Deeds: D.601 - D.700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.601 - D.700

[Leic.] D. 601. Conveyance by John Norman, Thomas Kybbeworth, chaplain, Thomas Whetacre and Andrew Porter, to John Broune of Leycestre, and Joan his wife, of a messuage in Leycestre, in St. Mary's parish, adjoining the lane called 'Kepeovenlane.' Witnesses:—Thomas Wakefield, mayor of Leicester, and others (named). 8 August, 7 Henry IV. Two seals and portion of seal.
[ ] D. 602. Release by Philippa, late the wife of . . . . . . . . . . ., to . . . . . . ., and Alice his wife, of all . . . . . . . . . 25 Henry VI. Mutilated fragment. Fragment of seal.
[York.] D. 603. Grant by John de Holtby, son of William de Holtby, of Neuby-on-Wysk, to Sir Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, and Sir Robert de Bolton, clerk, of two messuages and land in Neuby aforesaid. Houden, 6 January, 2 Henry IV.
[Norf.] D. 604. Grant by Robert Hanslape of Wetyng, to John Thaxster of Asshill, and John Cupper, chaplain, of land in Asshill, lying in the furlong (quarent [ena]), called 'Petryse,' adjoining land of Uphall manor. 26 November, 1 Richard III.
[Oxford.] D. 605. Demise by Gilbert Wace, knight, to Thomas Chaucer, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Ewelme, Souncombe (Swincomb), and Thoffeld, except certain lands &c. in Ewelme and Souncombe called 'Schepehurst,' and except Waseswode, and Morryswode. 5 April, 20 Richard II.
[Pembr.] D. 606. Confirmation, by Agatha, daughter of Hoel Ystin, of a grant by Walter de Leythe, her husband, to Henry Russell son of Alexander, of thirty acres of land in Ystin. Witnesses:—William Besser, Stephen de villa David, Adam Bayldun, and others (named).
[Warw.] D. 607. Demise by Robert the abbot, and the convent, of Stonleye, to John Marleton and Joan his wife, for life, of land in Cobynton (Cub bington), part lying at Brithmundsich, part upon Ryhenhul, and par 'undur' Calwedon. Thursday after the Annunciation, 17 Edward [III ?].
[Worc.] D. 608. Release by Matilda de Strengesham, late the wife of Simon de Offeleg', to Sir Roger the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of al her right of dower in certain land in Strengesham, which the said simon sold to the said abbot and convent. Witnesses:—Philip de Kaillewey, John de Bocton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] D. 609. Grant by John Tyard of Brackele, to William Hardel and William Blesworth, of the same, of all his goods and chattels in Brackele, Sunday before St. James the apostle, 16 Richard II.
[Kent.] D. 610. Grant by John Lombard of Chalk, to John Martyn of the same, of pasture for six sheep in Chalk, in Westmerrhs. Sunday after the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 36 Edward III.
Endorsed: 'vi shepe lees in Westmershe.'
[Middx.] D. 611. Demise by the lady Philippa the prioress, and [the convent], of Sopwelle, to Adam (?) . . . . . ., and Alice his wife, of land in London. Sopwelle, Thursday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 4 Edward II. Much injured.
Kent. D. 612. Grant by Richard Martyn of Westchalk in the parish of Chalk, to Richard Martyn of Eastchalk, and Richard Potkyn of Westchalk, of land lying in Northfeld, in the tenure of the lordship of Westchalk, part bounded by the marsh called 'Stoctoneslees' and by lands of the lordship of Westcourte. 14 November, 4 Edward IV.
[Camb.] D. 613. Demise by Robert le Clerk of Wasterton, to Andrew de Codenham, of Cambridge, for ten years, of a messuage, grange, garden, and land in Cambridge and Grancete, except a hall in the said messuage called 'le Newehall.' . . . . . . . before Michaelmas, 31 Edward III. Injured.
[York.] D. 614. Release by Thomas and Henry de Mikylton, to Richard Smalwod, of Gyllmunby, of all their right in a toft and croft in Bowes Sunday after St. James the apostle, A.D. 1383.
[Essex.] D. 615. Grant by Sewall le Spycer of Chelmersford, to Philip de Aungre, and Alice his wife, of land in Bromfeld, abutting on the high road from Chelmersford to Branketree. Tuesday after Palm Sunday 14 Edward III.
