Deeds: A.8601 - A.8700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.8601 - A.8700

Linc. A. 8601. Letter of attorney by Robert Chapman, rector of the church of Boketon to John Chyldirhous of Boketon, to deliver seisin to Thomas Cook rector of the church of Langton, John de Askebi, chaplain, and Eobert Bradnam of Brinkyl of his lands &c. in the towns and fields of Aswardby and Haryngton, co. Lincoln. Boketon, Wednesday after St. Faith the Virgn. 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Cornw.] A. 8602. General release by Eichard Vyvyan to John Pascaw and his executors. 15 October, 12 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 8603. Confirmation by Bartholomew de Chaumond (Calvo Monte) and Isabel his wife to Robert Clerk (clerico) for his homage and service of the gift Ralph Chaplain (capellanus) made him, to wit all the land which Richard Scarlat and Ralph son of Walter English (Anglici) held in Trecheminion, rendering therefore yearly 6s. 4d. for all service, saving the royal tallage incident on a half acre of land in the fee of Trecheminion; for this Robert paid 10s. as relief. Witnesses:— Richard son of John de Reskemer, Richard, lord of Tregod, Roger le Sor, Reginald Cruka, John de Crukbleit, Alan Blochiou, Thomas Marsily.
[Wilts.] A. 8604. Feoffment by Geoffrey Viel (Vitulus) to John de Camera of his land of Nehttun to wit that virgate of land which Auuericus Touwe held and that half virgate of land which Elias Smith (Helisius faber) held, for his homage and service, rendering 5s. 6d. and 1 lb. cummin for all service. Witnesses:—Simon, prior of Bradenestok, Thomas Malemains, William Talebot, Ralph Bluet, Roger Burel, Hugh, chaplain of Lakoc, John Bonet, William de Ata Ripa, Ivo (Hywone) Bonet, Robert de Wica, Richard Cook (coco), Nicholas Bubbe, Robert Burel, William Spede.
[Oxford.] A. 8605. Counterpart indenture between brother William, abbot of Oseneye and the convent of the same place, and Sir William le Pouer and Joan his wife of the other, viz. the said abbot and convent have granted to the said William and Joan the ward and marriage of Otwel (Otueli) son and heir of Otwel Porcel of Newenton, and the lands and tenements of the fee of the said abbot and convent in the said town, till the full age of the said Otwel, for 40l. to be paid at Oseneye, 10l. at the Assumption next, 10l. at the feast of St. Martin, 10l. at Easter, and 10l. to be paid, as convenient, to the said Otwel for his keep; the said William and Joan swore on the Gospels to give Maud their elder daughter to the said Otwel to wife, and to keep them honourably till he came of age; they would faithfully answer the said abbot and convent of 24s. yearly rent and of suit of court during the wardship; they would defend Otwel's tenements against all men. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Amary, Sir Robert his son and Sir Richard le Pouer, knights, Jordan de St. Lys (Sancto Lycio), Ralph his son, John de Cotesford, William Pabte. Dated at Oseneye, the morrow of St. Kenelm, King and Martyr, 9 Edward [I]. Seal of arms split, other seal wanting.
Endorsed:—Composicio inter nos et dominum W. le Poure de garda pro Otuelo Purcel in Newenthon.
[Cumb.] A. 8606. Indenture of demise by Sir Alan de Coupland to William de Morthing of all the land of Midilfors, which he gave to Alan his son, together with the services of Thomas de Anisthuayt and his heirs and of Thomas son of Benedict de Fors and his heirs, from the feast of St. Martin in Winter, 57 Henry III, for the ten years next following, quit of all services and demands to him the said Sir Alan or to Alan his son belonging, doing so much foreign service as belonged to the land, and suit of the corn growing on the said land to the mill of Botil and suit to the fulling mill of Botil, saving to the said William de Morthing, his heirs and assigns, 10a. land quit of multure if they pleased to cultivate the same, with leave to assart &c. the said land; rendering therefor yearly to Alan son of the said Alan 24s. 5d.; houses to be kept in repair; it should be lawful to the men dwelling in the said land to take dead wood in Ravenisberg for building in the same land. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Brocton, Sir Randolph de Bethun, John Corbet, Hugh de Kime, Richard de Cornay.
Endorsed:—Memorandum quod prec' de domo Davi de iiij marcis per Rogerum Galitli et per Leonardum de Cornai et per Willelmum le Wynmilner et per Adam Parlefarankays et per multos alios et remisit in manu Rogeri Galitli . ijs. quod cepit de Davi ad corigendum domos.
Essex. Suff. A. 8607. Bond by Thomas Man of Bulmer, co. Essex, 'husbond- man,' John Roberd of the parish of All Saints of the town of Sudbury, co. Suffolk, 'baker,' John Hale of Beauchamp William, co. Essex, 'yoman,' and John Grene, of Wikham St. Paul in the same county, 'yoman,' to Richard Baker son of Richard Baker while he lived of Sudbury, Robert Crane, esquire, and John Syday, servant of the said Robert, in 5 marks, due at Christmas, A.D. 1489. Dated 10 March, A.D. 1487, 8 Henry VII. Seals.
Cornwall. A. 8608. General release by John Tregurnowe on behalf of Isabel Tregurnowe, of London, widow, his mother, late the wife, and the executrix of the will, of William Tregurnowe, late citizen and 'bruer' of London, to Ralph Reskymer, esquire, by virtue of a letter of attorney, dated 2 December, 30 Henry VI. (recited), from his said mother deputing him to receive all debts due to her in the county of Cornwall as such executrix. 15 May, 30 Henry VI.
[Linc.] A. 8609. Release by William son of Roger Forster of Chyry Wylynham to Robert Emson of Sausthorp next Partenay, of his right in 2d. yearly rent from a tenement in Sausthorp in the said Robert's tenure. Thursday, the feast of Corpus Christi, 9 Richard II.
[Norf.] A. 8610. Deed poll by Katharine, late the wife of Clement de Plumstede, reciting that Hugh Tebald of Schipedene had agreed to pay her yearly, during the minority of Anne daughter and heir of the said Clement, the service he was accustomed to pay the said Clement for the tenements he held of him in Schipedene and had attorned to her therefor; agreement by the said Katharine to acquit him against all men in respect of the said payment. The feast of the Purification, 7 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 8611. Bond by Henry Talgarrek to John Skewys in 20l., conditioned for the performance of covenants in indentures between them of even date. 30 June, 23 Henry VII. Seal, broken.
