Deeds: C.6601 - C.6700

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.6601 - C.6700

[Heref.] C. 6601. Grant by Robert Solle, of Bodenham, to John de la Hope and Margery his wife, for 9s. beforehand, of 1a. land which he bought from Hugh de Dudidale, at Dikes; rent to the said Hugh, 1d. and to himself a fair red rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—Thomas de Hueton, clerk, William de Tullinton, and others (named).
[Leic] C. 6602. Acknowledgment by Jonet, wife of Thomas de Cuyly, of the receipt from Nicholas, son and heir of Richard de Temple, of 10 marks, for the purchase of the manor of Little Shepey. Radeclyf, Sunday, the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 43 Edward III. Seal French.
Heref. C. 6603. Letters of Walter Stanwey and Agnes his wife, and Thomas Warde and Margaret his wife, appointing John Chyppenham their attorney to deliver to Thomas Breynton seisin of all the lands which John de le Ree, chaplain, had in Hereford by the gift of William Breynton. 15 July, 25 Henry VI. Two seals.
Cambridge. C. 6604. Demise by John Ferby to Katherine, late the wife of Thomas Pryme, Thomas Pryme, his son, Richard Pippyll, William North, Thomas Godfrey the younger, and Nicholas Joly, of his tene- ment and croft and 4a. 3½r. land in Trippelowe, near Stokwellane &c. which he, and others jointly with him, had by the gift ot John Pippill, John son of John Brasier, John Swalowe, John Priour, and Thomas Godfrey, to the use of the said Katherine, for her life, with remainder to the use of Thomas his son. 20 May, 22 Henry VII. Seal.
[Devon.] C. 6605. Quitclaim by Constance, late the wife of John Bole, of Southon Dertemouth, sister and heir of John Capiton, of Clyfton Dertemouth, to John Monfort of her right in a place of land by the sea with a palisade (palacea) adjoining in Southon Dertemouth. Wed- nesday, the feast of St. Peter's Chair, 8 Richard II. Seal.
[Devon.] C. 6606. Grant by John Capiton, of Dertemouth, to John Monfort, of Southon Dertemouth, of a piece of land &c. (as in C. 6605.) Monday before the feast of St. Peter's Chair, 8 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
Warw. C. 6607. Will of Edward Leiwes, appointing that Sir Thomas Tresham, of Newton, knight, his executor, shall sell his messuages &c. in Maunceter or elsewhere, and after paying out of the proceeds the portion agreed to be paid to George, his eldest son, shall divide the residue into two equal parts, whereof one part is to be paid to Mary his wife, in lieu of jointure, and the other divided amongst his younger children in equal shares, subject to their cancelling any bonds he may have made in their favour. 23 December, 1618. Paper. Signature, illegible. Seal folded in the paper.
[Heref.] C. 6608. Bond by Adam le Veyser, of Welynton, for the payment, of a loan of 5 marks due to Matthew Restotes. Sunday after Mid- summer Day, 17 Edward III.
[Suffolk.] C. 6609. Grant by Thomas Portyr, chaplain, and William Carman, to Thomas Wrenne, Thomas Bonde and John Croos of 1½a. land in the east field of Yaxlee, between land of the prior of Hoxne &c. 8 January, 23 Henry VI.
[Worc.] C. 6610. Grant by William Vaumpage and Richard de Ekinton, to John Vaumpage, of Persor, of a tenement in Wike, near the churchyard. After the feast of St. George, 23 Edward III.
[Leic.] C. 6611. Quitclaim by Robert de Temple, of Wellesburgh, to Ralph Hurleman, of Boseworth, of his right in all the lands and mills which Ralph had by the gift of Nicholas del Temple, Robert's father, in Shepeie Parva and Schepeie Magna. Friday after the Annunciation, 4 Henry IV.
[Leic.] C. 6612. Grant by Nicholas del Temple, of Whellesburgh, to Ralph Hurlemon, of Boseworth, of his manor of Shepeye Parva, and lands, and of a mill and pond with suit &c. there. Saturday after St. Matthias, 49 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Leic.] C. 6613. Quitclaim by the above Nicholas to the above Ralph of his right in his manor of Shepeye Parva &c. (as in C. 6612.) Monday after the Annunciation, 49 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Middx. C. 6614. Acknowledgment by William Sayer, prior of St. Mary Elsyngspitell, London, of the receipt from Thomas Thornton, Thomas Urswyk, gentleman, John Prynce, and John Lambourne, gentlemen, and John Don and Henry Asshewell, citizens and mercers of London, of 20s., part of an annuity of 6 marks payable during the life of William Wouborn, minor canon of St. Paul's. Easter Day, Anno . . . imo, Edward IV.