[Worc.] D. 616. Grant by John atte Syche, alias John Chelmescote, to John Moraunt, of Stolton, and Simon Bryan, chaplain, of cottages and lands &c in Newbold-on-Stoure, with the reversion of a messuage and a moiety of a messuage with lands &c. in Admundescote (Armscot?). Tuesday after Whitsunday, 7 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Notts.] D. 617. Letter of attorney by Robert son of Robert de Misterton authorising Thomas Doynell of Misterton, and William Matheuson of Misn (Missen), to deliver seisin to John, his son and heir, of lands, tenements and reversions &c. in Misterton. Wednesday after the Epiphany 11 Henry IV.
[Pembr.] D. 618. Release by John Whyte, 'carpenter,' of Tenby, to Alice late the wife of Robert Seer, of all his right in the moiety of a burgage in Tenby (Tenibia), abutting on the sea, in a place called 'Laston,' by the port. Friday before the Assumption, 5 Henry V.
[Staff.] D. 619. Grant by John del Wyche, to Henry de Burton, and Agnes his wife, of a void plot of land in the lower street of Newcastle-under-Lyme. Monday after St. Chad the bishop, 4 Henry IV.
[Pembr.] D. 620. Release by John Wydelock, the elder, of Gumfreyhiston (Gumfreston), to John Glasier, the elder, of Tenby, of all his right in a burgage in 'la Cornestrete,' in Tenby. Thursday, 28 May, Corpus Christi day, A.D. 1372, 46 Edward III.
[Warw.] D. 621. Grant by Andrew Bartrem of Maxstoke, to John Wylmuston, vicar of the church of Maxstoke, and Thomas Hayteley of Little Pakynton, of a messuage with a hall with upper and under chambers annexed, and a curtilage, called 'le Newelaghton,' in Maxstoke, also a grove adjoining the high road from Coventry to Maxstoke and Colshull, and land in Maxstoke called 'Moldland' lying by Scoriereslond and Bartremfeld. Monday after the Purification, 6 Henry V. Seal.
[I. of Wight.] D. 622. Release by Agnes late the wife of Richard le Taupenir, to Stephen le Taupenir, and Cristina his wife, of all her right of dower in half a plot [of land] in Neuport, in 'la Higstret,' Witnesses:—John de Cauz, William Bigod, John de Gristowe, and others (named).
[Oxford.] D. 623. Agreement between Sir William Asselyn, of Upledecoumbe, rector of the church of . . . . ., and brother Robert de Curtlyngton (Kirtlington), prior of Burncester, that whereas the said Sir William has granted certain tenements in Upledecoumbe to the canons of the said priory, in frank almoin, for a certain use, the said prior grants that the said tenements may remain always to that use, with liberty to the heirs of Sir William to sell the said tenements as their right of inheritance; with undertaking by the said prior that the said Sir William shall be buried in the church of Burncester, before the altar of the Virgin Mary &c. The said Sir William bequeaths his body to the church of Burncester, and also his . . . . . . with the two best cart-horses which he may have at the time of his death to convey his body to the said church &c. Saturday the vigil of All Saints, A.D. 1302. Injured.
[ ] D. 624. Confirmation by William son of Henry, lord of Suthlee, of a grant made by Reimund de Suthlee to Robert son of Horn, and confirmed by Richard son of the said Reimund, of the land of Brodelond under Litelore. Witnesses:—Hamelin, parson of Suthlee, Richard de Bromlee, and others (named).
[Suff.] D. 625. Certificate by John Hastyn and John Hall, bailiffs of Ipswich, that John Yaxlee, gentleman, is their fellow burgess, and free from custom or toll for goods and merchandise, according to the grant of franchises made to them by the king, and praying that he may be allowed to trade elsewhere free of such toll. Monday after Trinity, 5 Henry VII. French.
[Kent.] D. 626. Grant by William Badecok of the Isle of Greane, to Richard Munde of Chalk, of a messuage [in Chalk] situated in 'le Thekstret'. Chalk, Christmas day, 4 Henry IV.
Herts. D. 627. Demise by Robert Newport and Simon atte Bowe of Buntyngford, to John Bally and Eborard Flete, citizens and mercers of London, and John Tilby, clerk, of a piece of meadow called 'Marchalmede' in Buntyngford. 9 April, 13 Henry IV.
[Warw.] D. 628. Demise by Adam son of Ody de Assheso, to Agnes, daughter of the late Henry the carpenter, of Austleye, for the grantor's life, of a plot in Arlee called 'Wodelee,' on which she will build a suitable house at her own expense. Witnesses:—Sir John, vicar of Austleye, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Luke, 2 Edward III.
[Worc.] D. 629. Release by Philip Kaylewey of Strengesham, to Sir William the abbot, the convent, and the almoner, of Pershore, of all his right in 6s. yearly rent, received from Hykemon Smert of Strengesham. Witnesses:— James Russel, Henry Michel, and others (named).
