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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.6123 - A.6200

[Norf.] A. 6123. Release by Reginald Sekker to Richard Hoo, Edward Bedingfeld, knight, Christopher Jenney, esquire, Thomas Bury, Robert Kirkby and John Giggez, to the use of the said Richard, of all his right in land in Skernyng, lying in Longmedowez, and abutting on land of the manor of Skernynghall, and in a cottage in the same, lying by Northend- hall Grene. 2 September, 19 Henry VIII. Seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Norf.] A. 6124. Grant by John Coupere of Estderham, chaplain, to Peter Coupere the elder, of Estderham, and Edmund his son, of the same, of land in Skernyng, adjoining lands of the lords of Draytonhall and Skernynghall. Monday before St. Barnabas, 18 Henry VI. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 6125. Grant by William Burgonye of Skernyng, to John and Roger, his sons, of a toft in Skernyng, adjoining the common called Northendegrene,' and of land in the same, adjoining land called 'Dowyslond.' Wednesday before the Translation of St. Thomas the 'Archbishop and Martyr, 8 Henry IV.
[Hants.] A. 6126. Grant by Lucy, relict of John called Wyther of Farling- tone, to Matilda her daughter, of a messuage and land in Farlingtone, part of the land lying at Gengheham, part at 'la Werepathe,' and part in 'la Hale', with common of pasture for two horses (aftros), six beasts, fifty sheep, and eleven hogs, quit of pannage. Witnesses:—Thomas Stak', John Byaumote, and others (named). Seal.
[Heref.] A. 6127. Grant by William Lotton of Webbeley, to William ap Madok of Threton, of a burgage in Webbeley in the street called 'Herefordstret'. Saturday, the feast of St. Andrew, 11 Richard II.
[London ?] A. 6128. Grant by Richard de Umframvilla, to Geoffrey Blund of London, of all his land in the soke of Hascuill de Thania, on the Thames, which land William Kingesman held from the grantor. Witnesses: Richard de St [or] tef[ord], master of the schools of London, Richard the chamber- lain of the church of St. Paul, and others (named). [A.D. 1184–1215.]
[Notts.] A. 6129. Grant by Thomas son of John in Grenegharth of Flintham, to Thomas and Robert, sons of William Freman of Flintham, of land in Flintham, part in Myddelgalle and part in Castelmedue, IIII. Kal. April, A.D. 1271. Portion of Seal, broken.
[N'hamp.] A. 6130. Grant by John Baude of Welton, to John Attewelle of the same, of all his lands and tenements, &c. in Welton and Daventre. Saturday . . ., . ., Richard II. Much defaced. Seal, injured.
[Wilts.] A. 6131. Demise by John de Roches, knight, to Thomas Ballard and Alice his wife, for their lives, of a moor by Ydethelee, paying 2s. yearly, and doing suit of court at Roches when warned. Bromham, Feast of St. John the Baptist, 21 Richard II.
[Norf.] A. 6132. Grant by Thomas son of Richard de Wode Norton, to Robert le Veutre of Brunham, of land in Brunham Sutthon, part lying at Scledes, part at Longtrindel and part at Coueshil. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Calethorpp, knight, and others (named). [St.] Margaret's day, 34 Edward I.
[Norf.] A. 6133. Bond by Laurence Draper, chaplain, Robert Hermer of Schipedene and Cicely his wife, to Robert Tebald of Schipedene, for 6d. yearly rent for land in Schipedene which they had of the feoffment of Sarah Stuttyng of the same. Thursday after the Conception, 39 Edward III. Portion of Seal.
Norf. A. 6134. Bond by Thomas Gigge of Brunham Overhe, 'frankleyn,' John Gigge of Wyghton, 'frankleyn,' and John Gigge of Brunham Overhe aforesaid, son of the said Thomas, to William Grome of Brunham Norton for 10 marks to be paid at Midsummer next. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Norf. A. 6135. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1459. 27 September, 36 Henry [VI.] Cancelled. Three seals.
[Norf.] A. 6136. Acquittance by William Calthorp and Brian Stapilton, esquires, for 10 marks received from Thomas Gygge of Burnham Overey, for the farm of the church of Sculthorp, for the twelfth year of the present king. Ingham, Monday after the Holy Trinity, 13 Henry VI. Seal and portion of seal.
