Close Rolls, Richard II: September 1377

Pages 87-88

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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September 1377

Sept. 4.
To the bailiffs of Whyteby of the abbot of Whyteby. Order, upon petition of Thomas Wilford and John Vautort citizens and merchants of London, to take information concerning the value of a crayer by the bailiffs arrested in the port of Whiteby and the wares therein, and by mainprise of John Queldrygge, William Turk 'fisshemongere,' Thomas Asshe 'fisshemongere' and William Burton 'fisshemongere' of the city of London to dearrest and restore the same to the petitioners or their attorney; as they have shewn the king that they laded the same in London and caused it to be taken towards Scotland by William Wilkes their servant, that it was driven by storms to the said port, and that the bailiffs arrested it, pretending that it was bound for Scotland to sell merchandise to the Scots, whereas strife was arisen between certain lieges of the northern parts and them of Scotland, the petitioners having no knowledge of such strife; and the said John Queldrygge and the others have mainperned to answer to the king for the crayer and wares, if they shall be adjudged to the king.
Robert Whytheved of Burle to Thomas le Despenser knight lord of Burle. Grant of a yearly rent of 10 marks and 8 quarters of wheat to be taken during the grantor's life of the manor of Morehalle, with power to distrain for arrears in all his lands in Roteland. Dated London, 8 September 1 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment at Westminster, 10 September.
Sept. 13.
To Thomas de Bello Campo earl of Warrewyk, John de Buttetourt, John de Clynton, William de Skipwyth, Henry de Arderne, William de Burgh, John de Catesby and Robert Burgeloun, guardians of the peace and justices of oyer and terminer in Warwickshire. Order not to meddle in aught concerning those offices in the town of Coventre until further order; as the king has appointed the said William and William, John Percy, Adam Botoner, Henry de Keel, Simon de Licchefeld, John de Herdewyk and John Toftes guardians and justices in that town.
Sept. 16.
John de Pokthorp of Boynton of Yorkshire to Henry Morynge 'mercer' and Richard Marshall 'armurer,' citizens of London. Recognizance for 60l., to be levied etc. in Yorkshire.
William Malyn, son and heir of William Malyn of Little Thurrok, to William Thornton and Joan his wife, mother of William the son, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all the lands etc. which they hold in Little Thurrok. Witnesses: John Amour, John Stodeye, John Seberwe, John Sweyn, John Salman. Dated Little Thurrok, Wednesday after the Exaltation of Holy Cross 1 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 18 September.
Sept. 8.
To the mayor and sheriffs of London. Order to cause proclamation to be made that all lords, knights and esquires appointed to sail on the next voyage shall be ready at the city of London with their retinue on Sunday 27 September next; also that all merchants and others willing to ship wool, hides or woolfells before Christmas shall pay down a moiety of the customs at London on Saturday 12 September, and that the same shall be laded before the quinzaine of Michaelmas, knowing for a surety that none shall be suffered to pass in any port of the realm between that date and Christmas.