Index of Persons and Places: P, Q, R

Pages 1145-1167

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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P . (probably Petrus de Varris, q.v.) register handed to the rubricator by, 633 note.

Paciis. See Pazzis.

Paignton, Paynton, [co. Devon], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, vicarage of, 746.

Painswick, Payneswyke, [co. Gloucester], vicarage of, 785.

Painter, Andrew, bishop-elect of Orkney, sometime vicar of Kirkbean, 551.

-, -, bishop of Orkney, sometime rector of Kirkbean, 71.

-, -, faculty, to, 272.

-, Walter, sometime abbot of Arbroath, 14.

Paisley, de Palseto, de Pasleto, de Passalito, [co. Renfrew], Cluniac abbey of St. Mirren, abbot of, oath to be taken to, 150.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 322, 382, 794.

-, -, -, plenary indulgence for, 847.

-, -, Henry abbot of. See Crichton.

-, -, Patrick abbot commendatary of. See Graham.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefices in the collation of, 224, 385.

-, -, -, indults of, 847, 854.

-, -, -, letters conservatory for, 157.

-, -, -, patrons of Killallan, presentation made by, 157.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 18.

-, -, described as Benedictine, 224.

Pakefield, Thomas, abbot of St. Benet Hulme, dispensation to, 802.

Pakenhan. See Pykenham, William.

Palady, John, official of the archdeacon of Northampton, refusal of justice by, 515.

Palatio, del Palatio, Octavian or Octavianus de, of Florence, papal nuncio in Ireland, collation by, 774.

-, -, [archbishop-]elect of Armagh, provision of, 903, 903 note.

-, -, consecration of, 903.

-, -, archbishop of Armagh, ordered to pay his predecessors' debts, 261.

-, -, -, proceedings against, withdrawn, 133, 134.

-, -, -, sometime administrator-perpetual of the see of Armagh, union made by, 795.

Paleologo di Monferrato, Theodore, cardinal deacon of St. Theodore, papal commissary, 47.

-, -, to be abbot commendatary of Osney, 340.

Palgrave, Palgrawe, [co. Suffolk], Robert Smith lord of, 549.

Pallet. See Pollet.

Palseto (sic), abbey de. See Paisley.

Paman, Robert, rector of Chevington, dispensation to, 405.

Panaden[sis], Pan(e)aden[sis]. See Banados.

Pangbourne, Pangborn, [co. Berks], rectory of, 516.

Pantoson, John, a litigant for the vicarage of Tarves, 341.

-, -, proctor of, 341.

Parco ludii (sic), Parcoludo, abbey de. See Louth Park.

Parco Stanlay, abbey of la Dale in. See Dale Abbey.

Pareds, Alperien[sis], [La Vende, France], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 379.

Pardo, Peter, a canon of Burgos, papal mandatary, 108.

Parham, [co. Suffolk], Christopher Willoughby lord of, 821.

Paris, Parisiensis, [France], parlement at, 234.

-, -, appeal to, 233.

-, -, presidents of, 234.

-, university of, universitas studii Parisiensis, lecturer in theology in, 643.

-, -, Scots student in, 79.

Parmenter, John, rector of Abington, co. Northampton, and of Adisham, dispensation to, 243, 244.

Particles [co. Limerick], a benefice in Dunyrys and Dungadmund so called, 123.

Parva Waldyngfeld. See Waldingfield, Little.

Parys, Edward, dispensation to, 587.

Paschaw, John, dispensation to, 872.

Pasleto , abbey de. See Paisley.

Pasqualibus, Mark de, a member of the Roman Court, lease to, 333.

Passalito , abbey de. See Paisley.

Passenham, [co. Northants.], rectory of, 425.

Paston, [sir] John, knight, witness, 693.

Patras, Patracen[sis], [Greece], archbishop of, executor of a papal mandate, 252.

-, -, papal mandatary, 40, 41, 71, 84, 103, 106, 223, 235, 241, 242, 249, 388 (bis), 423, 440, 442, 448, 479, 506, 537, 611, 643, 672, 700, 718.

-, Simon archbishop of. See Vosich.

Patrecbronton. See Brompton, Patrick.

Patricii, Archibald, late vicar of Inverchaolain, 172.

Patrik, John, one of the executors of the testament of William at Wade, appeal of, 860, 861.

Patrik Brompton, See Brompton, Patrick.

Paul II, pope, action of, against the Turks, 203, 204.

-, agreement confirmed by, 291.

-, appeals committed by, 309, 310.

-, appropriation made by, 16.

-, cause and appeals committed by, 308.

-, causes committed by, 15, 24, 347, 415.

-, collations made by, 10, 11.

-, collations and provisions made by, 444, 674, 675.

-, confirmation by, 217.

-, death of, before disposing of reserved dignities, 26, 404.

-, -, before his letters were drawn up, 10, 11, 18, 24, 42, 207, 285, 287 (bis), 289, 289 note, 294, 295, 300, 304, 305 bis), 309, 317 note, 318, 341, 386, 442.

-, -, letters not drawn up by reason of, 861.

-, -, -, made valid by his successor, 866 note.

-, dispensation confirmed by, 457 note.

-, dispensations granted by, 4, 6, 7, 36, 37, 58, 60, 78, 79, 202, 218, 245, 248, 286, 299, 300, 304 (bis), 305, 317 (ter), 318, 335, 337, 363, 386, 418, 428, 493, 494, 516, 536, 540, 543, 565, 596, 620, 639, 707, 711, 736, 738, 750, 776.

-, -, exemplified or recited, 364, 831, 832.

-, exemption granted by, 19.

-, expectative graces granted by, 28, 332.

-, faculties granted by, 34, 451.

-, grant in commendam by, 319.

-, indults granted by, 288, 643.

-, letters, bulls or mandates of, 32, 162, 2067, 295, 345, 346, 4145, 420, 442, 520, 640.

-, -, entered in a register of Sixtus IV, 284.

-, -, execution of, 447.

-, -, exemplified or recited, 13, 14, 59, 390, 431, 452 note, 453 note, 454 note, 502, 503, 748, 748 note.

-, -, recapitulated and to be executed, 402.

-, -, concerning penalties for non-payment of annates, 76.

-, -, Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Cum in omnibus judiciis. 176 note, 181 note, 186 note, 199, 259, 259 note, 270, 831.

-, -, -, exemplified, 830.

-, -, -, date of, 830 note.

-, ordinance of, concerning the Jubilee year, 198.

-, petition to, 414.

-, promotions by, 20, 38, 325.

-, provisions made by, 10, 13, 16, 18, 29, 33, 42, 319 (bis), 323, 341, 432, 519, 534, 593 (bis), 673, 738, 800.

-, registers of, 317 note, 364 note.

-, -, bull of Sixtus IV entered in, 284.

-, -, exemplifications from, 502, 748.

-, report made to, 52.

-, reservation of a bishopric by, 83.

-, reservation of conventual priories by, 370, 371.

-, reservation (general) of all major dignities by, 26, 404, 444.

-, resignation made to, 17.

-, resignation made to and provision by, 365, 366.

-, sentences against simoniacs, aggravated by, 371, 411, 566.

-, -, confirmed by, 508.

-, -, renewed by, 355, 362, 394, 443, 514, 533, 652, 768, 848.

-, -, absolution from, reserved by, 20, 37, 149, 170, 189.

-, union, provision and dispensation made by, 75.

-, union dissolved by, 593.

Paul III, pope, church destroyed under, 141 note.

Paule, William, dispensation to, 907.

Pavi. See Pavy.

Pavnton. See Pawnton.

Pavy, Pavi, Hugh, rector of Dittisham and of Shepton on Mallet, dispensation to, 617.

-, -, a canon of Salisbury, chaplain of Edward IV, indult to, 823.

Pawnton, Pavnton, Thomas, vicar of Frome Selwood, dispensation to, 838.

Payne, John, a Friar Preacher, about to be provided to the bishopric of Meath, absolution of, 836.

-, -, prior provincial of the Dominican friars province of England, to be bishop of Meath, 825.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 825.

-, -, oath of fealty, etc. of, 825.

Payneswyke. See Painswick.

Paynton. See Paignton.

Paziis, John son of Ambrose de, of Ferentino, to be rector of St. Andrew de Montecavallo, Rome, 84.

Pazzis, Paciis, Pozzis, Francis de, a merchant of Florence, 39.

-, -, late a merchant of Florence, 132, 261.

Peccam, Peccham. See Peckham, West.

Pecham. See Peckham, East.

Peckham, John, archbishop of Canterbury, chaplain of. See Geldeford. Peter de.

-, -, constitutiones of, 727, 851.

-, -, erection of Wingham into a collegiate church by, 114.

-, -, ordinance of, exemplified, 114.

-, -, register of, exemplification from, 114.

Peckham, East, Pecham, [co. Kent], rectory of, 707.

Peckham, West, Peccam, Peccham, [co. Kent], knights Hospitallers' preceptory, (camera magistralis), John preceptor of. See Kendall.

Pedale, St. Mary de, recte St. Mary de Depeda'e). See Burnham Deepdale.

Peddyngge, Pedyngge. See Great Pedding farm.

Pedeuallis. See Pemi(n)ell(is).

Peebles, PleblysZ, [co. Peebles], Trinitarian friars house of the Holy Cross, John minister of. See Blank.

Peerson, John, vicar of Kennington, dispensation to, 506.

-, Person, John, to be a notary public, 802.

-, Pereson, Thomas, sentence of, 661.

Peese, Preese, John, dean of St. Mary le Bow, London, auditor-general of causes or judge of the court of the archbishop of Canterbury, (i.e. dean of Arches), litigation before, 777.

-, -, sentences of, 560, 561.

Peion, John, vicar of Shorne, dispensation to, 514.

Peit, Henry, chaplain at the altar of St. John the Baptist in the collegiate church of Abernethy. charges against, 28, 29.