[Norf.] A. 6137. Acquittance by Sir Edmund de Reynham, knight, and Simon Veuutre of Brunham St. Clement, for 20 marks received from John Attegrene, parson, of a mediety of the church of Brunham Norton, in part payment of 60 marks in which he was bound to them. Tuesday the Invention of the Holy Cross, 2 Richard II. Seal of arms (Reynham).
Norf. A. 6138. Bond by Thomas Gigge of Brunham Overhe, 'frankleyn,' and others (as in A. 6134), to William Grome of Brunham Norton, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1460. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Norf. A. 6139. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1463. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled. Three seals.
Norf. A. 6140. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at Michaelmas next. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Norf. A. 6141. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1465. 27 September, 36 Henry VI.
Norf. A. 6142. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1466. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled. Seal and portion of seal.
Norf. A. 6143. Acquittance by William Grome, late of Brunham Norton, for 10 marks, due at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1465, received from Thomas Gigge of Brunham Overhe, 'frankeleyn,' John Gigge of Wighton, 'frankeleyn,' and John Gigge of Brunham Overhe, son of the said Thomas. 5 August, 5 Edward IV.
Norf. A. 6144. Bond between the same parties as in A. 6134, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1464. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Norf. A. 6145. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 1461. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Cancelled.
Norf. A. 6146. Bond by the same, to the same, for 10 marks, to be paid at St. Peter ad Vincula, A.D. 146 [2 ?]. 27 September, 36 Henry VI. Injured. Cancelled.
Bedf. A. 6147. Bond by John Wegeyn the elder, alias John Cook of Southyvell, 'husbondman,' and Simon Daye of the same, 'husbondman,' to Walter Taillard and Thomas Stratton, for 12l. to be paid at St. Martin next coming. Bykelyswade, 2 July, 9 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Scotland] A. 6148. Counterpart indenture between Sir William More, lord of Abrecorn, knight, of Scotland, and William del Strothre, mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, witnessing that the said William del Strothre has sold to the said Sir William, for 450l. to be paid as specified, the marriage of Mary, daughter and heiress of Sir William de Duglas, late lord of Liddesdale, (Valle de Ledalle) which the said William had of the grant of Sir John de Bukyngham, attorney of the earl of March. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 20 January, A.D. 1359. French. Seal of arms (Strothre). See A. 6866.
I. of Wight. A. 6149. Release by John, son of Leonarde Machelle, late of Braidinge, 'yoman,' to Steven Rodes of Newporte, 'yoman,' of his right in a messuage and land in Bradinge, leased to him and Johanne Machell, now Johanne Rodes, for their lives in survivorship, 5 March, 23 Eliz., by Edwarde Richardes, gent.; he by indenture of even date having assigned the said lease to the said Steven. 28 January, 28 Elizabeth. English. Signed. Seal.
Underwritten; Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Chesh.] A. 6150. Grant by Richard le Vernon, of Quatecroft, to Robert son of Margery, chaplain, of the manor of Quatecroft; a messuage and certain land there, together with his lands and tenements in Crawnache excepted; also grant of the reversion of the messuages, &c, in Quatecroft which Margery, his mother, held of him in dower, and of the rents and services from lands in Crawnache, held of him by Hugh, his brother. Witnesses:—Hugh de Venables and Ralph le Vernon, knights, and others (named). Saturday the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, A.D. 1343. See A. 6158.
[Somers.] A. 6151. Grant in frank almoin by Ranulf, son of Thomas de Lega, to the monks of Clive, of land in Clive called 'treis acres,' in the place called 'Mapelthornheie,' lying between lands which the said monks have of the gift of William de Romare and William de Lega. Witnesses:— William de Treberge, Adam de Wacheford, William de Lega, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 6152. Grant by John Uppehulle son of Robert Uppehulle of Stratforde, to John le Bolde of the same, of land in Stratforde in the tillage called 'Cattesbrawon.' Monday after the Annunciation, 19 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Chesh.] A. 6153. Grant by Roger del Clif son of Henry de Craunache, to Robert de Bulkylegh and Richard his son, and to Richard's heirs, of 13d. yearly rent, with the lordship of the same and of all the land which Henry de Craunache and Ranulf de Rowlegh formerly held of the grantor in Hulm. Middlewich, Friday after St. Martin the bishop, A.D. 1335. Seal.
