Deeds: C.5701 - C.5800

Pages 256-267

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.5701 - C.5800

Chester. C. 5701. Writing by John Tochet, knight, lord de Audelegh, Richard Aston, knight, and John Danyers of Deresbury, esquire; reciting that they are possessed of divers lands, &c. within the county of Chester by the gift of Thomas de Dutton, knight, since deceased, they notify that they have granted and given licence and authority to Christopher Southworth and Isabel his wife, . . . . Cholmondeley and Eleanor his wife, Thomas Aston and Margaret his wife, and Sibyl daughter of the said Thomas de Dutton that they may take, levy and receive, during their pleasure, the issues and profits of the gift of the said Thomas de Dutton, so that they may take what is due on their marriages. 30 June, 14 Edward IV. Fragments of seal.
Heref. C. 5702. Grant by William son and heir of William Russel of Hereford to Amelyna de la Hale, late the wife of Richard de la Hale, for 16 marks beforehand, of a tenement in Hereford, in Scholestrete; rent, to the chapter of Hereford 20d., and to him a rose at Mid- summer. Witnesses:—Bartholomew Lespicer, bailiff of the fee, Walter de la Barre, and others (named). Seal.
[Warw.] C. 5703. Grant by John son of William Worme of Aston to Adam le Hay wart, servant (famulo) of Sir Henry, vicar of Aston, of all the lands in Aston which he had from the said William. Witnesses:— Adam de Grimusharewe, lord of Aston, and others (named). Monday after St. Gregory, 8 Edward III.
[Oxford.] C. 5704. Grant by William Louseford of Henton to Ralph Godard of Sotelwsbrok and Isabel the wife of the said Ralph and her heirs, of a messuage in Henton which he had from Maud his mother, late the daughter of Roger atte Rewe; which messuage stretches out towards the lord's court in the shape of a shield. Sunday, Michaelmas Eve, 28 Edward III.
[Devon.] C. 5705. Quitclaim by Robert Haywode to Hugh [Lytton, prior of] Barnestapolia, and his convent, of his right in a tenement in the street called 'Boughdeporte' in the said p[rior's] fee. . . . ., 36 Henry [III.] Seal.
[Staff.] C. 5706. Quitclaim by Thomas styled Mattock of Doddecote to [Nicholas son of] Thomas Cotin of his right in the land formerly held by his father in the fee of Madeleg, and of a yearly rent of 3s. which the said Nicholas used to pay therefor. For this Nicholas paid him 2 marks beforehand. Thursday [after the] Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 1291.
C. 5707. Fragment.
[Herts.] C. 5708. Grant by Mary de la Barnat', late the wife of Thomas le Warner, and Robert their son, to Walter Hyngold, Muriel his wife, and Robert their son, of land in Tydenhangr', between land called 'Porcusfeld,' &c. Witnesses:—Adam de Somery, John de Hussey, and others (named). Le Bamett', Tuesday before St. Mark, 18 Edward II.
[Wilts.] C. 5709. Grant by John styled Alhoe of Calne to Richard son of Henry Townsend (ad capud ville) of the same of a tenement in Calne, &c. St. Lawrence, 23 Edward III.
Warw. C. 5710. Bond by Thomas Harberd of Marlecleve, esquire, to pay John Martyn of Barton 10l. at Midsummer. 18 October, 18 Henry VI.
[Lincoln.] C. 5711. Grant by William de Torp, clerk, to Bartholomew son of William de Kaskintorp of two selions of arable in the north field of Herlostona abutting on Torpwellesike and of a toft; rent, a farthing at Christmas. Witnesses:—Robert de Steynwat, Godfrey son of Jocelin de Beruby, and others (named).
[Heref.] C. 5712. Grant by John le Longe of Sutton to Hugh Baudewyn of Buford and Joan his wife, for 40s. beforehand, of 2a. land in the fields of Mawerdin and la. land on Nayshulle; rent, 1d. Witnesses:— Thomas le Wafere, William Gosselin, and others (named). Seal, broken.