Peke, John, vicar of Blyth, dispensation to, 776.

Pekeryng, John, vicar of St. Oswald, Durham, dispensation to, 569.

Pellicannis, Fortunatus de, bishop of Sarsina, F. Sassenatensis, papal scriptor, 324, 327, 339, 348 (bis), 350, 353, 355 (bis), 369, 374, 375, 385, 411.

Pemberge. See Pembridge.

Pemberton, Robert, rector of Brasted, dispensation to, 491.

-, William, dispensation to, 910.

Pembridge, Pemberge, [co. Hereford], rector of, 826.

-, rectory of, to be retained by Thomas Langton, bishop of St. Davids, 911 note.

Pembroke, co. Pembroke, hospital of St. Mary Magdalene. See Mawdelenys hospital.

Pem(in)ell(is) alias Pedeuallis, [in Street, co. Somerset], wood of, 293.

Penaden[sis]. See Banados.

Penkridge, Pentisch, [co. Stafford], chapel royal of, 190.

Pentland, Pentlande, [now partly in Glencorse and partly in Lasswade, co. Edinburgh], rectory of, 756.

Pentrich, [co. Derby], vicarage of, 221.

Penwen, John, late vicar of Sprouston, 67.

-, Thomas, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, and executor of papal letters, 322.

Peopleton, Pepulton, [co. Worcester], parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 747.

Peppardstown, co. Tipperary. See Crampscastle.

Pepulton. See Peopleton.

Perandi, Raymund, archdeacon of Aunis, orator of Louis XI to the pope, petition of, 194, 195.

Percham, Richard, a monk of Rochester, dispensation to, 290.

Percy, Percey, Edmund, rector of Hedon, dispensation to, 807.

-, lady Eleanor de, (ne Nevill), countess of Northumberland, daughter of the late Ralph [Nevill], earl of Westmoreland and Joan [Nevill, ne Beaufort], 690.

-, -, brother of. See Nevill, sir Richard, earl of Salisbury.

-, -, daughter of. See Hungerford, lady Anne.

-, Perci, John, appeal of, 875.

Pereson. See Peerson, Thomas.

Perreriis, master William de, a papal chaplain and auditor, cause committed to, 734.

Perkin, John, rector of Hildersham, dispensation to, 799.

Pershore, [co. Worcester], Benedictine abbey of St. Edburga, abbot and convent of, compensation granted to, 642.

-, -, monk of. See Hauley, Richard.

-, -, burial at, of persons dying in Naunton Beauchamp, 642.

Person. See Peerson, John.

Persons, Christopher, dispensation to, 872.

-, David, rector of Droxford, dispensation to, 787.

-, Personis, David, to be a notary public, 648.

Perte, Thomas, chaplain of the chantry of Gilbert de Bruera in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, dispensation to, 559.

Perth, Andrew de. See Johannis.

Perugia, [Italy], papal letters dated at, 400.

Peryn, Richard, a Crutched Friar of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Gloucester, dispensation to, 592.

Perys, William, vicar of St. Breock, dispensation to, 791.

Peterborough, [co. Northampton], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 708, 852.

-, -, monk of. See Peykyke, Robert.

Petherton, South, Sovoth Pederton, [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 594.

Petieru (recte Peticru). See Petigrew.

Petigrew, Petieru, Potegru, John, a litigant for the vicarage of Bathgate, 459.

Petra , A. de, papal scriptor, 330 and passim to 793.

-, -, correction initialled by, 568 note.

-, -, correction made by, 404 note.

Petra , abbey de. See Kilmadcuagh.

Petra fertili , abbey de. See Corcomroe.

Petrockstow, Sancti Petroci, [co. Devon], rectory of, 470.

Petsmyth, William, See Ledes.

Pettarn, Robert, to be vicar of Kilmalcolm, 849.

Pettindreith, James, a monk of Old Deer, absolution for, 826.

-, -, to be abbot of Old Deer, 826.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 826.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 826.

Petyfer, William, rector of Everdon, dispensation to, 778.

Petyr, William, rector of Wytham, dispensation to, 724.

Petyte, William, rector of Steeple Gidding, dispensation to, 710.

Petyneynne sive Maya, priory of. See Pittenween.

Peurueur, Thomas, late a canon of St. Paul's, London, and prebendary of Mora, 10.

Pewsey, [co. Wilts.], rectory of, 728.

Peykyke, Robert, a monk of Peterborough, dispensation to, 725.

Peyto, William, dispensation to, 909.

Peyton, Edward, rector of Galmingay, dispensation to, 540.

Phelip. See Philip, William.

Philip, duke of Burgundy, agreement of, with the king of England, 229.

-, dominions of, 229.

-, safe-conduct granted by, 232.

-, duke of Burgundy and count of Flanders, a pair of France, Bruges subject to, 232.

-, appeal to the parlement of Paris from, 233.

Philip, Philippi, James, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 123.

-, Philypp, John, rector of St. Olave, Exeter, dispensation to, 796.

-, Phillip, Richard, rector of Herbrandston, dispensation to, 543.

-, Phelip, William, vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Cardiff, dispensation to, 449.

Piacenza, Placentinus, [Italy], Bartholomew archdeacon of. See de Juliano.

Picardy, Picardia, Piccardia, export of wool etc. to, forbidden, 227.

Picchis, Ceccolus de, a merchant of Rome, grant to, 226.

Pickering, Eykeryng, [co. York], rectory of, 540.

Pickering, Pikringleythe, Pikringlythe, [co. York], wapentake of, Thornton in, (i.e. Thornton Dale, q.v.,) 337, 338.

Pictavensis . See Poitiers and Poitou.

Piddletrenthide, Pidelltrithide, [co. Dorset], vicarage of, 405.

Piers, Nicholas. See Rede.

Pigge, Pygg, Pygge, John, bishop of Ardfert, commissary of. See Norwich, George.

-, -, petition of, 296.

-, -, residing in the city of London, papal mandatary, 307, 309, 309 note, 310.

-, -, sentence of, appeal from, 358.

-, -, resignation of the see of Ardfert made by, 352.

-, -, bishop of Beirut, sometime bishop of Ardfert, pension reserved for, 371, 372.

-, -, bishop of Beirut, executor of a papal mandate, 782.

-, -, residing in the city of London, papal mandatary, 457, 527, 560 bis), 570, 629, 735, 777, 779, 784, 788, 801.

-, -, bishop of Beirut and previously of Ardfert, difficulties concerning the references to, 457 note.

Pigo (?), Margaret, indult to, 904.

Pike, John, commissary or dean of the abbot of Bury St. Edmunds, suit before, 676.

Pikkenham, See Pykenham, William.

Pikringleythe, Pikringlythe. See Pickering.

Pile, Thomas, to be chaplain at the altar of St. John the Evangelist in the collegiate church of Abernethy, 28.

Pilkyngton, [sir] John, knight, patron of Thornton in Craven, 60.

Pill, de Pulla, [in Steynton, co. Pembroke], Benedictine priory of St. Mary, William prior of. See Herry.

Pimperne, Pympern, Pymperne, [co. Dorset], parish church of St. Peter, rectory of, 511, 695.

Pincher, John, prior of Coldingham, deprivation of, 19.

Pindragras, See Prendergast, David.

Pinicoke, Puiroke, William, late vicar of Leuchars, 378.

Pinkerton, Pyncherton, [in Dunbarco. Haddington land in the vill of, 644.

Piot, Laurence, late archdeacon of Aberdeen, 16.

-, Pyot, Laurence, late rector of Benholm, 27.

-, Pioti, Pyot, Patrick, sometime rector of the hospital of St. Germains, 58.

-, -, a litigant for the hospital of St. Germains, 462.

-, -, proctor of. See Rate, Alexander.

Pipewell, Pyppewell, Pyywell, [in Rushton and Great Oakley, co. Northants.], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Oundyll, John.

-, sir William Stoke of, 690.

Pistoja, [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 761, 833.

Pithington, Pitington, See Pittington.

Pitstone, co. Buckingham. See Ashridge.

Pitt, Pitte, a portion of the rectory of Tiverton, Tuuerton, [co. Devon], 484.

Pittecok, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Old Buckenham, de facto vicar of Holy Cross, Westgate, Canterbury, absolution etc. for, 640.

-, -, dispensation to, 641.

Pittenweem, Petyueynne sive Maya, [co. Fife], Augustinian priory, appropriation of, to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, 16.

Pittington, Pithington, Pitington, [co. Durham], vicarage of, 337.

Pityng, William, dispensation to, 880.

Pius II, pope, action of, against the Turks, 203, 204.

-, bishops appointed or promoted by, 330, 377, 502.

-, commission issued by, 51.

-, consecration administered by order of, 503.

-, Crusade undertaken by, 204.

-, death of, before his letters were drawn up, 457, note, 640.

-, dispensations granted by, 60. 244, 305, 354, 457, note, 469, 485, 494, 526, 630, 640, 712, 728.

-, -, recited, 775, 802.

-, faculties to bishops etc. to dispense in regard to illegitimacy, revoked by, 31, 34, 296.

-, indults granted by, 305, 469.

-, -, confirmed, 254.

-, letters or mandates of, 204, 442, 664.

-, -, cited, 19.

-, -, executed after his death, 430.

-, licence of, to build in Scotland four houses of Friars Minors of the Observance, 785.

-, ordinance of, against persons who without licence or dispensation are promoted to holy orders before the lawful age, 488, 508.

-, physician of. See Eugubio, Anthony de.

-, provision made by, 457 note.

-, -, confirmed, 49.

-, provision made by virtue of letters of, 311.

-, resignation made to, 311.

-, sentences against simoniacs renewed by, 856.

-, special privileges and indults regarding heresy sent to England by, 200.

-, statutes of the chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, declared by authority of, 678.

Placentinus . See Piacenza.