[Dorset.] D. 630. Demise by William the abbot, and the convent, of Netley (Lettele), to Gilbert de Anestye, and Cristina his wife, of all their houses in Melcombe by Weymuth, with the adjoining plot, except a soller and cellar in which the grantors stored their grain. Waddon, Friday after All Saints 5 Edward II.
[York.] D. 631. Release by Robert de Coverham, to Thomas de Claxton and Gilbert de Elvet, of all his right in messuages and lands in Snape and Well, in the county of Richemond, held by the persons named, part lying in closes called 'Depeeng de Farwald,' 'le Flattsyde,' 'Farwaldfeld,' 'Appylgarth,' 'le Oxynpastur,' and 'Braythwayt,' and part in Farwaldeng. 20 December, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[France.] D. 632. Receipt by William Fulheronis, bachelor of laws, one of the judges of the court of Aquitaine, for 100 francs received from Bernard Angevin, constable of Bordeaux, for one year's salary. Last day of September A.D. 1430. Portion of seal.
[Worc.] D. 633. Agreement between the abbot and convent of Evesham, and the abbot and convent of Pershore, relative to the possession of a pond extending by the water of Stoune from the sluices of the mill of . . . . . . to certain land in Aldermestone, on the hill called 'Heye Clif,' viz. the said abbot and convent of Evesham, acknowledge the said [pond] to belong to the said abbot and convent of Pershore, who are to keep the said pond and watercourse in good order &c. . . . . . . after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 8 Edward III. Much injured.
Leic. D. 634. Release by William Selater of Coventry, yeoman, and William Sclater, his son, to the abbot and convent of Sulby, co. Northampton, of all their right in a messuage and land in Boresworth. 20 April, 12 Henry VII.
[Warw.] D. 635. Demise by Giles de Enlyngton, to John, his younger son, for life, of rents in Wythibrock, with remainders in tail to John's elder brother Henry, and to the said John, and reversion in fee to the grantor. Erdyngton, Wednesday after St. Mark, 20 Edward III.
Herts. D. 636. Grant by William Hosel of Little Munden, to Sir John Thornebury, knight, Adam Rottese, citizen of London, and William Turk of London, of all his lands and tenements &c. called 'Hillelondes' in Little Munden; with clause for re-entry if he return from foreign parts; if the grantor dies abroad the grantees are to sell the premises and dispose of the proceeds according to the said William's will. 9 June, 6 Richard II. Injured.
Somers. D. 637. Letter of attorney by George Broke, knight, lord Cobham, John Fitzjames, William Courtney, Richard Page, and Edward Beynton, knights, authorising Thomas Bromesdon and Robert Raymond to receive seisin from the sheriff of Somerset of the manors of Chadder, Norton Beuchamp, Lympisham, Tornek, Sandford, Avell, Chadder Hannams, and Briggewater, and also of messuages, burgages, lands and rents in Cadder, Norton Beuchamp, Lympisham, Tornik, Sandford, Worley, Avell, Briggewater, Worspryng, Banwell, Uphill, Candisbury, Brentmersshe, Axbrigg, Makkysmill, Heygrove, Milverton, Henton Bluett, Brene, and Charde, and of the Isle of Stepleholmes, all which they lately recovered against Robert Raymond and John Long by writ of entry in le post. Last day of July, 24 Henry VIII. Signed.
[Chesh.] D. 638. Demise by . . . . . ., knight, and Isabella his wife, to Ralph . . . . . ., of [the advowson of?]. the church of Schokelach in Chircheschokelach . . . . . . Malpas, Wednesday after St. Margaret, . . Richard II. Mutilated fragment.
[Pembr.] D. 639. Demise by Thomas Perrel the younger, to Walter Gruffith and Isabella his wife, for eighty years, of a tenement in Tenby, in. the street called 'le Crakow strete.' 24 August, 23 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
Heref. D. 640. Release by John Wentle of Rolleston in the parish of Little Byrche, husbandman, to Isabella Gardener, prioress of Acornebury, of all actions. 24 June, 14 Henry VIII.
[Herts.] D. 641. Grant by John Charteseye, to Richard Rych of Hodesdon, of a messuage and land in the same, doing suit for the grantor at the sheriff's hundred or tourn held at Warebrigge. 10 (?) Richard II. Much injured.
