Lateran Regesta 534A

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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Lateran Regesta. Vol. DXXXIVA. (fn. 1)

De Diversis Materiis Diversorum Annorum Calisti III.


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the quite recent description: ‘Calixti iii. et Pie ii. Variorum annorum 1455–1464.’ On a flyleaf is the contemporary description, very much waterstained and illegible in places, as shown by the dots: Primus mixtus diversorum (?) annorum (?) … Pii pape ii. … de litteris dominorum cardinaliumde conservatoriis iii. iiii. v. et vi., de provisionibus prelatorum anno primo, de exemptionibus curialium i. ii. iii. iiii. et v, de beneficiis vacantibus primo et secundo, de diversis primo et secundo, de exhibitis secundo, de litteris dominorum cardinalium domini Calisti anno primo, et unum [sic] quinternum [sic] pur (the writer has for an instant lapsed into Italian) de diversis et diversarum rerum et materiarum domini Calisti et diversorum annorum videlicet primi secundi iii. et quarti.’ On the bottom edge of the volume is the hardly more legible contemporary description: ‘Primus mixtus diversorum annorum [de] litteris dominorum cardinalium, [de] conservatoriis, de exemptionibus … The miscellaneous nature of the contents of the volume, which is well called a ‘Liber mixtus,’ is shown by the following headings:— f. [1], de litteris dominorum cardinalium anno primo; f. 22, de conservatoriis iii°.; f. 28, de conservatoriis iiii.; f. 46, de conservatoriis v.; f. 52, de conservatoriis vi.; f. 70, de provisionibus primo; f. 94, de exempt[i]onibus curialium i. ii. iii. et iiii.; f. 100, de exemptione curialium annorum v. et vi.; f. 118, de benefitiis vacantibus primo; f. 142, de benefitiis vacantibus secundo; f. 162, de diversis anno primo; f. 164, de diversis secundo anno; f. 187, de exhibitis ii. All the foregoing belong to Pius ii, and they end on f. 190d. Ef. 191–209 are blank, and on f. 210 begin two quinternions which end the volume and contain letters of Calixtus iii. The first quinternion is headed: ‘de litteris dominorum cardinalium anni primi.’ The second quinternion is preceded by a sort of title page which has simply the description: ‘Quinternus communis diversorum annorum Calisti pape iii, videlicet primi secundi iii. vi. vii. et octavi—a strange mis-description, seeing that the pontificate of Calixtus ended in his 4th year, and that none of the letters of Calixtus in the quinternion is dated later than ‘anno quarto.’ A similar heading and error occur at the top of f. 233, viz. ‘quinternus communis diversarum litterarum Calisti annorum viii. vi. vii. ii°. i. The explanation of the error is that on ff. 234r and 235r are two letters of ‘anno octavo,’ which, however, are not only not of Calixtus iii, but are not even of Pius ii, under whose name they are registered, the name ‘Pius’ having been in each case corrected in the margin to ‘Nicolaus,’ i.e. Nicholas V. Evidently the above descriptions were written before the corrections were made. There are [i]–cclii. leaves in the volume, many of them being blank. None of its contents comes within the scope of the present Calendar.