[Herts. Bedford.] C. 5713. Grant by John Walsyngham, John Man, and Hugh Carpenter, chaplains, to John Raven and Joan his wife of all the lands which Richard Raven formerly had in the borough and hall-mote of Berkhamstede and which they had by the gift of the said John Raven and of all their land in Wipsnade, Stodham, Eyton, Toturnho, and Belyngdone, and of all the lands in Donstaple, Houghton, Kenesworth, and Cadyngdone, which they had by the gift of John Wappenham and John Raven, to hold to the said John and Joan and their heirs male; remainder in default to Margery their daughter and her heirs; remainder to the right heirs of the said John. St. Peter Chains, 17 Richard II. Two seals; one broken.
[Lincoln.] C. 5714. Quitclaim by John son and heir of John de Bradelee to John son of Richard de Jertheburgh' and Elizabeth his wife of his right in a place called 'Levecroftes' in the field of Bradelee; also of the lands which they have of his gift in Bradelee. Witnesses:— Richard de Fonteneye, John de Cotes, and others (named). Monday before St. Luke, 2 Edward II.
[Heref.] C. 5715. Grant by Hugh Baudewyne of Buford to Walter son of Roger de Cotes and Lucy his wife, for 6s. beforehand, of a messuage in F[rom]anton within the liberty of the manor of Mawerdin for their lives; rent, 2s. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 5716. Grant by Richard son of Robert son of Walter, chaplain (capellani) of Womburne, to Moses of Waltham and Amice his wife of land at Stanwalle and in Sullihulle Schlade; rent, 4d. to the lord of the fee and to the said Richard a clove at Christmas. For this grant the said Moses and Amice gave him 16s. beforehand. Witnesses:— William, lord of Overton, Sir Walter de Womburn', vicar, John de Tresell', Robert Buffary, and others (named). Seal, broken.
[Heref.] C. 5717. Grant by Adam de Bromfeld' of Mawerdyn to Hugh Baudewyn of Buford and Joan his wife, for 6 marks beforehand, of 12a. arable and the pasture called 'Burdewardesmers' within the manor of Mawerdyn; rent, 2d. August, 1274. Seal.
[Bucks.] C. 5718. Copy of grant by Thomas de Stonore, esquire, to Robert [Haloum], bishop of Salisbury, Thomas Chaucer, John Golafre, Hamon Bealknapp, and John Warefelde of the reversion of the manor of Beerton by Aillesbury after the death of Nicholas Monketone, who had forfeited the grant of it for his life from Sir Ralph de Stonore, father of the said Thomas and which the king had granted to William Pekke for the life of the said Nicholas. 6 December, 3 Henry V. Cf. C. 3122.
[Lincoln.] C. 5719. Grant by Nigel de Salteby to Richard de Clopton and Maud his wife in free marriage of six selions of arable in the field ot Herlaxton. Graham, Wednesday before St. Wulfran the Bishop, 22 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
[Lincoln.] C. 5720. Grant by Gerard of Westorp in Herlostona to Bartholomew son of William de Kaskintorp of two selions on 'Squeclif' in the south field of Herlostona, one selion 'ad Standart' adjoining the lady's land, one selion beyond 'Waltirdale,' adjoining the land of Walter le Parker, one selion in the north field, one selion on 'Suyke' and two selions adjoining 'Gildhouuellestyis,' all in Herlostona; rent, ½d. at Easter. Witnesses:—Walter Momesone of Dentona, Adam de Steynwat, and others (named). Seal.
[Staff.] C. 5721. Quitclaim by William, lord of Overton and Womburne, to Moses of Waltham and Amice his wife of a yearly rent of 4d., payable as in C. 5716. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Womburne, vicar, and others (named).
[Suffolk.] C. 5722. Grant by Henry le Marschal of Hadleye to John Finch of the same of a piece of land in Hadleye adjoining the road to 'le Lampettes.' Witnesses:—Osbert de Aldham', Simon Krench, and others (named). All Hallows, 5 Edward [I].
Herts. C. 5723. Grant by John de Aillesbury to John Erneys, chaplain, of the manor of Tiscote. Monday after the Translation of St. John the Baptist, 33 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 5724. Grant by Richard [son of] Robert de Leyton' to Hugh filio Roso de . . . . of land adjoining the High Street of . . . . wim- shale in the fee of Betyleye. Witnesses:—Adam son of Geoffrey, the lord's bailiff, and others (named). Wednesday after the Beheading of St. John. . . Edward [I or II].
[Oxford.] C. 5725. Grant by John Colyn, parson of Stifford, co. Essex, and William atte Hull of Wotton to Thomas de Hamden', son and heir of Richard de Hamden', and to Margaret his wife of all their lands in the town of Kyngeseye which they had by the gift of the said Thomas. 17 June, 7 Richard II.
