Deeds: C.7501 - C.7600

Pages 483-497

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.7501 - C.7600

Devon. C. 7501. Grant by Alice Dunnyng and Joan Perys, widows, sisters and heirs of John Leveger, of Loggysthyll, for 50l. beforehand, to James Courtenay the younger, esquire, James Legh, Andrew Bonfessour, Hugh Harry, of Stobbury, and Hugh Harry's heirs, of all their messuages, lands, etc. at Lyxton alias Lyggiston, or elsewhere in the parish of Aveton Gyfford, to the use of the said Hugh and his heirs. 4 April, 27 Henry VIII. Two seals.
Lancaster. C. 7502. Letter of Thomas Coke, of Maunsfeld in Shirwod, co. Notts, appointing Nicholas Lever and Elisha Eynysworth his attorneys, to deliver seisin of his capital messuage, lands, etc. in Bolton super le More and Wygyn to Roland Revell, gentleman. 5 October, 15 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged.
Cornw. C. 7503. Indenture, being a grant by Walter Kendall, esquire, to Thomas Hockyn of a yearly rent of 6s. charged on all his messuages and lands in Tregantell in Lanlyverye. 17 April, 33 Henry VIII. Seal.
[Devon.] C. 7504. Indenture, being a conveyance by Richard Pers and Robert Putt to Nicholas, son and heir of John Davelles of Alveston, and the heirs of the body of the said John of all messuages and lands in Estprall late of John Davelles of Lyncomb, with successive remainders in fee tail to Richard, brother of the said John Davelles of Alveston, Alice Craswell, and Agnes Scwip, sister of the said John Davelles of Lyncomb, and ultimate remainder to the right heirs of the said John Davelles of Lyncomb. 3 May 6 Henry VIII. Seal and fragment.
[Devon.] C. 7505. Bond in 40l. by Richard Pers, of Kyngisbrigge, merchant, and Robert Putt of Norton, husbandman, to Nicholas Davelles. 22 April, 5 Henry VIII. Condition (in English) for due performance of the terms of C. 7504. Seal, damaged, and fragment.
[Bedford.] C. 7506. Grant by Thomas Clay, of Nether Caldecote, and William Bonvalete to Thomas Fetypas, Alice his wife, and John their son, of a messuage in Over Caldecote, between the tenement of the lord of Northzevell, etc., provided that if the said John die before his mother, the messuage shall be sold by the churchwardens (iconimorum ecclesie) of Northzevell and by the view of the bailiff of Zykwel, and the proceeds distributed for the good of the soul of the grantor (mea). The eve of the Nativity of St. Mary, 11 Richard II. Seal, damaged. Endorsed.— A feffement to Fetypas of landes in Beeston.
[Bedford.] C. 7507. Quitclaim by Agnes Boteler, of Blownham, daughter and co-heir of John Tomas of Mogeranger, widow, to Ralph Akers, of Northyzevyll, and Cecily, his wife, of her right in 5r. land in the field of Beston, lying on 'Drynehull,' abutting on the highway called 'Portewey,' abutting on 'Powtobroke,' etc. 6 August, 8 Henry VIII.
[Bedford.] C. 7508. Quitclaim by Margaret late the wife of Thomas Grenefeld of 'le Broom' in the parish of Southyevell to Alice late the wife of Thomas Fetypas of her right in a messuage with a croft adjoining, containing la. land, in Over Caldecote, between land of the lord of Northyevell, etc., and in 1½r. land in the field of Beston abutting on 'le Southmerssh' and on 'Longelond.' Sunday after St. Hilary, 5 Henry IV.
[Bedford.] C. 7509. Quitclaim by Agnes, late the wife of William Boteler of Blownham, widow, to Ralph Aker of Northyzell, Cecily his wife, and John Taylor of Calcot, of her right in 2a. land and ½a. pasture in Beston, which they had by the grant of Thomas Pecke of Mogeranger. 8 February, 4 Henry VIII.
Notts. C. 7510. Indenture of grant by Richard Samon, esquire, to Nicholas Strelley of Strelley and Walter Smythe, knights, Richard Knightley and Richard Cattesby, esquires, John Onley and Walter Clopton, gentlemen, and Thomas Ashurst of his messuage called 'Samon Place' in Great Smythe Gate, Not[tingham], two closes adjoining thereto, and all his lands in the tenure of Robert Lovet in the county of the town of Not[tingham], of the yearly value of 10l. and more, to the use of the grantor and Elizabeth his wife, for their life and the life of the longer liver; remainder to Ra . . . his son and heir. 26 July, 25 Henry VIII. Signed, Richard Samon. Endorsed (in English) with note of livery of seisin.
[Kent.] C. 7511. Grant by Hamo ate Med of Folstan to John Fraunceys of Canterbury of a piece of land in the said [sic] parish. Tuesday after St. Lucy, 8 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Merioneth. C. 7512. Grant by Thomas ap Tudyr Goz, the king's free tenant of Kefn Dwygraic in the commot of Penllyn, to John ap Hoell Vaghan, the king's free tenant of Pennaran in the same commot for 5 marks payable at Michaelmas, of a tenement called 'Kaer Dwn' in Kefn Dwygraic, for four years. Llangower, 3 September, 18 Henry VIII.
Bucks. C. 7513. Grant by William Hartwell to Henry Miller of his messuage in Buk[ingham] called 'le Cok' (between the messuage of Richard Fowler, knight, a messuage called 'the Aungell,' the High Street, and the water of Owse), to which, and to land called 'le Temple Lond' and a lane called 'le Water Lane,' he will become entitled, by inheritance from John his father, after the deaths of Edmund Vaus and Alice his wife. 28 May, 16 Henry VIII.