[Chesh.] A. 8612. Grant and quit claim by William son of Matthew de Craunathe to Roger, son of Robert his brother (fratris mei), and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, of a messuage in the town of Middlewich (Medio Wycho) and a salt-pit of four vats (salinam de quatuor plumbis) in the same town, which the said Matthew his father gave to the said Robert with Ellen his daughter in frank marriage; to hold to the said Roger and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, in fee and heredity, for ever, doing to [the chief lords] the services due and accustomed, and rendering to him and his heirs . . . . . . silver on the feast of . . . . . . . and a pair of white gloves at Christmas, for all service; with remainder in default of his issue, to Alice sister of the said Roger, and the heirs of her body. Witnesses:—Richard, lord of Croxton, and others (named).
[Leic.] A. 8613. In the year of King Henry, son of John, the 24th, on the feast of the Purification of the B.V.M.. it was agreed (fide media convenit) between William de Trompinton and Amicia his wife of the one part and Maud daughter of Christian de Drayton of the other, to wit that they would honourably marry her within two years, unless she prevented (nisi per eam steterit), or else freely and quietly would render her two virgates of land in Drayton concerning which dispute arose between her and Parnell the said William's daughter, or would otherwise satisfy her within the said term by the view of the prior of Launde (Landa) and Geoffrey de Wilenhal or other trustworthy men. Witnesses:—Sir William de Martiwast, Hugh de Manecestre, Robert de Poters, Ralph de Bracebr[igge], Fulk de Martiwast, Richard de Martiwast, Ralph de Halechton.
[Cornw.] A. 8614. Feoffment by Agnes late the wife of Richard Latemer in her widowhood to John Walter of Trezrem and Isabel his wife and the heirs of the body of the said Isabel begotten or to be begotten of a half place in the town of St. Mawes (Sancto Maudeto) called [Plaz ?] enfenten. Witnesses. Dated at St. Mawes (Sanctum Maudetum) Thursday after St. Andrew the Apostle, 19 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 8615. Indenture being an agreement made Sunday before Ash Wednesday, A.D. 1258, between brother Thomas, master of the Hospital of the blessed Apostles James and John of Brackele and the brethren of the same place of the one part and Alice de Undele of the other, to wit she demised to them all her meadow of a half virgate of land in the field of Wytefeld, with her part in 'Dikedehamme,' for 10s. paid in hand, to hold for 15 years, &c. Witnesses:—Philip de Wytefeld, Thomas de Sancto Germano, William Cornwaleys, Ralph de Brackel', clerk, Roger de Luton, William de Chelegrave and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 8616. Release by John son of Humphrey de Burwell to Robert Charnels of Sausthorp and Henry de Staynes of Aswardby of his right in the lands &c. in Aswardby and Hagworthingham which he had by the gift and feoffment of Master Roger de Aswardby, rector of the church of Ertlyngburgh. Palm Sunday, 43 Edward III.
Endorsed:— . . . . . . Bourwell.
[Heref.] A. 8617. Feoffment by Richard Morewys son of Walter Morewys of Fernehale to John Hayes of Webeleye, butcher, John ap Eygnon and John Glover, chaplains, and Henry Chaloner of Webeleye, of a meadow lying under the town of Buryton within the parish of Webeleye, between land of Isabel de Manyton and the common way leading from Fernhale to Webley, the lane leading towards Buryton and the close called 'Baldewynesclose.' Fernehale, Sunday after St. Martin the Bishop, 7 Henry VI.
[Heref.] A. 8618. Feoffment by Roger Barbour of Webbeley and John ap Eynon vicar of the parish church there, to John Clerk, chaplain, of a tenement with garden in Webbeley between land belonging to the service of St. Mary there and land of John Newport and Maud his wife, the highway and John Gaaston's land. Witnesses:—Thomas Smyth, bailiff of the town of Webbeley and others (named). Webbeley, Tuesday after the Assumption, 14 Henry VI.
[Heref.] A. 8619. Defeasance of a feoffment whereby John de Bradeleye gave to Thomas le Baker of Hereford a place of land opposite his, John's, gate (porte) at Bradeleye, with gardens and orchards to the said place adjacent, viz. if John paid him, Thomas, 2 marks, at Hereford, on the feast of All Saints next, the said charter and seisin had thereon to be null. Witnesses:—Richard de Brugge, William Peny, William Shorye, chaplain. Bradeleye, Wednesday before Michaelmas, 25 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8620. Confirmation by Thomas Chambernoun to John . . . ., of a messuage and place of land in the town of Porthia situate next the place of Walter . . . .; which messuage and place were held of him by service of 12d. and two suits of his court of Luduon. Witnesses:— John Trewo . . . ., . . . ., Ralph Vivian, Drew . . . . Dated at Luduon, Tuesday . . . . St. Peter ad Vincula, 39 Edward III.
Endorsed:—Porthia et Lenanta. Trembethowe.
[Cornw.] A. 8621. Two documents, much damaged:—
(1) Feoffment by John de Tretherf to John Tyek and Joan his wife of a field in Gonmargh, as bounded there from old time, viz. by the road from the chapel of St. Francis to the bridge of Nandelliou and so through Enhall to the highway from Medesthole to Trelosek; to hold to the said John and Joan and the heirs of his body, with reversion in default to the grantor, by 3s. rent for all service. Witnesses:—Peter Fowy, William Pryour, Henry Helvos. Dated at Tretherf, the morrow of St. Denis, 7 Henry V. Seal, broken.
(2) Bond by John Tyek to John de Tretherf in 100s. due at Tretherf on the feast of St. Michael next, conditioned for the observance of agreements touching a field in Gounmargh. Tretherf, . . . .,7 Henry V.
[Norf.] A. 8622. Release by James son of William Clement of Plumstede to Hugh Tebald of Schipedene of his right in 8s. 5d. rent which Roger son of Robert Martin of Schipedene and Roger son of William Martin used to pay him for a tenement in Schipedene. Schipedene, Sunday after the Purification, 12 Edward II.
[Sussex.] A. 8623. Feoffment by John de Shirle to Robert Shepherde, for 6s. paid beforehand, of 2a. land in the parish of St. Mary of Werthe. Witnesses:—Geoffrey and William de Burle and others (named). Sunday after St. Botolph, 10 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 8624. Release by Stephen Turpyn to Gilbert de Berwyk and Henry Russel of Salisbury of his right in the manor of Est Wynterslewe and in all other the lands, &c. they then held there. Witnesses:—Sir Peter Doynel, Sir Hildebrand de Loundres and Sir John de Bouclond, knights, John Aucher and others (named). Salisbury, Tuesday before St. Gregory the Pope, 4 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8625. Feoffment by Thomas Tomayngowe of Lavausa son and heir of John Thomayngowe to John Tomayngowe his brother of a half place of land in the town of Lavausa called 'Placea enfenten;' to hold to the said John Tomayngowe and the heirs of his body issuing, with remainder in default to his own right heirs. Witnesses:—John Bollok, Richard Huchyn, Michael West, William Herry, Richard Downe. Lavousa, Monday the eve of St. Margaret the Virgin, 23 Henry VI.