Plasket, John, to be a notary public, 473, 474.

Platte, Plat, John, vicar of Glanworth, charges against, 855.

-, Plette, Margery, de facto wife of Thurstan Platte, charges against, 503, 504.

-, -, petition of, 503.

-, Thurstan, husband and kinsman of Margery Platte, 504.

Pleblysz. See Peebles.

Plemen, David, sometime rector of Bekan, 395.

Plemynd, John, de facto vicar of Crossmolina, 435.

Plette. See Platte, Margery.

Plompton. See Plumpton.

Plovin, William, dispensation to, 888.

Plummer, Plumer, William, an Augustinian canon of Butley, dispensation to, 779.

-, -, also rector of Worlingham, grants to, 273, 802.

Plumpton, Plompton, [Sussex], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 807.

Pluscardine, Pluscardyn, Pluskardin, [co. Elgin], Benedictine priory of the order of Val-des-Choux, prior of, papal mandatary, 349.

-, -, Gavin prior of. See Dunbar.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Foster.

-, -, William prior of. See Boys.

-, -, monks of. See Dunbar, Gavin; Foster, Thomas.

-, -, dependent upon Dunfermline abbey, 510.

Plymouth, Plymmouth, [co. Devon], vicarage of, 317, 590.

Poduge (recte Rad[i]nge). See Reading.

Poer, Robert, late bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 870 note, 894 note.

-, -, Edmund Mandeville official general of, 49.

Poghley. See Poughley.

Poitiers, Pictavensis [Vienne, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 194.

-, city of, resident in. See Marescalli alias de Scotia, John.

Poitou, Pictavensis, [France], comt of, dweller in. See Marescalli alias de Scotia, John.

-, -, synodal constitutions of, 194.

Pole, Owen, treasurer of St. Davids, and rector of Manorbier, dispensation to, 493, 494.

Pollerd, Ludovicus, rector of Bideford, dispensation to, 425.

Pollet (or Pallet or Potter), Thomas, rector of Wotton, dispensation to, 384.

Polstead, Polsted, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 660.

Polycarpus , G., papal scriptor, 794 (bis), and passim to 859 (bis).

Pontefract, de Pontefracto, [co. York], Cluniac priory of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, Richard prior of. See Brown.

-, -, prior and convent of, cited, 608.

-, -, monks of. See Estost, John; Marshall, Richard.

-, -, convent of, petition of, 573.

-, -, the rectory of Silkstone appropriated to, 608.

-, -, described as of the order of St. Benedict, 491.

Ponteroberti , abbey de. See Robertsbridge.

Pontisvivi [recte Fontisvivi] monastery. See Lorrha.

Pool, Poole. See de la Pole, Edward.

Pope, John, a canon residentiary of Wells, witness, 291, 294.

-, William, vicar of South Benfleet, dispensation to, 813.

Popeley, Thomas, rector of All Saints, Didcot, dispensation to, 557.

Porcell, Porchel, Porsill. See Purcell.

Porta, master Matthew de, a papal chaplain and auditor, admonition by, 864.

-, -, papal mandatary, 24, 67, 593.

-, -, sentence of, 308.

Porta Magna Collis Victorie, parish church de. See Abbeyknockmoy.

Portas (? recte Porteus), William, dispensation to, 905.

Porcester. See Portlester.

Porte, Robert, absolution and dispensation for, 147, 148.

-, -, patron of, 147.

Portington, Portyngton, [in Eastrington, co. York, E.R.], Thomas Portington temporal lord of, 821.

Portington, Portyngton, Thomas, treasurer of York, temporal lord of Portington, indult to, 821.

-, -, also rector of Shillington, sometime rector of Blyborough, dispensation to, 695.

Portlester, Portcester, Portrester, [in Killaconnigan, co. Meath], Roland FitzEustace lord of [i.e. baron], 548.

Porto, [Italy], Philip cardinal bishop of. See Calandrini.

Port of Monteith, co. Perth, See Inchmahome.

Portrester. See Portlester.

Portu patrum , monastery de. See Annaghdown.

Portu puro , abbey de, See Clonfert.

Portyngton. See Portington; and Portington, Thomas.

Posse (? recte Pope), William, notary public, 874.

Pot, Reynerius, preceptor of the Hospitallers house of Chalonssur-Marne, to be procurator of the Hospital in England, and sequestrator of the Camera of the priory of England, 216.

-, -, commendation of, to Edward IV, 216.

Potegru (recte Petegru). See Petigrew.

Poteman, Potman, William, archdeacon of Cleveland, commissary of. See Mason, Robert.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of George [Nevill], archbishop of York, refusal of, to confirm an election, 46.

Poterna . See Potterne.

Potier , John, a canon of Bourges, papal mandatary, 600.

Potman. See Poteman.

Potter, John, rector of Checkley, dispensation to, 572.

-, Thomas. See Pollet.

Potterne, Poterna, [co. Wilts.], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 406.

Poughley, Poghley, [in Chaddleworth, co. Berks], Augustinian priory, Thomas prior of. See Sutton.

Poulton, co. Kent. See St. Radegund's.

Poundstock, Poundestoke, Poundistoke, [co. Cornwall], vicarage of, 564.

Pourcel. See Purcell, Thomas.

Poynton. See Smith, Robert.

Pozzis. See Pazzis.

Pratty, Thomas, vicar of Moulton, [co. Northants.], dispensation to, 782.

Prees, Prezs, Pryce, [co. Salop], vicarage of, 333, 829.

Preese, See Peese.

Prmontr, [Aisne, France], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, the bishop of St. Asaph claiming to be reformator-general of, 64.

-, -, -, right of visitation of, 64.

-, -, -, chapters presided over by, 64.

-, -, claustral prior of, 64.

Premussen. See Prenussen, Walter.

Prendergast, Prindagras, Prindragas, P[r]yndragas, Pyndragas, David, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 154, 392, 438, 479, 521.

-, Pindragras, Prindragas, David, to be rector of Bekan, 394, 395.

-, -, provided to the rectory of Bekan, to be also vicar of Crossmolina, 435.

-, Prindigas, Prindragras, Prindrigast, John, a canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 351.

-, -, a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Mora, charges against, 424.

-, -, sometime a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Mora, 99.

-, -, de facto treasurer of Lismore, 764.

-, Prindagas, John, late rector of Bekan, 394.

-, Prindragas, Walter, late vicar of Crossmolina, 435.

Prenussen, Premussen, Walter, to be dean of Tuam, 761.

Prepositi, William, dispensation to, 820.

Preston, James, provost of St. Mary, Hemingbrough, dispensation to, 558.

-, Richard, rector of St. Nicholas, Worcester, dispensation to, 791.

-, Robert, rector of Whatley, dispensation to, 315.

-, Robert, late vicar of Linton, 771.

-, Thomas, a canon of York, to be prior of Guernsey, 364, 365.

-, William, a monk of Louth Park, dispensation to, 785.

Prestonkirk, co. Haddington, See Hailes.

Preston on Stour, Preston, [co. Gloucester], manor of, 367, 368.

Pretyrwell. See Prittlewell.

Primgill. See Pringle.

Prindagas, Prindagras, Prindigas, Prindragas, Prindragras, Prindrigast. See Prendergast.

Pringle, Pringille, Andrew, late vicar of Stitchel, 192.

-, Primgill, Pringill, Matthew, de facto rector of Aldeathie, 492.

-, -, de facto vicar of Borthwick, absolution etc. for, 657, 658.

Prior, co. Kerry. See Ballinskelligs.

Prioris, master John, a papal chaplain and auditor, cause committed to, 87, 88.

-, -, papal mandatary, 763.

-, -, auditor-general of causes of the papal camera, instructions to, 738.

-, John, a canon of S. Maria Maggiore, Rome, papal mandatary, 93.

-, John, of Gurande, a canon of Vannes, papal mandatary, 552.

Prittlewell, Pretyrwell, [co. Essex], vicarage of, 9.

Proude, Prout, Prude, John, lieutenant of the mayor of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 231.

Proueyt, Robert, rector of Rushmere and of Benacre, dispensation etc. to, 155, 156.

Prout. See Proude.

Provant. See Barlanark.

Prowell, Richard. See Multon.

Prude. See Proude.

Pryce. See Prees.

Pyncherton. See Pinkerton.

P[r]yndragas. See Prendergast, David.

Puerwes. See Purwes.

Puiroke. See Pinicoke.

Pulla , priory de. See Pill.

Pulrey. See Purleigh.

Purcell, Edmund, of Cloyne, dispensation to, 146.

-, John, abbot of St. Thomas the Martyr, Dublin, lease of appropriated benefices made by, 831, 832.

-, John, bishop of Ferns, collation and provision made by, 717.

-, Porcell, Purcel, John, de facto vicar of Shanagolden, 87.

-, -, -, sometime vicar of Shanagolden, dispensation to, 152.

-, Jordan, bishop of Cloyne, coadjutor to. See Roche, William.

-, -, bishop of Cork and Cloyne, death of, 351.

-, Porsill, Purchel, Patrick, a canon of Cashel, to have a farm of the rectory of Ballingarry, 619, 620.

-, -, de facto a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Templetouhy, 652.

-, Purssel, Purssell, Richard, to be prior commendatary of the Trinitarian Friars house of Adare, 43, 529.

-, Porcell, Thomas, to be a canon of Ferns and prebendary of Fethard, 717.

-, -, father of, a bishop, 717.

-, -, mother of, 717.

-, -, a canon and prebendary of Ferns, provision of, to the bishopric of Waterford and Lismore, 148.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 148.

-, -, oath of, 148, 149 note.

-, Porcell, Porchel, Thomas, de facto archdeacon of Ossory, 169, 174.

-, Purchell, Thomas, to be archdeacon of Cashel, 902.

-, Purchel, Thomas, of Cashel diocese, to be lessee of certain rectories belonging to Abington abbey, 99, 100.