[Herts.] C. 5726. Grant by Philip de Aillesbirs, knight, of a messuage in Aldebury which he had from Robert de Aldebury, and 16a. arable in the fields of the same, to Robert . . . . and the heirs of his body; remainder to Joan sister of the said Robert; remainder to the said Philip. Sunday, the morrow of . . . ., 19 Edward II.
[York, W.R.] C. 5727. Grant by William, vicar of Roston, and William de Notton to Denise late the wife of Thomas Belle of Cotheworth of all the lands which they had in the town of Cotheworth by the gift of the said Denise, for life, with successive remainders in fee tail to Thomas and Robert, sons of William Belle, and ultimate remainder to the right heirs of the said Denise. Wednesday, the feast of All Souls, 8 Edward III.
Footnote:—Vide evidenciam in altera indentura ne forte tempore futuro malivoli dicant quod dicta Dionisia se non dimisit de tenementis predictis.
[Herts.] C. 5728. Grant by Adam Roberd and Joan le Coheres of Taterugge to Richard Aymer, Joan his wife, and his heirs of a grove in Taterugge. Sunday after Midsummer Day, 9 Edward III.
Hants. Wilts. C. 5729. Grant by Edmund de Stonore to William Bailemound, Richard Wye, and James Holbek of all his lands in Penyton Meysy, Hetherden, Foscote, and Shipton, and the advowson of the church of Penyton Meisy. Witnesses:—Nicholas Monek, rector of Penyton, and others (named). The morrow of Michaelmas, . . Edward III.
Hants. C. 5730. Quitclaim by Thomas de Hoo, knight, to John de Hoo brother of William de Hoo, knight, and John Glemham of his right in the manor of Stameleshoo by Portesmouthe. Tuesday after St. Thomas the Apostle, 18 Richard II.
[Lincoln.] C. 5731. Grant by John Usflete of Gunnays to Thomas Lowe, vicar of Clee, and Thomas Layceby and Richard Smyth of the same of all his land in the parish of Clee. Michaelmas, 1 Henry VI.
[Berks.] C. 5732. Quitclaim by Walter de London, dean of Wells, to Walter Catewy of Harewelle the younger of his right in 3a. arable in the field of Whesthakebourne which he inherited from Sir Geoffrey de Chelcheth', canon of Wells. Witnesses:—Walter Catewy the elder, serjeant-at- arms to the king, and others (named). Hare well, Sunday after St. Barnabas, 23 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
[Essex. Kent.] C. 5733. Letters of attorney from Roger Welles to Sir William Mirfyn, chaplain, John Smyth, and Robert Martyn to deliver to Ralph Drew, clerk, seisin of lands called 'Galyonslonde' in Estham, Berkyn, and Wolwych. 14 . . . ., 25 Henry VI. Seal.
Middx. C. 5734. Quitclaim by Richard de Croydon', citizen of London, to Nicholas ate Wyke, Idonia his wife, and . . . . de Mordon, of his right in a messuage with buildings and shops thereon, land, rent, &c. (except a windmill and meadow), which he had by the gift of Simon Olyver, citizen of London, in the parishes of St. Mary M[atfe]lone without Algate and Stebenheth. Friday after the Nativity of St. Mary, 23 Edward III.
Derby. Notts. C. 5735. Appointment by William, lord le Zouche and St. Maur of Totteneise and of Haryngworth, of Robert Strelley, esquire, as chief steward of all his castles, manors &c. in the counties of Derby and Nottingham, during the lord's pleasure, at a yearly fee of 40s. Haryngworth, 24 April, 21 Henry VI.
[Lincoln.] C. 5736. Grant by Walter de Wele, burgess of Grymesby, to William Markand of the same, chaplain, of all his lands and rents in Clee. Monday after St. Simon and St. Jude, 1386.
[Somerset.] C. 5737. Extract from the roll of the first court of Reynold Braye, knight, of the manor of Esteham: admission of Richard Draper, Joan his wife, and William his son to a tenement on Rydon.
[Dorset.] C. 5738. Quitclaim by Isabel late the daughter of Adam le Pal[mer] of Brideport to Reginald Pyg and Alice Kyckil his wife of her right in a piece of land in the south street (vico) of Brideport, in a lane called 'Kyllingesla[ne']. Witnesses:—Roger Barry and William Binne, bailiffs, and others (named). The feast of St. Dunstan, 15 Edward II.