Glouc. D. 642. Indenture between Robert Handy of Evesham, of the one part, and William Adams of Welarsey and Margaret his wife, late the wife of William Pynke, of the other part, relative to a messuage, cottages, a colverhous, orchard, and other lands, part called 'the Lynches' &c. in Seynbury, late the said William Pynke's, the reversion of which has been purchased by the said Robert from Thomas Pynke, son and heir of the said William Pynke, and which the said Adams and Margaret hold for her life, having attorned to the said Robert, witnessing that the said premises are to be divided at Michaelmas next between the said parties in manner specified. 20 July, 1 Richard III. English.
[Pembr.] D. 643. Grant by Helias de Manerbir, to John le Wallis, and Joan his wife, of a burgage in Haverford, in the street called 'le donstret'; paying 4s. yearly in support of a light in St. Mary's church, Haverford. Saturday after St. David the archbishop, A.D. 1343.
[Norf ?] D. 644. Demiseby Roger deMundham of Staunford, clerk, notary public, to Richard Taillour of Wirthorp, and Margaret and Katherine, Richard's daughters, for their lives, of a messuage in Wirthorp adjoining a toft called 'le Gildhous,' rendering yearly a rose at Midsummer. Sunday after the Ascension, 33 Edward III.
[Worc.] D. 645. Indenture between Thomas Corbet and Joan his wife, of the one part, and John de Neubold, parson of Preston-on-Stour, of the other part, relative to the manors of Admondescote and Tydilmynton of which the said Thomas and Joan are seised for the life of Joan, and which are claimed by Reynald de Hambury under a writ of fermedon in reverter (fourme de don en le reverti); the said Thomas undertakes to plead in right of his wife, and to cause his said wife to attorn or surrender her estate in the said manors as the said John's counsel shall ordain, after which the said John agrees that ho, or whoever is tenant of the said manors, shall grant the manor of Tydilmynton to the said Thomas and Joan for their lives &c. and will cause them to have the value of Admondescote in money, yearly, for term of Joan's life &c. Morrow of the Holy Trinity, 39 Edward III. French.
[Wilts.] D. 646. Grant by Richard atte Bote, to William Oly[ver] and Agnes his wife, of land in Cokelborghe, part lying in Langele Burel. Chippeham, . . . . . . after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 3 Edward II. Much injured.
Berks. D. 647. Release by John Coteron of Neubury, to Katherine, late the wife of William atte Wode, deceased, of all his right in the manor of Weston with its appurtenances near Welford which he, with Richard Abberbury, knight, and others, deceased, formerly had of the gift of the said William. 4 July, 10 Henry V.
[Kent.] D. 648. Grant by William Wolford of the parish of Chalk, to Richard Munde of the same, and Cristina his wife, of all his part of a messuage and land in the said parish, the messuage lying in 'le Thekestret' and the land lying in the field called 'Eastfeld.' Feast of the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 9 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] D. 649. Grant by John Wace of Brackele, to Nicholas son of the late Alexander de Childebury in Evenle, of land in the fields of Evenle, part lying at Horselowe, abutting on the field of Mixebury, part lying on Smethefurlong, part abutting on Saltstretwey, and part adjoining B . . . tfouleswey &c. Saturday before St. Dunstan, 10 Edward II. Much injured.
[Pembr.] D. 650. Demise by William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, to Jevan ap Howell Broun, and Howell ap Llewellin Broun, for sixty years, of a tenement at Voilegoz in Kemmeis, with all lands anciently belonging thereto in Castell Carue and Voylgoz. 10 July, 8 Henry VII.
[Warw. or Worc ?] D. 651. Release by Agnes, daughter of Alvred Benjamin, to the abbot and convent of Bordesley, of all her right in all the lands and tenements which her father held of the fee of the said monks. Witnesses:— Thomas de Stokes, William de Raggeleg', and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Carmar.] D. 652. Grant by William Fort, to John son of Walter Wynter, of a water-mill with land and wood in the lordship of Penryn Deuddoe, between the land of Maignorgeyn and the stream called 'Rocht'; the said John being bound to grant a remainder in fee, after William's death, to Thomas Fort the elder, of Rolston. Saturday the Conversion of St. Paul, 16 Richard II.
Endorsed: 'Penryn in Lanstephan.'
[Glouc.] D. 653. Letter of attorney by brother H. abbot of Haylles, authorising brother J. de Hardepir', their fellow monk, to pay a fine for receiving again the lands of the abbey. 15 kalends of April (18 March), 25 Edward [I].
[Cornw.] D. 654. Grant by John Beket, lord of Cuttuthe, to Thomas Coswyn and Elionor his wife, sister of the grantor, of all his messuages, lands, and tenements in Sowth Coldrenik in the parish of St. Germans, for the life of the said Elionor, rendering yearly a red rose at Midsummer. 20 April, 1 Richard III.