[Devon.] A. 8626. Indenture being an agreement made 34 Henry III on the feast of St. John before the Latin Gate, between the abbot and convent of Bucfestre of the one part and Baldewin de Wayford of the other, viz. that the said abbot and convent were bound to defend the land of Brunestone, which he had given and confirmed to them, from all gelds (guldis) and services thereto belonging, as contained in four charters which they had in their keeping from the said Baldewin, viz. one from Reginald de Vautort (Valle torta) to Roger de Morvile, another from Roger de Morvile to Adam de Morvile, [another from] . . . . Reginald to Adam de Morvile and the fourth from Adam de Morvile to Baldewin de Wayford, in which four warranty was contained; the said charters to be delivered to him and his heirs, if they were called on to warrant the said land, for their defence, or else they should not warrant the same to the monks. Witnesses:—Sir John Daumarl (de Alba Mara), Sir Ralph le Rus, Sir Nicholas le Bastard and Sir John de Sc[hi]lveston, knights, and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 8627. Feoffment by Tudwared le Breth, lord of Tucoid, to Ysaac de Tucoid, for his homage and service of a fardel (ferling') of land in Treneligen, which was of his demesne of Tucoid, saving to him and his heirs a moiety of the turbary (blestarie) of the same town; rendering 12d. yearly at Michaelmas, for all service; this land, to wit the whole of Trenheligen, saving half the turbary (blestarie), he and his heirs would warrant, &c. Witnesses:—Walter de Treverbin, Thomas de Prid[iaus], John de Sancto Maugano, Robert de Treworwal, Bernard de Penros.
Endorsed:—Tugoyt. Trevelegan.
[Cornw.] A. 8628. Indenture being a grant by Richard de Tremayn to John his son and Elizabeth daughter of Lawrence Pata of his messuages, &c. in . . . . leyn, Treve . der . ., Mogyon Vyan, Chynall, Trekemy[nion] Tre . . . . rendering to him for the term of his life . . . . Witnesses:—. . . William Brydte, Richard Feresy, William Gorlyn, John . . . . . . . Friday the eighth day of the Epiphany . . . .
[Heref.] A. 8629. Feoffment by . . . . ., widow, to . . . . of 3½a. arable in 'le Windemullefeld' of Webbeley . . . 38 Henry VI. Fragment.
[Heref.] A. 8630. Feoffment by Richard Pecok of Monkelone to Richard Stevenys of Webbeley and William Dyschewall of a croft with two pieces of arable in Leye next Webbeley, the croft containing two parcels belonging formerly to John Wyldegos and Ralph de Barton respectively, and the two pieces of arable adjoining each other in 'le Wallefeld ' next the said croft, and containing 7a. Witnesses:—Walter Brugge and others (named). Leye, Thursday before St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 21 Richard II.
[Devon.] A. 8631. Counterpart of demise by John the abbot and the convent of Bukfestre,to William Luyssh of the messuages and two fardels (ferlingos) of land and common of pasture in their lordship of Brounston which Thomas Smale formerly held of them and subsequently surrendered to them; to hold for the term of his life at 26s. 8d. rent and 8s. on death or retirement (recessum) as heriot or farley (farlevii), doing suit to their courts and mill there &c. In the Chapter House at Bukfestre, 26 September, 21 Henry VI.
A. 8632. Acquittance by Sir William Cause, citizen of Lincoln, to Sir John Howse, knight, Robert de Sherington and Jordan de Stokes on Trent, clerk, executors of Sir Henry de Newmarch (Novo Mercato), knight, for twenty marks in the name of Alice his wife, daughter of the said deceased, due to her from the said executors by reason of the portion . . . . . in the goods of the said deceased . . . . . . Sealed with the seal of the archdeaconry of Nottingham, his own seal, and the seal of the said Alice . . . . A.D. 1285.
[Linc.] A. 8633. Feoffment by Roger son of Sir Alexander de Cobeldyk, knight, to Sir William le Forester, parson of the church of Wylughby and Sir Walter de Brounthorp, parson of the church of Spellesby, of the manor of Haryngton. Witnesses:—Sir John de Wylughby, lord de Eresby, Sir William Deynecourt, Sir Seyer de Recheford, Sir Thomas de Multon of Kyrketon, and Sir Henry de Halton, knights, and others (named). Haryngton, Thursday the morrow of the Purification, 14 Edward III.
Endorsed:—Carta per quam manerium de Haryngton talliatur. Seal of arms, broken.
[Lanc.] A. 8634. Bond by Richard de Cowplond, Henry de Guype, and John de Neuton to William de Hudliston in 40l. due at Lancaster at Midsummer next, conditioned for Richard's observance of covenants between him and the said William. Dalton in Fournes, Wednesday after St. Mark, 17 Richard II.
[Hants.] A. 8635. Indenture being a grant by Thomas de Gimises or Gymises, with the assent and consent of Nicholas his son and his wife Agnes, to Richard son of Andrew and Richard son of Alan, as their right, of all the common belonging to the frank tenement they held of him in the town of Farlingeton, and in the town of Frendestapel, whereof a plea was moved before the justices, in all marshes belonging to the town of Farlingeton, the marsh called Benny, the park and the covert of privet (cooperto de prevet) excepted, [and in] the croft which was Roger le Lung's, against the gate (porta) of the court, that they might have ingress and egress with their beasts at pleasure, to the common pasture, and in all his arable lands over the hill (ultra montem). This agreement was made in Winchester Cathedral (majori ecclesia Wynton') on the St. Vincent's eve, in the fortieth year of the King's (Henry III) reign. Witnesses:—Matthew Oysel, Thomas la Waita, Peter de Cossam and others (named).
Bucks. A. 8636. Feoffment by Robert Lowes of Agmondesham, co. Bucks, to John Spicer, John Baron, Robert Clerke and John Benett, 'tanner,' of the same, of his lands, &c. there, which he bought and had by the feoffment and warranty of John Iremonger late of the same, since deceased. Witnesses:—Odo Brudenell of Sherdelowes and others (named). 1 June, 4 Edward IV.