[Cornw.] C. 7514. Quitclaim by Mary Barn, widow, to Laurence Kendall, gentleman, of her right in lands, etc. in Tregantell. 6 January, 5 Edward VI. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Somerset. Wilts. C. 7515. Indenture of sale, dated 31 December, 1 [Edward VI], by Richard Zouche to George Broughton of Ballesdon, co. Berks, of tene- ments in Wyncaulton, Mershe, Northbarowe, Southbarowe, Bratton Seymour, Pytcombe, Colle, B . . . . . . . ., and of his moiety of the capital messuage of Suddon, the borough of Brige[water], and lands in Stavordall, Wyncaulton, Stoke, Holwey, Suddon, Brigewater, and Langham. English. Endorsed with signatures of witnesses.
Bucks. [Oxford.] C. 7516. Indenture, witnessing that Agnes Gascoigne, abbess, and the convent of Elnestowe have demised to John Love, John his son, and John Mynne the rectory of Westbury (the vicar's portion and the right to appoint a vicar being reserved) and all the tenements, etc. of the convent in Westbury, Morton, and Takeley, for twenty-one years; rent, 100s.; the lessees to keep the rectory and chancel in repair, to bear the charges of the church, not to sublet without leave, and to bring the rent of Lekehampsted every year to the convent; a bond for 20l. to be void so long as the foregoing conditions are observed. 20 January, 16 Henry VIII.
Kent. C. 7517. Quitclaim by George Nevile, lord Burgavenny, Thomas Nevile, knight, Edward Chamberleyn, esquire, William Godfrey the elder, and Thomas Elmeston, to John Petite of their right in messuages, land, and mills in the parish of Dertford (granted, by deed dated 11 October, 19 Henry VII, to the parties by Edmund Bamme) in order that a decree of Richard Broke, knight, justice of the common pleas, in a matter between the said John and Henry Stafford of Sutton- at-Hone, esquire, and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of the said Edmund, may be carried out. 29 January, 17 Henry VIII. Signed:— G. Bergavenny, T. Nevyle, Edward Chamberleyn. Five seals (three damaged).
Middx. C. 7518. Chirograph, indented, dated 24 November, 8 Henry VIII, being a defeasance by Richard Sutton, esquire, of a sale by Thomas Yorke, esquire, of all lands and rents late of William Yorke, uncle of the said Thomas, and Dame Elizabeth, mother of the said William, in the hundred of Istelworth or elsewhere in the county, and of a statute staple of 300l., on condition of the payment of 40l. on St. Mark's day, 1518. Witness:—Thomas Halle, late servant of Robert Gedge, clerk of the staple. 24 November, 8 Henry VIII. English. Endorsed with an agreement, signed by the parties, giving Thomas the option of purchasing the premises, if sold during both their lives, for 200 marks.
[Chester.] C. 7519. Indenture dated 22 September, 7 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir John Savage, the younger, knight, has demised to Sir William Brereton, knight, his 'mese place' called 'Occleston' in the parish of Middilwyche for forty-one years; rent, 5 marks; agreement by the lessor to be bound in 20l. for due performance. English. Signature of John Savage.
Bucks. C. 7520. Indenture dated 28 May, 18 Henry VIII, witnessing that John Hans, alias Stone, husbandman, has sold to William Duncombe, for 100s., a close of 3r. in Wyngrave called 'Knolles,' between a close called 'Framboldes' belonging to the mystery of the mercers of London, etc., free of all charges except a yearly rent of ½d. due to the chief lord of the fee. English. Signature of John Hans. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Cornw. C. 7521. Indenture of grant by Walter Kendall, esquire, to Robert Davy of Bedelvich in the parish of Seynt Blasy of lands, etc. in Knyghter in the parish of Seynt Austell in exchange for messuages, lands, etc. in Tregantell in the parish of Lanlyverey. 19 May, 34 Henry VIII.
[Bucks.] C. 7522. Indenture dated 14 October, 38 Henry VIII, witnessing that Joan, late the wife of John Roke, gentleman, has demised to William Smythe messuages and lands at Dryvers Knopp and elsewhere in Wyngrave for forty years from the time of her death; rent, 29s. 8d. English. Signature of William Smyth. Fragment of seal.
Herts. C. 7523. Indenture dated [13] June, 36 Henry VIII, witnessing that John Hide of the Exchequer and Thomas his son and heir have sold to John Gille, for 400 marks, the manor of Gledseyes and all other lands, etc. in Therfeld and Bokelonde, except certain lands in Barley and Barkewey, free of encumbrances. English. Signature of John Gille. See Cussans' History of Hertfordshire, Vol. I, p. 119.
Surrey. C. 7524. Indenture of grant by Thomas Byrley, clerk, to Thomas West the younger, knight, William Shelley, serjeant-at-law, John Dawtrey, esquire, William Westbroke and John Polsted of the manor of Tangleygh and all his lands, etc. in the county to his own use for life without impeachment of waste, and on his death to the use of John Byrley. 16 May, 14 Henry VIII. Signature of Thomas Byrley. Fragment of seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
Middx. C. 7525. Indenture dated 31 August, 10 Henry VIII, witnessing that Robert Draper has sold to Sir Henry Wyatt, knight, all his lands in Stratford at Bowe which he bought from Thomas son of John Canon, free of all encumbrances. English. Signed, Robert Draper.
Notts. C. 7526. Indenture dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley, knight, has demised to Oliver Danne of Mannesfeld in Shirewood a house in the 'markett stede' of Mannesfeld called 'the Hygh Howesse' for six years, the rent being acknowledged to have been paid beforehand. English. Seal.
Chester. C. 7527. Indenture dated 4 May, 13 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Buckeley, esquire, has demised to Robert Buckeley, his uncle, for life, a close and pasture called 'Blackemeyr Eghde' within the demesne of Ayton, rent free, with the right to take 'tynsill' with which to enclose the pasture in any part of the demesne without impeachment of waste.
