Addenda and Corrigenda

Pages xvi-xxiv

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Addenda and Corrigenda. (fn. 1)

Page 1, lines 7 and 8, for election, consecration and coronation read election, followed on 6 November by his consecration and coronation.
1, line 9, after realm insert [See Martène et Durand, Thes. Nov. Anecdot. I. 1489].
1, lines 18 and 19, the same correction as in lines 7 and 8.
2, line 4 from end, for chamberlains read chamberlain.
3, line 8 from end, after behalf insert [Theiner, Cod. Diplom. Dom. Temp. S. Sedis, II. No. 384].
3, line 4 from end, for a read the.
3, last line, after court insert [Theiner, Vet. Mon. p. 325.]
4, line 3, after negligence insert [Theiner, ibid.]
4, line 23, for Brive [la-Gaillarde] read Brioude (Brivaten.).
5, line 5, for St. Maur read San Mauro.
6, line 5, dele late.
8, line 7, after answer insert [Theiner, Cod. Diplom. II. No. 388].
8, line 10 from end, for request read petition.
10, line 2, after vicar insert [Albanès, Gallia Christiana Novissima, I. (1895), 332; with readings Heltoned and Pontrich].
12, line 16 from end, for ordinaries … made read archbishops for the remitting to the apostolic see of their own returns and those of their suffragans.
14, line, 12, after France insert [Denifle, La Dèsolation des Eglises etc. en France, II. i. (1899) p. 470, n. 7].
15, line 22, for Taune read Tanne.
16, line 17, after date insert viz. Id. June. Also in Theiner, Vet. Mon. p. 329, with correct date.
16, line 23, after men insert [Loserth, Studien zur Kirchenpolitik Englands im 14 Jahrh. (Vienna, 1897), p. 118].
16, line 25, after unite insert [Theiner, Cod. Diplom. II. No. 404].
16, line 30, after church insert [Theiner, ibid. No. 403].
17, line 23, for his kinsman read the cardinal's brother.
18, line 9, after nuncio insert [Loserth, op. cit. P. 119].
18, line 25, after Unchestre (Winchester?) insert de Anglia.
18, line 26, after his insert right.
21, line 12, for Castille read Castile.
22, line 3, after paid insert [Denifle, op. cit. II. i. p. 495, n. 4].
22, line 6, after Foix insert [Denifle, ibid. p. 494, n. 4].
22, line 8 from end, after country insert [Denifle, ibid. p. 415, n. 4].
23, line 11 from end, for are being read have, as the pope heard, been.
23, line 10 from end, after English insert [Theiner, Cod. Diplom. II. No. 412].
24, insert:—
2 Non. Aug.
To the abbot of St. d'Angers. Mandate to carry out the restitution proposed by Robert Canole (i.e. Knolles), knight, of the diocese of Lichfield, who to that end has placed them in the said abbot's hands, of certain relics and precious jewels formerly taken by the said knight from the abbey of St. Germain, Auxerre; the pope having already granted the condition laid down by the knight, namely, a mandate [below, p. 55] ordering his absolution from divers sentences of excommunication. [See Denifle, ibid. p. 507, n. 4].
Page 25, in margin, above 7 Kal. Dec. insert 1365.
25, in margin, above 3 Kal. May insert 1366.
25, line 12 from end, after mandate insert recapitulating the pope's former mandate [above, Reg. ccxlvi. f. 340d].
25, line 10 from end, dele even though.
25, line 5 from end, after diocese insert [Labbe, Concilia (ed. 1671), XI. ii. 1936; Wilkins, Concilia, III. 62].
26, last line, after there insert [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. p. 534, n, 1].
28, in margin, for 1370 read 1369.
28, in margin, above 6 Id. Jan. insert 1370.
28, line 9 from end, dele wrong year.
30, line 7, after Land insert [Wadding, Ann. Min. VIII. 486].
30, line 10, after repairs insert [Wadding, ibid. 487].
30, line 23, after renewal insert except as regards an elective dignity, personatus or office.
30, line 25, for with read and holding.
30, line 26, for of any dignity in that church short of the episcopal read of a non-major dignity, personatus or office, even if with cure and elective, in that church.
31, line 1, after Confirmation insert and extension to a benefice with cure.
31, line 3, for papal letters touching provisions to read a provision from the present pope of a benefice without cure under the customary form for.
31, line 10, after priest insert —to hold administrations and offices of his order below the provostship—.
31, line 10, for a dignity or read any dignity and.