Lincoln. A. 8637. Indenture of exchange between William Dawbeney of Frampton, co. Lincoln, 'husbandman,' and John Poles of Kirkton in Holand, co. Lincoln, 'gentilman,' of a place of arable at Goldhylles in Kirkton, containing 1½a., between the land of the heirs of John Poles the elder, land of the heirs of John Rous, the common fieldway (communem campestrem viam) and the highway, and another piece of land there called Brokeland, containing 2a., between land of Philip Sanderson, land of the heirs of Roger Housson, land of the lord of Multon Hall and the fieldway, in exchange for a messuage with buildings, containing 3a., and two places of arable, containing 2½a., in Frampton, at Self Grene. 27 September, 18 Henry VII. Seal.
[Heref.] A. 8638. Feoffment by William son of William le Honte to Thomas son of Roger and William his son of 2a. English of land in the lordship of Sir Theobald de Verdun in the holding (tenura) of Ewyias Lacy, boundaries described; rent 1d. at Michaelmas for all secular services to wit tallages, scutages, reliefs, wards, marriages, aids, 'hornizeld' and suits of court, saving 2d. as heriot when it happen. Witnesses:—William ap Philip Vauhan and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 8639. Feoffment by John de Arundell, lord of 'la Medysole,' to Ralph son of Nicholas de Trevida of two acres of land English in his land of 'la Medysole' called Guenenmarges, those to wit which Odo de Trevael formerly held by the gift of his father Sir Reynfred de Arundell, with common of pasture throughout his land (terram) of 'la Medysole' and through all his lawns (landas) there, to wit with two horses, fifteen beasts and sixty head of sheep (capitibus bidentibus); to hold in socage by 6d. rent for all service, save suit of court once a year to the next court after the feast of St. Michael in September on reasonable summons in the town of 'la Medysole,' and not elsewhere, and however often in mercy in one day, to be quit of all amercements for 2d. (et si in misericordia sceciderint quamvis multociens uno die per duos denarios de omnibus amerciamentis quieti erunt foresfacto emendato per legales homines); also grant of reasonable estover of furze and peat (de jawonibus et de blesta) throughout his land of 'la Medysole' as other free burgesses of the said town having such liberties while residing there; also grant that neither the said Ralph nor his heirs or assigns should be reeves (prepositi) or bailiffs of his in the said town except at their pleasure. Witnesses:—Oliver de Roskulian, William de Grell', Michael de Insula, Reginald de la Medysole, Nicholas de Penscawen, clerk. Medysole, Thursday before St. Barnabas the Apostle A.D. 1290.
[Linc.] A. 8640. Letter of attorney by Roger son of Sir Alexander de Cobeldyk, knight, to Thomas de Stowe, chaplain, and Gilbert de Burgh, clerk, to deliver seisin to Sir William le Forester, parson of the church of Wylughby, and Sir William de Brounthorp, parson of the church of Spyllesby, of the manor of Haryngton, as in the charter of feoffment they had of him. Haryngton, Thursday the morrow of the Purification, 14 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8641. General release by Thomas Enys to William Carnsyowe. 6 October, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
[Chesh.] A. 8642. Release by Thomas de Sladehurst to William son of William de Bulkeleye of his right in the lands and tenements he held in Alpram by the gift of William de Bulkeleye the elder. Witnesses:—David de Beston, David de Bulkeleye, Robert de Ryddeleye, David de Calvilegh, Peter de Wetenhale, Hugh de Wordhulle, Henry de Twyforde, clerk. Alpram, Tuesday after Whitsuntide, 15 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 8643. Indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas Alsot to John Velyn and Alice his wife from the day of date for eight years. At the end of the term they shall deliver him eight ewes (octo capita ovium matricium). Witnesses:—Thomas Trembras, James Roskruk, John Kestell, Ralph Tregythow. Melynmyhall, Thursday before Midsummer, 23 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 8644. Counterpart indenture being a feoffment by John Nanskylly to Henry . . . . and Thomasia his wife of two places of his land of Neweham and a certain parcel of the garden annexed to them between the messuage late Alice Wespeder's and the tenement late William Wespeder's, to them and the heirs and assigns of the said Henry, rendering 2d. yearly; attorney to deliver seisin John Martyne. Witnesses:— Thomas Trevygyan, Henry Wale . . . . . Dated 'apud vicum de Neweham predicta,' the last day but one of September, 15 . . . One seal.
Endorsed:—Strete Newham juxta Truru.
[Norf.] A. 8645. Release by Amicia late the wife of Ralph de Pratis of Helegeton in her pure widowhood to Peter le Veutre of Burnham and Leticia his wife of her right in meadows, faldages, and homages, free and bond, with yearly rents, together with capons, hens and boonworks (precariis) in autumn, as Master Adam de Walsingham formerly gave her with Bartholomew de Quarveles, together with her dower in lands, &c. in the town of Burnham; rendering therefor to her, during her life 30s. within the octave of St. Michael, and to the lords of the fee the service due; saving to her and her assigns all her distraints (districciones) and the distraints of the sheriff or of the bailiff of Galowe, as contained in the writings made between Ralph late her husband and herself and the said Peter and Leticia. Witnesses:—Thomas de Snyterton, Sir Richard de Kerbroc and others (named).
Endorsed:—Carta Amicie uxoris Rogeri (sic) de Pratis de Helgwynyton.
[Cornw.] A. 8646. Indenture made 4 September, 18 Edward IV, witnessing that John Trenansvyan of the parish of Seynt Melyon had granted 'al the avayl of lond and tenement yn the toune of Trenansvyan whyche tenement ys yn the for sayd parysch, to John Kyllymonsek yn the parysch of Seynt Stedyan 'for seven years' wyth al the profetys of the for sayd lond wyth out eny reperacyon and yffe hyt be that the for sayd John Kyllymonsek hys heyrys or hys assygnys be y trobblet yn the for sayd lond and tenement yn eny wyse,' grant that they should have the same for fourteen years 'wyth out eny torupsyon;' bond in 10l. for observance of above covenants. Witnesses:—John Trevenor, Perys Bevyle, Rychard Boskawen. Seal. English.
[Notts.] A. 8647. Feoffment by John de Stok, clerk, to Richard de Ghilcote and Alice his wife and the heirs lawfully begotten between them of a mes- suage lying between the rectory on one side and the tenement of Alana (Alane) de Ottringham on the other and all the other lands, &c. in Knevton which he had by the gift and feoffment of Alice de Holm. Witnesses:—Thomas atte Halle of Knevton, Geoffrey son of Philip of the same, Alan de Otring- ham, Robert atte Grene of Sibbethorp, William de Trent of Gunthorp. Gunthorp, Wednesday before St. Michael, 30 Edward III.