[Essex.] C. 6615. Certificate by William Wheler the elder, of Wrytell, William Illye, John Weld of Barowe, John Geffrey and John Pyneton, of Highwode, Richard Birle and John Wheler, of Wretill, that Harry Wheler, of Highwode, 'willed by expressed words of his mouth spoken' at the time of his death, that 17a. land called 'Elkyns' in Wrytell should be sold by Anne and Joan, his daughters, and the proceeds divided equally between them. 14 February, 17 Edward IV. English. Three seals.
[Salop.] C. 6616. Chirograph, indented, whereby Thomas Carbonel granted to Stephen de la Lee, Iseult his wife, and John, their son, for their life, a messuage and 10a. land, which John le Muller held in Ahsford Carbonel, and other land there lying in 'Berewarsfeld,' in 'Dounefeld,' at 'Brodmor,' at 'Aldithebroke,' and in 'la Ruggefeld,' stretching to 'Uckebrok'; rent, 5s. Sunday before St. Gregory, 30 Edward III.
[Leic] C. 6617. Indenture witnessing that Robert de Temple, the elder, has demised to Walter Tottesden a messuage in Whelesburgh, a cottage in Temple, a close called 'le Thorneclos,' and a meadow called 'Helmesford,' together with 8r. arable lying near 'le Redlandes,' for twelve years, at a rent of 40s., three loads of hay, half a quarter of wheat, and half a quarter of malt, on condition that oaks and ashes growing in or bordering on the close may not be lopped or felled without leave and that if Robert and Joan his wife, die, or if Walter die in the lifetime of Robert and Joan, this indenture shall be void. 15 December, 10 Henry VI.
Kent. C. 6618. Declaration by William Culpepyr, esquire, John Cotton, gentleman, John Coppyng, John Playforde, William Wodecoke, John Loveshoth, Thomas Mower. Nicholas Bounde, Thomas Clay, John Payn, John Lokyer, John Godyn, John Charles, William Hoo, John Dey, John Brown, Richard Ovenell, John at Wode, John Lyly, John Upton, and Richard Glover, that William Sampson of Aylesford, deceased, did not deliver estate to John Sampson of London, his son, of a messuage and 30a. land at East Preston in Aylesford, as alleged by Alyn Cardon of London, but delivered it to Alexander Davy and other persons since deceased, 23 May, 21 Edward IV. English. 14 seals.
Heref. C. 6619. Grant by Edmund Brugge, of the parish of Bodenham, to John Brugge, of Hampnasshe, Richard Ilger, the younger, of Hoope, John Fourches, and John Hulampton. of Little Thyngell, of all his lands &c. in la Nether More, Hoope Duddale, la Venne, and else- where in the said parish, and of all his lands &c. in Ocle Pychard and in the parish of Morton Geffray or elsewhere in the county. Tuesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 10 Henry IV. Seal.
Glouc. C. 6620. Quitclaim by Agnes, late the wife of William Beryman, of Stow St. Edward, to William Beryman, of the same, of all personal actions and claims. Thursday, 2 July, 7 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 6621. Indenture whereby Alexander Davy granted to James Holand, for 15l., a tenement and 30a. land, late of William Sampson, lying dispersed in the parish of Aylesford, in East and West Preston. 14 January, 22 Edward IV.
Heref. C. 6622. Grant by Thomas Restard to Master Richard Martyn, Simon Mylleburne, esquire, Thomas Braynton, and John Wynne, of all his lands &c. in Welynton, Mawerden, Bodenham, Lower Luyd, and Burghull. 20 January, 13 Edward IV. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6623. Chirograph, indented, witnessing that John de Baginden has sold to Walter Restot a standing crop (vesturam cujusdam croppy) of wheat in the lordship of Welynton, in a place called 'Weyeforlong,' and has leased to him an orchard, dovecote, and moor there for a year from All Hallows next. The said Walter is not to cut any trees, except thorns, without leave. Saturday, Candlemas Eve, 39 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 6624. Quitclaim by Thomas de Bokeselle to Richard Kempe of his right in a tenement called 'Tryppe,' in Salherst. Sunday after St. Gregory the Pope, 26 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 6625. Grant by Maud, daughter of Gabriel Trippe, to Thomas de Bokeselle of all the lands &c. which came to her at the death of Margery Trippe, in the parish of Salherst. Tichesherst, the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 22 Edward III Seal.
Essex. C. 6626. Conveyance by John Trotter, John Drayton, clerk, William Chalk, William Brette, and William Morkyn, to Thomas Grafton, merchant of the Staple of Calais, Robert Brakyngbury knight, Thomas Pontesbury, merchant of the Staple of Calais, Thomas Luyt, William Forster, and Robert Plomer, gentlemen, and Richard Gosselyn, of 16a. land with a garden in Writell and a way leading to 1a. thereof, abutting on the high road from Writell to Blakemore, which land, etc. they had jointly by the demise of Stephen Robgeaunt, William Coope and Edmund Sawell. 23 May, 2 Richard III. Five seals.