31, line 7 from end, after was insert not.
32, line 26, after see insert [Walsingham, Gesta Abbatum Mon. S. Albani (ed. Riley), III. 165].
32, line 19 from end, after date insert See ibid. 321.
32, line 14 from end, after Salisbury insert (sic).
32, lines 2 and 3 from end, for of the provision made to him, when read to him, who was sent as.
33, line 1, after Hereward, insert by virtue of letters of the present pope under which he, having obtained a canonry, was expecting a prebend in Exeter.
33, line 2, after was insert not.
33, line 3, before is insert by authority of similar letters.
33, line 6, after him insert by virtue of letters of the pope granted.
33, line 8, after was insert not.
33, line 19, after to insert dispense.
33, line 12 from end, for request read petition also.
33, line 10 from end, for sacristy read sacristanship.
34, line 22, after Keret insert and having held it for a year and more without being ordained priest and without dispensation; his reason being that he feared litigation both because.
34, line 24, for having obtained read held, and after same insert for.
34, line 25, for Gerard. A certain layman now claims, read and also because a certain layman was claiming.
34, line 26, after patronage insert Leche afterwards had himself ordained priest.
36, line, 12, for S.T.P. read S.T.M.
36, line 15, after same insert [Wadding, Ann. Min. VIII. 500].
37, line 10, after illegitimacy insert—to be appointed to all offices and administrations of his order below the abbotship—.
38, line 3, after Clare insert [Wadding, op. cit. VIII. 503].
38, line 11, after Norwich insert [Wadding, ibid. 502].
38, line 15, after Brusird insert [Ibid. 501].
39, line 8 from end, after illegitimacy insert—to be promoted to minor orders—.
39, line 7 from end, after hold insert and exchange; and after benefice insert with or without cure.
40, line 12, for tenths read tithes.
41, line 14, for to have mass and other divine offices celebrated read that those of them who are in priest's orders, and other priests of the college, may celebrate mass and other divine offices.
Page 42, line 2, after illegitimacy insert —to be appointed to any administrations or offices of his order below the provostaship—.
42, line 3, for to any office of his order read and appointed even to the provostship.
42, line 10, for give read collate and assign.
44, line 6, for Pamepluna read Pampeluna.
44, line 17, after matrimony insert (qui bona hereditaria ipsius Isabelle plus quam matrimonii bonum affectaba’)
45, line 3, after Peter insert Majoris.
47, line 12 from end, for church read year.
48, line 16, after Monasticon, i. 618. add Wilkins, Concilia III. 201.
48, line 17, after Thomas insert sometime.
48, line 3 from end, after Clement VI. insert [Cal. Lett. III. p. 383], and after Innocent VI. insert [Ibid. p. 571].
49, line 23, for request read petition also.
50, line 2, after granted insert notwithstanding that they were related in the fourth degree of kindred.
50, line 8, for request read petition also.
52, line 8, for priories read priory.
52, line 10, for priories read priory.
52, line 21, for masters, regents, read regent masters.
52, line 26, for S.T.P. read S.T.M.
53, line 21, after illegitimacy insert as the sons of priests and married women, or of married men and married women.
53, line 22, after apiece insert even with cure.
54, line 12, for [Holand] read [de Penthièvre, widow of Charles de Blois], and dele the indult.
54, before the indults To Ralph Basse[t] insert:—
7 Kal. April.
(f. 23.)
To Joan de Holende, duchess of Brittany. Indults, the first four of the five granted above, f. 8d, to Hugh de Calveley.
55, lines 16 from end to 9 from end, for the said followers Le Mans read the said Robert, Constance and followers from the sentences incurred by having dealings with the Companies (socialibus) in crimes, eating, drinking, speaking, buying, and selling, and by otherwise aiding and abetting them. They have also, before and after the processes made under Innocent VI.'s letters—Ad reprimendas, captured ecclesiastics and injured ecclesiastical persons and places. Moreover, after the peace [of Brétigny], and after the sentence of excommunication promulgated by papal authority against its violators, they seized three places, named, in the dioceses of Angers and Le Mans; and some of them, with Robert's approbation, have, both together with the said Companies and without them, made frequent raids, ravaging the country, and capturing and putting the inhabitants to ransom. They have restored the places which they had seized. [Pron, Relations politiques du pape Urbain V. avec les rois de France (1888), p. 148, No. 69.]