[Bedford.] C. 5739. Grant by John Rycheman, vicar of Eyworth, to John Webbe of Gritteforde of la. arable in the field of Sondeye, whereot 1r. at Kockeswelle near the land of the abbot of Wardone, 1r. at 'le Conynger,' 1r. against Gatelok near the land of the rector and church of Sondeye and 1r. at 'le Fanforlong.' Tuesday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 8 Henry IV.
[Glouc.] C. 5740. Quitclaim by John de la Hay to Sir John de Stonore, knight, of his right in land in Hembury in the salt-marsh to which he formerly made claim. Gloucestr', Friday after St. Valentine, 17 Edward II. Endorsed, de Henburi.
Hants. C. 5741. Grant by William de Hoo, knight, to John de Hoo his brother and John Glemham of his manor of Stameleshoo by Portesmouthe. Tuesday after St. Thomas the Apostle, 18 Richard II.
[Sussex.] C. 5742. Grant by Richard de Alkesbourne to William Alphagh of La Rogheye, Agnes his wife, and the heirs of their bodies of 4a. land at Asfolde in Horsham between the old park of Alkesbourne, &c.; remainder to the said William, his heirs and assigns. La Rogheye, Sunday, the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 20 Edward III.
[Staff.] C. 5743. Grant by Gregory son of William son of Gregory de Bettileyeg' to Geoffrey son of Hugh Rosesone of a place of land in the field of Raufalth to hold of the chief lord of Bettileye. Witnesses:— Thomas de Thickenes and John son of Stephen, bailiffs, and others (named). Thursday after Candlemas, 1342.
[Suffolk.] C. 5744. Bond given by John le Youngehusebound and John de Codenham to Sir Andrew de Bures, knight, and John Botiller for the repayment of 20l. to be used by them in trade, and repaid at certain dates within the year. Roydon, Monday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 22 Edward III.
Somers. C. 5745. Indenture of fine between William, bishop of Lincoln, Reginald Bray, William Hody, and John Shaa, knights, Hugh Oldom, clerk, Humphrey Conyngesby, serjeant-at-law, Richard Emson, William Coope, John Cutte, and Nicholas [Cu]mpton, complainants, and Joan Copliston, widow, deforciant, being a conveyance of the manor of Estham, with warranty against John, abbot of Westminster, and his successors. For this conveyance they gave her 100l. West- minster, the morrow of Martinmas, 16 Henry VII. Endorsed, Somerset. Estham.
[Suffolk.] C. 5746. Grant by John Galwer of Fresyngfeld, Walter Arneyop of Holkton, and Hamon Occo[lt] of Redynhale to Simon Folcrede of Weybrede of all his lands in [I]stede, hamlet of Weybrede. Thursday after St. Matthew the Apostle, 7 Richard II.
Essex. C. 5747. Grant by Thomas Coleman of Esthamme and Joan his wife to William Galyon of Wolewych, Christina his wife, and his heirs, of 2a. land in the parish of Wolewych whereof 1a. 3r. in a field called 'le Hope' and 1r. in 'Ballardisacre' adjoining a lane called 'Carterislane.' Monday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 46 Edward III. Endorsed, Carta Thome Colman facta Willelmo Galien de ij. acris terre in parochia de Wolewiche, videlicet in marisco ex parte Essexie, anno xlvjto regis E. tercii.
[Lincoln.] C. 5748. Grant by Thomas Laceby of Clee and Peter Laceby of the same to Isota Laceby of a messuage and garden in Clee, situate as described. 20 March,' 11 Edward IV. Seal.
Herts. C. 5749. Grant by Richard Est alias Bybat to John Aleyn of Betlow, Denise his daughter (filie mee), and his heirs, of all his land, &c. in Naldewyke, Tyscote and Betlow, Tuesday before St. Dunstan, 31 Henry VI.
[Oxford.] C. 5750. Grant by Roger de la Rewe of Henntone to John le Romayn of Wylenhale and Edward his son, of ½a. arable in Henntone on 'la Hulle' in the field (cultura) called 'Churchewey.' For this they gave him 20s. beforehand. Wednesday after Midsummer Day, 31 Edward I.