[Middx.] C. 6627. Copies of the roll of the court of the manor of Haryngey, held on Wednesday the feast of St. Andrew, 14 Edward IV, whereat (1) Robert Turvyng and Alice Turvyng, his mother, surrendered 5a. land in Haryngey, whereof 3a. lie in 'Southfeld' and 2a. in 'Skytmorescroft,' to the use of John Etryngton, the younger, treasurer of the king's household, as tenant by the rod, and (2) Alice Turvyng, widow, and Robert, her son, surrendered 3a. land called 'Hobbescroft' to the use of Giles Ewstace and Joan, his wife, as tenants by the rod.
[Heref.] C. 6628. Grant by John Damerun, chaplain, and William, servant of Walter de Houton, to Walter de Houton and Emota, his wife, and Walter's heirs, of all the lands which they had by Walter's gift in 'la Mor' in the parish of Bodenham. Sunday . . . the Epiphany, 28 Edward III. Seal.
Cambridge. C. 6629. Letters of William Frevell, esquire, John Battysford, gentleman, Thomas Hewyk, chaplain, and John Pyppell, appointing John Pryme, the elder, and John Brasyer, the elder, their attorneys, to deliver to Margaret Thirlowe, widow, Nicholas Thirlowe, William Thirlowe, rector of Great Leghe, Thomas Huntyngdon, esquire, Robert Morton, John Burgoyn, and John Wode, gentlemen, John Pryme, the younger, John Ferby, and Thomas North seisin of all the lands etc. which they, together with Thomas Lokton, esquire, and Alexander Wode, gentleman, deceased, had by the gift of John Thirlowe, the elder, John Lorkyn, of Heydon, and Thomas Flexman, of Newton, and of 6½a. land in Thripplowe. 20 July, 20 Edward IV. Three seals.
Cambridge. C. 6630. Conveyance by William Frevell and others to Margaret Thirlowe and others of lands in Thripplowe (as in C. 6629). 20 July, 20 Edward IV. Four seals. Endorsed: Carta feoffamenti Margarete Thirlow de Bassett in Thriplow.
Heref. C. 6631. Will, dated Friday, 31 March, 1419, of Joan relict of William Breynton of the parish of St. Peter, Hereford, directing her body to be buried in the churchyard of the cathedral, by the north door, bequeathing, among other bequests, to the high altar of St. Peter's church for forgotten tithes, 6s. 8d. and for the fabric of the cathedral, 3s. 4d. and appointing George, her son, and William Yonge, draper, her executors. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with note of probate.
[Leic.] [Derby.] C. 6632. Grant by John Grym to John le Receyvour, of Leicester, of timber for the repair of the mill at Byldeston, to be taken in his wood at Hathcote. Monday after St. Mark, 26 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 6633. Chirograph, indented, whereby William de North, the elder, granted to John de Trowe and Joan, his wife, for their life, a messuage, land, and pasture for two cows in Edbu[rghton]; rent, 6s. 8d. Witnesses:—John de Villers, William de Pavethorn, and others (named). Edburghton, 10 April, 12 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 6634. Grant by John son of Richard Hawe to John Jannen of a yearly rent of 10 marks charged on two pieces of land, meadow, and moor in Solihull, near Waddefordewalle. Thursday before St. Barnabas, 14 Edward III.
[Norfolk.] C. 6635. Letters of Thomas Grafton, merchant of the Staple of Calais, John Fissher, gentleman, John Brampton, clothworker, and Richard Brampton, stockfishmonger, appointing Richard Lyster, William Cowper, and John Halyday their attorneys, to receive from Thomas, cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, and Thomas Billyng, knight, chief justice of the King's Bench, seisin of a messuage and rent in Bishop's Lenn (as in C. 6580). 11 November, 18 Edward IV. Four seals.
[Worc.] C. 6636. Grant by William the smith (faber) to Agnes, his sister, for her life, of a messuage in Stichford; rent, 6d, payable to the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:—William and John de Bosco, John Randulf, Adam de Curdeworth, and John de la Forde.
[Heref.] C. 6637. Grant by John le Hare, of Bodenham, to John Symondes, of Chyrcharde, in the same parish, of ½a. land stretching from Boybrugges Hurne to the road leading from Hope to Bodenham. Monday, the Finding of the Holy Cross, 12 Richard II.
Middx. C. 6638. Bond by Robert Darcy and Bartholomew Brokesby, esquires, to William Babyngton, knight, Hugh Dyke, citizen and 'setter' of London, and Thomas Werisle, clerk, for the payment of 116l. 13s. 4d. 11 July, 5 Henry VI.