-, Pourcel, Thomas, of Cloyne, lessee of monastic property, 831, 832.

Purde, David, succentor of Glasgow, absolved from rule of residence, 628.

Purdi, Thomas, rector of the second portion of Catfield, dispensation to, 675.

Purleigh, Pulrey, Purley, [co. Essex], rectory of, 317.

Purssel, Purssell. See Purcell.

Purton, Puryton, [co. Wilts], vicarage of, 694.

Purueour, Thomas, a minor penitentiary in Rome for the realms of England and Scotland, and for the English, Scots and Irish nations, and a papal chaplain, death of, 206, 210.

Purwes. Puerwes, Andrew, de facto archdeacon of Dunblane, afterwards rector of Kinnell, 103, 104.

Puryton. See Purton.

Pye, John, vicar of Shifnal, dispensation to, 736.

Pygg, Pygge. See Pigge.

Pykeryng, William, dispensation to, 883.

Pykyng, John, vicar of Sawbridgeworth, dispensation to, 726.

Pykenham, Pakenhan, Pikkenham, Pyknam, Pykyngham, Pykynham, William, auditor general of causes of the court of Thomas [Bourchier], cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in Thermis, archbishop of Canterbury, appeals from sentences of, 779, 780, 852, 860.

-, -, litigation before, 777 (bis), 788, 852.

-, -, threat to cause a person to be punished before, 784.

Pyle, Thomas, a monk of Dundrennan, licence to, to migrate to the Augustinian priory of Restennet, 625, 626.

Pympern, Pymperne. See Pimperne.

Pyncherton. See Pinkerton.

Pyndragas. See Prendergast, David.

Pynkynhin (? recte Pynkynh[a]m), William, union of a rectory to a canonry made for, 912.

Pyot. See Piot, Laurence; and Piot, Patrick.

Pyppewell, Pyywell [recte Pypwell]. See Pipewell.


Qograydh. See O'Grady, Donatus.

Quainton, co. Bucks. See Shipton.

Qualeatis, Marianus de, bishop of Glandves, corrections made by command of, 744 note, 832 note, 836 note.

Quarec. See Quarr.

Quarley, Querle, [co. Hants], rectory of, 300.

Quarr, Quarec, [in the Isle of Wight, co. Hants], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Symmes, Thomas.

Quendall. See Kendall.

Quenington, Quenyngton, [co. Gloucester], Knights Hospitallers preceptory, John preceptor of. See Weston.

Querle. See Quarley.

Queyterote, Richard, a canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, de facto prebendary of one portion of Lusk, 314, 314 note, 315.

Quhialaw, Quhytlals, Quhytlaw, Quilaco. See Whitelaw.

Quin, Cuintdbe, Cunhi, [co. Tipperary], rectory of the united parish churches of Ogashin and, 302, 303.

-, vicarage of, 356.

Quindal. See Kendall.

Quinhlaw. See Whitelaw.

Quinleian, Florence, a monk of Abington, to be abbot of the same, 401.

Quoll. See Coull.

Quyrton, Qwh[a]rton. See Wharton.


Ra, Raa. See Ray.

Rab, Arben[sis], [Dalmatia], bishop of, papal mandatary, 816.

Rabarra. See Carranekinnefeake.

Rachguella. See Rathkeale.

Rachona. See Rathcooney.

Raclaryn. See Rathclarin.

Racolyff (recte Ratelyff). See Radcliff, Ralph.

Racurmayn. See Bekan.

Radcliff, Radclliffe, Geoffrey, dispensation to, 397.

-, Badelyf, Raderif, John, dispensations to, 875, 886.

-, Radclyff, John, rector of Shillington, dispensation to, 304.

-, Racolyff, Ralph, dispensation to, 869.

-, Radclyff, Roger, sometime warden of the collegiate church of Manchester, 319.

-, Radefif, Radelif, Thomas, dispensation to, 907.

-, -, indult to, 904.

Radcliffe, Radclyff, [co. Lancs.], rectory of, 801.

Radefif, Radelif. See Radeliff, Thomas.

Raderif. See Radcliff, John.

Rading. See Reading.

Radmyll alias Radmilld, Radmyld. See Rodmell.

Radnor, Old, [cos. Hereford and Radnor], rectory of, 802.

Radway, William, rector of Cheriton Bishop, dispensations to, 736, 782.

Radyng, Radyngia. See Reading.

Raet. See Rate.

Raffen[sis] (recte Roffen[sis]). See Rochester.

Ragella , Ragellhy, Ragelli, Ragelly, Rageyl, Raghely, Ragly. See Rathkeale,

Raglan, co. Monmouth, 869 note.

Rahelty, Raylta, [co. Tipperary], rectory of, leased, 100.

Rahoon, Raphin, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 441, 442.

Raith. See Raymoghy.

Rakil. See Rathkeale.

Raleigh, Keylei, [co. Essex], rectory of, 851.

Ralsan, diocese of Ardfert, rectory of, 472.

-, -, patron of. See Hussey, Nicholas.

Ramare, Thomas de, indult to, 874.

Ramsan. See Ramsay, Thomas.

Ramsay, [Isle of Man], vicarage of Holy Trinity by. See Lezayre.

Ramsay, Ramsy, Alexander, sometime vicar of Bourtie, 848.

-, Ramsuy, Ransay, Mariota de, late abbess (called prioress) of North Berwick, 23, 29, 30.

-, Ramsan, Thomas, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Glasgow, 897.

Ramsey. See Romsey.

Ramsey, John, rector of Plumpton, dispensation to, 807.

-, Thomas, a monk of Ely, dispensation to, 495.

Ramston. See Ravenstone.

Ramsuy. See Ramsay, Mariota de.

Ramsay. See Ramsay, Alexander.

Rande, John, rector of Scruton, dispensation to, 540.

Rane. See Rathen; and Rayne.

Ranfr[e]w, Ranfrow. See Renfrew.

Ransay. See Ramsay, Mariota de.

Ranson, Thomas, late husband of Joan wife of John Marshall, 484.

-, -, daughter of, 484.

Rant. See Cant, John.

Raona. See Rathcooney.

Raphin. See Rahoon.

Raphoe, Rapoten[sis], Rapotten[sis], [co. Donegal], bishop of, canon appointed by, 479.

-, -, papal mandatary, 120, 121, 161.

-, -, presentation to and institution by, 538.

-, John bishop of. See de Rogerii.

-, Laurence bishop of. See O'Gallagher.

-, Meanalaus bishop of. See MacCarmacan.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 17, 532.

-, Nicholas dean of. See Onverhan.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 17, 758.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 161.

-, canons of. See MacArdle alias O'Dougherty, Donatus; Mackarmayc, Patrick; Mackarmaye, Thomas; Obuyghu. Cornelius; O'Gallagher, Bernard; Olasce, Cornelius; Olasce John; Omiechan, Cornelius; Omiechan, Nicholas.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 119.

-, church of, vassals of, 119.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, 119.

-, diocese of, benefice m, 877.

-, -, persons of, 112, 537, 840.

-, -, places in. See Assaroe; Aughnish; Clondavaddog; Drumhome; Inishkeel; Inver; Killymard; Kilmacrenan; Raymoghy; parish church de Sustinentia; Taughboyne; Tullyfern.

Rapoten[sis]. See Raphoe.

Rasarayn. See Rathsaran.

Rastiue. See Rattoo.

Rat. See Rate.

Ratchahyll, i.e. Rathcahill (q.v.), an alternative name for Monagay. See Monagay.

Rate, Raet, Alexander, of Aberdeen, proctor of Patrick Piot, 462.

-, Raet, Rat, Rath, Rathe, Alexander, of the diocese of St. Andrews, proctor of Walter Douglas, 347.

-, -, provided to an archpriestship, 873.

-, -, a member of the pope's household, to be archdeacon of Aberdeen, 16.

-, -, archdeacon of Aberdeen, papal acolyte and member of the pope's household, indult to, 220.

-, -, grant to, 220.

-, -, a member of the pope's household, rector of Dunnottar and archdeacon of Aberdeen, to be also archdeacon of Dunblane, 33.

-, -, archdeacon of Aberdeen and of Dunblane, indult to, to visit by deputy, 43.

-, -, archdeacon of Dunblane. licence to, 41.

-, -, a canon of Dunkeld, proctor of Gilbert Kennedy, 340.

-, -, a member of the pope's household, provided to the archdeaconry of Dunblane, resignation of, 103.

-, -, sometime provided to a canonry of Brechin, to be a canon and prebendary of Glasgow, 278.

-, -, to be a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Renfrew, 38.

-, -, to be dean of Dunkeld, 40, 47.

-, -, sometime a member of the household of Sixtus IV, late archdeacon of Rayne, 649.

-, -, late archdeacon of Aberdeen, and a member of the household of Sixtus IV, 665.

-, -, late a canon of Moray and prebendary of Kinoir and a member of the pope's household, 732, 733.

-, Rat, William, sometime a canon of Caithness and prebendary of Kildonan, 20.

Rath, Renete, [co. Clare], a prebend in Killaloe, 682.

Rath. See Rate.

Rathangan, Rathvinghayn, [co. Kildare], vicarage of, 509.

Rathbarre. See Garranekinnefeake.

Rathburen[sis]. See Rathlure.

Rathcahill, Ratchahyll, Ratheayll, Rathkahal, Rathkaill, Rothkaill, [in Monagay, co. Limerick] an alternative name for Monagay (q.v.), 76, 123, 809.

Rathclarin, Raclaryn, [co. Cork], rectory of, united to the prebend of Carrigaline, 70.

-, See also Burren.

Rathcool, Rathcoll, Ratholl, Rathull, Raygola, [co. Tipperary], a prebend in Cashel, 95, 673.

-, parish church of, 95.

-, -, prebend crected from, 673.