[Cornw.] C. 5751. Grant by Thomas Gyddelegh to John Baret and John Pen of all his messuages and lands in Plegaton, Sutton, and Porpera for their lives; rent, 1d. at Christmas. 2 Richard II. Endorsed, Pleyton . . . .
[Middlx.] C. 5752. Grant by William Feld of Harengey and Stephen Ry[gevale] to William Baylly and William Clerk of London of 2s. [land] in the field called 'Threnacres' and elsewhere which they had by the gift of John Gerveys. Harengey, 6 [Edward] IV.
[Chester. Staff.] C. 5753. Defeasance by Roger le Vernon of Werford of a bond for 10l. given by Richard de Leftewyche the elder, on condition that the said Richard shall either cause the tenants of Anstanesfelt to attorn in affirming the estate of Richard his son, or shall assure to the said Richard other tenements of equal value, or agree to an exchange with Sir Ralph de Vernon. Werford, Thursday, St. Andrew's Eve, 15 Edward III. French.
[Herts. Bedford.] C. 5754. Copy of a grant by Idonia Goseblod of Dunstaple, widow, to Robert Evesham and Joan his wife, her daughter, of a piece of land in the field of Kenesworth, late of John Hauk, and of a place of land in the South Street (vico de south), of Dunstaple, between Cherchelane, &c. Thursday before St. Gregory the Pope, 46 Edward III.
[Surrey.] C. 5755. Grant by William son of Reginald Gocelyn of Pekham in the parish of Camerwelle to Richard son of Ellis Ailwyne of the parish of Auhtone, co. Middlesex, and Joan his wife, mother of the said William, of land in Pekham, situate as described. Sunday, 5 June, 8 Edward III.
Essex. C. 5756. Grant by Adam Pavy of Esthamme to John Perys of the same of a toft and 3½a. land in the parish of Wolewych in the parts of Essex in a field called 'le Hope,' whereof the toft and 1a. adjoin the road from the Thames to the wood, 2a. called 'Algoresland' lie between the lands of John Galian the elder and John Galian the younger, and ½a. called 'Aylovesland' lies near the land of John Galian the younger. Wednesday after St. Lucy, 12 Edward III. Endorsed, . . . . de uno tofto . . . . inmarisco. . . . .
[Chester.] C. 5757. Demise by Thomas Alcrynton, chaplain, and Thomas Hogh to Ellen wife of Robert son and heir of Richard Assheton of Assheton on Mersybonke of messuages and land in Altrincham Croshouses and elsewhere in Assheton aforesaid and of land called 'Normershe' there which they had by the gift of the said Robert, for her life; remainder to the said Robert and the heirs of his body; remainder to Robert's right heirs. 27 June, 37 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Hants.] C. 5758. Grant by Thomas, lord of Foxcote, and Margaret his wife to Henry de Harnhulle of 3a. land called 'Smokacres' in the west field of Foxcote. Saturday St. Edmund the Confessor, 19 Edward II. Two seals, damaged, one of arms. Endorsed, De certis terris in Foscote juxta Peniton Meysy.
Cheater. C. 5759. Grant by Robert Assheton, esquire, to John Chatherton for the life of the said Robert of all messuages, &c. held by the said John and by Edward Caryngton, severally or jointly, in Altryncham. Witnesses:—George Bothe, esquire, James Parker, mayor of Altryncham, and others (named). 6 June, 17 Edward IV.
[Wilts ?] C. 5760. Confirmation by Adam son and heir of Robert Stormy of Segre to Thomas de la Gotere of Malmesbury of all lands and rents granted to the said Thomas by the said Robert. Malmesbury, Sunday before Lady Day, 5 Edward II. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 5761. Grant by John Wylsham son of John Wylsham to John Hykke of Assebornehame, Constance, his wife, and the heirs of the said John [Hykke], with remainder in default to the grantor, of a piece of land called 'H[od]elond' in the parish of Assebornehame; rent, 21d. to be paid at Wylsham. Wylsham in Assebornhame, 18 October, 16 Richard II. Seal.
Middx. C. 5762. Grant by Eleanor Kelyngworth of London, widow, to Henry Broker, gentleman, of all her possessions. 3 March, 1 Henry VII. Seal, broken. Endorsed with note of enrolment on the Close Roll.
