Regesta 276: 1373

Pages 150-151

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXXVI.

3 Gregory XI.

Regestrum Bullarum Camere Apostolice (Paper).

16 Kal. March.
(f. 17d.)
To prelates and clergy, secular and regular. Mandate, as above, Reg. cclxv. f. 104.
4 Non. Feb.
(f. 20d.)
To the archbishops of Canterbury and York, their suffragans, and to the prelates and other clergy, secular and regular, of those provinces. Mandate, as above, Reg. cclxv. f. 102.
17 Kal. April.
(f. 65.)
To William de Grenlaw, archdeacon of St Andrews, papal nuncio. Faculty to exercise ecclesiastical censure against, and if necessary to cite before the pope, all persons, clerical and lay, who injure or hinder him or his sub-collectors, and invade the rights of the papal camera, and to enforce thereby due payment and satisfaction to the same. [As above Reg. cclxiv. f. 218.Theiner, 348.]
4 Non. Feb.
(f. 95d.)
To Bartholus Johannis, Rayner Dominici, Nicholas Luce, Talentus Andree, Bernard Nicholai, and Matthew Johannis, merchants of Florence, factors and proctors at Bruges of Nicholas Jacobi and Benedict Nerotii, of the ancient Alberti of Florence. Power to receive from and give acquittance to the archbishop of Canterbury for the money arising from the tenth or the subsidy of 100,000 gold florins as contained in the pope's letters. [See Reg. cclxv. f. 102.]
8 Kal. June.
(f. 102.)
To William de Grenlaw. Appointing him collector, as above, Ibid. f. 207d.
8 Kal. Aug.
Villeneuve by
(f. 114.)
To Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, papal nuncio. Acquittance of the sum of 2800 papal florins (ponderis camere) which he assigned from the proceeds of his collectorship as a loan to William, viscount of Turenne, in order to further his mission from the pope to France and England. As the pope has this day made a free gift thereof, the nuncio is to cancel and restore to the viscount the instruments made in proof of the loan.
(f. 114d.)
To John Mauberti, canon of Noyon, papal nuncio. The like acquittance in respect of a loan of 1000 gold frances.
Ibid. To Bernard Carici, canon of Paris. The like for 6247 gold francs 2s. and 6d. Parisis.
(f. 115.)
To William viscount of Turenne. Gift of the sum of 6247 gold francs 2s. and 6d. Parisis, borrowed by him from Bernard Carici in connexion with his mission to France.
Ibid. (t. 115d.) To the same. The like gift of 1000 gold frances borrowed from John Mauberti, canon of Noyon.
[10 Kal. Sept.]
by Avignon.
(f. 157.)
To John Doncani, archdeacon of Down, to William Grenlaw, archdeacon of St. Andrews, and to Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, with thirty-two other nuncios and collectors. Inhibition, under pain of excommunication, to lend money collected for the papal camera without special mandate of the pope or chamberlain or treasurer, or to sell such property of ecclesiastics reserved to the pope as books, gold and silver vessels, rings, precious stones, copes, mitres, vestments, pastoral staves, and other jewels, without a like special mandate, and to certify and send as quickly as possible the said objects to the agents of the camera.
10 Kal. Sept.
by Avignon.
(f. 161.)
To the same three nuncios, with thirty-two others. Mandate as above to William de Grenlaw, Reg. cclxv. f. 173.
6 Id. Dec.
(f. 165.)
To Arnold Garnerii, as above. Mandate to assign to Bartholus Johannis and others (as above), or to their factors in London, all monies collected by him up to one year from Christmas next.
6 Id. Dec.
(f. 166.)
To the said Bartholus, and others of the ancient Alberti of Florence. Power to receive from and to give acquittance to Arnold Garnerii for the said sums.