Rathcooney, Rachona, Raona, [co. Cork], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 740, 766.

Rathcurnayn. See Bekan.

Rathe. See Rate.

Rathen, Rane, [co. Aberdeen], John Ruch vicar of, 25.

Rathgaeli, Rathgcali, Rathgeala. See Rathkeale.

Rathgoggan, Rathgogan, [co. Cork], rectory of, 831.

Rathgrala , Rathguella. See Rathkeale.

Rathicurnayn. See Bekan.

Rathkahal, Rathkaill, (i.e. Rathcahill, q.v.), an alternative name for Monagay. See Monagay.

Rathkeale, Rachguella, de Ragella, Ragellhy, Ragelli, Ragelly, Rageyl, Raghely, Ragly, Rakil, Rathgaeli, Rathgcali, Rathgeala, de Rathgrala, Rathguella, [co. Limerick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 43, 45, 86, 113, 123, 162, 285, 397, 452, 453, 529, 739.

-, -, -, not to proceed in a case without an additional judge, 454, 455.

-, -, David son of John, David son of John Dubyby, prior of. See de Geraldinis.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Oflathif.

-, -, Thomas de facto prior of. See Oketh.

-, -, William late prior of. See Oketh.

-, -, canons of. See Geraldinis, David son of John de; O'Falvin, Maurice; Oflathif, Thady; O'Kelly, Donald; O'Kelly, Donatus; Oketh, Thomas.

-, -, convent of, de facto election of a prior by, 439.

Rathlure, Rathburen[sis] (sic), Rathlurensis, [an ancient name for Maghera, co. Londonderry], Thomas bishop of. See Ingleby.

Rathoa. See Rattoo.

Ratholl. See Rathcool.

Rathsaran, Rasarayn, [Queen's county], rectory of, 771.

Rathue. See Rattoo.

Rathull. See Rathcool.

Rathven, Rethven, [co. Banff], a prebend in Aberdeen, 542.

Rathvinghayn. See Rathangan.

Rathytue, Ratire. See Rattoo.

Ratlesden. See Rattlesden.

Ratruman. See Ballycommon.

Ratsey. See Rotsea.

Rattlesden, Ratlesden, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 375.

Rattoo, Rastiue, Rathoa, Rathue, Rathytue, Ratire, Ratue, Raythug, Raythuoy, Raythuoygh, [co. Kerry], Augustinian abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, abbot of, papal mandatary, 72, 296, 343, 612, 629, 742.

-, -, Brandon abbot of. See FitzMaurice.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefice in the gift of. See Dysert, in Clanmaurice barony, co. Kerry.

-, -, abbatial mensa of, assignment of part of the fruits of, 588.

Raven. William, rector of Kirkby la Thorpe, dispensation to, 850.

Ravenstone, Ramston, Rawsthon, [co. Bucks], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, Eustace prior of. See Bernard.

-, -, canon of. See Abraham, Thomas.

Ravyn, John, dispensation to, 901.

Rawlyns, William, a canon of the New-Work, Leicester, and vicar of Claybrooke, indult of nonresidence to, 219.

Rawsthon. See Ravenstone.

Ray, Raa, John, vicar of Edenhall, dispensation to, 580.

-, Ra, Maurice, late a litigant for the vicarage of Auchterhouse, 30, 31.

Raybcasgyn. See Raykcasgyn.

Rayforde. See Keyford.

Raygola. See Rathcool.

Raykcasgyn, Raybcasgyn, a portion in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, 342.

Raylta. See Rahelty.

Raymoghy, Raith, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 532.

Raynduyn. See St. Johns, co. Roscommon.

Rayne, Rane, [co. Aberdeen], Alexander archdeacon of. See Rate.

-, James archdeacon of. See Lindsay.

Raynesford, lady Anne. See Hungerford.

Raynford, Raynforde, Henry, indult to, 380.

-, -, notary public, 889.

-, -, rector of Holy Trinity, Chester, dispensation to, 798.

Rayrd, William, dispensation to, 909.

Raythug, Raythuoy, Raythuoygh. See Rattoo.

Reading, Poduge, Rading, Radyng, Radyngia, [co. Berks], Benedictine abbey, John abbot of. See Thorne.

-, -, abbot and convent of, grant to, 896.

-, -, abbots of, indults to, to wear the mitre etc., 410.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 410.

-, parish church of St. Laurence, vicarage of, 611, 779.

Rebattis, Anthony de, heirs of, citizens and merchants of Florence, 738.

Rebow, John, a canon of Chichester, papal mandatary, 60.

Rede, Elizabeth, a litigant in the provincial court of Canterbury, appeal of, 852.

-, James, late minister or preceptor of Fail, 55, 553.

-, alias Stobo, John, dispensation to, 568.

-, alias Piers, Nicholas, to be a notary public, 648.

Redelif (recte Redclif). See Radeliff, Thomas.

Redemane. See Redman, Giles.

Redemend [? Redwick, in Redwick and Northwick, co. Gloucester], tithes of, 289.

Redgorton, co. Perth. See Luncarty.

Redman, Redemane, Giles, rector of Bentham, dispensation to, 405.

-, Richard, abbot of Shap, [bishop-]elect of St. Asaph, provision of, 871.

-, -, consecration of, 871.

-, -, to retain in commendam the abbey of Shap, 316.

-, -, bishop of St. Asaph and abbot commendatary of Shap, grant to 593.

-, -, indults to, 593, 797, 798.

Redonen[sis]. See Rennes.

Redspetall [? Spittal, in Aberlady, co. Haddington], place of, 644.

Redwick and Northwick, co. Gloucester. See Redemend.

Ree, Thomas, to be professed in order to be an abbot or prior, 873.

Reed, Simon, notary public, 889.

Reeve, Reue, William, rector of Otham, dispensation to, 636.

Reginald ap David, rector of Llandyssil, dispensation to, 705.

Reglan (? recte Raglan), Hugh, dispensation to, 869.

Reims, [Marne, France], dean of, papal mandatary, 25, 27, 340.

-, Bryce dean of. See Bobille.

-, diocese of, person of, 479.

Rekham. See Kirkham Priory.

Renaix, Rothnacen[sis], [now Belgium], collegiate church of St. Herms, dean of, papal mandatary, 817 note.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 136, 817 (bis).

Rencte. See Rath, co. Clare.

Renfrew, Ranfr[e]w, Ranfrow, Renfreu, [co. Renfrew], parish church of, altar of St. Thomas the Martyr in, 382.

-, a prebend in Glasgow 34, 38, 42, 567.

-, county of, 382.

Rennes, Redonen[sis], [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], parish church of All Saints, 156.

Rentysch, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of the hospital of St. Mary Elsyng, London, dispensation to, 589.

Renydwyn. See St. Johns, co. Roscommon.

Renyngull. See Kenyngull.

Reott. See Root.

Repbhad. See Bovevagh.

Repoyngdon. See Repyngdon.

Reppesley. See Ropsley.

Repyngdon, Repoyngdon, Ambrose, chaplain at the altar of St. John the Baptist in the churchyard of St. Mary Aldermary, London, grant to, 492.

-, -, dispensation to, 888.

-, -, indult to, 447, 448.

Rerick, Rerik, Gilbert de, archdeacon of Glasgow, executor of papal letters, 322.

-, -, prolongation of his indult to visit by deputy, 79.

Reschiner, Reschmer. See Rushmere.

Rescoue, John, vicar of Dunlop, rehabilitation of, 31, 32.

Restennet, Restenet, Rostanet, Rostynot, Ruthtyn, [in Forfar, co. Forfar], Augustinian priory of St. Peter, of the institution of Bonshommes, prior of, papal mandatary, 462.

-, -, convent of, dispersed and gathered together, 625.

-, -, licence for Thomas Pyle to migrate to, 625, 626.

-, -, privileges granted to, 626.

-, -, annexed to Jedburgh abbey, 169.

-, -, appropriated to the abbatial mensa of Jedburgh, 507.

Restis , L. de, a papal scriptor, 643, 644, 645, 667, 680, 682, 684, 700, 719, 720, 724 (bis), 730, 731, 733, 771 (bis), 773 (bis).

Reston, South, Reston, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 854.

Rethven. See Rathven.

Rettendon, Lettyngdon, [co. Essex], parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 861.

Reue. See Reeve.

Rewe, [co. Devon], rectory of, 512.

Reydon, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 573.

Reynaldi, John, rectory of Stour Provost, dispensation to, 713.

Reynel, de Rinello, [Haute-Marne, France], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 294.

Reyny, William, dispensation to, 572.

Rhodes, Knights Hospitallers priory, convent of, 62, 254, 281.

-, -, -, fleet of, 62.

-, -, -, letters of, confirmed, 216 (ter).

-, -, -, lieutenant-general of, in Italy, England, Flanders and Ireland. See Kendall, John.

-, -, -, proctor of, in the Roman Court. See Kendall, John.

-, -, -, orators of, to the pope. See Blanchefort, Guy de; Heredia, Peter Fernandi de; Kendall, John.

-, -, -, provision made by, 62.

-, castle of St. Peter, 254.

-, chapter-general of the Knights Hospitallers at, 254.

-, -, collation made by, 255.

-, -, letters of, 255.

-, -, seal of (bulla), 255.

-, -, ordnance made in, 69.

-, -, statutes of, confirmed, 256 note.

-, -, convent of, letters dated at, 216 (ter), 255.

-, defence of, against the Turks, 103, 177.

-, -, indult for, extended, 259.

-, house of the English lingua in, disrepair of, 177.

-, letters dated at, 130.

-, obligations of the several lingue for the defence of, 177.

-, service of John Weston in, 61.

-, siege of, by the Turks, 177.

-, William Tournay summoned to, 216.

-, Turcopolier, Crucifer called Turcopolarius of. See Kendall John; Weston, John.

-, See also Colossi.