[Berks.] D. 655. Grant by William son and heir of William Ylger of Englefeld, to Sir Roger de Englefeld, knight, of land in Sylhamstede Abbots, lying in Langeforlong; with other land in Silhamstede Banastre, part lying in Burhforlong abutting on Burhstret, and part abutting on Mulwey. Wednesday before the apostles Simon and Jude, 7 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] D. 656. [Grant] by William Al . . ., to Simon son of Robert de la Grene of Makesey, of a tenement in [Makesey (Maxey) ?]. Witnesses:— Sirs Geoffrey de Lamar[e] and William de Colevile, knights, and others (named). 26 Edward [I]. Fragment.
[Worc.] D. 657. Grant by William Ateford of Perschore, to John de Godryngton, chaplain, of land [in Perschore ?]. Sunday before the Ascension, 41 [Edward] III. Much injured.
[Pembr.] D. 658. Grant by John le Maistir, to John Laurence, of half a burgage in Pembroke adjoining the 'pondefold' of the lord of Pembroke. 14 February, 7 Henry V.
[Herts.] D. 659. Demise by John Dycons and John Pereson, to John Clopton, esquire, of a messuage, formerly three shops, with a curtilage adjoining, in St. Albans, in the street culled 'Shopwellane,' which they, with others (named) deceased, lately had of the grant of Idonia, relict of Richard Fayrechyld, of St. Albans, widow; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Lambert and Nicholas Geffrey to deliver seisin. 4 May, 2 Richard III.
[Somers.] D. 660. Conveyance by Thomas Fichet, knight, to Robert Cole and Joan his wife, for their lives, of the croft which Reginald North formerly held in Spaxton; the grantees to build a new house at their own expense, the necessary timber being found by the lord. Saturday after St. Clement, 3 Richard II.
[Middx.] D. 661. Release by William Joce, esquire of the king, to Peter Lodyngton and Alexander Trefour, of all his right in all the lands and tenements &c. in the parish of Hermodesworth (Harmondsworth), which he and the said Peter and Alexander had of the gift of John Leye, citizen of London, and John Dodde of Stanes; also release of all his right in a messuage, garden, and land called 'For . . . . .,' in Sybbiston (Sipston) in the said parish. 7 November, 17 [Richard] II. Defaced. Seal.
[Somers.] D. 662. Grant by John son of Geoffrey, lord of Edyngton, to William Payn of Strete, clerk, of arable land in Edyngton. called 'la Gore,' and meadow land in the same lying in 'la Estmede,' with the crops thereon. Witnesses:—Sirs Geoffrey do Stawylle, Richard de Cheltone, knights, and others (named). Copy.
Underwritten: Memorandum that the above is a copy of a deed shown to Robert Hull, lord of Edyngdon, by Lucy de la Haye, tenant of the said tenure &c. who complains that the said meadow is deficient by eight rods &c.
[Worc.] D. 663. Release by Joan, relict of Alan Bussart of Pershore, to Sir Henry, the abbot, and the convent, of Pershore, of all her right in a messuage in Pershore lying in Taddelon. Witnesses:—Reginald le Porter, William le Brak', William Ywayn, and others (named).
[Wilts.] D. 664. Grant by Robert de Comenore, with the consent of Beatrice his wife, to William son of Nicholas the Frenchman (Francissi) of Sumerford, and Sibyl his wife, of land in Sumerford, extending from the high road to the water of Flexei. Witnesses:—Simon Punchard, Simon the Englishman (Anglico), Richard de Bottele, Nicholas son of Peter de Wivelekote, and others (named).
[Pembr.] D. 665. Grant by William Perrot son and heir of Thomas Perrot esquire, to Isabella, late the wife of the said Thomas, for her life, of all his messuages and lands &c. in St. Davids, . . . drigriff . s, Thlegerboyd, and Harnglo, all in the lordship of Pebidiauk. 2 November, 14 Edward IV. Seal, broken.
Endorsed: 'Inter W. Perrot et Is[abella] Wogan.'
[York.] D. 666. Release by William son of Robert de Sutton, to Reginald de Clyfton, of all his right in land in 'le Bradenges' in the territory of F . . . . Massam, Sunday the feast of St. Silvester the pope, 12 Edward II.
[Worc.] D. 667. Grant by Maurice de Lega, to the abbot and convent of Pershore, of land in Walecot and Pershore, part lying in Longelande, part in Sydlynghulle, part in Wetenorov, part 'en la Cleye' above 'la Muldene,' part 'into la Muldene,' and part 'into' Humelbroc extending towards Nonemonneslonde; with 3s. yearly rent in Walecot to be devoted to the light in St. Mary's chapel, Pershore, and 23½d. yearly rent in Pershore for the light of the high altar of the church of St. Edburga, Pershore. Witnesses:—Walter de Caldewell, and others (named).