[Heref.] C. 6639. Grant by Thomas Baudewyn to John de la Hulle and Eleanor Bayly, his wife, of all his lands in the parish of Bodennam which he, jointly with John Florance, vicar of Bodenham, and Thomas le Hyrys, deceased, had by the gift of William le Baylyf, of Bodenham. Monday after the Holy Trinity, 1 Henry IV.
[Heref.] C. 6640. Grant by Thomas [Swoni]ld, of Mora, to Thomas de Houtone and Walter and Hugh, his sons, of two selions of land with a hedge (hayissia) in Ulaynat. . . . Witnesses:—Walter and John de Houtene, Walter Ilger, William de Fourchus, William Devereus, and others. . . . Innocents, 11 Edward II.
Essex. C. 6641. Grant by Robert de Litlington to Robert de York, citizen of London, and John de Kildale, chaplain, of all his messuages, etc. in Dagenham and Berkyngg, and a windmill called 'le Newemille' and a field called 'le Millefeld' in Haveryng atte Boure, all which he had by the gift of John Michel, citizen and vintner of London. Merkes, 11 February, 39 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
Heref. C. 6642. Conveyance by George ap Huy and William Hoggys to Thomas Restard, of Welynton, Agnes, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of all the lands, etc. which they, with Thomas Holgot, deceased, had by the gift of Richard Restard, clerk, and Roger and . . . . Restard in Burmarsh in the lordships of Maurdyn, Boddnam, and Netherluyd; remainder to the right heirs of Thomas. 20 January, 7 Edward IV. Two seals, one damaged.
Suffolk.] C. 6643. Grant by Henry Turgus to John Godanouth of a piece of his land, reckoned as 3 acres, in Stradebrok, abutting on Berlhawe Grene. Friday, Michaelmas Day, 3 Edward III. Fragments of seal wrapped in tow.
[Heref.] C. 6644. Grant by Thomas Swonild to Thomas de Hueton and Walter and Hugh, his sons, of a croft in the town of la More, between the land late of Sir Walter Devereus and the Tyne brook. Witnesses:— Walter and John de Hueton, John Devereus, and others (named).
[Heref.] C. 6645. Grant by William le Walsshe to Walter le Clerc, of Byford, and Richard son of John Chaundos, of all his lands in the lordship of la Fenne. in the parish of Mawardyn. Monday, the morrow of St. Peter's Chains, 41 Edward III. Seal.
Heref.] C. 6646. Grant by John, son of Hugh Simond, to William Zerward, of the parish of Bodenham, of all the lands which Hugh Skot formerly held of John de Bradfeld. Witnesses:—John Skydmore, of la Feme, John Fourchys, and others (named). Monday after All Hallows, 1 Henry V. Seal.
Heref.] C. 6647. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by John Mersch, of la Fald, and Richard Illynger, of Hope Dodydale, to William Houton, of la More, in the parish of Bodenham, of 2a. meadow in Dounefeld, stretching to Mitteley, which they had by the gift of William Houton, Walter Boy . . ., and Walter Colman; remainder to Edmund Bruge and Eleanor, his wife, of la More, and their heirs. Witnesses:— William de la Wode, John Forches, John Illynger, and others (named). Thursday before Midsummer, 10 Henry IV. Two seals, identical.
Heref. C. 6648. Quitclaim by Edmund, son and heir of Peter Hakelut, to William Pychard, of Caldecote in Erchenfeld, of a yearly rent of 20s. in Fenne, in the manor of Mawardyn, in the parish of Bodenham. Witnesses:—Sir Henry de We[lynto]n and Sir Baldwin de Frevill, knights, and others (named). London, Christmas Day, 20 Edward III. Seal.
Heref.] C. 6649. Grant by William Pychard to Walter de Howton and William le Walssh of all his lands in Maurdyn, Fenne, and Bodenham, late of Andrew le Taylour. Friday after St. Peter and St Paul, 39 Edward III. Seal.
Hants. Sussex. C. 6650. Chirograph indented. Demise by John son of Sir William Heryngaud to the said Sir William, for life, of his manors of Langestok co. Hants, and Walderne, co. Sussex, which are not to be alienated by the said Sir William, who also covenants not to alienate the manor of Ikelesham or any other tenements, rents, or services. Witnesses:— Sir Robert de Sevans, Sir Robert de Burghers, and others (named). Seal, in white wax.
