Border Papers volume 1: April 1583

Pages 98-100

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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157. Petition to Walsingham. [April 7. 1583.]

Francis Grayme, complaining that Sir Simon Musgrave and his son Thomas Musgrave took and spoiled 160 kye and oxen from his brother Arthur Grayme on 22d December last, and Thomas murdered Arthur on same day—for redress whereof, Margaret wife of Arthur, and Richard Grayme his brother preferred a petition to the Privy Council at Barnelmes, where they were informed by Walsingham that letters were directed to Lord Scrope for redress of the goods; which letters had not reached his lordship on the 7th instant, as he told the petitioner—prays his honour to call Sir Simon and his son (presently about London) before him, to take order for redress and redelivery of the goods. Not signed.

½ p. Indorsed: "To have Sir Symon Musgrave sent for, who is now in London."

158. Scrope to Walsingham. [April 19.]

In reply to your letter of 9th, explaining that the Council's meaning is to have a return of the number and serviceableness of the horsemen within this wardenry only, like that of the East March anno 1579, I will advertise you about the end of next week, after making my view. I have heard no more from Cesford since 14th February last, and by means of Mr Bowes have tried to procure redress from the King, but always driven off with fair words. I hear the King mindeth to discharge him, and place the Earl Bothwell in his office, and see but small hope for redress of the past, unless some indifferent revenge had been taken in time, if not offensive to her Majesty.

Captains Pickman and Walker are still at Kirsopfoote with their men, and during their stay there the Liddesdales have not dared to make any inroads; but they cannot possibly continue without ready money, and I pray you therefore to move my lords for a warrant to Mr Bradill her Majesty's receiver of Cumberland to pay them 200l. in prest, to be defalked of their ordinary entertainment, also as customary on the removing of them or any other captains and men, another warrant to Mr Bowes the treasurer of Berwick for 20l. for the carriage of their armour and furnitures from Berwick thither. Wherein I pray your accustomed good help and furtherance, for their service there is so necessary. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

"Postscript.—It is possible that upon thalteracion of thoffice of Liddesdale to thErle of Bothwell, he will seke to procure that all former attemptes for goodes maye be cutt of, and onelie to answere hereafter what shall be done whyles he shall have rule and government over them—which if yt shall be any waye agreyd unto but that hir Majesties poore subjectes maye have ordinarie remedie by lawe of Marche and treatyes, for their intollerable damadges, they are utterlie undone, especiallie in Bewcastle and Gilseland also, with others."

2 pp. Addressed. Indorsed.

159. Light horsemen on the West Marches. [April 25.]

"A breife abstract of the musters of light horsemen furnished with [small] horses according to thaccustomable service used within this West Borders, vidz. with jackes, steilcappes, swordes and speares, taken by the right honorable the Lorde Scroppe lorde warden of the West Marches of England towardes Scotland, by vertewe of lettres unto his lordship directed from the right honorable Sir Fraunces Walsinghame knight her Majesties principall secretarie—over and besides that muster which is to be taken of the gentlemen, freholders, and their servantes, upon Mounday the xxviijth of October.

Burghe barony, belonging to thErle of Arundaill, well furnished with one hundrith horsemen as aforesaid, and by thofficer alledged to be chardged with no mo in the Lorde William Dacre tyme. Bene. (fn. 1)

Land sergiantes office of Gilleslande, belonging to my lord William Hawarde, hath informed that their owght to be kept within that office one hundrith light horsemen, and that they were chardged with no greater nombre in the Lorde William Dacre tyme; wherof for the present are furnished fortie, alledging that the decaie of the residewe (being lx) hath ben by the rebellion of Leonard Dacre, and the contynuall heirsheppes and spoiles they have susteyned by the Liddisdaills Scotishemen. Male. (fn. 1)

The decaye of threscore horses, in my opynyon, maie best be restored by streit comandement and comission to be geven to me the Lorde Scroppe, to take bound of the severall tenantes in some convenyent tyme to prepare serviceable horses, and the same boundes to be retorned unto thExchequer—for otherwise than by the former causes by them alledged, they have no cawse whie they sholdbe unfurnished, being verie honorablie and well dealt withall by the lorde William Hawarde their landeslord. Bondes to be taken for the supply with lx horss. (fn. 1)

