Close Rolls, Henry V: June 1413

Pages 17-19

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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June 1413

June 2.
To the customers in the port of Dertemuth. Order to suffer Henry Chambre and Richard de Boys of London to lade in ships and, after payment of customs, subsidies etc. thereupon due, to carry to London or other ports of the realm they please 3,000 quarters of salt bought at Dertemouth of certain merchants of Brittany, notwithstanding the king's late order, for particular causes then specially moving him and the council, to suffer no persons of whatsoever estate or condition until further order to take over sea or to London or other places any tin or merchandise whatsoever, under pain of forfeiting the same.
May 16.
To the collectors in the port of London of the subsidy of 3s. upon every tun of wine and of 12d. in the pound. Order, upon petition of William Swynbourne esquire, without taking the subsidy to deliver to him twelve tuns of wine of Gascony; as on his behalf it is shewn that he bought the same at Bordeaux, and caused them to be brought to the port of London for delivery to John Whatle, his attorney general in England it is said, for consumption of his household in England, and for victualling the castle of Merke in Picardy whereof he is captain.
June 5.
To the constable of the Tower of London or his lieutenant. Order to set free John Pope, who is in custody in the Tower by command of the late king. By K.
June 3.
To the same. (Like) order in favour of Gilbert Denys knight and William Gamage esquire. By K.
May 30.
Like writ in favour of brother Richard Burgh of the order of friars minors. By K.
Membrane 29.
June 14.
To the keeper of the king's forest this side Trent, or to his representative in the forest of Rokyngham. Order, for particular causes now moving the king, to view the letters whereby his mother sold to Ralph Grene the king's esquire divers woods in places called 'Ferthengeshawe' and 'Langhill' in that forest it is said, and to sell him those woods felled and not felled, suffering him during a term of six years to carry them out of the forest and make his advantage thereof, notwithstanding the king's late writ commanding the keeper upon sight etc. on the king's behalf to give command to all foresters within his bailiwick that they should until further order suffer execution of no letters of warrant for grants then or after made of oaks, loppings of boughs or underwoods to the crown belonging, and to keep any oaks felled for timber within their bailiwicks until the king should be better advised, delivering them not. By K.
June 9.
To Robert Wrytele escheator in Hertfordshire. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with a messuage and 100 acres of land in Kings Langeley and Bovendoun called Bolstrodes, delivering to Richard Sibyle any issues thereof taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that Thomas Parker died thereof seised, that they descended to Alice who was wife of Richard Sibyle as his sister and heir, that she took the said Richard to be her husband, and had issue Elizabeth yet living and within age, that Alice died 11 June last, that the premises are held in chief as of the manor of 'Kyngeslongley' by suit of court there every three weeks, and that after her death they belong to the said Richard as tenant by the courtesy of England.
June 6.
To the escheator in Cumberland. Order to take of Katherine who was wife of John Levyngton an oath etc., and in presence of Richard Skelton, to whom the late king committed the ward of all her husband's lands which are in the king's hand by reason of the nonage of John his son and heir, or in presence of his attorneys, to assign her dower.
June 10.
To Robert de Morton escheator in Yorkshire. Order to take the fealty of Margaret late the wife of Henry Vavasour knight, and to give her livery of the manors, lands, etc. hereinafter mentioned, and the issues thereof taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that at his death Henry Vavasour held as jointly enfeoffed with her the manor of Estburne by grant of Ralph earl of Westmerland, made with licence of the late king to them for their lives and to the said Henry's heirs, likewise the manors of Hesilwode, Wodhall, Stubbes Waldyng, Fryston and Adyngham, 40 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 20s. of rent in Cokkesforth and Stutton, 100 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 100s. of rent in Wymersley, Great Smeton, Little Smeton, Pykburne, Fenton and Sarcroft, and 40 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow and 100s. of rent in Sylyngalle and Kerby by gift of Master John Newton treasurer of the church of St. Peter York and others to them for their lives with reversion to the grantors, and that the manor of Estburne is held in chief by knight service, the other manors etc. of others than the king.
June 14.
To Thomas earl of Dorset admiral of England, or to his lieutenant. Order to summon the parties who will complain and others whom they shall see fit, to hear arguments on either side, and to deal further according to law and the custom of the admiralty court, notwithstanding the king's commission to John Tybenham and John Shipton deputy of his butler in the port of Suthampton, and any arrest by them made by colour thereof; as lately learning that divers ships and vessels laded with wine of la Rochelle were by certain lieges taken at sea and brought to Suthampton, the king appointed the said John and John to arrest and safe keep all such vessels and wine until further order without eloignment or dispersal, but the same were taken at sea and not within the corpus of any county of the realm, wherefore the capture ought to be debated and determined in the admiralty court and nowhere else.