[Heref.] C. 6651. Indenture whereby John Balle granted to Richard, his son, Joan, Richard's wife, and Richard's heirs a messuage and 47a. land and meadow in Bodenham, in 'le Nethermore' and Maurden, late of Edmund Brugge, and 8a. arable, late of Thomas Loveday, whereof 6a. lie in 'Ruffynefeld' and 2a. in 'le Upfelde,' and 6a. arable, which he bought from John Hylle, whereof 2a. lie in 'le Upfelde,' 1a. called 'Stubacre' lies in 'le Donfeld' and 2a. lie in 'le Inlond.' 13 April, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6652. Grant by John de Bagindene to Walter Restot, for life, of 4a. arable in Welynton, lying by Orowardyn, between the road from Tulynton, the land of the lady of Welynton, etc; rent, a clove at Christmas. Witnesses:—John de Chaundos, Adam le Veyser, and others (named). Thursday after St. David, 29 Edward III. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6653. Conveyance by John Fourches, of Chircheyord in the parish of Bodenham, to Walter Smyth, Richard Boley, Richard Mason, Richard Clerke, Thomas and Richard Balle, and William Crompe of a messuage and close in le Overmore which he, together with William Yerward, deceased, had by the gift of John Amore. The feast of St. Andrew, 4 Edward IV. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6654. Grant by Walter Colemon to Walter de Houton and Emota, his wife, for their life, of 1a. pasture in Bodenham, called 'Goreacre,' with successive remainders in tail to Hugh, Agnes, and Margaret, their son and daughters, and ultimate remainder to Walter de Houton's right heirs. Witnesses:—William Devereus, Richard Fourches, Thomas Ilger, Stephen Hotale, and William Seys. Saturday after the Annunciation, 33 Edward III. Seal, damaged.
Heref. C. 6655. Grant by Edmund Brugge to John Brugge, of Hamp- nasshe, and Richard Ilger, the younger, of Hoope, of all his goods in the parish of Bodenham and elsewhere. Witnesses:—John Houton of Magne, Thomas Caweros, and others (named). La Nethermore in Bodenham. Tuesday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 10 Henry IV. Seal, marked W.
[Suffolk.] C. 6656. Quitclaim by Thomas Caketon, clerk, to Roger Sherman, of Thrandeston, of his right in 4a. land called 'Depmere' in Yaxle, abutting on a road called 'Algatewey,' which he had by the gift of Thomas Sherman, deceased. 12 September, 11 Henry VI. Seal, damaged.
Heref. C. 6657. Quitclaim by Gilbert, son of William le Corveiser, to William, his brother, of his right in a tenement, with a cellar ana shops, in Hereford, which William, his brother, had by the grant of William, his father, who had it by the grant of King Edward I. upon the outlawry of William, son of William le Mercer. Witnesses:— Richard Moniword, Walter Tope, and Nicholas Iweyn, bailiffs of Hereford, and others (named). Thursday after Trinity, 4 Edward III. Seal, in white wax. Endorsed: De tenemento in Hereford in le Causey.
Heref.] C. 6658. Grant by Richard de Burmers to John, son of Hugh Baudewin, of ½a. land in the field of Odich in the manor of Mauwardin, near the land of Ambresley; rent to the chief lord of the fee, one grain of corn. For this grant John has given him 10s. beforehand. Witnesses:—John and Walter de Mauwardin, Thomas le Waffre, and others (named). Sunday after Easter, 24 Edward I. Seal, in white wax.
[Lincoln.] C. 6659. Conveyance by John Goodeson and William Ordyng to Richard Wyggynale and Roger Dyne of a place of land in Kyrketon in Holand, in the field called 'Kyrktonenge,' abutting on land of the lord of Multonhalle and on Kyrketonengate, which they had by the gift of Thomas Gelson and Roger Jakson. 20 November, 12 Edward IV. Two seals.
Heref.] C. 6660. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Thomas de Houtone to Walter and Hugh, his sons, in fee tail, of 14a. land in la More, in Bodenham, lying in 'Dunfelde,' 'Brokerug,' 'Bedydone,' and 'Sothfeld,' and between a meadow called 'Myttulneye,' 'Lonotegrene,' the high road, etc; rent during his life, two loads and two trugs of wheat, sixteen trugs of oats, half a load of peas or vetches (vessarum), and two trugs of beans, and, after his death, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—John de Bradefeld, John de Houtone, and others (named). Sunday before St. Mark, 19 Edward II. Two seals.
Wilts.] C. 6661. Quitclaim by Joan Haukyns, relict of Ralph Taillour, to William Kyng of her right in 1r. arable in the south field of Remmesbury, which she had by the gift of John Remmesbury, Witnesses:—Thomas Thamyse, Robert atte Thrope, and others (named). Sunday after St. Bartholomew, 1 Henry IV.