Notts. C. 7528. Grant by George, son and heir of Thomas Parker, of Northamton, gentleman, to Thomas Parker of Reyston, co. Herts, gentleman, his brother, of his manor of Brokestow and two messuages, a mill, 62a. land and 32a. meadow in Basford and Allesworth. 24 March, 5 Henry VIII.
Chester. C. 7529. Grant by John Boudeyn of Boudon to John Wynygnton of Hermytage and Thomas Maynwayryng of Calveley of pastures called 'Blacke Fylde, Cley Feeld, Heylynche Feeld, Warley Hey, and Neydur Shac,' all in Boudon, to the use of the said Wynygnton during the life of Joan wife of the grantor. 15 April, 26 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Chester. C. 7530. Indenture of award dated 27 October, 32 Henry VIII, by Randal Maynwaryng of Chester, alderman, and Humphrey Maynwaryng and Ralph Leftwiche, gentlemen, between Thomas son of Thomas Maynwaryng of Calveley and John Maynwaryng of the Wiche Malbanke, his brother, declaring that John shall pay Thomas 36s. 8d. yearly for life, and that Thomas shall have power to distrain therefor on John's lands in Midlewiche and Newton. English. Signatures of Randal Maynwaryng and Ralph Leftwiche.
Lancaster. C. 7531. Indenture dated 8 December, 34 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Ralph Langeford, knight, agrees to assure to John Gate, esquire, the manor of Hoghe alias Howghe and all other messuages, lands, etc. in the county coming to the said John by inheritance; John to pay 650l., and, on completion, a bond for 6,000l. to be cancelled. English. Signature of Sir Ralph Langford.
Bedford. C. 7532. Chirograph, indented, dated Michaelmas, 10 Henry VIII, witnessing that Richard Grey, earl of Kent, has demised to William Huyns his mill at Estowne, in the parish of Flytwyke, with the house, dam, and pightle belonging thereto, and a windmill in the park of the manor of Ampthyll, with access to both mills, for twenty-one years; rent, 4l.; the tenant to do all repairs and the lessor to find timber therefor. English. Signature of William Huyns.
Merioneth. C. 7533. Grant by Mores ap Guttonyn ap Guttyn, son and heir of Tangloyst verch Llywelyn ap Jevan Lloyd, to John ap Howell Vaghan, both free tenants of the lordship of Mowthoy, of a tenement called 'Y Kay Gwyn,' a tenement intermixed (injunctum) with the burgage of Maurice ap Llywelyn Dyo, clerk, and all his lands, buildings, and rights, formerly of his uncle John ap Llywelyn ap Jevan Lloit, burgess of Denas Mowthoy. Witnesses:—Llywelyn ap Jevan Tayleour, mayor of Denas, and others (named). 16 May, 17 Henry VIII.
Middx. C. 7534. Chirograph, indented, being a conveyance by John Kirton, Henry Tyngilden, and John Baker, gentlemen, Henry [Whyte], [William] Kirton, John Rawson, and John Reymes to Matthew son and heir of William Buk of a yearly rent of 10l., which they had by the gift of the said Matthew, charged on a messuage and other tenements in [St. Mary], Aldermanbury, with a back way (posterna) adjoining the [churchyard] of St. Laurence, Old Jewry. 1 February, 10 Henry VIII. Two seals. Cf. C. 7542.
Oxford. C. 7535. Indenture dated 8 February, 31 Henry VIII, between Thomas Pope, esquire, treasurer of the Court of Augmentations, and John Edmondes, providing that so long as John retains undisturbed possession of lands in Dodyngton wherein Margaret Bust . . ., mother of Thomas, has title of jointure, he shall take no advantage of a deed charging the manor of Dodyngton with an annuity. 8 February, 31 Henry VIII. English. Signatures.
[Lincoln.] C. 7536. Conveyance by Thomas Kytlook of Waynflete, husband- man, feoffee to the use of the will of Roger, son and heir of James Bell and of Jane, wife of the said James and daughter and heir of William Brasse, to Isabel, wife of John Fowle and sister of the said Roger, for life, of 4a. land, called 'Cotecrofte,' in Boterwyke, abutting on land of lord de Rosse, and 4a. land in Freston Inges near Dane John Dyke. 15 June, 24 Henry VIII. Endorsed with signatures.
York [W.R.] C. 7537. Quitclaim by Joan Cutloffe of Tuxforthe, Henry Matley of the same, scholar, her natural son, and others, to Sir Nicholas Styrley of Styrley, knight, of their interest in the lease of a farm called 'Netherthorpe' formerly of the dissolved priory of Worsope. 3 . Henry [VIII]. English. Seal.
Kent. C. 7538. Indenture dated 8 July, 24 Henry VIII, witnessing that John Jurdan the elder has conveyed to John Jurdan the younger, of Brasted, butcher, the reversion of a tenement called 'Spyces,' a garden called 'Warrenes Garden,' a garden called 'Rychemondes Haugh,' land in Swetesfeld, land called 'Greatbrodfeld' and 'Lytle- brodfeld,' a tenement called 'Hethe Tenement,' and other lands in the town and borough of Brasted and within the parish of Scottesolt, on the death of Joan, his wife, previously the wife of Thomas Stacy, in consideration of an annuity of 26s. 8d. to be paid to him for life by the said John Jurdan the younger. English. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
C. 7539. Sale by Walter de Gloucestre, escheator on this side of the Trent, to Humphrey de Bello Campo, knight, for 20l. paid to the king's use, of the marriage, without disparagement, of Idonea, daughter and heir of William de Insula. London, 13 April, 27 Edward I.