[Devon.] C. 5763. Grant by William Odyte to John Liveger of 1a. land in Livegereston, abutting on the highway (sub regali via) on the moor called Torwode between Hetfelde and Livgereston; rent, 6d. Sunday after St. Andrew, 3 Edward II. Endorsed, For one acre of lande in the Slade More.
[Worc.] C. 5764. Grant by William Glym to John Ryvers, Philippa his wife, and the said John's heirs, of all his lands which he had by the gift of the said John in Piendefen, Pidele, Pershore, Puppilton, and Walcote. Saturday after the Ascension, 4 Henry V.
[Herts.] C. 5765. Grant by Emma late the wife of Nicholas de Brok' to Thomas her son of [1]a. arable in the east fields of Tiscote [and] Bottelowe, on Litlelenhull, adjoining the headland of Geoffrey de Luci. Bettelowe, Sunday after St. James the Apostle, 4 Edward II.
[Sussex.] C. 5766. Grant by Gerard de Wylesham to Alan son of Ellis de Wylesham, Eleanor his wife, and their heirs of 11½a. land in the parish of Esburnham, whereof 7½a. are called 'Wellelond' and 4a. are called 'Hodylond'; rent, 2s. 6d. Seal.
Bedford. C. 5767. Grant by Reynold Botiller of Caldecote in the parish of Northyvell to William Herteshorn and Richard Godfrey, esquires, William Rysby, Thomas Milleward, and William Saltewell of a dovecote and 1½a. land and meadow in Caldecote. 28 April, 2 Edward IV.
[Cambridge.] C. 5768. Grant by John Matefrey of Dullyngham to William Lyngge of the same, chaplain, of three pieces of arable in 'le Crouch'feld' with the crops thereon in Dullyngham, whereof one piece abuts on the highway called Scheldeweye; rent for the two years next following, a rose, and afterwards, 4l. Friday after St. Dunstan, 4 Edward III.
[Oxford.] C. 5769. Chirograph indented witnessing that it is agreed between Richard, abbot of Thame, and the convent of the same, of the one part and John Fevre, parson of Fletemerston, and Adam ate More of the other part that whereas John ate Pole and William Adewell have enfeoffed the said John and Adam of all the lands in the towns of Sydenham and Chinnore which John ate Pole had, the condition being that the said John and Adam should enfeoff the said abbot and convent or their assigns thereof on demand, the said John and Adam shall enfeoff William Hamulden and Joan his wife and the heirs and assigns of the said William of the said lands, saving to the said abbot and convent all seignorial rights to them theretofore due. Thame, Sunday before St. Barnabas, 46 Edward III. French.
[Berks.] C. 5770. Affidavit made before John Benet, Nicholas Massynger, Robert Croke, John Magot, John Bulforde, and . . . ., bailiff of Neubury, by Thomas Chaunceler, formerly servant to Thomas Rotour of Hakeburn, and now servant to John Bulforde of Newbury, touching his quitting the service of the said Rotour. Neubury, 20 December, 10 Henry VI.
Kent. C. 5771. Letter of attorney by Humphrey, earl of Stafford, lord of Tonbrigge and Caurs, to Thomas Barbour and John Colet, to deliver seisin to Richard Vernon, Knight, Thomas Arblaster, esquire, and John Harper of his manors of Tonbrigge, Hilden, South Hadelowe, and Dacheherst. 28 April, 8 Henry [VI]. Endorsed with a note of enrolment on the Close Roll, 13 Henry [VI].
Essex. C. 5772. Grant by Robert Starlyng, late of Chigwell, 'husbonde- man,' to Thomas Urswyk, knight, chief baron of the King's Exchequer, of all his possessions. 8 September, 13 Edward IV.
[Sussex.] C. 5773. Grant by Simon ate Halle to Robert son of Robert de W[y]lesh[am], Maud his wife, and Robert their son of a piece of his land in the parish of Wertling adjoining land called 'Holemannesbrok.' Sunday before Candlemas, 16 Edward II. Endorsed, A deede of Greene Brooke in Warthelinge.
[Heref.] C. 5774. Grant by Gilbert le Palmare of Cradelegh to Henry de Couleye of his messuage, &c. in Buryende in the town of Cradelegh adjoining 'le Westfeld.' Saturday after St. Tiburtius and St. Valerian, 10 Edward II.