[Heref.] C. 6662. Fragment of a counterpart of C. 6660. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 6663. Grant by William and Richard de Howton, Walter Colemon, and John de Hullamton to Walter de Howton and Emma, his wife, of a messuage and 30a. land in la Fenne in Maurdyn, which they had by Walter's gift. Witnesses:—Roger Deveros, John de Fourches, Thomas Bouggam, and others (named). Wednesday, Michaelmas Day, 2 Richard II.
[Suffolk.] C. 6664. Grant by John le Wrythee to Thomas Custe and Robert Tate, both of West Derham of all his messuages and lands in Wyverston. Witnesses:—Adam Shifte, Richard of [y]e Hebel, and others (named). Monday before New Year's Day, 38 Edward III.
[Suffolk.] C. 6665. Grant by John Mikylwode, the younger, Thomas Lacy, and John Mikylwode, the elder, to Robert Fletcher of two pieces of land in Wyverston between Beryweyelane, Netherstrete, Beryweye, land of the prior of Bresete, etc. Friday, the feast of St. Scholastica, 3 Edward IV. Three seals with red fronts and black backs, two damaged.
[Suffolk.] C. 6666. Grant by Robert Maucheld to Thomas Godhous of a piece of arable in 'Hewodefeld' in Wyverston, abutting on 'le Hundridysmere.' Monday, Midsummer Day, 33 Edward III. Seal, in white wax, damaged.
[Heref.] C. 6667. Grant by Roger Young (juvenis) to Stephen son of Philip de Erdeshope, of 5a. of his land in the fields of Strattone, whereof 1a. is in 'Monforlong' adjoining the green way leading from Hombruge to Wolvardescroiz, 2a. arc in his croft, 1a. is at 'Gatewardyn,' and la. is on 'le Longehulle.' Witnesses:—William of the Marsh (de Marisco), Roger son of Robert de Crcdehulle, and others (named). Seal, with legend: s. rogeri le yonge.
[Leic.] C. 6668. Letters from . . . appointing John Morell, clerk, and Robert Curteys, chaplain, his attorneys to [deliver] seisin of the manor of Temple by Whelesburgh to . . . and Alice his wife. 12 December, . . . Henry VI.
[Cambridge.] C. 6669. Quitclaim by John Cundy, of Suthewyc, to Nicholas de Cheygny of two quarters of toll-corn due to him, yearly, for life, from a mill in Stupelmordon, which mill Nicholas, William, his son, Joan, William's wife, and William's heirs have by his gift. Monday before St. Gregory, 16 Edward [I.] Seal, in white wax, with legend: s. joh. lungecot.
[Cambridge.] C. 6670. Grant by Geoffrey Peverel to Robert Quaraunt and Beatrice, his wife, and their heirs or assigns, except religious houses and Jews, for their homage and service, of 2a. arable in the fields of Steplmord[on] whereof 1a. is in the east field at 'Berdenehul,' abutting on Berdenewey, and 1a. is in the west field, at 'le Schypedole,' abutting on 'Craudich' and the road to 'Keleshulle'; rent, 1d. Witnesses:— Alexander de Orewelle, Henry the Fair (Blundo), and others (named). Seal of Geoffrey Peverel.
[Cambridge.] C. 6671. Grant by Robert Quarant, of Stepelmordon, to Alice. his daughter, for her service, of 1r. land in the west field, in 'le Mer,' abutting on Hafwellestrat; rent, a farthing to Geoffrey Peverell. Witnesses:—John Vernun, John Ulricus, Robert Nel, and others (named). Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 6672. Grant by Robert Quarant to William, his son, for his service, of 3a. land in the fields of Stepelmordone, in the west field, abutting on 'Vodewey' and Westbrok,' at Foxhole abutting on 'Vodewey,' in the east field abutting on the field of Letlingtone, and on 'Berdonehel' in the south field abutting on 'Berdowey'; rent, 3d. to the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Gunwene, Geoffrey Peverel, and others (named). Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 6673. Grant by Robert Quarant to John, his son, for his service, of 3½a. land in the fields of Stepelmordon, on 'le Bedelond,' and in the south field at Fourlowen to the north of Gatesdone; rent, 1½d. to the chief lord of the fee, for all service save the King's service. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Gundewin, Geoffrey Peverell, and others (named). Seal.
[Cambridge.] C. 6674. Grant by Robert Quarant to Alice, his daughter, for her service, of 2a. 1r. land in the fields of Stepelmordone, whereof 1a. lies in the east field, in Fetlowedane, abutting on Berdonewi, and 1a. lies in the south field, in Crouhelesdane, abutting on Wodewey and on the field of Reddere, and 1r. lies in le Mer, abutting on Hafwellestrat; rent, 2d. to the chief lord of the fee, for all service save the king's service. Seal.