Heref. C. 7540. Quitclaim by Ralph Maynston to Edward Maynston of Byrnythen, his brother, of his right in all lands, etc. late of Roger, their father, in the lordship of Irchynfeld. 22 October, 38 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Notts. C. 7541. Indenture dated 10 .September, 28 Henry VIII, witnessing that Hugh Wyllughby of Makstoke, co. Warwick, esquire, has demised to Henry Marmyon, gentleman, a cottage and land in Basford for twenty years; rent, 5s. 4d. to the lessor and 2s. 8d. to the chief lord of the fee. English. Seal. Signature of Henry Marmyon.
Middx. C. 7542. Letters of John Bakere, knight, William Kyrton, esquire, and John Reymes, citizen and merchant tailor of London, feoffees of a messuage, land, solars, conduits, etc. in St. Mary, Aldermanbery, in the occupation of John Gresham, knight, to the use of Thomas Bukke in tail male with remainder to Agnes, his sister, in fee simple, appointing Oliver Byrche, citizen and mercer of London, and George Fodergyll of London, brewer, their attorneys, to enter into the premises and to keep them against all disseisors to the use of Richard, son and heir of Margaret Goderyk, daughter and co-heir of the said Agnes, and to the use of Katherine Richardson, widow, another daughter and co-heir of the said Agnes. 2 July, 28 Henry VIII. Signature of William Kyrton. Cf. C. 7534.
[Heref.] C. 7543. Indenture of grant by John ap Phelpot, chaplain, and John ap Huy, of Bedilston, to Roger ap Maynston, Jane his wife, and an heir male of their bodies, of a manor or messuage at Brenythen and lands in Trecelley, except six closes of land called 'Cregerough'; remainder to Roger and the principal heir male of his body; remainder equally among the heirs female of Roger and Jane and of Alice late the wife of the said Roger, according to the custom of the manor. 2 June, 17 Henry VIII. Two seals.
[Chester.] C. 7544. Indenture dated 5 January, 14 Henry VIII, witnessing that Richard Leftwiche has demised to Henry Vardon a house, oven and land in Broke Holl and the Hylle Heye, crofts called 'Hycke Crofte' and 'Pykmercrofte,' 'too daye mathe of medowe,' and land in Horton Egh, at Claye Gape, and on the Sandywaye hill, all in Leftwiche, held by the said Henry as tenant-at-will, together with two other closes in Leftwiche, for 40s.; the said Henry to hold as tenant at will at a yearly rent of 22s. 4d., not to sublet any part of the premises, but to keep them in repair, and to find an able horseman equipped to serve the king in time of war in the retinue of the said Richard. English. Paper.
Middx. C. 7545. Indenture of apprenticeship of William Hewet, son of John Hewet of Canterbury, mercer, deceased, to John Parnell, citizen and clothworker of London, for ten years. John Brigge, knight, mayor of London, and John Kerne and John Skevington, sheriffs. 18 April, 12 Henry VIII. Signature of John Parnell. Seal, damaged.
Kent. C. 7546. Quitclaim by Thomas Grybby and John Smalham to John Wilmot of Sevenok, executor of Thomas Holowey of Sevenok, baker, of their right in two crofts called 'Russelles' in Sevenok, whereof all the parties are enfeoffed to the use of the will of the said Holowey, in fulfilment of a bargain made between the said Wilmot and William Potkyn, gentleman. 30 July, 6 Henry VIII. Two seals.
Notts. C. 7547. Indenture of defeasance by William Hollys, alderman of London, of a statute staple for 160l. executed by Nicholas Strelley of Strelley, esquire, and James Strelley, citizen and vintner of London, on condition of the payment of 120l. in two instalments by January, 1532. 9 March, 22 Henry VIII. Signature of William Hollys.
Warw. C. 7548. Quitclaim by John Neele, husbandman, to William Lane the younger, of Erdyngton, bladesmith, of his interest in a cottage, croft, &c. in Aston by Byrmyngham. Thursday after St. Thomas the Martyr, 13 Henry VIII.
Warw. C. 7549. Indenture of grant by Marmaduke Constable of Etone, knight, to Richard Hawes and Philip Iseham, yeomen, in consideration of the sale to John Seyntlowe, knight, of lands in Hoddenhull and Ascott and for the redemption of the claim of dower thereon of Elizabeth Constable, his wife, if she shall survive him, of all his messuages, lands, &c. in Burton, Stretton, and Sherforde to his own use for life, with remainder during the life of the said Elizabeth, if she shall survive him, to the use of the said Sir John Seyntlowe, so long as she receives her dower from the lands in Hoddenhull and Ascott, and Sir John pays a yearly rent of 27s. to Sir Marmaduke's heirs. 10 March, 33 Henry VIII. Signed, M. Constable. Seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin. Witnesses:—William Bothom, vicar of Bishops Ichyngton, and others (named).
Cambridge. C. 7550. Grant by William Hawke of Great Shelfforde, yeoman, to John Chapman of a messuage, 80a. land and 100a. heath called 'Squirelles' and a fold-course for 300 sheep in Thryplowe, which he inherited from John Hawke his father. 22 April, 32 Henry VIII. Copy, on paper.
[Heref.] C. 7551. Counterpart of C. 7543. Two seals.
Cambridge. C. 7552. Indenture dated 20 April, 32 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Meede of Berden, co. Essex, has sold to John Chapman, for 140l. a messuage and 80a. land in Thriploo called 'Squyrrelles.' 20 April, 32 Henry VIII. English.
Kent. C. 7553. Grant by Thomas Dynne and Agnes East, widow, to John Freman of a garden in the parish of St. Peter, Canterbury, in a lane called 'Seynt Peter Lane.' 18 March, 21 Henry VIII. Seal, and fragment of another.