55, line 3 from end, for Skoret, or Skyret, of Buckingham, read Skyret, of Bukinham.
56, line 1, after Giffard insert in the diocese of Rouen.
56, line 4, after reserved insert or its collation lapsed; and after pope insert or whether it was not void in some other way.
56, line 5, after also insert by authority of papal letters (litterarum ipsarum, sic for apostolicarum).
57, line 10, after him insert under a papal mandate.
57, line 29, after effect insert unless full and express mention of the present grant be made therein.
57, line 32, after illegitimacy insert even sons of priests and married women.
57, line 32, after apiece insert even with cure.
57, line 38, after St. Albans insert —under papal letters by which he was expecting a benefice in their gift—.
58, line 13 from end, for Duncani read Duncanni.
58, line 12 from end, after before insert her.
58, line 12 from end, after marriage insert with Thomas.
59, line 2 from end, for of read and in the house of his order at.
59, line 2 from end, after years insert in the faculty of theology.
Page 61, line 6, after on insert the octaves of.
61, line 6, after feast days insert and the six days of Whitsun week.
61, line 14, after florins insert of the camera.
62, line 5, for Sassac read Saissac (de Sassaco).
62, line 16, after benefices insert on account of plurality.
62, line 13 from end, for on petition of king Edward, whose clerk he is, read on petition of him, who is king Edward's clerk.
62, line 13 from end, after hold insert together.
62, line 12 from end, for a read his (bis).
62, line 11 from end, for the church read his church.
63, line 9, for special read full and express.
63, line 20 from end, after intermarrying insert (he not in ignorance, and she in ignorance, that they were related in the fourth degree of kindred).
63, line 18 from end, after legitimate insert [Munch, Chronica Regum Mannuae (1860), p. 177, with reading Macguilleon. Munch refers to Avignon Reg. xiii. f. 445, but the mandate does not occur there].
63, dele the entry To William de Dingthon and substitute To William de Dyngthon, canon of Salisbury. Dispensation to him—who is secretary of king Edward and whom Innocent VI. (upon learning that he had lately been dispensed as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman to be promoted to all holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, that he had thereafter obtained Beyking, in the diocese of Norwich, and had subsequently [without dispensation] exchanged Beyking for Asshe, in the diocese of Rochester), rehabilitated, required to resign Asshe, and dispensed to hold it afresh, as well as two other mutually compatible benefices, even in cathedral churches, and to exchange, once only, all three; whom (after thus canonically obtaining Asshe, exchanging it for Wyverton (sic), in the diocese of Lincoln, and obtaining the canonries and prebends of Tington Regis in Salisbury and Ruggemere in London) the present pope dispensed to exchange Wiberton (sic) for another parish church [Cal. Pet. I. 420], and afterwards to exchange such three benefices as often as he wished; and who has, since the last dispensation, exchanged Asshe (sic for Wiberton) and his said canonry and prebend in London for Stayndorp, in the diocese of Durham, and the canonry and prebend of Tolsehint in St. Martin's-le-Grand, London, respectively—to receive, in the stead of Stayndorp or of one of his aforesaid other two benefices, a dignity, even if in a cathedral church and elective, personatus or office, with or without cure, and to hold such dignity etc., if he resign Stayndorp, together with his said other two benefices, or with one of them only, if he obtain it in the stead of one of them. He may exchange such dignity etc. as often as [he pleases] for another similar or dissimilar dignity, even if elective and in a cathedral church, personatus or office, with or without cure.
