Close Rolls, Richard II: August 1378

Pages 149-152

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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August 1378

Aug. 2.
To Alan Buxhull constable of the Tower of London, or to his lieutenant. Order by advice of the council to set free Robert Howard knight there detained by the king's command. By C.
Membrane 31.
Aug. 12.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer of Ireland. Order to account with Maurice Fitz Thomas earl of Kildare for the time that he held the office of justice of Ireland by appointment of the late king, allowing him the usual fee less any sums by him received in part payment. By bill of C.
To the same. Order to account with the said earl for the time that he held the office of guardian of Ireland by appointment of the late king, making him the allowance due according to his commission less etc. (as the last). By the same bill.
Aug. 13.
Order to the sheriff of Essex to cause a coroner to be elected instead of Thomas Benyngton, who is insufficiently qualified.
June 28.
To John de Hethe escheator in Norffolk. Order to deliver to Christiana wife of John Topecroft outlawed for felony a messuage and 30 acres of land in Bermere and the issues thereof taken since her husband's death; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that her husband held the premises of her heritage, that he died on Friday after St. Peter's Chains 47 Edward III, that the premises were taken into the late king's hand by Thomas Caus late escheator, and that John de Weston, Richard Waterden and John Rokewode late escheators occupied the same after the said John's death, taking the issues and profits. Proviso that answer be made at the exchequer for the issues of the premises from the date of the felony to the death of John Topecroft by those chargeable therewith.
June 28.
To the sheriff of Middlesex. Order to suffer the tenants of Harwe and Hese of the archbishop of Canterbury to be quit of the expenses of knights of the shire coming heretofore to parliament, or if there be cause wherefore he should not so do to certify the same in chancery, bringing this writ. By the great council.
July 1.
The like for the tenants of Akton and Yillyng of the bishop of London. By the said council.
Aug. 28.
To the collectors of customs in the port of Bristol. Order, upon petition of William de Canynges and John Berstable of Bristol merchants, to view letters of cocket in their hands and, if assured that 40 lasts of hides were cocketed in Ireland and have not been exposed for sale, to suffer them to lade the same in more sufficient ships and without a second payment of custom or subsidy to take them to Calais, any former command of the king to the contrary notwithstanding; as their petition shews that in Ireland they and other merchants laded those hides in divers little ships to be taken to Calais, paying the custom and subsidy thereupon in Ireland, and that they fear to take the same thither in those ships because of the king's enemies and storms of the sea.
Membrane 30.
Aug. 6.
To the sheriff of Essex. Order to remove the coroner newly elected instead of Thomas Aylmer, to take of the said Thomas an oath that he will truly exercise that office, and in full county to restore him to office, certifying the king of his dealing in the matter; as upon an averment made in chancery that he was insufficiently qualified the king lately ordered the sheriff, if that were so, to cause another coroner to be elected in his stead, and so the sheriff did, although the averment aforesaid was untrue; and it is witnessed by credible persons that the said Thomas is a fit person to exercise the said office.
July 9.
To John Hethe escheator in Suffolk. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with a close in Brandonferie called 'Lyveremereyerd,' sometime of Margaret daughter of Adam Colle of Brandonferye, containing about 22 acres of pasture, and with other lands of the said Margaret, delivering up any issues thereof taken; as the king lately ordered the escheator to certify in chancery the cause wherefore he took the said close into the king's hand, and he returned that he so took certain lands in Brandon for that it was found by inquisition, before him taken of his office, that the said Margaret was a natural idiot, that she was thereof seised, that she was married to John Chapman, that he aliened the premises to 'the said William' (fn. 1) and John Waterman, that after John Chapman's death she made to them a release thereof, and that they occupied the same fifteen years, being worth 20s. a year; and now 'the said William' has petitioned the king to remove his hand, shewing that long ago he acquired the said close of John Chapman and the said Margaret, who is not a natural idiot, and that he continued his possession thereof until unlawfully thrust out by colour of the said inquisition, as he is ready to prove; and the said Margaret being examined in chancery, it seems to the court that she is not a natural idiot as by the inquisition supposed.
Aug. 24.
To the sheriff of Suthampton for the time being. Order to pay to Thomas de Morton one of the late king's archers 6d. a day for life and the arrears since 8 March last, according to letters patent of the late king, confirmed on that date by the king, granting him for good service 6d. a day for life or until the king should take other order for his estate.
July 30.
To William de Ryngebourne steward of the king's lordship in the Isle of Wight. Order, upon petition of John James, by mainprise of Walter Ewyn of London, Nicholas Hotot of Hertfordshire and John Neuport of the county of Suthampton to suffer him peaceably to have the manor of Fresshwater, and the disposal thereof until the quinzaine of Michaelmas next, and order before that day to certify the council if he has aught to say against the said John's estate; as the said John has shewn the king that among other lands in the said isle the late king granted that manor to Isabel his daughter for life, that after on 1 October 38 Edward III the said Isabel being sole granted the same during her life to the said John for 30l. yearly rent, that on 31 October that year she was married to Ingelram de Coucy, who made a release to the said John of 10l. a year of the said farm, and that by virtue of these grants the said John held the said manor until 5 November last, on which day the manor and his goods and chattels therein were among other lands of the said Ingelram and Isabel seized into the king's hand because the said Ingelram adhered to the king's enemies of France. By bill of C.
Aug. 20.
To Henry de Percy earl of Northumberland. Order to repair without delay to the treasurer, or to send one on his behalf to make agreement concerning the farm or extent of the lands of John de Orreby and the manors of Wodehorne and Neubiggyng which were of Roger de Wydryngton, and how much he shall yearly pay for the wardship thereof, knowing for a surety that if he shall not speedily agree with the treasurer the king will cause the same to be taken again into his hand for disposal by advice of the council; as the king committed the wardship of those lands to the earl rendering yearly at the exchequer the extent thereof made or to be made, but the earl has taken no heed to pay aught for them, or to treat or agree with the treasurer concerning such farm or extent.
The like, mutatis mutandis, to the following:
Thomas Petevyn knight, concerning a manor called Bournehalle, two tenements called Happesbourne and Marleputtes, tenements called Latymers and Halles, lands sometime of William de March and William Worshope, and one carucate of land called Totenhale with appurtenances in Bedfordshire.
Gilbert de Umframville earl of Angos, concerning the manor of Rodeston co. Northampton.
Hildebrand Barry and William Garton, concerning the manor of Colworth co. Norhampton and a messuage in the town of Norhampton.
John Barelle, concerning lands which were of Alice Perers in Menestoke co. Suthampton.
Thomas Baker clerk, concerning a messuage called the Cornerhalle in Oxford.
Richard de Abberbury knight, concerning the manor of Palyngwyke and pieces of land of Northbroke and Gornyngesbury co. Middlesex.
John Spenser, concerning the manors of Compton Mordak co. Warrewyk and Farndon co. Northampton.
Richard Waddynges, concerning the bailiwick of the town of la Rie, except the custom of that town called 'shares.'
James Daudele knight, concerning Whityngton castle lately in the late king's hands.
Fulk Fitz Waryn knight, concerning the manor of Bentham.
Richard de Waldegrave knight, concerning the castle and manor of Morsende co. Norhampton.
John Lovell knight, concerning lands in Crofton co. Wiltesir which were of Fulk Fitz Waryn.


  • 1. William parson of Brandon, as appears by a later entry, m. 14; but by a scribe's error his full name or description is not given here.