The Subsidy: Liberty of Alverton

Pages 65-70

Yorkshire Lay Subsidy 30 Ed. I (1301). Originally published by Yorkshire Archeological Society, [s.l.], 1897.

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(m. 16) Thorneton' in Strata.

De Johanne Waxsaunt (fn. 1) vjs vjd
De Nicholao de Thorneton' vijs d o.q.
De Willelmo Fayrandgode vijs d q.
De Roberto Barne vjs xd
De Johanne Crane vijs iijd q.
De Thoma Preposito iiijs xjd q.
De Johanne filio Ade iijs
De Ricardo Vescy vs vijd q.
De Johanne de Thorneton' ijs vijd o.
De Ada de Braythwayt xijd
Summa, lijs iijd o.

Lund'. (fn. 2)

De Roberto Daunce iijs jd
De Thoma Topping' ijs xd
De Robertio de Wyligtoft xxiijd
De Rogero filio Roberti xvjd
De Willelmo filio Roberti xxijd o.
De Roberto Galpin iijs
De Henrico Topping' vijd
De Radulpho de Mora xvijd
De Radulpho Fayrman xxd
De Radulpho Cutt' xxd
De Ricardo Topping' iijs vjd q.
De Roberto de Sceton' ijs viijd
De Gregorio Baly ijs viijd
De Roberto Russell' xvjd
De Rogero del Wodhalle vjs iijd o.
De Johanne filio Walteri xxixs jd o.
De Rogero filio Johannis filio Walteri iijs viijd
De Thoma Colworm vs xjd
De Willelmo Beucol ijs vijd
De Willelmo de Ake xvjd
De Willelmo Sutore vs xjd o.
De Willelmo Sutore juniore vjs ijd q.
De Willelmo de Brackyn xijd
De Willelmo Cutt' xijd
De Willelmo de Danby xd o.
De Marmeduco de Tweng' vijs viijd
De Isabella de Mora vijs vd
De Johanne de Ake xijs jd
De Johanne de Mora viijs ijd
De Willelmo Daunce iijs ijd q.
De Johanne de Rothse xxjd q.
Summa, vjli xijs vd o.

Grangia de Emthorp'. (fn. 3)

De Priorissa de Swyne pro Grangia de Empthorp' xxjs vjd o.
Summa, xxjs vjd o.

Osmunderley. (fn. 4)

De Roberto de Kilvington' iijs iijd o.q.
De Willelmo Prestman ijs vijd o.
De Johanne Bouer iijs ixd o.q.
De Wydone de Ellerbeck' iijs iijd o.q.
De Bernardo de Silton' xviijd
De Johanne Prioue ixd o.
De Ada Wodeman vjd o.q.
De Rogero filio Thome xviijd q.
De Ricardo de Beleshou ijs ijd o.
De Johanne Forestario ijs vd o.
Summa, xxijs ijd o.q.

Thimemlby et Foxton'. (fn. 5)

De Roberto de Colevile vjs iiijd o.q.
De Agente de Colevile xjs vijd o.q.
De Thoma le Wetherhird' ijs ijd q.
De Thoma filio Henrici xiijd q.
De Waltero Paton xxiijd o.q.
De Alexandra Preposito xvijd
De Alano Dark' ijs jd
De Gilberto de Wauton' ijs vjd o.q.
De Willelmo de Foxton' vs vd
De Roberto le Pescour iijs vijd
Summa, xxxviijs iiijd o.

Dycton'. (fn. 6)

De Gocelino Deyvile ixs jd
De domino Ricardo de Romundeby xvijs jd o.q.
De Willelmo de Arsume ijs xd
De Alicia de Deyvile ijs iijd q.
De Johanne Baty ijs ixd q.
De Ricardo de Skelton' iijs iijd o.
De Willelmo filio Willelmi xxd o.q.
De Johanne Bond' iiijd
De Radulpho C vijd q.
De Andrea Episcopo xijd q.
De Johanne filio Johannis Prepositi xvjd
De Henrico Bercario ijs o.q.
De Alano de Jafford' vd o.q.
De Johanne filio Roberti xviijd o.q.
De Johanna filia Morgani iijs vd o.q.
De Nicholao de Laysingby ijsvjd o.q
De Ada de Wederhale xxd o.
De Willelmo Salter vd o.q.
De Jobanne Preposito ijs vd o.q.
De Nicholao filio Alicie iijs vjd o.q.
De Roberto le Taburner iiijs iijd o.q.
Summa, lxiiijs viijd q.