Kent. C. 7554. Chirograph, indented, dated 4 November, 19 Henry VIII, witnessing that Alice Herd, widow, has demised to Ralph Darbeshyre, yeoman, a tenement in Westrete in the parish of Gravysende (except two chambers with access thereto) with a wharf and two shops built thereon, and 3a. land at Dartonstyle in the parish of Mylton next Gravysend, for the life of the lessor and a year longer; rent, 4 marks; the lessor to do all repairs and to pay all quitrents; the lessee to have the right of pre-emption at the death of the lessor for 40s. less than another man would pay. English.
York [W.R.] C. 7555. Quitclaim by Adam Seneor of Worsop, co. Notts, and Margaret his wife, to Henry Wygffall of their right in a messuage, a close called 'Stekylscarth' and land adjoining a lane called 'Hurlow Lane' in the lordship of Ecclessall. 30 November, 27 Henry VIII. Two seals, marked E. and G.B.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin. Witnesses:—Sir Michael Eckylsall, sub-prior of Beuchyff, and others (named).
[Sussex.] C. 7556. Grant by Sir Roger Lewkenour, knight, to John Cowper his servant and Roger Cowper his godson, son of the said John, of an annuity of 5 marks charged on the manor of [Iford ?] Hamme for their lives in survivorship. . . Henry VIII. English. Signatures of the said Sir Roger and of Sir William Barantyne, knight.
Heref. C. 7557. Grant by John Breynton of Sugwas, gentleman, to Richard Nevile of Hereford, vintner, William Burghill, rector of St. Michael's, Gloucester, Thomas Tailour, yeoman, John Herbert, mercer, Thomas Nevile, butcher, and William ap Res, draper, all of Hereford, to the use of the said Richard, of all his burgages in the High Street of Hereford between the tenements of the chantries of the Holy Trinity and St. Mary Magdalen in St. Peter's church and extending to the lane called 'Packers Lane' alias 'Byhynde the Wallis.' Witnesses:— Richard Bromwiche, esquire, mayor of Hereford, Philip Baskervile, esquire, and others (named). 20 March, 2 Henry VIII. Signature of John Breynton. Seal. Endorsed with notes of livery of seisin, and of the value of the grantor's remaining lands.
Kent. C. 7558. Grant by John Coggar, yeoman, to John Potkyn of London, gentleman, of two dayworks and a perch of land in Sevennocke. 20 October, 35 Henry VIII. Seal, damaged. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[Heref.] C. 7559. Counterpart of C. 7489.
[Flint.] C. 7560. Indenture dated 1 May, 33 Henry VIII, witnessing that Robert Delwod of Flynt, the younger, has sold to Piers ap Richard ap Hoell his interest in the farm of Picton and Oxton and the mill of Relufrwyd bequeathed to him by Robert Delwod, late the king's servant, for as long a term as it was granted to the latter by the king; the said Piers to account to the said Robert for all excess of net yearly profit over 20s., and to carry out the will of the said late Robert, and the said Robert, the younger, to compensate him in case of disturbance. English.
Suffolk. C. 7561. Conveyance by Thomas Mahewe of Rede, Robert Causton of Haukeden, John Causton of Laushull, and Roger Frost of Boxsted to Richard Jerveys of Whepsted, Agnes his wife, Robert Drury, knight, Walter Hoo, clerk, Roger Sturgeon of Whepsted, Thomas Heble, and Thomas Frost, of all the lands, etc. in Brokleye which they had by the demise of William Causton of Laushull and Joan his wife, to the use of the said Richard. 5 February, 2 Henry VIII. Fragments of seal.
Norfolk. C. 7562. Indenture dated Michaelmas, 1534, witnessing that William Reppys, S.T.P., abbot, and the convent of St. Benet of Hulme have demised to Thomas Godsalve of Norwich, esquire, 20a. arable near Norwich, in the field of Hygham, between the road from Norwich to Eton, etc. and abutting on Eton Heath, for ninety-nine years; rent, 20s.
Middx. [Kent.] C. 7563. Chirograph, indented, dated 23 February, 1521, witnessing that Sir Stephen Jennyns, knight, alderman of London, has delivered to Thomas Bucke, merchant tailor of London, the will of Sir William Estfeld, alderman of London, 'the wyll of Master Buckes landes,' a deed by the said Sir Stephen relating to lands in Stapulhurst, and other deeds, specified by their dates, concerning his house in Aldermanberry. English. Paper. Signature of Thomas Bucke.
N'hamp. C. 7564. Bill dated 20 August, 35 Henry VIII, witnessing that Anthony Brudenell, gentleman, has demised to Robert Rysley, draper, and John Emley, baker, both of Owndell, for 5l. 3s. 4d., the 'conyngrye' or little close with the great close adjoining it in Glapthorn, with profits of herbage, and a sheepcote to lie in hay, with 'yngatte and outegatte,' till Michaelmas twelvemonth, the lessor paying taxes. English. Paper. Signature of Anthony Brudenell. Seal.
Suffolk. C. 7565. Transcript of an indenture, dated 10 March, 11 Henry VIII, witnessing that Dom (Dame) Richard, prior,and the convent of St. Peter, Eye, have demised to Sir John Wiseman, knight, two woods (one called 'Roughaugh Wood'), and a pightle in Sir John's park, and other lands, all in Great Thorneham, for eighty years, in exchange for five meadows in Eye, abutting on the road to Denham, adjoining the way to Hoxon, by the abbey gate, and adjoining the river which runs from Great Thorneham out of Stoke towards the north, all for the same term. English.