[Leic.] A. 6154. Bond by John Jaunvyll of Walton, to John de Pulteneye, knight, for 4l. 6s. 8d. to be paid at Minsterton at Christmas next. 4 September, 4 Henry IV. Seal, injured.
[Cornw.] A. 6155. Grant by Ralph Loegans, chaplain, to Germanus de Trelanbighan, for his life, of a capital messuage and all the grantor's lands and tenements in Trelanbighan, viz. all the demesne of Trelanbighan, a park called 'Parcenloe,' a meadow and all the land between it and Kynnyanos Enysmur, with his corn-mill and water courses, &c, and all the land be- ween the mill and Roscrougy with common of pasture on the moors of Govely and Goenmoerden and in all the land of Trelanbighan, &c. for all cattle, at all times of the year; with remainder to Ralph de Tredenek, Germanus de Trewornenes, William son of John de Nanspeity, and William son of Richard and Margaret de Tregod, successively in tail, and in default to the right heirs of Germanus de Trelanbighan. Saturday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 32 Edward III. Seal.
[Linc.] A. 6156. Grant by Thomas Kitlok of Aswardby to Robert Whallay of Driby, Thomas Williamson of Haryngton, chaplain,William Wadingham of the same, William Fenne of Aswardby, John Dawson of Soterby, Eustace Dawson his son and Thomas Baston of Brinkhyll, to the use of Isabella, his wife, and of Thomas Kitlok, John Kitlok the elder, and John Kitlok the younger, his sons in tail, according to his last will annexed, of his lands, &c. in Aswardby, Langton, Hagworthyngham, Haryngton, Someresby, Bratofte and Burgh in the Marsh; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Waterman of Aswardby, and John Bek of the same, to deliver seisin. Witnesses:—John Billingay, rector of the church of Aswardby, and others (named). 3 August, 9 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to livery of seisin.
[York W.R.] A. 6157. Grant by John Marshall of Burton in Lonesdale, to Hugh de Thornton of the same, of a moiety of a burgage in Burton in Lonsdale. Monday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 47 Edward III.
[Chesh.] A. 6158. Grant by Robert son of Margery, chaplain, to Richard le Vernon of Quatecroft in tail, with remainder to his right heirs, of the manor of Quatecroft, and of all the lands, &c. which he had of the gift of the said Richard in Crawnache; also of the reversion of all the lands, &c. which Margery, Richard's mother, held of him in dower; also of the rents and services from the lands and tenements which Hugh, Richard's brother, held of him in Crawnache. Witnesses:—Hugh le (sic) Venables and Ralph le Vernon, knights, and others (named). Wednesday after St. John ante Portam Latinan. A.D. 1343. Portion of seal. See A. 6150.
[Cornw.] A. 6159. Grant in tail by Andrew de Penhal, to Walter Renaud, of a messuage with a garden and land in Penhal, with remainder in default of issue, to Reginald de la Medeshole and Juliana his wife, in tail. La Medeshole, Sunday after the Epiphany, 14 Edward II.
Cornw. A. 6160. Agreement between Peter de la More and Amy his wife, of the one part, and John son of Richard de Reskemmer, of the other part, viz. the said Peter and Amy have released to the said John all their right in a moiety of one knight's fee in Tregolloghan, Trebervet, Trevighan, Chyuran, and Karnallas, which they have claimed from him by writ de ingressu before the justices in eyre in Cornwall at Lancaveton; for which release the said John is to give them 60 marks to be paid in the manner specified, &c. Witnesses:—Sirs Gilbert de Preston, Geoffrey de Leukenor, Walter de Helyun, justices in eyre in Cornwall, and others (named). Friday after St. Martin, 54 Henry III.
[Cornw.] A. 6161. Grant by John Myn the elder, to John Heym and John Noel of Trewranov, for the grantor's life, of all his messuages, lands, and tenements in Lannergh Vyan. Friday after the Purification, 5 Henry IV.
Somers. A. 6162. Letter of attorney by John Vampage, esquire, and Joan his wife, authorising Philip Lucas to deliver seisin to John Sydenham, the younger, Lawrence Hugh, John Cokkes, clerk, and Eeginald Mylys, clerk, of the manor of Syndercombe, and of all their other lands and tenements, &c. in the parish of Cloteworthy. 2 March, 35 Henry VI. Two seals.