[Leic.] A. 8648. Letter of attorney by John de Swyneford of Sprotton, Thomas Aliene of Assheby and Thomas de Pulteneye, chaplain to John Fox of Pulteneye, to receive seisin of the lands and tenements which Robert de Pulteneye gave them by charter in the towns of Pulteneye, Misterton, Walcote, Lutterworth, North Kynelyngworth, South Kynelyngworth and Walton by Kynemondecote, and to receive the attornments of tenants. Pulteneye, Monday before St. Peter and St. Paul, 42 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8649. Feoffment by John de Goenspailard, son and heir of Reginald Guastroes to Walter Renaud of 'la Medeshole' and Maud his wife of a messuage and garden and an acre of land as bounded there, to wit all the messuages, lands and tenements which he had in Landreyn with common of pasture for all and all manner of beasts over all the land of Hamelyn de Landreyn there and reasonable estover of furze and fuel (jannis et focalibus) over the said land; to hold to them and the heirs of Walter of the chief lords of the said land by the services due and accustomed. Witnesses:—Roger le Seneschal, John Marc, John de Reswalstes, Henry de Treludrou, and others (named). Meteshole, Monday after the Purification, 6 Edward III. Endorsed:—Landryn.
[Linc.] A. 8650. Feoffment by Ralph son of William de . . . . to Richard Cordan of Aswordeby of two selions of land in Aswordeby.
[Notts.] A. 8651. Indenture of demise by Maud late the wife of Walter de Stoppeslay, widow, to Richard Gillot of Flyntham, chaplain, of a messuage, land, &c, there, from Michaelmas then next for seven years at 8 marks rent. Witnesses:—Sir Robert Alisaunder, Sir John son of Robert and Sir William Ingram of Flyntham, chaplains and others (named). Wednesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 17 Edward III.
[Linc.] A. 8652. Acquittance by Ralph Lune of Aswardby to John Cokeryll, rector of Aswardby, and Thomas Kitlok of Ratheby for 6l. 13s. 4d. in part of 40 marks. 26 March, 23 Edward IV.
York [W.R.] A. 8653. Feoffment by Reginald son of Adam Thomson and Ellen his wife to John Claghton of a moiety of a burgage in Burton in Lonesdale, co. York, which the said Ellen lately had by the gift and feoffment of William Grene her father, since deceased; attorney to deliver seisin, William Wither the younger. Witnesses:—Thomas Haryngton, knight, and others (named). 4 January, 30 Henry VI.
[Chesh.] A. 8654. Sale by Lawrence de Dutton, knight, to John de Holcroft of all the wheat (siliginem) late John de Werberton's growing within the town of Werberton last autumn, for 49s. before due to the said John de Holcroft by the said John de Werberton while living. Dutton, Thursday Ascension Day, 9 Richard II.
Endorsed:—A sale of wodde.
Cornwall. A. 8655. Indenture of demise Tuesday before St. Valentine, 3 Henry IV, by Henry, prince of Wales, to John Arundell, knight, John Trevertian, knight, and Walter Lucy of two parts of the manors of Elerky, Lanyhorn and Landegee which were seised into his hands by his feodary in the county of Cornwall; to hold from Michaelmas last until it should have been discussed before his Council in his receipt at Westminster whether the said manors were held of him by knight service or in socage; answering him for two parts of the extent of the said manors viz.—for 33l. a year if they should be adjudged to him; bond by the said John, John and Walter in 100l. Seal cut off.
[Cornw.] A. 8656. Feoffment by Peter Marshall, lord of Treverivo, to William Gundrun for his homage and service of the croft called, 'croft en begel,' with all the moor below it; rendering 2d. yearly. Witnesses: Randolf de Treverivo, Drew (Drogone) de Boskenvan, Willliam de Meudin, Reginald de Caerwenkein, John Probus (Probo).
[Cornw.] A. 8657. Release by Stephen de Amesel of his right in the land of Trethurf and the land of Woynretyr, to wit that land which he had by the gift of Robert son of Gilbert de Dodewode, with all messuages, gardens, &c., to Reginald de la Medeschole his heirs and assigns, to hold of the chief lords, &c. Witnesses:—William de Trevael, Baudewin de Bodwidel, Robert de Boys, John de Trewibrest, John de Nankelly. Trethurf, Saturday the feast of the Apostles, Peter and Paul, 25 Edward [I].
[Cornw.] A. 8658. Feoffment by Serlo de Nansladron, knight, to Henry de Nansladron his son of his manor of Medle, to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten or to be begotten, rendering 6s. 8d. yearly for all service, save suit of his court of Nansladron and save 100s. yearly rent due for him and his heirs to the dean and chapter of the church of St. Peter of Exeter for the same manor. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Pridyas, Sir John de Trejagu, knights, Henry de Kellygren, Alexander de Godolghan, Henry de Pengersihec, Odo de Ludre, Peter de Kemyel, John de Beauchamp (Bello Campo), Henry de Penhard, the younger. Nansladron, Wednesday the morrow of the Nativity of the B.V.M., A.D. 1310, 4 Edward II.
Endorsed:—Carta de manerio de Methele.
[Suff.] A. 8659. Feoffment by Katharine de Caketon of Yaxlee, widow, to Margery de M . . . . of a piece of her arable in Yaxlee. Dated, Wednesday, the feast of Holy Innocents . . . .
[Cornw.] A. 8660. Release by William Bonython to John Tremayn of his right in . . . . in the towns of Tregemyny in the parish of St. Keverne (Sancti Kierani), Trevagerd, Kynhaffes, Cornhegh' and Lysard. Witnesses:— . . . ., Richard Tregos, John Vyvyan, John Clemow, Thomas Tremenhyr. . . . . April, 29 Henry VI.
[Linc.] A. 8661. Feoffment by Robert son of Gilbert Clerk (clerici) of Aswardeby, to Sela his daughter of an acre of land in Landemare, lying between land of Alan son of William de Aswardeby and land of Osbert Tailor (cissoris) of the same; ½a. at Ackersikegate between land of Sir John de Harington and land of Richard Smith (fabri) of Aswardeby; ½a. on 'le Blalande' between lands of Sir John de Harington and of Master William de Sausthorp; 1½ perches between land of the church of Aswardeby and of Richard son of Henry de Sausthorp; l½ perches abutting on 'le Hengland' between lands of Sir John de Harington and Richard son of Henry de Sausthorp; to hold all the right he had saving the lord's service, viz. three halfpence at the feast of St. Michael, three halfpence at the feast of St. Andrew, 2d. at Easter and three halfpence at the feast of St. Botolph.