[Lincoln.] C. 5775. Grant by Thomas Moigne to Peter Laceby of seven selions in Castell Crofte in Clee with anew messuage thereon, between the land of the abbot of Wellowe and the highway from Hoole, Thrynscowe, and Itterby to Clee; rent, 6d. 5 December, 22 Henry VI.
Bucks. C. 5776. Release by Thomas Gerveys of Wendovere to Thomas atte Strete of the same of all actions real and personal, plaints and demands which he has against him. Sunday after St. James, 31 Edward III.
[Oxford.] C. 5777. Quitclaim by Alice le Marchal of Chalcford, late the wife of Roger le Cumvers, widow, to John de la Pole of Sydeham of her right in 1a. arable which he had by the gift of the said Roger. Chalcford, Saturday before St. Edmund the King, 1 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 5778. Grant by Edita daughter of Robert de Leek, widow, to Thomas de Thikenes of Bettiley of all her lands within the lordship of Bettiley, in Baburmos, Rageneshalrudunc, and Westfeld. Witnesses:—Richard le Coke and Nicholas Quythed, bailiffs of Bettiley, Henry del Delves, John le Marchal, and others (named). Monday after St. Gregory, 36 Edward III.
[Leic.] C. 5779. Indenture witnessing that Hugh son of Adam de Herdeby has granted to the abbot and convent of Croxton 13 selions of arable adjoining 'le Milnegate' and the land of the said abbot in Howes, in frank almoin, in exchange for 11 selions of arable in Herdeby against Westhil. Innocents' Day, 1326.
[Kent.] C. 5780. Demise by Richard Engle of the parish of Brenchesle, John Downe, tanner, of the parish of Tudele, and William Hacche of the parish of Nettylstede to Robert Elyote of a piece of land in Nettylstede called 'Byrchett'.' . . November, 7 Henry VII.
[Bedford.] C. 5781. Grant by Richard Northerne of Thornecote to Robert Persel of the same, Amice his wife and John their younger son of 1r. 4ft. of his land in Buston to hold to them and the heirs of the said John; remainder to Ellen sister of the said John if he die without heirs of his body. Thursday after St. Agatha, 11 Edward III. Seal.
C. 5782. Quitclaim by John son and heir of John Gay to Giles Grevile of his right in a croft between the croft of the abbot of Westminster and the high way. . . . . 12 April [14] Henry VII. Seal, damaged.
Chester. Lancaster. C. 5783. Grant by Robert Assheton to John Trafford, knight, John . . . . ford, esquire, and Ranulf Davenport, parson of Wymmeslow, of all his manors, &c. in Assheton on Mercybonke, Sale, Altryncham, and elsewhere within the counties of Chester and Lancaster. Witnesses:—Robert Leghe and John and Christopher Davenport, esquires. Monday . . . ., S Edward IV.
[Berks.] C. 5784. Grant by Thomas Estburi to John de Estburi the elder, John Pecche, and William We . . . . and Richard Walwey', chaplains, of all his lands, &c. within the hundred of Lambourne. Lambourne, the morrow of St. Bartholomew, 6 Henry IV.
Derby. Leic. C. 5785. Grant by John Bradshawe and Joan his wife to Humphrey, earl of Stafford, William Hore, clerk, Roger Draycote, esquire, and William Bradshawe of all their lands, &c. in Caldewall. and Twycrosse. Monday, the feast of St. Valentine, 35 Henry VI. Fragment of one seal.
[Dorset.] C. 5786. Grant by Robert Tyle and Emmot his wife, late the wife of John . . . . hay of Brideport to William Olyver of a burgage in the west street of Brideport. Witnesses:—Richard Burgh and Henry Maries, [bailiffs] of Brideport, and others (named). Monday after St. Mary Magdalen, 4 Edward IV.
Essex. C. 5787. Demise by John Neutre, clerk of the parochial chapel of Romford, to Walter Strangman and Agnes his wife, William Thursby of Romford, and William Mynmowth, servant of the said Walter, of a garden in Romford, between the highway from [Bre]nde- wode to London and land called 'Westfeld' measuring 46½ft. by 45ft. by 76½ft. by 63ft. de pedibus vocatis Powlesfeet, which he had by the gift of John atte Asshe late of Haveryng atte Boure. Haveryng, 5 May, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Wilts.] C. 5788. Grant by Thomas Smyth of Wotton Basset to John Chepman, son of Walter Chepman of the same, of all his lands, &c. in Privetees and Brokenelond by . . . . Wotton, except 2a. land in Brokenelond, which lands, &c. he had by the gift of the said Walter and of 5a. arable late of John Grandon in the field of Old Wotton to the said John. 24 August, 3 [Henry] IV.