64, line 19 from end, after marks insert under letters of the present pope by which he was expecting a benefice in the gift of the bishop.
64, line 18 from end, for Carreti read Carrici.
65, line 16, after England insert [Prou, op. cit. p. 153, No. 74].
66, line 22, after Wigan insert of lay patronage.
66, line 8 from end, after election insert [Anstey, Munim. Acad., p. 228; Wilkins, Concilia, III. 75; Wood, Hist. et Antiq. Univ. Oxon. (Oxford 1674), I. 183].
66, line 6 from end, before provision insert papal.
67, line 16, after Faculty insert during two years.
68, line 6, after mandate insert [above, p. 25; see also p. 12].
68, line 7, dele benefices held along with.
70, insert:—
3 Id. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome,
(f. 118.)
To the dean of Troyes (Trecen.) Mandate to grant licence to the abbot and convent of Clairvaux, in the diocese of Langres, to sell the yearly rents of 20l. sterling which they have been wont to receive from the Cistercian monastery of Rufford (de Rutfordia), in the diocese of York, and with the proceeds to buy better rents in the bailliage of Chaumont (de Cal [vo]monte), in the said diocese of Langres. [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. (1899), p. 696, n. 1.]
71, line 10, for Ventura, and Paul Johannis, citizen of Pistoja, read Paul Johannis, citizen of Pistoja, and Ventura.
72, line 19, dele even though.
Page 73, line 10 from end, for obtained by read resigned in person at the apostolic see for purpose of.
73, line 9 from end, after it insert there.
74, line 17 from end, after subdeacon insert to be promoted to all holy orders and hold and exchange a benefice with cure.
75, line 11, after ‘parrochia ecclesie’ insert Munch, Chron. Regum Manniae, p. 179, with error in dated, viz., vi. Id. Dec.; Wadding, Ann. Min. viii. 514.
75, line 18, for anew read newly (de novo).
75, line 12, from end, for under caution read conditionally (ad cautelam).
76, line 18, after pope insert [Theiner, Vet. Mon. p. 332].
77, line 9, for St. Ragunde read St. Radegund (Sancte Ragundis).
78, line 14, for is canon read who has lectured on civil law for three years in the university of Oxford, holds by authority of letters of the present pope a canonry.
78, line 13 from end, after petition insert also.
78, line 12 from end, after illegitimacy insert as the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman.
78, lines 9 and 10 from end, for of his birth, was married to another man [than his father] read when he was begotten (genitus fuisti) was united in matrimony to a certain other husband (viro), although such marriage was afterwards, and before the said dispensations, judicially declared to have no force in law.
79, line 6, after confessor insert [Diplomatarium Norvegicum, vii. p. 288; Munch, op. cit. p. 182].
81, line 8, after Nottingham insert clerk, of the diocese of York.
82, line 15 from end, for monk of Coverham read Premontratensian monk (sic) of Caverham, in the diocese of York (Ebroicen.) priest.
84, line 5 from end, for under a dispensation for illegitimacy read after being dispensed, as the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all orders and hold a benefice with cure.
84, line 4 from end, after accepted insert and held for a year and more.
84, line 3 from end, after priest insert and without having obtained dispensation.
85, line 20, for of the canonry and read by virtue of certain [apostolic] letters by which he, holding a canonry of St. John's, was expecting a prebend therein, of the.
85, line 12 from end, for Mezin read Mézin.
85, Line 5 from end, after France insert [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. p. 640, n. I].
86, line 24, after church insert Moreover, although the parishioners at Henley are bound by ancient custom to the repair and roofing of the nave of the said mother church, they neglect such roofing; and the third part of their oblations in the said chapel, which ought to belong to the vicar, is withheld from him.
87, line 11 from end, after the insert provision, made to him by the present pope, and by the approaching.
89, line 16, for and read with consent of.
90, line 13, after pension insert of 20 marks.
