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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 1, 1198-1304. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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14 35 For with, read within.
15 Insert:—5 Id. Dec. Anagni. (f. 90.) Confirmation to Celestine, abbot of Hy, of various possessions, privileges, and immunities. For this he is to pay 2 bezants yearly to the pope. [Opp. ed. Migne, ii. 198.]
15 21 For bishop read archbishop.
19 16 For and, read an.
21 5 Omit Indiction VIII.
21 12 Insert, between Clive and Brandesbiria.
28 23 For Aberbruhot, read Aberbruhoe.
30 For Dumblane, read Dunblane.
30 28 Insert, between Munemel Teriveth and Morecambus.
36 39 For Elme, read etc.
51 1 After St. Edward's, insert [Shaftesbury].
54 40 Insert, between habit and unlawfully.
55 21 For Romanum, read Romanam.
63 25 For bishop, read archbishop.
66 35 For Clinthamp, read Clinchamp.
71 25 For archdeacon, read archdeacons.
77 4 For Compiegne, read Cognac.
80 6 For proceed, read proceed.
102 26 For Reuimworth, read Benimworth.
136 41 For free, read full.
142 21 For archbishop of Rochester read bishop.
145 12 For is to, read is to be.
146 16 For Columpton read Columpna.
160 4 For subdeacon, read subdean.
162 30 For Trondhjem read Throndhjem.
163 2 For Dumblane, read Dunblane.
30 For Borrepos, read Bon Repos.
41 Omit the final of.
165 9–11 Read to ratify the grant by the abbot and convent of Battle to the master and brethren of the hospital of St. Ascentius, Anagni, of the patronage of the church of Trillawe.
167 17 For concession, read concession.
23 For tha the, read that he.
192 31–33 Read Indult to Master P. chamberlain of R. cardinal of St. Mary's in Cosmedin, to hold the rectory of Potin, in the diocese of St. Andrews.
203 last For pope, read the pope.
206 36 For can, read can be.
208 34 For Hugh, read Stephen.
220 16 For Romaina read Romania.
226 2 For espiscopal, read episcopal.
251 20 For accesible, read accessible.
280 12 For John de Camezano, canon of Le Puy, read John, canon of Le Pury.
283 34 For benefices, read beneficed.
317 7 Omit (sic.)
320 33 For canons, read canon.
327 28 For Audeby, read Audeby.
339 26 For Norfolk, read Norwich.
352 36 For that, read the rectory.
372 46 Read to be elected to a bishopric, or enter religion. The pope confirmed the election, made by the chapter, of Robert.
373 2 Read, After the appointment had by lapse of time, the bishop elect not consenting to his election, fallen to the archbishop of York, he appointed the said John; who declares that he has no intention of litigating about the said see.
404 9 For firm's read firms.
543 3 For Relation, read Relaxation.
570 43 Insert, between Lamelay and Kiblesworth.