Riario, Raphael, cardinal deacon of St. George in Velabro, papal chamberlain, oaths to be taken to, 6, 127.

-, -, commensal members of the household of. See Granston, Thomas; and Young, Andrew.

Ribchester, Rybchestyr, [co. Lancaster], rectory of, 776.

Ricall. See Riccall.

Ricard, John ap. See John ap Richard.

Ricasolis, Raynerius de, heirs of, citizens and merchants of Florence, 738.

Riccall, Ricall, [co. York], vicarage of, 593.

Richard, duke of Gloucester, afterwards Richard III, brother of Edward IV, patron of Middleham, 103, 751.

-, erection of the collegiate church of Middleham by, 913 note.

Richard, duke of York (recte Gloucester), brother of Edward IV, chancellor of. See Barrow, Thomas.

-, chaplain of. See Mountfort, John.

Richard III, councillor of. See Beverley, William.

-, decree for, 274.

-, nephew of, on the sister's side. See de la Pole, Edward.

-, orator of, to the pope. See Sherwood, John.

-, papal letters to, 148, 827, 845, 846 (bis).

-, patron of Lenton priory, petition of, 191, 192.

Richard, late duke of York, earl (sic) of York, father of Edward IV, obit of, 26.

-, -, prayers for, 367, 667.

Richard, duke of York and Norfolk, son of Edward IV, dispensation for marriage of, 236.

-, petitions of, 85, 236.

-, wife of, 85.

Richard ap John, rector of Llanfwrog, dispensation to, 617.

Richardi, Peter, successor of John Shakel, 241.

Riche, John, rector of Great Mongeham, dispensation to, 713.

Richmond, co. Surrey. See Sheen.

Richmond, [co. York], archdeacon of, annates due to, 632.

-, -, papal mandatary, 55, 103, 130, 157 note, 245, 605.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of. See Mosse, Thomas.

-, John archdeacon of. See Sherwood.

-, archdeaconry of, custom in, 631.

-, -, places in:

Ainderby Steeple, 631.

Brompton, Patrick, 218.

Middleham, 103, 751.

Warton, 855.

Witton, West, 631.

Workington, 570.

-, rectory of, 307.

-, abbey of St. Agatha by. See Easby.

Richmund, William, a monk of Meux, dispensation to, 728.

Rickinghall Superior, Rykynghale Superior, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 781.

Richmansworth, Rigmannsworth, [co. Hertford], 777.

-, See also Moor Park.

Rilligan. See Killan.

Rindweri. See Barrow.

Rinello , archdeacon de. See Reynel.

Ringmer, Ryngmer, [co. Sussex], vicarage of, 859.

Ringrone, Rynreyn [co. Cork], rectory of, erected into a prebend, 748.

Rinnell. See Kinnell.

Rinnor. See Kinoir.

Rioque. See Roche, John son of William.

Ripa, Nicholas son of Denis de, an Augustinian canon of Tristernagh, to be rector of Galliate, 136.

Ripton Regis. See King's Ripton.

Risse, James, a citizen of Waterford, 119.

Rivers, Rivieres, Ryvers, earl. See Wydville, Anthony.

Roba in Kera. See Ballinrobe (north of the river Robe).

Rober, John, dispensation to, 866.

Robert ap David, Davit, homicide of, 279.

Robert ap Meredith, 279.

Roberti, Richard, rector of Southwick, dispensation to, 564.

Robertsbridge, de Ponteroberti, Robertesbrugge, [in Salehurst, co. Sussex], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monks of. See Corker, Henry; Stainden, William.

Robertstown, Baileroibeid, Baileyorehid, Bayleroybehyd, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 86, 87.

Robson, Richard, a monk and sometime abbot of Kelso, 18.

Roby, John, a friar minor, dispensation to, 845.

Robynson, Gilbert, dispensation to, 883.

Roch. See Roche, William.

Rocha, Peter William de, archbishop of Salerno, papal mandatary, 236.

Rochd. See Roche, William.

Roche, Rothe (sic) in Cornwall, [co. Cornwall], parish church of St. Gonandus, rectory of, 832.

Roche, David, son of William Roche, 187.

-, Edmund, son of William Roche, 187.

-, Egimundus, de facto a canon of Cloyne and prebendary of Kilmacdonagh, 719.

-, Henry, dispensation to, 893.

-, Henry, to be dean of Ferns, 403, 404.

-, John, a canon of Ferns, to be rector of St. Mary, Wexford, 402.

-, John, proctor substituted of Donatus Magrath, 388.

-, John, rector of St. Mary's-Shandon, to be also precentor of Cork, 39.

-, -, rector of St. Mary's-Shandon and provided to the precentorship of Cork, charges against, 418.

-, -, rector of St. Mary's-Shandon, precentor of Cork, to be also archdeacon of Cloyne, 435.

-, Rioque, John, son of William Roche, 187.

-, Leonard, a canon and prebendary of Cloyne, with the vicarages of Bregoge and Kilmaclenine annexed, to be an Augustinian canon of Molans, 350.

-, -, provision of, to a monastery, 875.

-, -, abbot of Molana, petition of, 407.

-, -, to have the farm of certain rectories, 407.

-, -, the chapel of Aghamore detained against the will of, 677.

-, Maurice, papal mandatary, 187.

-, Melerus, son of William Roche, 187.

-, Miles, bishop of Leighlin, executor of a papal mandate, 525.

-, -, presentation to, and institution by, 140.

-, Philip, dean of Cloyne, to be received as an Augustinian canon of Bridgetown and to be prior of the same, 719.

-, -, prior provided of Bridgetown, to be a canon commendatary of Cloyne and prebendary of Ballyhooly and vicar of Ballyhooly and Ballyhay, 174.

-, -, prior of Bridgetown, substituted proctor of James son of Philip de Geraldinis, 188.

-, Thomas, son of William Roche, 187.

-, Roch, Rose, William, archdeacon of Cloyne, coadjutor to Jordan [Purcell], bishop of Cloyne, collation and provision made by, 674, 675.

-, -, provision of, to the bishopric of Cork and Cloyne, 351.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 351.

-, -, bishop of Cloyne, institution by, 108.

-, -, bishop of Cork, union made by, 70.

-, -, bishop of Cork and Cloyne, consent of, to the erection of a house of Friars Preachers at Glanworth, 433.

-, -, petition of, 433.

-, Rochd, William, spoiler of the dioceses of Cork and Cloyne, monition of, 187.

-, -, sons of. See Roche, David, Edmund, John, Melerus and Thomas.

Rochester, Raffen[sis], Rofen[sis], Roffen[sis], Rossen[sis] (sic), [co. Kent], bishop of, benefices in the gift of, 572.

-, -, faculties to, 729, 789.

-, -, papal mandatary, 53, 357, 496, 515, 570, 583, 737.

-, bishop of, chancellor of England. See Alcock, John.

-, Edmund about to be provided to the see of. See Audley.

-, John bishop of. See Alcock; and Russell.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Scott alias Rotherham.

-, bishop and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 572.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 541, 616.

-, Henry archdeacon of. See Sharp.

-, Roger archdeacon of. See Rotherham.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 356, 357, 358, 374, 458, 799.

-, Thomas official of. See Candour.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), Edmund sub-prior of. See Hatfelde.

-, -, monk of. See Percham, Richard.

-, -, chapter of, faculty to, 572.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, vicarage of, 786.

-, diocese of, a peculiar of the archbishop of Canterbury situated within, 828 note.

-, -, persons of, 729, 873 (bis), 880, 883, 908, 914.

-, -, places in. See Ash; Boxley; Bromley; Cuxton; Dartford; Gillingham; Greenwich; Horsemonden; Lesnes; Peckham, East; Rochester (St. Nicholas); Shorne; Trottiscliffe; Tunbridge; Wickham, West.

Rochester or Ross (q.v.), bishop of, papal mandatary, 676.

Rock, Rokke, John, portionary of Kymmynhall in the parish church of Leigh, dispensation to, 543.

-, William, rector of North Kilworth, dispensation to, 336.

Rock of Cashel, de Rupe Cassellis (i.e. de Rupe in the diocese of Cashel), abbot of. See Hore abbey.

Rockhampton, Kkchompton, Rokkehampton, [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 408.

Rodemsam. See Rodmersham.

Roding, Abbess, Rodyng Abbatisse, [co. Essex], rectory of, 321.

Roding, Aythorpe, Rodinge Aytrop, [co. Essex], rectory of, 397.

Roding, White, Whyterodyng, [co. Essex], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 748.

Rodley, Ryn sive Rudelay, [in Westbury on Severn, co. Gloucester], chapel of, rectory of, 359.

Rodmell, Radmyll alias Radmilld, Radmyld, [co. Sussex], rectory of, 571.

Rodmersham, Rodemsam, Rodmersam, [co. Kent], Knights Hospitallers preceptory, John preceptor of. See Kendall.

-, -, part of the master's camera in the priory of England, 177.

Rodvnge, John, dispensation to, 886.

Rodyng Abbatisse. See Roding, Abbess.

Rofen[sis]. See Rochester.

Rofer, an error for Forstar (q.v.), 168.

Roff. See Ross, Donald.

Roffen[sis]. See Rochester.

-, confused with Rossen[sis], 676 no e.

-, written in error Rossen[sis], 572, 634 note.

Roffen[sis] (recte Rossen[sis]). See Ross [in Ireland].

Rofflan. See Rosslee.

Rogate, co. Sussex. See Durford.

Rogerii, John de, bishop of Raphoe, sometime rector of St. Andrew de Montecavallo, Rome, 84.

-, -, death of, 119.

Rogerson, Thomas, vicar of Auchterhouse, rehabilitation of, 30, 31.

Roggers. Catherine. See Mortimer.

Roich. See Ruch, Alexander.

Rokke. See Rock, John.

Rokkehampton. See Rockhampton.