Bretteby. (fn. 7)

De Nicholao filio Thome iijs xjd o.
De Johanne Raysand iijs ijd q.
De Thoma filio Thome iijs viijd o.q.
De Radulpho Bret ijs ixd
De Alicia vidua ijs vjd o.
De Ada filio Radulphi ijs ijd
De Johanne filio Rogeri viijd o.
De Johanne filio Willelmi iijs iiijd o.
De Radulpho filio Willelmi xxiijd o.
De Johanne Clerico xxijd o.
Summa, xxvs iijd q.

Holm'et Hougrave. (fn. 8)

De Beatric' vidua iijs xjd q.
De Roberto filio Beatric' xiiijd
De Roberto Fabro ijs xjd q.
De Johanne de Hoton' iijs d o.
De Roberto de Holm' s jd o.
De Jurdano de Holm' iiijs
De Thoma filio Simonis de Hougrave iiij
De Roberto Ward' xv
De Waltero filio Hugonis iiij
De Thoma(de)l Hou iij
De Radulpho de uppes Lund' (fn. 9) iijs i.d
De Willelmo de Gysley iijs' j.d
De Johanne Thornberch' iijs
Summa, xljs xjd q.

Griseby. (fn. 10)

De Ricardo Capellano
De Roberto Carter
De Roberto filio Hawys'
De Thoma Bateman
De Petro de Sokeburne
De Johanne de Joleby
De Willelmo Marescallo
De Willelmo Pudding'
De Cristiana filia Johannis
De Ricardo filio Thome
De Roberto filio Andree. iiijs iiijd o.
Summa, xxvs o.

(m. 16, col. 2) North Kilvyngton'.

De Alano Barne vjs vd o.q.
De Bartholomeo de Thurkelby vijs xjd o.q.
De Mariota vidua iijs ijd
De Roberto Fairandgode vs jd q.
De Henrico Palet iijs jd o.q.
De Johanne Carectario xiijd q.
De Ada Wyter vijd
De Waltero filio Thome xiijd o.
De Willelmo filio Roberti xvijd o.
De Henrico Preposito ijs jd o.q.
De Nicholao homine Wyth' ijs iiijd o.q.
Summa, xxxiiijs vijd o.q.


De Johanne Saumun xd
De Johanne filio Beatric' xxjd
De Willelmo de Faverwald' iijs
De Roberto de Siggeston' ijs jd o.
De Willelmo Bond' xxiijd o.
De Johanne de Lythegraynes ijs vd o.q.
De Thoma Attetounende. ijs vijd o.q.
De Willelmo Corning' iijs vjd
De Willelmo de Romondeby xvd o.q.
De Willelmo ad Pontem ijs vd q.
De Petro le Seygnur xvijd
De Thoma Bond' xvijd
De Johanne Preposito seniore ijs ixd o.
De Roberto Hardy xiijd o.q.
De Ada de Blacwell' xxjd
De Thoma de Carlel xvjd
De Willelmo de Osmonderley iis iiijd
De Galfrido filio Sibille ijs vijd q.
De Johanne de Dale xixd o.
De Willelmo de Dale ijs iijd o.
De Petro Stutte ijs jd o.q.
De Roberto filio Galfridi xviijd q.
De Johanne filio Willelmi ijs iijd o.q.
De Roberto de Kyrkeby. iijs vjd o.
De Johanne Horne xxjd
De Magistro Ada Yrenpurs iiijs vjd o.
De Cassandra vidua ijs iiijd
De Thoma de Thorneton' xiiijd
De Ricardo de Hertford' ijs
De Radulpho Faderles xxd
De Johanne de Lungespey iiijs jd o.q.
De Johanne Preposito xxijd
De Roberto Scharpe xxjd o.
De Roberto de Corneburg' xviijd o.
Summa, lxxiijs jd q.