[Norf.] A. 8662. Feoffment by Robert Harsyk of Shypden to Robert Randes and Cecily his wife of Alburgh of 4d. yearly rent to be received on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel for a piece of land which John Jekelone bought of Robert Brynyng as in a certain indenture more fully contained; the said land lay at Shypden between lands of John Rudde and John Fenge on east and west, and abutted north on land of Shypden church; also 2d. yearly rent at the same feast for a parcel of land John Heed bought of the said Robert Brynyng, specified in another indenture, containing about 21 perches, lying between lands of the said John Heed and Thomas Bulwer on east and west. Witnesses:—William Arnald and others (named). Shypden, Monday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 5 Henry VI.
[Norf.] A. 8663. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Brynyng of Schyp- den to John Jekelone, Richard Sowter and John Catesson, of a piece of land in the field of Schypden situate as described, to hold of the chief lords by the services due and accustomed, rendering therefore yearly to the said Robert, his heirs and assigns, 4d. Witnesses:—William Maryot and others (named). Schypeden, Monday before St. Edmund the King and Martyr, 11 Henry IV. Seal, broken.
[Norf.] A. 8664. Letter of attorney by Robert Harsyk of Shypden to John Rudde of Shypden and Thomas Multon of Metton to deliver seisin to Robert Randes and Cecily his wife of Alburgh, of 4d. yearly rent for one piece of land and of 2d. yearly rent for another parcel of land in Shypden, as in a certain charter thereof more fully contained. Shypden, Monday after Midsummer, 5 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
[Norf.] A. 8665. Indenture being a feoffment by Robert Brynyng and Isabel his wife to John Heed of the same and Clarice his wife, of a parcel of land containing about 21 perches, more or less, in the field of Schepeden, situate as described; to hold of the chief lords of the fee by the services due and accustomed, rendering therefore yearly to the said Robert and Isabel and their heirs 2d. yearly. Witnesses:—John Hastyng and others (named). Schepeden, Monday after the Conception of the B.V.M., 22 Richard II.
[Linc.] A. 8666. 'Bill endented,' made 31 December, 8 Edward IV, witnessing that 'John Copuldyk of Haryngton squyer eschaunged with Thomas Kyme of Langton ij ryges ligyng in the east fyld of Langton aforeseid wheropon the oon liges by the butgate and the other by the croft of the seid Thomas the seid ij riges butyng of Maldcroft opon the northest the seid Thomas to have the seid ij ryges to hym and his heires for evere and the seid John to have of the seid Thomas to hym and his heires in eschaunge for the seid ij ryges for evermore ij ryges ligyng to geder in the same fyld at Cristen Hyll butyng opon Fulbekrike.' English.
[Westmd.] A. 8667. Indenture being a feoffment by William Smith (faber) to William de Maneserg of the site of an ancient . . . . . formerly of Michael de Stodewya and three parts of a curtilage formerly the said Michael's with the whole of 'le Borhan' (cum toto le Borhan) with all the place of the barn on Mussam in the territory of Maneserg, in exchange for as much arable on Kelderig lying near the land of Agnes wife of John Smith (fabri) on the south of the same in the said territory. Witnesses:— Roger de Underlai and others (named.) Written across the part indented, and erased A.D. 1282 on the feast of the Nativity of the B. V. M. an exchange was made between [William] de Maneserg and Cecily [his wife] of the one part and William Smith (fabrum) of Kirkeb[y Lonsdale] and Maud his wife of the other . . . .
[Norf.] A. 8668. Indenture, Saturday the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 12 Edward II, being a mortgage by Clement During of Schipeden to Hugh Tebald of the same, of a piece of land with a house on it at Crowemer situate as described, for 50s. to be repaid at Martinmas next, or else the land to remain to the said Hugh and his heirs, as the charter of feoffment thereof witnessed.
[Cornw.] A. 8669. Grant by Thomas son of Ralph and Marita de Treberved to Ralph de Laty of his right in a half acre of land in Trebreved. Witnesses:—Sir Ealph de Tregod, Benedict le Brune, Ralph de Tredahec, John de Ressech, Geoffrey de Tregonan. Penren, Monday after the feast of Trinity, 23 Edward [I].
[Linc.] A. 8670. Feoffment by John son of Gilbert de Bagenderby to his son William of a toft there, between the messuage late Philip Clerk's of the same on the west and Philip de Thymelby's toft on the east; also of the fourth part of the two bovates of land, tenements, and rents in Bagendyrby and Stanesby which he had by the feoffment of Sir Peter Bavant, knight, of Billesby, except two tofts which Henry his son had by his gift and feoffment in Enderby aforesaid; to hold to the said William and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default of such issue, as to the said fourth part with the said rent, to Henry his son, his heirs and assigns, and as to the said toft to his own right heirs. Witnesses:—Albinus son of Philip de Enderby and others (named). St. John the Baptist's day, 43 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 8671. Letters patent by Roger son of Roger de Erisi, being a grant to Thomas de Trelanbih[an] and his heirs, or his assigns bearing the said letters, that if he had issue by Joan daughter of the said Thomas, his spouse, such issue should be his heir of all his land of Erisi and of all the lands he could discover (et de omnibus terris quas inquirere potero); further that he should have no power to sell, give or pledge all or any part of his land save to such issue; if he went counter to these covenants, the said Thomas should have 60 marks of his goods to the use of such issue, or if his goods were insufficient or if he, Roger, found that any possessed the said land or sued it from such issue, by right of inheritance (ratione hereditatis mee), that such person should be bound in the same sum, and that the sheriff of Cornwall should distrain him, Roger, or whoever possessed or sued for the said land, on their goods moveable or immoveable, and take, keep, and if needful, sell the same, for raising the said sum; for every distraint the sheriff receiving 40s. his clerks one mark, and the bailiffs making the distraint half a mark. The feast of St. Faith the Virgin, at St. Keverne (sanctum Kyeranum), 7 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Tregod, William de Erisi, Richard de Tregod, Warin of the same, Henry de Tremaen.
[Linc.] A. 8672. Feoffment by Walter son of Reginald de Towilhes, or Thowylhes (de duabus salicibus), to Ellen de Cobildik and Alan her son of a toft with buildings thereon in the town of Conusby; also of 14 selions of land in the same town, 10 on the west of it and 4 on the east; also of the whole meadow he had in the same town in Yoldelis Housen West- merholme and Holhege, with 2½d. rent to be received by the hands of Roger son of Walter Clerk (clerici) and Henry de Podholme, viz. 2d. from Roger on the feasts of St. Botolph and St. Andrew equally (pro rata porcione) for a toft he had by the gift of the said Reginald, and ½d. from Henry at Christ- mas for 2 selions of land he had by the gift of the said Reginald in the same town. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Sutbroke and others (named). Conusby, Sunday after St. Mark the Evangelist, 1 Edward II. Cf. Kirk- stead Chartulary. Brit. Mus. Tit. Molendina.