Roley, Thomas, rector of North Tawton, dispensation to, 710.

Rolleston, Richard, dispensation to, 892.

Rome, Alma Urbs, de Urbe, [Italy], cathedral church of St. Peter, basilica of the Prince of the Apostles, archpriest of, papal mandatary, 258.

-, -, canons of. See Millinis, Celsus de; Mucciarellis, James de; Sinibaldis Falco de; Sinibaldis, Franciscus de.

-, -, minor penitentiary for the realms of England and Scotland, and for the English, Scots and Irish nations in. See Purueour, Thomas; Ruch, Alexander; Sherwood, William.

-, -, papal letters dated at, 1 et passim.

-, -, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

-, basilica of the Twelve Apostles, altar of St. Thomas of Canterbury in, endowment of, 447 note.

-, basilicas etc. of, visits of the Jubilee year to, hindered by wars, etc., 198.

-, basilicas and churches of, indult for visits to, 646.

-, churches in, money for the fabric of, 200.

-, -, pilgrimage to, 221.

-, churches of:

church of Araceli, 159.

St. Adrian, cardinal priest of. See Nardini, Stephen.

St. Andrew de Montecavallo (now Sant Andrea al Quirinale), rectory of, 84.

St. Ciriac in Thermis, Terminis (sic), cardinal priest of. See Bourchier, Thomas.

St. Clement, cardinal priest of. See Roverella, Bartholomew.

St. Eustachius, archpriest of, papal mandatary, 569.

St. John Lateran, grant dated at, 41.

-, publication of a bull at, 66 note.

S. Leonardo a piazza Giudea, alias S. Leonardo de Albis, de platea Judeorum, 141 note.

S. Maria Maggiore, canon of. See Prioris, John.

-, papal letters dated at, 20, 22, 217 (bis), 343 (ter), 479, 496, 507, 508, 526, 531.

S. Maria in Navicella, rector of, 3323.

S. Maria del Popolo, publication of a bull at, 66 note.

St. Mary in Trastevere, cardinal priest of. See Nardini, Stephen.

St. Mark, papal letters dated at, 502.

St. Peter ad Vincula, cardinal priest of. See Ruvere, Julian de.

-, papal letters dated at, 82.

-, religious houses:

Augustinian sisters priory of San Sisto, prioress and sisters of, 41.

Benedictine priory of Santa Maria Nuova, called of the order of St. Benedict Montis Olaveti, prior and convent of, 333.

Cistercian monastery of St. Anastasius without the walls of, chapel of St. Mary de Scala dci in, indulgence gained by masses at, 498.

poor hospital of the Holy Trinity and St. Thomas the Martyr, in the regio Arenula, called the hospital of the English, brethren and sisters of, and members of the confraternity of, indult to, 218.

-, chamberlain, wardens and brethren of, faculty to, 910.

-, assignment of a chamber and a certain sum of money in, 903.

-, exchange of dwelling-houses belonging to, 882.

-, shrines of the Apostles, shrines of SS. Peter and Paul, anchorite permitted to visit, 625.

-, -, indults to visit by proxy, 468, 686.

-, -, oath of an abbot to visit, relaxed, 288.

-, -, oath of a bishop to visit, relaxed as to personal visit, 468.

-, -, visitors to, in the protection of the Apostolic See, 229.

-, -, vows to visit or of pilgrimage to, commuted, 102.

-, -, -, faculties to commute, 198, 200.

-, -, -, communtation of, reserved, 206, 240, 245, 247, 249, 273.

-, university of, Robert Brown a student of, 184.

-, lodgings of William de Estoutevilla, cardinal bishop of Ostia, at, 15.

-, place called Puteus Albus, 333.

-, Quirinal, royal palace of, 84 note.

-, de regione Sancti Angeli, 141 note.

-, citizen and merchant of. See Mathie, Laurence.

-, consecration of a bishop at, 23 note.

-, Richard Heron takes refuge at, 234.

-, merchant of. See Picchis, Ceccolus de.

-, pension to be paid at, 45.

-, persons in England very distant from, 647.

-, persons unable to go to, for the Jubilee, 50.

-, pilgrimage to, 252.

-, pilgrims to, penalties for molestation of, 232.

-, resignation made in, 479.

Romsey, Ramsey, Rosmesdy, Rumsey, [co. Hants], Benedictine nuns' abbey of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Ethelfleda, Elizabeth abbess of. See Brooke.

-, -, seal of the convent of, 107.

-, -, parish church within the precincts of. See Romsey, parish church of St. Lawrence infra.

-, parish church of St. Laurence, vicarage of, 466, 778, 779.

Ronciglione, Roncilio, [Italy], papal letters dated at, 805.

Ronoc, Malcolm, late vicar of Cadder, 609.

Roo, John, party to a matrimonial suit, 570.

Roos, Rosse, [co. York], rectory of, 485.

Root. Reott, John, rector of Cottesbach, 484.

Ropsley, Reppesley, [co. Lincoln], Thomas Dalton rector of, 690.

Ros. See Rose; and Ross.

Roscam [in Oranmore, co. Galway], vicarage of, 193, 194.

Roschyn. See Rosskeen.

Roscommon, Roschomayn, Roscoman, Rosconran, Rostomay, [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, or St. Coman alias St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 758.

-, -, Charles de facto prior of. See O'Connor.

-, -, Donatus prior of. See Macgillaruayd.

-, -, Malachy prior of. See O'Donellan.

-, -, Maurice late prior of. See O'Connor.

-, -, Theobald prior of. See de Burgo.

-, -, canon of. See Macgillaruayd, Donatus.

Rosey, David, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Tuam, 897.

Rose, Ros, William, of London, indult to, 551.

-, -, Janeta his wife, 551.

-, William, archdeacon of Cloyne. See Roche.

Rosemay, Richard, rector of Finedon, dispensation to, 694.

Rosen[sis]. See Ross [in Scotland].

Rosfen, Rosflen. See Rosslee.

Roslin. See Rosslyn.

Rosmesdy. See Romsey.

Rosmor, parcel of, 831.

Rosquin. See Rosskeen.

Ross, Roffen[sis] (sic), Rossen[sis], [co. Cork], bishop of, collation by, 857.

-, -, papal mandatary, 306, 428, 801.

-, -, rights of, saved, 743.

-, -, bishop suffragan in England, papal mandatary, 485 (bis), 487, 564, 627, 705.

-, Donald bishop of. See O'Donovan.

-, John bishop of, bishop suffragan in England. See Hornse alias Shipton.

-, Odo bishop of. See O'Driscoll.

-, Thady bishop of. See Mac-Garry.

-, administration of the church of, to be restored to Odo O'Driscoll, 143.

-, episcopal mensa of, 143, 147, 280.

-, bishop and chapter of, 450.

-, dean of, information supplied by, 142.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 306, 418, 856.

-, chancellor of, information supplied by, 142.

-, precentor of, information supplied by, 142.

-, -, papal mandatary, 418, 768.

-, Dermit precentor of. See Ogillagymayn.

-, treasurer of, information supplied by, 142.

-, canons of, information supplied by, 142.

-, -, See also O'Canty, Donald; O'Donovan, Anasius; O'Driscoll, Donald; O'Driscoll, Donatus; O'Driscoll, Odo.

-, chapter of, information supplied by, 142.

-, -, papal letters to, 352, 743.

-, cathedral church, administrator of the property of. See Ogillagymayn, Dermit.

-, -, chapter to be removed from, 143.

-, -, disrepair of, 450.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 352, 743.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, 143.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 352, 743.

-, diocese of, persons of (named), 761, 768, 856.

-, -, persons of (unnamed), 450.

-, -, places in. See Aghadown; Carrigillihy; Creagh; Kilmaloda; Tullagh.

-, -, priory in, 896.

-, -, rectory in, erected into a prebend of, 896.

-, -, vicarages in. 895, 896 (bis), 905.

-, Benedictine priory of St. Mary the Virgin, prior of, papal mandatary, 768.

-, -, Donatus prior of. See Oheaga.

-, -, Odo prior commendatary of. See O'Driscoll.

-, -, lands of, alienated, 146.

Ross, Rosen[sis], Rossen[sis], Russen[sis], [in Scotland], bishop of, exchange carried out by, 85.

-, -, papal mandatary, 329, 510.

-, Henry bishop of. See Cockburn.

-, John late bishop of. See Woodman.

-, Thomas [bishop-] elect of. See Hay.

-, William bishop of. See Elphinstone.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 35, 86.

-, Martin dean of. See Vaus.

-, Donald archdeacon of. See Macullach.

-, Gilbert archdeacon of. See MacDowell.

-, archdeaconry of, rectory of Killearnan united to, 86.

-, Thomas sub-dean of. See Dingwel; and Ross.

-, canons of. See Dingwel, Thomas; Gordon, Adam; Heriote, Thomas; Kennedy, Henry; MacDowell, Gilbert; Macullach, Donald; Ross, Thomas.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 827.

-, prebends in. See Contin; Kincardine.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 827.

-, diocese of, monastery in, 896.

-, -, persons of, 84, 85, 883, 913.

-, -, places in. See Dingwall, St. Laurence; Killearnan.

Ross or Rochester (q.v.), bishop of, papal mandatary, 676.

Ross, Elizabeth countess of. See MacDonald.

Ross, Roff (sic), Donald, to have a vicarage in the diocese of St. Andrews, 902.

-, Ros, John, petition of, 382.

-, -, parents of, burial place of, 382.

-, Ros, Nicholas, provided to a canonry of Glasgow, etc., grant of privileges to, 385.

-, -, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Renfrew, pension to be paid by, 567.

-, Ros, Robert, to be dispensed, 237.

-, Ross(e), Thomas, a member of the household of Mark Barbus, cardinal bishop of Palestrina, dispensation to, 156, 157.

-, -, to be vicar of Kingussy, 143.