[Oxford.] D. 668. Indenture witnessing that John de Drayton, clerk, executor of the will of Dame Elizabeth de Elmerugg, has sold and delivered to Sir John de Lenveysy, certain goods and chattels in the manor of Cudlyngton viz. sixteen oxen, a bull, certain land and grain growing on the demesne lands, two large vats (cuvées) &c. for which Sir John is to pay 24l. to the said John at the dates specified; also the said John has assigned to the said Sir John two chests and tables with trestles in the hall, a presser called 'appelquarne,' a plough with all accessories (tout lapparail), a winnowing fan (ventulabre), and a 'heiree' for the kiln (toraill), in allowance for certain lead which is to be delivered to the said John; also defeasance of a bond by the said Sir John and others (named) for 40l. to be paid to the said John at Michaelmas next at Oxenford, witnessing that if the said Sir John shall pay the above mentioned 24l. to the said John as specified, then the said bond shall be void. Saturday before St. Margaret, 3 Richard II. French. Portion of seal of arms.
Bedf. D. 669. Release by Robert Luyt, 'gentilman,' and Thomas Benet, to John Estbury, esquire, and John Coton, of all their right in the manor of . . . . ., and in all the lands and tenements &c. in Higham Gobion, Berton, Pulloxhill, and elsewhere in the county named, which the releasors, with the grantees and others, lately had of the grant of Thomas Bassingbourn, esquire. 13 . . . ., 3 Richard III. Much injured.
[Cornw.] D. 670. Agreement by Sarra, late the wife of Alexander de la Dene, widow, to a deed between Adam, her son, and John Hardynkes, concerning a shop (selda), a soller, and a sewer (cloaca), in the borough of Leskerred (Liskeard), which Adam had of her gift. Monday after [the Invention] of Holy Cross in May, 5 Edward II.
[ ] D. 671. Grant by . . . . Row and Ellen his wife, to David . . . ., and Eva his wife, of a burgage and a half in . . . . . . St. Barnabas the apostle . . . . . Fourteenth century. Mutilated fragment.
[Worc.] D. 672. Grant by Peter de Koges of Pershore, to William de Malverne, baker (pistori), in free marriage with Matilda de Koges, of land in Walecote, part extending 'in to the Muldene,' and part lying in Ordive croft. Witnesses:—David de la Fort[heye], John Ywein, and others (named).
Cornw. D. 673. Grant by John de la Style, son and heir of Thomas de la Style, to William de Denyhok, son of William de Denyhok the elder, of the homages, rents, and services of Roger de Forsdone and Joan de Labyry, for messuages and lands in Northeratrizowan, held by them from the grantor. Wednesday the morrow of Michaelmas, September, 1 Edward III.
Also, Grant by the same, to the same, of the homages, rents, and services, which the above-named tenants owe to the grantor, for their tenures in Northeratrizowan; if the grantee is disturbed in the said grant, the grantor will make good the value from his lands in Kyldreynek &c. Dated as above.
Also, Grant by Udelina late the wife of Robert de Treworghy, to Thomas de Kyldreynek, of the homages &c. owed by Anger de Forsdon and Joan de la Byri, for their tenures in Nort Trezhowan. St. Germans, Monday before St. German in May, 11 Edward II. Copies on one skin.
Underwritten: Memoranda headed 'Copia de Reed Boke Cotenbek,' and dated A.D. 1352, 26 Edward III. temp. Sir John de Graunson [bishop of Exeter], showing names &c. of tenants of lands in North Treyowan.
[Pembr.] D. 674. Letter of attorney by Richard Cole of Loyngwayr in Kennneys, authorising David William of Haroldiston near Haverford, to deliver seisin to William Perrot, esquire, and David ap Thomas Vicker, of all Richard's messuages and lands &c. in Trefglemmes within the lordship of Pebidiauk. 1 October, 1 Richard III.
[Herts.] D. 675. Demise by Robert de Louthe, esquire, to William Cut the elder, and William Cut the younger, of Esenden, for their lives, of lands in Esenden, lying in 'le Smytheshamme' and 'le Northfeld.' Easter day, 8 Henry IV.
[N'hamp.] D. 676. Grant by Richard Eton the younger, of Bannebury, to John Brokhampton and Thomas Bolle, clerks, and Nicholas Trymenell of Brakley, of a tenement called 'le Whithalle' in Brackley, with land in the fields of Eveneley. Sunday after St. Barnabas, 12 Henry IV. Portion of seal.