De Ricardo de Horneby.
De Hugone de Horneby.
De Roberto Waker
De Henrico de Pappeword'
De Ada de Osmunderley.
De Rogero Norays
De Johanne filio Presbiteri
De Alano Norays
De Ada Hyct'
De Rogero filio Juliane
De Willelmo Preposito
De Roberto Fabro
De Johanne Vicario
De Thoma de Otrington'
De Reginaldo de Schirburne
Summa, xlviijs

Rungeton'. (fn. 11)

De Johanne Coigners
De Johanne de Rungeton'
De Petro de Sou
De Gocelino de.ton'
De Ada de Barn
De Willelmo B
De Roberto Sil.
De Roberto
De Willelmo.
De Willelmo C.
De Roberto filio Walteri

Ellerb(eck'). (fn. 12)

(Ten names, all more or less illegible.)

Dytenshale. (fn. 13)

De Willelmo filio Radulphi.... (Rest illegible.)

(m. 16d) Northalverton'.

De Nicholao Bylly iijs viijd o.
De Willelmo de Couton' vjd o.
De Roberto de Perymeland' xd
De Rogero de Jafford' iijs
De Stephano Maunsel ijs xd o.q.
De Hugone Tinctore ijs
De Johanne le Bercher ijs jd
De Thoma le Daubure ijs viijd o.q.
De Cuthberto Fullone xvjd
De Katherina Tinctrice iijs iiijd o.
De Willelmo Leuessy ijs ixd o.q.
De Thoma de Thimelby. ijs
De Johanne le Wetherhird' ijs vd
De Rogero de Smetheton' xxiijd
De Willelmo Marescallo iijs iiijd
De Willelmo de Hoton' xvd
De Ricardo le Mercer iijs iiijd
De Johanne de Heselden iijs jd q.
De Ricardo Warine viijd o.
De Ricardo Fabro xijd
(De) Johanne Fayrandgode ijs iiijd
(De W)altero de Melton' viijs ixd o.
(De Wal)tero de Swynningtwayt iijs iijd o.
Gykel iijs vd o.
enpurs iiijs o.
iente ijs jd o.q.
Alex' ixs vjd o.q.
Id' xvjd
ff' iijs ijd

(Other sums follow, the largest being 18s 6½d, but no total.)

(m. 16d, col. 2) Knayveton' cum Braythwath'. (fn. 14)

De Stephano filio Ricardi iijs vd q.
De Ricardo Carpentario iijs viijd o.
De Johanne filio Petri ijs xjd o.
De Petro Bischope ijs vd o.
De Alano filio Alicie iiijs viijd q.
De Roberto filio Johannis iiijs viijd o.q.
De Willelmo filio Radulphi vs viijd o.q.
De Radulpho filio Ade ijd o.
De Johanne filio Sibille iijs ijd o.q.
De Johanne filio Ricardi Carpentarii ijs ijd o.
De Petro Daunce iijs iiijd
De Johanne Arkel ijs viijd o.
De Thoma Sterling' ijs vjd q.
De Alano filio Thome iiijs ijd o.q.
De Alano de Thometon' iijs jd o.
De Ricardo filio Elyot' ijs xjd o.q.
De Nicholao filio Ade iijs iiijd o.
De Willelmo Swyft iiijs vjd o.q.
De Roberto filio Ricardi iiijs xd o.q.
De Roberto Bacheler ijs ixd
De Thoma Coco iiijs iijd q.
De Willelmo Blakling' xviijd o.
De Agnete Marescall' ijs ijd o.
De Willelmo Bacheler iijs ixd q.
De Willelmo Overlitt ijs ixd o.
De Thomas de Wolmore iijs q.
De Willelmo filio Ricardi iiijs vd o.q.
De Johanne filio Ricardi iiijs xd o.q.
De Rogero Carpentario ijs vd q.
De Roberto Molendinario xixd
De Ricardo Carpentario xxiijd q.
De Waltero Pykard' xxjd
De Hugonte de Braythwath' xvijd o.q.
De Johanne Preposita iijs ijd o.q.
De Johanne filio Alani ijs vd
Summa, vli viijs iijd o.q. (fn. 15)