Somers. A. 6163. Release by John Vampage, esquire, to John Sydenham of Netylcombe, esquire, for 300l. of all his right in the manor of Synder- combe, and in all the messuages, lands and tenements, &c., in Syndercombe, Clotworthy and Thryppe, which the said John Sydenham lately recovered in the Common Pleas, against him and Anne his wife, to the use of the said John Sydenham, in fee. Last day but one of June, 32 Henry VIII. Signed. Seal of arms (Vampage).
Somers. A. 6164. Grant by John Vampage, esquire, and Joan his wife, daughter and heiress of William Wulleshill, esquire, to John Sydenham the younger, Laurence Hugh, John Cokkes, clerk, and Reginald Mylys, clerk, of all their manor in Syndercombe, and of all their other lands and tenements, &c. in Cloteworthy. Witnesses:—James Lutrell, esq. and others (named). 2 March, 35 Henry VI. Seal and portion of seal.
Essex. A. 6165. Attornment by Agnes Alrede, late the wife of Richard Alrede, esquire, deceased, to John Neell, clerk, Thomas Urswyk, Thomas Lovell, Thomas Burgoyne, John Aps the elder, John Byconell and Thomas Stele, for the manor of Newhall, and for the lands and tenements in the same county which formerly belonged to Thomas Goggeshall (sic), esquire, and for certain other lands and tenements, &c. all which the said Agnes holds for her life, of the demise of Humphrey, duke of Bukingham, Thomas, bishop of Ely, Henry, viscount Bourghchier, Peter Ardern, John Hampton, Richard Waller, Thomas Stones, Richard Riche, citizen and mercer of London, John Grene of Widiton, Thomas Pownde, William Goodyng and Walter Gorfen, who, with the said Richard Alrede, lately had the premises of the demise of Thomas Hyll of Badowe and Thomas Gale late of Sabrightford, who had the same as well of the grant of the said Richard Alrede as of the release of the said Richard Riche and Walter Gorfen, the reversion of the premises after the death of the said Agnes having been granted by the said duke, bishop, viscount, and other above- named grantors to Thomas Tudenham, knight, John Leventhorp, Thomas Radclyf, and one William Cotton now deceased, by whom it has been granted to the said John Neell and others named above. 27 February, 34 Henry VI. Seal.
France. A. 6166. Agreement by William de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, Admiral of the Sea, Master of the king's household, for himself and Alys his wife, countess of Suffolk, late the wife of Thomas de Montagu, earl of Salisbury, deceased, that they will render a good and loyal account to Richard de Nevill, earl of Salisbury, and Dame Alayce de Montagu, countess of Salisbury, his wife, sole heiress of the said Sir Thomas, of the moneys they shall receive on account of the goods and debts, &c. of the said Sir Thomas, on this side (deca) the sea in France and Normandy &c. including the moneys owed to him by the late duke of Bedford, governor and regent of France; all which goods, &c. have been committed to the said earl of Suffolk, on account of the said Alys, by the said Richard de Nevill and Dame Alayce; if the said William and Alys pay half the said moneys received to the said Richard and Dame Alayce, the said Richard shall pay half expenses. 10 December, A.D. 1436. French. Signed 'Suffolk.' Seal of arms (Quarterly, De la Pole and Wingfield).
Surrey A. 6167. Exemplification of a fine made on the morrow of the Purification, 24 Henry VIII. and afterwards in the quinzaine of Easter, in the undermentioned year, between Thomas Darcy, knight, lord Darcy, and John Hussy, knight, lord Hussy, querents, and Philip Wraye, son and heir of Richard Wraye, deforciant, of a messuage called 'le Rose,' a barn, and two gardens, in Shene alias Richemond, which the said Philip acknowledged to be the right of the said Thomas. Westminster, 30 April, 25 Henry VIII. Common Pleas Seal and Counterseal.
Warw. A. 6168. Sale by John Ynglond of Welton, co. N'hamp. husband- man, to Thomas Catesby, esquire, son of Sir William Catesby, knight, deceased, of all his lands and tenements, &c. in Priorus Merston and Herdewik, for the observance of which the said John binds himself in 30l. Creke, 12 June, 1 Richard III. English.
