Communar's Accounts: 1449-50

Pages 77-79

Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Dean and Chapter of Wells: Volume 2. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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1449–1450.: Accounts of John Pedwell, the Communar, from Michaelmas, 1449, to Michaelmas, 1450.


Paid to 11 canons resident last year 378l. 13s. 10¼d.
Paid for commons of the bishop and canons 143l. 18s. 0d.
Expenses of William Bonvyle and Alexander Hody at Wells, July 21, because of insurgents against the peace of the church and the king. This with 2l. 8s. 6d. for expenses of 3 men and 17s. 11d. for expenses of Walter Rodney on July 21; all three cancelled.
Expenses of 4 clerks, guarding the church for 4 days and nights 1s. 4d.
Mr. Lewis Rede, for men hired from Wales [de Wallia] to defend the church 3l. 6s. 8d.
A small chest to hold evidences 1s. 4d.
A mason hired at various times to hide the goods and jewels of the church by the advice of Thomas Boleyn, Thomas Chewe and the communar 16s. 10d.
Expenses of William Orewell to Salisbury, to inquire about the arrival of a large number of French at Southampton, with horse hire for the journey 2s. 0d.
Expenses at Banwell to view Lytheyoo and treat with the bishop, Aug. 17 1l. 8s. 1d.
Expenses of Thomas Cokyr at Salisbury, Sept. 16, to enquire about the insurgents there 3s. 4d.
Expenses of John James, for the like, Sept. 23 6s. 8d.
To the bishop's servants, for forwarding business in bishop's hands, Oct. 1 1l. 0s. 0d.
For 2 flasks of wine to Lewis Morgan 1s. 4d.
Paid Mr. John Stokes meeting the lord of Bonvyle about Est Lambroke 5s. 2d.
Mr. William Fulford, sent to Est Lambroke against the sale of manor, Dec. 17 1l. 4s. 0d.
Expenses of the lord of Bonvyle &c. coming to Wells for the defence of the church and its ministers 3l. 16s. 11¼d.
Expenses of selling tithe sheaves of Burnham 3s. 4d.
Paid each of 11 canons resident this year, 35l. 13s.d.
Bydesham. Sold to John Leman 2¼oz. "ruban" to mend a cope in chapel of B.M. 2s. d.
Paid the sacristan for ringing the great bells in the western tower since the fall of the high tower 6s. 8d.
and for four previous years 1l. 6s. 8d.
To Robert Cator, for playing the organ 6s. 8d.
Cleaning the great candlesticks in the choir 1s. 2d.
making 2 canopies to cover them with cloth 1s. 0d.
Cleaning and soldering 4 candlesticks of tin 10d.
Procuring by exchange 2 phials of tin for the altar of St. John 8d.
1½ dozen "refesyng gurdel" 1s. 0d.
1 dozen ditto 4d.
Mending the best cross and 2 best candlesticks 10s. 0d.
Making foot and small cross with new bolle and gilding the same, for a cup used in carrying the relics 9s. 0d.
6oz. of silver for the same, at 1s. 6d. the oz. 15s. 0d.
Covering a missal for the altar of St. John 10d.
Making 287 botys [butts] for books in the choir 1l. 10s. 4d.
Making 20 burdens, with 4 staples and 1 clasp, for the said books 2s. 9d.
Mending books in the choir 8d.
1 skin of red leather 5d.
Seeking organist at Cerne, with horse hire for 2½ days 1s. 10d.
1 dozen rings of latten to hang the temple veil 2d.
Mending the dragon 2d.
To Michael of Gloucester for mending the organ 2l. 7s. 5d.
4 iron chains and 2 staples, to chain books in choir 2s. 10d.
For wax and mending the table of canons and vicars and other ministers of church 1s. 6d.
For 4 pieces of thread laces 1s. 8d.
2 pieces of buckram 16s. 0d.
For thread and mending vestments in the treasury, for 8 years 2s. 8d.