  • 1. John Waxand port d'argent une fees de goules et deux cressantz de goules en le chief (Coll. Top. et Gen. ii. 328). These arms are in the north window of Kirkby Sigston Church.
  • 2. Lund-on-the-Wolds, in the East Riding, is placed under Allertonshire, because the Bishop of Durham, who was Lord of the Liberty of Allerton, held considerable estates at Lund. The same arrangement occurs in the Nomina Villarum, which was compiled in 1315–6, when Marmaducus de Thwenge and Robertus de la More, both of whom are mentioned above, were the Lords of the place (Kirkby's Inquest, p. 341). Thweng's Inq. p. m. was taken at Stokesley on Saturday before St. Mark's Day (April 23rd, 1323), when William de Thweng, his son and heir, was aged thirty and upwards. He died seized of the mannors of Lythe, now Kirkleatham, and Kilton, held of Henry de Percy by knight service. The capital messuage and dovecotes at the former place were worth 4s a year. Two carucates of land 100s, the mill 100s. At Kilton the capital messuage (now called Kilton Castle) was worth 12d, "et in dannuo redditu xls" (Inq. p.m., 16 Edw. II., No. 51).
  • 3. Enthorpe, Lund par.
  • 4. Osmotherley. The Domesday Asmundrelac, i. e. —Osmund's ley or lay.
  • 5. Thimbleby, Osmotherley par., and Foxton, Kirkby Sigston par.
  • 6. Deighton, near Welbury.
  • 7. Birkby. Domesday Bretebi.
  • 8. Holme, in the parish of Pickhill. Howgrave refers to Sutton Howgrave, already mentioned under the Wapentake of Halikeld, to which it properly belongs (see p. 5). They are coupled together in the Nomina Villarum (Kirkby's Inquest, p. 340), at which time they both belonged to Robert de Coigners.
  • 9. Upsland (see p. 7).
  • 10. Girsby, Domesday Grisebi.
  • 11. West Rounton. The history of this small parish is but little known. The following charters, copied from the originals in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of Durham, show how the advowson came into the possession of the Priory of Durham :—Radulfus super Teysiam . . . . caritatis intuitu et pro salute anime mee et omnium predecessorum meorum . . . . in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam, Deo et B. Cuthberto et Monachis Dunelmensibus, ad luminare circa corpus B. Cuthberti, ecclesias de Rungeton' et de Ditneshale (Dinsdale-on-the-Tees) cum omnibus pert. suis, sicut in carta Ricardi fratris mei, quam inde habent, plenius continetur. Et in hujus rei test, presens scriptum sigilli mei munimine roboravi. Hiis testibus. Magistro Willelmo Archidiacono Dunelm., Magistris Petro, Canonico de Dernington, et Willelmo de Manefeld', Waltero de Audrey, Jordano de Dalden', Jordano Hayron, Willelmo de Hessewell', Nigello de Rungeton', Willelmo Hayron, Johanne et Willelmo de Rungeton', Roberto de Hessewell', Willelmo de Lond', Willelmo de Sciringham, Thoma et Waltero de Hurthewrth', Roberto de Nunnewich', Roberto Camerario Prioris, Johanne de Midelton', Willelmo de Estampes (Durham Charters, 2da, 1ma Ebor. No. 14). Endorsed "C. Rad' super Theysam de ecclesiis de Rungeton et Ditneshale" "datis Monachis ad luminare circa feretrum." The seal of green wax, circular, 1 2/8 in. in diameter, bears the very suitable device of a salmon. + SIGILL' RADVLFI SVP' TEIS. The grant by Richard "super Teisam" was witnessed by Heimeric, Archdeacon of Durham, Phillip (sic) de Ullekotes, Jordan Escoll (and), Geoffrey de Coigneriis, Walter de Musters, William de Yreby, Robert de Hadictun', William de Stichil, Alan de Richemunt Masters (sic), Roger de Toggesdene (Ibid. No. 17*). Seal, yellow wax, circular, 17/8 in. Knight wearing round-topped helmet, shield close to the body, sword drawn. SIGILL'V RICARDI SVP' TEISSAM. Rann' de Dyttneshale, Beatrix his wife, and Robert, their son and heir, granted and confirmed this advowson to God and the Blessed Cuthbert, and to Hugh (de Puiset), Bishop of Durham (1153–1195), "ad luminaria circa corpus B. Cuthberti in perp. invenienda." Then follows a very interesting clause, stating that the donor and his