[Warw.] A. 6169. Grant by Walter de Quinton of Coventre, and Alice his wife, to John Laurense, of Bulkynton, of a cottage with a curtilage adjoining a tenement of the abbot of Leycestre, and land, part lying on Longoforlong, and part in Wanecroft, by land of the lord of Weston. Friday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 35 Edward III.
Berks. A. 6170. Acquittance by John de Sancto Philberto, knight, for 5 marks received from Richard Hake, farmer of John's manor of Carswelle, for the farm of the said manor for Michaelmas term last past. Basyng, Thursday after Michaelmas, 28 Edward III. Portion of seal of arms.
[Glouc.] A. 6171. Letters patent by Henry de Penebrugge, knight, lord of Wyneston, to all his free tenants, villeins and lieges of Wyneston, requiring them to answer to Geoffrey de Pulham, to whom he has granted the manor of Wyneston, with the advowson of the church there, &c. for their accustomed services. Monday after St. Valentine, 3 Edward II.
[Berks.] A. 6172. Acquittance by John de Sancto Philberto, knight, for 33s. 4d. received from Richard Hake, in part payment of 5 marks due for the farm of John's manor of Carswell, for Easter term last past. Basyng, Saturday in Easter week, 29 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Berks.] A. 6173. Grant by Agnes, late the wife of Roger le Stalcare, widow, to Sir Philip Basset, of all the land which she held in dower of the freehold which was her late husband's, of the fee of the said Sir Philip in the parish of Spenes at Spenhamelande; the said land extending from the high way leading from Niubury to Reding, to the water called 'Kenete.' Witnesses:—William Lowel, Roger Walerond, John son of Elyas de Baggenore, and others (named). Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6174. Release by Richard le Stalker, son of Roger le Stalkere, of Niwebiry, to Sir Philip Basset, of all his right in all the land formerly held by Roger le Stalkere, Aylwyn le Stalkere, Richard le Stalkere, and other his ancestors, in Spenhamlond in the town of Spenes. Wit- nesses:—John de Bagenore, John de Farendon, and others (named).
[York. W.R.] A. 6175. Release by Cicely, late the wife of Jordan son of Serlo de Souland, widow, to Sir John, earl of Warenne, of all her right of dower in all the lands, tenements, and mills, held by her said late husband from the said earl in Souland. Witnesses:—Sirs Richard de Thornhil, John de Soutil, Ralph de Horebiry, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 6176. Conveyance by Robert son of Felicia de Herdewyk, to Ralph his brother, Agnes, wife of the said Ralph, and Robert their son, for their lives, of land with houses built thereon, and a curtilage within the grantor's court. Witnesses:—Ralph Paynel, John le Bedel of Herde- wyk, Henry Wythergeyn of Merston, and others (named).
Glouc. A. 6177. Grant by Isabella, late the wife of John Adam alias Buggegood, of Thornbury, widow, to John Badmynton of the same, and Agatha his wife, daughter of the grantor, of two messuages in Thornbury, one adjoining the field called 'le Inlond.' Witnesses:—Thomas Morgan alias Smyth, chief bailiff of Thornbury, Thomas Hall, catchpole (cachepollo) of the same, and others (named). 1 December, 14 Edward IV. Portion of seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.] A. 6178. Release by . . . . . . ., to Sir John Despenser of all right in a meadow in the moor of Scheperugge. Witnesses'.—Alan de Stanford, William de la Wyfaude, and others (named). Also Release by Walter de la Pleyok, to Sir John Despenser, of all his right in certain meadow land in the moor of Scheperugge. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Didenham, Richard de la Wyfaude, and others (named).
Copies on one skin, much injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 6179. Grant by Nicholas de Borubache, to Sir Nicholas Rolf of Troph, chaplain, for a certain sum of money, of his bondwoman (natiram) Matilda Alwene of Weleton, with all her issue, for the purpose of her manumission (ad adfrancandam). Witnesses:—John Malorre, lord of Weleton, and others (named). Sunday after All Saints, 17 Edward II.