Thofficer of tHolme Coltram apperteyninge to hir Majestie, hath informed that their owght to be kept within that office threskore light horsemen, and no moe—wherof at this present are furnished twentie. The resydewe being in nombre fortie, are altogethir unfurnished, not having any just cawse at all to alledg for their decaye. And the tenantes having ben verie graciouslie dealt withall by her Majestie in granting them their tenementes onelie for two yeares fyne, my opynyon is, that like order be gyven to me, to take bondes of them to be furnished within two monethes, and the bondes to be retorned as thother. Bondes for supply of xl horss. (fn. 1)

Leven, Kirklinton and Sowport, belonging to Sir Henrie Wesheton knight, and William Musgrave esquire, are furnishedwith thretie horsemen as aforesaid—Sowport (being xvten) alledging they have ben spoilt and heried by the Lidisdails, which hath growen by deadlie foode, and by reason therof decaied and ympoverished; hardlie to be recovered for wante of habilitie. Male. To be treated withall. (fn. 1)

Sarke and the Debatable ground, with Huchons children, apperteyninge to hir Majestie, sufficientlie furnished with xviijt light horsmen, as aforesaid. Bene. (fn. 1)

Eske belonging to her Majestie and under the rule of Water Grayme and others her highnes leasors, well furnished with one hundrith light horsemen as aforesaid. Bene. (fn. 1)

Quens Haymes, apperteyning to hir Majestie, are informed by thofficer for to kepe lx light horsemen and no mo, wherof at this present are furnished ten. The resydewe being in nombre ltie, are altogether unfurnished, without having any cawse at all talledg or shewe of their decaye, being also graciouslie dealt withall by her Majestie in their fynes, and are streitlie to be bounde in like order to be furnished within two monethes. Male. Bondes to be taken of the partyes deficient. (fn. 1)

Forest of Inglewodd, belonging to her Majestie. Are informed by thofficer to have fortie furnished light horsemen, wherof for this present are furnished xxt. The resydewe beinge xxt unfurnished, without having any cawse at all to alledg of their decaies. Which maye be best repaired by bondes as the other, for that they are her Majesties tenantes, and graciouslie used. Male. Bondes for 1. (fn. 1)

Beaucastell, belonging to her Majestie, and under the chardge of Sir Symonde Musgrave knight, constable their, were mustred by John Musgrave and Marmaduke Staveley, gentlemen deputies to the said Sir Symonde, and by them informed to the Lorde Scroppe for to kepe fowreskore and twolf light horsemen. Wherof, at this present are furnished (as they informed) xxxvj, and xxvij decayed by reason of the foodes, great heirshippes, and spoiles that they have susteyned by the Lyddisdails. And the resydewe being in nombre xxviijt unfurnished, withowt having any cawse to alledg for their decaie, as the deputies made retorne. Male. To be considered particularly how the defect may be supplyed. (fn. 2)

Which waye the decayes of Bewcastle maye best be repaired, without some speciall consyderacion of her Majestie, and my verie good lordes, I knowe not, for the tenantes for the most part are so ympoverished as they are not hable to bye horses and furnyture, by reason of their manyfold hereshippes as before is alledged." Signed: H. Scrope. (fn. 3)

"The Lord Scrope wold be advised, to chardg all the Quenes tenantes, who ar bound by ther lesses, for which they have paid small fynes, to fynd horsses, that besyde ther bondes to be taken, that if they do not observe the conditions, the lessees ar voyd, and ar to be granted to such mete persons, as the lord warden shall recommend to the office of the Exchequer—and by this meanes, the defaltes will be sonest repayred."

3 pp. Written by Scrope's clerk. Indorsed by Burghley: "Notes marginall."

2. A copy of the foregoing and annotations.


3. A briefer abstract without Lord Burghley's notes.

"Furnished, 374, unfurnished, 227."

2 pp. Written by Scrope's clerk.

4. Another copy in same writing as No. 2.


160. Foot on the Marches. [April. [1583.]]

"The West Marches.

Westmerland.—Archers furnished, 1400, bilmen furnished, 1300, able men unfurnished, 1342 4042
Cumberland.—Archers furnished, 1100, bilmen furnished, 1200, able men unfurnished, 1340 2640
Middle Marches.—Able men certefied without mention of furniture 5277
East Marches.—Furnished with jack and speare 827
Furnished with speare or lance only 1347
Summa furnished.—Archers 2500, bilmen 2500, with jack and speare, 827, with speare only, 1347 7174
Unfurnished 7959

1 p. Official hand. Indorsed.


  • 1. In Burghley's writing on margin.
  • 2. In Burghley's writing on margin.
  • 3. In Burghley's writing on margin.