Chester. C. 7566. Bill, indented, being a declaration by John Warberton, knight for the body of the king, sheriff of Chester, that he has assigned to Eleanor, late the wife of John Eggerton, esquire, the manor of Newbold Astbury, four saltworks in Nantwich, a messuage and land in Farndon, and various yearly rents, as her dower in respect of messuages, lands, etc. in the said places and in Smalwode, Wistanston, Chirche Shokelache, Shokelache Ovyet, Caldecot, Crue, Neuton by Malpas, Haselwell, Calday, Great Calday, Spurstowe, Halghton, Chatkylegh with Wrymhull, Bryddesmere, and Pykemere. 30 May, 10 Henry VIII. Seal, in wrapping. Endorsed, The dowre of my ladie Brereton sett owt by the sheriff by wrytt of dowre.
[Notts.] C. 7567. Indenture dated Christmas, 1511, witnessing that William Penythorn and Agnes his wife, have demised to Laurence Holme a messuage with a chamber over the stocks in Appultongate, Newerke, for fifteen years; rent, 24s. Witnesses:—Roger Dodge, alderman of Newerke, and others (named). English. Fragment of seal.
Worc. C. 7568. Sale by John Hille of Rowntun, co. Warwick, husband- man, to Giles Grevile of Wyke, esquire, for 7l., of all his lands, etc. in Walcot, Browghtun and Pepulltun, late of William Willmer alias Broke, who with Margery his wife is to make further assurance of title to the said Giles; 5 marks of the purchase-money to be paid on completion of a bond for 10l. by the vendor for fulfilment of all con- ditions, and 5 marks on completion of the assurances, 6s. 8d. having been paid already. 6 August, 14 Henry VIII. English. Paper. Seal.
Salop. C. 7569. Bill, indented, dated 11 March, 11 Henry VIII, being an agreement between Thomas Vernon, esquire, and Anne his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Sir Richard Loodlowe, knight, of the one part, and Humphrey Vernon, esquire, and Alice his wife, another daughter and heir of Sir Richard, of the other part (by the mediation of John Vernon, esquire, brother of Thomas and Humphrey) that Thomas and Anne shall have the lordships of Stokesay, Neuton, Wetelton, Hallton, Treyford, Northton, Hayton and Downton, and half the rent of the lordships of Westbury, Whelbache and Whytteley. with half the 'letting and setting' thereof (provided they do not meddle with the woods of Westbury, Whelbache and Whyttley, except to take housebote and haybote), and the 'setting and letting' of Heyford, provided Humphrey Vernon have half the proceeds; the said Humphrey and Alice to have the lordships of Hodenet, Espeley, Bolas, Pepelowe, Longeford, Mosseton, Terynhyll, Roton and Elwardyne and the other half of the lordship of Westbury, with half the rent of Whelbache and Whyttley, all the woods of Whelbache and Whyttley (housebote and haybote in Whelbache and Whyttley ex- cepted). Provision to equalise the shares of the parties, and bond in 800l. for due performance. English. Paper. Signatures of Thomas and Anne Vernon. Fragments of seals.
Surrey. C. 7570. Grant by William Lok, alderman of London, to John Tuttill alias Massy, yeoman, of his moiety of 9 messuages and 11 gardens in Southwerk, in the parishes of St. George and St. Saviour, whereof the great inn called 'the Bell' is parcel, and his moiety of an acre of meadow in the parish of Battersey, all formerly of John Kellyfett, citizen and merchant tailor of London. 28 August, 38 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Bedford. C. 7571. Quitclaim by John Underhill, clerk, late master of the college of the Blessed Virgin, Northievell, to Robert Gostwyk, clerk, bachelor of both laws, master of the said college, and the fellows of the same, of the lordship of Budenow alias Bodenho Berelles and Frenches, and all lands, etc. thereto belonging in Beston, Bodenho and Thorncote in the parish of Northievell and elsewhere in the county, late of William father of Edward Stacy. 4 October, 21 Henry VIII. Signature of John Underhyll. Seal, damaged.
Bucks. C. 7572. Indenture, dated 10 . . ., 18 Henry VIII, witnessing that Joan Mynshawe, widow, late the wife of Thomas Mynshawe, and previously the wife of William Arch, and Robert Lee, merchant, her son, have sold to John Baldwyn, gentleman, her life-interest in a messuage and land in Queynton, a yearly rent of 40s. charged on lands in Crendwell and a copyhold and lands in Wooddesden, late of the said William. But if she die before All Hallows next, [the purchase money not] to be paid; and if she die before All Hallows, 1528, Robert to pay John 10 marks. English. Signature of Robert Lee. Endorsed with names [of witnesses].
Kent. C. 7573. Chirograph, indented, dated 30 January, 31 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Munden of Mylton next Gravisende, yeoman, has sold to Ralph Darbysher, yeoman, for 8l., a shop with a wharf annexed in West Street, Gravisende; the vendor to retain the shop during his life, keeping it in repair and paying a yearly rent of 2d. to the said Ralph. English. Fragments of seal. Endorsed with note of livery of seisin.
[Notts.] C. 7574. Indenture, dated 20 September, 10 Henry VIII, wit- nessing that Christopher Fitzrandolf of Codnore and Jane his wife, daughter and one of the heirs of Cuthbert Langtone of Langton Hall, have granted to Roland Revell of Maunsfeld, all their lands, etc. in Hukenall under Hucthwet alias Dirti Hukenall, near Sutton in Aschefeld, with liberty to buy them back for 8l. 6s. 8d. on the coming of age of any heir of their bodies. English. Endorsed, Inter Revell et Fitzrandall for lond in Mancefeld.
Denbigh. C. 7575. Grant by William ap Gr . . . yth of Os[westry], co. Salop, to Robert ap Moris and William ap Hoell of a tenement in Pr[ee]s in the lordship of Chirke, redeemable for 5l. at Michaelmas. 10 May, 33 Henry VIII.
