William Calf, Walter Wyncaulton, Thomas Forme, John Grene, John Colnesheye, Walter Craas, Richard Harwell, Ralph Canon.
Bydesham. Arrears 12l. 18s. d.
Rents &c. from the houses and reeves 15l. 10s. 8d.


To the master of the schools, 26s. 8d.; the sacrist, 4s. 4d.; coal, 8d.; canvas and bell, 9d.; grease for bells, 1s. 1l. 13s. 5d.
The keepers of the church, 1l.; the clock, 10s.; organs, 6s. 8d.; blowers, 10d. 1l. 17s. 6d.
Buckram, silk and taffeta, for mending vestments and copes 1s. 8d.
For 18 girdles of white thread 11d.
For a new dragon to carry before the procession in rogations 6s. 8d.
Mending the great daily cross and gilding the image on it 6s. 4d.
The countess of Kent's servant, for bringing her gift of 2 cloths of gold for the sepulchre 1l. 0s. 0d.
For new iron stanchion for the large holy water stoup in the choir [in j coterel' ferri de novo facto pro majore tenell' aque benedicte in choro], and an iron chain and rod for a gradual of Thomas Curteys in choir 1s. 4d.
For bread and wine for the burgesses when they sealed the letter of seisin for Mogg's houses by Moner's hospitium 2s. 8d.
The like within the houses 2s. 2d.
Wages of Thomas Casbroke 1l. 10s. 4d.
To the chapter proctor and other officials 2l. 4s. 3d.
Red wax for sealing during 3 years 7d.
Total, 9l. 7s. 10d., and the communar owes 19l. 1s. d.
Allowed for expenses of audit and to the communar 4l. 6s. 1d.
2 servants buying victuals and cooking at time of the account 4s. 0d.
Berlych. Arrears 1l. 13s. 10½d.
Receipts, as before 35l. 13s. 4d.
Chantries and obits, as in 1392–3.
Wax for candles in the nave before the cross and behind the high altar before the cross there, and for 6 chaplains at the altar of St. Nicholas in the chapel of Blessed Mary near the cloister, more than usual because matins formerly said in the daytime are said in choir from Trinity to the Chains of St. Peter 16s. 7d.
Mending an old missal for the altar of St. Nicholas, binding, clasps and calf's skin, with fresh writing in divers parts 11s. 2d.
6 girdles of white thread for vestments there 4d.