Hunt. D. 677. Grant by Joan, late the wife of John Tyndale of Ravele, widow, to Thomas Hore of Childerlee co. Cambridge, Herry Helperby, John Crabbe, William Herne, John Roys, William Martyn, and John Davy, of the manor of Ravele, with the advowson of the church of All Saints, Sautre; also of all his lands &c. late of the lordship called 'Moynes' of Sautre. Sunday before St. Peter ad Vincula, 1 Henry V. Seal.
[Worc.] D. 678. Conveyance by Robert the prior, and the convent, of Maydenebradelegh, to John Rogere, Matilda his wife, and Joan their younger daughter, for their lives, of a messuage with a curtilage and land in Trympele, paying 6s. 8d. yearly, at the four terms of the year used in the manor of Kyderminstre &c. 10 August, 8 Henry IV.
[Pembr.] D. 679. Demise by John Picton of Carrewe, esquire, to Jevan ap David the tailor (sissorem) of Haverford, and Margaret his wife, of three parts of a burgage in Haverford adjoining a stream called 'Schitrichislake.' 4 March 9 Henry V. Two seals.
[Kent.] D. 680. Demise by John Sprenere the elder, of Cobeham, John Sprenere of Melton (Milton), Richard Lecote of North Flete and John Elys of Chalk, to William Martyn of the same, of pasture for six sheep in 'le Westmershe.' Vigil of All Saints, 12 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: 'Chalk,'
Somers. D. 681. Indenture between William the abbot [of St. Mary de Graciis] near the Tower of London, and the convent of the same, and John Frankes, clerk, witnessing that as soon as the said abbot has a good title to the wardship of a messuage and lands in Uphill and Cryston which John Pokeswell, deceased, held by the courtesy of England, and which are held of the manor of Blakedon belonging to the said abbot and convent, and also to the marriage of the son of the said Pokeswell and Eleanor his late wife; then the said Frankes shall have, by deed of gift from the said abbot, a moiety of the profits from the said premises till the heir is of age, with a moiety of the profit arising from the heir's marriage &c. the parties hereto binding themselves in 20l. each, to observe the covenants specified. Feast of St. John the Baptist, 2 Henry IV. French.
Endorsed: 'Johan Frank clerk de la chanceleri.'
N'hamp. D. 682. Grant by Baudewyn Bereford, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Morehall, of all the lands and tenements in Overlond in the parish of Hentone, with rents in Farningho, and lands and tenements in Stene, formerly belonging to Stephen Raulenes, Nicholas Rodestone, and Roger Warde. Michaelmas, 5 Henry IV. Seal of arms.
Kent. D. 683. Release by John Perioth of the parish of Cleve, to Richard Tumbyrwode of the parish of Chalke, of all his right in land in the said parish, in a place called 'Gaveland,' adjoining land of the prior of Bermundeseye, and land of the heir of Sir John de Cobham, knight. 14 March, 12 Henry IV.
[York.] D. 684. Letter of attorney by Henry de Nessefeld, son of John de Nessefeld the younger, authorising John de Helmeslay, citizen of York, to deliver seisin to Ralph, carl of Westmoreland, lord of Neville, John Alwent, and Richard de Pykeryng, chaplains, Robert de Coverham, and John de Morton, of a tenement with shops and cottages in York, on Castill hill. Raby, 6 January, 10 Henry IV. French.
[Kent.] D. 685. Grant by Richard Danyel of the parish of Chalk, to Robert Lucas of the same, of all his share of a 'hawe' called 'Fabyanishawe,' in the said parish. Feast of St. George, 2 Henry IV.
[Camb.] Beds. Bucks. D. 686. Receipt by Master Richard Derham, warden of the scholars of King's College, Cambridge, for 20l. yearly grant from the king, received from John Worship, sheriff of Beds. and Bucks, for the Easter and Michaelmas terms last past. 28 October, 1 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] D. 687. Release by Margaret. Redynges the prioress, and the convent, of St. Michael's without Staunford, to John 'in the Pytte,' Staunford, of all actions concerning a yearly rent issuing from a void plot in the street of Scoftegate in Staunford, adjoining a tenement of the duke of York; with grant of the said plot to the said John, for eighty years. Morrow of the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, A.D. 1406.
[Leic.] D. 688. Release by Thomas Daude of Stretton Parva, to William de Byllesdon of the same, and Margaret his wife, of all his right in lands and tenements in Stretton aforesaid. 13 April, 5 Henry IV.