[Leic.] C. 6675. Grant by William de Cateby and John Englond, chaplains, to Sir William Meth, John Granforde, and Henry Partryge, chaplains, of all their lands and a water-mill in Bildeston, which they had by the gift of the said Sir William Meth and John Granforde. Witnesses:— John Wichard, of Osberston, Thomas de Sutton, Bertram de Stagton. Friday before Christmas, 46 Edward III. Seal of arms, in white wax.
[Leic] [Warw.] C. 6676. Acknowledgment by John Kyng, clerk, executor of the will of Richard Spraty, of Atherston, of the receipt of 37s. from Margaret Flawndres, of Schepey Parva. 20 September, 4 Henry VI.
[Hants.] C. 6677. Grant by Andrew de Yvetis, with the consent of Hawis his wife, to Richard, the chaplain, his brother, for his service, of a messuage which Maud, his mother, formerly held in dower in Yvetis; rent, half a pound of cummin, for all service save the king's service. For this grant Richard has given him 20s. beforehand. Witnesses:— Richard de Terstewode, Reynold de Butesthorn, Walter de Tichebourne, Robert le Theu, and others (named). Seal, in white wax.
[Leic] C. 6678. Quitclaim by John Grym, of Hathecote, to Edmund de Snypston, chaplain, and Edmund de Charneles, of Snarkeston, of his right in all the lands which they held by his feoffment in Bildeston. Witnesses:—John de Charneles and John Tochet, both of Snarkeston, and others (named). Tuesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 35 Edward III. Seal, in white wax.
[Leic] C. 6679. Chirograph indented, being a grant by John Cheynel, of Thorp by Lilleborne, to Sir John the chaplain, son of Ellis de Witewic, of Rauneston, and Agnes, Sir John's sister, for their life, and to Sir John's assigns after his death for twenty years from the date of this deed, of a yearly rent of 7s. charged on the lands of John Crym in Bildiston; rent, a rose at Midsummer for twenty years, and afterwards half a pound of silver. The feast of St. James, 26 Edward III. Seal, in white wax, damaged.
[Leic] C. 6680. Chirograph, indented, witnessing that John Grym, of Hathcote, the elder, has demised to Sir John de Staunton, knight, his capital messuage and lands, together with 'le Mulneholm,' in Bildeston, except a hall and chamber in the capital messuage, reserved for his use when he comes, for six years, at a yearly rent of a cartload of hay on his coming, and ten quarters of wheat, ten quarters of barley, and ten quarters of beans and peas, all sound and clean, or twelve quarters of each if Sir John die within the term. Saturday after St. Ambrose, 19 Edward III. Seal.
[Leic] C. 6681. Grant by John Grym,of Hathecote, to William de Barnesby, of Sheynton, of a messuage and yardland, which William de Barton held of him in Bildeston; rent, 12d. Sunday after St. Denis, 24 Edward III. Seal, in white wax.
[Leic] C. 6682. Exchange between William, son of Robert de Schepe, knight, and John Grym of their shares of the meadow 'del Holm' lying between Congeston and Bildeston. Witnesses:—Sir Adam de Twhelesber, Sir Peter le Poter, Walter de Culy, Robert le Maukurnes and others (named). Seal.
[Leic.] C. 6683. Quitclaim by John Charnels, of Snarkeston, to Ralph Hurlemon, of Bosworth, of his right in all lands, etc. in Bildeston. Wednesday, the eve of St. James, 5 Richard II. Seal.
[Leic.] C. 6684. Chirograph indented, giving the names and assessment of the inhabitants of Bildeston who paid a fifteenth in the sixth year of Edward III. Endorsed: Habet diem solvendi medietatem die Mercurii in festo Sancti Hillarii.
[Leic.] C. 6685. Grant by John Fylk, chaplain, to Ralph Hurlemon, of Boseworth, of three messuages, three yardlands, etc. in Bylleston, which he had by the gift of John Charnels in Bylleston. Billedeston. Tuesday after St. Mary Magdalen, 5 Richard II. Seal.
[Bucks.] C. 6686. Grant by Geoffrey de Forda, of Greater Risebur', to Walter the farrier (feratori), of the same, for his service, of three acres of his land and half an acre of rented (lucrabilis) land in the field of Risebur, on Cotingeham, stretching to the watercourse of Elsicote, in Holeweye towards Wycam, in Pokeputte, etc. and two cartloads of his common wood; rent, ½d. For this grant Walter has given him 3 marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Stephen de Culildon, Richard de Forda, and others (named). Seal.
Chester. C. 6687. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by William Colfox to Nicholas, his son, of his tenements in Nantwich (Wyco Malbano) in le Beinstrete in exchange for a place of land, with buildings thereon, which Nicholas had by his demise in le Hospitelstrete. Witnesses:— John de Wrennebur', sheriff of Chester, and others (named). Thursday after St. Ambrose, 1339.