90, line 16, for by him in the read by that bishop in his.
90, line 10 from end, after grant insert [Registrum Ep. Aberdon. (Spalding Club) I. 90].
98, lines 3 and 25, for Mareuil read Merle.
98, line 5, after Aquitaine insert [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. p. 575, n. 4].
99, line 4, after instruments insert [Munch, op. cit. p. 182, with date Kal. Dec.].
113, line 5 from end, for Sanct read Sancti.
117, line 2, for or read of.
124, line 10, after subsidy insert [Bullarium Carmelit. III. (1768), 101].
127, line 5, for [Robert] lord de Ros read [Thomas] lord de Ros.
128, in margin, for (f. 26d.) read (f. 260d).
130, line 1, in margin, for 1374 read 1373.
132, line 6 from end, in margin, for Kal. June read 5 Kal. June.
133, after the letter To William lord of Latimer insert:—
Ibid. To Lewis count of Flanders. Exhorting him to aid in inducing the kings of France and England to make peace.
136, line 5 from end, for Thornbury) read (Thornbury).
Page 139, line 23, after journey insert [L. Mirot, La Politique Pontificale et le Retour du Saint-Siège à Rome en 1376 (1899), p. 70, n. 1].
139, line 9 from end, after (Trinacrie) insert [Loserth, op. cit. p. 130].
139, line 6 from end, after Navarre insert and to Albert and Leopold, dukes of Austria.
139, line 4 from end, after (ad Sacram Urbem) insert [Loserth, ibid.].
139, in margin, for (f. 43d.) read (ff. 43d. and 44).
140, line 2, after return insert [L. Mirot, op. cit. p. 78, n. 1].
140, line 18, for passage read crusade.
143, line 17, after mutandis insert [Loserth, op. cit. p. 127].
143, line 21, after England insert [Loserth, ibid. p. 128].
145, line 5, for Lunac (Lunarum) read the Landes (Lannarum in text, Lunarum in rubrice).
151, line 12 from end, for mandate, and read mandate; with order.
153, in top margin, before Gregory XI. insert 4.
164, line 10, for the abbot read the patron, Henry, abbot.
164, line 2 from end, after benefice insert with cure.
165, line 5, after (sic) insert [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. p. 610, n. 1].
165, line 13, for Okéron read Oloron.
167, line 23 from end, for [Imperfect] read [sic (? imperfect)].
167, line 13 from end, after Lichfield insert (sic).
169, line 17 from end, after litigating insert in the apostolic palace.
170, lines 1 to 3, for mission collegiate churches read mission, even if they be dignities, personatus or offices, and be elective; provided that such of them as are elective be not dignities, major and principal respectively, nor personatus, in cathedral or collegiate churches.
172, line 16 from end, after prebend insert and.
173, line 19, after Tresnant insert (sic).
173, line 7 from end; 174, line 8; 175, line 15 from end; 177, line 12, and line 6 from end; 178, last line; 180, line 7 from end; 186, line 27; 190, line 18 from end; 200, line 7; 207, line 10; 210, line 10; 222, lines 18 and 31; 224, lines 25 and 46; 232, line 23; 241, line 2 from end, for Fourth read Third.
174, line 5, after canon insert (sic).
179, line 21 from end, for collectors read questiara.
179, line 18 from end, for CCXXIV. read CCLXXXIV.
181, line 10 from end, for 189d. read 169d.
182, line 12, dele (Swinstead).
184, line 9, for (extended as above, f. 239) read extended (as above, f. 239).
185, line 26, after Clomell insert and not to be bound to be promoted to higher orders.
185, line 27, after studying insert letters.
189, insert:—
4 Id. May.
(f. 144.)
To the provost of Brivezac (de Brisauaco) in the diocese of Tulle, and the official of Tulle. Mandate to absolve the English who went from Merle, in the said diocese, to St. Amant (Amancii), in the diocese of Clermont, burned the church and its relics, jewells and images, and carried away and still detain captive a number of men who were in it. They are ready to repair the church or pay the cost, and have petitioned the pope for absolution. [Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. pp. 662, n. 4.]
190, line 14, dele is.
190, line 7 from end, for put in possession of read surrogated to the cardinal in respect of his right to.
190, line 5 from end, dele through the papal camera.
191, line 6, for made in ignorance read contracted, although some persons asserted.