Flint. C. 7576. Indenture of grant by Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn, esquire, and William his son and heir to Peter Mostyn, esquire, for 20l., of the reversion of a tenement and 14a. land held by him for life in Gronant; the grantee to pay 13s. 4d. yearly in exchange for another tenement which they have by his gift in Trelan. 30 October, 37 Henry VIII. Signatures of Thomas, William and Peter Mostyn. Seal.
[Surrey.] C. 7577. Grant by Thomas Moron of London, weaver, to Richard Molle of London, waterman, of his tenement on 'le Banke' alias 'le Stues Side' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwarke, between a lane called 'Mayden Lane' and the Thames, and of his great garden with a new dovecote to the north of the same lane. 6 November, 23 Henry VIII. Endorsed, E. Alleyn, Tho. Mason. The graunte of Thomas Morrant to Richard Molle.
York [W.R.] C. 7578. Indenture, dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, witnessing that Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley, co. Notts, knight, has demised to John Northe a messuage and lands called 'Hempe Yarde, Barne Field, Medowe Field, Home Feild, and Hanle Hill,' in his manor of Ecclesall for twenty-one years; rent, 31s.; the lessee to repair all ditches and hedges, taking hedgebote therefor by the assignment of the lessor's deputy, to do no waste of great timber or spring, and to find a man to attend the lessor in arms when summoned to war by the king. English. Seal.
York [W.R.] C. 7579. Indenture, dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, being a demise by Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley, knight, to Thomas Fissher of a wood called 'Olde Wood' in his lordship of Ecclesall for twenty-one years; rent, 8s.; conditions as in C. 7578. English.
York [W.R.] C. 7580. Indenture, dated 14 March, 30 Henry VIII, by Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley, knight, to Christopher Croke, of a messuage, land, and a wood called 'Marenest' in his lordship of Ecclesall for twenty- one years; rent, 12s. 8d.; conditions as in C. 7578. English.
Somerset. C. 7581. Indenture of demise by Nicholas Neuton, esquire, and John Broke, serjeant-at-law, to Thomas Stocke, his wife, and— their son, for their life and the life of the longest liver, of a messuage and land in Strode within the parish of Wynford, lying on Whatley, at Burgelond, Brokelond and Luxham, on Barley, at Jordan is Stile, Rydingate, Spyringe is Thome, Houndon, Halowen Crosse and Houndley is Elme, at Eylymede adjoining Lawdoun, and at Foxhyll; rent, 8s., payable to the said John to the use of the said Nicholas for all service save the king's service, the right of the Church, suit twice a year at the lessors' court of Schepeham and a heriot when due; the tenant to take reasonable housebote, heybote, ploughbote and firebote without doing waste. 30 September, 11 Henry VIII. Signature of Nicholas Neuton.
[Sussex.] C. 7582. Indenture, dated 13 June, 20 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Avery and Agnes his wife, of the parish of Warbilton, have sold to Thomas Cheyny, gentleman, of the same parish, their lands in Asshebornham called 'Wellondys,' containing 7a., for 10 marks payable partly in wheat. English. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Chester. C. 7583. Deed poll of Ralph Maynwaryng of Mydlewiche, attorney to Richard Leftwiche the younger and Margaret his wife, declaring livery of seisin of all their messuages, wich-houses, lands, etc. in Bostoke to Richard Maynwaryng. 12 May, 26 Henry VIII. English. Signature of witness. Endorsed, Roger Deane, prest.
Middx. C. 7584. Chirograph, indented, dated 8 June, 35 Henry VIII, witnessing that William Johnson, yeoman, has demised to Warner Raynolde, smith and gunmaker, a garden in the precinct of St. Katherine's by the Tower for twenty-four years; rent, 8s.; the tenant to maintain and fence the garden. English.
[Heref.] C. 7585. Award by Richard Harbert and John ap G[wi]llym of Falley, arbitrators between Edward and Ralph Maynston of Byrnythen in the lordship of Irchynfylde, gentlemen, declaring that Edward shall have all lands and rents late of Roger Maynston, their father, and shall pay Ralph 20 marks. 22 October, 38 Henry VIII. English. Two seals. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Chester. C. 7586. Grant by Ranulf son and heir of Ranulf Maynwaryng of Kerthincham, esquire, to John Clayton of Oneley, gentleman, of all his messuages, salt-works, lands, etc. which he had by the gift of Richard son and heir of Richard Leftwiche and of Margaret wife of the said Richard the son in Bostoke, Warton, Multon, Davenham, Leftwiche, Northwich, Middlewich, Overe, Weverham, Frodesham, Briddesmere, Wymyncham, Mersheton, Pikmere, Lostoke and Anderton, or elsewhere in the county. 10 January, 23 Henry VIII. Signed by Ranulf Maynwaryng. Endorsed with signatures of wit- nesses.
[Sussex.] C. 7587. Grant by William Avery and Agnes his wife to John their son, all of Warbylton, of 14a. land called 'Welland' in the parish of Aysbornham, adjoining the road from Wilsams Crosse to the dwelling-house called 'Wilsams.' 3 June, 17 Henry VIII. Two seals, one damaged. Endorsed with names of witnesses.
Monm. C. 7588. Indenture dated 1 June [33 ?] Henry VIII, witnessing that the president of the chapter of Landaff cathedral and the chapter have demised to Thomas Johns, gentleman, their rectory of La[nover], Treveth[in] and Mamheylad for fifty years from the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, 1545; rent, 9l. 13s. 8d; the lessors paying all tenths and other charges and the lessee doing all repairs. English. Signatures of John Quarre, archdeacon of Landaff, John G . . . ., precentor, and four canons. Fragments of seal.
Glamorgan.] C. 7589. Grant by Morgan David at the special request of John ap Jankyn, chaplain, to William David, clerk, of one-third of a tene- ment and garden lying near a place called 'Pen y Sysley,' one-third of a close of land lying near Y Sarn Vaur between Landaf and Eley, and other lands. 23 November, 28 Henry VIII.