[Berks.] A. 6180. Acquittance by John de Sancto Philberto, knight, for 5 marks, received from Richard Hake, for the farm of the manor of Carswell, for Michaelmas term, of the undermentioned year. Eton, Sunday after Michaelmas, 27 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 6181. Grant by John de Ruisshale of Coventre, to Thomas de Merynton, Nicholas de Baddesleye, and Henry de Lychfeld, chaplains, of 20s. rent to be received from all the grantor's lands and tenements in Coventre, Stoke, Bilneye, and Whyteleye, which he had of the gift of John de Arthingworth of Coventre, except 8s. yearly rent from certain tene- ments, in Coventre, and certain cottages with curtilages in the same town, three between the bridges of Gosforde, one in the street of Gosforde, without the bridges, and one in the same street on this side the bridges. Witnesses:—Nicholas Michel, mayor of Coventre, Richard Frebern and William de Happesforde, bailiffs, and others (named). Monday after Holy Trinity, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 6182. Release by Phelyp de Aylesbury and Agneys his wife, to Edmund the prior, and the convent, of Chaucombe, of all actions. Sunday before St. Thomas the apostle, 46 Edward III. French. Seal of arms and seal.
[Essex] A. 6183. Release by Isabella le Clovile, late the wife of John de Cogeshale, to William de Cogeshale, of all her right in a pasture called 'Hammelase,' adjoining land of Robert, her son, his brother. Bromfeld, Feast of Holy Trinity, 15 Edward II.
[Herts.] A. 6184. Grant in frank almoin by John le Moyne of Seleford, knight, to Gilbert the prior, and the canons of the Holy Trinity, London, of all his tenement and capital mansion (capitale managium), &c. with rents, &c. from all his tenants in Westmelne, and two parts of the tithes arising from all the demesne of the late Sir Hugh de Marinis in the said town. Witnesses:—Sirs John Baard, John de Scalariis, Robert de Rupella, Laurence de Sancto Michaele, Ralph son of Ralph, knights, and others (named). Equestrian seal, broken. [A.D. 1260–1268.]
[Berks.] A. 6185. Surrender by Richard Hake, to the king, of all his life estate in the manor of Carsewelle, granted to him by John de Sancto Philberto, knight, which manor is to remain to the king, after the death of the said John and Margaret his wife, by virtue of a fine levied between them and the king. Westminster, 1 June, 29 Edward III. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6186. Grant by Henry de Notingham, knight, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of a messuage and land in Blebury, formerly held to farm by William Terry, and which the said Adam had by the demise of the said William's executors; doing suit to the sheriff's tourn at Morton. Witnesses:— Sirs Walter de la Rivere, James Russel, Miles Basset, and Peter Achard, knights, and others (named). London, Wednesday before the apostles Philip and James, A.D. 1273.
Oxford. A. 6187. Release by Robert, son and heir of William Brome, late of Halton, to William Catesby, esquire of the king's body, and Humphrey Beaufo, esquire, of all his right in the manor of Ipwell and in all his lands and tenements in the same place. 5 February, 1 Richard III. Seal.
Endorsed: Memm of enrolment before the king at Westminster in Hilary Term, 1 Richard III. Roll 9.
Warw. A. 6188. Counterpart indenture of lease by Anthony Throckmerton of Rollwrighte, co. Oxford, esquire, and Katheryne his wife, to Thomas Wintar of Ladbrooke, husbandman, for sixty years, of a messuage and land in Ladbrooke. Last day of April, 19 Elizabeth. English.
[Warw.] A. 6189. Grant by Symon son of Symon Bertulmeu of Hattone, to Symon son of Hugh de la Grene of Hattone, and to Alice his wife, of land in Hatton, part lying on Roulouwe and extending to the high way called 'le Netherefildenewey,' and part lying at 'Couwemor' between lands held respectively by the prior of Stodlege and by John de Porta Boreali Warrewyek. Witnesses:—John Syflede, of Hattone, William de Alveston of the same, and others (named). Portion of seal.
[Warw.] A. 6190. Grant by Dame Rose (Rosia) Moumford, to John de Catesby, of a croft called 'Hogge Crofte' in Toneworth, with the advowson &c. of the chantry in Toneworth now held by Richard Boyes, chaplain, and with all the lands and tenements in Toneworth and Aspele which lately belonged to Thomas Colyns of Toneworth, and with all other lands, &c. belonging to the said chantry. Tuesday before Michaelmas, 9 Henry V. Seal of arms.