191, line 7, after kindred insert they being unable at that time to compute the degree of their kinship.
191, line 10, for fitness of John read fitness of John Haukewod.
191, line 12, after illegitimacy insert as the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman.
194, line 12, for Seintlow read Seinthlow.
Page 194, line 14, after personatus insert [or office].
195, line 10, for Eskenede read Eskevede.
195, line 18 from end, for bans read banns.
200, in margin, for f. 192d. read f. 129d.
202, line 15, after f. 296 insert Also in Loserth, op. cit. p. 120, likewise from the exemplification.
205, line 4 from end, for brethren read friars.
208, line 24 from end, for the pestilence read pestilence.
214, lines 1–3, add Hardouin, Collectio Conciliorum vii. (1714), col. 1866.
215, line 26, after episcopal insert [Theiner, Vet. Mon. p. 353].
216, line 5 from end, for Scotland read Sweden (Scocie, sic for Suecie), and dele the indult.
218, line 22, after rector insert [See ibid.].
219, line 4, after anno 3 insert Also in Loserth, op. cit. p. 120.
224, line 21 from end, after household insert [Much, op. cit. p. 188].
226, line 16, after reserved insert [Loserth, op. cit. pp. 122–124].
232, line 19, before Faculty insert To the same.
240, line 16, after rents insert [The corresponding mandate to the bishop of Séez, under the same date, to licence the abbot and convent of St. Martin's to resign the priory of Arundel to the earl, is printed by Denifle, op. cit. II. ii. p. 758, n. 1].
248, insert:—
8 Kal. Aug.
Pont de Sorgues.
(f. 133.)
Relaxation of penance in favour of the Benedictine priory of St. Arnoul (Sancti Arnulphi in Aquilia), in the diocese of Chartres, the chapel of which has, by the English and other enemies of France and by robbers, been plundered of its chalices, books, precious jewels, and other goods and its shrines broken and stripped of their relics, gold and silver. [Denifle, op. cit. I. (1897), p. 471, No. 968.]
251, line 17, for pertaining read to be done which pertain.
253, line 20, after acolyte insert (sic).
253, line 12 from end, after give, insert in commendam for life, and so long as the minister and friars remain schismatical.
254, line 8, for Caslarium read Chalard (Caslarium).
254, line 24, for Plantadis read Plantade; and for Etang read Étang.
256, line 18, for Gevaudan read Gévaudan.
257, line 18, after (De curia) insert [Wilkins, Concilia, III. 145, with spelling Cusentici].
258, line 26, after 365 insert Munch, op. cit. p. 189.
271, line 13, after (De curia) insert [Bullar. Carmelit. III. (1768), 108, with f. 286 instead of f. 268].
274, line 13, for St. Michael's, Roche read St. Michael's Mount.
275, line 5 from end, in margin, dele 1389.
276, line 1, in margin, for 1389 read 1390.
276, line 8 from end, for celebated read celebrated.
278, line 11 from end, after Neritone insert (i.e. Nardo, in South Italy, prov. of Lecce), and dele the entry.
280, line 17 from end, for xviii. read xvii.
281, insert:—
8 Kal. Oct.
St. Peter's, Rome,
(f. 202d.)
To Francis, archbishop of Bordeaux, and John [Guterii, added in f. 215d.], bishop of Dax, nuncios in Castile and Leon, Navarre and Aragon. Mandate to dispense Henry [III.] and Catherine [daughter of John of Gaunt]—who married not in ignorance that they were related in the third degree of kindred—to contract marriage anew upon their returning, as they propose, to the obedience of the pope and the Roman church. (De curia.)
(f. 215d.)
To the same. Faculty to receive into the said obedience the above king and queen and others. (De curia.) [Raynaldi Annales, an. 1391, § ii.]
286, in top margin, for 6 read 286.
289, line 9, after (De curia) insert [Wilkins, Concilia, III. 228, with spelliny Navaria].
Page 305, line 11, for Gawncewyk read Crawncewyk.
305, line 18, for Fourth read Third.
305, last line, for nuncio read pope.
306, line 8, for forty read fifty.
306, in margin, above 6 Kal. Feb. insert 1399.
307, line 1, in margin, for 1398 read 1399.
308, line 4 from end, for William read William.
310, line 7, for friar read brother (fratri).
314, line 8 from end, for IXCCCX. read CCCXIX.
321, line 8, for Cistercian read Benedictine.
324, below 1 Boniface IX. insert [DE DIFERSIS FORMIS].
326, below 1 Boniface IX. insert [DE EXHIBITIS].
