Border Papers volume 2: May 1595

Pages 30-33

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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60. Passport for James Gibson, &c. [May 7.]

Licensing the bearers, "James Gibson Scotsman and preacher in Scotland, Robarte Ritchardson, George Heryott, and George Lockard, gentlemen of the same countrye, with their servantes John Armerer and Robarte Macklemorrowe," bound by London for foreign parts,—with an ambling "gray white stonde" horse of 16 hands high, an ambling brown bay "stonde" horse of 16 hands, an ambling black stond horse of 18 hands, an ambling "white gray" nag of 14 hands, a trotting bay "stonde" horse of 18 hands, an ambling iron gray "stond" horse of 15, and an ambling white gray "stond" horse of 14 hands—to pass, &c. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

1 p. Addressed (as before). Indorsed: "Pasport for Mr Lockard and his servantes and horses alone, and not any of the rest, for that they do returne into Scotland. Mr Wardlowe may be joyned with him." Carey's quartered wafer signet.

61. Passport for D. Wardlaw. [May 7.]

Licensing "Mr David Wardlowe Scotsman," to travel by London to foreign parts, with an "amble" dark gray gelding of 16 hands high, without let or stay, &c. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

1 p. Addressed (as before). Carey's quartered wafer signet.

62. John Carey to Burghley. [May 10.]

On Thursday the 8th instant, the Queen of Scots came to Edinburgh. The King was looked for next morrow Friday "being come from Lythequo" the Monday before, but came not, and the Convention was put off till he came. The "Sessyons" should hold on the 16th. The King and Queen's progress to our bounds, was moved, but much "misliked" by the King, and "cleane rejected." It would seem only the Queen's wish, as she desired to see East and West Teviotdale, and the governments under Cesford and Buccleuch's charge, and the borders and bounds. But the King was very angry.

It is thought that the Earls of Huntly and "Arell" are arrived at "Hambroughe." Scotland is quiet, but it is feared "this marriage of the young Lord of Glaymes will kindle a new hatred between the Chaunceller and the Earle of Marre, for that the Master of Glaymes had promised his nephew the lord in marrydge to Sesfordes sister, and now by the Earle Marres crossing of it, he is to marrye with fayre Mistris Ann Murrey the Kinges mistris—which will easely breed a dislike where there was no love before."

The wall of which I wrote, is every day "falling still more and more," and if not speedily mended, must be guarded with men day and night. I also intreat your honour's warrant to Mr Clopton for the half year's pay, or we shall be undone, by this dear and scarce year.

Since I last wrote of "the yll beanes" in the palace, there is nothing more come, though the Mayor of Hull, whose letter I inclosed, wrote there was 300 or 400 qrs. of grain ready—but "never a whyte come hether." The dearth here is wonderfull, "and the dearth of cattell for lack of stowver (fn. 1) is very great."

I must earnestly renew my old suit for leave to come up for ever so little time, to arrange for the little living I have, "which nowe standes in very daungerous tearmes," and your honour sees how needful it is for me to be careful of my estate, so as my children may not after go begging. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed. Swan wafer signet.

63. John Crane to Burghley. [May 10.]

Reminding him of his former report on the decay of the brewing vessels at Holy Island, which are now in such "rewyn" that they are quite useless if need arose. Has reported as in duty bound, leaving the order for repair to be given to Mr Vernon who is in charge of them. Berwick. Signed: John Crane.

1 p. Holograph. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer signet: a crane.

64. Carey to Sir Robert Cecil. [May 10.]

Your "favorable" letter of the last of April should have been performed in all points, if the King and Queen had "held on their pretended prograce." [The reasons why they did not given as in his letter to Burghley of same date.]

Scotland is quiet, and no news worth writing. Thus much I desire your honour to assure yourself of, my poor love and faithful service ever to be commanded by you and your house, being tied and bound by my lord your father's favours towards me, which I will never forget. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

65. John Carey to Burghley. [May 20.]

On behalf of the Mayor and corporation, who have according to promise, sent up some of their brethren to account with the Queen's surveyor for her dues and arrearages of custom. Signifying at their request, that their estate is very hard and poor, needing relief "by reason of the great decay of their waters," which they pay great rents for and cannot meet them, the custom being taken from them, which will be less profitable to the Queen than is looked for. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Swan wafer signet.

66. The Mayor, &c., of Berwick to Burghley. [May 20.]

Showing him that as he ordered, they had surrendered the custom lately granted by him—that they have lost by their fishings, having paid 700l. to Mr Hethe for them—by the want of their pasture grounds—by their debt to the London fishmongers under long suits to the Queen not yet obtained, and other causes—and have sent some of their neighbours to petition him, while reckoning with the surveyor for the farm of the custom. Berwick. "The Maior and aldermen." Signed: Thomas Parkinson maior, Will'm Morton, Edwarde Mery, John Denton, George Mortoun, Tho. Hogg, Henry Rigg, John Orde.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer seal: town arms, indistinct.

67. John Carey to Burghley. [May 29.]

I find by Mr Clopton he has not yet got your warrant to pay the garrison at Midsummer, for which I pray your lordship, or we shall be undone, such is the dearth.

It were good also the repairs were begun, as the summer is now "well entred, and will soone passe over." If it lie this coming winter till next summer, it will be more chargeable, and then must be done "of force," instead of now "uppon pleasure and with leasure." For all Mr Vernon's going to Norfolk and Hull, we have not since received "one corne"—this for your consideration. The Scots are quiet, save some outrages in the Middle March, by Buccleuch foully murdering divers of her Majesty's subjects, whereof your honour will have heard by the lord warden. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Carey.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed. Swan wafer signet.

68. Report on stores in Berwick. [May 31.]

Berwick, last of May 1595.—Note of the store in the old "pallaice" or victual office in charge of Mr Vernon, surveyed and seen the said day, "by the parties hereunder namede."


Meal, rye, wheat, &c., 188 qrs.; sufficient to last 9 weeks, baking 20 qrs. weekly as now. Wheat "unserviceable" for bread, 31 qrs. Malt 65 qrs.; sufficient for 7 weeks, brewing 18 qrs. every fourteen days, as now. Neither "beanes, peazen" or "oates."

14 sacks hops, 3300 li. weight.

Oxen—11; whereof 4 "slaughtered" this day.

Muttons—45; whereof 5 "slaughtered" this day.

"Other acates."—40 "coople" lings—1960 "coople codde fishe wett and drie." Neither butter, cheese, white or red herrings. Signed: John Crane, Robart Carvill, William Boyer, Antonye Thompson.

1 p. Written by Crane. Indorsed by Burghley.

69. Vernon's Notes on the Preceding Report. [May 31.]

The 188 qrs. wheat will "serve" for 11 weeks at 20 qrs. the week ending 17 August; 31 qrs. wheat which they say is not good, "yet may be borne withall this deare yeare." Shipped from Hull, and to ship, 80 qrs. "Serveth iiij weekes."

Malt "certified" 65 qrs.; 43 qrs. to be received from Robert Jackson of Berwick; 180 qrs. shipped and shipping from Hull, will serve 14 weeks brewing every 10 days—60 qrs. beans shipping at Hull. They get neither beans, pease, or oats, till Michaelmas when their horses come from grass. Beef and mutton they have as they call for it. Of fish there is no want. They "spend" neither white nor red herrings till Michaelmas. "Nowe is the time" to provide salt butter, and cheese, which shall be done speedily. Not signed. Annotated by Burghley.

1 p. Indorsed: "Mr Vernon his awnswer concerninge the remaine—certified xxxjmo Maij 1595."


  • 1. i.e., estover, feeding.