Warw. A. 6191. Grant by William Wyncote, clerk, to Richard Wyncote and Katharine his wife, of a messuage and land in Bevynton. 20 October, 16 Edward IV. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 6192. Demise by Adam de Stratton to William de Sancto Mauro and Elena, late the wife of William Terry, of the custody of the lands and tenements which the said William Terry held of the said Adam in Denchesworth, together with that of the sons and heirs of the said Terry, until their full age; the grantees to deliver the bodies of the said heirs at fifteen days' notice to be married at the said Adam's pleasure, or failing that, to pay the said Adam 50 marks within a month after such notice. St. Luke's Day, 56 Henry III Two seals.
[Essex] A. 6193. Grant in frank almoin by William de la Eaye, with the consent of Agnes his wife, to the nuns of Wykes, of the homage and half the service, viz. 6d. of Hugh son of Samuel for land in Michelestowe. Witnesses:—Thomas de Laveham, Bennet de Fuletun, William de Godingeham and others (named).
[Berks.] A. 6194. Bond by Geoffrey de Waunci, knight, to Master Thomas de Eadbirbir', rector of the church of Offinton for 32 marks, lent to him in his urgent business, and which are to be repaid in the church of St. Nicholas, Abendon, at Michaelmas and the Purification next coming; if the said Geoffrey does not repay the money at the said terms, the sheriff of the county is to have power to enter and distrain on all Geoffrey's lands and tenements. Witnesses:—Sirs Nicholas de Henred and Richard de Torbervile, knights, W. de Spersholt, then steward of Abendon, and others (named). Monday before Palm Sunday, 2 Edward I.
[Berks.] A. 6195. Release by Fulk Fitz Warin (filius Warini) of Wytinthon, to William Fitz Warin, in tail, of his right in the land and rent which William's father, Alan Fitz Warin, had of the gift of his father Fulk Fitz Warin, in the manor of Waneting, with all customs and services which the men thereof used to do to the same Alan, and with common for beasts in his pasture, and fines for the breaking of the assize of bread and ale of said William's men. Witnesses:—Sirs Nicholas de Hanrethe, sheriff of Berks, Richard de la More, and John de Bagepuz, John de Copshulle bailiff of Waneting, and others (named). 5 August, 42 Henry III. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.] A. 6196. Release by John, son and heir of the late William Ace of Weleton, to Thomas de Sadyngton, of the same, of all his right in a capital messuage in Weleton and in all the lands and tenements which Benedicta, relict of Robert Ace, John's grandfather, held in dower. Sunday after the Annunciation, 18 Edward II.
[York. E.R.] A. 6197. Release by Alice, relict of John de le Park, to dame Scolastica, late the wife of Godfrey de Melsa, for the releasor's life, of an action touching the said Alice's dower in Lepingtun. Sunday the feast of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, A.D. 1322. Injured.
Oxford. A. 6198. Bond by Thomas Stafford of Chorleburye, co. Oxon, gentleman, and Geoffrey Forde of Wallcott in the parish of Chorleburye, 'yoman,' to William Chybnall and William Askoe, for 100 marks. 16 June, 14 Elizabeth. Signed. Two seals.
Also: Condition of above bond witnessing that if the said Thomas and Geoffrey observe certain conditions in a pair of indentures of even date, between William Catesbye, esquire, and the said Thomas and Geoffrey, of the one part, and the said Chybnall and Askoe, of the other part, then the above bond shall be void. English.
Underwritten: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery by the said Thomas.
[Warw.] A. 6199. Demise by John de Franketon of Coventre, merchant, to John de Buvynton, butoher, of Coventre, and Alice his wife, for ten years, of 4s. yearly rent from a tenement in the iron market (foro ferri) of Coventre. Monday after the apostles Peter and Paul, 10 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 6200. Grant in tail by Robert Folewode, perpetual vicar of the church of Toneworth, to Sir Ranulf de Folewode, chaplain, of his messuage and land, &c. formerly belonging to William de Lee, at Beaumunt in Toneworth, and also a messuage with land, &c. formerly belonging to Richard de Piryhul in the same town, on condition of finding a chaplain to celebrate daily in the parish church of Toneworth at the altar of blessed Mary for the parishioners and benefactors of the said church and chantry; with remainder to John de Lodbrok, John le Archer, Henry de Sydenhale, Robert de Crowenhale, John Wodard, William Dolfyn, William Gower, Richard Aleyn, Thomas Wystan, and Richard atte Berne, successively in tail, with reversion to himself and his heirs. Sunday the feast of St. Gervasius and St. Prothasius, 19 Edward III. Seal.