[Wilts.] A. 8673. Release by William Drugun of Heywode to Godfrey de Byssupestrowe and his heirs of 6d. yearly rent which Thomas le Devenisse was used to pay him for a tenement in the town of Heywode. Witnesses:— Philip Marmiun and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 8674. Feoffment by William son and heir of John le Mareschal of Bernham to John son of William de Ayeot of a virgate of common (virgatam commun') in the territory of Bernham; for this John gave him 12s. before- hand. Witnesses:—William de Wyldebreg and others (named). Bernham, Saturday before Allhallows, 7 Edward II.
[Heref.] A. 8675. Release by Thomas Smyth of Webbeleye to John Chabbenor, esquire, and John Dysshechall of his right in 4a. meadow in 'le Polehurn' between 'Leyweye' and the meadow called 'Brademer,' and extending from land late Walter Bruge's to the stream (rivulum) running to the mill of the lord of Webbeley; also in 2a. arable lying together between land late of John Oldecastell, knight, and land of Nicholas Dysshewall, and extending to 'Leyweye.' Webbeley, the Commemoration of [All] Souls, 22 Henry VI.
[Hants.] A. 8676. Indenture of demise by Mary late the wife of Richard Stake to Thomas Snokeshulle son and heir of Alice daughter of the late John Stake of Frendestaple, of all the lands, tenements, burgages, &c. she had in Frendestaple, Farlyngton and Farham by the demise of the said Thomas for her life, and which lately belonged to the said Richard her husband; rendering therefor yearly 10 marks during her life, &c.; his writing obligatory in 20l. to be void if he observed the covenants above expressed. Witnesses:—John Uvedale and others (named). Frendestaple, 6 September, 8 Henry IV. Seal.
[Westmd.] A. 8677. Feoffment by Maud daughter of Nicholas de Stoh . ., widow, to William de Mannesh[erg]h, of a moiety of . . . . [in] Mannesh [erg] h. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Burton, Adam de Hoton, Gilbert de Wyt[l]y, and others (named). Seal, effaced.
[Heref.] A. 8678. Release by Walter ap Adam son and heir of Thomas ap Adam to Walter Garrewey of his right in a messuage with a garden adjacent in Webley in 'Hereford Street,' situate as described. 25 October, 3 Henry VIII.
[Lanc.] A. 8679. Feoffment by Simon de Godesmer, chaplain, to Master Ralph de Smethewik, rector of the church of Pleymundestowe, of all the messuages, &c., in Weryngton, which he had by the gift and feoffment of Hugh de Merlond. Witnesses:—John de Ilpull and others (named). Weryngton, Thursday after St. Luke, 43 Edward III.
[Berks.] A. 8680. Feoffment by Ralph Barry to Robert Northwyne for his homage and service of 8a. land in the north field of Bochamton; la. between lands formerly Richard atte Bridge's (de Ponte) and John de Rothing; la. next land late Nicholas de Lotewich's on the west; 3a. between lands late Robert Harding's and Walter Geffray's on the north part of Tothull; and 3a. in Wakerondes forlonc' extending into Atecumb on the east; also of 5a. in the south field of the same town, la. next land late Philip de la Throp's on the south; la. next land late John Ode's on the west; 1a. next land late Robert Harding's on the east; and 2a. in Losden, viz. those which Reginald Pinnuc formerly held of him; also grant that he may have as many beasts in the common pasture of Bochamtun as belonged to such a holding (tantum tenementum), doing for the same beasts as his custom- ary tenants (sicut custumarii mei) of the said town used to do; also grant that he might cut (copare) and carry 'wrobattes' in Chalvecrofte without let, &c., which the said Reginald formerly held; to hold to him and his heirs freely and quietly, rendering therefor yearly 2s. 6¼d. for all service, save suit of court and the royal service to the said land belonging; warranty against all men, except religious houses and the Jewry (Judaismo). Witnesses:—Reginald and Ralph de Haddel[e], Joceus de Reynn', Ralph son of Raer, John de Wekenelte, William Hopesort, Ralph le Man, Robert the clerk.
[Staff.] A. 8681. Feoffment by William de Slyndon of Stafford and William son of Roger le Warde of Slyndon to John de Slyndon of Stafford and Felicia his wife of all the lands and tenements they had by the said John's gift and feoffment in Slyndon, with remainder to William, John, Agnes, Margaret, Joan, Margery, Orabella, Felicia and Eliabeth, their children, successively in tail male, with remainder to John's right heirs. Monday after St. Dennis the Martyr, 18 Edward III. Seals.
[Hants.] A. 8682. Feoffment by Richard Stake of Frendestaple to Thomas Snokeshulle of the reversion of the manor of Frendestaple and of all his lands and tenements and rents and services both free and bond in Frende- staple, Farlyngton, Bedhampton and Farham, expectant on the decease of himself and Mary his wife. Witnesses:—Richard Wayte and others (named). Frendestaple, Monday after St. Barnabas the Apostle, 7 Henry IV. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 8683. Feoffment by Robert atte Slade to Philip Smyth and Henry Kyng, of all his lands &c. except his wife Lettice's dower, in Chutuwe, Roudes and in the hundred of Calne in the pasture of Wastes, which formerly belonged to Geoffrey Boys his grandfather. Witnesses:—John Roches, knight, and others (named). Saturday after St. Hilary, 13 Richard II.
[Cornw.] A. 8684. Letter of attorney by Isabel daughter and heir of John Coly to John Nanskylly and John Nycolltrokker to deliver seisin to Richard Nanskylly of all her places in the town of Helstonburgh with all their appurtenances and the gardens adjoining, as in the charter she had made to him thereof. Helstonburgh, 14 January, 13 Henry VI.
[Hants.] A. 8685. Release by Henry Snokeshull to Robert Snokeshull, his brother, Agnes wife of the said Robert, and Alice their daughter of his right in 10s. rent which he used to receive yearly from the manor called Stake, to receive the same during the term of their lives in survivorship. Frend- stapull, the feast of St. Edward the King and Confessor, 19 Henry VI.
Hants. A. 8686. Indenture being a feoffment by Henry Snokeshulle of Cranlegh, co. Surrey, to Robert Snokeshulle his brother, Agnes wife of the said Robert and Alice their daughter, and the heirs male of the body of the said Robert, with reversion in default to himself, of a burgage in Fareham, not built on, and of all the lands, &c. in Frendstaple and Farlyngton, co. Hants, which descended to him by hereditary right on the death of Thomas Snokeshulle his father, rendering to him therefor 10s. yearly. 1 March, 12 Henry VI. Seal.