327, above the entry to William Lycester insert [DE DIVERSIS FORMIS
327, line 9 from end, for of the read of William.
327, line 8 from end, for Bermondsey read Bermondesey.
327, line 5 from end, for 80 read 800.
327, last line, after out insert without requiring licence of the schismatical abbot of Cluny and prior of La Charité [-sur-Loire], on the latter of which Bermondsey depends, and before Monasticon insert See.
334, line 3 from end, for Fourth read Third.
337, line 10; 338, line 4; 339, line 14 from end; for Todi read Tuy.
346, above line 18, insert [DE PREBENDIS VACANTIBUS].
346, above line 24, insert DE PREBENDIS VACATURIS.
358, line 6 from end, for Holburime read Holburnne.
362, line 7 from end, after Neritone insert [i.e. Nardo, in South Italy], and dele the entry.
365, line 8, after formerly insert by authority of the ordinary.
365, line 9, for by king Henry read being of their patronago by gift of king Henry.
367, line 25, for Avisio read Aviz (Avisio).
379, line 14 from end, for friar read brother.
382, line 6 from end, after Provision insert to him, a Friar Preacher, in priest's orders.
383, line 6 from end, for ardani, Darchdeacon read Dardani, archdeacon.
386, line 2, for Bolognoni read Bolognini.
387, line 1, for priors of Esshby, in the dioceses of Lincoln and Coventry read priors of Esshby, in the diocese of Lincoln, and Coventry.
396, line 14 from end, for fruit read crop.
396, line 4 from end, for Wynelesfelde read Wyvelesfelde.
403, lines 6 and 7, for the bishop of Worcester read John, bishop of Lincoln.
405, line 2 from end, for in minor orders read of lower rank (in minoribus constitutus).
411, line 2, for Bolognoni read Bolognini.
412, line 12, after voidance insert a comma.
414, line 7, for Fourth read Third.
431, line 19, for (Caspicis) read (Caspiis).
431, line 28, after patron insert in his personal capacity (racione persone sue).
431, line 29, after ordinary insert by letter (l[itte]ratorie), being at that time in the Roman court.
437, line 2 from end, for Confirmation of read Mandate to confirm.
442, in margin, above 13 Kal. Aug., insert [1391].
442, line 13 from foot after Lincoln insert (sic).
447, lines 21 and 22, for Fourth read Third, and after lapsed insert [to the apostolic see].
454, above 17 Kal. Jan. in margin, dele 1393.
454, above 4 Kal. June in margin, insert 1393.
454, line 10 from end, for prior read subprior.
462, insert:—
11 Kal. Aug.
(f. 178.) To the abbot of the Scots monastery, Vienna. Mandate in a cause, in the diocese of Olmutz, which was committed by Urban VI. to his predecessor, abbot Donald.
476 line 7, dele (Latteragh).
476 line 7, dele (Latteragh).
Page 480, before line 12 insert:—
15 Kal. April.
St. Peter's. Rome,
(f. 4d.)
To Thomas Bittyler. Provision to him, a Friar Minor, in priest's orders, of the see of Christopolis (Crispolitan.), void by the death of John, during whose lifetime it was reserved to the pope. As soon as he has had his letters expedited, he is to betake himself thither and reside, and is not to exercise pontifical [offices] without his city and diocese.
481, in margin, above 7 Id. March insert 1394.
482, last line of footnote, for Ben. read Ben[even]to.
487, line 12, after canon insert (sic).
487, line 17, for Aldham read Aldam.
489, line 10, for Willian read William.
492, line 6 from end, after canon insert (sic).
497, line 11, for Cathnerine read Catherine.
500, line 12, after other insert benefice with cure, even if an.
510, line 5 from end, and elsewhere, passim, for united read unique.
526, line 4, for Fourth read Third.
533, line 7 from end, for Chester read Lichfield.
537, line 17 from end, after Morholm insert (sic).

Index of Persons and Places.

Angers [Maine-et-Loire], abbot of St. Aubins, xvi.

Auxerre [Yonne], abbey of St. Germain, xvi.

Bittyler, Thomas, bishop of Christopolis, xxiii.

Bourn [co. Lincoln], abbot of, 435, 437.

Brioude [Haute-Loire], provost and chapter of, xvi., 4.

Dele Brive-la-Gaillarde, etc.

Brivezac [Corrèze], provost of, xxi.

Dele Bruerne, abbot of, 435, 437.

Bushmead, canon of, add 361.


  • 1. Including a number of references to papal letters printed in collections and other works, several of which have been published since the corresponding sheets of the Calendar passed through the press.