[Linc.] D. 689. Release by William Hast of Quappelad, to Simon Callow of the same, of all his right in land in Quappelad (Whaplode), abutting on Hastyshedland and on the common road called 'Saltneygate.' Thursday before St. Barnabas, 8 Henry IV.
[York.] D. 690. Letter of attorney by Thomas Grene, esquire, and John de Notton, authorising John Doynell and Robert de Allewent to receive seisin from their lord, Ralph de Nevill, of Raby, earl of Westmorland, of the manor and castle of Shirrefhoton, and of messuages, cottages, lands, and wood in Estlyllyng, Westlyllyng, and Corneburgh, and of all knights' fees and advowsons of churches &c. belonging thereto. 7 November, 6 Henry IV.
[Cornw.] D. 691. Letter of attorney by John Creyk of Leskirret, authorising John Mey, clerk, to deliver seisin to Edward Beket, Robert Brewys, and Joan, the grantor's wife, of all his messuages, lands, and tenements in Sint German and Laydok. Thursday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 7 Henry V.
[N'hamp.] D. 692. Release by John Partnay, chaplain, lately dwelling in St. Michael's priory without Staunford, to the lady Agnes Leek, the prioress, and the convent, of the same, of all actions. 23 June, 12 Henry IV.
[York.] D. 693. Grant by Thomas Bysett, brother and heir of John Bysett, of Kingeston-on-Hull, to Ralph, earl of Westmorland, lord of Neville and Marshal of England, Sir John de Barton, clerk, Sir Robert Morton, chaplain, and William Frank, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Estherlesey and Scithill, with other land in Ingleby Arneclif. 21 February, 13 Henry IV. Portion of seal.
[Middx.] D. 694. Grant by Matilda Lodyngton, mother of Peter Lodyngton and late the wife of Thomas Lodyngton, of Sybbeston in the parish of Hermodesworth, widow, to John Hore alias Okebourne, of land which she and the said Peter, deceased, lately acquired from John Smyth, son and heir of William Smyth, lying in Blakyngrave, in the parish of Stanwelle, adjoining a meadow called 'Oxenfordesmede.' 27 April, 5 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Somers.] D. 695. Grant by Robert Hulle, lord of Ayly, and Isabella his wife, to William Stephenys and Emmot his wife, for their lives, of the reversion of a tenement in the parish of Nyth[er] Asscheholt, now held of the grantors, for his life, by Robert Tremelet. Sunday before St. George, 7 Henry IV. Portions of two seals.
[Somers.] D. 696. Conveyance by Robert Hulle and Isabella his wife, lords of Edyngton, to Robert Kyng and Juliana his wife, for their lives, of all that tenement in Edyngton which Thomas Kene formerly held. Wednesday after the Epiphany, 2 Henry IV.
Sussex. Surrey. Bedf. D. 697. Letter of attorney by Elizabeth, lady la Zouche, lady of Eyton, co. Bedford, authorising John Bore of Chidyngston, co. Kent, to receive all moneys due to her as dower or otherwise from the manors of Codlawe, Tadham, Wildebregge, Almodyton, Stopeham, Berecourt, Lynche, Changeton, Colley, Westbechesworthe, and Bokelond, cos. Sussex and Surrey, and to hold her courts in the said counties, and to receive the profits from her hostel in London, formerly belonging to her late husband, Sir John de Arundell, also to be steward of her courts leet at Eyton and Toturnho, co. Bedford, with a yearly salary of 5 marks and his livery with the fur belonging thereto &c. 3 October, 3 Henry IV. French.
[Rutl.] D. 698. Letter of attorney by Nicholas Grenham, rector of the church of Seyton, authorising William Beaufou of Seyton, to deliver seisin to Anne Heyford of the same, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Seyton Thorp, and Lyd[yng]ton, which Nicholas had of the grant of Robert Heyford, Anne's father. Thursday after St. Luke, 11 Henry IV.
Kent. D. 699. Release by Richard son of John Colet of Schorn, to Richard Tumbyrwode of Chalke, of all his right in land in Chalk, lying in a place called 'Gaveland' adjoining land of the prior of Bermundeseye and land of the heir of Sir John de Cobham, knight. 14 March, 12 Henry IV.
[Worc.] D. 700. Letter of attorney by Margery Walker of Perschore, authorising Thomas Muriel, chaplain, of the same, to deliver seisin to William atte Welle and Walter Tandy, chaplains, Richard Rys, John Parker, and John Berne of Perschore, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Perschore, Walcote, and Wyke, which they have of her gift, The feast of St. John and St. Paul, 1 Henry IV.