Glamorgan.] C. 7590. Quitclaim by John Jankyns, John Rogger alias Taylour of Lantwytt, chaplains, and Morgan David to Lewis ap Thomas Jonys of their interest in a tenement and garden with a furnace in the wall (mur' clibano), that is to say outside the pynnoc, half the pynnoc made between the said tenement and that of John Thorn, half a garden near the chapel of Whitchurche, and 6a. arable (at Y Berlonde near Canton, in a close called 'Y Kay Kenoll,' adjoining the land of the bishop of Llandaff near Canton, beyond the water of Toff, adjoining the lands of St. Mary's chantry and the cathedral of Llandaff and a place called 'Y Plucca Halog' between Landaff and Treuda and reaching to the top of Creig Melyn between Landaf and Whittchurche, near Feyrwater between the road thence to Wattrell and the road called 'Hewll y Kelliei,' and in a close called 'Kay y Naver,' near Eley). 20 March, 28 Henry VIII.
[Glamorgan.] C. 7591. Quitclaim by Henry Rys of Canton to Morgan David of Cabalva, John Taylour and Hugh Jonys, chaplains, of his interest in land near Feyrwater in the lordship of Landaf, stretching from the road called 'Hewl y Kelliey' to the road from Feyrwater to Watrell, formerly of Hoel ap Jevan ap Llywelyn his uncle. 24 June, 26 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Suffolk. C. 7592. Grant by Richard Wenloke of Hadle[igh], clothmaker, John Wenlok of the same, clothier, and John Smithe to John Heigham late of Hadle[igh], gentleman, of a tenement in Asshstrete called 'Beyners,' land in Westfeld, a garden and pasture near Asshstrete and Asshmede, and other lands, all in Seme[r], Whatfeld and Nawton, which they had by the gift of Henry Perker. 12 November, 38 Henry VIII. Signed by Richard Wellok. Seal, marked R.W.
[Middx.] C. 7593. Chirograph, indented, being a demise by William Johnson and Annes his wife, to Warner Raynolde, black[smith] and Gertrude his wife of a garden, etc. . . . ., Henry VIII. Cf. C. 7584.
Devon. C. 7594. Indenture of demise by John Speke and Thomas Denys, knights, William Fulford, George Speke and William Denys of Orlegh, esquires, Anthony Pollard, John Coblegh, John Vyell and John Noseworthy, feoffees of the manor of Badston to the use of Lewis Davels and Philippa his wife, and the said Lewis and Philippa, to Nicholas Davels, of two closes within the manor called 'Baydon ys bery' and 'Mether Hyll,' with all broom there and all oyrre coming on the sea-coast there, for twenty years; rent, 6l. 4 December, 7 Henry VIII. Seal.
Staff. C. 7595. Demise by Sir Ralph Langforthe, knight, to John Parker his servant, in consideration of his good service, of land called 'the Little Buttes,' part of the demesne lands of the suppressed priory of Calwiche, for twenty-one years; rent, 6s. 8d. 8 November, 33 Henry VIII. English.
Berks. C. 7596. Indenture dated 24 July, 34 Henry VIII, of exchange between William Fetyplace of Tylehurst, esquire, and Richard Bridgys, esquire, of the manor of Maydencote with its appurtenance, there and in Estgarston, clear of all encumbrances except a claim of Sir Thomas Wyatt, knight, and the [rents due to] the chief lords, for the manor of Asshampstede with its appurtenances in Bastelden, declared to be of the clear yearly value of 9l. 18s. English. Endorsed with a note of enrolment in the King's Bench, Michaelmas, 35 Henry VIII.
Bucks. C. 7597. Indenture dated 28 September, 16 Henry VIII, wit- nessing that William Hartwell of Bokkyng, co. Essex, gentleman, has sold to Henry Millar of Buk[ingham], draper, Alice his wife, and his heirs, for 20l. 4d., his interest in a messuage called 'the Cocke' in Buk[ingham] between the house of Sir Richard Fowler, knight, and the house of William Conuser called 'the Angell,' and extending to the water of Owse, and has also sold them a croft called 'the Tempull Lande' in the east end formerly of Edmund Vawse, grand- father of the vendor, free of all encumbrances except the rent due to the chief lord of the fee. English.
[Notts.] C. 7598. Chirograph, indented, dated 12 March, 13 Henry VIII, between Roland Revell of Maunsfelde, gentleman, and Thomas Wolverd, yeoman, servant to Thomas, duke of Norfolk, witnessing that it is agreed that the said Roland shall occupy a mill and close in Maunsfelde Wodhouse in accordance with a deed by Agnes Bride of Maunsfelde aforesaid, widow, bearing all charges which the said Thomas Wolverd is bound to pay by the king's letters patent, and discharging him of a payment of 3l. if claimed by Thomas Longforde. English.
Berks. C. 7599. Indenture dated 10 April, 25 Henry VIII, witnessing that Thomas Yorke, esquire, has demised to Nicholas Anger the manor of Brians in the parish of Wantynge, except wards, marriages, and escheats, for forty years from the death of Mistress Anne, wife of John Baldwyne, serjeant-at-law; rent, 10l.; the tenant to do all repairs, taking housebote, heybote, ploughbote, cartbote, and firebote. English. Endorsed, the conterpane of Angelles lese.
[Chester.] C. 7600. Indenture dated 16 March, 31 Henry VIII, between Richard Leftwiche, gentleman, son and heir of Richard Leftwiche, Ralph his brother, and Thomas Maisterson, gentleman, witnessing the delivery to the said Thomas by the said Richard, according to a covenant between him and his said brother and for the purposes therein expressed, of the marriage settlement of himself and Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Robert Bulkeyley of Wynnyncham (sic), gentleman. English.