son had made their gift on the altar of the Blessed Cuthbert in his church, and Beatrix on the altar of the Blessed Mary in the west part of the same church, called the Galilee. "Et hanc donacionem nostram fecimus et obtulimus propriis manibus nostris, ego Rann', et ego Ricardus, super altare B. Cuthberti in ecclesia sua, et ego Beatrix super altare B. Marie in occidentali parte ejusdem ecclesie, que Galilea vocatur." This is the earliest mention of the Galilee, which had been built at the west end of the Cathedral by Bishop Hugh Puiset about 1175, a few years before. The line of darkcoloured Frosterley marble, lying between the two piers immediately west of the north and south doors of the nave, still marks the limit, east of which no woman was allowed to go. Witnesses, G(erman), Prior (1163–1186), and the Convent of Durham, William, Archdeacon of Northumberland, Simon the Chamberlain, Mr. Richard de Coldingham, William, son of the archbishop, Mr. Steffan de Lincolnia, Ernald and Simon, chaplains of the bishop, Mr. Hamo, William the Almoner, Henry de Puteaco, Gillebert Hansard, Roger de Coisneres, and Robert his son, Michael, son of Brien, Richard de Parca, Walter de Walton, Gillebert de Leia, Robert de Walsant, Geoffrey de Parca, Godfrey Bayard and Rolland Bayard (Ibid. No. 16). Endorsed:—Carta Rannulfi de super teisam de ecclesia de Rungetona. Seal, yellow wax, circular, 2 ins. Knight wearing conical helmet with two straps behind, shield raised above the level of the eye, short housings on the horse, but long dress on the rider. + SIGILLVM: RANVLFI: FIL II WILLELMI. There is a further confirmation (Ibid. Nos. 17, 19) of this advowson by Roger de Coisneres and Robert his son and heir, to Bishop Puiset, who was to hold it, "sicut Rann', quondam Dunelmensis Episcopus (1099–1128), illud plenius et melius habuit, antequam villam de Rungeton' patri nostro Rogero de Coisneres daret."The Witnesses the same, with omissions as in the last, with the addition of Ralph de Cestria. The seal bears a maunche, perhaps the earliest representation of the well-known Conyers bearing, Azure a maunche or. Legend almost destroyed. There is one other Rounton charter (No. 15), in this series. It is sealed with the seal used in No. 16, and by it Rann', son of William de Super Teisam, granted to God and the church of St. Oswald of Rungeton "unum masuagium quod est inter cimiterium ejusdem ecclesie et viam que ducit ad molendinum, et gardinum quod situm est in aqua de Wisc subtus ipsum molendinum." Witnesses, Sir (dominus) Simon the Chamberlain, Master William of Blois (Blesensis), Mr. Richard de Coldingham, William, son of the archbishop, William de Houeden', Adam and Simon, chaplains, Philip the Sheriff, Gilbert de Leia, Robert de Watevilla, Rann' de Fisseborn', Jordan Escollant', Henry de Broc, Roger Burdun, William son of Thomas, Osbert de Laton', Geoffrey de Torp, and Alexander de Hamelton. The manor of West Rounton remained in the possession of the Conyers family until the second quarter of the fourteenth century, when, with the manor of St. Helen's, Auckland, in Durham, it passed to Sir Robert de Colville of Arncliff and Dale on his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir John Conyers of Sockburn. After the extinction of the Colvilles, early in the fifteenth century, West Rounton fell to the share of the Wandesfords of Kirklington, the representatives of Isabel Colville, the senior co-heiress.
  • 12. Ellerbeck, Osmotherley par.
  • 13. Over Dinsdale, Sockburn par. Domesday Digneshale, Dirneshala, Dineshale. Called Dineshale in 1196, and Dytneshale and Dytineshale in 1239. (Yorkshire Archæol. Journal, xi. 179, 180.)
  • 14. Knayton and Brawith, Leake par.
  • 15. There is no total for the wapentake, but low down these figures occur (part of a larger sum), iiijli xvjs ijd; which may possibly represent part of the total, but whether with or without the usual incrementum it is impossible to say, as the membrane is in such bad condition.