Chester. C. 6688. Grant by William, son of Gilbert, and Henry, his son, to Henry, son of John Unwyn, of a place of land, with buildings thereon, in Nantwich, between the High Street, etc; rent to the chief lord of the fee, 6d. and to him, 4d. and a gallon of ale at every brewing. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, and others (named). Sunday after St. Mary Magdalen, 1318. Seals of the grantors.
[Salop.] C. 6689. Grant by Joan Grymelon to Hugh Malpas, rector of Malpas, and William Wenlok of all her lands in Alghynton. Wit- nesses:—John Pulford, rector of Yghtfeld, and others (named). Monday, the feast of St. Hilary. 22 Richard II.
Chester. C. 6690. Quitclaim by Walter de Bromlegh to Richard de Fouleshurst, the elder, of his right in a place of land with buildings thereon, late of Hamon le Tayllour, in Nantwich, between the High Street, Lortebourne, etc. Witnesses:—William de Praers, sheriff of Chester, Richard de Fouleshurst, lord of Edlaston, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Mildred, 1349. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6691. Letters of David de Malpas and Hugh de Malpas, clerk, appointing Richard Streche, William de Puleston, and David de Masseie their attorneys, to receive 38 marks 11s. 10d. from William de Williley, 6 marks 8s. 11d. from Thomas Pryde, and 14 marks 5s. 11d. from William de Birynton, and to give receipts therefor. Monday before Candlemas, 10 Richard II. French. Two seals, damaged, one of arms (Malpas).
[Chester.] C. 6692. Grant by John son of Thomas Joel to Richard de Fouleshurst of his place of land with buildings thereon, which he had by the demise of Nicholas Joel, his uncle, in Nantwich, between the high road leading to Chester, etc. and of half a salt-work with six chaldrons (plumbis) in le Wodestrete, under one roof with the half salt-work of Nicholas Colfox, the younger. Witnesses:—Robert de Bulkylegh, of Alstaneston, Richard de Roop, and others (named). Thursday after St. Lambert, 1353.
Chester. C. 6693. Grant by Walter de Bromlegh to Richard de Fouleshurst, the elder, of land in Nantwich (as in C. 6690). Wednesday after St. Mildred, 1349. Seal.
Chester. C. 6694. Grant by Pvoger de Bulkylegh to Ralph son of Richard de Fouleshurst of a yearly rent of 6s. 8d. charged on a capital messuage and garden in Nantwich by Richard son of Hulla, and redeemable on payment of 56s. 8d. Tuesday, the morrow of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, 17 Edward II. Seal.
Chester. C. 6695. Chirograph, indented, whereby Richard son of Richard de Fougleshurst granted to Nicholas Cabbel, for life, a place of land, with buildings thereon, in Nantwich, between the lane leading to the churchyard and Lortebourne; rent, 1d. Witnesses:—David de Hulgreve, Robert Juddekna, and others (named). Saturday, the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, 1336. Seal.
Chester. C. 6696. Grant by Hugh de Fouleshurst to Robert, his son, and Robert's heirs by Joyce his wife, daughter of Edmund Fyton, of all his lands in Nantwich, Bromale, and elsewhere. Witnesses:—Robert de Bulkyl', sheriff of Chester, and others (named). Sunday after All Hallows, 2 Edward II. Seal.
Chester. C. 6697. Grant by Margery, late the wife of Ralph son of John Wyldebore, to Richard de Fouleshurst, the elder, Maud, his wife, and the heirs between them begotten, of a place of land in the high street of Nantwich, late of Hamon le Tayllur, which descended to her after the deaths of Ralph, son of John Bonvalet, and Alice, her sister, with a road leading therefrom to Lortebourn; remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Richard; remainder to Richard, son and heir of Richard de Fouleshurst. Witnesses:—William de Praers, sheriff of Chester, and others (named). Sunday after the Translation of St. Martin, 1349. Seal.
Chester. C. 6698. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Hugh de Fouleshurst to Roger Hoywayn, of Nantwich, of a place of his land between the High Street, etc; rent, 2s. 6d. Witnesses:—Richard de Fouleshurst, sheriff of Chester, and others (named).
[Chester.] C. 6699. Grant by Margery, daughter of Hamon le Sheremon, to Maud de Cholnondelegh, daughter of Richard de Fouleshurst, of a curtilage in Nantwich between the road to Leghton, etc. Sunday after St. Peter's Chair, 38 Edward III. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 6700. Grant by Nicholas son of William Oldcalf to Hugh Sschayl of a place of land in Nantwich, which he had by the gift of Nicholas son of William Cabbel, between the lane leading to the churchyard and Lortebourne. Witnesses:—David de Hulgreve, Robert Alnane, and others (named). Monday after St. Denis and his fellow-martyrs, 1332. Seal.