[Heref.] A. 8687. Feoffment by John Braye, William Coke and Alice his wife to Thomas Bromwich of Sarnesfeld, esquire, Thomas Dansey of Brynes- hope, John Bromwich, Richard Pede, dean of the cathedral church of Hereford, and Richard Heyward of Malmeshullacye, of all the lands, &c. in the town, fields and lordship of Malmeshullacye which formerly were William Massye's. Witnesses:—Sir Henry Muchell and others (named). The last day of January, 4 Edward IV.
[Notts.] A. 8688. Indenture of demise by the prior and convent of Newstead (de Novo loco) in Shyrewode to dame Margaret Cokfelde late wife of John Cokfelde of Nuthall, of a pasture called Bulwell Rys, which the said John and Margaret had held for thirty years before, between the park of the prior and convent on the west and north, the common pasture of Bulwell on the east and the common pasture of Nuthall on the south; to hold to her for the term of her life and to her executors for a year after, by 33s. 4d. rent, &c. The feast of St. Michael, 33 Henry VI.
Oxford. A. 8689. Release by Thomas Taylour, clerk, late rector of the parish church of Weston, co. Oxford, to Agnes late the wife of John Clement of Whitefeld, co. Oxford, and William Clement her son of Crondon, co. Bucks, of 10a. arable lying dispersed in divers fields of Stoke Talmache, co. Oxford. Witnesses:—John Hacch of Abendon, writer of these presents, and others (named). Abendon, the last day of December, 28 Henry VI.
[Leic.] A. 8690. Grant by Alexander Abbe of Drayton, in pure alms to St. Mary and St. John the Baptist and the blessed poor of the Hospital of Jerusalem serving God and St. John of a croft in the town of Drayton called 'Herewardescroft,' with a toft and two selions of land below the said croft. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Abbe of Sutton, Thomas the clerk of Preste- grave, and others (named).
[Leic] A. 8691. Feoffment by William Tysun son of William Tysun of Pulteneye to John Owyne of Pulteneye and Emma his wife for their homage and service, of a messuage in the town of Pulteneye, which Robert son of Roger formerly held, and which remained to him by an agreement (concordiam) made between him and Henry Tysun his brother, situate as described; rendering 3s. yearly, for all service; for this John and Emma gave him 66s. 8d. beforehand. Witnesses:—Roger Mallori of Swyneford, William de Walecot in Lutturworth and others (named).
[Leic.] A. 8692. Feoffment by Henry Tysun of Pulteneye to Thomas de Asbye and Agnes his wife of a half acre of land in the fields of Pulteneye on the tillage called Bougwelle, between lands of John Honwey and Thomas son of Walter, for 13s. 4d. paid beforehand, by the rent of a rose for all service. Witnesses:—Adam Nel of Pulteneye, and others (named). Seal.
[Leic.] A. 8693. Feoffment by Henry son of William Tesun of Pulteneye to John Owyne of Pulteneye and Emma his wife of common of pasture, as much as belonged to a quarter of a virgate, with all manner flocks and beasts in the town and fields of Pulteneye, for ½ mark paid beforehand. Witnesses:—Robert de Luscelis, lord of Walcote, Robert de Luscelis the younger of the same and others (named). Seal.
[Leic.] A. 8694. Confirmation by Henry Tysun to John Owyne of Pulteneye and Emma his wife of his brother William Tysun's gift to them of a messuage next Elyas Attegrene's, a virgate of land, the moiety of a croft and 5a. land formerly Thomas Pycot's, in Pulteneye. Witnesses:—Adam Nel of Pulteneie, Eobert son of John de Walcote. Seal, broken.
[Wilts.] A. 8695. Feoffment by John le Foles of Brutford son of Margery le Foles of Brutford to John de Kyngesmulle and Maud his wife, their heirs and assigns, of l½a. arable in Brutford field, in Crockland, between land of William le Duyn and of Peter le Schynner on east and west, extending south on land of John atte Pile and north on land of John le Foles. Witnesses:—Robert Gerberd and others (named). Brutford, Tuesday the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 5 Edward II. Seal, with legend—s. johannis [le f]oul.
[Cornw.] A. 8696. Letter of attorney by Luke Skynner of Medeschole to Thomas Wouere and William Priour to deliver seisin to Peter Nanspian, of a garden with a piece of land in the town of Medeschole, according to indentures between them. Dated at Eglos Enoder, 12 November, 3 Henry V.
[Bedf.] A. 8697. Feoffment by William Bullok of Southyevle to John Stondon of the same, of one acre, one rood, land in Southyevle field, a half acre and one rood lying together in the fardel (quarentena) called 'le Blakelond' between land of William Freynsch and land called 'Pyeslond,' one head abutting on the Rigewey leading from Southyevle to Aston and the other on Ashbrok; the other half acre lying in the fardel called 'Trottesmere,' between land of William Freynsch and land called 'Pyeslond.' Southyevle, Thursday the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 42 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Cornw.] A. 8698. Feoffment by Richard Luky of Menethdu and Margery his wife to Ralph Trenewyth and John Maget of Karn, of the messuages &c. in the town of Menethdu with common of pasture through all the lawns (landas) and moors of Menethdu, with estovers of peat (blestura), heather, fern and gorse throughout the same, to hold during the lives of them the said Richard and Margery, rendering 1d. on the feast of St. Michael in September for all service. Witnesses:—John Trewyk, Walter Methros, Gilbert Methle of Penryn, Richard Symond, John Joce. Menethdu, Saturday before St. Ambrose, 12 Richard II.
[Warw.] A. 8699. Feoffment by Margery daughter of Alice de Schreuele, spinster (in puellaritate mea), to Walter Lovekin of the same and Alice his wife, of a piece (particulam) of land in the town of Schreueleye between the tenement Walter Lovekin held and the waste of Schreuele, and in length from her tenement to his, rendering 1d. yearly; for this they gave her one mark. Witnesses:—Osbert Attenasse of Schreuele and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 8700. Sale by William de Weston to Martin Colebront of a messuage in Coventry in Waste Garden (Wastogardino) between the lands Reginald Rappoc and Ramitte de Heyam respectively held, rendering 4d. quarterly, for all service; if it happened the said Martin to incur damage or loss (jacturam) by his default it should be lawful for the said Martin to distrain all that tenement he, William, got (cepi) with his wife in the town of Coventry until satisfaction was done him by the view of good (proborum) men; so that the said Martin and his heirs and assigns and all his tenants should be quit of horse toll (de tolneto equorum) in the said messuage; and if any of them were in mercy (in misericordia mea vel heredum meorum inciderit) he should be quit for 1d. for ever; warranty; for this Martin gave him 22s. beforehand. Witnesses:—John son of Simon, then reeve (preposito), Richard atte Well (de fonte) and others (named).