-, Ros[se], Thomas, to be a canon and sub-dean of Ross, 84.

-, Rosse, William, a Carmelite friar, dispensation for, 103.

Rossano, Rossan[ensis], [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 482.

Rossavalle, abbey de. See Monasterevan.

Rosse. See Roos; and Ross.

Rossel. See Russell, Thomas.

Rossen[sis]. See Ross, co. Cork; and Ross [in Scotland].

-, confused with Roffen[sis], 676 note.

-, written in error for Roffen[sis], 572, 634 note, 911.

Rossevalle , Rossewalle, Rossglass, Rossglass alias Rossavane, Rossivalle, abbey de. See Monasterevan.

Rosskeen, Roschyn, Rosquin, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 421, 757, 761.

Rosslee, Rofflan, Rosfen, Rosflen, Rosslan, [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 11, 12.

Rosslyn, Roslin, [co. Edinburgh], collegiate church of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, foundation of, confirmed, 557.

-, -, indult to persons visiting, 558.

Rostanet. See Restennet.

Rosterdu[n], Richard. See Stackpool alias Rosterdu[n].

Rostomay (recte Roscoman). See Roscommon.

Rostynot. See Restennet.

Roten, Arnold de, late bishop of Varna, a suffragan to the bishop of Verden, 898 note.

Rothe in Cornwall. See Roche.

Rotherham, Rotheram, Roger, archdeacon of Rochester and of Chester, sometime rector of Fakenham (? Little or Magna) dispensation to, 418.

-, Thomas. See Scott alias Rotherham.

Rothewell. See Rothwell.

Rothkaill (i.e. Ratheahill, q.v.) an alternative name for Monagay. See Monagay.

Rothnacen[sis]. See Renaix.

Rothwell, Rothewell, [co. Northants.], parish church of he Hory Trinity, vicarage of, 787.

Rotsea, Ratsey, [co. York], chapel of, 578.

-, inhabitants of, licenced to have a perpetual chaplain, etc., 578, 579.

-, -, petition of, 578.

Rouen, [Seine - Infrieure, France], cardinal of. See Estoutevilla, William de, cardina, bishop of Ostia and archbishop of Rouen.

-, canon of. See Austin, William.

-, hospital of St. Anthony, aftar of St. Thomas the Martyr in, chaplain at, 447.

Roul, Paurick, to be a canon of Glasgow, 882.

Rouston, Ruston, Thomas, prior of Hurley, cause committed to, and sentence of, 32.

-, -, sentence of, 431.

Roverella, Bartholomew, cardinal priest of St. Clement, papal letters to, 372.

Rovven. See Ruvven.

Rowhshaw, William, dispensation to, 875.

Rowley, Rowlegelet, [now in Castleside, co. Durham], rectory of, 860.

Rownyng, Robert, rector of St. Andrew, Hertford, dispensation to, 829.

Rowsyng, William, rector of Swineshead, dispensation to, 707.

Royston, [co. Herts], Augustinian priory, canons of. See Moneypenny, William, Stayndrope, Richard.

Ruather. See Ryther (cum Ossendyke).

Rucel. See Russell, Thomas.

Ruch, Roich, Alexander, an Augustinian canon of Cambuskenneth, proctor of David Luyrdalle, 506.

-, -, proctor of John Ruch, 567.

-, -, to be prior of Inchmahome, 415, 416.

-, -, petition of, 415.

-, -, an Augustinian canon of Cambuskennet, afterwards prior of Inchmahome, pension to, extinguished. 74, 75.

-, -, despoiled abbot of Cambuskenneth, to be minor penitentiary in Rome for the realms of England and Scotland, 207.

-, -, described as a canon of Cambuskenneth, oath of fealty of, 207, 207 note.

-, Kontht, David, a monk of Dunfermline, to be sacrist of the same, 577.

-, -, -, sacrist of Dunfermline, imprisonment, resignation and death of, 834.

-, John, vicar of Rathen, provided to the vicarage of Tibbermore, 25.

-, -, proctor of. See Assentio, Bernard de.

-, John, to be a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Renfrew, 42.

-, -, provided to a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Renfrew, resignation of, and pension reserved for, 567.

-, -, proctor of. See Ruch, Alexander.

-, -, to be vicar of Leslie, 365.

-, -, to be vicar of Coupar-Angus, 366.

-, -, sometime a litigant for the vicarage of Coupar-Angus, pension reserved for, 567.

-, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of St. Andrews, to be vicar of Leuchars, 378.

Rud, Henry, rector of Weston Colville, dispensation to, 697.

Rudbaxton, Rudpakston, [co. Pembroke], rectory of, 396.

Rudelay. See Rodley.

Rudemane, William, indult to, 874.

Rudham, East, co. Norfolk. See Coxford.

Rudham, West, [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. Peter the Apostle, vicarage of, 674.

Ruding, John, archdeacon of Lincoln, formerly archdeacon of Northampton, indult to, 876, 876 note.

Rudpakston. See Rudbaxton.

Rudyng, Henry, master of the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Bedford, dispensation to, 595.

Rueber, Henry, sometime rector of Selsey, 60.

Rueuod, Thomas, late vicar of Kilmany, 55.

Rulloys, Robert, dean of St. Buryan, petition of, 590.

Rumney, John, rector of Fleet, dispensation to, 386.

Rumpayn, John, rector of Curry Mallet, dispensation to, 675.

Rumsey. See Romsey.

Runeton (fn. 1) , Robert, rector of Willinggale Doe, dispensation to, 543.

Rupe , abbey de. See Hore abbey.

Rupe , priory de. monastert Sancti Michaelis de. See Ballinskelligs.

Rupe Cassellis , abbey de. See Hore abbey.

Rupe sancti Michaelis , priory de. See Ballinskelligs.

Ruscel, Ruscell. See Russell.

Rushen, Rwythin, [Isle of Man], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 324.

Rushmere, Reschiner, Reschmer, [in Mutford hundred, co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 155, 156.

Rushton, co. Northants. See Pipewell.

Russell, Ruscell, Russel, John, archdeacon of Berks, bishop-elect of Rochester, absolution etc. for, 238.

-, -, faculty to, 572.

-, -, bishop of Rochester, sometime archdeacon of Berks, provision of, 522.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 522.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 522.

-, -, indult to, 686.

-, -, bishop of Lincoln, indult to, 139.

-, -, money collected for the Crusade by, 2134.

-, Rucel, Ruscel, Thomas, vicar of Dungarvan, to be dean of Lismore, 119.

-, -, dean of Lismore, charges against, 182, 183.

-, -, simony committed by, 189.

-, William, a canon of St. Paul's, London, and prebendary of Mora, 10.

Russen[sis]. See Ross [in Scotland].

Ruston. See Rouston, Thomas.

Ruthfe recte Rupe, priory of St. Michael de. See Ballinskelligs.

Ruthin, Ruthyn, [co. Denbeigh], chantry or hospital of, erected into an Augustinian priory, restoration of, to its former state, 698.

-, -, prior of, resignation of, 698.

Ruthtyn (sic). See Restennet.

Ruthyn. See Ruthin.

Rutland, earl of. See Edmund.

Ruton, John de, dispensation to, 872.

Ruvere, Julian de, cardinal priest of St. Peter ad Vincula, major penitentiary, examination in the presence of, 210.

-, -, member of the household of. See Marshall, William.

-, -, oath to be taken before, 210.

-, -, papal mandatary, 210.

-, -, cardinal bishop of Sabina, legate de latere to France, England and Scotland, 256.

-, -, cardinal bishop of Sabina, sometime cardinal priest of St. Peter ad Vincula, major penitentiary, papal legate a latere to France, England and Scotland, the provinces of Gaul, and the dominions of Maximilian duke of Austria, faculties to, 282, 283, 283 note.

-, -, legate to France, Avignon and the Comt Venaissin, faculties to, 282 note.

-, -, appointment of, as legate de latere to England, 283.

-, -, appointment of, as legate de latere to Scotland, 283.

Ruvven, Rovven, John, a claimant to the vicarage of Auchterhouse, 30, 31.

Ruyslam. See Eynsham.

Rwclose [in Street parish, co. Somerset], tithes of, 292.

Rwythin. See Rushen.

Rybchestyr. See Ribchester.

Rye, [co. Sussex], vicarage of, 568.

Rygdon, Robert, a monk of Stanesgate, dispensation to, 704.

Rykynghale Superior. See Rickinghall Superior.

Ryllereyn (recte Kyllere[r]yn). See Killererin.

Ryllerochayn. See Kilcrohane.

Rylleye. See Killeigh.

Ryllreny (sic). See Kilkenny West.

Ryllteanna (? recte Kyllteanna). See Kilshanny.

Rylmayn (sic). See Kilmeen.

Rymmara. See Kinvarradoorus.

Rynsive Rudelay. See Rodley.

Ryndare. See Barrow.

Ryndelayn (sic). See Ballynakill (in Leitrim barony, co. Galway).

Rynduyn. See St. Johns, co. Roscommon.

Ryndweri alias Aglasnalanduy. See Barrow.

Ryneleyn alias Ryndelayn (sic). See Ballynakill (in Leitrim barony, co. Galway).

Ryngesgate, Ryngesgute (recte Kyngesgate), parish church of St. Swithin. See Winchester.

Rynglasse. See Kinglassie.

Ryngmer. See Ringmer.

Ryngston (sic) Deverell. See Kingston Deverill.

Rynlacha. See Kinlough.

Rynreyn. See Ringrone.

Ryse, John, rector of Longbredy, dispensation to, 785.

Ryther (cum Ossendyke), Ruather, [co. York], parish of, chapel within the bounds of. See Lead.

-, rector of, neglect of duties by, 507.

-, distance of Lead and Cocksford from, 507.

Ryughe (? recte Kynghe), Robert, dispensation to, 888.

Ryvers. See Wydville, Anthony, earl Rivers.