Close Rolls, Richard II: March 1378

Pages 127-130

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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March 1378

Membrane 9d.
March 20.
To David Cradok justice of North Wales. Writ of supersedeas, and order not to distrain the abbot of Conwey at the command of John bishop of Bangor to make the levy in that diocese of the tenth granted to the king by the clergy of the province of Canterbury at the last convocation, but it is the king's will that his command to the justice to compel and distrain such clergy of that diocese by the bishop lawfully deputed as by notification of the bishop he should find contrary and rebellious therein to levy and answer for the same shall remain in force in regard to other persons so appointed; as the king commanded the bishop to appoint trusty men of the clergy so to do, and after at the suit of the bishop, averring that certain of the clergy by him lawfully deputed as aforesaid, taking no heed of his command, refused to collect and answer for the said tenth, the king commanded the justice to compel and distrain those whom the bishop should notify as aforesaid to levy the same; and now by complaint of the said abbot it is shewn the king that the bishop appointed him, although he is of the diocese of St. Asaph and not of Bangor, for that he had some few ecclesiastical possessions in the diocese of Bangor, and is suing unlawfully to compel him to levy the tenth therein; and the bishop and abbot appearing in chancery, the king is assured by papal bulls and other evidences that the abbot and monastery are of the diocese of St. Asaph.
March 26.
Alan Zouche of Swanyton, Robert Tebbe of Threnxton and Neubold, Robert de Burgh of Burgh, John de Ellerton of Kegworth and Thomas Frisby of Frisby of Leycestershire to Joan princess of Wales, John de Worthe knight steward of her lands and William de Fulburne clerk her receiver general. Recognisance for 500l., to be levied etc. in Leycestershire.
Memorandum of defeasance by the said steward and receiver, upon condition that John Gromley of Dyseworth of Leycestershire shall come before the council of the princess at Westminster in the quinzaine of Easter, and shall abide and perform their award in regard to trespasses by him and by his procurement committed as well against the princess, her officers and ministers, as against her men and tenants.
Cancelled on payment, acknowledged by John de Worthe.
March 27.
Fulk Corbet of Salop to the king. Recognisance for 100l., to be levied etc. in Salop.
John Cooke of Bradewelle to Sir William Bardolf knight lord of Wermyngeye. Quitclaim of the advowson of Bradewelle church by Tyllyngham co. Essex and of the priory. Witnesses: William Danebury, William Walcote, Edmund atte Doune, John Staunford the younger, Walter Kynge. Dated Bradewell by Tyllyngham, 1 April 1 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 2 April.
Godfrey Cyfrewast, son and heir of Roger Cyfrewast knight (militis), to William de Wykeham bishop of Winchester, his heirs and assigns. Grant and quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Quedhampton co. Suthampton, the neifs, meadows, mills, wards etc. and reversions in Overton, Quedhampton, Polhampton and Asshe. Witnesses: John de Foxle, Bernard Brocas, Hugh Camoys, Ralph de Norton, John Tycheburne knights, Walter Haywode, Thomas le Warenner. Dated Suthwerk, 2 April 1 Richard II.
Godfrey Cyfrewast (as above) to William de Wykeham bishop of Winchester, his heirs and assigns. Grant and quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Kirchil co. Dorset and the reversion thereof after the death of Maud his mother. Witnesses: John Foxle, Bernard Brocas, Hugh Camoys knights, Walter Haywode, Stephen Hayme, Henry Popham, John de Uvedale, John de Scures, William Guldeford. Dated (as the last).
Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings, 4 April.
Richard de Rolleston and Thomas de Shardelowe to Sir William de Pakynton clerk. Bond in 100 marks payable in the octaves of Michaelmas in the church of St. Paul London. Dated Westminster, 8 April 1 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 8 April.
April 8.
Richard de Abberbury knight to John de Alderyngton, son and heir of Henry de Alderyngton. Recognisance for 100l., to be levied etc. in Oxfordshire.
March 29.
William Wyke is sent to the abbot and convent of Certeseye, to have for life such maintenance therein as John Henand deceased had at the late king's command. By p.s. [298.]
Ralph son and heir of Sir Simon de Codyngton knight to John Bampton and John Lepyngdon, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of lands etc. in Sutton and Ewell co. Surrey. Witnesses: Sir Bernard Brocaas knight, Nicholas Carreu, John Kyngesfold, John Olyver, Thomas Kynewardeslee, John Wallyngton. Dated Codyngton, 10 March 1 Richard II. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said Simon (sic), 13 April.
March 26.
To the abbot (sic) and convent of Wilton. Request to admit John Killesby the elder to that house, and grant him such maintenance for life as John de Odyham deceased had; as the grant thereof to him made by the late king on 3 January 50 Edward III is not yet executed. By p.s. [294.]
March 4.
To the collectors in Cornwall of two fifteenths granted to the king in the last parliament. Writ of supersedeas until Michaelmas in regard to the town of Truruburgh. By C.
Membrane 8d.
Bernard Brocas knight to William bishop of Winchester, Adam de Hertyngdon clerk, John de Chitterne clerk, Peter Golde clerk, William Hermite chaplain and Henry Holte, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of his manors of Beaurepeer, Northfarham, Hoo, Bradele, Hanyngton, Froylle and Vroxhed co. Suthampton, Little Weldon co. Northampton, Horton and Chedyngton co. Bukingham, Pyperharwe co. Surrey, Pollyngfold cos. Surrey and Sussex and Bromle co. Dorset, of all his lands in Bromle co. Suthampton, Shirburne Coudray and Stratfeld Mortymer, of 8 marks of rent in Usseburne and 40s. of rent in Eldestoke co. Suthampton, a meadow called Maddemoure by Ufton Roberd co. Berkes, and of the reversions of lands in Basyng after the death of John Belchambre, and the manor of Norton after the death of Ralph de Norton knight and Margaret his wife. Witnesses: John de Foxle knight, Walter Haywode, William Hoghton, Thomas Warenner, John atte More. Dated 20 March 1 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 9 April.
March 6.
To the sheriff of Norhampton. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of William Roudon, Roger Welford, Roger Normanby and Nicholas Grenham of Norhamptonshire, in favour of Thomas Dousyng at suit of William Smyht of Catesby for debt.
The mayor and commonalty of the city of London to Nicholas Brembre and John Philippot the king's customers in the port of London. Receipt and acquittance for 5,000l., which sum they lent to the king upon his bond made by letters patent of 5 October in the first year of his reign with the advice of the council and other great men of the realm for payment thereof by the said customers before the Annunciation then next, and by their advice and the advice of the late king's executors and others certain jewels, precious stones and vessels to the value of 5,000l. in 21 coffers and chests were pledged for further security. Dated 19 March 1 Richard II. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the mayor before the great council at Westminster, 12 April; when this writing was by order of the council delivered to the treasurer to be kept in the treasury.