Escheator's Accounts: 1417-8

Pages 56-58

Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells: Volume 2. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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1417–1418.: Accounts of William Purs, the Escheator, from Michaelmas, 1417, to Michaelmas, 1418.


Oblation of bishop this year 10s. 0d.
Obits, Lady Day term.—Christina Barbor, 5s.; John Manston, 26s. 8d.
Prebends: Combe IX, vacant by the death of Mr. Thomas Madynle 5l. 6s. 8d.
Combe XIII, vacant by the death of John Scherford 5l. 6s. 8d.
Combe IV, vacant by the death of John Welles (fn. 1) 5l. 6s. 8d.


Distributed to 49 persons from the vacancy of Combe IX, 65s. 4d.; deceased's portion, 32s.; tenths, 10s. 8d.
to 49 persons from Combe XIII, 61s. 3d.; deceased's portion, 32s.; tenths, 10s. 8d.
to 46 persons from Combe IV, 61s. 4d.; deceased's portion, 32s.; tenths, 10s. 8d.
Obits, Easter Term.—John called Fortis and Christina Barbor at dirige among 40 persons 6s. 8d.
altarist, 2d.; chorister, 2d.; at mass among 46 persons, 5s. 9d.; altarist, 1½d.; choristers, 1½d.
St. John Baptist term.—After the procession on the eve of Assumption B.M. and Second Vespers next day. To the lord's clerks with Hungerford 6d.
Expenses of 2 journeys to Bristol, to confer with the master of St. John's Hospital on the obit of Henry Tesson 1s. 6d.
Journey to Ashull, to break the sequestration there 1s. 0d.
For repairs of houses, felling 2 elms 4d., axing and sawing them 2s. 6d.
Supporting stable and bakehouse, durn [door-posts] and window 1s. 5d.
Mason and 3 men to make poynon [? gable] and side wall 12s. 0d.
Red earth, 1s. 6d.; 2½qrs. of lime, 1s. 3d.; nonschynks, 4½d.
200 reed for thatching, 1s. 6d.; thatcher, 5 days, 1s. 8d.; man to help, 4 days, 1s. 4d.
Man for a week to cleanse house and to make 2 gardens 2s. 0d.
Shop door of stone, 1s.; 2 wooden doors inside, 8d.
2 masons for 1 day to make the foot of the stair and the dung pit 10d.
2 carpenters for 3 days to make stair and entreclose and trap door 2s. 4d.
Plastering entreclose inside and out 10d.
Carriage of timber from St. Cuthbert's churchyard to the plomery 1s. 10d.
Received of Ashill prebend, vacant by the death of Mr. Richard Bruton besides tenth to the king, and 26s. 8d. for the stall 20l. 0s. 0d.
of Combe VIII, vacant by the death of Mr. Robert Appulton 5l. 6s. 8d.
In store against next year, 80 oaken rafters, in the plomery.


  • 1. * Scherford and Welles both died at Constance.