[Suffolk.] C. 5789. Demise by John Dade, gentleman, Nicholas Dade, John Loft, William Keryche, and Robert Morton to Thomas Dade of Weybred the elder and Rose his wife, John Lawtyr, and James Coneu aid of all their lands, &c. in the town of Weybred which they had from John Bumpstede. Witnesses:—Henry Cooke, bailiff of Weybred, and others (named). 13 June, 19 Henry VII. Three seals, two damaged. Endorsed with a note of livery of seisin.
[Bedford.] C. 5790. Demise by William Rusby, John Botiller, and Thomas Cartere to Eustace Pertesoyll and Christian his wife of 1a. land in the fields of Beeston, whereof ½a. lies on 'Clayhull,' and ½a. lies in 'le Hoo,' which land they had, jointly with the said Eustace, by the gift of John Burgeys of Beeston. 4 April, 17 . . . . Two seals and fragments of a third.
[Bedford.] C. 5791. Grant by William Joce of Thornecote to Ralph Juel of the same of a selion of his land in the field of Bestone near the land of the abbot of Wardone and abutting on 'le Brok.' Thornecote, Friday before St. Botolph, 5 Edward II.
[Wilts.] C. 5792. Grant by Maud Turpyn of Alborn, widow, to William Schail the elder of the same of 6a. arable in the field of Aldeborn adjoining land of Reginald, vicar of Aldeborn, and at Dyk'combe, Foxlynche, Coumbes, and elsewhere. Saturday after St. Tiburtius, St. Valerian and St. Maximian, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[Herts.] C. 5793. Grant by Walter le Fullere of Dunstaple to Richard Angewyn of the same of 2a. land in the field of Kenesworth, situate as described. Thursday, the feast of St. Barnabas, 6 Richard II. Seal, damaged.
[Essex.] C. 5794. Quitclaim by William son and heir of William de Cotenham to John son of Nicholas de Wymbisch the elder of his right in a piece of arable in the hamlet of Schortegrave in the field called 'le Stonfeld' adjoining 'le Stonmad.' Neuport, Thursday after St. John before the Latin gate, 11 Edward III. Seal.
Herts. C. 5795. Quitclaim by William Trought of Dunstaple to Lawrence Pycot, William Anable, John Skynner, James Sodlomb, and William Albryght of his right in the arable land which they had by the gift of John Trought, his father, in the fields of Kennesworth. 26 April, 13 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Bucks. C. 5796. Quitclaim by William Aleyn and William Squyere of Evere to Edmund Richekyng of their right in 2a. arable in the field of Sutton on 'Stonhull,' situate as described, which they had, together with the said Edmund, by the gift of John Say, of Evere, alias Taillour. Sutton in Evere, 16 April, 10 Henry V. One seal.
Herts. C. 5797. Grant by John Trought of Dunstaple to Lawrence Pycot and others (as in C. 5795), and to the heirs and assigns of the said Lawrence, of one piece of arable in the field of Kennesworth. 14 April, 13 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Heref. C. 5798. Quitclaim by John and Walter Newechirche, chaplains, to John Newechirche, son of Agnes de Turpelton, of their right in land which they had by the gift of Richard . . . ., Malcolm Darras, Richard Jones and Thomas Kene jointly with the said John son of Agnes. Newechirche, Thursday after St. George, 18 Richard II. Two seals, damaged.
[Herts.] C. 5799. Giant by Henry Foughlere of Bettelouwe to Thomas Person of Aldwyk of 8a. arable, formerly of William Halstonwe of Aldwyk, lying dispersed in the fields of Tiscote, Bettelouwe and Aldwyk. Sunday, the feast of St. Barnabas, 37 Edward III.
Bucks. C. 5800. Indenture confirming a feoffment by John Manefu of Chichestr', son and heir of John Manefu of Fallegh, to Thomas Clobber, John Sadeler, parochial chaplain of Henley, and the heirs of the said Thomas of all the lands late of John Manefu in Fallegh on condition of payment of 20 marks at certain dates. Wednesday, 17 March, 4 Henry V.